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November 2010 Plenum Archive

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Archive Index

1 - 11/28/10 - Jem Melts Rock Using Sunshine
2 - 11/28/10 - The Promise of Fusion: Energy Miracle or Mirage?
3 - 11/28/10 - Russia cleans up space with orbital pod
4 - 11/28/10 - Topical Gel that can reverse sudden hearing loss
5 - 11/28/10 - Electro-rocket to open up Mars, the Belt, Jovian moons
6 - 11/28/10 - Phoning ET
7 - 11/28/10 - Is this the most realistic CGI you've ever seen?
8 - 11/28/10 - Catch Liars by Redirecting Their Misdirection
9 - 11/28/10 - Practice Eye Contact to Generate "Reality Distortion Field" Charisma
10 - 11/28/10 - Photocatalytic Air Decontaminators to Appear
11 - 11/28/10 - Spanish Woman Claims Ownership Of The Sun
12 - 11/28/10 - About Airline Security
13 - 11/28/10 - Pieter Hoff: Teach plants to grow in arid places
14 - 11/28/10 - 'Magic water' maker targets NHS superbugs
15 - 11/28/10 - What happens when you light steel wool on fire?
16 - 11/28/10 - The Troll School of Retail
17 - 11/28/10 - BillShrink
18 - 11/28/10 - Carbonated drinks: Be careful
19 - 11/28/10 - Hong Kong Team Stores 90GB of Data In 1g of Bacteria
20 - 11/28/10 - Thought-Controlled Apps On Android May Not Be Far
21 - 11/28/10 - 3D printed gifts
22 - 11/28/10 - The Sensible Body Scan Alternative
23 - 11/28/10 - Analyzing Fortune Cookies
24 - 11/28/10 - German Scientists Create Bose-Einstein Condensate Using Photons
25 - 11/28/10 - Diamond Seller says Consider before you Bail on Marriage
26 - 11/28/10 - Should This Be the Last Generation?
27 - 11/28/10 - How To Track Your Vehicle on the Cheap
28 - 11/28/10 - Who Will Win Control of the Web?
29 - 11/25/10 - A generator that will not use Fuel
30 - 11/25/10 - Invasion through Belief
31 - 11/25/10 - Free Firefox Download Helper Extension
32 - 11/25/10 - Pills to keep you Warm (Nov, 1957)
33 - 11/25/10 - Old Tires Rolled Into Lump Make Odorless Fuel (Jan, 1932)
34 - 11/25/10 - A light on at night can put you in a dark mood
35 - 11/25/10 - HIV pills already on sale are found to help PREVENT virus
36 - 11/25/10 - New Permanent Immigration Quota Imposed in the UK
37 - 11/25/10 - Why Gold makes the Perfect Money
38 - 11/25/10 - A challenge to homeopaths: how does one overdose?
39 - 11/25/10 - Method to erase traumatic memories may be on the horizon
40 - 11/25/10 - No Great Shakes
41 - 11/25/10 - Nissan Says Its Electric Leaf Gets Equivalent of 99 M.P.G.
42 - 11/25/10 - Ridiculous exerciser becomes useful as a charger
43 - 11/25/10 - Early Universe was a liquid
44 - 11/25/10 - Hacking together a bedbug exterminator
45 - 11/25/10 - Happiness as a psychiatric disorder
46 - 11/25/10 - New Uses for Old Plastic
47 - 11/25/10 - Cedar Knolls N.J. inventor applying experience to new technology
48 - 11/25/10 - New Water Power Generator Floats on Stream Surface (Jan, 1930)
49 - 11/25/10 - 2600 Magazine as DRM-free Kindle, PDF ebooks
50 - 11/25/10 - Defense Gun Hurls Balls of Fire (Apr, 1935)
51 - 11/25/10 - The Gentlest Courier Service
52 - 11/25/10 - Florida Tech students deploy energy device
53 - 11/25/10 - 1800 Free Course videos from Khan Academy
54 - 11/25/10 - Old Age Rejuvenator Centrifuge (Aug, 1935)
55 - 11/25/10 - The cadmium curse of Coca-Cola
56 - 11/25/10 - Pumpkin Pie increases Male Sex Drive
57 - 11/25/10 - Spine Implant Helps Paralyzed People Exercise
58 - 11/25/10 - One Giant Cargo Ship Pollutes As Much As 50M Cars
59 - 11/25/10 - Chicago Using Coyotes To Fight Rodents
60 - 11/22/10 - How the 'Tech Worker Visa' Is Remaking IT In America
61 - 11/22/10 - Navy’s Super-Laser Hunts for Cosmic Energy Secret
62 - 11/22/10 - The Math doesn’t back it up…
63 - 11/22/10 - The Day Before Disclosure
64 - 11/22/10 - Excellent Free UltraSurf program to view blocked channels
65 - 11/22/10 - Oregon Senator Stops Internet Censorship Bill
66 - 11/22/10 - Airplane to Run on hydrogen from Air (Dec, 1929)
67 - 11/22/10 - How Microwaves Move Inside Your Microwave
68 - 11/22/10 - Forget TSA pat-downs: Drive a flying car!
69 - 11/22/10 - Viewers pull plug on US cable television
70 - 11/22/10 - Electrostatic Levitation
71 - 11/22/10 - A tiny zap to improve memory?
72 - 11/22/10 - Stonehenge builders 'used bearings to move stone slabs into position'
73 - 11/22/10 - Your Shoulder Blades Tell How Old You’ll Be (May, 1938)
74 - 11/22/10 - Epilepsy’s Big, Fat Miracle
75 - 11/22/10 - Bed in Magnetic Field Gives Sound Sleep (Nov, 1931)
76 - 11/22/10 - WiFi Makes Trees Sick
77 - 11/22/10 - “Glamour Bonnet” Provides Vacuum to Aid Complexion (Mar, 1941)
78 - 11/22/10 - Hot Wax Mask – Non-Surgical Facelift
79 - 11/22/10 - Drug Said to Cause Clairvoyance (Apr, 1932)
80 - 11/22/10 - Hourglass traffic light design
81 - 11/22/10 - TSA, Body Scanners, Rights Denied - Follow the Money!
82 - 11/22/10 - Science News Hour at PBS
83 - 11/22/10 - US May Disable All Car Phones, Says Trans. Secretary
84 - 11/22/10 - Kerosene Radio (Jun, 1956)
85 - 11/22/10 - New Microscope Reveals Ultrastructure of Cells
86 - 11/22/10 - Egg-Beater Wind Plane Imitates Hovering Flight of Eagle (Oct, 1934)
87 - 11/22/10 - Trash-To-Gas Power Plant Gets Greenlight
88 - 11/22/10 - When did you choose to be straight?
89 - 11/22/10 - Bruce Schneier vs. the TSA
90 - 11/19/10 - History repeats itself with electric car push
91 - 11/19/10 - Researchers Develop Light Technology to Combat Hospital Infections
92 - 11/19/10 - Addicted to Cheese? Here’s Why
93 - 11/19/10 - Zapping nerves helps control high blood pressure
94 - 11/19/10 - Want to live Forever? 1987 Patent to keep your Head Alive
95 - 11/19/10 - Internet traffic 'hijacked' to China servers, says US report
96 - 11/19/10 - French Engineer Plans Huge Floating Mid-Ocean City (Mar, 1931)
97 - 11/19/10 - Organs Made from Scratch
98 - 11/19/10 - Paper Touchpad
99 - 11/19/10 - Diesel from polythene
100 - 11/19/10 - Misprinted prefab houses
101 - 11/19/10 - New aviation risk: pleats
102 - 11/19/10 - Achtung! TSA!
103 - 11/19/10 - Safer Digital Waters
104 - 11/19/10 - Magnesium can stop blindness
105 - 11/19/10 - The horrible truth starts to dawn on Europe's leaders
106 - 11/19/10 - Anti-Smartphone Phone Launched For Technophobes
107 - 11/19/10 - Emergency Broadcast System Coming To Cell Phones
108 - 11/19/10 - Toyota Introduces Electric RAV4, Powered By Tesla Motor
109 - 11/19/10 - US May Disable All Car Phones, Says Trans. Secretary
110 - 11/19/10 - Pastor Sheryl Brady Impersonates Black Preacher
111 - 11/19/10 - Senate Panel Approves Website Shut-Down Bill
112 - 11/16/10 - Tide of International Science Moving Against US, EU
113 - 11/16/10 - eBay for Inventors
114 - 11/16/10 - Energy Efficiency from Old Attic Vents less than $30US
115 - 11/16/10 - Brick-road-laying machine
116 - 11/16/10 - Red light forces cancer cells to suck up drugs
117 - 11/16/10 - A new Mechanical Antigravity concept
118 - 11/16/10 - Researchers find that beached dolphins are often deaf
119 - 11/16/10 - Searls unending quest for investors +60 years now and STILL NOTHING
120 - 11/16/10 - Water Cluster Quackery - But IS IT?
121 - 11/16/10 - Is this evidence that we can see the future?
122 - 11/16/10 - Large cardinals: maths shaken by the 'unprovable'
123 - 11/16/10 - Excellent site - - for those who are interested
124 - 11/16/10 - Free Online Lessons in Electric Circuits
125 - 11/16/10 - Incredible High Power, Massive Talent RC Pilot
126 - 11/16/10 - Smart People Sleep Late
127 - 11/16/10 - Commercial Blind for your TV
128 - 11/16/10 - Nobody Will Fix Tires
129 - 11/16/10 - Detecting with a Difference: The UFO Effect
130 - 11/16/10 - What Happens When You Breath In Nanoparticles?
131 - 11/16/10 - Is This the Most Amazing Invention of All Time?
132 - 11/16/10 - Taiwan Company Looking at Mechanical Drive Power Plant
133 - 11/16/10 - MAKE: now available as PDFs
134 - 11/16/10 - Maxwell's demon demonstration turns information into energy
135 - 11/16/10 - How quantum mechanics brought us the Blu-ray player
136 - 11/16/10 - Super cheap DNA sequencing using quantum tunneling
137 - 11/16/10 - Uncle Sam has too much gas
138 - 11/16/10 - GE To Buy 25,000 EVs, Starting With the Chevy Volt
139 - 11/16/10 - Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: Prison-style strip searches?
140 - 11/16/10 - Ears Might Be Better Than Fingerprints For ID
141 - 11/16/10 - Devastating landslide swallows Brazilian port
142 - 11/16/10 - 'Smart' Vending Machines Triple Sales
143 - 11/16/10 - Aerial Drone To Hunt For Life On Mars
144 - 11/16/10 - Video Games Found To Enhance Visual Attention
145 - 11/13/10 - Water heater technology under pavement
146 - 11/13/10 - 2011 Chevrolet Volt Full Test and Video
147 - 11/13/10 - Cutting The Cord
148 - 11/13/10 - Night owls vs. morning people: Who's smarter?
149 - 11/13/10 - Fighting Harbor Fog With “Electric Mist” (Jan, 1933)
150 - 11/13/10 - Dangerous Chemicals in Food Wrappers Likely Migrating to Humans
151 - 11/13/10 - ‘Mighty Mouse’ that retains its enhanced muscle bulk as it ages
152 - 11/13/10 - Why Are Modern Cars So Expensive?
153 - 11/13/10 -
154 - 11/13/10 - Freshman recognized for pain relieving invention
155 - 11/13/10 - Helicopter POV display is a masterwork
156 - 11/13/10 - Pocket toilet welcome relief to motorists this Christmas
157 - 11/13/10 - Illegal Hispanics Are Leaving
158 - 11/13/10 - Efficient dairy effluent system invented
159 - 11/13/10 - Micro-model airplane fun
160 - 11/13/10 - Small Businesses Will Help US Keep Pace With Asia’s Clean Tech
161 - 11/13/10 - Camping with Battery Powered LED Christmas Lights
162 - 11/13/10 - Sleep enhances and organizes your memories
163 - 11/13/10 - Global flood to destroy mankind
164 - 11/13/10 - Engineers Propose Lily Pad-Like Floating Cities
165 - 11/13/10 - Man Loses Millions In Bizarre Virus-Protection Scam
166 - 11/13/10 - Gold Nanoparticles Turn Trees Into Streetlights
167 - 11/13/10 - US Army Develops Tooth Cleaning Gum
168 - 11/13/10 - Military Uses 'Bat-Hook' To Tap Power From Lines
169 - 11/13/10 - White House Edited Oil Drilling Safety Report
170 - 11/12/10 - Christmas is almost Upon Us!
171 - 11/10/10 - Nov. 13th - 21st century Thomas Edisons to gather in Denver
172 - 11/10/10 - A way to bioengineer a road without asphalt or concrete
173 - 11/10/10 - Patent Validity: Offers to Sell an Invention
174 - 11/10/10 - How Much Protection Does $99 Provisional Patent Really Provide?
175 - 11/10/10 - Invention Prototypes, Prototyping & Prototype Basics
176 - 11/10/10 - The McGurk Effect - you hear what you see
177 - 11/10/10 - The crystal diet: flavour-boosting powder 'makes you want to eat less'
178 - 11/10/10 - Honda Rolls Out Low-Tech Way to Reduce Auto Accidents
179 - 11/10/10 - Life on Mars might actually come from Earth
180 - 11/10/10 - Is Man Doomed by The Machine Age? (Mar, 1931)
181 - 11/10/10 - Water use feedback changes behavior
182 - 11/10/10 - Power Balance Wrist Bands
183 - 11/10/10 - Full-Screen Color Picker
184 - 11/10/10 - German Students Build a Taxi that Drives Itself
185 - 11/10/10 - Support the German car invention (Self-Driving Taxi)
186 - 11/10/10 - FlyRad Unicycle Video
187 - 11/10/10 - Finding A Scientific Explanation For War
188 - 11/10/10 - Testing infrasound thrills and chills
189 - 11/10/10 - Brain ability to selectively focus/pay attention diminishes with age
190 - 11/10/10 - Invention Could Reverse Decline of World Ocean Fisheries
191 - 11/10/10 - A properly tweaked personal microbiome is a key to good health
192 - 11/10/10 - You Have the Right to Repair
193 - 11/10/10 - Noah's Ark site search man goes missing
194 - 11/10/10 - Mistake Reports
195 - 11/10/10 - Scientists Turn Skin Into Blood
196 - 11/10/10 - I got griggs'd 4.5 million times by Texas
197 - 11/10/10 - Nanogenerator that can provide power to your implants and wearware
198 - 11/10/10 - Link Between Cell Phone Usage and Brain Cancer?
199 - 11/10/10 - Cell Phone Radiation
200 - 11/10/10 - Tactile+Plus brings physical buttons to your iPhone
201 - 11/10/10 - In Praise of Procrastination
202 - 11/10/10 - USPTO Decides To Lower Obviousness Standards
203 - 11/10/10 - TSA Bans Toner and Ink Cartridges On Planes
204 - 11/10/10 - Toy Robots Can Guard Your Home
205 - 11/10/10 - Microchip Implant allows Islamic Terrorists to Speak to God
206 - 11/10/10 - Central Dogma of Genetics May Not Be So Central
207 - 11/10/10 - Real-Life Gadgets For Real-Life Superheroes
208 - 11/07/10 - 'Old fogies' ' obsession: Turning waves into power
209 - 11/07/10 - Invention uses sea water as radio antenna w/video
210 - 11/07/10 - Pumpkins as catnip for Big Cats
211 - 11/07/10 - RGB stroboscopic guitar tuning
212 - 11/07/10 - Making Point Contact Transistors
213 - 11/07/10 - Atlantic Ocean's waters reversed direction
214 - 11/07/10 - Anti-piracy cameras to monitor cinema audiences and analyse emotions
215 - 11/07/10 - Hypersonic Jet for New York to Sydney in just 2hrs 30mins
216 - 11/07/10 - Electrical brain stimulation improves math skills
217 - 11/07/10 - Northrop’s Huge Army Spy Blimp Floats On
218 - 11/07/10 - Useless trying to explain science to idiots, just Fund It
219 - 11/07/10 - Probing the Secrets of Hypnotism (Jan, 1930)
220 - 11/07/10 - Solar Power and Heat for Cheap?
221 - 11/07/10 - New technology helps store energy on the 'fly'
222 - 11/07/10 - Fluorescent Light Energy Saver invention
223 - 11/07/10 - Military’s Freakiest Medical Projects
224 - 11/07/10 - You can absorb Bisphenol A by handling thermal receipt paper
225 - 11/07/10 - Yet another perpetual motion generator w/video link
226 - 11/07/10 - Seal's shark bite healed with honey
227 - 11/07/10 - Study says solar systems like ours appear to be common
228 - 11/07/10 - Discussion of how and why we must Colonize Space
229 - 11/07/10 - Looking older may not be a sign of poor health
230 - 11/07/10 - Skin-Tight Bodysuits Could Protect Astronauts From Bone Loss
231 - 11/07/10 - Rocketman Takes Off In Custom-Made Wingsuit
232 - 11/07/10 - Not Transparent Aluminum, But Conductive Plastic
233 - 11/07/10 - Going Faster Than the Wind In a Wind-Powered Cart
234 - 11/07/10 - WA Income Tax Quashed, Microsofts' Ballmer To Cash In Billions
235 - 11/04/10 - The Urbee Hybrid: the First 3-D Printed Car
236 - 11/04/10 - Hybrid wind-diesel power systems reduce costs
237 - 11/04/10 - Humanitarian invention ... from the garage
238 - 11/04/10 - Gravity Assist Multiplanetary Trajectories
239 - 11/04/10 - Aeronauts from the Future
240 - 11/04/10 - After two years of eco-living, what works and what doesn't
241 - 11/04/10 - Space tourism will accelerate climate change
242 - 11/04/10 - Alcohol More Dangerous Than Crack or Heroin Say Drug Experts
243 - 11/04/10 - The Stealth Stimulus of Defaulters Living for Free
244 - 11/04/10 - GM Could Be Free of Taxes for Years
245 - 11/04/10 - Fembots may make Hospital Rounds
246 - 11/04/10 - Would you go to Mars and never come back?
247 - 11/04/10 - Mysterious super Foundation offers 17 billion pounds to UK
248 - 11/04/10 - It's hard to fight a fire you can't see
249 - 11/04/10 - How does your body kill rogue cells?
250 - 11/04/10 - Microreactor speeds nanotech particle production by 500 times
251 - 11/04/10 - Look at all the Red, Doesn't this tell us something is wrong?
252 - 11/04/10 - Aging without disease, depression, frailty, or loss of mental function
253 - 11/04/10 - Don't believe in God? Read this
254 - 11/04/10 - Miniature Human Livers Grown In Lab
255 - 11/04/10 - It's Tough Being an Agnostic
256 - 11/04/10 - Alien lifeforms: Contact made!
257 - 11/01/10 - Clearing the Gulf Spill with Harmonics
258 - 11/01/10 - John Bedini will be at $250 Nov. 13-14 technical conference in Idaho
259 - 11/01/10 - Color therapy using your Plasma/LCD TV
260 - 11/01/10 - Without driver or map, vans go from Italy to China
261 - 11/01/10 - Electric Car Goes 375 Miles On One 6-Minute Charge
262 - 11/01/10 - The owner's manual for Star Trek's U.S.S. Enterprise
263 - 11/01/10 - Human lungs have 'taste buds'
264 - 11/01/10 - Trapped Robot Finds Subsurface Water Clues on MARS!
265 - 11/01/10 - CrustaStun: 'humane' gadget kills lobsters with single jolt of electricity
266 - 11/01/10 - Russia’s Anomalous Heat: Moon to Blame
267 - 11/01/10 - Mud Helps Fight Diabetes
268 - 11/01/10 - How Nanoparticles Affect Life
269 - 11/01/10 - Deuterium in Water – Essential for Life
270 - 11/01/10 - Is the universe a big hologram?
271 - 11/01/10 - ‘Space mice’ may pave way to help keep humans fit in space
272 - 11/01/10 - Helicopter hovers 12 twelve hours on the power of a laser beam
273 - 11/01/10 - 10 Ways Life in Orbit Can Be Rough
274 - 11/01/10 - Scientists discovering how to create giant insects
275 - 11/01/10 - Hurry Up And Die
276 - 11/01/10 - Hybrid material enables power-producing fabrics
277 - 11/01/10 - Apthorp Windmill Inventor seeking funding
278 - 11/01/10 - Digital images can be manipulated with the mind
279 - 11/01/10 - Water is the new oil
280 - 11/01/10 - How does your body kill rogue cells?
281 - 11/01/10 - Rounding Change
282 - 11/01/10 - Mozilla Add-On for Video and Audio Recording From the Browser
283 - 11/01/10 - Office Safety Training Retro Video
284 - 11/01/10 - Workers Poisoned Making Touchscreen Hardware
285 - 11/01/10 - Texas Supreme Court Cites Mr. Spock
286 - 11/01/10 - How the Global Seed Vault Aims To Fight Future Famine


Be aware in case any of these links don't respond, most will be available through the Wayback Machine, simply cut and paste the link to recall the 'lost' information.

Users report Boost of Energy, Better Sleep, Maintain your Health


11/28/10 - Jem Melts Rock Using Sunshine
Jem Stansfield travels to the Solar Furnace Research Facility in Southern France. He witnesses the incredible power generated by highly concentrated sunlight. Just 2 square meters of sunlight can melt steel. That was 3500 C - as in? centigrade, which is 6 332 F. Can even melt rock. (Thanks Marko for the headsup! - JWD) - Full Article Source


11/28/10 - The Promise of Fusion: Energy Miracle or Mirage?


The U.S. has invested billions of dollars trying to create a controlled form of nuclear fusion that could be the energy source for an endless supply of electricity. The world’s largest and highest-energy laser focuses the intense energy of 192 separate laser beams into an even more intense single beam aimed at a BB-sized target filled with hydrogen fuel, with the goal of creating a tiny star by replicating the process that powers the sun and similar celestial bodies. T his controlled form of fusion theoretically could tap into the boundless energy that binds the universe together, creating intense heat and driving huge generators that could supply enough power to run the entire world’s e lectricity grid in perpetuity.

Controlled fusion would produce no greenhouse gases, would not require hazardous nuclear fuel, would produce shorter-lived and less hazardous waste than nuclear reactors, and would pose no danger of a runaway reaction, because fusion reactions are hard to start and quickly halt after running out of fuel.

Sound too good to be true? Well, so far it has been.

The massive energy gain from controlled fusion is a prize that scientists have sought for decades. Yet to date, no laboratory has successfully pulled off a controlled, small-scale fusion react ion in which the...(get this!);

"energy created by the reaction
exceeded the energy needed to generate the reaction."

(Why, wouldn't that be FREE ENERGY, the very same thing
we alt science researchers are looking for and for which
we are constantly lambasted at every turn by the uninformed?

Despite what the uninformed think, We never claimed 'energy from nothing',
we claim CONVERSION OF ENERGY just as the 'fusioneers' are trying to do,
but we use MANY different methods. See Primer for Skeptics and Attackers - JWD)

But researchers at the National Ignition Facility — part of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories — insist they are making progress toward this elusive goal.

(All that money thrown into the same kind of dream so many free energy experimenters what makes these spendthrift idealistic fusion bozos who have FAILED FOR DECADES and wasted BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, more sure of their fantastic claims than we are of the possibilities from our experiments?

This is what ticks me off about investors and engineers who say what alternative science researchers look for don't have a chance of coming up with anything that will produce free energy, gravity control, etc..

Investors WAKE UP and Smell the Coffee!
KeelyNet +$20,000,000,000,000.00
and counting
for FAILED Fusion Research

versus a few $10,000,000-$100,000,000
based on Alternative Science

Remember most of the great, useful and profitable inventions came from lone inventors working on their own and with limited funds, not BILLIONS. Take just a fraction of that money and FUND maverick ideas and projects. It only takes ONE to work. Wha t makes more sense, billions for one idealistic chance or millions for MANY CHANCES...Think about it. A prime example and WHY we WOULD do it! - JWD)
- Full Article Source

And with regard to technology LIKE FUSION that ALSO DOESN'T WORK, Lewis Black on Airport Security - Skip to about 11:30....the point here is they have so much technolog y that just DOESN'T WORK but still they waste our MONEY and our TIME to put us through it. Machines in airports don't work. We must spend our money to build equipment that WORKS. Metal Detector, nope, check you again. The Wand, nope. Now we have t o Pat You down. Just pat us down in the FIRST PLACE and stop wasting our time and all that wasted MONEY with faulty technology. (Same with FUSION! It DOESN'T WORK so shut it down and direct resources to other projects that might work out better. Just t hink of the odds 1 or 1000 in your favor, which is better? So FUND Alternative Science Research and Experiments!)


11/28/10 - Russia cleans up space with orbital pod
Russia has announced its intention to spend nearly $2 billion on a space clean-up programme which will remove debris that is orbiting the earth. The programme, which will be launched by Energia, the Rocket and Space Corporation of Russia, will see 60 bill ion rubles ($1.9 billion) spent on building and launching an orbital pod which will sweep up broken pieces from satellites and other junk that is circling the earth. The pod will take up to ten years to construct, with a test date expected between 2020 an d 2023. It will then take ten years to clean up a large section of the debris, some of which numbers as many as 600 defunct satellites. The pod will be nuclear-powered, with a life expectancy of around 15 years, giving it plenty of time to clean up some o f the other items we launched into space and just left there. They might even find Eutelsat's W3B satellite, which they lost after launch last month. Energia is also working on a “space interceptor” to destroy dangerous objects heading towards earth, such as comets and meteors. - Full Article Source


11/28/10 - Topical Gel that can reverse sudden hearing loss
KeelyNet In early middle age, tens of thousands of people experience an inexplicable, rapid hearing loss in one ear. Now doctors have discovered a simple topical gel that, when applied to the ear, restores hearing in over half their patients. The rapid onset of de afness in one ear is often part of a condition called "sudden sensorineural hearing loss" (SSHL for short). Though there are treatments already that work for some people, others have been unable to recover their hearing. That's where insulin-like growth f actor 1, a growth hormone, comes into play. Doctors in Japan discovered that a gel infused with this growth factor could be applied to the deaf ears of people suffering SSHL - and after 12 weeks, 56% of patients showed marked improvement in their hearing. There were no adverse side-effects. This gel is still in the testing phases, but could be on the market in a few years. / In total, 25 patients received the test treatment at a median of 23 days (range 15-32) after the onset of SSHL, between 2007 and 200 9. At 12 weeks after the test treatment, 48% (95% CI 28% to 69%; P = 0.086) of patients showed hearing improvement, and the proportion increased to 56% (95% CI 35% to 76%; P = 0.015) at 24 weeks. No serious adverse events were observed. - Full Article Source


11/28/10 - Electro-rocket to open up Mars, the Belt, Jovian moons


According to the Ad Astra Rocket Company, building the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR), the firm's VX-200 prototype engine has just completed its latest round of trials with flying colours. “Many of the flight applications at the h eart of our business model – orbital debris removal, satellite servicing, cargo flights to the Moon and Mars, and ejecting fast probes to the outer solar system – have required that the propulsion system achieve 60 per cent system efficiency," explains Ad Astra's Dr Tim Glover. "DC electrical power has to be converted to radiofrequency (RF) power, which is then absorbed by the plasma. The fraction of the RF power that is converted to thrust is called the “thruster efficiency”. Now we have demonstrated in the lab the 70 per cent thruster efficiency we need to achieve the 60 per cent end-to-end system efficiency, at the required exhaust speed," adds the doc. The VASIMR works by flinging reaction mass out of its exhaust, in a similar fashion to conventional chemical rockets used today. The difference is that the VASIMR blasts the gas out hugely more violently, hurling out its argon reaction mass as plasma hot as the interior of the Sun and moving at no less than 50 kilometres per second. This means that a VA SIMR plasma drive gets a lot more poke from a given mass of propellant than a relatively feeble chemical rocket possibly can, and thus that a VASIMR spacecraft can be accelerated to hugely greater velocities while still carrying decent amounts of payload. As an example, a practical VASIMR ship would be able to carry astronauts to Mars in just 39 days: a chemically-powered vessel, compelled to coast most of the way, would take six months. The downsides of VASIMR are twofold. Firstly it requires a plentiful supply of electricity to convert argon into plasma and expel it with such terrific violence. Secondly the drive can handle only a relatively limited amount of power and fuel flow for a given mass of engine. While hugely efficient in terms of the results it gets for a given amount of fuel, a VASIMR able to lift itself off the ground is not feasible - the present small-car sized test engine can produce a maximum thrust of just 5.7 Newtons, barely enough to support half a kilogramme against Earth's gravity. - Full Article Source


11/28/10 - Phoning ET
KeelyNet Until recently, SETI has been uncontroversial. What could be more wholesome than answering the question of whether humans are alone in the universe? Where things have become difficult is over whether or not researchers should be allowed to send signals in to space pre-emptively, in order to attract the attention of any alien listeners who might be out there. This is called active SETI, or METI, where the “M” stands for messaging. Attempts to draft a second SETI protocol to deal with this foundered several years ago, and the chairman and two members of the IAA’s committee resigned. The acrimony was aired on October 4th at a meeting organised by the Royal Society at Chicheley Hall, in Britain. Those opposed to METI argue that broadcasting signals into spa ce announcing the location of Earth is tantamount to ringing a dinner gong for any carnivorous, colonising or anti-social aliens who might be listening. Although Earth would be a rather long way to go for lunch, the argument is that the decision to ta ke such a risk is not one for a handful of scientists. - Full Article Source


11/28/10 - Is this the most realistic CGI you've ever seen?
At first glance, the minute-long commercial for Silestone kitchen worktops looks like slick, well-timed slow-motion footage of fruit falling in a shiny kitchen. It's only when the peppers and pears smash like glass on the counter that it becomes clear the se are not real fruit. Alex Roman, the graphic designer who created the ad, dismisses suspicions that the shots aren't pure computer-generated imagery: "Yep, it's all CG. I tried to put some live-footage shots but I ran out of time so CGI did the trick." Although computer imagery is now common in blockbuster films – it was used, for example, to create the fantasy world of Pandora that was the setting of Avatar – it is usually created by large teams using special, often bespoke equipment. Roman, however, u sed off-the-shelf software and worked with just one assistant to produce the advert – and did it in a mere 10 weeks. Last year he also gained internet acclaim for his realistic, entirely computer-generated film Third and Seventh. Kneale believes what make s Roman so good is "sheer, raw, talent". For instance, he uses tricks such as reducing the depth of focus to draw attention to certain details, which also reduces the need to carefully reproduce every last blemish on each piece of fruit in view. Whereas m ost studios would need a team of people to accomplish such a project, Roman is "a master of all disciplines", Kneale says. "Normally for that kind of quality you would need a team 10 times that size." Sofronis Efstathiou from the National Centre for Compu ter Animation in Bournemouth, UK, however, is not convinced. Although the work is impressive, he says it's more to do with computer power than any new skills. "It's obvious we can do quite photo-real CGI shots and no one can tell the difference. That's be en around for three or four years now." Kneale and Efstathiou agree on one thing, however – squeezing this level of realism from off-the-shelf software is impressive. For example, Roman used the popular Adobe Premiere package for editing the video and a s pecial piece of rendering software – a favourite of architecture firms – to create the lighting. Kneale says that Roman's techniques could certainly be applied to feature films. So if the process is so quick and easy, could an artist like Roman use their skills to create a new breed of realistic, but entirely CGI movies? - Full Article Source


11/28/10 - Catch Liars by Redirecting Their Misdirection
Yes or No questions deserve "Yes" or "No" answers. When people choose not to answer "Yes" or "No," they go to the Land of Is. The Land of Is occupies the space between truth and deception. This murky area contains a labyrinth of half-truths, excuses, and suppositions. First, if you want to detect a liar you should ask them a yes or no question. Second, if the person answering the question doesn't respond with a yes or no answer and instead tries to misdirect, remind them of what you asked. Whether they ch oose to lie or not, you'll probably know either way. - Full Article Source


11/28/10 - Practice Eye Contact to Generate "Reality Distortion Field" Charisma
KeelyNet Some people, like Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs, have undeniable charisma that even their most ardent detractors are forced to acknowledge. Master the art of eye contact and personal space management to create your own "Reality Distortion Field" level charisma. So what constitutes what Ellsberg calls "Reality Distortion Field" charisma? A mastery of eye contact, personal space management, and maintaining a sense of presence and attention when addressing your audience. How do you get those things? You practice. Ellsberg highlights how to practice making solid eye contact:

While you walk down the sidewalk (during daylight hours!) look at the eyes of every person walking towards you long enough to see their eye color. Less than a second. Then look away. This is the best technique I know for building solid eye contact skills quickly. In my experience, if the eye contact is brief enough, no one minds at all, and you get tons of practice in.

