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    10/29/12 - Interesting visit & ebay FE device


    A Mexican fellow came all the way from Cabo San Lucas, actually tracked down my house just to chat about free energy and alternative science.

    I was surprised at his english because it was pretty good...we talked about 1.5 hours in my house...then it was lunch time and both of us were hungry so we went to La Cabana to eat Bistec ala Mexicana...and after we relaxed and talked about 2.5 hours til well after they normally close but they always let people stay late if they want.

    Nice fella and I was impressed with his persistence to come all this way just to meet me..he had bought a couple of items from my http://www.vanguardsciences.biz website and so when he came to the door, he asked me 'Vanguard Sciences?'...kind of funny...

    His particular interest was magnets and the possibility of a self-running magnetic motor...we talked about the hump that one must overcome just before a full 360 degree loop and we talked about magnetic shielding methods.

    We talked about Bedini, Lindemann, Bearden, Moray, Moray King, George Wiseman, Don Smith (who he says he thought is deceased from his health issues), Dr. Raymond Phillips, Mr. Wilson from East Texas, Walter Wright, Hubbard, Coler, Keely, Tesla, Einstein, Edison, Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, UFOs in general, the Unified Field Theory, Hal Puthoff, Bernhard Haische and Alponse Rueda on ZPE and inertia, plus many other things...

    I must say I was totally impressed...that he knew so many names and better, that he knew WHY those people were worth studying or avoiding...lol...(like Smith, Bielek, Nichols to avoid)

    I was intrigued by the Free Energy Device he said he'd seen on eBay so looked it up (the auction has run out now);

    Real Free-Energy Generator Device RARE!!! Obtain electric power from the ''air'US $29.99

    Item location:MEXICO CITY, DF, Mexico Ships to:Worldwide

    Now you can build by yourself this Low cost circuit that provides Electrical power from ambient free-energy in the air...

    The module converts RF (radio frequency natural and artificial) energy from the ambient to usable electric power.

    Yes! you can obtain electricity from thin air!!! the module is portable lightweight and easy to build. All parts you need are common and can be easily found in your local electronics supply store.

    Guess thats enough for today...the ad says 'can't be found anywhere else'...hmmm....don't have a spare $30 since I need all my meager money for moving costs back to Texas...so someone here might want to buy this thing and check it out...probably plans for the Tate Module.

    Good luck and if you buy it, write in and tell us all what you got! - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/29/12 - Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of our Lives
    Are you and your family on the wrong side of a bet?

    When the US government ignored repeated warnings by its own scientists and allowed untested genetically modified (GM) crops into our environment and food supply, it was a gamble of unprecedented proportions. The health of all living things and all future generations were put at risk by an infant technology.

    After two decades, physicians and scientists have uncovered a grave trend. The same serious health problems found in lab animals, livestock, and pets that have been fed GM foods are now on the rise in the US population. And when people and animals stop eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their health improves.

    This seminal documentary provides compelling evidence to help explain the deteriorating health of Americans, especially among children, and offers a recipe for protecting ourselves and our future.

    More information can be found at: http://geneticroulettemovie.com and http://responsibletechnology.org - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/29/12 - Gravity control and the Farrow Box
    I received an interesting email so here is part of it with my response in blockquotes;

    I've come up with the story of Farrow and his dynamo. Farrow on Keelynet. His black box seems something similar to the one described into "a tale of negative gravity", and that one that lowered the weight of the jeep. Negative Gravity

    Thus we know it's a mechanical device, does this means gyroscopic/rotating magnets?

    It could very well be an INERTIAL device, what they call a unidirectional thruster or kinemassic (drive) where weight is thrown in the preferred direction of travel which JERKS the craft in that direction.

    If you can do it fast enough, and throw a heavy enough weight you can travel in any direction including up.

    I've seen another picture on Farrow at Rex Research, where it is said that the box was connected to the book with a wire.

    KeelyNet I looked at that photo and I think it is highly misleading...the one that makes sense is the one (with the dynamo) on TOP of the book which is sitting on the scale...the Farrow box did not transmit anything through those wires but electricity. It is the electronic components in the box itself which produced the gravity repelling effect.

    So the box generates some kind of electrical energy field around the box which repels the gravity which comes from above since I believe gravity is a PUSH, not a PULL.

    Wrights Push Gravity on Keelynet

    I was told about an experimenter in Seattle, Washington who had a cylinder about 1 foot wide by 2 feet high...on the top of this cylinder were a ring of solenoidal coils and a bettery inside the cylinder.

    When the inventor switched on the pulsing circuit, the box would float in the air and he would fly it in his backyard to show friends.

    Supposedly, one day while he was flying it behind his house (which had a high fence so no one could see in) some men in suits came to his door and told him they were from the government, that he was being ordered to give up his machine, his plans and all details and material regarding this discovery...and that he was being ordered not to discuss it or tell anyone about or in any way transfer any information about it under threat of national secrecy and treason which would send him and all involved to jail for life.

    The inventor asked how they knew about it and they said there are orbiting satellites which look for gravitational anomalies and on which they can triangulate to determine the approximate location of the gravity distortion.

    This way they could monitor anyone who experiments with gravity control and shut them down before the secret gets out.

    So he gave it up but my friend had heard the story BEFORE the suit guys visited so he passed it on. Never are their names, locations or precise details.

    Now, reading here and there I'm thinking that there is the possibility to produce a force, or better a fluid that can be transmitted to objects with a metallic wire. And this fluid is able to defy gravity someway think about Keely levitating the sphere).

    KeelyNetYou'll recall Keely had the wire wrapped AROUND the sphere...major key here.

    I don't think its a fluid but in my UFO days I was very interested in the reports that described technology and effects. One article in FATE magazine reported on a UFO encounter in Oklahoma I believe.

    Oklahoma UFO uses rotating Mercury for Inertial Drive

    A man was driving a mountain road late one night when he came upon a UFO which had landed on the road...he stopped and some men came out to ask if he had any water he could spare...he said yes but they would have to show him the inside of the machine in exchange for the water.

    They took him onboard and walked him around, expaining about their propulsion system. It consisted of a big tube that went around the ship...at one place in the tube it shrunk to a much smaller size, then rapidly opened up past that smaller part.

    They pumped something with heavy mass like mercury through this tube at high pressure and velocity...the heavy mass would interact with the aether/zpe/gravity so that when it moved to the smaller tube, it would act to provide a partial braking action that would JERK the ship in the direction desired...the fluid would pass through the smaller tube and when it exited into the much larger tube, it would expand and be repumped to continue the cycle. That is a mechanical inertial drive.

    As far as a wire...yes, I think that is highly probable...and there are many clues about this if one looks, including in history and legends.

    Think about the wheel of Leedskalnin. An external circle of alternating polarity magnets, and a metallic rotor. I think that the movement of magnets or electromagnets with alternating polarity can induce something in the nearby metals, probably according to specific frequency related to the metal itself.

    Very much like the UFO story above.

    By the way, another approach, think about an Hertzian-waves generator and the spiral bifilar coil that Grebennikov called "scepter of Toth", may the things be linked together?


    I think the caduceus is probably the real one we need to focus on...perhaps with one snake it is an indication that the dual serpents have been split into two opposing polarities...

    North/south, positive/negative, push/pull....like a diode or checkvalve that biases a sinewave so that only the positive can pass OR only the negative can pass.

    This would separate the equilibrium into the push OR the pull effect where push would reduce gravity and pull would increase local gravity.

    Keely's entire philosophy was based on push, pull and balance achieved through chords of 3, 6, or 9 frequencies.

    So Farrows box would be producing a pushing field that repels local gravity to cause weight loss in the book (book is below the box) as measured on the scale. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/29/12 - Arsonists and Economic Warfare Super Panel
    Group claims terrorists start fires which cause massive damage to the local economy and cost American lives along with hundreds of millions in damages. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/29/12 - Caduceus as a tuned scalar emitter for health?
    I want to offer up a speculation ignited by the previous post that included the Scepter of Thoth and the Caduceus.

    Looking at the photos and drawings of many Egyptian gods, particularly Thoth, (Tehute - pronounced tay hoo tay) many carry a caduceus, WHY?

    Does it emit some kind of beam or is it a passive device which might possibly be tuned to the 'mass chord' of their body so that the Caduceus wand or rod would emit a stabilizing, equilibrium type field that would interact with the body energy fields to HARMONIZE from any disease or distortions occurring in the bioplasmic field (the aura) which EVENTUALLY must manifest in the reality of the physical body IF not cancelled, quenched or nullified through phase conjugation?

    If you take a sinewave and another one of the same frequency, for on of them, shift the phase by 180 degrees, then they supposedly cancel...

    KeelyNet They do if tested with normal instrumentation, but the theory of scalars (vectorless bubble in the fabric of space/aether/zpe) then it would create an energy bubble that I think might prevent the entry and interference from other energies which could be noxious or toxic to the body.

    I think the premise of a natural shielding energy field that could be intensified at will, was valid...that we could produce some kind of HEIGHTENED state, a heads up, an on guard, UP SHIELD state for our aura and our immune system that would simply REPEL...any dangers presented to our bodies...whether from viruses, bacteria, toxic gases or fluids, damaging energies, etc...

    If this Scepter of Thoth thing in the Caduceus form is in fact a scalar emitter resonantly TUNED to the body of the person who carries it, then there could be some fascinating experiments that might lead to novel health discoveries.

    Another correlation to this regarding the body having its own mass chord so that you can resonantly tune into it (according to Keely, ALL things have a mass chord) ...there is the story of Montezuma and the two gold discs that let he and his queen fly.


    "Among the gifts which Montezuma, the last Aztec Emperor, gave to Cortez (who nobly rewarded him with torture and death) were two large flat gold disks about the size of gramophone records. These were said to be emblems of royalty and were intended for King Charles V of Spain and his Queen. The King's disk was about a quarter of an inch thick (about 10 inches in diameter); the Queen's was much thinner (about 8 inches in diameter).

    Montezuma knew what the disks were for, but it seems that Cortez looked upon them as very clumsy and heavy things to wear, and it is doubtful if they ever reached Spain, for they are not listed in any of the treasure ships' inventories.

    These disks were cut to a size and thickness exactly corresponding to the size of the person for whom they were intended. They had to be of the correct size so as to suit the wavelengths of his personal vibrations.

    Thus the owner alone could use them. (for flight) Keely's machine only worked when he was present and consciously directing his vibrations towards them.

    Evidently the Spanish King never received, or never tried out his flying disks; had he done so there would surely be a minute in the most holy records of the Inquisition lamenting the fact that: `His Majesty, on striking a vile heathen cymbal, was seized by Satan and cast up into the air.'

    So these gold discs were 'tuned' to the mass of the body they were supposed to resonate with...bigger one for the king, smaller for the queen...strike the disc, it phase conjugates with the body frequency to cancel local gravity, they rise into the air and swim through the air with their bird feather wings as proof of their divinity.

    I think we could use the passive scalar emitter effect of a tuned caduceus to establish a field of equilibrium in the body that would sustain optimum health and possibly repelling any virus or bacteria and/or its effects from affecting the body. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/29/12 - What Is White Elephant Technology? - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Scientific American goes inside the rogue geo-engineering story - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - How to Fish in the Desert - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Fukushima Fish Still Radioactive - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Gut Bacteria Cocktail May End Need for Fecal Transplants - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Supreme Court To Hear First Sale Doctrine Case - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Our Weather Satellites Are Dying - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Paintball Pellets As a Tool To Deflect Asteroids - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Canadian Teenager Arrested For Photographing Mall Takedown - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Researchers Create Wireless Charger For Electric Cars - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Predictive Surveillance System - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Star Trek TNG EXPOsed - 25th Anniversary Full Cast Reunion! - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - The Big Bang Theory - How it all started FULL - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Mother Found Guilty After Protesting TSA Pat-down of Daughter - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - 'Another' TSA Video To Boil your Blood (they keep coming) - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Heard it in Mexico, is smith dead? - Article Excerpt

    10/29/12 - Fake Video or Controlled Spontaneous Human Combustion Weapon?


    Now this is PROBABLY fake but I've watched it several times and stopped it to see if there are any breaks or video manipulation and damned if I can see anything.

    At first I thought the lower right hand digital clock wasn't changing BUT you can see the furthest right seconds changing from 4 to 5 to 0 to 1, then +2 and the video is 41 seconds duration.

    It shows a traffic cop making a stop, walking up to a car to ask for license, registration, etc...and nothing is handed to him...then this really bright light envelopes the cop who rapidly disintegrate in flames down to a pile.of what looks like clothes and maybe ashes and/or bones.

    You see his remains on the ground and they look very much like those from spontaneous human combustion. The car speeds off and I can't see any sign of video tricks.

    Is this real? - Full Article Source - Permalink


    10/26/12 - Stirling Generators and the Cable Industry
    KeelyNet The new solution from Kamen and Deka wouldn’t replace electricity delivered from the grid, but it could theoretically supplement it, and cut down on the number of large-scale generators needed to support telecommunications systems.

    So what is Kamen’s great new invention? It doesn’t have a name yet, but Kamen refers to it as a Stirling engine. Stirling engines were introduced in the 19th century, but have had limited practical application since then, largely because of cost issues.

    As Kamen describes it, his device is quite simply “your refrigerator running backward.” Instead of relying on internal combustion, it uses cyclic compression and expansion of gaseous material, producing heat and power in the process. As an electricity generator alone, the machine isn’t cost-effective.

    However, when you consider the heat and power production together, the equation changes significantly. Selling off the heat from the device can pay for the costs of operation, while electricity is then used as needed.

    The advantages are huge. It’s alternative energy that’s always available, multi-purpose, and able to run on multiple fuels - from hydrogen, to methane, to beer.

    Standing in the way of Kamen’s dream, however, is the ability to make production of his new machine cheap enough to compete commercially. That’s where the telecommunications industry potentially comes in. Neither Kamen, nor LaJoie knows yet how exactly they can work together, but they have some initial ideas, like installing the machines at the bottom of cellular towers, and a plan to keep talking.

