Re: Economics of FE

CJT Enterprises one ( (no email) )
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 23:18:10 PST

To the people whining about Bruce selling his stuff:

Give it a rest. Information given out free isnt worth spit. Why?
Because very few people will use it. BUT if you pay for it you will use
it. Besides that Bruce is willing to give his information away as long
as you sign a non-disclosure form. So to quote the Hippy Version of the
Bible Phil2:14 "Quit your bitching." I am tired of it as I am sure
others are. There is more than enough info out there to build all types
of free-energy devices. I am using the hammel info on Jean-Louis
Naudin's page to build a free-energy device. I am having to pay for the
Tesla patents that I want. Should I tell them not to charge me? They
provide a service so they deserved to get paid. Bruce provides a device
that anyone can build and anyone who signs his form has access to build.
So do what I did sign the form and mail it in. Sheesh!


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