You can also practice longer eye contact with waiters, salesclerks, cashiers, and other paid service staff, so long as you do it respectfully and in a friendly way.

In all cases, keep a neutral facial expression and soft gaze. You don't want anyone to think you're trying to stare them down, rob them, or get them into the sack. If you practice all this for a week or two as you go about your daily business, the quality of your eye contact will become better than most people's, in a short amount of time.

Check out the full article for tips on personal space management and how to practice being present and engaged with your speaker. The article also includes an interesting analysis of how you can succeed and fail with RDF techniques using the Bush/Clinton Town Hall debate from October of 1992 as a model. - Full Article Source

ITEM #10

11/28/10 - Photocatalytic Air Decontaminators to Appear
Russian engineers have developed a device for photocatalytic air decontamination and purification and planned to start its mass production in 2011. New device was designed to replace outdated air sterilizers, such as bactericide ultraviolet air recirculat ion devices, installed in various prevention and treatment facilities. New air decontaminator is expected to eliminate up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and mold fungi spores and to clean up to ((% of dust, aerosols and various chemical substances. The d evice will cost about 25 thousand rubles (about $900). - Full Article Source

ITEM #11

11/28/10 - Spanish Woman Claims Ownership Of The Sun
KeelyNet A Spanish woman says she now owns the sun after she filed papers with lawyers at her home at Vigo Galicia in Spain. Angela Duran, 41, said: “International law forbids anyone to claim a planet, but nobody ever said anything about stars and the sun is a sta r. “I checked and found that despite all the people buying stars no-one had purchesed the Sun in our solar system and, as it was free, I decided to take it… My lawyer laughed when I filed my claim but he checked with the officials that register such thing s and discovered it was possible. “I now have a certificate that says I am the owner of the sun, described as a star of spectral type G2, located in the centre of the solar system, located at an average distance from earth of about 149,600,000 miles …’.” “I am trying to have it recognised internationally. Then I plan to make a tax for solar power users.” She added: “I will use 50 per cent for a sun state budget, 20 per cent for solar pensioners, another 20 per cent for research and health and 10 per cent to end hunger on earth.” - Full Article Source

ITEM #12

11/28/10 - About Airline Security

All security measures are justified relative to the direct terrorist damage they might prevent. The plane that would come down, the bomb that would go off. But anyone who's ever thought about terrorist movements realizes that the real damage is indirect - - it's the fear they induce, the (over) reaction they provoke, the costs they impose as a society tries to guard against repetition.

Every society accepts some risks as part of its overall social contract. People die when they drive cars, they die when they drink, they die from crime, they die when planes go down, they die on bikes. The only way to eliminate the risks would be to elimi nate the activities -- no driving, no drinking, no weapons of any kind, no planes or bikes.

Ultimately, it comes down to politics:

Yet when it comes to dealing with terrorism, politicians know that they will not be judged on the basis of an "acceptable level of risk." They know that they can't even use that term when discussing the issue. And they know for certain that if -- when -- a plane blows up with Americans aboard, then cable news, their political opponents, Congressional investigators, and everyone else will hunt down any person who ever said that any security measure should be relaxed.

This is the political tragedy of "security theater." In reality, we do accept a greater-than-zero risk of death from terrorist attack. Otherwise, we'd never fly -- or would strip everyone nude before boarding, do cavity searches, and carry no cargo. But politicians can't come out and say that any risk is acceptable. Nor can they take the risk themselves of saying that security-theater rituals should be dropped, because of the risk of being blamed when the next attack occurs. Thus security-theater is a ratchet. You can add it, but you can't take it away. - Full Article Source

ITEM #13

11/28/10 - Pieter Hoff: Teach plants to grow in arid places
KeelyNet Inventor Pieter Hoff retired from the lily and tulip export business in 2003 to develop a product that he thinks can help save mankind as the world's population soars: a contraption called the Groasis Waterboxx, a plant incubator that doesn't need irrigat ing and which could help make fertile again the 70% of the world's arid and semi-arid lands whose productivity has been hit by deforestation and overfarming. What, in the simplest terms, is the Groasis Waterboxx? It is a bucket with a cover with two holes in it to catch rainwater and produce and catch water from condensation, and in the centre opening you can plant saplings or sow seeds. Once it's captured, the water functions as a means of keeping the temperature low below the box and the centre opening creates a nice micro-climate. A wick drips about 50cc of water to the plant every day, which is enough for it not to die, but not enough for it to grow properly. In this way, the plant is challenged to develop its taproots to find water itself. In other w ords, it allows plants to survive and grow in tricky circumstances without using any electricity or groundwater. The box can be reused for around 10 years, so you can plant 10 or so plants with it. - Full Article Source

ITEM #14

11/28/10 - 'Magic water' maker targets NHS superbugs
A SMALL firm in the Borders is hoping to solve the problems of Scotland's dirty hospital wards with its "magic water" product, designed to kill hard-to-beat bugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile. Duns-based Aqualution is in talks with Aberdeen Unive rsity School of Medicine to test its invention - which uses electrodialysed salt water - for effectiveness in wound cleaning and healing. The process for creating hypochlorous acid, a solution that naturally occurs in the human body and a by-product of mi xing chlorine and water, has been known since the 1970s. It was first developed as part of the Russian space programme. But until recently, the solution has proved unstable and couldn't be stored. Aqualution believes it has developed a process whereby the resulting product is stable and can be sold in spray bottles and barrels. Steve Godber, the chairman of Aqualution, said: "The product is usually generated in situ for use in industrial cleaning, for food and drink plants. We have managed to get it with a shelf-life of about two years. That transforms it to something that you can use packaged where and when you need it." - Full Article Source

ITEM #15

11/28/10 - What happens when you light steel wool on fire?
"Experiments" like this are really just about feeding your inner 10-year-old's desire to set things on fire and gawk at the results. I know it. You know it. But that knowledge doesn't make the inferno any less entertaining. And if we have to justify thing s by adding in a brief discussion about the interaction of oxygen and iron, so be it. (This would be a great special effect! Reminds me of the creature from the ID in 'Forbidden Planet'. - JWD) - Full Article Source

ITEM #16

11/28/10 - The Troll School of Retail
David Segal has a fascinating and infuriating profile of an online retailer who says he deliberately antagonizes customers because their angry online reviews are part of his search engine optimization strategy. Welcome to the Troll School of Retail, makin g more money with each disgruntled consumer.. - Full Article Source

ITEM #17

11/28/10 - BillShrink
We were shocked to learn that the average Windows Mobile cell phone user pays $205.33 a month. The average Android phone user pays $196.94 per month. The average Blackberry user pays $194.35 and the average iPhone user pays $164.91. So cell phone users ar e paying $2,000 or more a year for phone service. is a site for comparing rates. For us, it suggested cell phone plans starting at just $500 a year. Since this was considerably more than the $120 a year we were already paying, however, we weren’t impressed. Of course our low cost phone TracFone doesn’t have a camera, can’t send or receive email or surf the web, but it does have a calendar, games, a calculator and an alarm clock . And if you want, you can keep your old phone number and have it transferred to the TracFone. - Full Article Source

ITEM #18

11/28/10 - Carbonated drinks: Be careful
Carbonated drinks...immediate relief from thirst. Or a death trap? Medical research is frightening when it isn't hidden. Carbonated (gas) drinks...the link with gout, osteop orosis, diabetes, dehydration, cancer? Gout...increased risk for women, specially, when they drink soft beverages rich in fructose...Osteoporosis, caused by the carbonic and phosphoric acid in the carbonated drinks. How? CO2. Carbonation irritates the st omach, which reacts by finding calcium from the blood as an antacid and the blood turns to the bones to replenish its calcium. Result? Brittle bones. Diabetes? Carbonated drinks are ultra-high in sugar...and when ingested in high quantities, it sends sign als to the pancreas, which sends massive quantities of insulin into the system to prevent nerve damage, reducing in turn testosterone levels which affect the calcium levels in the bones. Cancer? Carbonated beverages cause acid reflux, damaging tissues in vulnerable areas, such as the oesophagus. These lesions can become cancerous. Healthy systems need to be alkaline 7.365...but carbonated drinks register at 2.8. This is 100,000 times more acidic than water. Salt in carbonated beverages reduces the amount of water in cells. 75% of American citizens are chronically dehydrated. Sugar in carbonated drinks increases hunger, leading to binge eating. Soda drinks provoke an insulin response from the pancreas. Diabetes. Increased sugar, obesity. - Full Article Source

ITEM #19

11/28/10 - Hong Kong Team Stores 90GB of Data In 1g of Bacteria
"A research team out of the Chinese University of Hong Kong has found a way to do data encryption and storage with bacteria. The project is called 'Bioencryption,' and their presentation (as a PDF file) is here." - Full Article Source

ITEM #20

11/28/10 - Thought-Controlled Apps On Android May Not Be Far
"A small PC device company wants to bring thought-controlled apps to the Android market. Mind Technologies (once known by the cute name of Jedi Mind) has promised to make it so. Mind Technologies makes PC devices (a game controller and mouse) that work wi th the strange-but-true Emotiv headset. Emotiv uses brain waves to operate machines. Although it sounds far fetched, electroencephalogram (EEG) controllers do work, but the products on the market so far are not as easy to use, let alone master, as their m akers claim." - Full Article Source

ITEM #21

11/28/10 - 3D printed gifts
KeelyNet Shapeways, the 3D print-on-demand shop, has his and hers holiday gift guides sporting a wide variety of 3D printed desiderata in polymers and metals, like these Klein bottles from Bathsheba. # Shapeways is a fun, inspiring place where you make your own de signs come to life. # Our Co-Creators allow you to personalize existing designs to your liking, alternatively use our Creator. # Rather upload your own designs? Shapeways 3D printing service will turn them into real objects. # Keep your products for yours elf, give them away as a gift or even sell them in the Shapeways Shops. - Full Article Source

ITEM #22

11/28/10 - The Sensible Body Scan Alternative
A CNN article that looks at airport security from more reasonable point of view, suggesting that looking for every last micro-gram of potentially explosive material is a waste of time, since very small quantities of explosives are unlikely to significantl y damage a plane. The author also recommends incorporating parts of the Israeli method of securing airplanes — look for the bomber, not the tools. Quoting: "Clearly everything should be done to prevent explosives getting on board an aircraft in quantities sufficient to cause structural failure and bring the plane down. But is it worth chasing lesser quantities that would result in zero or minimal damage? The enhanced pat-down that some find so offensive is designed to search for these small amounts. It of ten ends with a swab being taken to test for explosive residues. Technology does have a role to play, but imaging is not the solution. Operator fatigue sets in after short periods of time staring at computer images. That's why there are reports that contr aband items have been smuggled through X-ray units used to scan carry-on bags. The aim should be to detect high explosive in quantities that are sufficient to cause significant damage. We don't need a machine that takes pictures of the human body. It make s more sense to develop a detector that clearly discriminates between high explosives and human tissue or water." - Full Article Source

ITEM #23

11/28/10 - Analyzing Fortune Cookies
KeelyNet Though many enjoy the experience of opening ‘Fortune Cookies’ in a Chinese restaurant, some have asked “How Chinese are they?” In particular, Jing Yin and Yoshitaka Miike of the Department of Communication, at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hilo, Hawa ii. The two researchers examined the “Chineseness” of 595 fortune cookie sayings, using the definition of a fortune cookie from The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (1995) ‘‘A Chinese biscuit that contains a piece of paper that says what will ha ppen to you in the future.’’ Textual Analysis of the fortune cookie discourse confirmed that the messages broke down into four broad categories:

* Prophecy: e.g. “You’ll be invited to a royal dancing party and meet your first lover.”
* Compliments: e.g. “You have the ability to excel in untried areas.”
* Advice: e.g. “Yes, do it with confidence.”
* Wisdom: e.g. “No man is rich enough to buy back his past.”
- Full Article Source

ITEM #24

11/28/10 - German Scientists Create Bose-Einstein Condensate Using Photons
"A team of physicists, led by the University of Bonn's Martin Weitz, have managed to create a Bose-Einstein condensate (here's a more detailed explanation) out of photons, previously thought to be impossible. The research was published in the journal Natu re (abstract, and the arXiv has the submitted paper as a PDF) and has possible applications on solar energy technology and shortwave lasers, which would be well-suited to the manufacture of computer chips as the process uses lasers to etch logic circuits onto semiconductor materials. Seems like Moore's law is safe again!" - Full Article Source

ITEM #25

11/28/10 - Diamond Seller says Consider before you Bail on Marriage


Reportedly, this extraordinary ranty plaque hangs over a urinal at an unnamed jeweler's specializing in diamond engagement rings; it reads like a cross between Trainspotting and Fight Club, and, if genuine, is a remarkable piece of retail psychology. I wo nder if it works? - Full Article Source

ITEM #26

11/28/10 - Should This Be the Last Generation?
Have you ever thought about whether to have a child? If so, what factors entered into your decision? Was it whether having children would be good for you, your partner and others close to the possible child, such as children you may already have, or perha ps your parents? For most people contemplating reproduction, those are the dominant questions. Some may also think about the desirability of adding to the strain that the nearly seven billion people already here are putting on our planet’s environment. Bu t very few ask whether coming into existence is a good thing for the child itself. Most of those who consider that question probably do so because they have some reason to fear that the child’s life would be especially difficult — for example, if they hav e a family history of a devastating illness, physical or mental, that cannot yet be detected prenatally. - Full Article Source

ITEM #27

11/28/10 - How To Track Your Vehicle on the Cheap


LoJack schmojack. You don't need some spendy radio transponder to keep tabs on that new Escalade. Uplinking your wheels to the great eye in the sky without breaking the bank is easier than you think. Standalone GPS and radio triangulation units can cost h undreds. And that's not counting the installation and (frequently hefty) activation and monthly fees associated with whatever service you do choose. For most of us, it's overkill. The good news is that if you happen to have a GPS-equipped phone lying arou nd, you can rig your own vehicle tracking system for virtually nothing. Here's how it's done:... See? It's not that hard. And now that you've saved as much as a grand by not springing for that Lo-Jack, go ahead and use the extra cash for something truly w orthwhile, like, say, some nice 20-inch spinners. - Full Article Source

ITEM #28

11/28/10 - Who Will Win Control of the Web?
"Control of the web is up for grabs. Each of the big three computing companies – Microsoft, Apple and Google – has its own radically different vision to promote, as does the world's biggest creative software company, Adobe. And HTML itself is changing, to o. This article examines the case for each of the contenders in the war of the web and, with the help of industry experts, assesses which – if any – is most likely to emerge as victor." - Full Article Source

ITEM #29

11/25/10 - A generator that will not use Fuel
KeelyNet Olajumoke Adebayo and Eniola Adewale exhibited their invention at the Pan-African Women Inventors & Innovators Network Symposium, Expo & Awards at the ECOWAS Commission in Abuja to lots of applause from the audience. The students are both in Senior Secondary School III and members of the Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists, JETS, Club. Since necessity is the mother of invention, it is not difficult to imagine how the students came by the idea that a generator of that genre was needed in Nigeria, where electricity is epileptic and many industries have been shut due to poor electricity supply. It does not emit any toxin and poses no threat to health. In other words, the invention will contribute to a healthier environment at a time the damage from generator fumes, among other sources, is a major global concern. Olajumoke and Eniola are coordinators of the JETS Club through which they conceived the idea.

“We used magnetic flux to generate electricity which the conventional magnet cannot. It consists of a shaft fixed with eight neodymium magnets which rotates when an initial current is passed through the field coils. The electricity is then passed from the copper coil to a step-up transformer which steps up the power voltage from 32 volts to 200 volts to power the output of the generator,” they said.

JETS Club allows young people to think, analyse and work on scientific research. It was based on their scientific knowledge that they started working on making a generator that will not use fuel. They are optimistic that cheaper versions of their work can be produced for domestic and industrial use. Both students intend pursuing an engineering career. For starts, they are working on a bigger generator that can power the whole school. “This is just a prototype to showcase our endowments and potentials,” they said.

The generator is from locally made step-up transformer, capacitors with total capacity 400,000 uf, neodymium magnets, copper wires transistors battery, oscillators, bulbs and other materials.

Mr. Lawal Olaide, the school’s JETS coordinator, said the challenges of high cost of fuelling generators, unemployment resulting from poor electricity supply and the ambition of the students accounted for the feat. “The main objective of this project is to produce a generator that can produce cheap and sustainable electric power to solve the problem of power supply permanently in the country, adding that it is also of great importance as it does not emit any waste (toxic) products as with conventional generators,” he said. Minister of Information and Communication, Professor Dora Akunyili, and Mrs. Josephine Anenih, Minister for Women Affairs, commended the students and asked other young people to emulate them.

Our main concern is that this invention will not get the type of attention that we think a project of this significance should get from governments, research institutions, and commercial organisations. Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, and its numerous agencies, has for years failed to harness the research results of brilliant Nigerians, who believe they can make a difference in a country that is stuck with in the past. No youth will emulate them if their invention ends up on the shelf or sealed in one file in the shelf of one irrelevant government agency. It is government’s turn to emulate the duo by using the invention. Nigerians need it, even if governments can do without it. - Full Article Source

ITEM #30

11/25/10 - Invasion through Belief
KeelyNet A fascinating idea from the new Outer Limits in an episode entitled, 'Revival'. Season 6 - Episode - 16 - Runtime 44:24 - Original Air Date: 21 July 2000. - Ezra Burnham and his daughter Sarah are old hands at the business of faith healing. Ezra, a preacher who lost his faith when his wife died, is the front man, the one who lays his hands on the deaf and lame. But Sarah is the key to the act, working backstage and communicating with Ezra through a tiny earphone about the plants she's scattered through the audience. It's all going well until one day a strange young man in a wheelchair approaches Ezra near the end of a revival meeting. Luke is not a plant, but when Ezra lays his hands on him, he not only rises from his wheelchair, his white Bible glows and he begins to float six inches off the ground. After the meeting, Luke and his mother Serna approach Ezra with a proposition.

Watch around 35:30 as Luke the alien masquerades as a human preacher and explains how invasion will come, not through war, but through believers... Luke (Peter Stebbings) and his mother Serena (Margot Kidder) approach evangelist Ezra (Gary Busey) with a proposition. If Ezra will teach Luke the secret of the revival circuit, Luke will continue to work his mysterious magic at Ezra's side. But Luke and Serena are no ordinary true believers. They are aliens who can devour a human being in seconds and who have come to colonize Earth, using religion as a tool. Ezra enters Lukes' trailer and finds the white bible. Flipping through it he notices one corner of the inside binding is peeled back. When he pulls it down, he finds an alien electronic circuit glowing and pulsing. That is when he realizes Luke and Serena are not from the planet Earth.

Later Luke confirms this and explains why they chose Earth.

It is a perfect blueprint for invasion since so many feel the need to believe in technical effects as signs and proofs of god and magic, thereby inviting control and domination. - "Blind faith can lead us toward the light... or plunge us into eternal darkness."

Luke: Or did you think I was truly divine, touched by the almighty himself?

Ezra: And whats your routine, smite thy enemies with the sword of righteousness? Thats about hatred.

Luke: It's about the new message. It's about empowering people and giving them what they really want. Someone to blame for their lot in life. A way out.

Ezra: No one is going to follow you.

Luke: Really...

Ezra: Really...

Luke: I don't want to seem unappreciative, in fact I'll even let you come along for the ride as long as you behave yourself. But don't think you're still in control.

Ezra: You are a product from the devil.

Luke: Haha, well, well, a believer after all, sorry Ezra, I'm not the devil.

Ezra: Yes you are.

Luke: Just a pilgrim, the first of many that will follow, we could never hope to enslave you using force, despite the trickery we are as frail as you are, but we are looking for a new home with a simple, impressionable race and I certainly found one here. You see, human beings love their freedom, but throw a little god into it and they're willing to do almost anything. It took your religion a thousand years to take over a continent. It will take mine much less.

Ezra: You're wrong. The people will find out what you are and thats a false prophet, they won't follow you.

Luke: I wouldn't be so sure...people want to be told what to think, they want something to believe in and someone to blame it on, I'm all of that.

(What if the religions of the world are clever psychological plants by aliens/invaders designed to infect the majority of populations and make it easier for a '2nd coming'? Where the believers will bow down as slaves because they choose to follow century old myths and legends. Instead of moving on and growing, they engage in ancient wars and vendettas whose end result is death and destruction of so many innocents?

And through the techniques of proselytizing, evangelizing, threats of death, castigation or expulsion from the mass of believers, others are forced to join, suffer (on many levels) or die. Not to mention the child abuse of forcing a child to believe what the parents believe.

These so-called 'holy' books, believed in their entirety, are nothing more than viral mental diseases designed to create perpetual discord and destruction in the weak minded for the sole purpose of preventing mankind from truly establishing a peaceful world where everyone lives a safe, productive, complete life without fear of retribution or war.

This is all very similar to the psychological tricks being used on us with the paranoid threat of terrorism at every turn in order to inflict increasing control of all aspects of our lives while enriching those behind it. The so-called terrorists must be loving all the discord the inflamed fears of them are producing, they are winning without lifting a finger, only because we fail to recognize how we are all being manipulated. - Relevant parts of the video were transcribed by me. - JWD) - Full Article Source

ITEM #31

11/25/10 - Free Firefox Download Helper Extension
KeelyNet The easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites. This works also for audio and picture galleries. DownloadHelper is a tool for web content extraction. Its purpose is to capture video and image files from many sites. Just surf the Web as you are used to, when DownloadHelper detects it can do something fo r you, the icon gets animated and a menu allows you to download files by simply clicking an item. For instance, if you go to a YouTube page, you'll be able to download the video directly on your file system. It also works with MySpace, Google videos, Dail yMotion, Porkolt, iFilm, DreamHost and others. Since version 3.1, you can setup the extension to automatically convert the downloaded movies to your preferred video format. When you are on a page containing links to images or movies, you can download some or all of them at once. Moving the mouse over the items in the menu will highlights the links directly in the page to make sure they are the ones you want to pick up. DownloadHelper also allows you to download files one by one, so that you keep bandwidth to surf for other stuff to download. - Full Article Source

ITEM #32

11/25/10 - Pills to keep you Warm (Nov, 1957)
A pill that may increase resistance to cold is being tested at the Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory near Fairbanks, Alaska. The pill contains glycine, an amino-acid that causes the body to generate more heat than it can otherwise produce. It is hoped the pil l might enable men to stay alive longer in icy water, and hasten the warming of a man who has been chilled to a critical point of exposure. At the laboratory, operated by the Air Force at Ladd Air Force Base, volunteers are taking the pills with no eviden ce of ill effect. If the tests are successful the pills could be included in survival kits. Glycine also may make possible a technique of heart surgery in which the heart can be chilled to the point where it stops for an hour or more without suffering dam age. According to scientists working at the Air Force laboratory, the heart suffers “ventricular fibrillation” when its temperature is lowered to about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a loss of rhythmic beat, which causes death. Hence, in heart surgery, th e organ can be chilled only enough to stop its beating for six or eight minutes. Glycine in the bloodstream may enable the heart to be chilled past this critical temperature. Extensive research has been carried out at the laboratory with Negroes, Eskimos, and whites to find out why some ethnic groups seem more resistant to cold than others. Among Negroes who agreed to act as subjects in the experiments, basal metabolism—that is, their rate of energy production—fell more rapidly than it did in white men. S imilar studies of Eskimos produced no evidence that their bodies were better equipped for the cold than those of white men. The Eskimos’ ability to endure extremely low temperatures seems based on acquired skills and excellently adapted clothing and diet. - Full Article Source

ITEM #33

11/25/10 - Old Tires Rolled Into Lump Make Odorless Fuel (Jan, 1932)

- Full Article Source

ITEM #34

11/25/10 - A light on at night can put you in a dark mood
Sleeping with the light on could leave you feeling low the next day, scientists have warned. They say that a night-light – however dim – may affect the structure of the brain, raising the odds of depression. In the latest study, presented at an American c onference, researchers from Ohio State University looked at the effect of exposing rodents to dim light in the eight hours or so they would usually be asleep. At the equivalent of having a television on in a darkened room, the lamp used was not bright, bu t it was enough to affect the animals’ behaviour, the Society for Neuroscience’s annual conference heard. One depression test measured how much sugared water the creatures drank, with a lack of interest in the sweet treat signalling a change in mood. Over all, those exposed to the dim light at night showed more symptoms of depression compared with the hamsters in the standard light-dark cycle. Further tests showed differences in the structure of a brain region called the hippocampus. Researcher Tracy Bedro sian said: ‘The hippocampus plays a key role in depressive disorders, so finding changes there is significant. ‘Even dim light at night is sufficient to provoke depressive behaviour.’ - Full Article Source

ITEM #35

11/25/10 - HIV pills already on sale are found to help PREVENT virus
KeelyNet A pill which prevents people from getting HIV has come a step closer after medication already available in pharmacies was shown to lessen the chances of infection. Scientists gave the pill, which is currently used to treat people who have contracted the v irus, to healthy gay and bisexual men during the three-year global trial. They discovered daily doses of the pill, Gilead Science's Truvada cut the risk of infection when given with condoms, counselling and other prevention services. The drug lowered the chances of infection by 44 per cent, and by 73 per cent or more among men who took their pills most faithfully. Researchers had feared the pills might give a false sense of security and make men less likely to use condoms or to limit their partners, but t he opposite happened - risky sex declined. Because Truvada is already on the market, the CDC is rushing to develop guidelines for doctors who want to use it to prevent HIV, and urged people to wait until those are ready. However, high prices of the pills which cost $5,000 to $14,000 a year in the United States could be prohibitive. They are sold for roughly $140 a year in some poor countries where they are produced in generic form. - Full Article Source

ITEM #36

11/25/10 - New Permanent Immigration Quota Imposed in the UK
Britain will impose a tough annual limit on the number of non-Europeans allowed to work in the U.K. and slash visas for overseas students as it seeks to dramatically reduce immigration, the government said Tuesday. “We can’t go on like this, we must tight en up our immigration system,” May told legislators as she announced details of the new rules. Public anxiety over immigration — and the burden on public services caused by new arrivals — was a key issue during the country’s national election, when then-l eader Gordon Brown was angrily challenged by an elderly voter over workers arriving from eastern Europe. As a member of the European Union, Britain must allow citizens of most other member states freedom to live and work in the U.K. May said those seeking a marriage visa will in the future need to prove they have a minimum standard of English. Her ministry will also develop plans to drastically reduce Britain’s foreign student population, likely allowing entry only to those working on college degrees, or more advanced qualifications. She told lawmakers there would be a more stringent regime to check the credentials of schools that offer visas to overseas students. Police and security officials have recently raised concerns over the education system being targeted by terrorists to gain permission to live in Britain. “By introducing a system that is more selective and more robust, the government is aiming to stamp out abuse while contin uing to attract the top students to our top universities,” she said. - Full Article Source

ITEM #37

11/25/10 - Why Gold makes the Perfect Money
KeelyNet The periodic table lists 118 different chemical elements. And yet, for thousands of years, humans have really, really liked one of them in particular: gold. Gold has been used as money for millennia, and its price has been going through the roof.

Why gold? Why not osmium, lithium, or ruthenium? So we’re down from 118 elements to 30, and we’ve come up with a list of three key requirements:

1. Not a gas.
2. Doesn’t corrode or burst into flames
3. Doesn’t kill you.

Now Sanat adds a new requirement: You want the thing you pick to be rare. This lets him cross off a lot of the boxes near the top of the table, because the elements clustered there tend to be more abundant. Silver has been widely used as money, of course. But its reactive — it tarnishes. That leaves platinum and gold, both of which can be found in rivers and streams. But if you were in the ancient world and wanted to make platinum coins, you would have needed some sort of magic furnace from the future. The melting point for platinum is over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Gold happens to melt at a much lower temperature, which made it much easier for pre-industrial people to work with. Today of course, we don't use gold as money; we use paper. It doesn't kill you, but it can be found in abundance and has an annoying tendency to burn when it comes into contact with a flame. In a future story, we’ll explain how we came to use paper money instead of gold. - Full Article Source

ITEM #38

11/25/10 - A challenge to homeopaths: how does one overdose?
You'll be shocked - shocked I tell you - to hear that I've noticed a bit of an inconsistency in homeopathic thinking. Well actually there are many, but one that's particularly worth mentioning is the disagreement over what exactly constitutes a dangerous overdose, because even if you believe in homeopathy, this should trouble you. In fact, it should trouble you especially if you believe in homeopathy. To try and make some sense of this, I thought I'd better go to some credible experts in the field. The Society of Homeopaths state on their website:

"... it is not possible to take an overdose of homeopathic medicine in the same way as in orthodox medicine (orthodox medicine works on a chemical level).

"Homeopathic medicines are not therefore intrinsically dangerous. Nonetheless, they are clearly capable of stimulating the body's reactive forces powerfully and should be treated with respect."

