Re: Overunity/Energy accomplished???

John Berry ( )
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 18:57:49 +1300

Dr Jones wrote:

> Okay, first a geography lesson. The land of the long white cloud is New
> Zealand (the Maori translation for Aotearoa). Motueka is in the north of the
> South Island, for anyone interested.
> Over the last few years the government has refused to run the mental health
> service, preferring the community to do it for them.
> I think that one patient managed to get an internet access account.
> On behalf of all NZ, I must apologise.
> I'll take the ferry over and kick sh** out of that twerp for clogging up
> cyberspace.
> Anyway, because hands on is one of my principles, don't let this stop anyone
> from trying it if they really want to. It may just work. There is a fine
> line between genius and crap.
> But I think this guys as nutty as a fruitcake.
> Dr Jones

I'm with you!
I was starting to wonder what people would think of New Zealanders if this guy
continued spreading his junk, I was becoming a bit embarrassed, For that matter
anyone that just joined the list and gets emails from that fruit cake is going
to think that we are ALL nuts.

I'll bring the bat!

John Berry