Egyptian Technology

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 10:53:59 -0800

Hi Folks!

There are a few of us who are of the opinion that many ancient drawings
and artifacts might well be representative of lost technology that
differs from our concepts. A friend from England recently mentioned the
discovery of large Egyptian tuning forks whose function is currently
unknown. We also think some of the devices are Pavlita style
psychotronic generators that use combinations of elements to bias the
flow of subtle energies including aether. A recent post from a Russian
scientist friend provided this interesting tidbit;

> The Staff could vary well be the one mentioned in the : "Egyptian
> Meru" that you posted in your "Gravity correlatives".
> It appears that the staff has an outer high voltage insulation area
> (for grasping ???), and high voltage-spark-gap style fins are present
> at the top. At the bottom of the insulator the insulation flares ((as
> if to allow for vibration of bottom after it is stuck against an
> object ?)). What does the bottom piece of the staff look like to you??
> This statue has a base with the proportion & ratio relation ships
> built in.......(artistically hidden measure guide) , and the rest of
> the statue looks very carefully done.
> Have you noticed that there are no accurate pictures of instruments
> like this one,or anhks for that matter. I befriended a, "Micheal
> Willis" while in basic training in the service. He said that his
> father is a Professor of Egyptology, and that his father had found a
> "True Anhk". It's spherical handle is actually egg shaped, nearly a
> foot in diameter. A metal like gold covered the entire outside, and
> he said that the inside was a black carbon like substance. ( Egyptian
> Chema ?) something like graphite. Egyptian dorges used it , it would
> not be strange to find it being used in an Anhk....

Expecting some information from this fellow that I will scan and post to
KeelyNet...So much to investigate. Certain combinations of matter,
energized by sound to enhance their effect on aether. The Egyptian god
Thoth had possession of the 'Maht-Heru', the words of power that
controlled matter, life and energy. The late Dr. Hans Jenny has two
wonderful 30 minute videos on his acoustic experiments with vibrating
waveplates (Chaldni) that show how matter is influenced and controlled by
sound...great stuff.

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