Wait... what?! You can't overdose... well not like medicine at least... it's not dangerous... but it's very powerful and you should treat it with respect. What happens if we don't treat it with respect? I have no idea. I have a horrible feeling they don't either. Meanwhile, some of those selling homeopathic remedies are apparently oblivious of these anal dangers. "You cannot overdose on homeopathic medicines," states Nutrimart, while BUPA confidently declare: "No, it isn't possible to overdose on homeopathic pills, at least not on those that are highly dilute." This is dangerous stuff. If some homeopaths are to be believed, BUPA patients across the nation are at risk from some serious bottom burn. Why are homeopaths not lined up outside BUPA clinics demanding the company act now to tackle the great arse fire menace? Of course it's not surprising that homeopaths have trouble with consistency. As Professor Kent Woods commented during last year's parliamentary evidence check, "the underlying theory [of homeopathy] does not really give rise to many testable hypotheses." In fact the underlying theory isn't even consistent with itself, and even 'fundamental' laws such as 'like cures like' are frequently stretched or ignored by practitioners. - Full Article Source

ITEM #39

11/25/10 - Method to erase traumatic memories may be on the horizon
"When a traumatic event occurs, it creates a fearful memory that can last a lifetime and have a debilitating effect on a person's life," says Richard L. Huganir, professor and chair of neuroscience in the Hopkins School of Medicine. He said his finding on the molecular process "raises the possibility of manipulating those mechanisms with drugs to enhance behavioral therapy for such conditions as post-traumatic stress disorder." "Erasing a memory and then everything bad built on that is an amazing idea, an d I can see all sorts of potential," she said. "But completely deleting a memory, assuming it's one memory, is a little scary. How do you remove a memory without removing a whole part of someone's life, and is it best to do that, considering that people g row and learn from their experiences." Past research already had shown that a specific form of behavior therapy seemed to erase painful memories. But relapse was possible because the memory wasn't necessarily gone. By looking at that process, Huganir and postdoctoral fellow Roger L. Clem discovered a "window of vulnerability" when unique receptor proteins are created. The proteins mediate signals traveling within the brain as painful memories are made. Because the proteins are unstable, they can be easily removed with drugs or behavior therapy during the window, ensuring the memory is eliminated. Researchers used mice to find the window, but believe the process would be the same in humans. - Full Article Source

ITEM #40

11/25/10 - No Great Shakes
KeelyNet Conventional wisdom says that the New Madrid Seismic Zone—which encompasses parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana—presents a major earthquake risk, this predicated on the fact that it produced at least three large earthqu akes in a space of three months in late 1811 and early 1812. Yet the zone, named after the town of New Madrid (pronounced “MAD-red”) in southeastern Missouri, is located within the North American plate (not at a plate boundary), and seems a relatively unl ikely candidate for producing a devastating quake. New geological ideas and data seem to confirm that the hazard is nowhere near as high as that of California, the part of the country to which New Madrid is sometimes compared. Nevertheless, scienti fic misconceptions, bureaucratic instincts, the media’s love of a good story, and predictions of doom have combined to reinforce New Madrid’s reputation as a potential apocalyptic disaster area. With the bicentennial of the New Madrid earthquakes fast app roaching, and countless anniversary events planned across the Midwest beginning early next year, heightened awareness of the earthquake risk in the region is inevitable. It also explains why Seth Stein—a professor of Geological Sciences with 35 years of e xperience studying earthquakes—chose this time to release “Disaster Deferred: How New Science is Changing Our View of Earthquake Hazards in the Midwest” (Columbia University Press), a book that concisely explains what we know (and don’t know) about the ha zard, and encourages the formulation of sensible policy that takes account of our newfound understanding. - Full Article Source

ITEM #41

11/25/10 - Nissan Says Its Electric Leaf Gets Equivalent of 99 M.P.G.
The federal government has rated the Nissan Leaf, the battery-powered car scheduled to go on sale next month in five states, as getting the fuel equivalent of 99 miles a gallon, Nissan said Monday. The Environmental Protection Agency, which tests vehicles for emissions and fuel efficiency, has determined Leaf’s official range to be 73 miles on a fully charged battery, much less than the 100 miles previously claimed by Nissan. Both figures will appear prominently on the Leaf’s window label, which shows the estimated yearly electricity cost as $561. The E.P.A. calculates annual fuel costs as $867 for the Toyota Prius hybrid and $1,669 for Chevrolet’s Malibu, which like the Leaf, is classified as a midsize car. - Full Article Source

ITEM #42

11/25/10 - Ridiculous exerciser becomes useful as a charger
KeelyNet [Scott Nietfeld] built a charger from a Dyna-flex wrist exerciser. We hadn’t heard of a these gyroscopic devices before but once we saw the promo video (embedded after the break) we realized that this is the kind of thing that infomercials were made to se ll. [Scott] knew the internals spun to fairly high RPM and figured that adding a few magnets on the inside and coils on the outside would turn this thing into a generator. Four rare-earth magnets fit the bill, with two external coils feeding a rectifier a nd linear regulator. Below you can see his demonstration video where he takes the orb apart, then spins it up, generating 250 mA at about 7.5 volts to drive the regulator and charge a cellphone. Not bad! - Full Article Source

ITEM #43

11/25/10 - Early Universe was a liquid
In an experiment to collide lead nuclei together at CERN's Large Hadron Collider physicists from the ALICE detector team including researchers from the University of Birmingham have discovered that the very early Universe was not only very hot and dense b ut behaved like a hot liquid. By accelerating and smashing together lead nuclei at the highest possible energies, the ALICE experiment has generated incredibly hot and dense sub-atomic fireballs, recreating the conditions that existed in the first few mic roseconds after the Big Bang. Scientists claim that these mini big bangs create temperatures of over ten trillion degrees. At these temperatures normal matter is expected to melt into an exotic, primordial ‘soup’ known as quark-gluon plasma. These first r esults from lead collisions have already ruled out a number of theoretical physics models, including ones predicting that the quark-gluon plasma created at these energies would behave like a gas. Although previous research in the USA at lower energies, in dicated that the hot fire balls produced in nuclei collisions behaved like a liquid, many expected the quark-gluon plasma to behave like a gas at these much higher energies. Scientists from the University of Birmingham’s School of Physics and Astronomy ar e playing a key role in this new phase of the LHC’s programme which comes after seven months of successfully colliding protons at high energies. Dr David Evans, from the University of Birmingham’s School of Physics and Astronomy, and UK lead investigator at ALICE experiment, said: “Although it is very early days we are already learning more about the early Universe.” He continues: “These first results would seem to suggest that the Universe would have behaved like a super-hot liquid immediately after the Big Bang.” The team has also discovered that more sub-atomic particles are produced in these head-on collisions than some theoretical models previously suggested. The fireballs resulting from the collision only lasts a short time, but when the ‘sou p’ cools down, the researchers are able to see thousands of particles radiating out from the fireball. It is in this debris that they are able to draw conclusions about the soup’s behaviour. - Full Article Source

ITEM #44

11/25/10 - Hacking together a bedbug exterminator
KeelyNet We’ve seen so many stories in the news about the growing plague of bedbugs. It kind of infuriates us because the spin of these “news” pieces is always that we’re going to have to live with these insects and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. Bullcorn ! [Ed Nisley] was dealt a bum hand in the form of a bedbug infestation but instead of losing his mind he used it to get himself out of the mess. One of the steps in the dis-insecting process was to develop a bedbug killing box that raises the contents abo ve the kill temperature for the pests. He built an insulated chamber, with a grate to raise the target material off the bottom and allow for heat exchange around all edges of the item. Light bulb combinations of 60, 100, and 120 Watts were tested along wi th a fan for air circulation. He graphed the results and plans to use what he learned to build a more efficient heater for the box. But the hot box isn’t his only defense. His household developed barriers, blocking the insects by height or with a sticky z one. Check out the collection of his bedbug posts and stop being afraid of these things! We can fight back and we can do it using common items and ingenuity. - Full Article Source

ITEM #45

11/25/10 - Happiness as a psychiatric disorder
It is proposed that happiness be classified as a psychiatric disorder and be included in future editions of the major diagnostic manuals under the new name: major affective disorder, pleasant type. In a review of the relevant literature it is shown that h appiness is statistically abnormal, consists of a discrete cluster of symptoms, is associated with a range of cognitive abnormalities, and probably reflects the abnormal functioning of the central nervous system. One possible objection to this proposal re mains – that happiness is not negatively valued. However, this objection is dismissed as scientifically irrelevant. - Full Article Source

ITEM #46

11/25/10 - New Uses for Old Plastic
KeelyNet Most people don’t think about the resources involved in plastic’s production, nor do they consider what happens when they discard plastic products. Yet as the importance of reducing landfill waste and promoting environmental consciousness increases, more companies are making innovative products out of this inexpensive and plentiful material, whether through recycling, downcycling, or upcycling. Such products include inflated solar concentrators; boats, including an ocean-worthy catamaran; clothing and tex tiles; and building materials such as high-performance lumber.Boats: David de Rothschild and the Adventure Ecology team approached Smarter Plan several years ago with the concept of building a 60-foot catamaran (the Plastiki) using 12,000 two-liter PET pl astic coke bottles. Smarter Plan engineers developed a system to produce the entire boat’s skeleton framework from self-reinforced PET material. Since departing from San Francisco on March 20, 2010, the boat has performed admirably and its progress is bei ng updated online with status on the voyage, photos and other missives from the crew. Textiles and Fabrics: Several companies are recycling and downcycling plastic into fabric products ranging from pullovers to purses. For instance, Foss Manufacturing has changed the way it produces its polyester fiber and fabrics by making textiles from recycled materials. Its Eco-fi product is a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. It takes 10 bottles to make 1 pound of fib er. Eco-fi fiber is used in textile products such as blankets, carpets, auto interiors and craft felt, and is sold to major retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Jo Anne’s Fabrics. - Full Article Source

ITEM #47

11/25/10 - Cedar Knolls N.J. inventor applying experience to new technology
Founded in 1968, JWDA has generated more than 40 patents and product licenses on behalf of clients including AT&T, C.R. Bard, Becton Dickenson, Fisher Price, Parker Brothers, Siemans and many more. Most sought after products: "Anything new in technology l ike applications for software, global positioning systems and wireless applied to all products," Wickstead said. His best inventions: The Black & Decker vegetable steamer; a patient-controlled analgesia device; a device to measure the chemistry of animals by analyzing their blood called the Vettest; and the PXL-2000 camcorder for Fisher-Price. Worst invention: A device that uses high-energy plasma to cure arthritis. "We are asked to implement somebody else's idea. Whether it sells, is something else," Wic kstead said. Inventor's traits: "Everybody is an inventor, but you need a massive amount of curiosity and look at things as to how they can be made better," Wickstead said. - Full Article Source

ITEM #48

11/25/10 - New Water Power Generator Floats on Stream Surface (Jan, 1930)

- Full Article Source

ITEM #49

11/25/10 - 2600 Magazine as DRM-free Kindle, PDF ebooks
We thought long and hard over the best way to jump into the whole digital publishing realm after releasing our first issue on the Kindle and Nook last month. We decided to stand up to the DRM proponents and create something that has no restrictions whatso ever - and see if we could sustain that solely through the support of people who are into the material. This is contrary to what everyone else in the publishing industry is telling us to do - so we figured it had to work. We've created a 300 page book com prised of the most recent full year of 2600. We're calling it The Hacker Digest, Volume 26. The Kindle version has all of the articles, columns, letters, etc. while the PDF version has all that plus some extra features, such as enhanced covers, full page payphone photos, and the like. This was no easy cut and paste job - we pretty much had a staff of people working day and night on these new versions for over a month, putting together a whole new layout and design. It's the most complete and recent journa l of hacking in existence - and not a single tree was harmed in its making. But now we find out if our idealism is enough to send a message to an industry that still doesn't seem to get it and wants to keep running things the old way. We maintain and hope that it's time for a change and that this is what people want and will ulti mately support - if given the chance. - Full Article Source

ITEM #50

11/25/10 - Defense Gun Hurls Balls of Fire (Apr, 1935)
KeelyNet A GUN which shoots eight streaking balls of fire in rapid succession is now being tested as a possible anti-aircraft gun to set fire to enemy planes during wartime. The gun is built on a “Roman Candle” principle, each ball being separately ignited from a battery as the trigger is pulled. A metal funnel on the end protects the operator from flying embers cast by the imperfect powder balls now being used.

Photo shows a police officer demonstrating the fire-ball gun. An electric battery ignites the powder when the trigger is pulled to send the fiery balls flaring through the sky. The funnel guards user from dangerous flying sparks. - Full Article Source

ITEM #51

11/25/10 - The Gentlest Courier Service
Popular Mechanics and National Instruments put national mail carriers to the test, concealing accelerometers inside packages to see what pressures the boxes were subjected to. USPS was gentlest, but USPS packages fly express via FedEx, so it's a little in conclusive. This is the finding that I'll remember: "Our package received more abuse when marked Fragile or This Side Up." - Full Article Source

ITEM #52

11/25/10 - Florida Tech students deploy energy device
KeelyNet A prototype of Lee Marcum's 8-foot-tall "Wing Wave" was placed in 40 feet of water, two miles northwest of Fort Pierce on Wednesday. The system, 6,000-pound wings and 1-ton generator, is the only one of its kind in American waters. It could provide renewa ble energy that spares oceanfront views. The unit is designed to harness energy from the motion of swell waves, about 30 to 60 feet deep. It converts elliptical motion of those waves into linear mechanical motion, to drive generators that could be linked by cable to onshore substations and the power grid. Florida Tech professor Stephen Wood and his engineering students developed the wings and ocean testing through funding from private investor, Tallahassee-based SebaiCMET. At this stage the "Wing Wave" wo n't be powering any homes, but the goal is for it to power 200 to 250 homes per unit. - Full Article Source

ITEM #53

11/25/10 - 1800 Free Course videos from Khan Academy
The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with the mission of providing a world-class education to anyone, anywhere. We are complementing Salman's ever-growing library with user-paced exercises--developed as an open source project--allowing the Khan Academy to become the free classroom for the World. - Full Article Source

ITEM #54

11/25/10 - Old Age Rejuvenator Centrifuge (Aug, 1935)


It is necessary only to overcome gravity and you overcome all that brings you down to earth. In describing trips to other planets, writers of science fiction have pictured the space travelers first crushed under intolerable weight during a few moments of ascent from the earth; then overwhelmed by a feeling of lightness, when all weight disappears. Indeed, there has been fear that too little gravity might have injurious effects on our bodies, unaccustomed to such a weightless condition; and that it would be as necessary to supply artificial gravity in a space ship as it would be to supply artificial air. However, no one seems to doubt that on the moon, or on Mars, freedom from the weariness of earthly weight would be pleasant. No fears of weightlessness are expressed in a recent proposal to the medical profession of a treatment to remedy the ravages of advancing years, by the whirling-disc system which our artist has illustrated:

“It would seem,” says the Medical Times, “as though we have not taken sufficient-if any-account in our study of mechanical factors having influence upon senile (old-age) phenomena, of the force of gravity. The weight of the blood thrown by the heart into the first reaches of the vascular (blood-vessel) tubulature must be taken into account, along with friction and the ramification of the vascular tree, in the estimation of wear and tear. So, too, there is the pull-back or weight of the blood, in the vessels of the extremities, which course away from the center of the earth which draws all things to it.

“Do not the aging carry around an ‘increasing’ weight? Is not the resistance to gravity of their moving bodies discernible in every step taken? Think of the internal pullings on our weakening machinery as we age. The supporting beams grow weaker; the weight of what they have to support gets ‘greater’; the arches of the feet do not ‘fall,’ they are pulled to the ground; the jaw sags; the mouth droops; the old man bows and bends; he is pulled toward the earth; his very eyelids, like window shades toward evening, are drawn down, and at long last he is literally pulled into his grave.

“Old age, then, is in part a gradual succumbing to the force of gravity. Should we not take this great fact into mathematical account in our study of the mechanics of the circulation, of body strains, and of cardiovascular disease? “What shall the prophylaxis (prevention) and therapy (treatment) be? How can the effects of this force be mitigated? Lying down relieves the daytime direction of fatiguing pull in the case of the well or slightly ill; but something more than this is needed by the badly-damaged.

We suggest periods of centrifugalization. An individual in special need of treatment might rest at night upon a large revolving disc with his head toward the outer rim; the disc should be so beveled as to carry the head at a lower level than the feet; optimum (best) speed to be determined by laboratory experimentation. Such a disc might be large enough to carry ten or twenty patients. This mechanism would facilitate the functions which during the day are inhibited by gravity. Incidentally, certain cardiac (heart) and vascular disabilities might be especially helped. The decompensated heart, with edematous (swollen) and varicose extremities, might respond well.”

It is the principle of the centrifuge, as illustrated, that it forces objects outward with a pressure which may be made (in certain small, high-speed scientific instruments) thousands of times that of gravity. However, no such pressure could be endured by human beings; but a gentle speed, a little faster perhaps than that of the merry-go-round familiar at amusement parks, would quite reverse the pressure of gravity on the body. It might be added that, to avoid undue pressure on the blood vessels of the brain, it might be well to raise this organ slightly above the level of the body (thus forming a component with gravity to neutralize both) rather than lower it, as suggested by the physician. - Full Article Source

ITEM #55

11/25/10 - The cadmium curse of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola is withdrawing 22,000 collectible glasses from the US market. The paint, which the world's larges producer of soft drinks used for its glasses, contained toxic cadmium. The concentration of the cancerous substance is very insignificant; it does not pose any danger to consumers, company officials claim. The press release from the company said that the drinking glasses were being recalled due to quality issues, rather than health hazards. The story with cadmium, paint and glasses occurred to the w orld's largest fast food chain McDonald's in June of this year. The company recalled over 13 million drinking glasses with images of Shrek cartoon characters on them. Cadmium is a known carcinogen that can damage bones and kidneys, especially in young chi ldren and if it accumulates over time. Cadmium sulphide is used in the production of paint (the yellow color) and in photography. The metal is highly toxic and has an ability to accumulate in the body. Cadmium deteriorates liver, kidneys and the heart mus cle. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists cadmium as the seventh most hazardous element. The entire lists counts 275 toxic substances. It is generally believed that drinking Coca-Cola is not very good to your health. The ingredients of C oca-Cola Light - Agua carbonatada, E150d, E952, E950, E951, E338, ?330, ?romas, ?211 - can be considered safe healthwise only with certain restrictions. This drink has only two absolutely safe ingredients: carbonated water and E330 (citric acid). Coca-Col a deals with product quality complaints on a regular basis. Most often, it occurs with so-called regional drinks, produced under Coca-Cola license in different countries of the world. - Full Article Source

ITEM #56

11/25/10 - Pumpkin Pie increases Male Sex Drive
KeelyNet Dr. Alan Hirsch, Director of Chicago's Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Center, says the key to a man's heart, and other parts, is pumpkin pie. Out of the 40 odors tested in Hirsch's study, a mixture of lavender and pumpkin pie got the biggest rise out of men ages 18 to 64. That particular fragrance was found to increase penile blood flow by an average of 40%. "Maybe the odors acted to reduce anxiety. By reducing anxiety, it acted to remove inhibitions," said Hirsch. / Pumpkin pie was the single str ongest stimulant. "Maybe the odors acted to reduce anxiety. By reducing anxiety, it acted to remove inhibitions," said Hirsch. However, eating part of the pumpkin usually discarded when making pie could offer even greater sexual health benefits for men. " The most important element of the pumpkin are the seeds themselves," said Palm Beach Gardens Alternative medicine expert Dr. Ralph Monserrat. He often recommends patients with erectile dysfunction eat pumpkin seeds. "Pumpkin seeds are very rich in zinc. That, in itself, is very valuable in individuals who have prostate enlargement...because they are very rich in zinc, there will be an increase in testosterone and that increase will also increase the sexual desire," said Monserrat. Pumpkin pie isn't the only Thanksgiving favorite that arouses a man. The same study showed that older men showed a strong response to vanilla. If your partner enjoys sex on a regular basis, allow him to pull the strawberry-rhubarb pie out of the oven. Men with the most satisf ying sex lives responded strongly to strawberry. "Every odor we tested aroused the participants," said Hirsch. However, not all of them created strong responses. Therefore, you may want to keep your man away from the cranberry sauce. The aroma of cranber ry offered the smallest increase in blood flow, only two percent. There is some good news, Hirsch said: "Nothing turns a man off." - Full Article Source

ITEM #57

11/25/10 - Spine Implant Helps Paralyzed People Exercise
"British engineers have created the first muscle-stimulating microchip small enough that several can be implanted in a person's spinal canal. In addition to providing enough stimulation to, say, let users pedal a stationary bicycle, they could also be use d for things like stimulating bladder muscles to help overcome incontinence. Their breakthrough is that the devices package everything into one tiny unit. Lasers cut tiny electrodes from platinum foil, which are then folded into a 3D shape that looks like the pages of a book. These pages, in turn, wrap around the nerve roots." - Full Article Source

ITEM #58

11/25/10 - One Giant Cargo Ship Pollutes As Much As 50M Cars
KeelyNet "One giant container ship pollutes the air as much as 50 million cars. Which means that just 15 of the huge ships emit as much as today's entire global 'car park' of roughly 750 million vehicles. Among the bad stuff: sulfur, soot, and other particulate ma tter that embeds itself in human lungs to cause a variety of cardiopulmonary illnesses. Since the mid-1970s, developed countries have imposed increasingly stringent regulations on auto emissions. In three decades, precise electronic engine controls, new h igh-pressure injectors, and sophisticated catalytic converters have cut emissions of nitrous oxides, carbon dioxides, and hydrocarbons by more than 98 percent. New regulations will further reduce these already minute limits. But ships today are where cars were in 1965: utterly uncontrolled, free to emit whatever they like." According to Wikipedia, 57 giant container ships (rated from 9,200 to 15,200 twenty-foot equivalent units) are plying the world's oceans. - Full Article Source

ITEM #59

11/25/10 - Chicago Using Coyotes To Fight Rodents
Brad Block, a supervisor for the Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control says a coyote recently spotted downtown is part of a program designed to monitor the rodent population. "The animal has the run of the Loop to help deal with rats and mice," He said no one has called today to complain. “He’s not a threat. He’s not going to pick up your children,” Block said. “His job is to deal with all of the nuisance problems, like mice, rats and rabbits.” - Full Article Source

ITEM #60

11/22/10 - How the 'Tech Worker Visa' Is Remaking IT In America
KeelyNet "Back in 2008, the Department of Homeland Security enacted a controversial 'emergency' rule to allow foreign students earning tech-related degrees in the US to work for American employers for 29 months after graduation without a work visa. The program wou ld allow US companies to recruit and retain the 'best' science and tech students educated at the top US universities, explained Microsoft. But two-and-a-half years later, it turns out the top US universities are getting schooled by less-renowned instituti ons. Computerworld reports the DHS program is dominated by little-known, for-profit Stratford University, whose 727 approved requests for post-graduate Optional Practical Training (OPT) STEM extensions tops all schools and is more than twice the combined total of the entire Ivy League — Brown (26), Columbia (105), Cornell (90), Dartmouth (18), Harvard (27), Princeton (16), Penn (50), and Yale (9). In second place, with 533 approved requests, is the University of Bridgeport. In another twist, the program's employers include IT outsourcing and offshoring 'body shops' like Kelly Services, whose entities snagged about 50 approvals, more than twice the combined total of tech stalwarts Google (15), (2), Yahoo (2), and Facebook (3)." - Full Article Source

ITEM #61

11/22/10 - Navy’s Super-Laser Hunts for Cosmic Energy Secret
KeelyNet Oliver K. Baker is a 51 year-old Yale particle physicist. Every few months, he leaves tweedy New Haven for the Jefferson Lab in Newport News, Virginia, where he powers up the Navy’s Free Electron Laser, a laser the size of a schoolbus that uses supercharged electron streams to generate photons in one of a multitude of wavelengths. He fires the resultant beam of light into a tube containing a vacuum — all in the hope of finding trace elements of so-called “dark energy,” the stuff God uses to heat His celestial home. Dark energy is purely theoretical, for the time being: no one’s actually discovered it. But physicists figure that since the universe is accelerating as it expands outward from its Big Bang origins, something must be powering that expansion.

Finding the cosmic energy source is a proposition that intrigues the Navy, considering how epochal its discovery and harnessing would be for humanity. “If proven correctly through quantum mechanics,” explains Quentin Saulter, the Office of Naval Research’s program manager for the Free Electron Laser, dark energy “would comprise the majority of the energy in our universe. The majority of energy in our universe. And we don’t use it.”

Find dark energy, figure out how to make it an applicable power source, and humanity enters a new era. Hydrocarbons become irrelevant against a theoretically unlimited power supply. And that’s just the start: imagine sending emails to the furthest reaches of space. Theoretically, “dark matter particles can go through entire planets with no degradation, so we could communicate through suns, planets and stars,” Baker says. “They have all kinds of applications if we could prove their existence. Energy is just one of them.”

“If we can understand [dark energy] and control it and use it to our benefits, we can see things like fossil fuels going away, new types of communications,” Saulter says. “If we can change dark energy… back into regular energy, now you’re talking about Star Trek-like ‘Beam me up, Scotty’-type stuff.” (Notice not dark 'matter' but dark 'ENERGY'...they are catching up with some of us but they have so much farther to go, I think I have it worked out! Aether/zpe/dark energy...yeah thats the ticket...So NEED FUNDING to show the way and change the world! Thanks to Bert Pool for the headsup! - JWD) - Full Article Source

ITEM #62

11/22/10 - The Math doesn’t back it up…
KeelyNet Science does not have all the answers. No one does. Math is NOT REALITY. Projections are NOT REALITY. Sure, you can get an idea as long as the effect you are studying follows linear behavior but it is an entirely other universe when you get into Non-Linear phenomena. It is something I see a lot…investors are being advised by engineers who use math to disprove the possibility of any disruptive, novel technology from working based on their calculations assuming linear processes.

They don’t understand that many of these devices don’t rely solely on linear mathematics and predictable behavior…they rely on NON-LINEAR behavior which can’t be predicted though you can get some idea. As a result, no one lifts a finger to actually try to (support or) build it because the math doesn’t support it.

Well, DUH…you have to build it and rebuild it as necessary until you hit on that special geometry and effect that goes beyond understood physics. Once you get that, DON’T SCREW WITH IT. Don’t try to take it apart or tweak anything. Use it as a MODEL to build another one that works the same and with that one you can analyze and tweak and even scale up.

So the engineering calculations don’t back up the claim, they tell the investors no chance in hell this will ever work, so the investors walk away and the technology is never developed. They simply don’t realize that alternative science is about cutting edge, new effects that are so often grounded, indeed DEPENDENT on NON-LINEAR PHENOMENA that simply isn’t known or mapped out…yet….

Types of nonlinear behaviors;

* Indeterminism – the behavior of a system cannot be predicted.
* Multistability – alternating between two or more exclusive states.
* Aperiodic oscillations – functions that do not repeat values after some period (otherwise known as chaotic oscillations or chaos).

“Nonlinear problems are of interest to engineers, physicists and mathematicians because most physical systems are inherently nonlinear in nature. Nonlinear equations are difficult to solve and give rise to interesting phenomena such as chaos. The weather is famously chaotic, where simple changes in one part of the system produce complex effects throughout.”

A good example of non-linearity is chaos and sensitive dependency on initial values (the butterfly effect) that is closely associated to it: as time goes forward the nonlinearity amplifies the possible small differences in initial values and as a consequence one cannot predict the system’s behaviour that far in the future.

Nonlinearity can also have the opposite effect by creating coherence. As an example we have the soliton waves in shallow water (with tsunami as a catastrophic special case). Thus in solitons the nonlinearity aims to preserve structures, in stark contrast to chaos.

I know or have heard about several guys who built a machine or circuit that did something that was impossible according to formal science....and the rest at the link... - Full Article Source

ITEM #63

11/22/10 - The Day Before Disclosure
Are we standing at the threshold of the most shocking paradigm-shift ever? Is the “greatest story in human history” about to be revealed? This is one of the comprehensive documentaries ever producd on the on the UFO and ET presence, - and the secrecy surr ounding this issue. What do we know by now, – and what do we know about why we should not know? The film is presenting the UFO-history and some of the best documented cases from both the European and the American continents. Eyewitneses and many of todays most renowned UFO-researchers present their testimonials and views. The implications of Disclosure and the anticipated impact on society is discussed. The film also presents the alien abduction phenomenon, and issues surrounding it. Starring; Steven Gree r, Stephen Bassett, Richard Dolan, Edgar Mitchell, Robert Dean, Peter Robbins, Paola Harris, Michael Salla, Stanton Freidmann, Robert Hastings, Linda Moulton Howe, Jim Marrs, David Jacobs, Barbara Lamb, Nadine Lalich, Budd Hopkins, Miriam Delicado, Joel G arbon, Wendelle Stevens, Milton Torres, Nick Pope, Roger Leir, A.J. Geveard, Jamie Maussan and many more. The film is presented and narrated by Terje Toftenes. Produced by Terje Toftenes, Ragnhild Løken and Truls Toftenes... - Full Article Source

ITEM #64

11/22/10 - Excellent Free UltraSurf program to view blocked channels
KeelyNet Founded by a group of successful entrepreneurs, renowned scientists and engineers in Silicon Valley who dedicated to providing technologies and service for people to exchange information on Internet freely and safely, UltraReach is the first company with a mission that offers Internet technology and service immune to the national Internet censorship in China. Internet anti-censorship technology was thought of as "mission impossible" two years ago. We started thorough R&D on other existing technologies as well as from end users' perspective. While other existing technologies were developed for user's privacy and anonymity on Internet, we solved the connection and reconnection problem, which is the key issue for user to access web site without being blocked . Through the web portal users inside the censored zones can surf any public web sites in the free world. It naturally becomes a precious window for users inside China to look out for world news and other web contents that are blocked. The UltraReach.Net attracts thousands of users in China with daily news stories, featured articles and links from world media, governmental and non-governmental organizations, different groups and individual sites. The outstanding performance of our service has made UltraRe ach Internet well known among the users who seek the Internet freedom in the censored country, and at the meantime attracted heavy attacks from Chinese Internet police. The GIFT system has survived various assaults including DNS hijacking, IP blocking, DO S attacking etc. We've taken the threats from the censor as opportunities to continuously improve the performance and reliability of our technology. In fact, the GIFT system has been mature enough for reliable service and it depends on the financial resou rce to expand its user base. - Full Article Source

ITEM #65

11/22/10 - Oregon Senator Stops Internet Censorship Bill
KeelyNet "Senator Wyden of Oregon has objected to a bill in committee that if passed would have given the government the ability to censor the Internet. His objection effectively stops its current passing, forcing it to be introduced again if the bill is to continue — which it may not. Oregonians, please send this man pats on the back." - Full Article Source

Like Democracy, the Web Needs To Be Defended - "The Web evolved into a powerful, ubiquitous tool because it was built on egalitarian principles and because thousands of individuals, universities and companies have worked, both independently and together as part of the World Wide Web Consortium, to expand its capabilities based on those principles.

The Web as we know it, however, is being threatened in different ways. Some of its most successful inhabitants have begun to chip away at its principles. Large social-networking sites are walling off information posted by their users from the rest of the Web. Wireless Internet providers are being tempted to slow traffic to sites with which they have not made deals. Governments — totalitarian and democratic alike — are monitoring people's online habits, endangering important human rights. If we, the Web's users, allow these and other trends to proceed unchecked, the Web could be broken into fragmented islands. We could lose the freedom to connect with whichever Web sites we want."