    Today, one of Kamen’s machines costs a quarter of a million dollars to build. But in production quantities, Kamen cites a price tag of under ten thousand dollars.` - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/26/12 - While sea ice grows, Antarctica sheds land ice
    A new satellite survey of Antarctica suggests that some of the continent’s contribution to sea-level rise may be overestimated. However, the land ice melt on the frozen continent is still sufficient to put Australia’s multi-million dollar airstrip at risk.

    “The sea level change we’re seeing today is happening faster than it has for centuries with just a small contribution from the massive Antarctic ice sheet. What is sobering is that sea levels will rise even faster if Antarctica continues to lose … more ice into the oceans.”

    The land ice melt, which incidentally far outweighs the small sea-ice gain at the periphery of the continent, is proving inconvenient for Australian research in Antarctica. Fairfax reports that the $AU46 million airstrip opened in 2008 is becoming unusable due to the melt.

    The Wilkins airstrip, near Australia’s Casey research station, has managed only six landings in the last two summers rather than the planned 20 landings per summer. Alternative – but expensive – sites are under investigation.

    According to the scientists, the speed at which some of the glaciers now move towards the sea is outpacing the rate at which ice can be restored to the land through normal precipitation patterns, as noted by BBC.

    A total of 111 fast-moving Greenland glaciers were studied and in comparison to the slow-moving ice beside them, 81 were shown to be thinning at twice the rate, thinning faster as they speed up. It is the speed at which the glaciers are moving that is causing the dramatic loss, and not simply faster melting from warmer temperatures. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    Geoengineers Artificially Melt Antarctic to Drill for Oil

    10/26/12 - Russian - the retreat from Nazi base in Antarctica
    For the first time, the legendary 2006 Russian documentary 'Third Reich - Operation UFO' in its entirety, fully translated into English and available for free viewing. Many thanks to Irina Du Toit for the translation and the saucer people for the subtitles.

    The film explores the historical mysteries and rumours of a Nazi secret base in Antarctica, the 1947 flying saucer attack on Admiral Byrd's ill-fated 'Operation Highjump' expedition and the occult origins of Third Reich anti-gravity engines, flying discs and ancient Atlantean technologies viewed through the lens of perhaps the three most mysterious twentieth century German organisations of all: the 'Thule Society, 'Vril Society' and the 'Ahnenerbe'

    One of the core themes of the film is the alleged existence of 'Base 211', the legendary underground Nazi base in the Antarctica. Drawing upon the pre-war Nazi interest in Antarctica and the creation of 'New Swabia'; the testimony of German U-Boat submarine commanders and the alleged disappearance of thousands of Nazi scientists and engineers at the end of the war, personnel that cannot be accounted for by the Vatican and Odessa 'rat lines' or American 'Operation Paperclip' activities. In addition, the film analyses the actual geo-physical possibilities of an underground base in Antarctica.

    The other core theme is the alleged existence of a Nazi flying saucer program and the many evidential strands that this area generates. From the supposed channeling of extraterrestrial engineering schematics by members of the German occult group 'Thule Society' in the early part of the twentieth century to the 'implosion engine' of Viktor Schauberger and its possible appropriation by the Third Reich.

    Bringing us to the the latter part of the twentieth century the documentary illustrates the many sightings of unknown crafts around the Antartic region and the theoretical basis for polar wormholes as entrance and exit points for visiting extraterrestrial spaceships and the possible involvement of HAARP, as well as asking why nearly all American Antarctic bases seem to be populated by agents of the National Security Agency and CIA.

    Like the study of any phenomena and/or events that exist at the edges of consensus reality, occupy imaginal realms and are subject to historical revisionism; the interface of myth and reality is a shifting mosaic of fact, speculation, disinformation and fantasy, or to use the phrase of head CIA counter-intelligence spook, James Jesus Angleton, we have entered a "wilderness of mirrors".

    Certainly there are elements in the documentary that give cause for concern such as the alleged "Special Bureau 13", the Nazi secret flying saucer research group and its similarity to the top secret government agency in the early eighties role playing game "Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic " (though equally the RPG title could be an insider homage to this secret Nazi organisation). Likewise, there is the lack of information on the existence of the US Navy destroyer 'Murdoch' in the testimony recounted by pilot 'John Sireson' in his description of the flying saucer attack on Admiral Byrd's fleet (testimony taken from an interview by the late pioneering American researcher Leonard Stringfield).

    Equally, the testimony of Admiral Byrd that flying saucers attacked the 'Operation Highjump' fleet is of historical record as is his testimony to Congress of enemies that have the ability to fly "pole to pole". Likewise, the creation of 'New Swabia' is as much a historical fact as the 'impossible' existence of the 'Piri Reis' map.

    What sets this documentary apart from most others of its kind is the inclusion of high ranking Russian scientists and military personnel and their testimony should not be discounted.

    As the great American anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory says of many elements of deep politics: "its food for thought and grounds for further research".

    Exopolitics UK and 'The Saucer People' are looking for other non-English UFO/alien related videos to help translate and subtitle, we have dozens of Russian documentaries waiting to be translated into English. If you speak Russian and are interested in translating any of this material please get in touch. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/26/12 - China and US team up to fight UFO threat???
    This last week, reports of Chinese naval vessels off the US coast, Northern Californian in particular, have been reported but denied.

    Now an Asian intelligence agency reports that a combined fleet operation between the US and China has been going on, a full combat operation against what we are told is a “highly unfriendly extra-terrestrial threat.”

    The verifications of the fleet operations have been many, there have been no confirmations from the US side though the ships have been seen by every vessel that makes it offshore. The true nature of both the threat and the extent of the multinational military force used is beyond any imaginable classification level.


    Extraterrestrial craft are operating from underwater bases.
    Advanced US sub-orbital weapons platforms represented as “tested” have actually been deployed from Vandenburg Air Force Base. These are armed with energy weapons.
    UFO tracking has been moved from conventional to nano-technology with microscopic sensors being used to detect behaviors such as dimensional rifts and distortions in time, things only discussed in TV shows like Fringe and X Files. (all Fox oddly enough)

    The actual classified memo on very short distribution mentions only the following:

    Opposition is extraterrestrial and extremely aggressive and unfriendly
    The threat represents a “clear and present danger” and is isolated to the Pacific Basin
    China is forced to carry US responsibility because our own naval capability is sitting in the Persian Gulf when America is under a very real threat.

    Attempts to seek confirmations or to directly verify these operations will lead to fatal consequences. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/26/12 - Halloween head drop trick
    My favorite scare, prank, trick! Magician Rich Ferguson doing a Halloween head drop trick on the streets of his home town San Luis Obispo. During the day, this is a great illusion, but during night and in a more vulnerable setting, this freaks people out BIG TIME!

    Having way too much fun this season with pranks and street magic! Watch out, we are coming for you;)

    Good luck with whatever costume or prank you pull this year! This is my personal favorite yet! They do say "trick or treat?" I say TRICK! - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/26/12 - Electrostatics as cause of Gravity


    Lloyd Pye sent an attachment for a paper on Electrostatics as a Cause of Gravity which I found on the net as a .pdf download.

    Posted 2 Jun 2010 – An Electrostatic Solution for the Gravity Force and the Value of Gravity - Morton F. Spears (deceased) communicated by his daughter, Leigh Spears...

    "Mr. Spears received a number of patents and was internationally recognized for his airborne radio antennas and for air and underwater navigation systems used for many years in American military and commercial planes and still used in American submarines. He retired from active business in 1994.

    He subsequently pursued fundamental research on gravity, electromagnetic phenomena, and electronic physics, which he reported in two books and several articles."

    Most attempts at duplicating UFO flight tend to use rotation and some form of high energy...magnetic like Otis T. Carr or electrostatic like that Searl, Hamel up in Canada and several others...

    Then there is the electrostatic lifter effect of Thomas Townsend Brown...essentially ionic and there is also De Seversky who some copycats like Ventura who has promoted himself as the discoverer and never seems to reference or give credit to the true inventor, De Seversky.

    The electrostatic gravity paper says it upfront;

    "This paper claims that gravity is electrostatic, and substantiates this claim by deriving, through basic electrostatic relationships, a simple equation for gravity forces that includes an expression for the gravity constant..."

    What I found novel is the capacitance force and coining of two novel terms as 'elastance of capacitors' and DARAF;

    "a new path (through a curved rod of greater permittivity than the surrounding space, for example). The voltage-drop ‘field’ is "V / S , where S is the inverse of capacitance, called ‘elastance’ in units of ‘darafs’.

    The capacitance ‘field’ can also be expressed as VC (volt-farads), which has the units of coulombs. Since there was no other available name for such a ‘field’, it was designated a Qf (coulomb) field in [1]."

    Interesting theory and I think testable...but I don't think its the source of gravity...way too limited...but then I am a major disciple of Aether/ZPE as the zitterbewegung (jittering motion) that produces the quantum foam from which everything comes and where it returns in an infinite cycle of transmutations...

    There is a much better German word that refers to the ultimate source of energy...not so much the EFFECT...similar to weltgeist (world spirit or world mind) but universal, omnipotent, don't recall it offhand but the aether idea as the 'force of the all father' seems to suffuses history. Some call it the breath of God, the Chinese call it the dragon current, and there is CHI, Orgone, etc...

    To my view the paper is confused to think electrostatic forces have anything to do with gravity. It should be very testable if that is the case.

    I think it would be an ionic effect possibly coupled with inertia as in a rotating plasma which consists of high potential ions.

    Now if this rotating highly ionized inertial craft de-coupled, like undoing a velcro fastener, from the aether/zpe, then perhaps there is a gravity connection.

    Just so happens, someone years ago, I think it was the late Peter Kelly, told me when T.T. Brown was experimenting with ion propulsion, in his most advanced experiments carried out in France, he coupled the ion flow with AXIAL rotation and the results were so startling that it all went top secret.

    NOWHERE on the net have I ever seen anyone mention this and I think it would be highly testable and possibly lend credence to the electrostatic paper but STILL not be gravity control...have to see if it will fly UNDERWATER...I think not......

    All you ever see is his disc suspended from a wire and supported by a pole...so the disc flies round the pole...the serious effects came from making the disc spin on its own axis...so I was told, but it does fit with the ideas of Hamel and Searl, among others.

    There is a most revealing (and supportive for the electrostatic gravity correlation) excerpt at Electrogravitics and Field Propulsion;

    "In reading the section describing the vacuum chamber results, we learn that when the discs are operated at atmospheric pressure they move in the direction of the leading edge wire regardless of outboard wire polarity.

    This indicates that in normal atmospheric conditions the discs are propelled forward primarily by unbalanced electrostatic forces due to the prevailing nonlinear field configuration (which causes thrust in the direction of the low field intensity ion cloud regardless of the ion polarity).

    On the other hand, the report says that under high vacuum conditions the discs always moved in the direction of the positive pole, regardless of the polarity on the outboard wire.

    This indicates that in the absence of the unbalanced forces exerted by ion clouds, the discs moved mainly on the basis of the electrogravitic field effect, always toward the positive (negative G) direction.

    These vacuum chamber experiments were a decisive milestone in that they demonstrated beyond a doubt that electrogravitic propulsion was a real physical phenomenon.

    The report concludes saying: “It seems perfectly reasonable to conclude that a concentrated force of some kind accumulates within the presence of a strong dielectric.” (i.e., presumably in the presence of a high-K dielectric.)"

    And check these out; Project Montgolfier about T.T. Browns experiments in France, and Sky is Falling, a walk on the wild side.

    So there does seem to be a connection between gravity and electrostatics as 'electrogravitics';

    "Along with the realization that gravity is almost certainly an electrostatic phenomenon comes a new uncertainty related to the nature of the medium in the path between attracting masses.

    For ultra-miniscule voltage gradients in the order of magnitude dealt with in this paper, any medium other than vacuum space appears as a large open space with very tiny particles dispersed throughout.

    If the particles have either some conductivity, or permittivity greater than ?0 , and if the medium is between two separated masses, the particles serve to increase the capacitance linkage between those masses.

    This effect of increased linking capacitance is the same as if a slightly greater permittivity existed in the path between the masses.

    The precise effective permittivity increase for various elements and materials is not yet state-of-the-art knowledge. However, from the expressions used to derive gravity forces in this paper, G is altered by this presently unknown effective permittivity ?12..."

    Thanks Lloyd for sharing this...in looking into it, it is making me rethink the possibility that gravity could be coupled to electrostatics (as claimed in the Unified Field Theory) based on Townsend Browns vacuum experiments...but it won't fly underwater and UFOs do...so for me, it ain't pure gravity control.

    I'd be ecstatic to be able to fly in an energy driven ship, whether electrostatic, magnetic or pure repulsion of local gravity by blocking aether/zpe influx into the mass neutral centers...even from BUG wings as claimed by our late friend Dr. Viktor Grennikov.

    Always open to new ideas and even better, PROOFS of those ideas...this looks testable. A shame the author is deceased but I'm sure his daughter has even more information if someone wants to pursue it. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/26/12 - Quenco (Quantum Energy Convertor) Official Launch
    KeelyNet Quenco is not just a theory, it is soundly based on a thermionic device that in 2011 produced usable power when heated in an isothermal oven, a device that has been repeatedly tested, and other similar devices that have been independently verified. An experiment that costs just $10. If you want to do this experiment see the foot of this page for details.

    The Quenco device is the realization of the working vacuum gap device being reduced to the dimensions wherein electron tunnelling is dominant through an insulator (that replaces the vacuum gap) and where the thermionic current becomes a billion times greater. At nm dimensions it is predicted to work at temperatures as low as liquid Nitrogen, or lower.

    The following is a brief description of the operation of a Quenco film.

    Extract from the PCT PATENT - (Electronically filed 16th October 2012)


    Disclosed is a multilayered ultra thin heat to power converter device that when immersed in a single reservoir of thermal energy converts the heat that flows into the device into usable electrical power by causing free electrons, with kinetic energies substantially higher than the average kinetic energy thereof,

    to tunnel through electrical insulators from an emitter region to a collector region and through a semi permeable metallic mesh region interposed between the insulator regions,

    wherein the metallic mesh region is negatively charged and is in closer proximity to the collector region than the emitter region causing the tunneling electrons to lose a substantial amount of their kinetic energy by doing work against the electric field created by the metallic mesh region,

    and to simultaneously gain an equal amount of electrical potential energy, the electrical potential induced at the collector region exceeding the electrical potential barriers of dissimilar metal transitions as may exist in returning the electrons back to the emitter region,

    thus making the device an electrical power source where no thermal energy is lost to an exhaust and where the thermal energy gradients are solely towards the heat to power converter device.

