Re: Bifilar ressonance

Robert Halsey ( (no email) )
Sun, 25 Jan 1998 20:36:28 -0500

Hi folks !

I've been sitting in the background on the list so far,
and observering the flurry of messages in just the first
few! Good job Jerry!

I just have a couple of simple questions. I know the
basics of electronics, but some terms still throw me,
and I'm sure, maybe a few others on the list.

Definitions on some of the postings would help (although
a lot are defined, with thanks).

Ferrite "toroid". That's the "donut" shape right?
Where would you obtain such things for experimentation?

"Bifilar" coil. Is this simply a pair of wires wrapped
around one side of the donut? I'm sorry the dictionary
definition is not very clear. What is special about this
type of wire?

I am envisioning this as something like:

=======/==/= -\--\--------
=/==/= -\--\-
=|==|= -|--|-
=\==\= -/--/-
=======\==\= -/--/--------

as best as ASCII art will allow.

Oh yes, one more thing, not from your note though.
I've seen the term "oscope" used a few times. I ASSUME
this is just a lazy way of typing "oscilosope"? Or is
it something slightly different?

Any clarification is appreciated!

Hey Jerry, maybe this is an idea. What about putting up
a "Glossary" file with some of the less obvious terms that
are being thrown around? Obviously it will start small,
but as notes are posted, and you notice odd terms (although
likely understood by yourself and some others), then they
can be added to the glossary.

I'm not being dumb here. I just have not had the chance to
work with these things on a regular basis (like ever?).

Change of Topic:

I just want to clarify something for everyone else on an
earlier note that was posted. Regarding the Hamel flying
device (not the desk toy). His arrangements of magnets
DO NOT ROTATE! They "wobble" in place, thereby effecting
a rotating magnetic compression field. My best picture is
of a coin thrown onto a table as it "wobbles" on its edge
before it settles down. The coin is not necessarily rotating.

I have had a long detailed discussion with Pierre Sinclaire
(who works very closely with David Hamel) in Vancouver on
this. I was originally confused on it also.


Robert (Bob) Halsey