Re: Plasma Power

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 03:53:07 -0800

Hi Folks!

Isn't this an interesting tie-in to Magneto Hydro Dyanamics (MHD) where
metal is seeded into the plasma tube so that when it ionizes under
high voltage it turns into a conductive vapor....the vapor is then
circulated through the tube so that a magnetic field is produced which
can be inductively tapped for power generation. There is a file called
4thstate.asc (not currently on the keelynet home page) that gives more
detail. Suggest you do a search for 4thstate.asc, probably at
elektromagnum or on Bill Beaty's KeelyNet files.

One other amazing comment from ;

Actually, our concept is a return to the idea of the universal ether at
an entirely new level. We say that the ordered dipole vacuum, or ether,
is an all-penetrating energy medium in which processes occur which are
related to virtual dipoles and subject to the uncertainty principle of
modern physics."
(thus, there are NO CLOSED LOOPS)

Chernetski asks: if vacuum structurisation is a constant process, isn't
this an opportunity to state the law of CONSERVATION of ENTROPY in the
Universe in opposition to the idea of its steadfast decrease?
(Nature wants to BUILD and CREATE, not destroy)

What if this work helps to clear up the nature of gravitation, which is
as dim now as it was in the times of Newton? What his concept of the
vacuum shows the road to the long-awaited explanation of the Grand
Unification theory?
(inflows of energy to crystallize into mass, the inflows produce
'weight' in the form we call 'gravity'...a pressure, not a suction)

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