    Here is an introduction to the subject of Maxwell's Demon. A working Demon would be the Holy Grail of Free Energy. It has been assumed for over a century that the Demon must use energy to sort hot particles from cold, and that the energy used would negate any gain realised from the sorting.

    A Quenco sorts hot from cold without using any energy. In any system of particles where there is at least one degree of freedom there will be a distribution of energies, for free or quasi free electrons at the surface of a metal it is the case that at room temperature (293K) there are electrons that have a temperature exceeding 600K,

    and some that are less than 100K, each of them likely to change their temperature at any moment as a result of interactions with the motion of others, and with the transfer of energy from the vibrating lattice.

    So the idea that Quenco sorts hot from cold means that the Quenco mechanism allows the very energetic electrons to take a path prohibited to those with less energy.

    Such a mechanism does not require work to be done by the sorting mechanism which is the usual failing of Maxwellian Demons, imagine throwing a ball upward such that it lands on top of a flat roof, this means that the kinetic energy of the ball was converted into potential energy.

    Of course electrons cannot be sorted by gravity so the viable equivalent is to use electrostatic forces. In a Quenco film we get some of the very energetic electrons to use their kinetic energy by going closer to a negative charge, thus the electron loses velocity (becomes colder) but gains potential energy (electrical potential energy).

    Quenco is thus a perfect realisation of Maxwell's Demon and so, according to current thinking, violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics, though in reality it may just prove that the Kelvin / Clausius interpretations were wrong. Arguments as to the remainder of the Second Law are not dealt with here... You might want to check out the Theory of the Quenco device. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    Maxwells Demon
    Click here to play the game Maxwells Demon

    10/26/12 - Dewar flask technique to insulate walls - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Breakthrough Technology to Reduce Cost of Fuel Cells - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Hybrid vehicles power inverter with 'infinite-level voltages' - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Miniature $70 wearable Bluetooth camcorder - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Tiny clip-on camera for lifelogging - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - All Five Star Trek Captains Share a Stage - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Would You Put a Tracking Device On Your Child? - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - UK Gov't Official Advises Fake Details On Social Networks - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Texas Bound - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Texas Attorney General Warns International Election Observers - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Covert slavery permeates our world and our lives - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Microwave Missile That Takes Out Electronic Targets - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - China’s increasing military spending unnerves neighbors - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Nick Einhorn Fools Penn and Teller on Fool Us - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - Watch the Rabbit - Article Excerpt

    10/26/12 - U.S. Poised To Become World's Top Oil Producer - Article Excerpt


    10/23/12 - Voices of the Breakthrough Energy Movement: Moray B King
    KeelyNet One of the many voices that will be heard in Hilversum, Holland, November 9-11, during the Breakthrough Energy Conference.

    Moray B. King is an internationally known physicist, author and speaker with specialities in Zero-Point Energy, Tesla Technology and Quantum Physics. He's the author of 'Tapping the Zero-Point Energy', 'Quest for Zero-Point Energy' and 'The Energy Machine Of T. Henry Moray'. (All published by Adventures Unlimited Press).


    Conference 9-11 November 2012, Holland , BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE http://globalbem.com/conference/tickets/

    The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (GlobalBEM) is a non-profit volunteer-powered organization dedicated to educating & activating the public about breakthrough energy technologies which are clean, sustainable and world changing. (Via zpenergy.com) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/23/12 - R.I.P Walter Clyde Wright, Jr. of Push Gravity fame
    KeelyNet I am distressed to discover my friend and mentor Walter Wright died Sept. 15, 2011. I wasn't aware of this but noticed I hadn't received any mail from him in a very long time.

    June 21, 1918 — Sept. 15, 2011

    Walter Clyde Wright Jr., 93, passed away on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011, at NorthBay Medical Center. Walter was born on June 21, 1918, in Cement, California, to Walter Clyde Wright and Pearl Lambert Wright and was the youngest of four children.

    Walter is a World War II veteran who served in the 7th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army between 1941 and 1945. He worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad for 37 years and resided in Fairfield, California, his entire life.

    He was an avid science buff who was passionate about pursuing his Theory of Gravity and how it affects celestial bodies in the universe. In his later years, Walter taught electronics at Armijo Adult Education and Napa Junior College.

    Walter Wright's Push Gravity

    I first heard about Push Gravity when Ron Barker and I attended one of the late Dean Stonier's Global Sciences Congresses in Denver, Colorado, back in the early 1990s. Ron and I both laughed when we heard about Push Gravity but after hearing Walter speak and seeing his #13 video, it was pretty convincing.

    We made a point to meet Walter and got to know him. That friendship lasted up to his recent death. He sent many letters with news about correlation and support for his work. I visited him at his home in Fairfield, California where he showed me his garage museum with many magnetic models to illustrate his theories.

    Walter introduced me to his girlfriend, companion and assistant Darlene, a totally beautiful and charming lady who narrated all his tapes. Darlene and Walter loved to dance which accounted for their solid and healthy physiques.

    We went out to eat and the entire meeting was totally delightful and very informative. Walter told me his sons had no interest in his gravity research so asked if I could take his museum and run it in Dallas. I wasn't in a financial position to do this and told him I'd like to but it takes money.

    He told me when his mother died, he was surprised to learn he had inherited a sizeable sum of money. With this he bought gifts for friends and family and pretty much left the rest in savings. He asked if I could take on keeping his Push Gravity theory alive and signed the rights over to me. I have the document from that time and never had a chance to do much with it.

    He said he had many copies of his Push Gravity book which he'd like to sell from his home, so asked me to hold off on reprinting or reselling that book. I guess I should make an ebook out of it now and include some of his other papers and letters he sent to me.

    His work definitely needs to go on...I believe he had about 27 VHS tapes of pretty low quality...I have maybe 24 of them but I don't think the quality is worth transferring to DVD as they are very grainy and digitally noisy images.

    Well, I was sad to stumble on this tonight when I looked up Walter Wright in the Social Security Death Index and found he had died a year ago and I never saw any notice and no one told me. I will miss Walter, he was an original thinker and I loved his very clever 'Bunch-of-Grapes' theory. He says IF gravity in the universe is caused by a PULL, then everything would clump together like a bunch of grapes. Hard to counter that statement.

    I must credit Walter for teaching me about Push Gravity and all it has led to in my life. Since then I have found there are many others who preceded Walter and I believe Push Gravity is supported by ZPE as providing a pressure that holds all mass together. It creates, sustains and disintegrates us back to the aether. Literally 'bubbles in space' as postulated by Nobel Prize nominee Chris Illert. Along the lines of gravity is a quote from this site which I include here;

    In the 1980's, during an open day at Wollongong University, Illert, as part of a bet with some other senior science staff - demonstrated to an astonished crowd passing by at the time - a floating chair using an antigravity device he had devised.

    I kid you not - I was good friends with an eyewitness. Illert would never, and will never reveal his knowledge to the world. He is one of those genius minds, with an eccentric and highly focussed intellect - and he justified his actions by saying that mankind was not ready for such knowledge.

    The only morsel of info I got from him, was his suggestion to look closely at what he said at our conference about the geometry of the nucleus of atoms as being the key to understanding the secrets of matter.

    "Does this mean that we could 'create' matter or energy directly from this virtual background of 'frenetic activity'? Is the secret then high speed rotation? Does that mean rotation of energy, matter or a combination of both?

    Do not many devices that produce 'phenomena' ranging from anti-grav to unidirectional thrust to overunity/free energy require some kind of spinning matter or energy?

    By creating a high speed rotation, could we then cause the separation on a micro level of these bubbles to produce two from one? And would they necessarily be of the same smaller size and energy density because of the split? Or would the virtual background rush in to make them fit a density related to their energy/elemental nature?"

    There are many tie-ins to Walters Push Gravity researches and experiments and I hope people value what he has kindly shared with us all. I will definitely miss Mr. Walter Clyde Wright, Jr. truly rest in peace my friend. - JWD - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/23/12 - Move over Amy! Learning neuroscience with cockroach legs
    KeelyNet Neuroscientists [Tim Marzullo] and [Greg Gage] wanted a way to get kids interested in neuroscience. What they came up with isn’t terribly far from something found in Frankenstein’s lab; by amputating a cockroach’s leg and attaching electrodes, they’re able to listen to the sound of neurons firing.

    For an even cooler demonstration, they’re able to apply a little bit of current to the leg and make the leg dance to the beat of the Beastie Boys.

    The guys published an article in PLOS One and gave a TED talk demonstrating their SpikerBox, as they call their invention, to the masses.

    The basic idea is to amplify the electricity generated by cockroach neurons firing. By listening in on the neurons with an iPad app, [Tim] and [Greg] can set the threshold of the recording to detect the action potential of an individual neuron, and listen in on exactly what happens when a single neuron fires.

    It seems like a great tool to explain the very basics of what a nervous system – and a brain, both cockroach and human – actually is. In the video after the break, you can see [Greg] playing around with individual cockroach neurons.

    After that, [Greg] plays the Beastie’s High Plains Drifter into the leg making the muscles contract. Truly, The Sounds of Science.

    (Everything old is young again...this is not new but still interesting. - JWD) Check this out from 1996;

    A few months back, at one of our local Roundtable meetings, I was talking with a couple of fellows, Al Holman and Ed Wade. I don't recall how we got on the subject, but Ed said when he was going to graduate school, they used to take live scorpions, insert fine wires at the base of their neck, into the spinal cord, and connect the wires to an audio tape recorder. They would then let the scorpion walk around, sometimes teasing it to get a more complex set of responses.

    The electrical signals coursing through the spinal cord would be recorded on the recorder. The scorpion would then be subjected to a toxic gas to kill it without doing damage to the body, all the while leaving the wires inserted in its neck.

    Ed said once the scorpion was dead, they would play back the tape and the scorpion would walk around, recreating all the recorded actions. The cool thing was you could play the tape backward and the scorpion would move backward, arching its tail and all.

    This could be done several times before the conductivity of the tissue started to decay and the organism would no longer respond. Ed said this process only works with simpler organisms.

    Kind of reminiscent of Steven Kings' 'Pet Sematary', eh? But it did remind me of experiments being done on paraplegics where atrophied or non-responding muscle tissue were being stimulated by electronic pads located in specific orders. The computer sees the muscle groups as line printer characters being driven through the parallel port. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/23/12 - Was the Great Pyramid a plutonium mill?


    The complexity, precision and size of the Great Pyramid are contrasted to the simplicity of pharaohs’ tombs.

    It is proposed that it is a plutonium mill. Its perfection of construction and choice of materials are compared against all other pyramids. The current history of plutonium production is related.

    The internal geometry of the pyramid is given correspondence to the process steps of breeding plutonium, separating plutonium from other material, disposing of radioactive waste, using water and producing hydroelectric power.

    The practical value of plutonium and the economic justification of the pyramid are discussed. Later attempts by the Egyptians to recreate the power and value of the pyramid are analyzed.

    Scientific methods for testing whether or not nuclear fission occurred within the pyramid are defined.

    It is proposed here that the Great Pyramid was a nuclear fission production mill, and it was a technical and financial success.

    It did not create energy but packaged energy within artificially created isotopes of plutonium. This hypothesis is not fantastic in the sense that it would be a physical impossibility but is fantastic only in the fact that it upsets the conventional history of man.

    The case for this claim is developed in the remainder of this paper. The approach is to drop preconceptions about religion and culture, and look upon the Great Pyramid as a business investment.

    KeelyNet There is no archeological evidence of power stations and electrical grids existing on earth in the past 10,000 years, which would have utilized the plutonium.

    The logical answer is obvious: the plutonium was taken off planet. Barring travel to another solar system, the rational destination could only be Mars.

    It takes a great deal of energy to lift mass up from the Earth’s surface to orbit and then out of orbit. But a pound of plutonium is ten million kilowatt hours in energy.

    Since Mars is a very cold planet, the heating value of plutonium there would be more than it is on Earth.

    If it is not condensed, exhaust steam from a power turbine on Earth must be released at 212oF and 14.7 psia.

    On Mars the same steam could be utilized all the way down to 45oF and less than 0.15 psia.

    The result is that 18% more useful energy can be extracted from plutonium on Mars than can be extracted on Earth. Hydroelectric power and fossil fuels are not an option on Mars.

    (Thanks to Bob Aldrich for sharing this. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/23/12 - Flyboards Everywhere
    We've all seen one or two flyboards at the same time, check out this video with many flyboards doing amazing water tricks. (Thanks Norm Wootan for the headsup. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/23/12 - Another take on Grebennikov gravity repelling effect
    Rather than dropping another 25 million dollar missile on some poor person's home in Afghanistan... why not hold off on 1 missile, give that money to people like John Searl, John Bedini, Marko Rodin, Andrea Rossi or SOMEONE who will try something new rather than spending BILLIONS of dollars to repeat our actions expecting different results.

    If free energy technologies were given equal funding to NASA or CERN, we would feed the world rather than bomb the world.

    You get what you pay for. So... what are YOUR tax dollars doing these days? - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/23/12 - Incredible CSI-Like “Enhance!” App Fixes Your Unfocused Photos - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - A Signature moment at TED - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - The Long Reach of US Extradition - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - Stanford Ovshinsky, Hybrid Car Battery Inventor, Has Died - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - Smartphone Mugging More Popular Than Ever - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - How Patent Trolls Harm the Economy - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - NASA Working On Refueling Satellites - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - Scientists Failure to Warn of Quake Found Guilty of Manslaughter - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - Captive Beluga Was Able To Mimic Speech - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - Free Energy Dossier #1 - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - Free Instant Burn Recovery - 1-818-332-6445 - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - The DNA Phantom Effect - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - Adult African-Americans have highest percentage of 'LGBT' in U.S - Article Excerpt

    10/23/12 - Two Dogs Dining (this will make your day)
    I had just finished the news updates for Keelynet and checked my email to find this delightful youtube link from my friend Ken in Las Vegas. You will giggle like a little kid watching these two hilarious dogs eat in a restaurant setting (and more, thats what cracks you up!) The people who made this are incredibly original and creative, they should take this to America's Got Talent, they would win hands down...pun intended, you'll see. - JWD

    Two dogs waiting patiently to get served in "restaurant", and in spite of waiting, never get anything to drink. This video has had many positive comments - thanks to all of you. Some people though are worried for the dogs - were they forced and did they hurt themselves on the forks?

