Re: Gravity does NOT suck

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 23:22:16 -0800

Hi Hex!

You wrote;
> bOING! Right, however - that's why I wanted to use conventional
> instruments

Have you ever heard of the MRX Corporation that was based in Florida?
They claim to be able to analyze molecules on an ATOMIC level, target the
frequency, then inject frequencies to alter the molecular
structure...lots of weapons and healing machine claims also...I don't
know if there website is still up...the URL was I think posted in the
index96 page....something about but I
wouldn't swear to it..

There is another company who has recently come out with similar
claims...I think their URL might be on the index98 page under biology.

Both of these claim to be able to detect signatures and make changes
using them....

One other person is Bob Dratch, he kind of mixes science with a bit of
the new age, psychotronic type devices....he's a very smart fellow and
his URL is listed on the index97 page.....

When it comes to radionics, one of the problems is absolute detection of
the 'schtick' that the operator is supposed to get from stroking this
varnished plate, and you get it ONLY when the tuned body antenna matches
the witness/specimen....this is flaky still....well, Bob Dratch a few
years back demonstrated a kind of small microwave horn which he would run
over someones body. If it squealed, it indicated there was true
pain...he demonstrated on a lady from the audience...scanning her body
with no squeal, then when he scanned slight below her should blades, the
machine squealed big time.....he asked why that was so and was she in
pain...she said yes, the night before, she had done kinesiology tests
(muscle testing, low level radionics..<g>..) with another person and her
arms were sore. I was amazed...went up to Bob's room to look at it and
talk with him further....very smart guy...he said it could save everyone
a fortune if insurance companies and doctors would use it since it
absolutely QUANTIFIED I understand it, when tissue is bruised
or is cut or leaking, the intercellular fluid (like salty seawater)
escapes into the surrounding area, creating a pH imbalance that we
register as pain....lactic acid ties in to this somehow but don't know
how at this you can sense the irritation sense the cells
literally scream out (changed vibration) stuff....bucks, we need
BUCKS...lots of neat machines to finish and put on the market...

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