Scalars & Psychic Surgery

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Thu, 07 May 1998 12:30:15 -0500

Hi Folks!

A most interesting URL was sent in about an upcoming 4 million dollar
research grant to Dr. Valerie Hunt to investigate how psychic surgeons
can penetrate and heal the body without use of tools. An excerpt;
Now we're working on psychic surgery in which we're not concerned with
the ordinary drama of psychic surgery, but we want to know if they get
inside the body and how do they get there, because this is the
physiological thing that we don't understand.

"I've been working with them and they do go inside the body. I'm not
concerned at this stage whether they cure the body or don't cure the
body, that's the clinical thing.

"I'm concerned with what is the phenomenon that causes them to open the
body and really it's basically bloodless, it does not tear up the body
and we have found what it is: it's a scalar wave.

"It's probably the most important thing I've ever discovered.

"It's a standing wave, it's not a wave that goes anywhere, it has a
standing vibration and it's created when two electronic waves of the
same frequency enter a mobius coil, which is a coil that shoots energy
upwards, and the body is a mobius coil when in its ovaloid shape."

"This particular wave separates tissues and atoms, because as it expands
outward, it just expands whatever tissue there is, it takes away the
compression on the atoms and therefore the compression on the molecules
and therefore on the cells. When this is taken away, muscle tension
goes, the compression of nerves goes, which means pain - the compression
on blood vessels which means poor circulation and the compression on the
lymphatics which carries the immune system. So it allows the body to
take care of itself.

"As soon as the laboratory equipment comes in, we will be mechanically
creating scalar waves and putting them on the inside of the body with
the help of scalar physicists.

"We then can start using this on animals with veterinarians who are
doing surgery, let the psychic surgeons show them how to get into the
body when the tissues are separated and if it works with animals, we
will go to humans and we basically have the surgeons ready to start.
The full article is posted at;

Thanks Roger!!

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