Re: Where's the Beef?

CJT Enterprises one ( (no email) )
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 13:49:29 PST


I thought the Pons and Flieshmann et al did sustain themselves. If not
how long did they go before collapsing? Also you said your new book
"SHAPE POWER" contains the equations to find the resonant frequency of
matter, is this correct?

>>I get one of them or one of my own to work. Hell my wheel is now
>>throwing out 6 ft sparks (which do hurt like hell). We are now
>>for 4000-5000rpms to see if we get a corona. Shades of Searl. Yes I
>>know it may not work. But I am going to continue to try.
Correct here it was only one 6ft spark...all others are no more than


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