ITEM #66

11/22/10 - Airplane to Run on hydrogen from Air (Dec, 1929)


Flying at a height of 25 to 30 miles, an airplane being planned by Professor Rondine, of the Department of Aeronautics at Leningrad University, Russia, is to take the hydrogen which exists at these altitudes and use it for fuel! Professor Rondine proposes to equip his plane with a compressor to catch the thin hydrogen laden air and condense it to a point where it becomes a good fuel. - Full Article Source

ITEM #67

11/22/10 - How Microwaves Move Inside Your Microwave
Microwaves are absorbed by wires creating current in the wires which can drive a neon lamp like this guy I drilled a grid into a piece of plastic and slipped in the bulbs, leaving the wires to hang out like antennas. As the plate turns, the bulbs go into and out of places where the microwave energy is denser, illuminating the bulbs. No, it doesn't seem to hurt the microwave. You can find out more about how to make this by going to Edits: I do seem to suggest that microwaves are only absorbed* by things that conduct electricity. That's not true, of course. The changing electromagnetic field of the microwaves will oscillate anything that has a charge or is polar. I was trying to point out that microwaves can move electrons in wires. Even slightly salty water does seem to heat faster in my poorly controlled experiments, though. "Absorbed" isn't quite the correct term, I know. Oh, and kids, don't try this at home without your parent's permission. Many things do not like going into a microwave and will catch fire or spark or both. Your parents will be mad, and the fire department will be annoyed as well. - Full Article Source

ITEM #68

11/22/10 - Forget TSA pat-downs: Drive a flying car!
Steve Saint envisioned the need for vehicles that could go where traditional cars and airplanes could not, to serve the needs of people in some of the earth's most remote locations. "This machine was designed to go places no other single vehicle has ever gone," Steve Saint writes in an article detailing the Maverick's first flight, "drive highway speeds on highways, transform automatically into an ATV when the roads are primitive and rough, float when the bridge is out or the river has flooded its banks a nd inundated the roads – and fly when it is impractical to drive or float. … One small leap for man, a giant step for mankind living beyond roads." Steve Saint says the Maverick – which can do 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds on the ground, is certified by the Fe deral Aviation Association for flights up to 10,000 feet in altitude and can even be equipped with pontoons to traverse water – can be used for border patrol, search-and-rescue operations or even flying to dodge the traffic on your way "to Wal-Mart." But the primary purpose, he says, "is in places where there are no doctors, there are no nurses, there's no hospital." His eventual plan is to sell the Maverick in the commercial market in order to, in turn, make it affordable for humanitarian and missions op erations. Saint drove the Maverick from Dunnellon, Fla., to Oshkosh, Wis. – a trip of roughly 1,400 miles – to demonstrate the practical use of the car not just in the air, but also on the highway. - Full Article Source

ITEM #69

11/22/10 - Viewers pull plug on US cable television
Cable television subscribers are wising up, tired of endless commercials and rising cable tv prices. In response, those with internet service simply cancel cable to watch all their video on the net. I did it and saved $50 a month plus I can pick and choos e what I want. Granted their are commercials and annoyances, plus I have to track down my preferred shows but it is so far better than cable with their smug attitude thinking we have no other option other than satellite or antenna. I bought a $50 mini-wir eless 2.4ghz keyboard so I can control the computer from up to 300 METERS and a $50 VGA to TV box that lets me watch computer video on the it! This will become the wave as people who have high speed access tire of all the BS associated with cabl e. - JWD - Full Article Source

ITEM #70

11/22/10 - Electrostatic Levitation
KeelyNet Today I was eating lunch at my favorite outdoor cafe. An older guy and I were talking about various things when one of the new extranjeros (immigrants) sat down to join us. I had been telling my friend about how Simon Magus bested Jesus with his flight ar ound Rome and how that history has been removed or changed by the Catholic Church to favor the Jesus myth. This new guy who had sat down said he once worked in a sheetrock/drywall/gypsum board manufacturing plant in Caledonia, New York that has long since gone out of business. He said he was hired to help take the fired sheets out of the kiln and that when they came out, they cooled rapidly and his immediate boss told him don’t lift, press down and don’t question why, you will see. This guy tells me these sheets floated in the air above the other stacked sheets. He said they had to push them down onto the other sheets and once down, the charge dissipated and they lost the antigravity effect. Even I was incredulous and thought he was pulling my leg, but he swore that was true, they did float in the air and he said the polarity changed each time but I’m not really clear on that part since he has no electronics or science background and they didn’t have a meter to show the energy level let alone polarity... - Full Article Source

ITEM #71

11/22/10 - A tiny zap to improve memory?
KeelyNet Scientists at Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania have hit on an intriguing remedy: a weak dose of electricity to the head. The amount of current is just 1.5 milliamperes, barely enough to provoke a faint tingling on the scalp, yet it see med to work in a study, published this month in the journal Neuropsychologia. Young adults were markedly better at recalling the names of semifamous people while receiving the small doses of electricity, prompting the researchers to launch a new study of older people. The technique is called transcranial direct current stimulation, and it is being studied as a treatment for a range of ills, among them depression, attention-deficit disorder, and stroke. At Penn, scientists are planning to try the technique this fall on stroke patients with aphasia - a brain disorder marked by a reduced ability to speak. A companion technology, transcranial magnetic stimulation, is FDA-approved to treat depression, though the effects are modest. the amount of current used i n transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is so small that some scientists were initially skeptical that it would be useful, said James Stinear, a neurophysiologist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Stinear, who is studying the use of tDC S to help stroke patients regain use of their limbs, said hundreds of studies had now found the technique to have potential for brain-related ills. "I think the skeptics have now been pretty much put to rest by some good studies," Stinear said, adding tha t much work needs to be done to understand just what is happening. The way this mild stimulation seems to work is by making neurons more likely to fire, said Temple psychologist Ingrid Olson, senior author of the name-recall study. No adverse effects have been found. "It kind of makes them more ready to act," she said of the neurons. In Olson's study, the electric current was delivered via the scalp to the brain's anterior temporal lobes, which are located just in front of the ears. People were sho wn dozens of photographs of famous and semifamous people while being subjected to three conditions: current to the right side, to the left side, and a "sham" condition in which the power was turned off. The stimulation had no apparent impact on overall ac curacy, likely because many of the celebrities were instantly recognizable, so there was no room for improvement, Olson said. But when the scientists analyzed those celebrities who took people more than five seconds to identify, the stimulation did seem t o make a difference. When receiving current to the right side of the head, the subjects were correct 38 percent of the time - up from 27 percent accuracy in the sham condition. The researchers think the effect was seen on the right side because the right anterior temporal lobe plays a role in processing information about people's identities. The 15 research subjects were ages 19 to 37, and some of them could apparently use a refresher course in current events. The 1.5 milliamperes were delivered to the scalp via pads soaked in saline solution. The amount of electricity is less than one-tenth of the current flowing through the earbuds on an iPod, said Richard A. Di Dio, who teaches physics at La Salle University and did not take part in the s tudy.. The effect of the stimulation was short-lived. So Olson, somewhat in jest, imagined a special hat outfitted with memory-stimulating electrodes. More likely, she said, the technology might be used someday by applying current while the person is lear ning new information - in order to make it stick. She intends to study that possibility. Meanwhile, scientists elsewhere have found this type of stimulation can temporarily boost memory in patients with Alzheimer's. - Full Article Source

ITEM #72

11/22/10 - Stonehenge builders 'used bearings to move stone slabs into position'
KeelyNet Neolithic engineers may have used ball bearings in the construction of Stonehenge, it was claimed today. The same technique that allows vehicles and machinery to run smoothly today could have been used to transport the monument's massive standing stones m ore than 4,000 years ago, according to a new theory. Scientists showed how balls placed in grooved wooden tracks would have allowed the easy movement of stones weighing many tons. Attempts to re-enact transporting the blocks on wooden rollers or floating them on the sea have not proved convincing. Experts hit on the new idea after examining mysterious stone balls found near Stonehenge-like monuments in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. About the size of a cricket ball, they are precisely fashioned to be within a m illimetre of the same size. This suggests they were meant to be used together in some way rather than individually. To test the theory, researchers from the University of Exeter constructed a model in which wooden balls were inserted into grooves dug out of timber planks. When heavy concrete slabs were placed on a platform above the balls, held in position by more grooved tracks, they could be moved with ease. - Full Article Source

ITEM #73

11/22/10 - Your Shoulder Blades Tell How Old You’ll Be (May, 1938)

- Full Article Source

ITEM #74

11/22/10 - Epilepsy’s Big, Fat Miracle
Sam has epilepsy, and the food he eats is 90% fat. The diet tricks his body into a starvation state in which it burns fat, and not carbs, for fuel. For reasons that are still unclear this process has an antiepileptic effect... - Full Article Source

ITEM #75

11/22/10 - Bed in Magnetic Field Gives Sound Sleep (Nov, 1931)


ACTING on the theory, deduced from extensive experiments, that human beings sleep most soundly when they lie parallel with the magnetic lines of force which encircle the earth from north to south, a German scientist has devised a special bed which permits a sleeper to get maximum benefits from the earth’s magnetism. For rooms where a bed would look awkward with its head toward the north and its foot toward the south, an ingenious turntable is employed. Each night before retiring time, the bed is turned to lie north and south by means of a crank which operates the turntable through a system of gears. Magnetic. lines of force through the sleeper’s body tend to bestow good health. Bed is turned to normal position in morning. - Full Article Source

ITEM #76

11/22/10 - WiFi Makes Trees Sick
City trees are becoming sick from wireless radiation from local area networks and mobile phones. Radiation from Wi-Fi networks is harmful to trees, causing significant variations in growth, as well as bleeding and fissures in the bark, according to a rece nt study in the Netherlands. Radiation from Wi-Fi networks is harmful to trees, causing significant variations in growth, as well as bleeding and fissures in the bark, according to a recent study in the Netherlands. - Full Article Source

ITEM #77

11/22/10 - “Glamour Bonnet” Provides Vacuum to Aid Complexion (Mar, 1941)
KeelyNet Some persons believe a mud pack is the answer to the search for a beautiful complexion, others think massage will do the trick, but Mrs. D. M. Ackerman, of Hollywood, Calif., has decided that reduced air pressure is a good treatment. So she has devised a “glamour bonnet” like a diver’s helmet with which the atmospheric pressure around the beauty seeker’s head can be lowered. The effect is similar to what a person feels who climbs a high mountain or flies high in a plane, and Mrs. Ackerman claims that the reduced pressure stimulates blood circulation and thus aids the complexion to attain its natural beauty. A window has been installed so the customers can read during treatments. - Full Article Source

ITEM #78

11/22/10 - Hot Wax Mask – Non-Surgical Facelift
KeelyNet The hot wax mask technique is the invention of celebrity facialist Emma Hardie. The mash is painted on the skin and then is kept under infrared light to get warm after an hours of massaging. The massage is done with moisturising oils, to stimulate the skin. The skin deep kneading technique gets the skin softer and plumper. Then the hot wax mash is put on. This mask absorbs the moisturising oils, soothes the skin and relaxes the facial muscles, thus ensuring a glowing and vibrant skin. The hot wax massage ensures a wrinkle free skin, which will make your skin look younger. The hot wax mask treatment costs 160 pounds, is the quickest route to a non-surgical facelift and promises "instant and no ticeable results after one session.” - Full Article Source

We test the 'fingertip' facelift - When Emma massages the points on the face it enables the underlying muscles in that area to contract, tightening the appearance of the skin. It also helps to increase circulation, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin. This in turn increases cell renewal which gives a more youthful appearance. She also uses a skin care range called MD Formulations. It contains a substance called glycolic acid, which has a profound effect on the structure of the skin. We tested 'The Lift' on three women with an age range from 25 to 51. In six weeks a noticeable improvement was visible in each.

ITEM #79

11/22/10 - Drug Said to Cause Clairvoyance (Apr, 1932)
A SOUTH AMERICAN plant called Yage is believed by natives to have the magical property of enabling the drinker to see great distances or through obstacles. Before the drinker falls asleep everything seems to be filled with hazy bluish rings. As the stupor deepens the sleeper sees vivid visions of things or people known to be somewhere else. This is the reason the drug is supposed to cause clairvoyance. - Full Article Source

Yagé Experiences - The existence of a hallucinatory drink made from the South American tropical forest ayahuasca or yagé vine (Banisteriopsis) was perhaps first reported to the Western world by the Ecuadorian geographer, Villavicencio. He observed (1858: 372-73):

KeelyNet "... this beverage is narcotic, as one might suppose, and in a few moments it begins to produce the most rare phenomena. Its action appears to excite the nervous system; all the senses liven up and all faculties awaken; they feel vertigo and spinning in the head, then a sensation of being lifted into the air and beginning an aerial journey; the possessed begins in the first moments to see the most delicious apparitions, in conformity with his ideas and knowledge: the savages [apparently the Zaparo of eastern Ecuador] say that they see gorgeous lakes, forests covered with fruit, the prettiest birds who communicate to them the nicest and the most favorable things they want to hear, and other beautiful things relating to their savage life. When this instant passes they begin to see terrible horrors out to devour them, their first flight ceases and they descend to earth to combat the terrors who communicate to them all adversities and misfortunes awaiting them."

As for myself I can say for a fact that when I've taken ayahuasca I've experienced dizziness, then an aerial journey in which I recall perceiving the most gorgeous views, great cities, lofty towers, beautiful parks, and other extremely attractive objects; then I imagined myself to be alone in a forest and assaulted by a number of terrible beings from which I defended myself; thereafter I had the strong sensation of sleep...

ITEM #80

11/22/10 - Hourglass traffic light design
KeelyNet The Sand Glass is a new look at traffic lights. Surely people must be frustrated with the current design, which is why we have seen THREE DIFFERENT DESIGNS recently. Make this the fourth dimension using the sand-hour-glass as its model. LED lights trickle down to make an obvious statement, regarding the time left for the lights to change. Easy and intuitive. - Full Article Source

ITEM #81

11/22/10 - TSA, Body Scanners, Rights Denied - Follow the Money!
The CEO of one of the two companies licensed to sell full body scanners to the TSA accompanied President Barack Obama to India earlier this month, a clear sign of the deep ties between Washington politicians and the companies pushing to have body scanners installed at all US airports. Deepak Chopra, chairman and CEO of OSI Systems and no relation to the New Age spiritualist, was one of a number of CEOs who traveled with the president on his three-day trip to India, which focused primarily on expanding bus iness ties between the US and the emerging Asian power. "I am honored to be selected to play a role in this very important cause," Chopra said in a statement ahead of the trip. "Currently the trade between US and India is only one tenth of the amount of t rade between US and China. There is substantial opportunity to improve the trade relations with India for mutual economic gain." Chopra's company manufactures the Rapiscan brand of body scanners, currently being deployed across US airports. He joined the CEOs of such companies as GE, PepsiCo and United Technologies on the trip. That a manufacturer of body scanners accompanied the US president on a foreign trip shows the extent of the ties between the industry and the US government. With anger growing at t he intrusive news screening procedures, many observers have focused attention on Michael Chertoff, the former Homeland Security secretary whose consultancy, the Chertoff Group, counts OSI as a client. The original orders for body scanners were made in 200 5, during the Bush administration when Chertoff was still head of Homeland Security. Chertoff stepped up his lobbying for body scanners late last year after the attempted Christmas Day bombing. - Full Article Source

ITEM #82

11/22/10 - Science News Hour at PBS
KeelyNet PBS NewsHour just launched “PBS NewsHour Science” – the latest news in science, engineering and technology. We read about deaf dolphins, ancient volcanoes and an infant black hole. The site is mostly text but has some videos . We liked the photos of tiny things multiplied hundreds of times. / We'll be featuring the reports from our science correspondent, Miles O'Brien, along with online extras for each piece: blog posts from Miles, extended interviews from the field and more reports and interviews on space, energy and the environment from our online/on-air correspondent, Hari Sreenivasan. But that's not all. We'll have more science features and breaking news. Once a week, a science expert will answer your -- and our-- questio ns in a feature called "Just Ask." Also weekly, we'll be posting a list of the science stories we're reading. And we'll have lesson plans for teachers and a rotating feed of our favorite science folks on Twitter. Be sure to follow us on our very own Twitt er feed: @newshoursci.Features include:

* Breaking news stories
* Energy/Environment Corner
* Just Ask – a weekly Science Q&A
* Podcasts: download or subscribe to podcasts of all broadcast and online reports.
* Editor’s Choice: NewsHour editors select and feature the best reports and videos.
* NewsHour Extra: Links to lesson plans and student reporting.
* Twitter Feed: the Top 25 Science twitter feeds. - Full Article Source

ITEM #83

11/22/10 - US May Disable All Car Phones, Says Trans. Secretary
"The US government may require cars to include scrambling tech that would disable mobile-phone use by drivers, and perhaps passengers. 'I think it will be done,' US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said on Wednesday morning. 'I think the technology is there and I think you're going to see the technology become adaptable in automobiles to disable these cell phones.' LaHood is on a self-described 'rampage' against distracted driving, and if making it impossible to use a mobile phone while in a car can save lives, he's all for it." - Full Article Source

ITEM #84

11/22/10 - Kerosene Radio (Jun, 1956)
KeelyNet Made in Moscow for use in rural areas, this all-wave radio is reportedly powered by the kerosene lamp hanging above it. A group of thermocouples is heated internally to 570 degrees by the flame. Fins cool the outside to about 90 degrees. The temperature d ifferential generates enough current to operate the low-drain reciever. Regular listeners may want fur lined union suits, though: it works best in a room with open windows. - Full Article Source

ITEM #85

11/22/10 - New Microscope Reveals Ultrastructure of Cells
"For the first time, there is no need to chemically fix, stain or cut cells in order to study them. Instead, whole living cells are fast-frozen and studied in their natural environment. The new method delivers an immediate 3-D image, thereby closing a gap between conventional microscopic techniques. The new microscope delivers a high-resolution 3-D image of the entire cell in one step. This is an advantage over electron microscopy, in which a 3-D image is assembled out of many thin sections. This can take up to weeks for just one cell. Also, the cell need not be labeled with dyes, unlike in fluorescence microscopy, where only the labeled structures become visible. The new X-ray microscope instead exploits the natural contrast between organic material and water to form an image of all cell structures. Dr. Gerd Schneider and his microscopy team at the Institute for Soft Matter and Functional Materials have published their development in Nature Methods (abstract)." - Full Article Source

ITEM #86

11/22/10 - Egg-Beater Wind Plane Imitates Hovering Flight of Eagle (Oct, 1934)
KeelyNet Revolving blades resembling somewhat the working parts of an egg beater replace wings and tail stabilizers on the “cycloidal flying machine,” an airplane designed to reproduce the best features of an eagle’s flight. A seven foot model of the unusual craft has already been built in the aeornautical laboratories of the University of Washington by its inventor, Dr. Frederick K. Kirsten. The novel wing mechanism is expected to give higher speeds, hovering flight, and slower landings. Seven-foot scale model of Dr. F.K. Kirsten's "cycloidal flying machine" was inspiration for this artist's sketch of plane in flight. Note resemblance of wings to egg-beater. - Full Article Source

ITEM #87

11/22/10 - Trash-To-Gas Power Plant Gets Greenlight
"Beginning in a little more than a week, Green Power, Inc. of Pasco, Washington will be commencing the building of municipal-solid-waste-to-fuel plants for clients around the world, with $2 billion in contracts; now that an EPA ruling has exonerated GPI f rom an unnecessary shut-down order by the Washington Ecology Department last year. This fuel would be of higher quality and cheaper than fuel derived from crude oil — and it comes from local feedstock, while turning waste into energy. Now your laptop can turn into a quart of diesel fuel to power your trip to the dump. And the ocean gyres of trash the size of Texas can power Texas. This is an update on a Slashdot story from nine months ago. - Full Article Source

ITEM #88

11/22/10 - When did you choose to be straight?
Travis Nuckolls and Chris Baker walk the streets of Colorado Springs asking strangers whether being gay is a choice; to those who say it is a choice, they answer, "When did you choose to be straight?"

Comment: "Odd question, one could just argue that a "straight" person was born to be "straight" so never had to choose. Although I don't believe a person has a choice in being gay, the concept of "choice" isn't entirely incorrect either. I've personally s een people that used to be gay (or at least called themselves gay), "turned" straight, then went on to? marry and have kids."

Comment: "Unsolicited advice to the Gay Rights movement from a straight man:
1) Don’t call it gay marriage,? call it marriage freedom! You’re fighting for everyone’s right to marry whoever they want without the government butting in, period.
2) Stop saying being gay is not a choice. Of course it’s not a choice, but what if it were? Would it then be OK to discriminate against gay people? No, we all have the right to make that choice, and it’s no one’s bee’s wax if we do!"

Comment: "I'm just glad the people had the decency to at? least say 'maybe' if they admitted they didn't choose."

Comment: "Sexuality is NOT a choice....however, the sad choice is allowing societal pressure keep gay people in denial, and thus pulling loved ones into an unbalanced relationship. I understand how difficult it is to come out....but I know first hand the hurt on? the straight side of said unbalanced relationship."

Comment: " Although a good question it doesn't prove anything. Neither gay people or? straight people choose. It's a matter of environment and the people/other things that they were or weren't exposed to. Just because no one chose doesn't mean that no one is right."

(MY COMMENT: "Why must people be so in-your-face about their sexual orientation in the first place? It's no one's business and should not have any impact on relationships, friends, family, etc.." - JWD) - Full Article Source

ITEM #89

11/22/10 - Bruce Schneier vs. the TSA
"Bruce Schneier has posted a huge recap of the controversy over TSA body scanners, including more information about the lawsuit he joined to ban them. There's too much news to summarize, but it covers everything from Penn Jillette's and Dave Barry's grope stories, to Israeli experts who say this isn't needed and hasn't ever stopped a bomb, to the three-year-old girl who was traumatized by being groped and much, much more." Another reader passed along a related article, which says, "Congressman Ron Paul la shed out at the TSA yesterday and introduced a bill aimed at stopping federal abuse of passengers. Paul’s proposed legislation would pave the way for TSA employees to be sued for feeling up Americans and putting them through unsafe naked body scanners." - Full Article Source

ITEM #90

11/19/10 - History repeats itself with electric car push
KeelyNet Given all the new electric vehicles (EVs) hitting the road soon, including the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, one might think they are some sort of new-fangled concept. Yet the invention of the EV actually predates the iconic gasoline-fueled Model T Ford tha t began mass production in 1908. Various small vehicles powered by electricity were independently invented a number of times in Europe and the United States in the first half of the 19th century. EVs began to pop up in the U.S. in the 1890s, and peaked wi th 28 percent of the (admittedly small) passenger vehicle market in 1900, according to research by Michael Brian Schiffer, a professor of anthropology at the University of Arizona and author of "Taking Charge: The Electric Automobile in America." Well ove r half of these early EVs were hired out for delivery services and social chauffeuring for "gentlemen and gentlewomen of means," said David Kirsch, a professor of capitalism studies at the University of Maryland and author of "The Electric Vehicle and the Burden of History." Dozens of manufacturers produced EVs. Many looked "basically like horseless carriages," Kirsch said. The first EVs were not cheap, and owning one was a status symbol. The affordability of the mass-produced Model T Ford, however, made owning a car a very realistic prospect for the middle class. Sales of EVs peaked at about 6,000 units in 1913 and 1914, but by then the market share for electrics had dwindled to just one percent as annual sales of the Model T Ford soared to 200,000, Schi ffer's research showed. The far greater range and speed permitted by the internal combustion engine compared to electronic propulsion, then as now, are often cited as key reasons why EVs of yore faded away. A goodly number of EVs by 1910 boasted a range b etween 50 and 100 miles per charge, Schiffer wrote — as good as EVs of today, and practical in nearly all driving situations — but gasoline vehicles could go well beyond this distance. Making matters worse: the EVs' speed topped out at around 15 to 20 mph . - Full Article Source

ITEM #91

11/19/10 - Researchers Develop Light Technology to Combat Hospital Infections
KeelyNet A pioneering lighting system that can kill hospital superbugs — including MRSA and C. difficile — has been developed by researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. The technology decontaminates the air and exposed surfaces by bathing them in a narrow spectrum of visible-light wavelengths, known as HINS-light. Professor Anderson said: “The technology kills pathogens but is harmless to patients and staff, which means for the first time, hospitals can continuously disinfect wards and isolation rooms. “The system works by using a narrow spectrum of visible-light wavelengths to excite molecules contained within bacteria. This in turn produces highly reactive chemical species that are lethal to bacteria such as meticillin-resistant Staphy lococcus aureus, or MRSA, and Clostridium difficile, known as C.diff.” Dr Maclean added: “The clinical trials have shown that the technology can help prevent the environmental transmission of pathogens and thereby increase patient safety.” KeelyNetThe technology uses HINS-light which has a violet hue, but the research team have used a combination of LED technologies to produce a warm white lighting system that can be used alongside normal hospital lighting. Professor Scott MacGregor, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said: “New approaches to disinfection and sterilisation are urgently needed within the clinical environment, as traditional methods have significant limitations. “Decontamination methods involving gas sterilants or UV-light can be hazardous to staff and patients, while cleaning, disinfection and hand washing, although essential routine procedures, have limited effectiveness and problems with compliance.

(I remember an article long, long ago about the original Priore discovery that seems to not be on the net in its entirety. I'm not sure if it's by omission or that few even know about it. That article described the original Priore basement experiment where he was ill and in hiding. He always felt better after sleeping while bathed in a peach blossom violet color that was reflected from sunlight illuminated peaches in a basement that cured his illness and kept nearby oranges from rotting. Seems like no one else saw this or remembers it because every article I've seen about Priore speaks only of the EM radiations as being key to his cures. I suspect only years later did Priore realize this was too simple, that anyone could use a violet light and thats when the 'revised' history came about with the electrical equipment and the peaches and violet light part of it was removed from the story. This mutated into the godawfully complex and costly Priore tube which at its heart guessed it, a powerful violet light. Think not?

"Tests made with the Prior machine on cancer tissues ALWAYS caused total remission in all tissues exposed to the peach blossom violet color which the machine emitted."

"The second, more powerful Prioré machine produces a magnetic field of about 1,240 Gauss. According to one scientist, the machine contains a gas-filled vacuum tube which contains a plasma of mercury (blue) and neon (red) gas. A pulsed 9.4 Gigahertz electromagnetic wave is modulated onto a 17 Megahertz wave in this plasma. However, the true nature of the machine is revealed by the fact that the 9.4 Gigahertz wave is joined in the "lamp" by 17 radiations of unspecified frequency and nature."

"The (Priore) machine was working during the visit to Floirac. One could see the exit of the tube beneath which the biological targets are placed. There was a certain amount of rumbling and crackling, and the pinkish luminescent plasma appeared to be turbulent."

"The Master Violet Ray used different gas mixtures produce different glowing colours, usually purple, red, blue, or pink."

"In 1892 Tesla met with Paul Oudin in Paris. They discussed ways of building therapeutic high frequency oscillators, and months later Oudin produced the first device that became known as the “violet ray.” Paul Oudin began to experiment with skin disorders. Acne, eczema and psoriasis were easily treated with the new device. After a few treatments the skin patches would begin to break up and disappear completely in 2-3 months. When the devices were used to spark warts or skin cancer, they often were removed within weeks. The violet ray often took away pain, and many times it was practically a miracle."

"T. Henry Moray built a somewhat similar machine - though very much smaller - which provided a direct radiation from extensive "peach blossom violet" colored sparkgaps inside a quartz tube, and which greatly stimulated the health of an individual exposed to the radiation. In fact, the device would promptly cure the radiation burns Moray frequently suffered as a result of his continual experimentation with uranium compounds and other radioactive substances."

" light – regardless of intensity – fails to dislodge electrons in metals, while even very low levels of violet light stimulate measurable electrical currents. Clearly the rate at which light vibrates has a power all its own.”

"The frequency of visible light is referred to as color, and ranges from 430 trillion Hz, seen as red, to 750 trillion Hz, seen as violet. Again, the full range of frequencies extends beyond the visible spectrum, from less than one billion Hz, as in radio waves, to greater than 3 billion billion Hz, as in gamma rays.”

Many inventors do this, complexify their simple discovery so they can patent and try to make money from it. Why would they reveal the original simple effect that would not benefit them financially? You can see the truth of it where T.H. Morays' CosRay healing ray invention also used a peach blossom violet light source. As well, Dinshah used a bright violet/magenta light to heal cancers. - JWD) - Full Article Source

ITEM #92

11/19/10 - Addicted to Cheese? Here’s Why
KeelyNet Ever felt like you couldn’t give up cheese? Ever think it might actually be a drug? The surprising news is that as far back as the 1980’s researchers have known that cheese contains trace amounts of morphine. Seriously. / Cheese is addictive because it co ntains morphine, reports the Internet: " It turns out that morphine is found in cow milk and human, purportedly to ensure offspring will bond very strongly with their mothers and get all the nutrients they need to grow." - Full Article Source

ITEM #93

11/19/10 - Zapping nerves helps control high blood pressure
The treatment uses radio waves to zap nerves near the kidneys that fuel high blood pressure. It is done through a tube pushed into a blood vessel in the groin, much like the angioplasty procedures for opening clogged heart arteries. In a study of about 10 0 people, the top number of the blood pressure reading fell an average of 33 points among those who had the treatment. Doctors say that is much better than the less-than-10-point drop that many drugs give. About 75 million Americans and 1 billion people w orldwide have high blood pressure — readings of 140 over 90 or more. Most people need three or four drugs to treat it, and only about one-third are well-controlled on medicines. About 10 percent are unable to achieve control despite taking many drugs that relax the blood vessels and prevent water and salt retention. The new treatment damages certain nerves and cause key arteries to permanently relax. - Full Article Source

ITEM #94

11/19/10 - Want to live Forever? 1987 Patent to keep your Head Alive


In 1908, Charles Guthrie was able to successfully amputate one dog's head and sew it onto the neck of another dog, rerouting the blood flow so that the animal had two (somewhat) functioning heads, according to Mary Roach's Stiff: The Curious Lives of Huma n Cadavers. "[T]oo much time (twenty minutes had elapsed between the beheading and the moment the circulation was restored) for the dog head and brain to regain much function," Roach explained. To solve that problem, scientists, 77 years later, patented a device for perfusing an animal head. "This invention involves a device, referred to herein as a 'cabinet,' which provides physical and biochemical support for an animal's head which has been 'discorporated' (i.e., severed from its body)," the patent's abstract explains. "This device can be used to support a discorped head with oxygenated blood and nutrients, by means of tubes connected to arteries which pass through the neck. After circulating through the head, the deoxygenated blood returns to the cabinet by means of cannulae which are connected t o veins that emerge from the neck." While scientists have long experimented with detaching and reattaching the heads of rats, dogs and monkeys, it's unclear why the illustrations that accompany the patent (seen above) clearly resemble a human. No human, t o date, is known to have to been through the procedure. Technology doesn't yet exist to reattach the spinal cord, which means the patient is left paralyzed from the neck down. - Full Article Source

ITEM #95

11/19/10 - Internet traffic 'hijacked' to China servers, says US report
15% of all internet traffic, including US government and military data, has been routed through Chinese servers. To see the other 85% you have to pay five Yuan a month, though. For 18 minutes on April 8, a Chinese state-owned telecommunications firm rero uted email traffic to and from websites of the US Senate, the Department of Defense, along with "many others" including NASA and Department of Commerce, said the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission's annual report. Some 15 percent of the Inte rnet's entire traffic was routed through Chinese servers during this brief period in the late morning US time, said the report. "We don't know what was done (with the data) when they got it," commissioner Larry Wortzel told reporters Wednesday, noting it was not established if the traffic hijacking by China Telecom was intentional and sanctioned by Beijing. The rerouting began at a smaller Chinese Internet Service Provider (ISP) called IDC China Telecommunication before being propagated by China Telecom. "When I see things like this happen, I ask, who might be interested with all the communications traffic from the entire Department of Defense and federal government," Wortzel said, adding: "It's probably not a graduate student at Shanghai University." The efforts of Chinese individuals and organizations to penetrate US networks "appear to be more sophisticated than techniques used in the past," cautioned commission vice chair Carolyn Bartholomew. "The massive scale and the extensive intelligence and recon naissance components of recent high profile, China-based computer exploitations suggest that there continues to be some level of state support for these activities," Bartholomew said. - Full Article Source

ITEM #96

11/19/10 - French Engineer Plans Huge Floating Mid-Ocean City (Mar, 1931)
KeelyNet French Engineer Plans Huge Floating Mid-Ocean City - WHEN the continents of the world have become overcrowded and trans-oceanic airplane travel is as common as travel by steamers at present, we may see the establishment of huge mid-ocean cities such as is shown in the above drawing, which illustrates the plans recently made by Leon Feoquinos, a French engineer of Marseilles. The foundation is to be a network of steel sections, held together with cables, to act as a gigantic breakwater against the heavy se as. In the center there will be a large enclosed harbor that will serve as a landing place for hydroplanes and a port for ocean liners. Later other features will be added, such as a spacious hotel, gaming casino, and four huge towers. The drawing shows t he model, built by a French engineer, of the proposed $2,000,000 mid-ocean city to be established between Bordeaux, France, and St. Johns, Newfoundland. The outer steel network will act as a breakwater, and the harbor will serve as a trans-Atlantic hydrop lane station. - Full Article Source

