Re: Giving credit where credit is do...

Ken ( (no email) )
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 15:39:29 -0500

Bruce et all,

>Please take the time to read this latest letter that
>I received. Many ask if there is really such a beast
>called "SUPPRESSION." To answer this, yes, it rears
>its ugly head as I write this letter. This just one
>example of how suppression suceeds.
>I am posting this letter because I want everyone to know
>what kinds of battles that I have to defend from day to day.
>The powers that be will not recognize my work, instead the
>credit goes to other people who are taking the credit with
>not one bit of guilt. These people think that I will gave up
>and just away into the work. I may not have a college degree
>but my faith and dedication to my research will see me through.
>I am a fighter and I will not give up until I succeed in getting
>a real working Moray type device into the still free market.

Concur, however, when it comes down to the attorneys it will be
whoever can show (on paper) that they worked on it first. This can
mean several things from publishing papers (as does the IEEE and
other societies) to keeping a diary (page numbered) and a daily
or regular entry. This told to me by a patient attorney.

So, forget about the other guys... just write up articles in public
magazines (trade type) or keep a good diary - for later legality.

If someone steals your work, they might think they will get credit
but you could take legal action if 'they' make a profit and you show

Here's to you succeeding in building a Moray device!

v/r Ken Carrigan