Re: Kindling/healing effects.

Mathias ( )
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 22:00:57 -0800

Hi Jerry at al:
> Hi Folks!
> I can't seem to get away from this kindling effect....where one becomes
> desensitized to specific colors/frequencies....but you can rekindle a
> sensitivity to them. The whole idea of one or more frequencies, no
> longer susceptible to the body, causing physical, emotional or mental
> illness just offers all kinds of opportunities.
Same here, I am quite fascinated by the process of filling missing
frequencies. Another approach is Flannagan's neurophone. When you
start listening sounds through the device (which turns sine sound
information into time ratio information,more akin to inner brain-nerve
communication codes) parts of the music is hard to here or even absent.
After a couple' weeks most of the gaps are filled up. The device's
literature claims this amounts to rewire brain connections and some
users have claim enhenced sensitivity, ESP, etc.
Which brings me to the next point. Let's assume the kindling effect, or
the neurophone or any other healing system succedes in restoring proper
celular functionning. My experience and my humble interpretation of it,
the healee finds her/himself in a paradoxe, sometime resulting in dear
emotionnal pain/crisis. The environment (inner/outer) which bred
dis-ease will be in total conflict with a body not reflecting anymore
such environment. If the healing process is rapide there must be an
awfull letting go to be done (may included loosing job, relationship,
eating habits, etc) if the letting go does not happen then the person
suffers even more (goes from crisis to crisis) until disease returns or