ITEM #97

11/19/10 - Organs Made from Scratch
Embryonic stem cells can turn into virtually any type of cell in the body. But controlling this process, known as differentiation, is tricky. If embryonic stem cells are left to grow in a tissue-culture dish, they will differentiate more or less at random , into a mixture of different types of cells. The MIT group, led by Ali Khademhosseini, an assistant professor in the Harvard-MIT division of Health Sciences and Technology and a recipient of a TR35 award in 2007, put embryonic stem cells into "building b locks" containing gel that encouraged the cells to turn into certain types of cell. These building blocks can then be put together, using techniques developed previously by Khademhosseini, to make more complex structures. The gel degrades and disappears a s the tissue grows. Eventually, the group hopes to make cardiac tissue by stacking blocks containing cells that have turned into muscle next to blocks containing blood vessels, and so forth. The researchers expose clusters of stem cells called embryoid bo dies to a physical environment that mimics some of the cues the cells experience during embryonic development. "In an attempt to recreate that polarity, we applied microfabrication technologies to stem-cell engineering," says Khademhosseini. - Full Article Source

ITEM #98

11/19/10 - Paper Touchpad
KeelyNet If you don’t mind getting your fingers a little dirty you can replace your mouse with a piece of paper. [Dr. West] made this touchpad himself, which measures signals at the corners of the paper using four voltage dividers. The paper has been completely co vered with graphite from a pencil (which we see in hacks from time to time), making it conductive. The user wears an anti-static strap that grounds their hand, allowing an Arduino to calculate contact points on two axes when a finger completes the circuit . See this controlling a cursor in the video after the break. - Full Article Source

ITEM #99

11/19/10 - Diesel from polythene
Dr. U. Pethiyagoda’s (UP) letter under the above caption (The Island of 9th November) is really fascinating. He describes the discovery by a former member of the Police of a ‘secret catalyst’ by which waste Polythene and items like old tyres could be conv erted to diesel. Whatever the veracity of these assumptions, the fact that nothing was heard of it (the ‘invention’) later makes everything embarrassingly suspicious. UP also refers to a claim by the Agriculture Faculty in Peradeniya that fuel could be pr oduced from straw. Here too there had been absolute silence since. Dr. Pethiyagoda comments that if these earth-shaking events were true, they would have earned the inventors Nobel Prizes. Also he says they overturn accepted fundamental Laws of Science. A few similar cases readily come to mind all equally crazy and comic. They may easily be passed for a form of entertainment if not for the expenditure they might have certainly incurred from government funds. Sometime back there was a claim that a certain villager (like our retired policeman) had designed a rubber tapping knife that could slice the bark so finely that its efficiency was unmatched. There was the usual boast about other rubber growing countries like Malaysia being interested. But nothing wor thwhile transpired even by way of further dubious claims. Similarly a paddy cultivator was supposed to have invented a device to fit a hand tractor that could thresh paddy far more efficiently than with the plain tractor or buffaloes. Here too nothing was heard of since; seem to have died at birth. A safe kerosene-bottle-lamp invention was celebrated in a big way recently. In fact, the inventor (an Academic, I believe) was awarded a prize for it at a formal ceremony. There were even a few claims about the demand for them, the thousands already sold and the drop in burn injuries since its popular use! These claims could be excused considering the people involved. They might have genuinely believed in their over enthusiasm that they have indeed discovered s omething novel and innocently joined the publicity show, but there had been instances where academics, who should know better, have been taken for (or, willingly gone on?) a ride. Once a stretch of ground at Fox Hill in Diyatalawa was found to emit fire. Talk was in the air that it was some volcanic activity. A team of ‘Scientists’ either from the P’deniya or Colombo University immediately proceeded to the area with all equipment and instruments for study and, of course, research! However, their enthusias m was promptly deflated by a Britisher holidaying here. He explained that it was some pear bed on fire; a very common phenomenon in his country. (Peat is decomposed timber and the initial stage of coal). The matter was totally forgotten may be because it did not hold out any huge economic gain for the country; like the diesel from polythene or fuel from straw or, should we add, oil from the seas off Mannar! Finally, again there was the case of a Russian Space Satellite become rouge (rendered non-responsib le to ground control). The Russian authorities gave a world-wide warning and also informed that it would enter the Earth’s atmosphere in about 4 or 5 days’time but the location of the crash-landing was not certain. In a day or two something crashed in a c oconut plantation in Mawatagama near Kurunegala and the entire ‘Science Fraternity’ got energized! Instead of clarifying things they (from the Peradeniya University, I think) proceeded to the area to study the pre-conceived fallen part of the Satellite on ly to find it was a meteorite! Even the Heavens seem to have decided to frolic with them judging by the time coincidence. Worse still, this drama was enacted after being told by the Russian Embassy and Arthur C. Clarke that there was still time. - Full Article Source

ITEM #100

11/19/10 - Misprinted prefab houses
KeelyNet These weird, blobular forms (orignally featured in the Swiss magazine Hochparterre) are misprinted houses generated by automated prefab concrete machines: "Based on iconic housing shapes, these buildings were intended as prototypes for mass-customization.

Yet, as things go with computerized manufacturing, there have been misplots. The cartridge was not loaded properly. The concrete was set to the wrong parameters or scale. The printer module falsely translated a data set... These misprints are the rejects of this early process, and they are now being used as shared homes by elderly people from the former squatter scene." - Full Article Source

ITEM #101

11/19/10 - New aviation risk: pleats
NDR, the German public radio broadcaster, reports that airport pornoscanners are unable to cope with pleats: While some passengers are being asked to remove thicker clothes such as jumpers, NDR reported that the devices are regularly malfunctioning due to creases in lighter clothes such as blouses and skirts. - Full Article Source

ITEM #102

11/19/10 - Achtung! TSA!

- Full Article Source

ITEM #103

11/19/10 - Safer Digital Waters
According to McAfee, one of the leading makers of security software, the domains that are least likely to have problems like viruses and malware are from the following countries and regions within countries: Japan — .JP; Catalan (spoken in Barcelona, Spai n) — .CAT; Croatia — .HR; the Isle of Guernsey (England) — .GG, and Ireland –.IE. The risk from clicking on addresses using Vietnam’s domain name — .VN, increased recently from thirty-ninth, which would be “not very risky,” to third, which indicates very risky. Fifty-eight percent of domains with a .VN ending were deemed risky. Singapore (.SG) which was formerly one of the ten most dangerous countries of origin for Internet risk, cleaned up its act markedly and has been moved down to eighty-first. About 6 .2 percent of the 27 million websites analyzed by McAfee posed a security risk, up from 5.8 percent last year. You can protect yourself with a good anti-virus and anti-spyware program. McAfee makes one, of course, but we use free ones from and Some of the conclusions of the AVG Global Threat Index analysis include:

* Turkey leads the league table for risky surfing, with AVG’s software having to step in to protect on average, one in 10 users of the Internet. Web users in Russia (1 in 14 were hit), Armenia (1 in 24), and Azerbaijan (1 in 39) also suffer high rates of attacks.
* Other areas where Web surfers are disproportionately at risk include Bangladesh (1 in 41), Pakistan (1 in 48) and in Vietnam and Laos in Southeast Asia, where the chances of facing an attack are both one in 42.
* What about other major Western countries? The United States ranks number nine when it comes to the riskiest places to surf the Web (1 in 48), the United Kingdom ranks 31st (1 in 63), Australia comes in 37th (1 in 75) while Germany comes in at number 41 (1 in 83).
* Sierra Leone had the fewest attacks with, on average, one in 692 Web surfers facing an attack. Niger also fared well, with just one in 442 Web surfers on average experiencing an attack. It is important to note however that these countries have a low level of internet access, with low broadband penetration.
* It is because of its high internet use and broadband penetration that Japan, where there is an average of just one in 404 facing an attack, is arguably the safest place to surf the net. Meanwhile Taiwan (1 in 248 attacked), Argentina (1 in 241 attac ked), and France (1 in 224 attacked) all came in the top 20 safe list.
* Analyzing the data by continent, your chances of getting attacked while surfing the Web in North America are 1 in 51, in Europe 1 in 72, while in Asia (including Asia Pacific) 1 in 102. The safest continents are Africa (1 in 108) and by a large marg in South America (1 in 164).
* While African countries make up seven of the top 10 ‘safe surfing’ list, it’s noteworthy that the chances of being attacked in all South American countries are more than 1 in 100. The riskiest country in South America was Peru at 1 in 131, which glo bally still only ranks 78th out of 142 countries. - Full Article Source

ITEM #104

11/19/10 - Magnesium can stop blindness
KeelyNet Food rich in magnesium reduced the risk of developing diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts. Also helps to combat aging and PMS. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal shows that eating an extra portion and a half of green vegetables, an important source of magnesium, reduces by 14% the risk of contracting diabetes. A meta-analysis at the Institute of Metabolic Science in Cambridge (UK) shows that a diet rich in magnesium lowers blood pressure and the level of glucose in the blood.

Therefore, it may deter the development of diabetic retinopathy, a major cause of blindness. he expert says that magnesium helps the absorption of vitamins E, C and B, essential nutrients for the health of the ocular tissues and other organs. It also protects against oxidative stress that can cause early cataracts, serious skin aging and the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual tension) among women, he says. Signs of Deficiency and Sources - The main signs of magnesium deficit are listed by the physician:

· Tremor in hands or eyelids
· Cramping and involuntary movements in the face
· Insomnia
· Weakness
· Tachycardia
· Loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting.

He says these discomforts do not appear simultaneously and may still be associated with other health concerms. Adopting supplementation on your own, should not even be considered. Queiroz Neto explains that the absorption of magnesium and calcium are compete. Therefore, consumption must be combined. Moreover, supplementation requires medical supervision because excess can cause drops in blood pressure, changes in bone calcification and respiratory problems. The main sources of magnesium are: leafy greens, seafood, nuts and whole grains. - Full Article Source

ITEM #105

11/19/10 - The horrible truth starts to dawn on Europe's leaders
If you want to really understand what is going on in Europe click the SOURCE link for an excellent overview from the always brilliant Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Friends are sending news about the eurozone leaders panicking, Deutsche Bank traders saying that China is now selling US Treasury bonds 'relentlessly', and I didn't watch it, but evidently Glen Beck must have done his show at 5pm on Fox as scheduled about survival foods. Because the two dealers I know of that usually give discounts and free shipping , now have no discounts, no free shipping and notices of shipping delays up to 3 weeks. / In a speech this morning, EU President Herman Van Rompuy (poet, and writer of Japanese and Latin verse) warned that if Europe’s leaders mishandle the current crisis and allow the eurozone to break up, they will destroy the European Union itself. He is admitting that the gamble of launching a premature and dysfunctional currency without a central treasury, or debt union, or economic government, to back it up – and bef ore the economies, legal systems, wage bargaining practices, productivity growth, and interest rate sensitivity, of North and South Europe had come anywhere near sustainable convergence – may now backfire horribly. Jacques Delors and fellow fathers of EMU were told by Commission economists in the early 1990s that this reckless adventure could not work as constructed, and would lead to a traumatic crisis. They shrugged off the warnings. They were told too that currency unions do not eliminate risk: they me rely switch it from currency risk to default risk. For that reason it was all the more important to have a workable mechanism for sovereign defaults and bondholder haircuts in place from the beginning, with clear rules to establish the proper pricing of t hat risk. But no, the EU masters would hear none of it. There could be no defaults, and no preparations were made or even permitted for such an entirely predictable outcome. Political faith alone was enough. Investors who should have known better walked s traight into the trap, buying Greek, Portuguese, and Irish debt at 25-35 basis points over Bunds. At the top of boom funds were buying Spanish bonds at a spread of 4 basis points. Now we are seeing what happens when you build such moral hazard into the sy stem, and shut down the warning thermostat. - Full Article Source

ITEM #106

11/19/10 - Anti-Smartphone Phone Launched For Technophobes
KeelyNet "A Dutch company has launched what it calls 'the world's simplest phone,' targeting users who are sick of new-generation models. Only capable of making and receiving calls, John's Phone is dubbed the world's simplest mobile phone, specifically designed fo r anti-smartphones users. It does not provide any hi-tech features. No apps. No Internet. No camera. No text messaging. All you have to do — in fact, all you can do — is call, talk and hang up." / “John’s Phone is easy to use wherever you go. It’s the no- contract cell phone you’ve been waiting for, without any frills or unnecessary features”, the company stated. Retro Look - In an effort to make it extremely retro, John Doe also provides a small paper-based address book and a pen for storing contacts. The y can be slid into the back of the phone. Other features include a 1200 mAh battery with three weeks stand-by time, a single ringtone, speed dial with enough memory to store ten numbers and a hands-free kit. It is 10.5 x 6 x 1.5 cm and weighs in at 95 gra ms. The phone is available in five colours: white, black, brown, greyish-green and pink. The prices range from around £60 to £80. - Full Article Source

ITEM #107

11/19/10 - Emergency Broadcast System Coming To Cell Phones
"The Emergency Broadcast System that interrupts TV programming in times of crisis is jumping to a new format where it might be able to reach you better — on your cell phone. The communications company Alcatel-Lucent announced Tuesday that it's creating a Broadcast Message Center that will allow government agencies to send cell phone users specific information in the event of a local, state or national emergency. It will be similar to the TV alerts in that the text messages will be geographically targeted for areas where a tornado alert or major road closure, for example, is in effect." - Full Article Source

ITEM #108

11/19/10 - Toyota Introduces Electric RAV4, Powered By Tesla Motor
KeelyNet "As they say, everything old is new again. Fourteen years after it launched its very first RAV4 crossover at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Toyota returned to LA to launch an all-electric version of its latest RAV4. And this one is, as the logos in a teaser p hoto released earlier said, 'powered by Tesla.' The launch of the second version of the RAV4 EV is on a fast timeline, led by a working group made up of Toyota's Technical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a team from Tesla Motors. The partnership will b uild 35 'Phase Zero' test versions of the latest RAV4 EV next year, with production launch expected in 2012." - Full Article Source

ITEM #109

11/19/10 - US May Disable All Car Phones, Says Trans. Secretary
"The US government may require cars to include scrambling tech that would disable mobile-phone use by drivers, and perhaps passengers. 'I think it will be done,' US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said on Wednesday morning. 'I think the technology is there and I think you're going to see the technology become adaptable in automobiles to disable these cell phones.' LaHood is on a self-described 'rampage' against distracted driving, and if making it impossible to use a mobile phone while in a car can save lives, he's all for it." - Full Article Source

ITEM #110

11/19/10 - Pastor Sheryl Brady Impersonates Black Preacher
Now this, ladies and gentleman, is what I call good old-fashioned preaching! - Full Article Source

ITEM #111

11/19/10 - Senate Panel Approves Website Shut-Down Bill
"The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted 19-0 in favor of a bill that would allow the Department of Justice to seek court orders to shut down websites offering materials believed to infringe copyright. 'Rogue websites are essentially digital stores selli ng illegal and sometimes dangerous products,' Senator Patrick Leahy, the main sponsor of the bill, said in a statement. 'If they existed in the physical world, the store would be shuttered immediately and the proprietors would be arrested. We cannot excus e the behavior because it happens online and the owners operate overseas. The Internet needs to be free — not lawless.' However, the internet will likely remain 'lawless' for a while longer, as there are only a few working days left in the congressional s ession and the bill is unlikely to pass through the House of Representatives in that short amount of time." - Full Article Source

ITEM #112

11/16/10 - Tide of International Science Moving Against US, EU
KeelyNet "The Economist has a story on the increasing scientific productivity of countries like China, India, and Brazil relative to the field's old guards in America, Europe, and Japan. Scientific productivity in this sense includes percent of GDP spent on R&D an d the overall numbers of researchers, scholarly articles, and patents that a country produces. The article notes increasing levels of international collaboration on scholarly scientific articles in leading journals. From the article: '[M]ore than 35% of a rticles in leading journals are now the product of international collaboration. That is up from 25% 15 years ago — something the old regime and the new alike can celebrate.'" / China is on the verge of overtaking both America and the EU in the quantity of its scientists. Each had roughly 1.5m researchers out of a global total of 7.2m in 2007. Nevertheless, the number of scientists per million people remains relatively low in China. And India, second only to China in the size of its population, has only a tenth as many researchers. This is a surprising anomaly for a country that has become the world’s leading exporter of information-technology services and ranks third after America and Japan in terms of the volume of pharmaceuticals it produces. Having lot s of boffins does not matter, though, if they are not productive. One indicator of prowess is how much a country’s researchers publish. As an individual country, America still leads the world by some distance. Yet America’s share of world publications, at 28% in 2007, is slipping. In 2002 it was 31%. The EU’s collective share also fell, from 40% to 37%, whereas China’s has more than doubled to 10% and Brazil’s grew by 60%, from 1.7% of the world’s output to 2.7%. - Full Article Source

ITEM #113

11/16/10 - eBay for Inventors
Got a great green tech idea? Here’s a chance to pitch it at a site that is designed to connect VC Investors with great ideas. Like eBay or Etsy, OnGreen has formatted the site into a kind of ready-made shopfront. Unlike eBay or etsy, the product being sold is not a physical thing, but an idea. Since it is the sale of an idea, it requires that the seller justify why the idea solves a problem. This forces the wild and crazy inventor to think through some of hard questions that entrepreneurs face, for example:

What does your idea do?
Who would want it?
How many of these people are there?
Who else already makes something that solves this problem?
Why is yours better?

OnGreen hopes to become the world’s largest database of green inventions, and to create funding opportunities for these through its platform. The site owners’ Blue Marble Ventures in Los Angeles and China Southern Hong Kong Investment Ltd in Shanghai appear to have been formed to invest $1.4 million in the idea. If nothing else, the site serves a useful purpose in that it will force start-up hopefuls to think through just why their invention is just what the world needs. One of the problems with GE’s Ecoimagination Challenge that we covered here was the scarce details in the ideas. So now’s your chance to get that brilliant idea out there and see who wants to fund it. - Full Article Source

ITEM #114

11/16/10 - Energy Efficiency from Old Attic Vents less than $30US
KeelyNet Turbine attic ventilators are metal, roof top vents that spin around in the wind. There are millions of them, but they suck warmth from a home in winter. Today a new louver gadget fits inside the turbine vent and reduces the winter heat loss by 80%. Homeo wners can save money and lower their heating bills every winter. The Turbine Boss is a patented damper device with movable louvers that automatically close in cold weather and open in hot. When the louvers close in winter, it stops the turbine heat loss. This simple invention needs no batteries. It runs on temperature. A thermostatic controller operates the louvers. Inventor Tom Clark of Lancer United, Inc. says the Turbine Boss is 100% maintenance free, and fits all residential turbine vents. "Using a sc rewdriver, installation takes only a few minutes." This automatic damper is molded of durable polymer and exhausts attic moisture in summer and winter. Mr. Clark advises customers to see it work before installing. "Put one in the refrigerator and wait 30- minutes. Check again, and discover the louvers have already closed. The homeowner knows it really works and saves energy!" Priced under $30, this energy saver pays for itself quickly. It has a 25-year guarantee. Old turbine vents become more energy effici ent with help from the Turbine Boss. See details and video at: Available online only. - Full Article Source

Turbine Boss Video

ITEM #115

11/16/10 - Brick-road-laying machine
KeelyNet Tiger-Stone makes this enormous, unlikely and quite marvellous road-laying machine that semi-automatically sets down neat sets of interlocking bricks, ready to be sealed with a light dusting of sand. The machine consists of an angled plain that workers fe ed with paving stones or bricks. As the electric crawler inches forward along a sand base layer, the bricks are automatically packed together by gravity. A small telescoping forklift feeds the hopper, allowing the Tiger-Stone to lay out an impressive 400 meters of road day, and the span can be adjusted up to six meters wide. Here's a stereophonic video of the machine in action. - Full Article Source

ITEM #116

11/16/10 - Red light forces cancer cells to suck up drugs
KeelyNet CELLS absorb chemotherapy drugs more readily if they are zapped with red light. The finding could help produce more effective cancer treatments. Most cancer chemotherapy relies on cells absorbing drugs by diffusion across the cell membrane. This does not always work, because some cells simply push the drug molecules back out using a natural pump mechanism. To overcome this problem, Andrei Sommer at the University of Ulm in Germany and colleagues exposed cells to pulsed red laser light. Light of this wavel ength decreases water density and pushes water out of the cell. When the laser is switched off, the water returns to its high-density state, forcing the cell to "suck in" water and any other molecules, including drugs, from its surroundings. The researche rs tested their technique by applying the light for 1 minute to human cervical cancer cells surrounded with common anti-cancer drugs such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This short period of light exposure was sufficient to kill off 70 per cent of can cer cells surrounded by EGCG, compared with 31 per cent of cells not exposed to light (Journal of Controlled Release, DOI: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2010.10.010).

Laser modulated transmembrane convection: Implementation in cancer chemotherapy

Transmembrane diffusion imposes fundamental limits to the uptake of cytostatic drugs executing their function intracellularly. Here, we report that transmembrane convection—a mechanism exploiting the effect of moderately intense 670 nm laser light on t he density and viscosity of nanoscopic interfacial water layers (IWL) in the cell—forces cancer cells to uptake high doses of cytostatic drugs in a short time.

Transmembrane convection is a viable alternative to established uptake forms (i.e., it works complementary to diffusive processes) and breaks the limits imposed by diffusion. We demonstrate the potency of the method in human cervical cancer cells, HeLa, u sing the anticancer compounds doxorubicin (DOX), methotrexate (MTX) and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The method is applicable to virtually the entire chemotherapeutic arsenal and is expected to help overcome multidrug resistance in cancer cells. - Full Article Source

ITEM #117

11/16/10 - A new Mechanical Antigravity concept
A recent peer-reviewed paper by Prof.C.Provatidis claims to have developed a new mechanical anti-gravity device capable of producing net impulse (thrust) using rotating masses. It is an open-access paper entitled: C. G. Provatidis, A device that can produ ce net impulse using rotating masses, Engineering, Vol. 2, Number 8 (Aug. 2010), pp. 648-657, which can be downloded from: The author has also published a peer-reviewed paper in the Russian Journal, which can be downloade d from: Theory of Mechanisms and Machines, 2010, Vol.8, Iss.1, pp. 34-41; direct link: (via - Full Article Source

ITEM #118

11/16/10 - Researchers find that beached dolphins are often deaf
KeelyNet New research into the cause of dolphin "strandings" - incidents in which weakened or dead dolphins are found near shore - has shown that in some species, many stranded creatures share the same problem. They are nearly deaf, in a world where hearing can be as valuable as sight. That understanding - gained from a study of dolphins' brain activity - could help explain why such intelligent animals do something so seemingly dumb. Unable to use sound to find food or family members, dolphins can wind up weak and disoriented. Researchers are unsure what is causing the hearing loss: It might be old age, birth defects or a cacophony of man-made noise in the ocean, including Navy sonar, which has been associated with some marine mammal strandings in recent years. - Full Article Source

ITEM #119

11/16/10 - Searls unending quest for investors +60 years now and STILL NOTHING
KeelyNet When you hear or read the name Searl, think MONEY before buying into his endless BS...he has been trolling for money and attention from gullible people for over 60 years without ever coming up with any working device. Claiming working Free Energy and Antigravity devices, the Holy Grail for many of us, yet nothing comes of it except that hand out for ever more money. Don't know if I ever told you but back when I was running the original Keelynet BBS out of my house (1988-1995), Anders Heerfordt had tracked down all the places Searl claimed he came from and got the real story. Well, I was off work one night and was asleep when about 4:30AM I got a phone call from some guy yelling at me....he was cussing me out, calling me a liar and troublemaker and threatening to sue me and my KeelyNet. I asked who the f**k is this and what did he want at this time of the morning...he said, 'This is professor John Searl calling from the UK'...I told him the Heerfordt documents were sent to my BB S after Anders researched Searls' claims and I posted the files, thats all there is to it. He said he had been working on some big movie deal where he would get about $800,000 for rights to a movie about his life and that the producer had read those files and pulled the plug on the entire deal so he was hopping mad. I told 'professor searl' until he could come up with hard evidence and quit always trolling for money with amazing stories that would refute Heerfordts' findings, I would not take the files down. Turns out those two files along with many other on KeelyNet had been wending there way all through the BBS networks and onto the internet where they could be found from a search. The producer of this life story of Searl did the right thing by finding those reports. Searl was really pissed and slammed the phone down to hang up. I went back to bed..screw him..crazy old coot. As you know, years later we all met Searl and his keeper John Thomas...John was a cool guy though a total believer in Searls bullshit. It was he who collected the information that led to those Matrix books that were so expensive. Don't remember the exact year, but maybe around 1992 or so...I got a call from some young guy (28, 32 or so) claiming to be a millionaire who was funding Searl...he too was upset with the Heerfordt reports and wanted to 'take me to dinner' the rest at - One of my Searl experiences and this latest 'movie' Full Article Source and check out this video verifying Anders Heerfordts' investigations as reported in Article #1 and Article #2 of Searls' claims for so many decades.

ITEM #120

11/16/10 - Water Cluster Quackery - But IS IT?
There are more than twenty commercial products on the market that purport to alter the structure of water in order to help maintain or restore health, youth, and vigor. At my age I would not mind re-aquiring some of these myself, but as a retired Chemistr y professor and habitual imbiber of tap-water, it disturbs me to see crackpot chemistry, pseudoscientific mind-mush and outright lies used to promote these products to consumers whose lack of scientific training leaves them unprotected from this exploitat ion. This Web site is directed primarily to those who are concerned about their health, but who lack the technical background to distinguish science from pseudoscience when the two are closely intertwined. It is also recommended for teachers to use as res ource material in courses about consumer protection, pseudoscience, or critical thinking. In the rather long page below, I try to present a critical examination of some of the claims about the nature and action of these fictional structure-altered waters ("SAW") in the context of the science as I believe it is presently known and understood. It is my hope that readers will thus be better equipped to make their own decisions about the value of these products. - Full Article Source

ITEM #121

11/16/10 - Is this evidence that we can see the future?
KeelyNet Fringe phenomenon is about to get a mainstream airing: a paper providing evidence for its existence has been accepted for publication by the leading social psychology journal. What's more, sceptical psychologists who have pored over a preprint of the pape r say they can't find any significant flaws. "My personal view is that this is ridiculous and can't be true," says Joachim Krueger of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, who has blogged about the work on the Psychology Today website. "Going afte r the methodology and the experimental design is the first line of attack. But frankly, I didn't see anything. Everything seemed to be in good order." The paper, due to appear in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology before the end of the year, is the culmination of eight years' work by Daryl Bem of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. "I purposely waited until I thought there was a critical mass that wasn't a statistical fluke," he says. It describes a series of experiments involving more t han 1000 student volunteers. In most of the tests, Bem took well-studied psychological phenomena and simply reversed the sequence, so that the event generally interpreted as the cause happened after the tested behaviour rather than before it. In one exper iment, students were shown a list of words and then asked to recall words from it, after which they were told to type words that were randomly selected from the same list. Spookily, the students were better at recalling words that they would later type. I n another study, Bem adapted research on "priming" – the effect of a subliminally presented word on a person's response to an image. For instance, if someone is momentarily flashed the word "ugly", it will take them longer to decide that a picture of a ki tten is pleasant than if "beautiful" had been flashed. Running the experiment back-to-front, Bem found that the priming effect seemed to work backwards in time as well as forwards. 'Stroke of genius' - Exploring time-reversed versions of established psych ological phenomena was "a stroke of genius", says the sceptical Krueger. Previous research in parapsychology has used idiosyncratic set-ups such as Ganzfeld experiments, in which volunteers listen to white noise and are presented with a uniform visual fie ld to create a state allegedly conducive to effects including clairvoyance and telepathy. By contrast, Bem set out to provide tests that mainstream psychologists could readily evaluate. The effects he recorded were small but statistically significant. - Full Article Source

ITEM #122

11/16/10 - Large cardinals: maths shaken by the 'unprovable'
In the esoteric world of mathematical logic, a dramatic discovery has been made. Previously unnoticed gaps have been found at the very heart of maths. What is more, the only way to repair these holes is with monstrous, mysterious infinities. To understand them, we must understand what makes mathematics different from other sciences. The difference is proof. In his forthcoming book, Boolean Relation Theory and Concrete Incompleteness, Harvey Friedman has discovered facts about numbers which are far more un settling. Like Gödel's unprovable statements, they fall through the gaps between axioms. The difference is that these are no longer artificial curiosities. Friedman's theorems are "concrete", meaning they contain genuinely interesting information concerni ng patterns among the numbers, which must always appear once certain conditions are met. Yet, Friedman has shown, the fact that such patterns always appear does not follow from the usual laws of arithmetic. These patterns are not yet affecting physicists or engineers, but mathematicians are having to take unprovability seriously. In the past, they just had to show whether an idea is true or false. Now, results such as Friedman's raise the awkward possibility that the standard laws of mathematics may not p rovide an answer. There is one easy way to make an unprovable theorem provable: adding more axioms. But which axioms do we need? The new axioms require a hard look at one of the most contentious issues in mathematics: infinity. - Full Article Source

ITEM #123

11/16/10 - Excellent site - - for those who are interested


Having read much of Clara Bloomfield Moore's writings she strikes me as a silly woman with too much education and too much money, incapable of having an original thought of her own, the type that Helena Blavatsky cultivated and filled with her peculiar br and of metaphysical crap. To get to know Keely as a man and technician meant I had to bypass much of her account and rely on things he said and on the evidence provided by a number of photographs of his devices, as well as contemporary newspaper articles. Having a reasonable grounding in technical and scientific subjects as well as musical theory I judged the man as an honest researcher trying to come to grips with problems and phenomena well outside the scientific understanding of his time and having to work with comparatively primitive research instruments barely suitable for the task he had set himself. That he achieved something at all is staggering. But did he? Keely built a bewildering array of massive machines with almost unbelievable precision. He demonstrated his devices in his laboratory and on exhibitions repeatedly. No-one understood how they worked, and his explanations, couched in an obscure terminology, only helped to spread the confusion. History has labelled him a fraud, though he was nev er caught doing anything fraudulent. I have endeavoured to look at his machines in the light of today's understanding of science, paying scant attention to his theories and his metaphysical model. Working mainly with photographs and descriptions of his ma chines, his stated observations of unexplained phenomena and his account of technical difficulties met on the way, I have come up with some startling revelations that seem to indicate that Keely's technology is real. I leave it for you to judge. - Full Article Source

ITEM #124

11/16/10 - Free Online Lessons in Electric Circuits
Are you looking for a good source of information to get started into making and hacking electric circuits? We would like to refer you to Lessons in Electric Circuits. Even if you have good knowledge of electronics, this is another tool you can use. The bo ok is a work in progress and will have some incomplete and pending areas, but the basic theory parts to get started are all there. It has six volumes: DC, AC, Semiconductors, Digital, Reference, and Experiments. The DC and AC volumes are the most complete . If your eyes are already glazing over thinking you already know all of this stuff, then the most interesting volume for you may be the Experiments, which contains a number of sample circuits like transistor amplifiers and 555 timer circuits. The best pa rt of this book it that it is free, but as with most free things, you can make it better by contributing. - Full Article Source

ITEM #125

11/16/10 - Incredible High Power, Massive Talent RC Pilot
Check out this RC helicopter using a high power electric motor with a super battery. The skills of the pilot are beyond belief! - Full Article Source

