Re: Inertial Drives

Kenneth Carrigan ( (no email) )
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 07:34:32 -0500

>Dan's recent gravcar proposal should, if the pyramids react as in earlier
>experiments, do something, hopefully providing a lift effect. Perhaps a
>simpler implementation of a small platform containing 24 pyramids in a
>grid, to see if it would in fact levitate. The full proposal is at;

Is this pyramid thing for real? In other words, can a small 2oz pyramid
really loose weight? Can we try an experiment at home before we buy
this book - and get scammed again? Tell you what... if I could, maybe
others also, demonstate/build a small unit at home that could loose
weight, then I would definately buy the book.. for further research, but
as most people are very skeptical on this kind of stuff, I doubt people
would be willing to spend $ without evidance.

So what would be a good test? Maybe a four sided pyramid (parameters)
with a coil inside of 500 turns wire 3" wide x 4" tall, where one end
connects to the top of the pyramid and the other to a 100,000 volt
source of pulsed energy. Something like this....

v/r Ken Carrigan