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Mathias P. ( (no email) )
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 06:05:54 -0800

Bill McMurtry wrote:
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> >Hello Bill:
> >I built a device very much like James E. Bare a couple of years ago. I
> >would fire into it the frequencies from the progrm Blaster5 (to be found
> >somewhere in the Keelynet Files). It was hard to appreciate its effects
> >since I have not been sick and am not equipped to observe living blood
> >sample (such as with a dark field microscope). My partner used to
> >suffers from immune deficiencies resulting in severe chemical/food
> >sensitivities and of an early stage breast cancer; she used to expose
> >herself to the device. She is now in remittance but still suffers from
> >chemical sensitivities. However the Rife thing was only one of many
> >therapies she followed so I could not say it was due to the device. A
> >couple interesting notes though:
> >- while I was tuning the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) of the antenna with
> >the help of a friend we unplugged the thing and the plasma tube kept
> >self firing for about 10 second!
> >- I used to expose to the plasma tube some colloidal silver to which had
> >been added some Flanagan microclusters
> >( I did not get a cold for the time I
> >was drinking the stuff (2 years)though I had many many chances to get
> >infected.
> >
> >Other observation: I think it made a difference weather the plasma tube
> >was alligned to magnetic north or not (North better) why?
> >I am sure the noble gas mix that Rife used was critically important
> >(J.E. Bare says not). I have no idea what he used. Someone?
> >Have a look at for health effect of Noble
> >gases.
> >
> >Also: I just found an interesting proposal for a free energy vortex
> >pump (poorly subsantiated perahps) at
> >
> >
> >Mathias
> >
> Hello Mathias,
> Fascinating report.
> It is interesting to read, in the Nexus article I refer to, that Bare is
> not all that impressed with past attempts with Rife tube devices (?). From
> what I can gather, the output tube is a relatively complex piece of
> equipement in itself. Bare mentions that the "colour" of the tube has
> different physiological effects. He states that the light frequency
> (colour) is important to some extent ie: The colour mauve being most
> destructive to cancer cells.
> This is interesting. I would speculate that Rife put considerable work into
> understanding just the output tube gas mixtures and pressures.
> I myself have had some experience with noble gas mixture balances in the
> form of "plasma spheres". You know, those glass balls displays with
> lightning inside that react to you touching the outside of the glass.
> Around 1988 I was commissioned, by an entertainment company, to reproduce
> the gas mixture inside commercially available plasma spheres. This company
> had spent quite some money employing a highly qualified lab to solve their
> problem for them - to no avail. The gases were defined,....

> What is a "dark field" microscope and how does it work?
> Bill.

Mmmmh interesting...
For the dark field microscope check there is another
cure for cancer, and another tall of big interests crushing crucial

Else: Thank you Kenneth for your input. Your systematic approach is
inspiring to me, and the results interesting (though I am sorry to hear
about your mother-in-law).

Talk to you later.