ITEM #126

11/16/10 - Smart People Sleep Late
Sleep is a fundamental component of animal biology. New evidence confirms that, in humans, its timing reflects intelligence. People with higher IQs (intelligence quotients) tend to be more active nocturnally, going to bed later, whereas those with lower I Qs usually retire to bed sooner after nightfall. People who prefer to go to bed early, and who are early-risers, demonstrate "morningness," whereas those whose sleep patterns are shifted later demonstrate "eveningness." Researchers say eveningness tends t o be a characteristic of those with higher IQs. - Full Article Source

ITEM #127

11/16/10 - Commercial Blind for your TV

- Full Article Source

ITEM #128

11/16/10 - Nobody Will Fix Tires
Members of a Kansas church that protests at military funerals may have found themselves in the wrong town Saturday. Shortly after finishing their protest at the funeral of Army Sgt. Jason James McCluskey of McAlester, a half-dozen protesters from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., headed to their minivan, only to discover that its front and rear passenger-side tires had been slashed. To make matters worse, as their minivan slowly hobbled away on two flat tires, with a McAlester police car following behind, the protesters were unable to find anyone in town who would repair their vehicle, according to police. Finally, they called AAA and they hauled away the vehicle to Walmart. - Full Article Source

ITEM #129

11/16/10 - Detecting with a Difference: The UFO Effect
KeelyNet Edmund Scientific’s Scientifics has managed to come up with a unique UFO detector which will enable people to know whenever any UFO enters Earth. On a first glance, the invention might appear to be foolish, but fact remains that such an invention will go places because of the brevity involved in creating it. Sighting a UFO has so far been riddled with conjectures and suppositions, but with the help of this invention, one can actually say with confidence that a UFO has been spotted. After all the humiliati on and insults, the sureness that this gadget offers to the public regarding the sighting of a UFO is the ultimate selling point of this device. The UFO Detector is powered by a 9V lithium battery and is encased in a see-through plastic case. The devic e picks up on variations in the magnetic and electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s airwaves, and signals the presence of a UFO by flashing an LED and beeping an alarm. Furthermore, the device looks attractive as a showpiece and can be kept as such on a desk or shelf. The plastic cover along with the electronic parts inside the case makes the device really cool and superb – both as a showpiece and as an effective gizmo. All one has to do to assemble the device is solder the electronic parts and glue the plastic parts as per the directions and the detector is ready to function. Additionally, the size of the detector is also not enormous making it easy to carry around. The device measures around 3 ¼ inches in diameter and is 5 ¾ inches tall. Priced at $99 .95, the detector is a gadget worth buying. In today’s world, almost everyone is interested in getting to know about life forms existing outside the planet Earth. - Full Article Source

ITEM #130

11/16/10 - What Happens When You Breath In Nanoparticles?
Scientists have tracked the flow of nanoparticles from the lungs to the bloodstream for the first time. The work could enable the development of new drugs and show how pollution can cause respiratory problems. Researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medica l Center and the Harvard School of Public Health injected fluorescent nanoparticles into rats' lungs and used near-infrared imaging to watch as the particles moved through their bodies. The researchers tracked how far nanoparticles of different size, shap e, and surface charge were able to travel—and how quickly—after being injected. They found that nanoparticles between six and 34 nanometers in diameter were able to get past the lung's defenses to reach the lymph nodes and the bloodstream. This may provid e valuable guidelines for designing nanoparticle-based drugs. The miniscule size of nanoparticles makes them potentially useful for delivering drugs. - Full Article Source

ITEM #131

11/16/10 - Is This the Most Amazing Invention of All Time?
KeelyNet It manages to put even more people on the roads of China, without displacing any other cars, it's partially solar-powered and it costs less than a subway--all factors that lead NewsFeed to believe that the straddling bus just might be the best invention o f 2010. Maybe even all time. We are clearly thrilled with this energy, space saving vehicle and no doubt many of the commuters in China, home of the epic traffic jam, will be thrilled as well. - Full Article Source

ITEM #132

11/16/10 - Taiwan Company Looking at Mechanical Drive Power Plant
Jerry Blevins the inventor of a mechanical power plant has currently entered into talks with a Taiwan company that is non-disclosed for now. The invention for mechanical drive power is an exciting new alterative, which can reduce the cost by half for cons umers. With this said, both parties are interested in building and delivering cheaper more efficient energy for consumer. Jerry Blevins the inventor of a mechanical driven power plant has estimated that this system can be built to deliver power to any city in the world for a fraction of the cost to the power companies. This could reduce the cost of a KW hour by half for the consumer while the power company would still turn a major profit. Jerry Blevins is now seeking markets in the US to deploy the mechanical power plant so consumers can enjoy the benefit of cheaper cleaner energy for their homes. Energy is no longer a luxur y but, a need and in tough economical times their should be a greater demand to produce cheaper and clean energy for consumers that meets their demand without breaking their wallets. Jerry Blevins holds 6 patents and has another half-dozen pending. - Full Article Source

ITEM #133

11/16/10 - MAKE: now available as PDFs
KeelyNet This is exciting news: Today, we started offering all issues of MAKE magazine (I'm the editor-in-chief) as downloadable PDF files. The price $9.99 a copy. If you want to go completely nuts, you can buy the PDF version of all 24 back issues (and our two sp ecial issues) for $199.99. / MAKE magazine brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life, and now you can download MAKE in PDF format. Each PDF of MAKE is loaded with exciting projects that help you make the most of your technology at home and away from home. We celebrate your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will. Published as a quarterly since February 2005, MAKE is a hybrid magazine/book (known as a mook in Japan). MAKE comes from O'Reilly, the Publisher of Record for geeks and tech enthusiasts everywhere. It follows in line with the Hacks books and Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks, but it takes a highly visual and personal approach. - Full Article Source

ITEM #134

11/16/10 - Maxwell's demon demonstration turns information into energy
Until now, demonstrating the conversion of information to energy has been elusive, but University of Tokyo physicist Masaki Sano and colleagues have succeeded in demonstrating it in a nano-scale experiment. In a paper published in Nature Physics they desc ribe how they coaxed a Brownian particle to travel upwards on a "spiral-staircase-like" potential energy created by an electric field solely on the basis of information on its location. The team observed the particle using a high-speed camera. The particl e had some thermal energy and moved in random directions. When it was moving up the staircase they allowed it to move freely, but when it moved down the staircase they blocked its movement via a virtual wall created by an electric field. The virtual wall therefore acted like a Maxwell’s demon, only allowing the particle to move in one direction, but not forcing or pushing it. As the particle traveled up the staircase it gained energy from moving to an area of higher potential, and the team was able to mea sure precisely how much energy had been converted from information. The experiment did not violate the second law of thermodynamics because energy was consumed in the experiment by the apparatus used, and by the experimenters themselves, who did work in m onitoring the particle and adjusting the voltage, but Sano said the experiment does demonstrate that information can be used as a medium for transferring energy. - Full Article Source

ITEM #135

11/16/10 - How quantum mechanics brought us the Blu-ray player
"Everybody thought we'd have a revolution in energy, instead we had a revolution in information." Dr. James Kakalios is a physics professor at the University of Minnesota and a science adviser for movies like Watchmen. In this short video he delves into t he history of the laser, and why our ability to stuff more and more information onto a compact disk has been all about the development of new and different laser types. It's one of several trailers for his new book, The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics, which attempts to explain how we got to the world we live in today, rather than the future our grandparents imagined—and what all of that has to do with guys like Erwin Schroedinger and - Full Article Source

ITEM #136

11/16/10 - Super cheap DNA sequencing using quantum tunneling
A new technique has been suggested for much more rapidly and cheaply reading DNA code. The technique relies on a fundamental property of matter known as quantum tunneling, which operates at the subatomic scale. New research indicates that single bases ins ide a DNA chain can indeed be read with tunneling, without interference from neighboring bases, pointing the way to low cost, rapid DNA sequencing. - Full Article Source

ITEM #137

11/16/10 - Uncle Sam has too much gas
The U.S. is starting to supply gas to Europe. The surplus of domestic production and the active procurement of LNG in Qatar allowed the country to re-export gas using the so-called arbitrage transactions which means transferring purchased gas to new buyer s. The first gas transport will come to the UK this weekend. The re-export of gas to Europe from the U.S. indicates that shale gas is having an increasing impact on the global gas market. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the excess supp ly may cause gas suppliers to reduce prices. In 2009 the U.S. produced 620 billion cubic meters of gas, which is almost 40 billion more than Russia. Now the share of shale fuels in total gas production in America, according to the Energy Department of the U.S., is 15%. The U.S. is the largest producer of shale gas in the world. In one year, gas production from unconventional sources, mainly from shale deposits, has jumped by 30 billion cubic meters. America's need in the imported liquefied gas has dropped sharply, and its price has dropped more than two-fold. - Full Article Source

ITEM #138

11/16/10 - GE To Buy 25,000 EVs, Starting With the Chevy Volt
"In what's claimed as the largest-ever single electric vehicle commitment, GE plans to acquire 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015. The buying spree will initially involve 12,000 GM vehicles, beginning with GM's Chevy Volt in 2011. By converting most of its own 30,000-strong global fleet, and promoting EV adoption among its 65,000 global fleet customers, GE hopes to be in a strong position to help deploy the vehicles' supporting infrastructure, including charging stations, circuit protection equipment, and t ransformers. In contrast to the all-electric Nissan Leaf, the Volt implements a small gas engine, which can recharge the vehicle's battery to extend its range beyond the 100 mile limit of all-electric cars like the Leaf, leading some to question the Volt' s EV credentials." - Full Article Source

ITEM #139

11/16/10 - Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: Prison-style strip searches?
Ted Balaker says or : "I came across an old public domain Bureau of Prisons training video and was saddened by how much it reminded me of airport security screenings -- even the prison guards' uniforms look like TSA uniforms at first glance! It' s getting harder to tell the airline passengers from the prison inmates."

You've heard about the passenger who opted out of a full-body scan (a.k.a. "a virtual strip search") and was subjected to an intrusive and humiliating pat down. "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested," passenger John Tyner told Transportation Secur ity Administration workers in San Diego. Well, rest easy, John and other passengers offended by both full-body scans and hands-on searches.

TSA won't touch your junk or your breasts or buttocks. If they begin to strip search passengers as if they're prison inmates, they'll do just what correctional officers do: They'll make you do all the nasty work.

What follows is an excerpt from a training video for prison guards on how to make sure that inmates aren't hiding contraband. The video makes for extremely uncomfortable watching and viewer discretion—and outrage—is advised. After all, this may well be th e next step in how the TSA, one of the least effective and efficient government agencies of all time, goes about its daily business. - Full Article Source

ITEM #140

11/16/10 - Ears Might Be Better Than Fingerprints For ID
"A new study says that outer ear could be better unique identification mark in human beings than finger prints. 'When you're born your ear is fully formed. The lobe descends a little, but overall it stays the same. It's a great way to identify people,' sa id Mark Nixon, a computer scientist at the University of Southampton and leader of the research. Nixon and his team presented a paper at the IEEE Fourth International Conference on Biometrics and using an algorithm identified people with 99.6 per cent acc uracy." - Full Article Source

ITEM #141

11/16/10 - Devastating landslide swallows Brazilian port
According to the description on YouTube, a "backhoe was excavating for the construction of a ramp 150 m from the port and into the Rio Negro," causing a "strip of land of at least 300 meters long from the port to slide over the work." It happened in Octob er. - Full Article Source

ITEM #142

11/16/10 - 'Smart' Vending Machines Triple Sales
"A vending machine in Japan which recommends drinks to customers based on facial recognition data has tripled sales. JR East Water Business has previously installed two vending machines in JR Shinagawa station and it is believed that the recognition techn ology is responsible for a vast increase in sales in comparison to traditional machines. The vending machines recommend beverages after physical attributes of customers are picked up by sensors which allow the machines determine age, sex and other attribu tes, before offering a number of suggestions." - Full Article Source

ITEM #143

11/16/10 - Aerial Drone To Hunt For Life On Mars
KeelyNet "What if the Martian terrain is too rugged for a rover to traverse? How do we study surface features that are too small for an orbiter to resolve? If selected by NASA, the Aerial Regional-Scale Environment Surveyor (ARES) could soar high above the Martian landscape, getting a unique birds-eye view of the Red Planet. Its primary mission is to sniff out potential microbial-life-generating gases like methane, but it would also be an ideal reconnaissance vehicle to find future landing sites for a manned exped ition. Prototypes of the rocket-powered drone have been successfully flown here on Earth, so will we see ARES on Mars any time soon?" - Full Article Source

ITEM #144

11/16/10 - Video Games Found To Enhance Visual Attention
"Reporting on new research from WIREs Cognitive Science, IndustryGamers writes: 'Action games like Call of Duty and Halo can enhance visual attention, the ability that helps us focus on relevant visual information. The mental mechanism allows people to se lect pertinent visual information and ignore irrelevant information. It suggests that action titles can be used to augment military training, educational tools, and correct visual deficits.' Shawn Green, co-author of the study, commented, 'At the core of these action video game-induced improvements appears to be a remarkable enhancement in the ability to flexibly and precisely control attention, a finding that could have a variety of real-world applications. For example, those in professions that demand " super-normal" visual attention, such as fighter pilots, would benefit enormously from enhanced visual attention, as their performance and lives depend on their ability to react quickly and accurately to primarily visual information." - Full Article Source

ITEM #145

11/13/10 - Water heater technology under pavement
KeelyNet A new invention in development by Acton-based Novotech, Inc. will use the energy of the sun as it hits pavement as an energy-efficient water heater. The company calls the new technology the Roadway Power System. According to Tracy Snelling, vice president of business development, four million miles of paved roads in the United States present an untapped market for hidden solar power. Running tubes underneath existing pavement is invisible, he said, unlike rooftop solar panels. Parking lots and airport run ways in warm climates would be ideal locations for the technology, Snelling said. Narrow plastic tubing called PEX material is laid down in a meandering pattern several inches under freshly-poured pavement. Fluid pumped through the pavement collects the h eat from the black top as the sun warms it, even hours after the sun sets, Snelling said. At the company’s test sites in Arizona, the system has produced water up to 150 degrees, Snelling said. But for hot water uses such as showers, 120 degrees is plenty . Novotech is currently experimenting with ways to optimize the heat transfer, such as different glazes and aggregate mixtures for the asphalt. While the simplest application of this technology is heating water, Snelling said the heat could also be collec ted and used for air conditioning by filtering it through a heat exchanger, which uses a chemical reaction. HOW IT COULD BE USED - An example of a key market for the technology would be a hotel, using the parking-lot piping for its hot water, Snelling sai d. Another user could be a commercial business that converted the technology into air conditioning. But while the company is based in Acton, the technology would be more useful to the warmer, southern half of the country than New England. According to Sne lling, studies have shown that cities with large amounts of paved road, such as Los Angles, Calif., create a warmer atmosphere because the hot pavement holds the sun’s heat. Therefore, he said, that city uses even more energy on air conditioning. Novotech ’s technology could help mitigate the effect of the copious pavement by turning it into a green energy machine. - Full Article Source

ITEM #146

11/13/10 - 2011 Chevrolet Volt Full Test and Video
When it comes to calculating the Volt's efficiency you have to consider that the Volt has two fuel tanks — one is for electrons and the other is for gasoline. The sticky part here is that one tank's capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours, which are rather different sorts of things from gallons. Quite a quandary. Here's a workaround — pretend you're pumping money into those tanks instead. Since energy in either form costs money, dollars make for a convenient universal unit. Then you can compare your total running cost to any other car, or a lawn mower, even a margarita blender. During its time with us, our 2011 Chevy Volt tester consumed energy at the rate of 39.0 kilowatt-hours per 100 miles when in electric-only mode and averaged 31.1 mpg in gas engine a ssistance mode. We paid an average of $0.31 per kilowatt-hour of electricity and $3.31 per gallon of 91 octane swill, so the magic of arithmetic tells us that each one of the Volt's miles driven on electricity cost us more money than if it'd simply consum ed gasoline instead. That's due in part to our high electricity rate — had our rate dropped to $0.24 per kilowatt-hour, we'd have reached parity on a cost-per-mile basis between electrons and dinosaurs. That's a pretty achievable bogey as the average base rate in the states where the Volt will be sold in the first year is $0.16 per kilowatt-hour. This brings us to the crux of the plug-in hybrid cost situation, which is that the cost of electricity varies tremendously based on provider, region, season and time of day, plus there may (or may not) be special rates for plug-in hybrids and EVs. Many consumers will save money by plugging in rather than running the Volt on gasoline. Others will not. Figuring out those costs is a devilishly complex exercise, and would-be Volt buyers are urged to contact their utility provider, who will work up an analysis to help determine the cost of plugging in. First, though, you'll have to decide whether the Volt's sticker is something you can swallow. The Volt starts at $40, 000 and our tester, equipped with leather, a back-up camera and polished wheels, totaled $43,685. A federal $7,500 tax credit helps to soften the blow. There's also the cost of the high-voltage fast charger that you will really want, as it allows access t o lower electricity rates. Besides, recharging with the wall socket is like filling a swimming pool with a syringe. - Full Article Source

ITEM #147

11/13/10 - Cutting The Cord
KeelyNet The phrase "cutting the cord" refers to people canceling their cable TV, in favor of internet-based entertainment. Are people really doing it? Cable cord-cutters are all talk, survey indicates. Cable TV is truly a rip-off -- especially when you don't even watch it. My most recent Comcast bill was $126.30. Internet service accounts for $50, and $72 is for TV. The rest is taxes, surcharges, and fees. It seems like every few months, the bill increased by a few dollars. We have the "digital starter package," which (I think) is their lowest-price package that includes HD. Pamn watches some movies, but I watch just about no TV.

According to Nielsen data, only 6 percent of broadband households have already stopped using cable in lieu of cheaper Internet-based TV. Idell admitted that consumers may one day forgo paid TV service to watch TV exclusively over a broadband connection, but that day hasn't come yet.

Every time I turn it on, I get disgusted by the commercials. I used to watch some movies on demand, but Netflix is much more convenient for that. The alternatives are satellite (which is just as expensive), or over-the-air TV, via an antenna. If this site is accurate, Tucson has only six over-the-air TV stations, and only three of them are HD. I think I'll buy an antenna and see how it works. Paying $72 a month for nothing makes no sense.

(I too cut off my cable and just watch TV and videos on the net. My combined internet and cable was $90/month and they advertise internet as $30 but they 'insisted' I needed the minimum cable (no channels) to use the net. So now I pay $50 a month for pure internet. Ordered a wireless keyboard w/mouse to control the computer from a distance. So far, I'm loving it but I just need to get a list of where my favorite shows are located. is a good one, of course and Fox. - JWD) - Full Article Source

ITEM #148

11/13/10 - Night owls vs. morning people: Who's smarter?
Recent evidence shows that people who thrive at night have higher IQs. Early risers beg to differ. Are you the type who stays up late to finish your work, or do you get up early to make a fresh start on the day? If it's the former, you may be pleased to l earn new research has found that those with higher IQs tend to be nocturnal night-owls. But if it's the latter, you might have good reason to distrust the claim. Here's an instant guide: Is there solid science behind this finding? Sleep researchers tend t o divide people into two groups, explains zoologist Robert Alison in the Winnipeg Free Press, based on whether they exhibit "morningness" or "eveningness." A recent study claims that eveningness is an evolutionary advancement that marks out "more intellig ent individuals," while "those with lower IQs tend to restrict their activities primarily to daytime." - Full Article Source

ITEM #149

11/13/10 - Fighting Harbor Fog With “Electric Mist” (Jan, 1933)
KeelyNet A NEW way to get rid of fog has been recently proposed. Experts long have believed that the chief cause of fog is electrification of the tiny, individual water droplets, so that these repel each other and will not combine to form ordinary raindrops. By el ectric tests, a German professor has confirmed the fact that fog always is electrified and can be dispersed if electrification is removed or neutralized. His process for doing this is to test the fog to see if it is electrified positively or negatively, a nd then to blow into it from nozzles streams of artificial fog the water particles of which have been electrified artificially with the opposite polarity. Artificial fog containing positive electricity for example, combines with a natural one that is nega tively electrified, so that water particles of both fogs cluster and fall as rain. - Full Article Source

ITEM #150

11/13/10 - Dangerous Chemicals in Food Wrappers Likely Migrating to Humans
University of Toronto scientists have found that chemicals used to line junk food wrappers and microwave popcorn bags are migrating into food and being ingested by people where they are contributing to chemical contamination observed in blood. Perfluorina ted carboxylic acids or PFCAs are the breakdown products of chemicals used to make non-stick and water- and stain-repellent products ranging from kitchen pans to clothing to food packaging. PFCAs, the best known of which is perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), are found in humans all around the world. “We suspected that a major source of human PFCA exposure may be the consumption and metabolism of polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters or PAPs,” says Jessica D’eon, a graduate student in the University of Toronto’s De partment of Chemistry. “PAPs are applied as greaseproofing agents to paper food contact packaging such as fast food wrappers and microwave popcorn bags.” - Full Article Source

ITEM #151

11/13/10 - ‘Mighty Mouse’ that retains its enhanced muscle bulk as it ages
The breakthrough paves the way for a pill to give pensioners the strength of their youth, cutting the risk of falls and fractures in old age. Such a drug could also benefit the young who suffer with crippling muscle-wasting diseases such as muscular dystrophy. The experiments used stem-cell technology to beef up the muscles of mice, stopping t hem from withering as they aged. Young animals with injured legs were given injections of stem cells and small pieces of muscle from healthy animals. The researchers expected the stem cells, which play a key role in repairing wear and tear, to help heal t he injury. But the results far exceeded their expectations. Not only was the injured muscle repaired within days but it quickly bulked up, reaching more than twice its original size. And instead of withering over time, it remained large and powerful for t he rest of the animal’s life. Bradley Olwin, of the University of Colorado, said: ‘We found that the transplanted stem cells are permanently altered and reduce the ageing of the transplanted muscle, maintaining strength and mass. This was a very exciting and unexpected result.’ Stem cells are ‘blank cells’ with the ability to turn into other cell types. In this case, it is thought that the injection of stem cells and muscle fibres enhanced the natural process of repair in the injured leg. The researchers are checking if human stem cells have a similar effect when injected into mice. They said: ‘If those experiments produce positive results, it would suggest that transplanting human muscle cells is feasible.’ An easier option would be creating a pill that kick-starts the stem cells normally found in muscle, the journal Science Translational Medicine reports. - Full Article Source

ITEM #152

11/13/10 - Why Are Modern Cars So Expensive?
Cost of ownership is higher on newer cars, largely because they're more capable, far cleaner and fuel-efficient and far safer. That 1965 Mustang you used to fix for a few bucks doesn't come close to meeting today's government regulations, goes down the ro ad like a tractor compared with a modern car and had few of the electronic doodads we now take for granted. Ultimately, however, we pay for the technology—a 1965 Mustang cost just $2500—both initially and for repairs. Here are some examples of why fixing today's cars is so expensive. - Full Article Source

ITEM #153

11/13/10 -
KeelyNet Diagnosis: Religion Gone Crazy

Definition: A mental disorder that makes it difficult to tell the difference between real and unreal experiences, facts and falsehoods, to think logically or rationally, to have normal emotional responses, and to behave normally in social situations that call for control of one’s sanity.


* False beliefs or thoughts that have nothing to do with reality (delusions)
* Hearing, seeing, or feeling things that are not there (hallucinations)
* Delusions of persecution or grandeur
* Child-like (regressive) behavior
* Delusions – A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence.
* Hallucinations

Treatment: Love thy Lord, Jesus, Allah, or whatever deity you so choose, but go throughout your life in complete craziness.

First off, welcome! Second, we love the religious! We just think they can be kinda crazy sometimes. Well ok, pretty much most of the time it seems. You see, this site was created because we observed – on an almost daily occurrence – how one can find numerous examples showing just how “crazy” some of the religious can be in their actions, views, and opinions. Even the moderates who keep to themselves we find to be crazy. For example, if you think God talks to you and praying really works, well there’s a couple of reasons of many as to why they are just as crazy as the religious extremists. But we find it odd that these people usually receive no repercussions or negative connotation placed on them by the majority of society. You see, if a crazy statement is made by any one else who is non-religious or not under the guise of religion, or say who is truly mentally ill, the men in white jackets would appear, place the crazy person in a straight jacket, and they would be placed into a padded room until the stabilizing medications kicked in. Yet, when backed by religion, you can say and do all the crazy things you want – it’s considered still sane, still in reality, still respected in this society. - Full Article Source

ITEM #154

11/13/10 - Freshman recognized for pain relieving invention
Katherine Bomkamp, a freshman political science major at West Virginia University, is the first student from WVU to be inducted into the National Museum of Education's National Gallery for America's Young Inventors. Her invention is called "The Pain Free Socket" and will help amputees to eliminate phantom pain, which is the pain caused by the brain sending signals and commands to a missing limb. She incorporated thermal biofeedback into the prosthetics to eliminate the pain. She said she was inspired to h elp amputees within the community by seeing how much pain they were in when she would visit the hospital. "I wanted to do something that made pain one less obstacle they had to face," Bomkamp said. "I wanted to make it easier for them." - Full Article Source

ITEM #155

11/13/10 - Helicopter POV display is a masterwork
KeelyNet Yes! A radio control helicopter with a fairly high-resolution persistence-of-vision display is a beautiful thing. [Mziwisky's] handiwork is the result of several steps along the prototyping path. He built up a POV test rig on a breadboard, designed his fi rst PCB for the project, and then went to work building it. After initially being inspired by a POV ceiling fan [Mziwisky] looked around to see if anyone else had already added a display to a helicopter. Indeed, this has been done before but there were ve ry few details on the build. The helicopter has two blades and each have the same hardware on them and gobbled up about ten hours of assembly time each. He basically built a printed circuit board using the blades as a substrate by attaching adhesive coppe r foil. This makes up the matrix for the LEDs and connects to a small circuit board with an ATmega8 and some shift registers mounted on the inside end of the blade. There’s also a 180 mAh LiPo battery pack, and a hall effect sensor to synchronize the disp lay on each. The results are spectacular, as you can see in the video after the break, but there’s a few bugs left to work out in order to fully tame the 32 LEDs on each rotor. - Full Article Source

ITEM #156

11/13/10 - Pocket toilet welcome relief to motorists this Christmas
The pocket toilet is priced at £3.99, and a major retailer of car accessories, Halfords, has noted that they saw a 50 percent increase in the sales of the toilet during summer this year. Top sales were recorded during the weekends of major music festivals like The Big Chill and Glastonbury. Halfords believe that the pocket toilet, a disposable device that was created by Arden Healthcare, will be one of this year’s most unusual Christmas presents. Sales figures from last year show an increase of 250 percen t during the month of December. The pocket toilet is able to be stored easily in the glove compartment of any car. The toilet is made up of a liquid pad that turns solid in seconds. Halfords said is considered to be the best idea for emergencies when you are miles from a service station. The maker of the pocket toilet says that there are no worries to be had about leakages or the smell, with the product being ideal for anyone of any age. Sarah Cooksley of Halfords said that they want their customers to b e able to enjoy their journey without the worry about being near a toilet. - Full Article Source

ITEM #157

11/13/10 - Illegal Hispanics Are Leaving
KeelyNet A controversial immigration law in Arizona has likely provoked the voluntary departure of 100,000 Hispanics from the southern US state, according to a study released Wednesday. "Several months after the law was applied, it's possible to observe a lower nu mber of Hispanics in that area of America. We estimate there are 100,000 less Hispanics compared to the start of 2010," said the report by the private BBVA Bancomer foundation, released at the two-day Global Forum on Migration and Development, in the Paci fic resort of Puerto Vallarta. "It's possible that this reduction is largely due to the potential application of the law," the report said. It was unclear where those who left Arizona had gone, but most were probably elsewhere in the United States, it add ed. - Full Article Source

ITEM #158

11/13/10 - Efficient dairy effluent system invented
A Southland entrepreneur believes he can save New Zealand one billion litres of water a day with his new dairy effluent system. On farms across the country, the daily effluent from dairy animals ends up in huge 60-day holding ponds, until the paddocks are dry enough for dispersal. But those ponds also use up water, so inventor Lindsay Lewis decided to create a more efficient way of dealing with effluent and reducing the water intake. Unlike the huge effluent ponds, Lewis' patented system, called The Weepi ng Wall, is much smaller and takes out 25% more solids than any other solid separator. The liquid from the Weeping Wall is then pumped straight into the tanks and out onto the paddocks with a special distribution system that spreads the effluent efficient ly. - Full Article Source

ITEM #159

11/13/10 - Micro-model airplane fun
Fun video of micro-model airplane builders having a blast inside a gymnasium in Japan somewhere. Rubber band ornithopters! Flying angels! Itty-bitty biplanes! Styrofoam pterodactyls and sea turtles! / Some very well engineered micro planes(translated) hav e been buzzing around the net. The goal here is ultra light weight. These suped-up paper planes have a remarkable target weight of around 10 grams (translated). The lighter the micro plane is the slower and more maneuverable it will be leading to some pre tty interesting and scary applications. For controls it looks like many of the planes are using infrared receivers/transmitters (much like you would find in a TV remote hint hint). Getting the lightest plane possible has forced the designers to come up wi th some pretty ingenious tricks. For example, instead of using packaged servos they use a coil of wire wrapped around a rare earth magnet to control the flaps. You can see these home made “servos” in action after the break. Some have taken a more classic approach and used rubber band power instead of a li-po/motor combo. (2nd commentary via - Full Article Source

ITEM #160

11/13/10 - Small Businesses Will Help US Keep Pace With Asia’s Clean Tech
Of the 1,000 leading organizations in the U.S. patent system, over half are American, while roughly a quarter are Asian. One would expect patents directed to clean tech to see a similar breakdown. Yet, twenty-four of the Clean Tech 50 companies, as ranke d by IEEE Spectrum, are Asian, while only twenty-two are American. Thus, based on patent registrations, Asian companies seem far more focused on clean tech than American companies. If the president’s prediction is true, this statistic does not bode well for America’s continued global economic leadership. One solution is to encourage small business innovation, or at least not inhibit it. Looking at U.S. patent registration highlights, the connection between small businesses and innovation is indisputable . While a far greater number of patents issue to large American firms, according to a 2008 1790 Analytics report, “small firm patents tend to be more significant than large firm patents.” - Full Article Source

ITEM #161

11/13/10 - Camping with Battery Powered LED Christmas Lights
KeelyNet I have discovered that these battery-powered LED Christmas tree lights are really great for camping. They are not really bright, lack the noise from a gas lantern, they are non flammable, use rechargeable batteries, seem pretty durable (I have had them in the back of my truck for a while now) are ridiculously cheap, and they don't seem to attract bugs like all other lights that i have used. I have slowed the use of my headlamp. No more blinding people when you look at them while camping. I also like not h aving to use the loud mantle lanterns or the hurricane type lanterns that leak oil and spill. I string them up around the awning attached to my truck and then to the inside of the shell when I sleep or camp in there. I got mine for around 5 dollars includ ing shipping. Outside of using them for camping they are also really fun to swing around at night while taking long exposure photos. (via - Full Article Source

ITEM #162

11/13/10 - Sleep enhances and organizes your memories
Scientists have found that sleep helps consolidate memories, fixing them in the brain so we can retrieve them later. Now, new research is showing that sleep also seems to reorganize memories, picking out the emotional details and reconfiguring the memorie s to help you produce new and creative ideas, according to new research by Jessica D. Payne of the University of Notre Dame and Elizabeth A. Kensinger of Boston College. - Full Article Source