    Firstly the dogs loved it - they are best friends and really like getting all the attention. We practiced with the cutlery in advance, and both dogs very quickly figured it out. Besides the "waitress" kept on talking to them and encouraging them.

    They are very well behaved, and know when to sit still, take it slow and wait. This video was shot in one take, no cuts or editing - and both dogs had a wonderful time.

    The hand coordination was not preplanned - since everything was up to the dogs - but we both intuitively acted on the feeling of the dogs movement, plus we could hear from the "waitresses" comments, what the dogs were doing. Enjoy and don´t be worried - both dogs love it, and we love them.

    Many people have asked how we did TWO DOGS DINING - one take..

    Was it computer manipulated, postedited or puppets?

    The film is all one take, no cuts or editing, no fake hands or heads - just our two sweet dogs and two sweaters, large enough for a dog and a person. - Full Article Source - Permalink


    10/20/12 - bama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures
    KeelyNet The extent of these failures have been largely ignored by the press. Sure, single instances garner attention as they happen, but they ignore past failures in order to make it seem like a rare case.

    The truth is that the problem is widespread. The government’s picking winners and losers in the energy market has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and the rate of failure, cronyism, and corruption at the companies receiving the subsidies is substantial. M.

    The fact that some companies are not under financial duress does not make the policy a success. It simply means that our taxpayer dollars subsidized companies that would’ve found the financial support in the private market.

    So far, 36 companies that were offered federal support from taxpayers are faltering — either having gone bankrupt or laying off workers or heading for bankruptcy.

    The complete list of faltering or bankrupt green-energy companies:

    Evergreen Solar ($25 million)*
    SpectraWatt ($500,000)*
    Solyndra ($535 million)*
    Beacon Power ($43 million)*
    Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)
    SunPower ($1.2 billion)
    First Solar ($1.46 billion)
    Babcock and Brown ($178 million)
    EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*
    Amonix ($5.9 million)
    Fisker Automotive ($529 million)
    Abound Solar ($400 million)*
    A123 Systems ($279 million)*
    Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($700,981)*
    Johnson Controls ($299 million)
    Schneider Electric ($86 million)
    Brightsource ($1.6 billion)
    ECOtality ($126.2 million)
    Raser Technologies ($33 million)*
    Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*
    Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*
    Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*
    Range Fuels ($80 million)*
    Thompson River Power ($6.5 million)*
    Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*
    Azure Dynamics ($5.4 million)*
    GreenVolts ($500,000)
    Vestas ($50 million)
    LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million)
    Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*
    Navistar ($39 million)
    Satcon ($3 million)*
    Konarka Technologies Inc. ($20 million)*
    Mascoma Corp. ($100 million)

    *Denotes companies that have filed for bankruptcy. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/20/12 - Cool Ionocraft Redneck Hack


    It’s hard to believe that in five years we haven’t covered lifters before. This realization was sparked when [Tyler] tipped us off about a lifter project demonstrated at the Kansas City hackerspace called CCCKC.

    Lifters, the casual name for ionocraft, fly without combustion or moving parts. We’re not going to tackle the particulars of what makes flight possible, but high voltage is required to feed the phenomenon that provides the lift.

    One of the first comments when we asked what to do with old CRT monitors was to use them for lifters.

    The flyback transformer puts out plenty of voltage if you can tap into it without killing yourself (no, seriously, that’s an issue).

    This is the method that the CCCKC folks used.

    (Note: there are a lot of poseurs out there claiming they invented this...it comes from de Seversky Ion-Propelled Aircraft - August 1964 way back in the late 50s and early 60s..give credit where its due. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/20/12 - Scientists Turn Air Into Petrol
    "The Independent reports on a scientific breakthrough which would allow us to synthesize petrol from thin air.

    Quoting from the article: 'Air Fuel Synthesis in Stockton-on-Tees has produced five liters of petrol since August when it switched on a small refinery that manufactures gasoline from carbon dioxide and water vapor. The company hopes that within two years it will build a larger, commercial-scale plant capable of producing a ton of petrol a day.

    It also plans to produce green aviation fuel to make airline travel more carbon-neutral. ... Tim Fox, head of energy and the environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London, said: "It sounds too good to be true, but it is true.

    They are doing it and I've been up there myself and seen it. The innovation is that they have made it happen as a process. It's a small pilot plant capturing air and extracting CO2 from it based on well known principles.

    It uses well-known and well-established components but what is exciting is that they have put the whole thing together and shown that it can work."

    Although the process is still in the early developmental stages and needs to take electricity from the national grid to work, the company believes it will eventually be possible to use power from renewable sources such as wind farms or tidal barrages.

    "We've taken carbon dioxide from air and hydrogen from water and turned these elements into petrol," said Peter Harrison, the company's chief executive, who revealed the breakthrough at a conference at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London."

    "We are converting renewable electricity into a more versatile, useable and storable form of energy, namely liquid transport fuels. We think that by the end of 2014, provided we can get the funding going, we can be producing petrol using renewable energy and doing it on a commercial basis," he said.

    Although the prototype system is designed to extract carbon dioxide from the air, this part of the process is still too inefficient to allow a commercial-scale operation.

    The company can and has used carbon dioxide extracted from air to make petrol, but it is also using industrial sources of carbon dioxide until it is able to improve the performance of "carbon capture".

    Other companies are working on ways of improving the technology of carbon capture, which is considered far too costly to be commercially viable as it costs up to £400 for capturing one ton of carbon dioxide. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/20/12 - Jill Stein and Gary Johnson Debate Online Tonight
    Starting at 7 p.m. EDT (4 p.m. PDT), the Green and Libertarian candidates for President are debating on the Independent Voter Network.

    You can catch it via a Google+ hangout or Youtube both live and afterward (no word on flashless user unfortunately, unless anyone knows how to access youtube live streams).

    Note that there will be another debate with more candidates on Tuesday.

    Thanks to Gary Johnson and Jill Stein for participating in the first ever online presidential debate. The world was witness to not only the wonders of a new technology, but patient with its introduction to American politics. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/20/12 - Pacemaker Assassin
    "Pacemakers seem to be hackable now too, if researcher Barnaby Jack is to be believed. And the consequences of that are deadly. Anonymous assassinations within 30 feet of the pacemaker seem to be possible.

    From the article: 'In a video demonstration, which Jack declined to release publicly because it may reveal the name of the manufacturer, he issued a series of 830 volt shocks to the pacemaker using a laptop.

    The pacemakers contained a "secret function" which could be used to activate all pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) in a 30 foot -plus vicinity. ...

    In reverse-engineering the terminals – which communicate with the pacemakers – he discovered no obfuscation efforts and even found usernames and passwords for what appeared to be the manufacturer’s development server.

    That data could be used to load rogue firmware which could spread between pacemakers with the "potential to commit mass murder."'"

    “The worst case scenario that I can think of, which is 100 percent possible with these devices, would be to load a compromised firmware update onto a programmer and … the compromised programmer would then infect the next pacemaker or ICD and then each would subsequently infect all others in range,” Jack said.

    He was developing a graphical adminstration platform dubbed “Electric Feel” which could scan for medical devices in range and with no more than a right-click, could enable shocking of the device, and reading and writing firmware and patient data.

    “With a max voltage of 830 volts, it's not hard to see why this is a fairly deadly feature. Not only could you induce cardiac arrest, but you could continually recharge the device and deliver shocks on loop," he said.

    Jack said his goal was not to cause harm, but to help manufacturers secure their devices. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/20/12 - Anti-traffic-cam countermeasure
    NoPhoto is Jonathan Dandrow's electronic countermeasure for traffic-cameras. It's a license-plate frame that uses sensors to detect traffic-cameras, and floods the plate with bright light that washes out the plate number when the cameras take the picture. It's presently a prototype, but he's seeking $80,000 through Indiegogo to get UL certification and go into production.

    Dandrow believes that traffic cameras are unconstitutional, because "if you do commit a traffic violation, you should have your constitutionally guaranteed right to face your accuser – and that your accuser should not win by default just because it happens to be a camera that can’t talk in court."

    His device is made in the USA, and (he says) it is legal to use in the US.

    Dandrow also says that traffic cams cause more accidents than they prevent, citing studies by the Federal Highway Administration and the Virginia Transportation Research Council, "The increase in rear-end collisions alone from people slamming on their brakes to avoid being ticketed is enough to increase accident rates overall." - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/20/12 - Halloween Props: Spooky eyes light up the bushes - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Acoustic barcodes store data in sound, go on just about anything - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Cassette tapes are the future of big data storage - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Is this another reason to push for Mars? - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Car that runs on nothing but water unveiled in Japan - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - DNA Molecules Can 'Teleport,' Nobel Winner Says - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Botanicus Interacticus: Interactive Plant Technology - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Young Blood rejuvenates, why? - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - USA prepares world to Third World War - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - How Hair Can be Used To Track Where You've Been - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - NASA Exploring $1.5 Million Unmanned Aircraft Competition - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - FTC Offers $50,000 For Best Way To Stop Robocalls - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Standard For Electric Car Charging Announced - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Scientists Match Dream Images To Photos - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - China's Yearly Budget For High-Speed Rail: $100 Billion - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Study Shows How Prayer, Meditation Affect Brain Activity - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Mobile phones can cause brain tumours, UK court rules - Article Excerpt

    10/20/12 - Face-licking dogs spread disease-causing bacteria - Article Excerpt


    10/17/12 - 4 million volts of electricity coming at you — for fun
    Want to experience 4 million volts of electricity coming at you while you sit in a metal cage? The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham has its MegaZapper ready, plus what it says is the world's largest private collection of mankind's electrical history.

    Patrons sit inside a 9-foot-tall metal cage and zap it with blue sparks carrying 4 million volts.

    The professor called it a "most exciting and educational show" and said that, because of "well-established physical principles," anybody inside the cage was safe.

    The professor explained that the cage is called a Faraday cage. The sparks come from a Tesla coil, in this case a big one also rising 9 feet.

    The electricity doesn't go inside the cage because it spreads along the metal enveloping it.

    That's why, says Jenkins, during a lightning storm it's safer to sit inside a car, at least a car made of metal. If lightning hits the car, its outer surface will carry most of the lightning.

    The "Lightning Cage" was designed by Steampunk sculptor Rik Allen. On display at the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham, It includes a spherical cage and a 9-foot-tall Tesla coil that generates pale-purple lightning 9 to 12 feet long.

    He made sure the wire mesh enveloping the cage has such small holes that nobody could stick their fingers through it and get accidentally zapped.

    One of the original plans had it looking more like a cylindrical bird cage. Now the top is rounded to point at the Tesla coil.

    "It makes it look a little more dangerous," says Allen.

    What it's feel like being inside the cage?

    The zapping is noisy, the sparks are dramatic. It's all over in 20 seconds.

    (We did this back in Dallas in 1988, we called it Zap Dallas. Ran for 2 months, no one would back us saying it was too dangerous. We hoped to get the State Fair where they get about 4 million people a year. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/17/12 - A123 Systems Files for Bankruptcy
    The once promising maker of advanced batteries for electric cars goes for pennies on the dollar.

    Once the darling of the clean-tech industry and a leading success story in the revival of advanced battery manufacturing in the United States, A123 Systems has announced that it is filing for bankruptcy and is selling off its main business, making batteries for vehicles, to rival battery maker Johnson Controls in a deal valued at $125 million.

    Johnson Controls will get all of A123's automotive assets, which include its manufacturing facilities in Livonia and Romulus, Michigan, and a cathode manufacturing plant in China.

    A123 has raised approximately a billion dollars over its lifetime, including a $249 million grant from the U.S. government as part of the Recovery Act of 2009 to build the factories in Michigan.

    The Livonia plant was touted as North America's largest facility for producing lithium-ion automotive batteries when it was opened in 2010.

    The Department of Energy said at the time that it expected the facility to create 3,000 jobs in Michigan by 2012 and help establish the United States as a "global leader" in electric vehicles.

    Investors had first noticed A123 Systems because of its plans to make very high-energy lithium-ion batteries that the company hoped could increase storage capacity up to tenfold. But it quickly switched to another MIT technology, one that was easier to bring to market.

    Rather than storing more energy, this technology promised to be safer and more resilient than conventional lithium-ion batteries, which in rare cases could catch fire.

    Black & Decker put the batteries in its cordless power tools, and GM signed a development agreement with A123 and considered using them in its Chevrolet Volt. The company failed to win that contract but is the supplier for the Chevrolet Spark EV, due out next year. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/17/12 - Keely and the Black Hole's "Point of No Return"
    "Using a continent-spanning telescope, an international team of astronomers has peered to the edge of a black hole at the center of a distant galaxy.

    For the first time, they have measured the black hole's 'point of no return' — the closest distance that matter can approach before being irretrievably pulled into the black hole.

    According to Einstein's theory of general relativity, a black hole's mass and spin determine how close material can orbit before becoming unstable and falling in toward the event horizon.

    The team was able to measure this innermost stable orbit and found that it's only 5.5 times the size of the black hole's event horizon.

    This size suggests that the accretion disk is spinning in the same direction as the black hole. The observations were made by linking together radio telescopes in Hawaii, Arizona, and California to create a virtual telescope called the Event Horizon Telescope, or EHT. The EHT is capable of seeing details 2,000 times finer than the Hubble Space Telescope."

    (This reminds me of a Keely phrase used in the book 'Keely and his Discoveries. It stated 'this far shalt thou go, and no further'. Here is the relevant quote;

    "6th. These same researchers have enabled Keely to pronounce definitely as to the nature of what is recognized as gravity, an ever-existing, eternal force, coexistent with the compound etheric, or high luminous, entering into all forms of aggregated matter at their birth.

