Re: Anti-Time (2 of 2)

Matthew Redmond ( (no email) )
Sun, 8 Mar 1998 10:11:19 +1300

Talking about changing the weight of your own body reminded me of certain
martial arts where a person prepares themselves then asks someone to try
and lift them up.

No matter what size they are, or for that matter how strong the people
trying to lift them are, the person will be too heavy to lift.

Could this be the same phenomenon or am I just not remembering correctly?

Also we had an article on the "water on the moon" story in our local news
paper. It is probably cut to hell though. Some of the paper is reproduced
on the Internet Saturday's issue wont be on until
tomorrow or the next day. picked up a few
reports as well.

An idea just struck me. The rally that is to take place on October 24th
1998 in Washington DC is great for people who live in the U S of A, but I
was thinking that on exactly the same day all around the world people
approach their OWN governments.

Not only would you have a chance of gaining national interest, but
international as well! I am sure we could do a darn good job of it here.

If this is done you may want to consider time differences, ie Oct 24th USA
Oct 25th NZ, Austrailia, etc... That way it all happens at exactly the
same time.

I had better stop, I think I'm starting to babble.