Re: Low Frequency Correlations.

Hexslinger ( )
Sun, 8 Mar 1998 23:41:31 -0800 (PST)

On Sun, 8 Mar 1998, Jerry W. Decker wrote:

> Well, talk about flip-flop!!!..;-) Siddhi, yes, that and the earlier

Flip-flop no... rather that we're getting into territory I'm more familiar
with. ;)

> Hudson superconducting monoatomic powders taken internally might be able
> to saturate the cells enough to produce levitation when
> stimulated...perhaps this stimulation might be sufficiently
> responsive to react to the THOUGHT or WILL of the subject!

I doubt that the superconductive powder alone does it. Remember well that
you *CAN* control your autonomic nervous system much more than you think.
There are ways (training through biofeedback is one) to learn to control
your heart-rate and other such functions -- so why not be able to control
the flow of current to certain areas of the body? In essence, you could
generate all sorts of magnetic effects just by training yourself to alter
your body's chemistry and/or electrical conductivity (which, when you
think about it, kinda paints a nice explanation on the Sidhis - making
them appear quite real and quite possible). This is the kind of discussion
that I have *NO* problem with. :)

Ummm... what was that URL for Hudson's superconducting monoatomic powders?
(I forgot to snap an image of it when you posted it earlier)