Re: MRA/No self running devices?

Alan Schneider ( )
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 01:48:53 GMT

On Thu, 02 Apr 1998 07:46:17 -0600, Norman Wootan <> wrote:

>Address error: I checked out the URL that was given in the article and found it
>was wrong. I will call Venture today and try getting more info and a good
>URL. Sorry bout that, I just wrote it as published. Norm

It works better with forward slashes rather than backslashes...

>> (204) 982-4665 The gov. of Manitoba is reporting the technology at:
>>\itt\db\indx.html. The software download was at the

but that still gives an error message.

Browsing the site finds

which is a "capabilities index" for local Manitoba companies but there is
no mention of
"Fortune Ventures Inc."
"K.B. Eisner"
or "XIPE"
in the alphabetical listing.

The overall site has a search engine but failed to find anything
about "Fortune Ventures Inc."

I didn't have time to dig any deeper.

Methinks it may be a bum steer.

Cheers all,