    Keely thinks that gravity is the source from which all visible matter springs, and the the sympathetic or neutral centre of such aggregation becomes at birth a connective concordant link to all neutral centers that have preceded it and to all that may succeed it, and that disturbance of equilibrium, like gravity, is an ever-existing force.

    His researches in the vibratory sub-division of matter have revealed to him some of the mysteries of the hidden sympathetic world, teaching that 'the visible world,' as Coleridge wrote, 'is but the clothing of the invisible world;' that 'true philosophy,' as Professor George Bush said, 'when reached will conduct us into the realm of the spiritual as the true region of causes, disclosing new and unthought-of relations between the world of matter and the world of mind."

    "Professor Thurston writes, in the January number of the North American Review, 'We are continually expecting to see a limit reached by the discoverer, and by the inventor, and are as constantly finding that we are simply on a frontier which is being steadily pushed further and furthre out into the infinite unknown. The border-land is still ahead of us, constantly enlarging as we move on. The more we gain, the more is seen to be achievable."

    "All planetary masses Keely calls terrestrial, showing in his writings that the beauty of the celestial concordant chords of sympathy forming the harmonious connective link, in what may be denominated 'the music of the spheres,' is seen in the alternate oscillating range of motion between the planetary systems;

    for at a certain range of the greater distance, harmony is established, and the attractive forces are brought into action, under the command, 'Thus far shalt thou go, and no further.'

    Then in the return towards the neutral centres, when at the nearest point to each other, the opposite or propulsive force is brought into play; and 'thus near shalt thou come, and no nearer;' advancing and receding under the celestial law of etheric compensation and restoration, as originally established by the Great Creator."


    This is key to Keely's research and discoveries, push, pull and balance. By using phase conjugation you can filter out only the positive (push) or the negative (pull) to produce force or a cascade of other energetic effects. - JWD)

    A knowledge of the laws of Harmony (and rectification) can be intelligently used to generate interferences (collisions) in the Aether in a positive or negative manner.

    Positive (constructive) interferences add to and multiply while Negative (destructive) interferences subtract from and divide frequencies. This means that we have a spectrum of creation generated from the divisions of the Aether which can be shown by the following :

       Aether slowed down and extended yields
           Magnetism slowed down and extended yields
                Electricity slowed down and extended yields
                    Light slowed down and extended yields
                       Heat slowed down and extended yields
                           Sound slowed down and extended yields
                               Physical Vibration slowed down and extended yields

    Cascading forcefalls of Aether (ZPE) divide to generate infinite lower frequency interference patterns which form the Universe and all Creation. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/17/12 - Commercial Amphibious Vehicle Is Part ATV Part Jet Ski
    "The Washington Post reports that a new vehicle could soon be zooming out of James Bond's garage — or pond — as the Quadski, a one-person all-terrain vehicle that doubles as a personal watercraft, is being billed by its makers as the first high-speed, commercially available amphibious vehicle.

    Scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. by the end of this year for around $40,000, the four-cylinder, BMW-supplied engine can drive up to 45 miles per hour on land and do a brisk 45 miles per hour in the water (video).

    'You just drive straight into the water, quite fast, and keep on going. It's sort of magic,' says Alan Gibbs, the founder of Gibbs Sports Amphibians.

    The company is also preparing to introduce the Phibian, a 30-foot long, 6.5-ton model, and the Humdinga, a 22-foot, 3.5-ton model, which are both intended for the military and first responders.

    The company plans to produce 20 Quadskis per day with 150 employees when the plant is in full operation and expects to sell around 1,000 Quadskis in the first year. 'We'll respond to how the market develops,' says Gibbs. 'We wouldn't be doing it without being very confident people will love them.'" - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/17/12 - Can we tap energy from pyramids?
    KeelyNet Has anybody make work the Perpetual Pendulum on top of a pyramid that Patric Flanagan mentioned in his book?

    "At a "pyramid energy" workshop that I attended in the mid seventies, Patrick Flanagan described how he could dowse the vortex energy from the peak of a pyramid on every floor directly above the apex as high as he went in a tall building. He said the energy was undiminished by distance above the apex. Flanagan developed a pyramid grid to take advantage of this apex energy. A kirlian photograph of this pyramid grid is shown..."...

    "The faces in a pyramid are not needed to produce the energy, only the edges, and so a pyramid "frame" can be built. It is interesting to note that a pyramid with faces but no edges doesn't work. All the pyramid designs here are based on the great pyramid's ratios. Any pyramid will work to some degree, but the Cheops pyramid works best."

    If anyone knows the details of the claim of a rotary (vortex) force (especially if it actually powered something) from the top of a pyramid, please post it, thanks!

    In the Les Brown video he recounts an experiment inside his big pyramid where he was hanging a conductor from the top of his pyramid which I believe was 30 feet tall...down to about 4 feet above the floor which had an iron spike pounded down into the ground.

    He connected the end of the wire to a piece of sheepskin (an excellent conductor of orgone energy) and when he touched the other end of the sheepskin to the iron spike he received an enormous electrical like jolt which threw him against the pyramid wall and it took him weeks to recover. This is recounted in his video and a Youtube video clip.

    Back around 1997 or so, we (Jerry Decker, the late Joe Parr & Dan Davidson) stayed a week in Cairo specifically to do Joe's experiment.

    I should tell you the purpose of Joes experiment was to stimulate and expand the energy bubble of the pyramid in hopes it would open a gateway or portal to a pyramid on another planet....much like the movie Stargate.

    It ran only about an hour on one corner while we measured the bubble at another corner. Joe wanted to move to adjust the circumference of the energy bubble being created by the acoustic projector so we walked to the other corner and it was silent..someone had STOLEN the machine.

    The machine was a bigass loudspeaker fed by an oscillator and amplifier to produce a constant 51hz frequency...Joe writes;

    "Two fixed and one variable frequency was found which caused the Orb to be stimulated. Surprisingly one of the 3 frequencies was 51.5 Hz which happens to be the angle of the side of Cheops."

    Once we realized the theft, our Egyptian guide called on the Gizeh Plateau guards, some on horseback with everyone looking all around the pyramid for the machine and the thief.

    No one was found. We suspect it was an american from Chicago who overheard us talking back at our guides apartment veranda where we earlier looked out to the laser light show for the pyramids and sphinx. This guy was inordinately interested in our experiment and even when we talked privately he would strain to hear us. This american had told us he had business problems (financial) back in Chicago so needed to take a break, so came to Egypt.

    Dan and I stayed and flew over to Luxor to check out the temples and sites. Then then we signed on with a convoy of jeeps and other vehicles, with military types carrying machine guns, walkie talkies and pistols.

    They explained foreigners, especially americans were much hated by many so it was very dangerous to risk going on your own...our cab cost about $12 for an entire day and the driver was Mr. Habashi who spoke some english.

    We rejoined the convoy to take us to the 3,000 year old Temple of Hathor at Dendera, we looked all over that place, hot and HUGE but never found the paintings we were looking for.

    Finally I drew it up on a napkin and showed it to a toothless old man who I think worked there for tips. He nodded excitedly and motioned us to follow him to a bigass iron door mounted in the floor at an angle. At his waist, he had a ring with many corroded keys...he pulled a big one out and placed it in the lock on the iron door. He called two younger Egyptian guys to come lift the door and we could see a room about 5 X 10 X 30 feet down (or so) with narrow steps leading down to the bottom.

    We had 6 battery flashlights and 20,000 volt stun guns for snakes...I carefully made my way down the stairs...at the end they stopped with a hole cut in the stone wall.

    It was very dark and cool. The hole was about 3 feet X 5 feet, so I got on my knees and crawled through. The wall was about 2 feet thick so when I made it through, I found myself in a big dark chamber that was maybe 20 feet high X 8 feet wide and maybe 30-40 feet long.

    Dan followed and we turned on our flashlights. It was very cool down there and when we shined light on the walls, we saw this very bright color paintings on every side. Remember these were painted 3,000 years ago so it was incredible they still were even there, let alone with such bright colors...clearly someone wanted to ensure these paintings would survive time as long as possible.

    We walked in front of the wall to the left, shining our flashlights and inspecting the various images..most we had seen elsewhere so nothing unsual...we got to the end wall also covered with paintings and when we turned for the right wall, WHAM, there were these huge paintings of the two guys with the vacuum tubes and capacitor stacks to produce the snakes (electrical bolts) inside the two tubes. Incredible. I placed my camera on the left wall and took a photo then moved it a couple of feet and took another and another and another til I had captured the entire painting. Here is what we saw.


    We wanted to go to Abydos but the armed security guys said it was too dangerous and recently had been shooting at foreigners, so we couldn't go.

    I have pictures of it all...and have never written the whole thing up...need to do that. So we spent 2 weeks in Luxor, then flew back to the states, via England.

    About a month after we returned to the USA, on the nightly news was a report of a bus bombing in front of the Cairo Museum where we had been several times just a month before. Also at the Temple of Hatshepsut in the Valley of the Queens, terrorists had shot up a bunch of tourists (from many countries) and killed some of them. We were exactly there and it could have been us...just fortunate timing. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/17/12 - Professor Creates Inhalable Energy Supplement - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - Magic Finger input device is a camera on your finger tip - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - Tiny OLED oscilloscope gets a fancy case - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - Money Seeks Idea - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - How the Western World Is Limiting Free Speech - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - 19th Century Postcards Predicted Our Future - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - Texas Schools Using Electronic Chips To Track Students - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - Huge Geoengineering Project Violates UN Rules - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - Angkor Wat Built With Help Of Ancient Canals - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - Ross Perot endorses the Businessman - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - Tata Nano: $3,000 Car Coming To U.S. for $8,000 - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - Solar Flares or Cyber Warfare could shut down the world - Article Excerpt

    10/17/12 - Happening also in New York, England and other Countries - Article Excerpt


    10/14/12 - Blueseed Raising Money To Park Ship Full of Startups Near SF
    "How awesome would it be if there could be an environment that would be dedicated to helping entrepreneurs...grow and scale their companies that could be right here next to Silicon Valley that could be on something like a cruise ship?"

    That's what Blueseed founder Max Marty asked himself during his first job out of business school, working for the Seasteading Institute.

    Now, Blueseed is trying to make that floating community for startup founders a reality.

    "Right now the US visa immigration system does not allow for entrepreneurs [from overseas] to come here and test out their ideas and create the new jobs and create the new companies of tomorrow," says Blueseed co-founder Max Marty, "its system was designed for a bygone era."

    Marty believes that his seasteading venture Blueseed "is the solution to a problem" created by the archaic U.S. visa system, which he and co-founder Dario Mutabdizja say is starving Silicon Valley of the best and brightest international entrepreneurs.

    As a "visa-free technology incubator for startups" situated on a ship 12 miles off the coast of Silicon Valley, Blueseed aims to be the "Googleplex of the Sea," a vibrant workplace for innovative industries to bloom, unencumbered by onerous regulations on new technology-sector businesses.

    The project has attracted investors such as Paypal co-founder, venture capitalist and noted libertarian Peter Thiel (who once made an early investment in a little startup company called Facebook). - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/14/12 - Cavitation shear kills Pathogens with Shock Waves
    KeelyNet Axially fed fluid is sheared during long residence time in a radial workspace between counter-rotating coaxial disk-shaped centrifugal impellers.

    Gases evolve in the fractal turbulence of a shear layer, which is forced between laminar boundary layers, and an axial suction pump axially extracts evolved noncondensibles and volatiles through cores of radial vortices in the shear layer.

    Cavitation due to shear between the impellers kills pathogens by shock waves, microjets, OH radicals, and nearby UV light pulses. Oppositely charged electrodes bounding the workspace cause electroporesis and electrohydraulic cavitation.

    The electrodes are counter-rotating ridged armatures of disk dynamos, forming a dynamic capacitor having audio frequency pulsed electric fields. Electrode erosion by arcing is prevented by shear between the electrodes. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/14/12 - Build your own magnetic levitator
    KeelyNet Here’s a great magnetic levitator build. [Scott Harden] dug up the link after seeing that awesome rotating globe this morning.

    This version hangs objects below an electromagnet but it has a sensor system to provide a constant distance between magnet and object even if the payloads are a different weight.

    This is done with a couple of infrared sensors. One acts as a reference detector, always viewing an IR LED in order to get a baseline measurement.

    That measurement is compared to a second detector mounted slightly lower.

    The circuit adjusts the electromagnetic field, making sure the object is always breaking the lower beam but never interrupting the reference beam.

    No microcontroller needed, this is handled with a couple of OpAmps. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/14/12 - Secret Warning From the Sun
    Physics and engineering professors from Stanford and Purdue have come to believe that the Sun is tipping us off in advance as to when the next big solar blast is going to hit our planet.

    It turns out that certain radioactive isotopes, including manganese-54, which is used in medical diagnostics, begin to decay more slowly 24-48 hours before a flare erupts on the Sun, and therefore a good three or four days before fallout from that flare hits the Earth.

    And once this solar storm hits, if it's big enough, it could change life as we know it.

    The decay that concerns us here is not just radioisotopes, but civilization. According to Severe Space Weather Events: Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts, a landmark report prepared jointly by the National Academy of Sciences and NASA in 2008, our civilization is indeed in grave danger of losing its power supply; in the U.S. alone, up to 130 million of us could be forced to go without electricity for months or years due to solar blasts.

    Little or no electricity would mean little or no telecommunications, water or gasoline (the pumps are electric), refrigeration, banking, emergency services, law enforcement or military security.

    That's essentially the premise of Revolution, the new mega-budget NBC dramatic series produced by Hollywood mogul, J.J. Abrams. In Revolution's world, all electrical power has been lost and civilization has therefore been thrown back into a primitive, warlike, de-centralized state.

    To prevent this from happening in real life, the U.S. House of Representatives voted unanimously in June 2010 to take the steps necessary to protect our nation's power supply from solar EMP. Basically, the idea is to install surge suppressors to buffer the largest transformers, which are the key nodal points of the grid.

    But the Senate scuttled the legislation because of a jurisdictional dispute over which of its subcommittees had authority over the grid. Or was it that the utility industry deftly blunted what it saw as a regulatory power grab for its domain?

