January 98 Roundtable Notes (Part 4)

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 04:08:22 -0800

More from the January 1998 VSRT meeting in Dallas

A telephone conversation mentioned a jeep that was levitated in 1956 by a
fellow who later ran the FHA. An email suggested this was probably
Norman Dean who did work for the FHA and was the inventor of the Dean
Drive. An inertial drive device. Another fellow said he had some papers
on the drive and sent them...copies were put in the packet for next
month and useful information will be extracted and posted to the website.

J.W. McGinnis of the ITS (Int'l Tesla Society) in Colorado Springs was
expected to be at this meeting if he made it to Dallas, but I was
informed by Leonard that J.W. said he could not make it.

Discussion was made of the upcoming Lloyd Pye lecture on engineered human
DNA and its tiein to mysterious pronouncements of 'unbridgeable gaps' by
the Human Genome Project in England....they state 'an exterior force'
modified human DNA for some purpose..how or what this exterior force is
will be covered in Lloyd's talk on 01/30.....intriguing...more info
available at; http://keelynet.com/pye.htm

Another side discussion of course brought up the recent Clinton
sexcapades..a joy to behold!! And the general consensus is he won't get
out of this one.

We talked about the new KeelyNet Researcher list and this new KeelyNet-L
discussion list and expressed the hope that other groups like our
Roundtable would spring up everywhere once people began contacting others
LOCALLY...we could all share interesting findings with everyone else
through the discussion list and through the website!!!

The Super Pen Acupuncture point detector device came in, so we played
around with that. Someone asked how I could get that not being a
doctor...said another company (Nikken?) had a similar device that was
MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE but you had to sign an agreement stating you were a
doctor to get it..details at; http://keelynet.com/biology/acupen.htm
and it sells for about $90 ppd.

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