Re: Puzzling Gravity

Hexslinger ( )
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 20:16:01 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Jerry W. Decker wrote:

> Hi Hex!
> You wrote;
> > If gravity is caused purely by a push (in this case, photon-pressure),
> > then how come we continue to be held to the earth even when on the
> > night-side of the planet?
> You answered your own question, i.e. gravity is caused by photon
> pressure.
> IMHO it is not photon pressure because we can't make something heavier by
> shining a high power laser on it.

Of course not - but solar sails were once discussed as possible propulsion
methods for k00l space craft -- which would utilize (utter shock here)
PHOTON PRESSURE. :) However, if we were to assume that it is the flow of
charge itself that causes gravity, then that wraps everything up quite

> Aether is everywhere present and gravity results from its flow into mass.
> Ross Tessien is one of the best 'devil in the details' guys that I've yet
> read on aether.
> If the pressure is everywhere and is continuously flowing into matter, we
> should be able to tap into the flow and that's what should concern us
> all, rather than debating the highly theoretical ideas of aether.

This, I definately like better. Charge exists everywhere, whereas vector
light does not. That would definately solve that "dark-side-of-the-planet"
problem right quick. Scalar charge flows continuously into the planet --
the amount of charge flow dictates the pull of the "gravity well", and the
planet/mass's size indicates the size of the pull. Gravity is thus not
necessarily "photon pressure", but simply being caught in the flow of
charge. (Sounds like something you said earlier - that about right?)

Yes. That definately works well. It's also likely that magnetic flux,
sound, and other energies also exhibit "gravity", but on a much LOWER
scale (one set of the rules for the universe -- since all forces are
derivative of each other, this should hold true - but it's also

Gravity-flow gradiants... now THERE's the real ticket...