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Norman Wootan ( )
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 12:41:49 -0500

Hi! Jerry: Maybe I can shed some light on the anti-oxidant problem. When I
was working with Joseph on the ozonated and oxygenated water, we had several
Doctors explain what is going on with the body's oxygen utilization. Free
radicals are as stated, oxidants which mean they scavenge oxygen at the
monatomic level (O1). In the body they strip oxygen from the tissues or any
source to stabilize. More oxygen or ozone intake provides additional
oxygen to satisfy the free radical requirement. An anti-oxydant that you
take into the body neutralizes the free radical to prevent it from stripping
monatomic oxygen at the cell level. This is the explanation given by
Doctors and makes since to me. Remember an oxidant requires oxygen to
become a stable molecule. Maybe someone else has a better explanation.

Jerry W. Decker wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> I am puzzled by the apparent conflict between the use of oxygen in the
> body and the claim that loose oxygen atoms will cause cellular damage
> and contribute to aging.
> Because of this purported cellular damage, the ingestion of
> anti-oxidizing compounds have become popular.
> Yet, if you look at major research efforts in the early and mid 1900s,
> particularly by Koch, Nieper and others, they all insist that the body
> actively uses oxygen to facilitate healing.
> This could refer to the ingestion of molecular oxygen (2 oxygen atoms)
> or ozone (3 or more oxygen atoms).
> In the body, I was under the impression that the molecular oxygen or
> ozone is broken apart and absorbed for various metabolic processes.
> I guess my question is, why would you use Anti-Oxidants if oxygen is
> good for the body. I have used ozone and hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) with
> good results and not obvious signs of aging or damage.
> The reports of oxygen enriched environments resulting in anti-aging
> effects and a sublimation of general meanness <g> seem to dispute the
> anti-oxidant contentions of aging....
> WHAT GIVES? Is this some kind of smoke screen or am I not comprehending
> what is being reported?
> It can't be both ways, one (anti-oxidants to remove free radical oxygen)
> claiming cellular damage and aging, the other (ozone and oxygen therapy)
> claiming healing and rejuvenation.
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