Re: Synchronicities

Edward Kauffmann ( (no email) )
Tue, 7 Apr 1998 09:54:12 -0400

It's just part of my plan to have you all take my mark and do my bidding.

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From: Jerry W. Decker <>
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Date: Tuesday, April 07, 1998 7:05 AM
Subject: Synchronicities

>Hi Folks!
>Something strange is either going down or is about to go down.
>Ok, here is the sequence;
> 1) Ed Kauffman mentioned the old KeelyNet BBS messages that are
> posted at
> 2) I saw the address and had forgotten about hose emails, so decided
> to check them out for hoots
> 3) noticed the comment from Gerald O'Docharty about the Neodymium
> curie point being nearly 1000 degrees F as opposed to ferrites
> which I think are around 200 degrees
> 4) lifted that to post on the list as it was an interesting comment
> 5) the next day, this post from the fellow about the pyromagnetic
> venturi generator and subsequent posts that are revealing some
> 'new' ideas (at least to me) for power generation
> 6) tonite I get an email from Gerald, out of the blue, haven't heard
> from him in about 4 years or so..he said;
> "Hi Jerry! Well I guess my ears must have been burning. I decided
> to browse the website for some strange reason and saw a message
> you posted on the discussion list mentioning something I posted
> years ago about Curie point...."
> 7) at work, I got two consecutive calls from differnt parts of
>the country from one guy named Dru, followed by another named Drew
> 8) at work, I got a call from a lady with a phone number like
> ***-666****, precisely 3 calls later, I got another call from
> another lady in another part of the country with the phone number
> of ???-666-????
>Three different synchronicites from three totally disparate sources,
>wonder what is about to happen?
>Well, it could be a possible overunity device "the hydrogen reactor
>draws between 6.7 and 9 amps, depending on how it is configured. The
>generator is capable of putting out 15 amps!"
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