    Expect more secret messages from the Sun real soon. It is entirely possible, even likely, that solar EMP-induced blackouts will recommence during the coming solar climax. This is the peak of the Sun's eleven-year cycle when EMP storms are at their most frequent and ferocious. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/14/12 - Seeking Perpetual Motion FIRST
    KeelyNet I don't hear much about people trying for perpetual motion...they want flat out overunity...enough to DRIVE something, like a fan, a heater a bank of lightbulbs...etc...

    Dan D. told me someone had calculated to make any free energy/overunity device commercially viable it needed to achieve a minimum of 300% efficiency.

    That sounds about right HOWEVER we have to crawl before we FLY...so to my view, the quest for perpetual motion is valid because if we can achieve that, it shouldn't take much more to go over 100%...

    Just so happens I sell 3 pdf ebooks bundled into one on perpetual motion which is pretty good. Here are some examples from those books; Perpetual Motion

    Also, years ago, some of us participated in a Discovery Channel documentary called 'A Machine to Die for' which has been online now for a couple of years, see; or ;

    I think people working in these areas aren't using all the modern discoveries to cancel friction.

    Teflon spray, teflon panels, air or magnet bearings, supermagnets and novel patents for their use, etc..

    I worked for photofinishing for over 23 years and the plague for us was scratches on film or paper....we used a lot of emery cloth to polish surfaces and promote friction free transport.

    And often we'd top it off with teflon spray...man, that stuff is REALLY SLICK...just one spray accidentally on our tile floors and you'd have to mop it up with a degreaser...or everyone would bust their butts...

    We also used urethane and SORBOTHANE rollers on our film machines which are big tanks of chemicals with hundreds of rollers mounted on submersible racks.

    These manmade rubbery materials were super soft and I think are used to make superballs...where you drop it and it bounces almost higher than where it fell from (I know, bad english but you get the point) ;

    "Shock absorbing materials may be called shock absorbing polymers, visco-elastic polymers, visco polymers or simply polymers. There are many other shock absorbent materials available like rubber, neoprene, silicone, etc. but for our purposes here we'll discuss polymer and Sorbothane specifically."

    So I'm thinking use a superball like material or heck, just various sized superballs as repulsers that would kick something back almost (possibly more if arranged properly) with the same amount of force.

    Always with magnets in a rotary configuration, there is the 'hump'...where it spins fine til about 350 degrees where it slows and stops...so we need a KICKER at that point...some use coil electromagnets, others solenoids, ratchets, counterweights, compressed air or other media (water, etc.), other magnets or MU type magnetic field blocking materials...by the way SILVER is a great blocker of magnetic energy...

    My friend Dan York told me about this when I was in Dallas...I'd seen it before in the Peregrinus motor which Joel Mcclain sent me years ago. Before Dan was struck down with a stroke, he said he was working on using nano silver to block magnetic fields...how thick over how much surface area. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/14/12 - Find the Anomalies

    - Thanks Norm!

    10/14/12 - UTP's electric car powers up for win - Article Excerpt

    10/14/12 - Death row prisoner offers up his innovative technology - Article Excerpt

    10/14/12 - 120 Million Chinese own Electric Bicycles - Article Excerpt

    10/14/12 - Turn your iPhone into a Stereo View-Master - Article Excerpt

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    10/14/12 - Incredibly stupid and ill informed Voters - Article Excerpt

    10/14/12 - The FOFIVEs - Fat Old Farangs in Vests...Ewww - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Tesla Coil Gun Produces Foot-Long Sparks


    While browsing a bookstore near his home in Seattle last year, Rob Flickenger came across a graphic novel titled The Five Fists of Science. The story portrays inventor Nikola Tesla as a crime fighter who battles his enemies with a pair of handheld Tesla coils—transformers that discharge spectacular streams of electricity into the air.

    To Flickenger, 37, the guns were beautiful, hilarious, and inspiring. “I started thinking, How would I do it?” he says. An 18-volt lithium-ion drill battery would be more than enough to power the gun.

    The real hurdle was engineering the gun’s circuitry to safely generate high voltages. At one point, Flickenger wound conductive copper wire around a piece of acrylic tubing 1,100 times only to realize that the tubing was too fragile and would break apart easily. His early tests had mixed results.

    “I’d switch it on, and nothing would happen, so I’d switch it off. Then I’d switch it on again and set something on fire,” he says, half-joking. In fact, safety was a major priority—at first, he activated the gun via a remote switch only.

    Later, he added a toggle with an arm-the-missile-type plastic hood to prevent shooting the gun accidentally. Right now, the gun’s either on or off, but Flickenger plans to make it more like the cartoon version by adding a trigger.

    Cost: $800
    Time: 9 months

    POWER - The current flows into what Flickenger calls the “hockey puck of doom”—an end cap of PVC pipe filled with silicone. Inside the gun, a transformer from an old television and additional circuitry repeatedly doubles the current and then pumps it to a capacitor bank. When the six capacitors hold 20,000 volts, the gun starts firing. All that electricity still blew a few pucks, so Flickenger recently tested a mixture of silicone and hexagonal boron nitride that draws away the heat, preserving electrical components.

    SPARKS - Once the electric current reaches 20,000 volts, it’s powerful enough to jump the gap between two tungsten wires inside the aluminum gun. Flickenger couldn’t find a housing strong enough to handle such a powerful spark, so he built his own out of heat-resistant porcelain. He also affixed a fan from an old computer server at one end to help cool the spark gap.

    LIGHTNING - After jumping the gap, the current runs into the primary coil, eight loops of high-voltage insulated wire at the gun’s nose. The coil induces a current in the secondary coil, a piece of plumbing pipe wrapped in copper wire. The current flooding the wire creates a magnetic field, which induces an electrical field inside the doughnut-shaped aluminum ring at the gun’s nose. This field generates streaks of blue lightning. For the most part, Flickenger operates the gun in his lab with the lights off. It can go for about 30 minutes before it needs to cool down. “When it’s running, it makes the whole room smell like a thunderstorm,” he says.

    SAFETY - The gun generates a lethal amount of current, so Flickenger typically sets it on his workbench instead of holding it himself. He grounds the device by clipping insulated high-voltage wire to the aluminum shell at one end, then to a nearby pipe or, if he’s outside, a metal stake planted in the soil. This ensures the current won’t run through the aluminum shell and into the inventor. “You don’t want to be the fuse in that circuit,” he says.

    WARNING: We review all our projects before publishing them, but ultimately safety is your responsibility. Always wear protective gear, take proper safety precautions, and follow all laws and regulations.


    When he finally got the gun working safely, Flickenger showed it off at his wedding reception, held on a friend’s property. The guests were delighted.

    “There’s a corona discharge that comes off the front that’s just beautiful,” he says. “It’s almost like a fluid.” Although the gun’s not suited for fighting crime, it’s extremely popular at parties. The maximum arc draw on this run was about 12" or so.

    (Don't get TOO excited with the gun photograph. Clearly time lapsed and a grounded target, much as the famous Tesla photo showing him reading a book while sitting next to a very large Tesla coil.

    All those flashes of electrical bolts took place over several seconds to combine on that single photo. Now if we could do THAT kind of multiple discharge at the same time, in real time, I'd be more of a fan of Tesla coils and high voltage discharges from other sources. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/11/12 - Big Tesla Coil in Oklahoma
    15 foot tall Tesla coil with maximum sparks of 26 feet. It runs up to 55,000 watts. Located in Newcastle, Oklahoma. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/11/12 - Energy firm uses 'land grabs' to secure fracking rights
    Ranjana Bhandari and her husband knew the natural gas beneath their ranch-style home in Arlington, Texas, could be worth a lot - especially when they got offer after offer from Chesapeake Energy Corp.

    Chesapeake wanted to drill there, and the offers could have netted the couple thousands of dollars in a bonus and royalties. But Bhandari says they ultimately declined the deals because they oppose fracking in residential areas. Fracking, slang for hydraulic fracturing, is a controversial method used to extract gas and oil.

    Their repeated refusals didn't stop Chesapeake, the second-largest natural gas producer in the United States. This June, after petitioning a Texas state agency for an exception to a 93-year-old statute, the company effectively secured the ability to drain the gas from beneath the Bhandari property anyway -- without having to pay the couple a penny.

    In fact, since January 2005, the Texas agency has rejected just five of Chesapeake's 1,628 requests for such exceptions, a Reuters review of agency data shows. Chesapeake has sought the most exceptions during that time -- almost twice the number sought by a subsidiary of giant rival Exxon Mobil, Reuters found.

    Chesapeake says it only seeks exceptions to the Texas statute -- called Rule 37 -- as a last-ditch effort, and often because it cannot locate the land owner. The law, company spokesman Michael Kehs said, "protects the rights of the majority of mineral owners."

    Not so, say many local residents. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/11/12 - On True Liberty

    Lib - er - ty (lib-er-tee)

    1. freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.

    2. freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.

    3. freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.

    4. freedom from captivity, confinement, or physical restraint: The prisoner soon regained his liberty.

    From Comments; "He's not a complete anarchist, as far as I can gather. He only wants to get rid of the rules that are silly, as in victimless? "crimes".

    Freedom also needs rules, specifically rules that stop people from infringing on OTHER's freedom.

    Anything voluntary should be legal. It's quite an easy concept to grasp."

    Comment #2; "We can start fixing the problem by cleaning house. And senate. When congress can stop worrying about who the president is poking or the CIA? is water-boarding and fix social security and Medicare control the borders and worry about what is going on at home not over seas we will begin recovery. It will take time to recover. It didn't get screwed up over night."

    Comment #3; "No single group is responsible. We live in a democratic western way, and it is the People as a whole that are responsible. Many turn to MTV and X-Factor for entertainment and distraction, forgetting that the whole big world? is still out there, working away. As a collective planet we need to accept that we have traded our true Beliefs and ideals for cheap TV and Tabloids, and that we must rediscover what true Democracy is. That everyone is responsible."

    Comment #4; "Tyranny is tyranny, whether God is the focus of those behind it or not, & escaping tyranny is the point of this country's inception, not to swap tyrannies out via a reboot of the Spanish Inquisition. Don't know how you feel about torture & murder, but all it takes is a feared enemy, a few charismatic types with good directing/FX to convince millions? that it's God's will, and pretty soon we good people are drowning "witches" and burning otherwise law-abiding "heretics" and "apostates" at the stake. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/11/12 - What if the Earth were Hollow?
    KeelyNet Did the Nazis prove that Earth is hollow?

    As World War II raged across Europe and the Pacific, the conflict reached every continent on the planet, including Antarctica.

    Learn more about the little-known Nazi expeditions to Antarctica -- and what they hoped to find there...

    In the occult fantasy, Etidorpha (available here), there are many wonderful ideas relating to gravity, aether and more. It describes a hollow earth with a neutral center, a 'Sphere of Rest' where gravity is cancelled and weight does not apply.

    The writer follows a guide down through caves towards the center of the earth. The premise is the earth has an outer shell many miles thick. Gravity from above meets the oppositely 'flowing' gravity from below to cancel out halfway between the outer shell and the opposite inner shell.

    They describe approaching this area of cancellation and the reducing weight and need for breathing or getting tired. They come to a cliff and jump off into the abyss. They fall ever slower until they reach and pass the area where no gravity exists.

    Fortunately, inertia carries them into the increasing weight zone sufficiently to allow them to flip and land on an opposite cliff. From there they continue their journey.

    "At another time, perhaps," he remarked; " we have reached the Inner Circle, the Sphere of Rest, the line of gravity, and now our bodies have no weight; at this point we begin to move with decreased speed, we will soon come to a quiescent condition, a state of rest, and then start back on our rebound."

    Continued my companion: " We have just now crossed the line of gravitation. We were drawn downward until at a certain point, to which I called your attention at the time, we recently crossed the curved plane of perfect rest, where gravity ceases, and by our momentum are now passing beyond that plane, and are now pressing against the bond of gravitation again.


    This shell in which gravity centers is concentric with that of the earth's exterior, and is about seven hundred miles below its surface. Each moment of time will now behold us carried farther from this sphere of attraction, and thus the increasing distance increases the force, of the restraining influence. Our momentum is thus retarded, and consequently the rapidity of our motion is continually decreasing. At last when the forces of gravitation and mass motion neutralize each other, we will come to a state of rest again.

    When our motion in this direction ceases, however, gravitation, imperishable, continues to exert its equalizing influence, the result being a start in the opposite direction, and we will then reverse our course, and retrace our path, crossing again the central band of attraction, to retreat and fly to the opposite side of the power of greater attraction, into the expanse from which we came, and that is now above us."

    "Can this oscillation ever end? Are we to remain thus, as an unceasing pendulum, traversing space, to and fro across this invisible shell of attraction from now until the end of time?"

    "No; there are influences to prevent such an experience; one being the friction of the attenuated atmosphere into which we plunge each time that we cross the point of greater gravity, and approach the crust of the earth. Thus each succeeding vibration is in shorter lines, and at last we will come to a state of perfect rest at the center of gravity."

    "The outer circle, coat, or contour, of which you have heard others besides myself speak, is the surface crust of our globe, the great sphere of land and water on which man is at present an inhabitant. This is the exposed part of the Earth, and is least desirable as a residence. It is affected by grievous atmospheric changes, and restless physical conditions, such as men, in order to exist in, must fortify against at the expense of much bodily and mental energy, which leads them, necessarily, to encourage the animal at the expense of the ethereal.

    The central circle, or medial sphere, the shell, or layer of gravitation, lies conformably to the outer configuration of the, globe, about seven hundred miles towards its center. It stretches beneath the outer circle ( sphere ) as a transparent sheet, a shell of energy, the center of gravitation.

    The material crust of the earth rests on this placid sphere of vigor, excepting in a few places, where, as in the crevice we have entered, gaps, or crevices, in matter exist, beginning from near the outer surface and extending diagonally through the medial and inner spheres into the intra-earth space beyond.

    This medial sphere is a form of pure force, a disturbance of motion, and although without weight it induces, or conserves, gravity. It is invisible to mortal eyes, and is frictionless, but really is the bone of the earth.