ITEM #163

11/13/10 - Global flood to destroy mankind
Scientists continue to scare the world population with imminent disasters. This time, the role of the force of nature that will destroy the planet was given to the Global Flood. Spanish hydrologists believe that it can occur in the beginning of this centu ry due to the melting of the glaciers. Will their predictions come true? the authors of this forecast are convinced that melting of the arctic ice will cause cooling of the Gulf Stream. It is not very clear how this is connected to the global warming that is to cause the rise of the water temperature in the tropics where the Gulf Stream starts. In addition, it seems that two mutually exclusive processes will occur on Earth simultaneously - rising of the temperature and glaciers melting, and cooling of the Gulf Stream. But back to our climate-related horror story invented by the Spanish hydrologists. The cooling of the Gulf Stream will destroy the temperature balance in the north. The world population will not be able to live on the remaining territories o f Great Britain, Ireland and partially Canada. The melting of the southern glaciers threatens nearly all the rest of island countries in the Pacific and Indian oceans, as well as Australia and South America. What is the conclusion of the story? It looks l ike there will be simultaneous global warming and new ice age. However, this idea is so absurd that even school kids are not scared by it. Yet, the researchers might have meant something else. - Full Article Source

ITEM #164

11/13/10 - Engineers Propose Lily Pad-Like Floating Cities


"The idea of going offshore to satisfy our renewable energy needs isn't new, but the grand vision of Japan's Shimizu Corporation goes way beyond harnessing green energy at sea for use in cities on Terra firma — it takes the whole city along for the ride. The company, along with the Super Collaborative Graduate School and Nomura Securities, is researching the technical issues involved in constructing its Green Float concept — a self-sufficient, carbon-negative floating city that would reside in the Equator ial Pacific Ocean." - Full Article Source

ITEM #165

11/13/10 - Man Loses Millions In Bizarre Virus-Protection Scam
"A US court has heard that a couple conned at least $6 million from the great-grandson of an oil industry tycoon after he brought his virus-infected computer in for repair. The couple are said to have tricked the composer into believing that, while invest igating the virus, they had found evidence that his life was in danger – concocting a story that the virus had been tracked to a hard drive in Honduras, and that evidence had been found that the composer's life was in danger." The victim here, Roger David son, may have lost as much as $20 million, after being convinced that he was in danger from a grand conspiracy. Vickram Bedi and girlfriend Helga Invarsdottir convinced Davidson to pay $160,000 monthly, and possibly much more, for their help. - Full Article Source

ITEM #166

11/13/10 - Gold Nanoparticles Turn Trees Into Streetlights
KeelyNet "Street lights are an important part of our urban infrastructure — they light our way home and make the roads safe at night. But what if we could create natural street lights that don't need electricity to power them? A group of scientists in Taiwan recen tly discovered that placing gold nanoparticles within the leaves of trees causes them to give off a luminous reddish glow. The idea of using trees to replace street lights is an ingenious one — not only would it save on electricity costs and cut CO2 emiss ions, but it could also greatly reduce light pollution in major cities." / The discovery came about accidentally after the scientists were looking for a way to create high-efficiency lighting similar to LED technology, but without using toxic chemicals su ch as phosphor powder. Speaking about the development, Professor Shih-Hui Chang said, “Light emitting diode (LED) has replaced traditional light source in many display panels and street lights on the road. A lot of light emitting diode, especially white l ight emitting diode, uses phosphor powder to stimulate light of different wavelengths. However, phosphor powder is highly toxic and its price is expensive. As a result, Dr. Yen-Hsun Wu had the idea to discover a method that is less toxic to replace phosph or powder. This is a major motivation for him to engage in the research at the first place.” By implanting the gold nanoparticles into the leaves of the Bacopa caroliniana plants, the scientists were able to induce the chlorophyll in the leaves to produce a red emission. Under a high wavelength of ultraviolet light, the gold nanoparticles were able to produce a blue-violet fluorescence to trigger a red emission in the surrounding chlorophyll. - Full Article Source

ITEM #167

11/13/10 - US Army Develops Tooth Cleaning Gum
"To help deal with some of the hygiene issues on the battlefield, the US Army worked on a gum to take the place of brushing your teeth. This might be eventually released and marketed to the public. While there are many gums out there that aren't so detrim ental to your teeth, this one promises actually to help them out." - Full Article Source

ITEM #168

11/13/10 - Military Uses 'Bat-Hook' To Tap Power From Lines
"As soldiers are fitted out with more and more electrical sytems to extend their capabilities, they become increasingly dependent on the power needed to run them. Since soldiers in the field don't always have ready access to an electrical outlet when they need to top up the batteries, the US Air Force has developed a device that taps directly into the electricity flowing through overhead power lines ... a kind of bat-hook for real-life superheroes." - Full Article Source

ITEM #169

11/13/10 - White House Edited Oil Drilling Safety Report
"The Interior Department inspector general has released a report stating that the White House edited a drilling safety report by reordering paragraphs to make it appear as though a seven-member panel of independent experts supported the six-month ban on o ffshore drilling. The IG report states, 'The White House edit of the original DOI draft executive summary led to the implication that the moratorium recommendation had been peer-reviewed by the experts,' but the panel had only reviewed a draft of safety r ecommendations and not a drilling ban. The White House has issued a statement saying that there was 'no intentional misrepresentation of their views.' This follows complaints from scientists and environmentalists that the administration has not been holdi ng to its promise of policy guided by science and not ideology." - Full Article Source

ITEM #170

11/12/10 - Christmas is almost Upon Us!
KeelyNet Get your Mexistim Christmas Gift orders in now to insure you receive them to give before Christmas! Lee Crock claimed his 'energy cleaner' invention (similar to the Mexistim) assists the body to purge toxins from the cells. His analogy goes something like this,

'It's like taking a bucket lined with dried mud which is similar to the toxins that build up in the cell. If you fill the bucket with water and empty it, you have removed some of the toxins. By continually filling and emptying the bucket with fresh water, you will eventually have a clean bucket. This is what is believed to happen in the cells when using the machine. One polarity pulls fluid into the cells, the other polarity ejects the fluid, now laden with toxins, from the cells.'

As you know, no one can make claims of cures without running afoul of the medical establishment who themselves don't have absolute cures. Each person's body is different with a constantly changing acid and alkali balance, varying daily stresses and other factors which affect healing.

We are basically living filters which trap all kinds of toxins and noxious materials from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe and which settle in our tissues to bring about a variety of illnesses, cancer and even organ failure.

Disclaimer : I make NO CLAIMS regarding any claims of cures or healing from using the Mexistim Polarity Cycler. All the Mexistim does is switch the polarity from batteries and that polarity is applied to one or more conductive wirescreens. Nothing more. What I do relate are my own experiences and examples of email anecdotes regarding the experiences of others who have built their own or bought one of my Mexistim Polarity Cyclers as described and sold herein. If you have health issues, please consult a qu alified medical practitioner.
- Mexistim Website for information and ordering

ITEM #171

11/10/10 - Nov. 13th - 21st century Thomas Edisons to gather in Denver
Interested in the next big thing from the world of inventions? Final preparations are underway for the 6th annual Colorado Inventor Showcase. We previewed the event on 9NEWS 7 a.m. "Inventors from all over the country are brought into Colorado for this ev ent and this show case allows these passionate people to tell the world what they were working on." Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute Thomas Frey said. "Not only do you get to see the invention you get to talk to the inventor and you get to find out what is going on in their mind while they are working on this new idea." Some of the inventions to come out of Colorado are baseball pitching aides, stackable water for preventing flooding, and a hydroponic gardening system. This year's event is expe cting over 70 celebrity judges including TV personalities (Gregg Moss among them), business leaders, corporate executives, magazine editors and many more. Software, commercial and consumer products will be just a few of the inventions among the judging. A lso, keynote speaker Robert Stoll of the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) will be speaking about Giving Flight to your Invention. The event will be held at Rotors of the Rockies located at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport on Saturday N ov. 13, 2010 from noon until 7:30 p.m. General admission tickets are $35 for non-members and $25 for members. Tickets for children are $5. For those who want to get in early and behind the scenes VIP admission is available. VIP tickets for non-members are $119 and $99 for member. VIP ticket admissions will allow individuals to enter the showcase early at 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. For more information: - Full Article Source

ITEM #172

11/10/10 - A way to bioengineer a road without asphalt or concrete
KeelyNet Researchers have found a biological treatment that can turn ordinary sand into hard, durable pavement at a fraction of the cost of asphalt pavement. The processes uses a common bacteria called Bacillus Pasteurii to cement grains of sand with calcium carbo nate, biologically inducing the production of a road bed made of sandstone. Sandstonge roads increase the pavement reflectance throughout a city by up to 20% resulting in a 2-3 degree Celsius urban air temperature reduction. Sandstone roads slow the rate of ground-level ozone fromation and reduce evaporative emissions from vehicles. Increasing pavement albedo with Sandstone in cities worldwide to an average of 39% could achieve reductions in global CO2 emissions worth ~$400 Billion. Sandstone pavements e nhance visibilty at night, reducing lighting requirements, saving enery and increasing safety.

Designer's own words: 'the world is suffering from a material found outside of every doorway. asphalt has been used as the conventional paving material for the last 80 years. extremely toxic chemicals are released in its production, installation, and are off-gassed throughout its lifetime. asphalt greatly contributes to the urban heat island effect, reaching peak temperatures of 48-67 degrees celsius. at current consumption levels, approximately 28,000,000 barrels of crude oil were required to create sout h korea's 86,990 km roadway system. this is roughly 5 times the amount of oil released into the gulf of mexico. our project proposes the use of an organic process to create sandstone from sand as an alternate paving surface, thereby mitigating the harmful effects of asphalt.' - Full Article Source

ITEM #173

11/10/10 - Patent Validity: Offers to Sell an Invention
SUMMARY: If a patented invention is sold, or even offered for sale, more than one year before the patent application date, then a U.S. patent is unavailable. Many foreign countries refuse patents even if the offer to sell occurs only one day before filing for the patent. While the definition of an actual completed sale of a patent invention is self-explanatory, one needs to determine what type of offer for sale would prevent patenting an invention after one year. - Full Article Source

ITEM #174

11/10/10 - How Much Protection Does $99 Provisional Patent Really Provide?
KeelyNet "There are lower-cost alternatives to formal patent applications that do not involve any particular format requirements, but the risk of not having a patent application reviewed by a patent practitioner can be significant," Mr. Gzybowski cautions. "A defective application can result in losing protection and the rights to an invention, a cost far greater than the investment of a thorough, up-front patent review." While the USPTO promotes benefits in using the provisional patent application, these benefits apply only to applications that are converted into formal or non-provisional patent applications within 12 months from the provisional patent filing date. The USPTO also puts the burden on the applicant to keep track and convert the provisional patent app lication into a formal one. Mr. Gzybowski advises that applicants consider the following factors before filing a provisional patent application through the Internet:

1) Websites only offer thumbnail explanations of the legal requirements. Be sure to understand the whole picture.

2) Although there is no particular format requirement, provisional patent applications still have to meet the requirements of Title 35 of the U.S. Code (35 USC) and Title 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations (37 CFR) including written description, enablement and best mode requirements, and artwork/drawings when appropriate. Failure to meet any of these terms can result in a "fatally defective" provisional patent application. Attempts at making corrections when converting to a formal application may result in "new matter" rejections, preventing an applicant from being able to correct and salvage a defective provisional patent application.

3) Websites often promote that inventors may use "patent pending" notices in conjunction with their inventions. These notices do not provide any enforceable rights against third parties; they are only for granted patents. Continuous use of a "patent pending" notice based on a provisional patent application that has not been converted into a formal application within 12 months of its filing date can expose the applicant to false marking claims including penalties of up to $500 for every falsely marked product.

According to Mr. Gzybowski, these considerations apply to large and small companies, as well as to individual inventors. Provisional patent applications should be carefully considered by all patent applicants and used only in appropriate situations such as: When a filing date is needed quickly before an invention becomes available to the public; a filing date is needed before an invention has been used publicly or offered for sale in the U.S. or published more than one year prior; or if an inventor wishes to "test the water" and determine the commercial viability of an invention before more money is invested in preparing and filing a formal patent application. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Invention Prototypes, Prototyping & Prototype Basics
You do not want to rush right out and start spending money without a strategy. Doing a patent search to see if there is any realistic opportunity to move forward is a wise first step, and should be done simultaneously or on the heels of some kind of mark et analysis. These two items together will help determine whether there is enough money and enough chance of exclusive rights to warrant moving forward. Next, file a provisional patent application to define the invention and lock in rights. Once a prov isional patent application is on file then taking to partners, investors and openly doing additional market research is more appropriate and safe. Following this path will allow you to invest funds little by little. Each step of the way you want to conti nually reevaluate and decide whether moving forward and investing more funds continues to make sense. Determination is key, but also knowing when to cut and run, thereby preserving funds, is essential. Your first invention is not likely to be your last invention, but if you waste all your money and it doesn’t turn out positive then you likely won’t have funds to move forward on the next invention, which might have been the winner. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - The McGurk Effect - you hear what you see
The McGurk effect is a perceptual phenomenon which demonstrates an interaction between hearing and vision in speech perception. It suggests that speech perception is multimodal, that is, that it involves information from more than one sensory modality. Fo r example, a visual /ga/ combined with an audio /ba/ is often heard as /da/. Further research has shown that it can exist throughout whole sentences. The effect is very robust; that is, knowledge about it seems to have little effect on one's perception of it. This is different from certain optical illusions, which break down once one 'sees through' them. Study into the McGurk effect is being used to produce more accurate speech recognition programs by making use of a video camera and lip reading software. It has also been examined in relation to witness testimony; Wareham & Wright's 2005 study showed that inconsistent visual information can change the perception of spoken utterances, suggesting that the McGurk effect may have many influences in everyday p erception. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - The crystal diet: flavour-boosting powder 'makes you want to eat less'
The latest scientific way to slim is to sprinkle some crystals on your daily meals... then sit back and watch the flab disappear. The crystals are said to enhance the flavour of the food significantly thereby conning you into thinking you have eaten more than you have. The crystals have already been tested in the U.S. as part of a weight-loss regime and they are set to hit Britain next year. Initial trials involving 1,400 people showed that the flavour enhancing crystals may act as an appetite suppressant . In scientific tests, obese participants who used the flavourless, ‘Sensa Tastant’ crystals lost an average of two stones in six months. Others lost an average of just two pounds. Dr Alan Hirsch, a neurologist at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Researc h Foundation in Chicago, said aroma makes up between 75 and 90 per cent of what we experience as food taste. He says aromas act on an area of the brain which sends out signals that tell us when we are full. ‘The scientific principle behind Sensa is remark ably simple,’ he said. ‘As you eat, smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which release hormones that tell your body it’s time to stop eating. ‘This is a phenomenon we call sensory specific satiety. By enhancing smell, Sensa Tastants were designed to help speed up the process and trigger your “I feel full” signal, so you eat less and feel more satisfied.’ The recipe for the crystals is not known but among its ingredients are maltodextrin - a carbohydrate made from corn starch, silica, tricalcium phosphate and soy and milk ingredients. The makers say they are sodium, sugar, calorie and gluten free and conta in no stimulants. But British scientists who have studied the effect of aroma on appetite posted a more sceptical note about the new crystals. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Honda Rolls Out Low-Tech Way to Reduce Auto Accidents
KeelyNet Japan’s Honda Motor Co. is using chips to help drivers stay centered while traveling down narrow roads. No, not computer chips - small black ceramic chips affixed to either side of the vehicle’s windshield. The chips, which measure just 1/2 centimeter (a bout 0.2 inch) in width, are barely noticeable during normal driving.When drivers attempt turns on narrow roads and tight lanes, however, passively noting the position of one of the triangles against the background may help put the side of the road into p erspective and result in a more accurate turn. It may sound complicated but passive assists such as this are designed to “fly under the radar”, as it were. Nothing to learn, no new procedures to practice – something drivers of today’s increasingly complex automobiles will surely appreciate. Honda Japan’s research-and-development team in Japan has been researching the effectiveness of the black, triangle-shaped markers to the point where they’ve begun applying for domestic and international patents on the low-tech technology. Readers are advised not to take matters into their own hands by applying triangular stickers of their own design to the windshields of their vehicles. It’s likely that Honda will be determining an optimum position for the chips that w ill vary from one vehicle model to another. In other words, this is one passive technology that one shouldn’t be too aggressive to install. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Life on Mars might actually come from Earth
MIT engineer Christopher Carr is currently working on a device as part of the Search for Extraterrestrial Genomes project, which he hopes will be able to identify Martian DNA that's much the same as its Earth counterpart. As he points out, it's worth firs t trying to find the sorts of life we know how to find before putting all our energy into imagining more alien varieties: "We think that if there is life on Mars, it could be related to us. If the DNA or RNA is as we know it, then we should be able to det ect it with this instrument. We would feel awfully silly if we spent a lot of time looking for something that was very different and didn't spend time looking for something that was very similar. Life could have arisen independently, but that is not the m ost likely scenario." The chances for success in this mission aren't great - trying to find something so small on a planet so large with such limited equipment is always going to be involve some pretty low probabilities of success - but if life on Mars is anything like life on Earth, then their project might be able to locate it. And, if it succeeds, then we might have a very good idea why Mars really does have life as we know it. (Put humans in a cave for 6 months with artificial light whose duration the y select and they change from a 24 to a 25 hour day/night cycle. A Martian day is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds. Also humans are the only warm-blooded animals on this planet without a penile bone, not even a vestigial penile bone. That means we didn 't come from here. - JWD) - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Is Man Doomed by The Machine Age? (Mar, 1931)
KeelyNet With thousands of men unemployed, many of them because machines have forced them out of their jobs, the old cry that man has created a Machine Age which will destroy him has been taken up again. Which is the true picture—is the Machine a destructive monst er, or a means to leisure and wealth? Is our civilization doomed to destruction because of our dependence on machines? Read the opinions of eminent scientists and industrial leaders in this article. As far as numbers go, those whose attitude toward the Ma chine Age is friendly are in the majority. Few of us, indeed, could conceive of living in an age or a country where there were no automobiles, or where power and light did not flow at the touch of an electric switch. Yet the present era of industrial depr ession, with millions of men thrown out of work—as some maintain, because machines have taken their places, working swifter and cheaper—has seen a renewal of the outcry against machinery. This protest was familiar to Arkwright, inventor of the spinning je nny, when his machine in 1769 began to put hand manufacturers of fabrics out of business; and familiar, too, to the engineers of the first locomotives who piloted their crude iron horses before the jeering eyes of skeptics who held that the steam monsters were a violation of the laws of God, man, and common decency. Well, where are we heading? Will machines, sooner or later, destroy civilization by putting all men out of work and concentrating wealth in the hands of a few? It is only fair to point out tha t machines create new jobs as well as destroying old ones. The intricate construction of our modern industrial fabric can best be understood if one traces the uses to which a raw product is put, and observes the influence of machines in creating wealth fr om it. Machines, after all, have little to do with the overproduction of basic commodities such as wheat, which, although harvested largely by machines in this country, can trace its overproduction to countries such as Russia where the mechanical age has hardly begun. Take cotton as an example. Formerly it was used almost exclusively as a fabric for clothing. Today more cotton is used in the manufacture of automobile tires than in the making of men’s shirts. Can a grower of cotton, then, declaim against t he machine age, which furnishes him with an outlet for his product which, if it did not exist, would force him to accept ruinous prices? Civilization, unquestionably, has adjustments to make before it is entirely in tune with the age. But with inventive young Americans turning out new devices every day, creating new industries and outmoding old ones, it would seem safe to predict that both civilization and the machine will survive, and that it will be outdated conceptions of how industry should be run th at will pass into the discard. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Water use feedback changes behavior
How much water do you use when showering, or washing your hands, or washing the dishes? Not how much does the average person use, but how much to you use? That’s what the team over at Teague Labs set out to find with this water usage feedback system. The sensor used is a Koolance flow meter which is intended to measure coolant flow in PC liquid cooling systems. At $20, it makes a nice low-cost sensor which was paired with a WiFi enabled Arduino. In the image above they’re using an iPad as a screen so that you can see how much water you’re using (or wasting) as you wash your hands. This resulted in saving 1/2 gallon of water every time someone washed their hands. The project code, schematic, and board files are all available for download. Along with the ha rdware build there’s some nice server-side software that gathers and graphs the data over time. We’ve seen a lot of power-meter hacks, but it’s nice to have the option to track water usage, even if this is tailored to just one tap at a time. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Power Balance Wrist Bands
KeelyNet Power Balance is based on the idea of optimizing the body’s natural energy flow, similar to concepts behind many Eastern philosophies. The hologram in Power Balance is designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body. Shaquill e O'Neal got paid to say this: "I don’t really do a lot of testimonials, but this really works! I came across Power Balance when someone did the test on me. That night, while playing for the Phoenix Suns, there were about three of my teammates with the pr oduct on and we won that game by 57 points! I kept feeling something when I wore the bracelet, so I kept wearing it. When I took it off I went back to normal. I’ve been wearing the bracelet ever since. I want to do everything to get the slightest advantag e; wristbands, necklaces, t-shirts, band-aids, everything and anything we can get our hands on. I’m here to tell you it works!” Silly humans. They will fall for any scam. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Full-Screen Color Picker
If you need a color picker that fills your entire browser, try this one: Piknik. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - German Students Build a Taxi that Drives Itself
KeelyNet Taxi drivers can be half the fun - or the horror - of taking a cab from place to place, but what if you could summon a cab to pick you up using an iPad app, and when your car arrived hop in to the driver's seat and drive it yourself, or give the car a des tination and have the car drive for you? That's what some enterprising students from Germany's Freie University have developed. The self-driving taxi uses LIDAR technology similar to Google's fleet of self-driving cars. The team built on the idea by putti ng the odometer on the outside so mileage can be easily tracked and developing an iPad app that can be used in conjunction with Google Maps to tell the car where to go. Just give the car a destination and the car will start up and head to its next custome r, who can hop in and tell the car where to go next. The cab company will recall the vehicle when the customer exits, and bill them for the mileage. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Support the German car invention (Self-Driving Taxi)
Since the people of this country gave up riding camels for driving cars, the nation has been involved in a real cultural crisis, namely, the never-ending debate about whether or not women should be allowed to drive. This is why we should all be excited ab out a newly invented German vehicle which operates without a driver. Such an invention seems to be an answer to our great crisis, since passengers would be able to ride in a car with no driver, male or female! We know Germans did not invent this vehicle f or our sake, but rather for the comfort and benefit of all mankind. But, we need this invention for deeper and more complicated reasons than just comfort. It is an invention that can put an end to a half-century-old cultural crisis and moral predicament. This is why I believe all Saudis should financially support this invention to help it move from the experimental phase to actual production and marketing. In my opinion, there’s nothing more deserving of charity funds than this invention! We will get noth ing from the big-bellied, who ride in four-wheel drive vehicles, and run the charitable societies of our country if matters are left to their whims and wishes. Such people could not even invent a child’s tricycle, which is why the German inventor of this new driverless vehicle is more deserving of the money of these societies. What German inventors do is for our public interest, and what’s in our public interest is in the public interest of Muslims everywhere. Isn’t that true? If we were able to put an en d to this cultural crisis we could live better, earn more, and be able to donate money to our Muslim brethren all over the world! Sometimes I feel as if we live to donate, to the extent that, some of us, if they cannot donate money they would not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for causes they know nothing about! It’s true that our German friends are far more financially capable than we are and therefore do not really need our assistance. It is also true that there exists an old grudge between them and us since they beat us 8 – 0 in the World Cup eight years ago. But, Germans are practical people and would therefore not reject our financial donations for their new invention. As a matter of fact, they may be encouraged to send us a prototype of the new v ehicle which would not only solve transportation problems, but would also help to solve cultural, social, economic, and psychological problems which would never have occurred to them! However, there will be losers once the new German invention becomes wid espread, namely the speedy drivers who spread terror and death on our streets. This new vehicle will reduce them to being mere passengers, sticking their heads out of their windows to challenge the passengers of other cars. The biggest winner of course wi ll be Al-Qaeda. Unfortunately for “martyrdom” seekers, Al-Qaeda will not have to recruit suicide bombers to drive these vehicles to their targets! - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - FlyRad Unicycle Video
FlyRad Unicycle is a mobile scooter invented by Thomas Rank and can drive a skater at speeds of 25 mph. FlyRad Unicycle video shows how skaters can ride. This motorized unicycle is already a hit, because it's a brilliant invention by a company called FlyR ad. The mobility machine can take skaters for a ride at 25 miles per hour. The mobile unicycle was invented by Thomas Rank. There's no self-balancing mechanism, so you can't ride it without the reinforcement from your skating equipment. This thing does al l kinds of tricks and the riding positions are unlimited. The Flyrad consists of a jackhammer-like structure with handlebars on top and a single wheel at the bottom. It comes in three differently-sized models: one for adults, one for teens and one for chi ldren. The adult version weighs 53 lbs and comes with a 500W motor, which powers it for a top speed of 25 mph. A 36-volt battery juices the motor for a 31-mile range on a single four-hour charge. There's also an option to fit in a 1,000W motor and a bigge r battery module. As for the riding positions, you can stand upright and let it pull you, scooter-style. You can also hang the handles low and let it tow you while squatting. A saddle sits along the frame, which you can mount like a bike, with the skates providing steering control. There's also the option of hands-free riding -- simply push your leg towards the pads at the bottom of the handlebars and you're good to go. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Finding A Scientific Explanation For War
John Horgan of Scientific American has a great piece about war theory. He gives a short primer on how different anthropologists explain why war exists. From Richard Wrangham, who relies heavily on Darwin, to Steven LeBlanc, who believes war is about a fig ht for limited resources.

Contrary to the claims of her critics, Mead was far from a naive optimist. In "Warfare Is Only an Invention" she asked, "If we know that it is not inevitable, that it is due to historical accident that warfare is one of the ways in which we think of b ehaving, are we given any hope by that?" Not necessarily, because "once an invention is known and accepted, men do not easily relinquish it." Writing at the dawn of World War II, Mead had good reason to fear that militarism had become too deeply embedded in modern culture to eradicate. "The deeds of our warriors are immortalized in the words of our poets; the toys of our children are modeled upon the weapons of war," she wrote.

For an invention to become obsolete, Mead argued, "people must recognize the defects of the old invention, and someone must make a new one." In this way trial by jury supplanted trial by ordeal or combat, which had come to seem "unfair, capricious, al ien." She added that "to invent new forms of behavior which will make war obsolete, it is a first requirement to believe that such an invention is possible." - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Testing infrasound thrills and chills
KeelyNet John Huntington and his friends decided to test the reported phenomenon of infrasound (very low-frequency sounds) causing people to feel spooky chills and thrills, a phenomenon blamed for ghost sightings and reports of hauntings. They created a spook-hous e with a double-blind randomized infrasound generator and used surveys to check for a correlation between infrasound and creepy feelings.

We picked a 19 Hertz (Hz, or cycles per second) sine wave as our infrasound source, since that's the frequency Tandy and Lawrence had found in their initial investigation of a "haunted" space (see Part I of this series for details). For our initial tests last spring, we used an Audio Toolbox as our signal generator, and connected it up to our ancient Apogee P-10 subwoofer processor and a Crown K2 amp, which drove an Apogee AE-10 double 18" subwoofer (these units work just fine, but haven't been made in ye ars.) We got the sound going, but after a minute or so, it would cut out. I figured out that the processor was apparently protecting the subs against the "bad" infrasound, and was cutting out. So, I bypassed the processor and its protection circuits, and (carefully) drove the subwoofers directly from the amp. This worked just fine, but I was a bit concerned about damaging the speakers themselves. Fortuitously, over the summer I managed to get for our department a massive, modern Meyer Sound 650-P powered subwoofer. And after some tests in late summer we determined that the unit could generate quite a bit of 19Hz without clipping, and we figured the level was pretty good because by the time we pushed the 650-P up to its limits, the effects of the infrasoun d would be obvious to anyone in the room, which wouldn't have been acceptable for our purposes. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Brain ability to selectively focus/pay attention diminishes with age
A University of Toronto study shows that visual attention -- the brain's ability to selectively filter unattended or unwanted information from reaching awareness -- diminishes with age, leaving older adults less capable of filtering out distracting or irr elevant information. Further, this age-related "leaky" attentional filter fundamentally impacts the way visual information is encoded into memory. Older adults with impaired visual attention have better memory for "irrelevant" information. In the study, a group of young and old men were told to focus on faces not places in pictures. "In young adults, the brain region for processing faces was active while the brain region for processing places was not," says Taylor Schmitz, lead author of the research pape r. "However, both the face and place regions were active in older people. This means that even at early stages of perception, older adults were less capable of filtering out the distracting information. Moreover, on a surprise memory test 10 minutes after the scan, older adults were more likely to recognize what face was originally paired with what house." The findings suggest that under attentionally-demanding conditions, such as looking for one's keys on a cluttered table, age-related problems with "tun ing in" to the desired object may be linked to the way in which information is selected and processed in the sensory areas of the brain. Both the relevant sensory information -- the keys -- and the irrelevant information -- the clutter -- are perceived an d encoded more or less equally. In older adults, these changes in visual attention may broadly influence many of the cognitive deficits typically observed in normal aging, particularly memory. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Invention Could Reverse Decline of World Ocean Fisheries
KeelyNet Ecofluidics method not only removes CO2 but decreases ocean acidity and generates large amounts of fish. These new fisheries alone make the project commercially viable even without income from carbon credits. Half of the world’s wild ocean fish depend on natural upwellings, which bring nutrients up into the sunlit surface, the “euphotic” zone, from deeper, more nutrified layers. These natural upwellings occupy only 0.1 percent of the surface of the ocean. The Nutrient Megapump uses the vast, untapped ener gy resource of hydrothermal vents situated along mid-ocean ridges to pump nitrate and phosphorus rich water from approximately 1000m depth up into the euphotic zone at less than 100 metres depth. Using the Nutrient Megapump to add an extra 0.2 percent of upwelling area to the oceans would double the world’s supply of wild ocean fish, according to Ecofluidics. The approximate value of man-made nutrient flows can be estimated from the value of sustained production tonnages of well-managed wild fisheries bas ed on natural upwellings. “The Nutrient Megapump will be producing wild ocean fish of highest quality. So it is reasonable for us to value our fish using today’s overall $/ton rate from the world’s most up market contemporary wholesale fish market, Tokyo' s Tsukiji”, says Peter Nielsen, Ecofluidics Director. “Tsukiji is processing over 700,000 tons of fish per year in 2010 for an annual turnover of more than USD 6 billion, giving an average wholesale price of USD 8,572 per ton. “The Namibian catch rate fig ure of 500,000 tons of fish per year per Sverdrup and the Tokyo average wholesale price of USD 8,572 per ton give an artificial upwelling value of USD 4.3 billion per year per Sverdrup. “Using our estimated Yield of a 1 GW Nutrient Megapump of 1.7 x 10^-2 Sverdrup gives us an annual return in fisheries product from a single 1 GW Nutrient Megapump of USD 80 million/year. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - A properly tweaked personal microbiome is a key to good health
Helicobacter pylori, a common stomach bacterium, reduced the severity of inflammation of the colon caused by Salmonella in mice, according to research from U-M Medical School scientists. More than half the people in the world are infected with H. pylori, although it is very unusual to find it in the United States. 'This research shows there may be an inflammation control benefit to hosting the H. pylori infection,' says Peter Higgins, M.D., Ph.D., M.Sc., lead author of the study. 'If we have evolved to li ve with certain bugs, maybe there is a reason. This research demonstrates that having H. pylori in your stomach could have beneficial immune effects in other parts of the body.' - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - You Have the Right to Repair


