Re: Egyptian Technology

Bill McMurtry ( )
Sun, 08 Feb 1998 17:42:38 +1000

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>On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, Jerry W. Decker wrote:
>> Hi Folks!
>> There are a few of us who are of the opinion that many ancient drawings
>> and artifacts might well be representative of lost technology that
>> differs from our concepts. A friend from England recently mentioned the
>> discovery of large Egyptian tuning forks whose function is currently
>> unknown. We also think some of the devices are Pavlita style
>> psychotronic generators that use combinations of elements to bias the
>> flow of subtle energies including aether. A recent post from a Russian
>> scientist friend provided this interesting tidbit;
>Interesting that this should be brought up -- there are so many
>indications that ancient civilizations were privvy to knowledge and
>technologies handed down from previous civilizations unknown. It's almost
>as if a singular or multiple civilizations rose up to a level of
>technology equivalent to or in excess of our own, and then absolutely
>vanished. Boom. Gone. Absolute catastrophic failure. The remanents of the
>knowledge of the ancients was passed down and spread to emerging cultures
>and manifests itself in Indian, Egyptian, Incan, Mayan, and other ruins.
>What I find interesting is the various words present in sanskrit
>vocabulary in the Vedic texts which correlate to modern interpretations of
>the aether and it's nature (was it Tesla who supposably began using
>Sanskrit terminology to describe scalar waves?). Fascinating stuff.

Hi all,

did Tesla describe scalar waves? I know that Tesla did NOT have much regard
for the "Hertzian" notion of transverse electromagnetic wave propagation
through space. In a literal sense Tesla was quite correct, I believe, as
the so called "transverse wave" is something that exists in matter - NOT

The writings and utterances of Tesla provide reference to what he called
"electrical sound waves" or "longitudinal waves" in the ether. This was
Tesla's conceptual solution to the "mechanics" of electromagnetic wave
propagation through Vacuum. He provided some convincing coceptual and
experimental arguements to backup his case.

I don't think Tesla ever described "scalar waves", did he?