    On it matter, the retarded energy of space, space dust, has arranged itself as dust collects on a bubble of water. This we call matter. The material portion of the earth is altogether a surface film, an insignificant skin over the sphere of purity, the center of gravitation. Although men naturally imagine that the density and stability of the earth are dependent on the earthy particles, of which his own body is a part, such is not the case ...

    Earth, as man upon the outer surface can now know it, is an aggregation of material particles, a shell resting on this globular sphere of medial force, which attracts solid matter from both the outer and inner surfaces of earth, forming thereby the middle of the three concentric spheres.

    This middle sphere is the reverse of the outer, or surface, layer in one respect, for, while it attracts solids, gases are repelled by it, and thus the atmosphere becomes less dense as we descend from the outer surfaces of the earth. The greater degree of attraction for gases belongs, therefore, to the earth's exterior surface."

    "Tell me more of the sphere in which gravitation is most intense."

    "Of that you are yet to judge," he replied. " When we come to a state of rest in the stratum of greater gravity, we will then traverse this crevice in the sheet of energy until we reach the edge of the earth crust, after which we will ascend towards the interior of the earth, until we reach the inner crust, which is, as before explained, a surface of matter that lies comformably with the external crust of the earth, and which is the interior surface of the solid part of the earth. There is a concave world beneath the outer convex world."

    "I can not comprehend you. You speak of continuing our journey towards the center of the earth, and at the same time you say that after leaving the Median Circle, we will then ascend, which seems contradictory."

    "I have endeavored to show you that matter is resting in or on a central sphere of energy, which attracts solid bodies towards its central plane. From this fundamental and permanent seat of gravity we may regard our progress as up-hill, whether we proceed towards the hollow center or towards the outer surface of the globe..."

    We were alternately passing and repassing through the partition of division ( the sphere of gravity ) that separated the inner from the outer substantial crust of earth. With each vibration our line of travel became shorter and shorter, like the decreasing oscillations of a pendulum, and at last I could no longer perceive the rushing motion of a medium like the air.

    Finally my guide said that we were at perfect rest at a point in that mysterious medial sphere which, at a distance of about seven hundred miles below the level of the sea, concentrates in its encompassing curvature, the mighty power of gravitation. We were fixed seven hundred miles from the outer surface of the globe, but more than three thousand from the center. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/11/12 - Scary Putin guards your stash - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Build your own water rocket launcher - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Barrel House ready for Occupants (July, 1934) - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Cloning your Drive - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Fusion Funding Request Fails To Ignite Support In Congress - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Start-Up Wants To Open Up Science Journals, Eliminate Paywalls - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Supreme Court To Decide Whether Or Not You Own What You Own - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Spotted at a Shopping Mall - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Pay What You Want For eBooks - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Counterfeit Air Bag Racket Blows Up - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Insane car battery hack - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Cycles - Will They Never Learn? - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Homeland Security budget tops $59 billion - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Hilarious Bounty Ad - Article Excerpt

    10/11/12 - Rape and Abuse of Computer BBS's by Inconsiderate Users - Article Excerpt


    10/08/12 - Oatmeal Fundraiser a Success; Non-Profit Buys Land For Tesla Museum


    Ars Technica reports that The Oatmeal's successful fund-raiser has borne fruit; on Friday the non-profit to which Oatmeal founder Matthew Inman's Indiegogo campaign's money was directed completed part of its goal to purchase and turn into a museum Nikola Tesla's former estate Wardenclyffe.

    There's plenty of work before the land can be a proper museum, but now it is in the hands of the non-profit organization Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe.

    The New York Times reports that Inman’s fundraiser saw donations from residents of over 100 different countries.

    Inman donated the proceeds of the fundraiser to the nonprofit, which purchased the Long Island property from the Agfa Corporation. The corporation used the land from 1969 to 1992, but decided to put it up for sale in 2009.

    Ars noted at the beginning of Inman’s fundraiser in August that Wardenclyffe, as Tesla called his estate, was originally intended to be, “a vector for trans-Atlantic wireless communications, broadcasting, and wireless power.

    The site consisted of an (incomplete) 18-story-high transmission tower that topped off a laboratory surrounded by 16 acres of land in Shoreham, Long Island in 1903.

    By 1917, Tesla had sold the site for $20,000 to pay bills at the Waldorf. That same year, the transmission tower was blown up by the buyers and sold for scrap.”

    Now that papers have been signed for the purchase of Wardenclyffe, the ruins of Tesla’s brilliant scientific career will be dusted off and presented to people who’ve admired the scientist’s work for decades.

    The property is listed at $1.6 million, and this non-profit has received a matching grant from New York State of up to $850k. This means that if we can raise $850k, New York State will match us for that same amount -- putting the total raised at $1.7 million.

    Using crowdsourcing site Indigogo, the promoters asked for $850,000 and due to enthusiastic networking and marketing, the total raised was 1.37 million dollars. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/08/12 - Navy turns sea water into jet fuel
    Last year the US Naval Military Sea Lift Command, the main fuel supplier to Naval vessels that are at sea, delivered around 600 million gallons to ships that were on the open water.

    The NRL has designed a system which harvests carbon dioxide and hydrogen, the raw ingredients of jet fuel, from the seawater.

    NRL discovered that gathering carbon dioxide from the seawater was far more efficient than getting it from the air because the concentration in seawater is 140 times greater.

    The hydrogen and carbon dioxide go through several processes to create olefins (a hydrocarbon), and then two more steps to turn the olefins into suitable jet fuel.

    So far the lab tests have indicated that the process will produce jet fuel at a cost of around $3 - $6 per gallon. Now all that is needed is large scale tests on the open sea. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/08/12 - Spin Cell generates 20 times more power than flat panels
    KeelyNet V3Solar has developed a new way to convert the sun's energy into electricity using traditional technology in a new way, and in so doing have discovered a way to get twenty times more electricity out of the same amount of solar cells.

    Their new device, called the Spin Cell, does away with the traditional flat panel and instead places the solar cells on a cone shaped frame which are then covered with energy concentrators. Once in operation, the whole works spins, making unnecessary the need for tracking hardware and software. What's more, they actually look nice.

    Because of the great potential of solar energy, researchers have looked into increasing the efficiency of solar cells by using lenses or mirrors to direct more of the sun's energy onto them hoping to get more electricity out of the same number of cells.

    Unfortunately, doing so tends to create so much heat that the cells become useless. The engineers at V3Solar took this idea and modified it to prevent such overheating by mounting the cells on a rotating platform; doing so means that each cell only receives extra heat for a very short amount of time and is then allowed to cool as the cone spins.

    The concentrators form an outer skin creating a hermetically sealed inner environment for the triangular shaped blue colored solar cells. The cone is situated on a base of electromagnets powered by some of the energy that has been converted from the sun's energy by the solar cells, creating a nearly frictionless spin.

    The result is a marvel of engineering and an artistic triumph – a means to produce much more electricity than traditional flat panels in a pleasing, and as the company says, beautiful way.

    The only shadow on this bright idea might be the price. The company hasn't said just yet how much each cone will cost, but surely it will be far more expensive than a flat panel.

    The question is, will the cost for one be equal to or less than twenty traditional panels, making them cost justifiable?

    Only time will tell of course, but in the meantime, no doubt many will have their fingers crossed as the cones actually look like something out of a science fiction movie, and that will surely be reason enough to have many rooting for them.

    This is the Spin Cell by www.V3Solar.com. More information is on the website.

    We have third party documentation that outer lensing (not shown on this video) can concentrate the sunlight 20X, without adding to the heat.

    Light is transferred in nanoseconds and heat is transferred in milliseconds (1000X longer). The spin cell absorbs the light and spins away before the heat has time to be transferred.

    (Cool, it kind of 'scans' light to increase power. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/08/12 - Boarding Gate With Built-In Explosives Detector
    "Hitachi, in collaboration with Nippon Signal and the University of Yamanashi, have successfully prototyped a boarding gate with built-in explosives detection equipment as part of efforts to increase safety in public facilities such as airports.

    The prototype boarding gate efficiently collects minute particles which have affixed themselves to IC cards or portable devices used as boarding passes, and can detect within 1-2 seconds the presence of explosive compounds using internalized equipment.

    With this method, it is possible to inspect 1,200 passengers per hour."

    The technology is expected to contribute to the prevention and containment of carry-on explosives as it inspects immediately prior to boarding without disrupting the flow of passengers, and provides increased security without affecting convenience.

    As this equipment can be adapted to entrance security equipment for train stations, stadiums, event halls, etc. in the future, it is expected to contribute as platform technology to achieving the safety and security of public spaces. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/08/12 - Thermal Air Motor
    The video is mostly charts and diagrams. I don't understand why they didn't put in one or more video clips of the engine in operation to better understand and study the design. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/08/12 - The Power of C.R.E.W.


    CREW connects people through donations and investing to build an active endowment, forever recycled, to fund small businesses and local farms that inspire thriving communities.

    Join and build your CREW - Each member of your CREW donates $11 a month.

    Select projects and donations - Choose from small businesses, non-profit and micro-loan projects - or create your own.

    Together we rebuild Main Street - Imagine 1 million people working together with CREW to "fund it forward." 91% of each donation goes toward common good projects).

    "Despite current ads and slogans, the world doesn't change one person at a time.

    It changes when networks of relationships form among people who share a common cause and vision of what's possible. This is good news for those of us intent on creating a positive future.

    Rather than worry about critical mass, our work is to foster critical connections.

    We don't need to convince large numbers of people to change; instead, we need to connect with kindred spirits.

    Through these relationships, we will develop the new knowledge, practices, courage and commitment that lead to broad-based change." - Margaret Wheatley

    "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." - Buckminster Fuller

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead - Full Article Source - Permalink

    To better understand this TED talk, please read this file on Gnosticism vs. Agnosticism - don't let the title put you off, it is full of incredible information. Here is an example;

    To illustrate : we will picture a beggar asking alms of a richly dressed gentleman, who passes by entirely oblivious of the suppliant's needs; but here the wonderful law of sympathetic action intercedes, making the wealthy individual comprehend the necessitous condition of the pauper.

    At this point the EGO enters the chamber of ordeal; here, in commonplace life, in every-day surroundings, man is tried; this is INITIATION.

    The well-to-do man goes on his way, not caring to stop, hurried perchance by the urgency of worldly affairs; the chord-setting representing that differentiation of infinite force called by us COMPASSION, acting upon its concordant chord-setting, loudly proclaims to the EGO what is right action, and the opportunity passing when it should be seized, powerfully exerts its force against the will of the personality that would suppress its action.

    Here is where the battle is fought; simple though the illustration may appear, it forcibly sets forth the actual conflict continually waging between divine wisdom and mortal error, carelessness, and ignorance.

    The man of wealth and position goes on, perhaps, for some distance, the battle all the while continuing; finally, he stops and turns back, he yields to the dominating influence of that chord-setting; he gives the beggar alms and goes on his way with the skies bright above him: he has won a battle he will not have to fight again.

    Understand that victory is won, not by the giving of alms, but by YIELDING to that divine force-differentiation.

    If this chord-setting had not retained its dominance, it would only require a few instances of the above type to render it latent, and when latent the person is no longer amenable to influences calculated to arouse compassion.

    In like manner, other centres may be rendered latent by repeated suppression, until we find a person so dead to all appeals from the various chord-settings that his whole course in life is represented by the sum-total of the antagonisms internally produced: results proving this are seen every day.

    You ask why do people commit such blunders and perform such acts as they do, all the while seemingly unable to help themselves.

    The reason is that they have RENDERED LATENT these centres which otherwise would have given them the power to rightly control their deeds instead of being, as they now are, dominated exclusively by the forces of aggregated matter which we usually call the self-will of the outer personality, as distinguished from the distinctly humane individuality which always responds to a divine appeal.

    It can be readily seen from this example that a man can mould himself practically as he chooses; though he may have to encounter many obstacles erected by himself in past periods of earthly existence, as he comes to earth anew with these chord-settings latent, or developed to the extent they were so, at the conclusion of his last earth-embodiment; a man has therefore only to carefully examine the condition of these settings to learn whether they are latent or developed:

    if latent, he knows well that if he yields to the dominance of the chord-settings of the supreme force-and he needs no monitor other than these to instruct him, their voice being loud-toned, full, strong, deep, and high-to carry him on to the consummation of his highest ideal,

    their suppression leading him to the lowest condition in which we behold that section of humanity which is dominated by the action of the blind forces inherent in aggregated matter,-forces which are at all times powerfully and intimately associated with every one who possesses a material body.

    The work of arousing to activity the latent chord-settings is sometimes equivalent to giving birth to an entirely new condition in the person, the intellect and the imagination having to actively co-operate in the endeavor to produce even the minutest degree of activity.

    Additional information that correlates - Insights - Each coincidence (and OPPORTUNITY) is a test. You can't learn until you pass the test. If you don't get it the first time, you get successive opportunities, each with a firmer influence.. Each time is a louder wake up call. It is up to each of us to recognize when the coincidence occurs and try to find the message that is being communicated to us.

    (Au Contraire, if you consistently fail to recognize and learn from the coincidences/opportunities being presented to you, less and less future opportunities will be offered to you because you have become 'latent' and chosen to be insensitive to higher ideals and actions. - JWD)

    You are where you are in life because of what you believe and what you have acted on. Our thoughts and actions control our lives and can be altered to change our lives.

    Since you can't practically affect the entire world, you should affect the world on a more personal basis, through the people you touch and the people who touch you.

    Service to others is one way of making a difference, and that service can take many forms. There are infinite choices you can make in your own life to influence events to flow in a positive, evolving direction.

    We must understand that all the day to day occurrences that we experience happen for a reason.

