Re: Pre-flood rejuvenation/Something you should really examine.

John Berry ( )
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 15:55:31 +1300

But people in submarines would find similar effects, people in mines and
also in Alaska and Antarctica would find little UV and gamma rays, people
who live in always overcast places and where people stay in lot's would have
allot less UV and gamma radiation.

But I think that submarines are the closest to the underwater biosphere
situation and people stay down for long times at deep levels with no noted
effect AFAIK.

What is so different about the submarine situation that it does not block UV
and gamma?

John Berry

CJT Enterprises one wrote:

> John et al,
> John,
> It isnt blocking light that does it. It is blocking certain UV
> wavelengths and gamma radiation which prologns life and reactivates
> these glands and organs.
> >I think that you must have the sun's light diffused through the water
> and
> >enter the person, It may be needed to do this on a sunny day.
> >
> >It can't just be shielding light, There must be a change in the light
> or the
> >light may induce something in the water or there may be two parts to
> the
> >light and the water shields the bad part but lets the good part
> through.
> >
> >What if you had an orgone gun but had the orgone filtered through water
> >first or maybe just the light from a light bulb?
> >
> >
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