Re: Rife tests/Hulda Clarke

Bill McMurtry ( )
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 08:03:30 +1000


>As I told James Bare and the list, the pulse shape plays a very important
>part of therapy, in that the shape produces a frequency spectrum of
>harmonics and intermodulation products. The sharper the pulse, the higher
>the frequency multiples, and when we approach a Dirac Pulse, we have
>an infinite number of spectral components. This is what the PAPIM device
>uses, as it also produces a hudge H-Field for a very very short duration
>pulse. It is thought that the abnormal tissue will be shocked into
>and forced to resonate at it's proper evanescent resonate frequency.
>v/r Ken Carrigan

Hi Ken, amazing info. Definately not off target - overunity is only one of
the disscussion topics (energy, health, gravity).

Would like to hear more on this "PAPIM" device. I've not come across it in
my travels, sounds a bit like the Multiple Wave Oscillator approach of

If I am correct in reading you, you do not recommend electrotherepy for
tumour growths, is that correct?