    10/08/12 - 'No proof' vitamin D stops colds - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - 'Electric' logs kill pests - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Energy's future not wind - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Liquid Air to store Electricity - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - 12 step DIY solid state Tesla Coil - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Tuna can and Trash Stirling Engine - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Neosporin…the Retrobright for bench equipment? - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Flashing LEDs protect livestock from lion attacks - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Back Yard Air Bubble, 1961 - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Russia to liberate the world from US occupation - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Electric Car Environmental Impact: Power Source Matters - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Astronomers Search For Dyson Spheres of Alien Civilizations - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Why Worms In the Toilet Might Be a Good Idea - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - We Don't Need More Highways - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Laser Strikes On Aircraft Becoming Epidemic - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - They Work Long Hours, But What About Results? - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Hybrid human powered Rube Goldberg machine - Article Excerpt

    10/08/12 - Increasing Energy with the Mexistim
    Is it possible to pump up the body energy level and help the body remove toxins with a machine that uses batteries to 'charge' a wirescreen that you place on or under your body? Many report this is what the Mexistim does for them, especially when they sleep on top of a pad or blanket placed over a large wirescreen. That's all there is to it, yet something happens with many who try it, most notably reports of increased energy and more restful sleep.

    KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
    2) Increased red cell count
    3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
    4) Increased overall energy
    5) No headaches
    6) No stomach pains or aches
    7) No muscle pains
    8) Weight loss
    9) Increase urination
    10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

    If what Lee and many of us believe, that toxins in the cells can cause a variety of illnesses and symptoms, then anything that might help the body to remove those toxins would also help the body remove the irritant and allow the body to heal itself.

    You can read more details or order your own Mexistim Here and here is the original article which describes how it came to be, how it is thought to work and shows a wiring diagram so you can build and try it for yourself.


    10/05/12 - Levitating lightbulb does it all with no wires
    KeelyNet It would be really fun to do an entire hallway of these levitating wireless lights. This a project on which [Chris Rieger] has been working for about six months.

    It uses magnetic levitation and wireless power transfer to create a really neat LED oddity.

    Levitation is managed by a permanent magnet on the light assembly and an electromagnetic coil hidden on the other side of the top panel for the enclosure. That coil uses 300 meters of 20 AWG wire.

    A hall effect sensor is used to provide feedback on the location of the light unit, allowing the current going to the coil to be adjusted in order to keep the light unit stationary. When working correctly this draws about 0.25A at 12V.

    Wireless power transfer is facilitated by a single large hoop of wire driven with alternating current at 1 MHz. This part of the system pulls 0.5A at 12V, bringing the whole of the consumption in at around 9 Watts.

    Not too bad. Check out [Chris'] demo video embedded after the break.

    A similar method of coupling levitation with power transfer was used to make this floating globe rotate.

    (In the original DUNE movie, on the planet Caladan, the home of House Atreides, they had floating lights that followed you around. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/05/12 - A Honda Civic With no Gas Tank
    It took Dr. Adam Blankespoor two years and $14,000 to convert his 1996 Honda Civic into an all-electric plug-in vehicle.

    He's an automotive engineer and researcher, but if he can do it, you can probably follow in his footsteps and create your own electric vehicle if you are so inclined. He talks about a 45 mile range, with 30 miles as a practical limit.

    That's not competitive with the Tesla S, but there's also a massive price difference to consider. This is another person Slashdot met at the Ann Arbor Maker Faire.

    If you want to see what kinds of electric vehicles other have made, possibly for inspiration, the Electric Vehicle Photo Album is a good place to start.

    And if you want information on how to build your own electric car, using "electric car conversion" as your Google search term will put you on the track of more electric car information than you can shake a Tesla Coil at. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/05/12 - Earthquakes Correlated With Texan Fracking Sites
    "A recent peer reviewed paper and survey by Cliff Frohlich of the University of Texas' Institute for Geophysics reveals a correlation between an increase in earthquakes and the emergence of fracking sites in the Barnett Shale, Texas.

    To clarify, it is not the actual act of hydrofracking that induces earthquakes, but more likely the final process of injecting wastewater into the site, according to Oliver Boyd, a USGS seismologist.

    Boyd said, 'Most, if not all, geophysicists expect induced earthquakes to be more likely from wastewater injection rather than hydrofracking.

    This is because the wastewater injection tends to occur at greater depth, where earthquakes are more likely to nucleate. I also agree [with Frohlich] that induced earthquakes are likely to persist for some time (months to years) after wastewater injection has ceased.'

    Frohlich added, 'Faults are everywhere. A lot of them are stuck, but if you pump water in there, it reduces friction and the fault slips a little. I can't prove that that's what happened, but it's a plausible explanation.' In the U.S. alone this correlation has been noted several times." - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/05/12 - Successful Engine Test in UK For Planned 1000 mph Car
    "Scientists aiming to create a car that can break 1,000 mph cleared a large hurdle yesterday when they successfully tested their rocket engine.

    The engine will power the supersonic car known as the Bloodhound SSC — meant to become the fastest car in the world. The British team tested the engine in an aircraft shelter in Newquay Cornwall Airport, originally designed to protect fighter planes from bombs.

    Although the data hasn't fully been analyzed, the researchers said the engine reached 30,000 horsepower during the 10-second burn. Given enough time, they expect the engine to reach 80,000 horsepower and 27,500 pounds of thrust." - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/05/12 - Can't access Account Settings for Google Adsense
    KeelyNet With the update of Google Adsense reports, I lost my account settings option.

    Tried it with Firefox and IE, no joy.

    Tried it on another computer using Firefox and IE, no joy.

    Thought about it and since Google is incorporating many services and products under Google and since they have their own browser, Chrome, I figured I'd download and try Chrome.

    Installed it, cut and pasted the google adsense signin URL, signed in and went to Home, pressed Classic...

    It came up with the same blank screen and I thought this won't work either, went off to get something cold to drink and when I came back the original Classic page had loaded and had all my account settings available. Whew!

    Now why couldn't I find this simple fix on the net? At any rate, thats the fix that worked for me. - Personal Problem Fix - Permalink

    10/05/12 - Weather balloon payload (almost) guides itself back - Article Excerpt

    10/05/12 - Current limiting the oscillator dims EL wire - Article Excerpt

    10/05/12 - The Dementia Plague - Article Excerpt

    10/05/12 - Pick your Skin Color - Article Excerpt

    10/05/12 - Doctor restores "Lost Virginity" (Jul, 1964) - Article Excerpt

    10/05/12 - Mind Maps: the Poor Man's Design Tool - Article Excerpt

    10/05/12 - Why Are We So Rude Online? - Article Excerpt

    10/05/12 - Next year, Brazil Wants To Track All Cars Electronically - Article Excerpt

    10/05/12 - Study Links Caffeinated Coffee To Vision Loss - Article Excerpt

    10/05/12 - Perot says USA could be taken over through economy - Article Excerpt

    10/05/12 - The Furor around MMS

    (I bought three bottles of it from an american website which was closed down by regulatory agencies (you know who) for I think, making claims of cures. I gave two of them to friends with health issues in their families and kept one for myself.

    At the time I had no active health issues but I tried it for hoots and noted it was much like taking dilute food grade h202 (hydrogen peroxide). But its palpable in orange juice.

    It had no obvious effects other than I needed to eat some yogurt to rebuild intestinal flora because I had a bit of diarrhea from the purging effect. I wrote about it on the Keelynet blog way back in 2008.

    I had no negative side effects but there are many websites which called MMS a fraud. Read up on it and decide for yourself if its worth trying. I spent about $100 for three packets. The shipment was lost in Mexican mail so they kindly sent me another three packets that came through with no problems! - JWD)

    MMS is a popular miracle mineral solution known to improve multiple conditions ranging from the flu to cancer and HIV. Available from Future Health Today for about $25.

    Tine Van Der Maas wrote; "First I want to thank Jim Humble, who took it from no-where to where it is slowly becoming “mainstream” today, and who has done an amazing amount of research on MMS. He has devoted many of his years showing people all over the world, but especially in Africa, how and why MMS works.

    In short, he experimented for years and eventually found that if you mixed the drops with lemon juice, it became activated to kill malaria. He then traveled all over Africa to show doctors and government officials how fast MMS worked to kill the Malaria parasites in an extremely affordable way.

    I can testify that it works extremely well against Malaria. When I received my first bottle of MMS a few years ago, (I obviously first read Jim Humble’s book), I went to a malaria area in South Africa and asked 2 people at a hospital who had been diagnosed with malaria if they were prepared to try the MMS.

    They had all the symptoms like high fever, shaking and drowsiness. Using Jim Humble’s Protocol, within about five and a half hours, the symptoms were gone, and when a blood test was done the next morning (about 14 hours later), the blood was parasite free.

    Did the doctors ask me what I had used? NO! Did they want to know? NO! Are people still suffering and dying from Malaria unnecessary while there is an extremely affordable remedy available? Yes!

    I have since tried it for many different diseases including AIDS, all types of cancers, all types of infections, and when the “swine” flu was here, it also worked beautifully. When we will do our Clinical Trials, we will invite Jim Humble to visit us, so he can enjoy the fruit of his work.”

    Warning, there is no scientifically tested evidence that this product works. - Full Article Source - Permalink


    10/02/12 - Modern wheat is a "perfect, chronic poison"
    Dr. William Davis said that the wheat we eat these days isn't the wheat your grandma had: "It's an 18-inch tall plant created by genetic research in the '60s and '70s," he said on "CBS This Morning." "This thing has many new features nobody told you about, such as there's a new protein in this thing called gliadin. It's not gluten. I'm not addressing people with gluten sensitivities and celiac disease.

    I'm talking about everybody else because everybody else is susceptible to the gliadin protein that is an opiate. This thing binds into the opiate receptors in your brain and in most people stimulates appetite, such that we consume 440 more calories per day, 365 days per year."

    Asked if the farming industry could change back to the grain it formerly produced, Davis said it could, but it would not be economically feasible because it yields less per acre. However, Davis said a movement has begun with people turning away from wheat - and dropping substantial weight.

    "If three people lost eight pounds, big deal," he said. "But we're seeing hundreds of thousands of people losing 30, 80, 150 pounds. Diabetics become no longer diabetic; people with arthritis having dramatic relief. People losing leg swelling, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and on and on every day."

    To avoid these wheat-oriented products, Davis suggests eating "real food," such as avocados, olives, olive oil, meats, and vegetables. "(It's) the stuff that is least likely to have been changed by agribusiness," he said. "Certainly not grains. When I say grains, of course, over 90 percent of all grains we eat will be wheat, it's not barley... or flax. It's going to be wheat. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/02/12 - Amazing Mind Reader
    Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who finds out specific financial information. This video reveals the magic behind the magic, making people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online. And by doing so urging everybody to be vigilant. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/02/12 - Aircraft Carriers In Space
    KeelyNet "Real-world military conventions have had obvious effects on many sci-fi books, movies, and TV shows. But how does their fictional representation stack up against the evolving rules of high-tech warfare? In an interview with Foreign Policy magazine, a naval analyst discusses some of the technological assumptions involved in transposing sea combat to space combat, and his amusement with the trope of 'aircraft carriers in space.'

    He says, 'Star Wars is probably the worst. There is no explanation for why X-Wings [fighters] do what they do, other than the source material is really Zeroes [Japanese fighter planes] from World War II. Lucas quite consciously copied World War II fighter combat.

    He basically has said they analyzed World War II movies and gun camera footage and recreated those shots. Battlestar Galactica has other issues. One thing I have never understood is why the humans didn't lose halfway through the first episode.

    If information moves at the speed of light, and one side has a tactically useful FTL [faster-than-light] drive to make very small jumps, then there is no reason why the Cylons couldn't jump close enough and go, "Oh, there the Colonials are three light minutes away, I can see where they are, but they won't see me for three minutes?"'" - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/02/12 - Bad guys in the business center
    Hotel and library computers are easy to compromise. In short, they’re generally not safe from hackers wanting to steal your information or your identity.

    We used a hotel’s “business center” computer a while back at L’Auberge in Del Mar, Cal., a three-star hotel, no less, and within a couple of days started getting scurrilous ads in our email. At the “Conrad” inIndianapolis, one of the Hilton upscale hotels, we noticed the computers in the business center had not been upgraded in more than four years, and did not seem at all well protected. Joy installed the latest Internet Explorer. She shouldn’t have been able to do that.

    Almost no computer that can be accessed by the public is safe from someone installing the kind of software that logs your keystrokes – every letter and number you punch in. So we got pitched recently about a $30 program that encrypts every keystroke you enter, everything you type.

    It’s called “GuardedID,” and sells for $30. We were skeptical, because that is our natural state. So we asked the CEO of Malwarebytes.org, a leader in anti-malware products, if this sort of thing would work. He said that encrypting text at the keyboard level can definitely deter keyloggers.

    OK, so whether you add GuardedID to your anti-virus and anti-spyware arsenal depends on how paranoid you are. We decided to install it. We may not need it, but remember: even paranoids have enemies.

    One thing that put us off was you have to enter your credit card information on the company’s web site to get access to a free 30-day trial. If you don’t cancel within 30 days, bingo!: you bought it. We think of this as “New Jerseymarketing.” If you’re gonna give us a free trial, give us a free trial; cut the pussy footing. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/02/12 - You Can't Print a Gun If You Have No 3D Printer
    "You may recall Cody Wilson's project to create a 3D printed gun, mentioned previously on Slashdot.

    Well, the Defense Distributed project has suffered a decidedly non-technical setback, with printer manufacturer Stratasys revoking the lease and repossessing the printer (presumably prying it from plastic models of Cory's cold dead hands).

    According to New Scientist, the manufacturer cited his lack of a federal firearms manufacturer's license as their reason for the repossession, adding that it does not knowingly allow its printers to be used for illegal purposes."

    Homemade firearms are not (in the U.S.) per se illegal on a federal basis, though states have varying degrees of regulation. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    10/02/12 - Turning air into liquid to store energy - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - New York Plans World's Largest Ferris Wheel - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - Inventor forges a 'shining star' - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - Tinfoil hats actually amplify mind-control beams - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - Thai Navy's "Gangnam Style" remake lands officers in hot water - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - To Encourage Biking, Lose the Helmets - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - New Tracking Frontier: Your License Plates - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - Private city in Honduras will have minimal taxes, government - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - L Ron Hubbard was king conman...Scientology a pyramid scam - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - People get gout because of increase in obesity - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - Perpetuum mobile, free energy - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - Canned Air to open a Bike Lock - Article Excerpt

    10/02/12 - TSA 'All-Stop' Drill - Article Excerpt


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