Tripartite Universe

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 04:57:59 -0800

Hi Folks!

This website has some interesting comments that pertain to mathematical
order, emergence, chaos and ideas on how an understanding them would give
us insights to tap energy from aether;

Some excerpts from the Tripartie Existence site;

Wave-like qualities and many have models from which I can quote for
support, [Tomes 1996], however, perhaps my most 'outrageous' assertion is
that a particle is like a three dimensional standing wave rather like a
'note' which emerges from the sub-atomic background/context or 'violin'.
Contemporary Particle physics is full of eightness and wave like
properties eg. Pauli exclusion principle - eight per shell, Regge
Resonances, quark principles. etc
d. by a binary and tripartite arithmetic, where system A, system B and
the common medium system C have a holistic relativity which can be
represented as efficacious by 1's or 0's denoting on/off, extant/disabled

(this is Keely's Push, Pull and Balance in a different form)
Tripartite Metaphysics is a new Philosophy of Mind which treats the mind
as a chaos machine from which emerge thoughts which harmonise, resonate
and make analogous associations with organic data stored in neural nets.
When the big computers were left running with chaos parameters, structure
emerged for free from the unlikliest mathematical mess. The scientists
began to see that this life at the edge of chaos was a complex phenomenon
and hence the words 'Emergence' was born - something like the creature
from the black lagoon, in most cases, the nature of the surprise was not
entirely predictable.
Indeed, the basic tenet is a simple inverse square law known as 'The
Utility Equation' which indicates that the more one system competes and
succeeds, the more the related competing system diminishes. [the more
someone takes your oranges away, the less you have to eat yourself !]

(this would apply to sourcing local aether through a load to do work...
up to a point, the restorative ability of the surrounding aether would
compensate for the extra aether drain...beyond that point space/time
effects would occur...this is why IMHO, aether tapping should only be at
low power levels in the form of single appliance power supplies spread
out over space as opposed to one massive aether absorber that produces
electrical energy for supplying a city or home)
the Collapsing Wave Paradox is a paradox because there is some factor
operating which creates a problem. We are so sure that particles are
little independent corpuscles that the very idea of a parallel relativity
with another process is inconceivable - that is perhaps why for most
people it will remain a dead end in science, for we cannot seem to touch
and verify the type of dependent relation that exists between Macro
ingredients and the Emergent Micro system.

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