Re: Standing wave in a magnet

Doug Renner ( )
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 16:54:20 -0500

I have an issue of SPACE ENERGY NEWS somewhere that gave Sweet's preferred method of
conditioning his magnets. It was really novel, employing a television.

I'll try to dig up the article, but here's what I can remember from it:

He took an old black & white TV, turned the brightness way up and reduced the
vertical & horizantal gain until the CRT was illuminated only in an area the
approximate size of his magnets. (i.e. something like 4 x 6 inches.) He connected
an antenna-like apparatus somehow to the thing. It was not connected to the
tuner... it was hooked up to another circuit. I recall that it looked like he
intended the cathode ray to be somehow influenced by the antenna.

He wound a coil around the magnet, and placed magnet & coil on the picture tube
right where the CRT image was. He repeatedly "shocked the magnet" by discharging a
large capacitor into the coil surrounding the magnet.

He said there are many ways of conditioning the magnets, but that the television
method worked the best.

That's about all I remember. Does anyone else remember more, or should I dig up the