Re: Standind wave in a magnet

Norman Wootan ( )
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 16:33:24 -0500

Guy: I first logged on to the Keelynet BBS in Aug.93 so don't have the early
messages. Mine start around 4500. Jerry posted the 1-6000. I have everything from
6000- till he shut the board down. I'd be interested as well as Jerry for a copy of
the beginning days from 90 till 93. Didn't Jerry start the numbering over with #1
in 93? As to your comment regards "free energy, anti-gravity etc" Do Able, I
agree for all the new evidence surfacing everyday proves that modern physics does
not have all the answers yet. We are on the verge of re-writting some text books.

Guy Resh wrote:

> Hi back (waves)!
> > Hi! Guy, I thought you passed away like all "free energy" researchers who
> > suddenly arise from the dead. Ha! Ha! Good to here from you again.
> Rumors of my early demise are premature :) - tho my wife will no doubt kill me
> soon if I don't finish some of the "honey-do" items in lieu of my preferred
> "dungeon work". Got our taxes out "just in time" yesterday; we owed so what's
> the hurry? ;)
> > Back on the "VTA" track again,he!. From the recent post about currie point
> > and bombarding magnets with 60hz seems like you are not alone. Joel and I
> > wound a loose coil (about 50 turns #18 ga copper) around a magnet. Apply a
> > signal from a good sig gen and watch your scope for the resonant point. Most
> > magnets that we used would resonate at around 8Khz and you could hear them
> > physically sing a high freq note. That is the way we did it.
> Thanks! At least I now have a starting point (sub 200Khz anyway; I was worried
> that I'd be dealing in MHz or GHz!). I built a waveform generator a while back
> that does decent "pure" sine waves, so I'll try your suggestion and let you
> know what I come up with. One of my other pet-projects is to build a CNC-like
> X-Y table with a hall-effect sensor (the ones I have will handle ~+/-700G) and
> "see" the magnetic bubble in "3D living color" once the numbers are translated.
> Not sure how "valuable" that will be, but it 1) will look cool :), and 2) may
> aid in reproducing any working devices if/when I ever get there.
> > Different magnets would respond at varying freqs based on the material
> > composition.
> > Most barrium/ferrite and strontium/ferrite would give the approximate 8khz
> > response. Go back to the old Keelynet BBS message base that Jerry has
> > posted or is going to post soon (messages #7500-11,000) and read how Joel
> > and I verified the widely discussed natural resonant freq of magnetism.
> I was depressed when the BBS stopped answering calls :(. While the website is
> my "preferred" medium now, and the KeelyNet site is really great, I missed
> the message-base where all the "hot talk" was always going on. I'm glad that
> we at least have this mailing list for now, and if Jerry ever gets the chat
> going, that would be great as well. I personally would prefer an IRC daemon
> running on a server somewhere that wasn't necessarily "publically" well-known
> like the IRC UnderNet stuff, where we'd only get goof-balls dropping in. I've
> set up Linux servers running ircd, and it's not that difficult, but like
> anything else, costs "something"...
> Unfortunately it means Jerry would need to have access to his own "net host",
> which definitely costs more than $200-$500/year :). Plus the admin time/costs,
> it adds up. I'm now working as a "senior web engineer" for Fidelity Investments
> so I get to "play" with web stuff every day. I have most of the message-base
> archived as well, but want to make sure I have everything (I think have most if
> not all of 1990-1995, I want to make sure I get all of 96 & 97, etc.)
> [Jerry, if you need a hand with something, give a hollar; I "do Perl" (and
> other web-related development) every day...]
> > Hans Coler had arrived at a freq of 180khz. Tesla worked around 179khz with
> > his big Colorado Springs coil according to the Corum"s. We determined the
> > freq to be 175.95khz. I gave Jerry the old message base last night so give
> > him a few days to sort it out and post it.
> >
> > I know he is busy trying to get this site refined. Be gentle, for he is
> > peddling as fast as he can. Ha! Ha!
> Web work is 1) addicting, and more importantly 2) VERY time consuming. One
> really has to question the "return on investment" at times...think it's time
> to contribute to the "Jerry Fund"... :)
> > Glad you are back and actively engaged in some research.
> > Norm
> Me too :). Keeps me sane knowing there are others who are willing to NOT
> simply accept the "status quo" physics establishment. I want F/E / Anti-G
> by the year 2000 :) - I think it's doable.
> Guy Resh