Re: More Climatic Indicators

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 03:03:52 -0500

Hi Hex!

Interesting, you state the very thing that I do, then argue that it is
not relevant, that it is pure coincidence with the weather changes;
> Yes yes, WE ALL KNOW how the weather started going insane with the
> advent of industrialization - but do you have concrete evidence
> showing a LINK here?

IMHO, weather patterns for the past thousand years say it all. That's
enough for me, I'm not selling anything, I'm stating my opinions as are

These are also my opinions with regard to yet another, and one of the
most important, reasons WHY we need localized, non-polluting free energy

I noted you are fond of the term;
> Prove me wrong....

where there is no definite proof EITHER WAY, because we ARE CURRENTLY IN
THE CYCLE that we are discussing. Much like arguing god, opinion is the
only argument here until mankind stops the damage and can look back to
see what changes occurred as a result, whether constructive or
destructive to life.

You also wrote;
> Then start comparing electronics to economics to find a working
> model, and use comparison and analogy to explain it (free energy).

Go for it if you think this is a viable approach (though I can't see any
energy relationship between electronics and economics that would make
sense to me), and I look forward to any POSITIVE findings that might
lead to a working overunity device or even a concept!!!

Sometimes you lead me to think you are on this list purely by accident
or out of boredom. Never makes sense to me to argue without a point or
direction except for the sake of arguing.

My point was that, IMHO, the climatic changes and other ecological
weirdness produces new reports almost every week and that mankind surely
is a major contributing factor directly due to our primary methods of
energy production.

This realization acts as a catalyst in my own seeking for a means of
practical non-polluting overunity that, when adopted globally, will over
time, reduce these destructive climatic changes.

Neat tee shirt and bumper sticker slogan that used to be
everywhere; Lead, follow or get out of the way

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