Master disassembler iFixIt is promoting the Self-Repair Manifesto. The slogans are music to the ears of anyone who believes in the joy of discovery, whether you're learning about nature, abstract properties, or technological artifacts. They're giving away 1,500 posters of the above image at no cost; you can also download it as a PDF. The theses:

Repair is better than recycling.
Repair saves the planet.
Repair saves you money.
Repair teaches engineering.
If you can't fix it, you don't own it.

iFixIt has a vested interest in this campaign worth noting: the company sells spare parts and upgrades, mostly for Apple equipment. On the flip side, iFixIt is assembling a giant directory of free repair manuals for all manner of manufactured goods. The company also publishes near-instant dissections of popular new electronics, like Microsoft Kinect and the iPhone 4, as a combination of promotion and exploration. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Noah's Ark site search man goes missing
A man searching for the location of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey has been reported missing. Donald Mackenzie, from Stornoway on Lewis, was last in touch with his family on 30 September. Mr Mackenzie, who is in his 40s, was part of a Christ ian group looking for the site referred to in the biblical story. A friend raised the alarm after he failed to return as expected from a solo expedition on the mountain. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed that Mr Mackenzie had been reported mis sing. A spokesman said: "The local authorities are investigating the reports." Explorers have previously hunted for remains of the craft on the 5,346m (17,820ft) peak. An American-Turkish team searched in 2004. In 1957 Turkish air force pilots spotted a b oat-shaped formation on the mountain. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Mistake Reports
KeelyNet At Mistake Reports, people can anonymously describe a decision they made that didn't go as planned. Everyone makes mistakes, but few of us actually talk about them. So, for the benefit of humanity, we have created this archive consisting of true mistakes made by real people. Lessons learned the hard way, you might say. If you're generous, offer some of your own insight into the frustrations of bad judgement and obvious errors. Millions of others will benefit from your experiences, at no risk or hazard to your status because you can share from within the warm brace of anonymity. - Full Article Source

ITEM #195

11/10/10 - Scientists Turn Skin Into Blood
"In an important breakthrough, scientists at McMaster University have discovered how to make human blood from adult human skin. The discovery, published in the prestigious science journal Nature today, could mean that in the foreseeable future people need ing blood for surgery, cancer treatment or treatment of other blood conditions like anemia will be able to have blood created from a patch of their own skin to provide transfusions. Clinical trials could begin as soon as 2012." - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - I got griggs'd 4.5 million times by Texas
KeelyNet Since "to griggs" has been proposed as a verb in (dis)honor of Judith Griggs of Cooks Source, Texas photographer David K. Langford is facing similar drama with the state of Texas. In this case the scofflaws happened to be prison inmates in a state-run pro gram to design vehicle inspection stickers: The suit says Langford's photo was illegally appropriated by an inmate who scanned it from a copy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine in 1998. ... Open-record requests identified the prisoner who scanned the ph oto as a man serving a life term for aggravated sexual assault. As with the Monica Gaudio case, common courtesy would probably have avoided the whole mess. Interesting how some commenters in the original article share Griggs' attitude and think Langford s hould simply be "honored" that his work was used without payment or attribution. "If they'd called me first, I'd bet we'd have had a deal in five minutes," Langford said. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Nanogenerator that can provide power to your implants and wearware
A device containing piezoelectric nanowires can now scavenge enough energy to power small electronic devices. Devices that harvest wasted mechanical energy could make many new advances possible—including clothing that recharges personal electronics with b ody movements, or implants that tap the motion of blood or organs. But making energy-harvesting devices that are compact, flexible, and, above all, efficient remains a big challenge. Now researchers at Georgia Tech have made the first nanowire-based gener ators that can harvest sufficient mechanical energy to power small devices, including light-emitting diodes and a liquid-crystal display. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Link Between Cell Phone Usage and Brain Cancer?
KeelyNet In recent months, we have heard a lot about the dangers of using a cell phone while driving — due to the hundreds of serious car and truck accidents caused by distracted drivers. Researchers have debated whether another, more long-term danger of cell pho ne usage lurks: brain cancer. Cell phones, like other electronic devices, emit a certain level of radiation. The radiation is “non-ionizing”, meaning it does not strip atoms and molecules from the tissue and alter chemical reactions in the body like ioniz ing radiation, or X-Rays. Radiation from cell phones comes from the transmitter, and is emitted through the antenna. Both parts are located near the top, or where a person places a cell phone to the ear in order to hear. lthough cell phones are omniprese nt devices today, the technology itself has only been around for 20 years, and its widespread use is even more recent. More time is required to assess long-term risks associated with cell phone radiation exposure. Indeed, a far-reaching, government fund ed study must be conducted to ensure we are not seriously endangering the public. - Full Article Source

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11/10/10 - Cell Phone Radiation
There has been a lot of talk about the dangers of cell-phone radiation or the lack thereof. A new book, “Disconnect, the Truth about Cell Phone Radiation,” by Dr. Devra Davis, $27 from Penguin Publishing, warns us that cell phones may be deadly for childr en and are even dangerous for adults. Davis is an epidemiologist and a visiting professor at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. A study of brain scans shows that cell phone radiation penetrates further into a child’s brain than an adult’s. In France, cell phones are banned for children under 12. Many children here, however, receive them as presents. Like smoking, the effects of radiation may take decades to show up, so it’s easy to dismiss the dangers. Here are Dr. Davis’ tips:

* Use a headset, earbuds or speaker phone. Or, use text messaging.
* Don’t wear it right next to your body.

The author noted that Apple has a warning on its iPhone instructions that the phone should not be held closer to the body than 1.5 centimeters or about five-eighths of an inch. Most other cell phones come with a warning that you should not hold the phone closer than one inch from your body. People tend to ignore these warnings and hold the phone right next to their ear. - Full Article Source

ITEM #200

11/10/10 - Tactile+Plus brings physical buttons to your iPhone
KeelyNet Since the first day we clapped eyes on the iPhone we've been demanding a joystick for controlling our sweet iPhone games. This isn't that joystick, but it's about the closest we've seen to date. The big problem with virtual joysticks is that you always lo se your finger position when desperately trying to rip a fireball in the dying moments of battle, or fend off a swarm of angry, giant scorpions. This invention does little more than guide your fingers back to where they need to be. / A niche Japanese pro duct has your back -- the Tactile+Plus, a set of translucent nubs you stick right on your capacitive touchscreen to get a tactile feel for your game. ¥630 (about $7.75) buys you two packs of the screen protector bubbles and directional pad equivalents, wh ich Japanese publication Impress Watch says work well enough in Street Fighter that they could keep playing without looking down at the screen. They're not as useful in Sonic the Hedgehog, apparently, where the virtual D-pad is a slightly larger size, but if all you want is a perfect ego-destroying-uppercut on the go, you can't beat the price. - Full Article Source

ITEM #201

11/10/10 - In Praise of Procrastination
"Every year, millions of Americans pay needless penalties because they don't file their taxes on time, forgo huge amounts of money in matching 401(k) contributions because they never get around to signing up for a retirement plan, and risk blindness from glaucoma because they don't use their eyedrops regularly. James Surowiecki writes that procrastination is a basic human impulse, a peculiar irrationality stemming from our relationship to time — in particular, from a tendency that economists call 'hyperbo lic discounting,' the ability to make rational choices when they're thinking about the future, but, as a future event gets closer, short-term considerations overwhelm their long-term goals. Game theorist Thomas Schelling proposes that we think of ourselve s a collection of competing selves, jostling, contending, and bargaining for control, where one represents your short-term interests (having fun, putting off work, and so on), while another represents your long-term goals. Philosopher Mark Kingwell puts i t in existential terms: 'Procrastination most often arises from a sense that there is too much to do, and hence no single aspect of the to-do worth doing. Underneath this rather antic form of action-as-inaction is the much more unsettling question whether anything is worth doing at all.'" - Full Article Source

ITEM #202

11/10/10 - USPTO Decides To Lower Obviousness Standards
KeelyNet "Anyone who feels that patent quality is just far too high nowadays will be glad to hear that the USPTO has decided to ditch four of their seven tests for obviousness. Whereas the 2007 guidelines said that an idea is considered obvious if it consisted of '[predictable] variations [...] based on design incentives or other market forces' or if there was 'Use of a known technique [prior art] to improve similar devices (methods, or products) in the same way,' the new guidelines do away with those tests. The c lassic 'teaching-suggestion-motivation' test is still there, with two others. For software developers, silly patents are not the main problem, but they certainly aggravate the matter. As described in one patent lawyer's summary, this change will 'give app licants greater opportunities to obtain allowance of claims.'" - Full Article Source

ITEM #203

11/10/10 - TSA Bans Toner and Ink Cartridges On Planes
"The US has banned toner and ink cartridges from passenger aircraft in the wake of last month's bomb plot. 'The printer cartridge ban affects cartridges over 16 ounces.' No word yet on whether that's a weight or volume measurement or whether it's a per-ca rtridge or per-passenger limit." - Full Article Source

ITEM #204

11/10/10 - Toy Robots Can Guard Your Home
KeelyNet "Worried about burglars ransacking your house? Buy yourself some toy robots! It is what Robert Oschler, a Florida-based programmer, did. He bought a Rovio — a Wi-Fi enabled mobile webcam robot that can be picked up from toy sections of many stores — and m odified it to suit his needs. The robot already has a camera, a microphone and speakers, but the improvements he made to the software allowed him to enhance the audio and video quality of this existing equipment, and to create specific routines for the ro bots. This way, every time he feels the need to check what's going on in the house, he simply goes online with his laptop and directs the robot through the house." - Full Article Source

ITEM #205

11/10/10 - Microchip Implant allows Islamic Terrorists to Speak to God


The implant is specifically designed to be injected in the forehead. When properly installed, it will allow the terrorist to speak to God. It comes in various sizes: Generally from .223 to .50 cal. The exact size of the implant will be selected by a well-trained and highly skilled technician, who will also make the injection. No Anesthetic is required. The implant may or may not be painless. Side effects, like headaches, nausea, aches and pains are extremely temporary. Some bleeding or swelling may occur at th e injection site. In most cases, you won't even notice it. Please enjoy the security we provide for you. Best Regards - US Marines - the few, the Proud - Thanks for the Email Norm!

ITEM #206

11/10/10 - Central Dogma of Genetics May Not Be So Central
"RNA molecules aren't always faithful reproductions of the genetic instructions contained within DNA, a new study shows (abstract). The finding seems to violate a tenet of genetics so fundamental that scientists call it the central dogma: DNA letters enco de information, and RNA is made in DNA's likeness. The RNA then serves as a template to build proteins. But a study of RNA in white blood cells from 27 different people shows that, on average, each person has nearly 4,000 genes in which the RNA copies con tain misspellings not found in DNA." - Full Article Source

ITEM #207

11/10/10 - Real-Life Gadgets For Real-Life Superheroes
KeelyNet "Yes, there are real-life superheroes. And no, we're not just referring to firefighters, paramedics, and other heroic people whom we're used to seeing come to the rescue of others. We're talking about costume-wearing, identity-concealing, cool-name-having people who fight crime, pollution, or other evils in their own communities, on their own time, and at their own risk. Many of them actually patrol the city streets, ready to intervene if they see trouble brewing – and being ready includes having the righ t tools. Given that none of these people have Bruce Wayne's budget, Gizmag takes a look at some of the real-world gadgets they use as they go about their crime-fighting duties." / First of all, there are some household products that are popular in the RLS H (Real Life Superhero) community, including flashlights, first aid kits, mobile phones, cameras, and zip ties, to use as handcuffs. When it comes to preparing for physical confrontations, some not-so-household ready-made devices come into play, such as K evlar vests, body armor, pepper spray, and telescoping batons. Moving up the ladder to the realm of “Is that even legal?”, a few RLSHs carry tasers, wrist rocket sling shots, and blast knuckles, which are shaped like brass knuckles and deliver an electric shock. Interestingly, we could only find one superhero who said they carry a firearm. - Full Article Source

ITEM #208

11/07/10 - 'Old fogies' ' obsession: Turning waves into power
The team came up with fleets of barges, hinged together with hydraulic devices. The barges would roll on the 30-foot swells of the outer continental shelf, the hinges flexing and driving generators to make electricity. The group suggests converting this e lectricity to methanol, right on board. That takes water and carbon — which is a good thing, because carbon is something we're trying to reduce anyway to fight global warming. The team has proposed using carbon captured from smokestacks. When a barge fill s up with methanol, it would detach from the fleet and sail into port. Methanol, like ethanol, can be used in cars, especially if it's mixed with gasoline. "This takes pollutants and converts them to fuel using wave energy," Morchin says. "Now that's recy cling!" At first the team thought of putting wind turbines on the barges, but they realized the energy produced by the rocking and rolling waves would be many times higher. They calculate a fleet of 64 hinged barges could produce 8 million gallons of meth anol a year — equivalent in energy to 3.5 million gallons of gasoline. "We were sitting around saying we can't understand why America isn't doing better in renewable energy," says Fred Lightfoot, 82, an allegedly retired electrical engineer from Bremerton . "And then we thought: 'Hey, we're engineers. Instead of complaining, as we usually do, why don't we come up with something?' " So began a four-year obsession for the "old fogies," as they call themselves. The oldest, Henry Oman, an energy-systems engine er at Boeing for 43 years, is 92. The youngest, Bill Morchin, a former radar specialist, is 74. While many of their buddies were golfing or winding down in other ways, they threw themselves into one of the holy grails of green energy: how to tap the uncea sing power of ocean waves. - Full Article Source

ITEM #209

11/07/10 - Invention uses sea water as radio antenna w/video
KeelyNet Invented by SPAWAR System Center Pacific, this sea water antenna system uses the power of magnetic induction to let ordinary sea water receive and transmit radio signals. The process works by pumping a stream of sea water through a current probe and depen ding on the height of the stream; it can be used for UHF, VHF or HF radio frequencies. One application for the sea water antenna could be for military water craft where limited space makes current antenna real estate on a ship very limited Or, the water a ntenna system could be used commercially for other waterborne craft for normal communications or in emergency situations as a backup antenna, for example. - Full Article Source

ITEM #210

11/07/10 - Pumpkins as catnip for Big Cats
Watch Tigers, Leopards, Lynx, Cougars, Panthers, etc. destroying pumpkins like they were catnip! - Full Article Source

ITEM #211

11/07/10 - RGB stroboscopic guitar tuning
KeelyNet This is [Michael Ossmann's] RGB LED stroboscopic guitar tuner. If his name is familiar that’s because we mentioned he’d be giving a talk with [Travis Goodspeed] at ToorCon. But he went to DefCon as well and spent the weekend in his hotel room trying to wi n the badge hacking contest. Despite adversity he did get his tuner working. It’s built into a toy guitar that he takes on road trips with him. By adding a row of RGB LEDs between two of the frets he can use the vibration frequency of an in-tune string to flash the three different colors. If the string is not in tune the three colors will dance around but matching it with the LED frequency produces a stable color. He then uses that big yellow button to advance to the next string. See his demonstration aft er the break. This is basically a built-in plectrum tuner that uses one LED package instead of two. - Full Article Source

ITEM #212

11/07/10 - Making Point Contact Transistors
[Jeri Ellsworth] is back at it again. We seem to cover her work a lot here. Her latest video above covers how she created a point contact transistor from a 1N34 germanium cat whisker diode. After opening the glass casing on the diode, she uses sharpened p hosphor bronze metal from common electrical connectors as the collector and emitter. A 330 microfarad capacitor charged to 20 volts and then discharged though a 680 ohm resistor to the base and collector leads forms the collector region. Her test jig is a simple oscillator circuit such that a properly formed transistor will start the circuit oscillating and make and audible sound. We look forward to more esoteric knowledge of electronic devices being brought to our attention. - Full Article Source

ITEM #213

11/07/10 - Atlantic Ocean's waters reversed direction
The deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean seem to have reversed their direction of flow since the last time ice dominated the Earth. Instead of heading southward as they do now, these abyssal waters once flowed northward roughly 20,000 years ago, back when th e world saw ice sheets more than a mile high, a new study suggests. The change in flow could have accompanied profound changes in climate, researchers explained. Climate connection - In the Atlantic, the Gulf Stream brings warm surface water northward fro m the tropics to high latitudes, where it cools, sinks and flows southward in the deep ocean. The way that water flows in the ocean helps redistribute large amounts of heat — and in this way is critical to how the world's climate works. - Full Article Source

ITEM #214

11/07/10 - Anti-piracy cameras to monitor cinema audiences and analyse emotions
KeelyNet Soon advertisers will be able to monitor your reaction to a film and fine-tune their adverts to make them more effective. The move will alarm filmgoers who are uncomfortable with having their reactions analysed while some critics have likened the idea to 'harvesting people's emotions'. Machine Vision Lab's Dr Abdul Farooq, who is leading the project, said: ‘We plan to build on the capabilities of current technology used in cinemas to detect criminals making pirate copies of films with video cameras. ‘We w ant to devise instruments that will be capable of collecting data that can be used by cinemas to monitor audience reactions to films and adverts and also to gather data about attention and audience movement.’ The project will use 2D and 3D imaging technol ogy to capture emotion on people’s faces and how the entire cinema audience reacts as a whole. ‘Obviously cinema audiences are spread out in large theatre settings so we need to build instruments that can capture data for different purposes,’ Dr Farooq sa id. ‘We will use 2D cameras to detect emotion but will also collect movement data through a 3D data measurement that will capture the audience as a whole as a texture.’ The information gathered about how audiences react to films will be passed to advertis ing companies who can tailor their adverts accordingly. - Full Article Source

ITEM #215

11/07/10 - Hypersonic Jet for New York to Sydney in just 2hrs 30mins
NASA is planning to build hypersonic jets that will fly through the Earth’s atmosphere and slash flight times around the world to a few hours at most. The US space agency wants to manufacture a craft that would travel at five times the speed of sound and bring in a new age of aircraft akin to a turbo-charged Concorde. Travelling at such speed would reduce the flight time from New York to Sydney to around two-and-a-half hours, from the 21 hours it is now. Hypersonic aircraft is still a fairly new concept a nd follows on from Concorde, which flew at Mach 2, or twice the speed of sound. A hypersonic aircraft would reach Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound. In June this year an experimental scramjet aircraft set a record for hypersonic flight, blazing th rough the air for more than three minutes at Mach 6, or more than 4,500 mph. The X-51A Waverider scramjet was released from a B-52 bomber last week before its engine took it to Mach 6 and it flew autonomously for 200 seconds. Scramjets work by using oxyge n rushing in through the engine at supersonic speeds to ignite hydrogen fuel. - Full Article Source

ITEM #216

11/07/10 - Electrical brain stimulation improves math skills
By applying electrical current to the brain, researchers reporting online on November 4 in Current Biology, have shown that they could enhance a person's mathematical performance for up to 6 months without influencing their other cognitive functions. The findings may lead to treatments for the estimated 20 percent of the population with moderate to severe numerical disabilities (for example, dyscalculia) and for those who lose their skill with numbers as a result of stroke or degenerative disease, accordi ng to the researchers. "I am certainly not advising people to go around giving themselves electric shocks, but we are extremely excited by the potential of our findings," said Roi Cohen Kadosh of the University of Oxford. "We've shown before that we can t emporarily induce dyscalculia [with another method of brain stimulation], and now it seems we might also be able to make someone better at maths. Electrical stimulation will most likely not turn you into Albert Einstein, but if we're successful, it might be able to help some people to cope better with maths." The researchers used a method of brain stimulation known as transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS). TDCS is a noninvasive technique in which a weak current is applied to the brain constantly over time to enhance or reduce the activity of neurons. The technique has gotten attention in the last decade for its potential to improve various functions in people with neurological deficits, for instance in those who have suffered a stroke. In the new study, the researchers applied TDCS specifically to the parietal lobe, a portion of the brain that is crucial for numerical understanding. The study participants had normal mathematical abilities but were asked to learn a series of artificial numbers—sym bols that they had never seen before that they were told represented numbers—while they received the noninvasive brain stimulation. The researchers then tested participants' ability to automatically process the relationship of those artificial numbers to one another and to map them correctly in space using standard testing methods for numerical competence. The results of the tests showed that the brain stimulation improved study participants' ability to learn the new numbers. and that those improvements l asted 6 months post training. Now that they know the TDCS treatment can improve number processing in people with normal mathematical ability, the researchers plan to test its use in those with severe numerical disabilities. If it works, that could have im portant consequences, Cohen Kadosh said, as people with severe numerical disabilities often cannot manage basic tasks like understanding food labels or counting change in a supermarket. Poor numerical ability has also been linked to unemployment and lo w income, depression, low self-esteem, and other problems, he said. - Full Article Source

ITEM #217

11/07/10 - Northrop’s Huge Army Spy Blimp Floats On
KeelyNet The Army awarded Northrop a $517 million contract in June to develop a trio of unmanned, seven-story, football-field sized mega-blimps called Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicles. If successful, the blimp will stay in the air for up to three weeks a t a time, using 2500 pounds’ worth of “sensors, antennas, data links and signals intelligence equipment” to capture still and video images of civilians and adversaries below and send the pictures to troops’ bases. It should work with the Army’s standard d rone-controlling system, called the Universal Ground Control Station. And it’s a hybrid, lifted into the air by helium and propelled by four diesel engines. In Afghanistan, the Army’s Warrior drones provide what intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissan ce experts call “persistent” views — that is, they hover above a given area for long periods of time taking pictures — but the drone can’t stay aloft for anything close to three weeks. One Army official involved with the project judged that it would take 12 advanced Reaper drones to replicate the blimp’s functions. - Full Article Source

ITEM #218

11/07/10 - Useless trying to explain science to idiots, just Fund It
When it comes to public issues pertaining to science and technology, "talking it out" doesn't seem to work. A new study from North Carolina State University shows that the more people discuss the risks and benefits associated with scientific endeavors, th e more entrenched they become in their viewpoint – and the less likely they are to see the merit of other viewpoints. The researchers set out to see how people talk about risks associated with unfamiliar science and technology issues, Binder explains. "Mo st people, when faced with an issue related to science and technology, adopt an initial position of support or opposition," Binder says. "Our results demonstrate very clearly that the more people talk about divisive science and technology issues, the less likely the two camps are to see the issue in the same way. This is problematic because it suggests that individuals are very selective in choosing their discussion partners and hearing only what they want to hear during discussions of controversial issue s." - Full Article Source

ITEM #219

11/07/10 - Probing the Secrets of Hypnotism (Jan, 1930)
KeelyNet CENTURIES old, yet still veiled in the J semi-blackness of ignorance, hypnotism again looms over the horizon as an important science in the lives of men. Medical men are again turning to it as a substitute for anesthetics; super criminals have employed it in perpetrating daring robberies: the police have successfully used the mystic sleep in securing important confessions; science has found in it a remedy for mental and nervous diseases hitherto deemed incurable. The future holds even greater possibilities for the wise usage of hypnotism and the hypnoid sleep. Even as crime borrowed machine guns and tear bombs from the war; a quick method of transporting illicit cargoes from aviation; so also have they borrowed from the vast accumulation of lately – acquired psychological knowledge their newest tool —a working knowledge of hypnotism. A recent case from Los Angeles illustrates. The criminal, in this case, placed his victim in a hypnotic trance, and then, casually and with the calm assurance that he had all the time in the world, systematically rifled her apartment. So clever was he that the woman, on awaking three days later, could not remember the man or what he looked like!

She did remember, however, a little effect which the crook performed, half convincing her that the man really could waft her gently to Slumberland if he so desired. (The hypnotist banks on that for his first step towards inducing the hypnotic state, convincing the subject that he is about to be hypnotised.)

KeelyNet The device he used was quite simple— merely a three-inch circle drawn on a sheet of white cardboard, with two lines crossing at right angles through the center. One line la labeled AB; the other, CD. By holding a small weight suspended from a string over the center of the arrangement, and thinking of the line AB, the weight will slowly begin to swing along the line AB. Changing the concentration to CD, the bob will change and swing in the opposite direction. Thinking of the circle will cause the bob to swing in a circle. All this occurs without any consciousness of an effort to make the pendulum swing. The motion of the hand, too slight to be perceptible, is caused by thought. Science knows it as “Chrevruel’s pendulum.” The same outfit is also sold under various guises — as a “sex-indicator,” a “mystic charm,” etc.

The purpose which it served the crook was to enable him to convince his victim of the possibility of strange mental states, and at the same time to establish his authority. After thus subtly moulding the mind of his victim into a receptive state for the hypnotic sleep, the rest was simple—another crime, unsolved, unpunished. But — it is a double-edged sword — this hypnotism! Dr. Langsner, marvelous hypnotist of Vienna, does and says things to worry the criminal. By hypnotism he caused a young criminal to confess after fifteen minutes the murder of his mother, sister and two hired men.

Dr. Langsner says everybody has a sixth sense that can be made to receive the thoughts of another. Thought is something like a broadcasting operation. He hypnotised the criminal and easily obtained the truth from him because “his crime is always on his mind.” The learned doctor is not alone in this usage of hypnotism. Various crimes, locked tight in the hearts of men under the grilling of the customary “third degree,” have welled out coherently and intelligibly while the criminal was under the control of hypnotism. Of course, the matter of tricking a man into hypnotism is much more difficult than hypnotising a person who has freely surrendered his will to the hypnotist. (And of course check out my $24.95 Hypnosis CD containing 3 excellent and highly detailed eBooks on Hypnosis. The three eBooks are; 'Hypnotic Therapy' (38 pages), 'Hypnotic Science' (310 pages) and 'Mesmerism and Hypnotism' (133 pages). - JWD) - Full Article Source

ITEM #220

11/07/10 - Solar Power and Heat for Cheap?
With five times more energy production than photovoltaic technologies, Cogenera's system may help traditional investors discover that the economics of clean energy are quite attractive. The generator at the Sonoma Wine Company in Graton not only produces power, but efficiently heats water for agricultural and industrial processing - saving fossil fuel expenses, ensuring supply and reducing price volatility. Since cogeneration yields both electricity and heat (which combined account for 70 percent of energ y needs in the United States), the Cogenra solar solution can drop heating bills as well as electric bills - especially for intensive users like food processors, pharmaceutical firms and the military. To make it easy for customers to say yes - and avoid u pfront capital investments - Cogenra is pioneering a Heat and Power Purchase Agreement. This approach provides a predictable discount to energy and heating expenses, says Sonoma Wine Company owner Derek Benham, who signed up with Cogenra months ago "on a handshake" and expects an accelerated payback versus a nearly decade-long payback on many solar-photovoltaic solutions he had considered. The initial roll-out for Sonoma Valley agriculture is benefiting from Silicon Valley technology. This first installat ion is serving 30 percent of the winery's electric needs and about half of its heat (mainly hot water) requirements, but Benham expects to be "fully off the grid" in about three years. He expects to cover 30,000 square feet of roof with Cogenra's systems. "We want to diversify our energy needs away from natural gas and oil - and make money doing it!" Benham says. To be this affordable, Cogenra has worked with "off the shelf" standard products and a "low-tech" approach. The parabolic solar thermal design d oesn't require curved glass, but has layered flat glass panels in a parabolic shape - simplicity has conquered complexity. This drops the capital required to launch Cogenra to a manageable $10 million. "This is much more compelling than the $500 million t hat other solar companies have raised or collected grants and guarantees on," says Pierre Lamond of Khosla Ventures and board chair of Cogenra. "You need to be super-efficient with capital to be commercially viable." - Full Article Source

ITEM #221

11/07/10 - New technology helps store energy on the 'fly'
Experts have reinvented the wheel, only this time it moves a little more quickly. Scientists have figured out how to keep the wheel constantly in motion at speeds up to 100,000 revolutions per minute, with structures called 'flywheels'. The flywheel has c hanged the way energy can be maintained and stored. It works by storing kinetic energy in the form of spinning. When the spinning is slowed, the power can be used as a backup energy source. Jim Clishem has made a living off of harnessing the power of flyw heels. He's president and CEO of the Austin-based company Austin Power. "As long as the flywheel is spinning, it's going to deliver power," Clishem said. Active Power builds refrigerator-sized, stand-alone units that each hold a flywheel. Customers can us e the units to assure their businesses have access to uninterruptible power. For example, a business like a T.V. station puts high priority on maintaining a signal, despite power outages. At News 8, it takes up to two seconds for a back-up generator to fu lly kick in, but flywheels can bridge that gap. "Whether it is Facebook, Google, Yahoo, a hospital, those are all uses for flywheel power storage technology," Clishem said. Flywheels are also eco-friendly. Unlike batteries, they are free of harmful chemic als and don't have to be constantly replaced. - Full Article Source

ITEM #222

11/07/10 - Fluorescent Light Energy Saver invention
The International Energy Agency estimates that lighting accounts for about 17.5 percent of global electricity use. According to Osram, fluorescent lamps generate 70 percent of the world's artificial light. In the U.S., for example, fluorescent tubes accou nt for about 85 percent of the lighting in commercial office buildings. So clearly, fluorescent lighting consumes a significant share of the world's electricity production. Behr explained that Cavet's LumiSmart uses digital techniques to vary the power ap plied to the ballast so quickly that there is no perceptible drop in the light emitted. The key patent addresses "electrical waveform modification." So, by shutting off the electricity for nanoseconds at a time, the system can reduce the electricity used by fluorescent lights by at least 30 percent without the need to replace any existing lamps, ballasts or fixtures. LumiSmart is compatible with T5, T8 and T12 fluorescent ballasts (magnetic/electronic, rapid start, quick start, high efficiency, FHF) and C FLs. Albert Behr stated that in places like Ontario, where electricity costs less than ten cents per kilowatt hour, payback can be achieved in less than two years. In regions where electricity prices are higher, payback could be as rapid as a year. These are the payback time frames building managers are generally requiring in these times of tight capital. Simple product: Just a single device, with no variations and selling for $2,000 per unit, for all types of fluorescent lamps and fixtures. Each LumiSmar t unit can connect to up to 150 lamps. - Simple production: Rather than building their own factories, Cavet has been working with Celestica, one of the world's largest contract manufacturers of high-tech electronics (and a demonstration site for LumiSmart ). The expectation is that Celestica would be able to ramp up manufacturing volumes very quickly. - Simple installation: It takes just "two screws and connecting four wires" to install LumiSmart. Cavet states that any electrician can do it in less than 40 minutes without special training. - Full Article Source

ITEM #223

11/07/10 - Military’s Freakiest Medical Projects
The U.S. military has been on the forefront of medical research for decades. Earlier conflicts spurred discoveries to prevent malaria and typhoid, a sweeping overhaul of triage care and the introduction of skin grafts and morphine. The wars in Iraq and Af ghanistan are no different. With more troops surviving devastating injuries, the military is fast-tracking efforts in regenerative medicine, investigating risky measures to prevent lifelong brain damage -- even employing acupuncture in an effort to manage pain and mitigate post-traumatic stress. (And let's not forget about the zombie pigs.) Some of the Pentagon's extreme medical innovations have already debuted in the war zone. And with myriad applications outside of combat, these advances in military medicine mean that revolutionary changes for civilian care aren't far behind. - Full Article Source

ITEM #224

11/07/10 - You can absorb Bisphenol A by handling thermal receipt paper
KeelyNet Two studies have linked handling thermal receipt paper with absorption of Bisphenol A, the seemingly ubiquitous, estrogen-mimicking hormone disruptor. The studies' authors recommend that pregnant women stay away from thermal receipt paper, and wash their hands after handling it. BPA absorption is also linked to sexual dysfunction in men. / In a second study, carried out by epidemiologists at Harvard University in the US, team leader Joe Braun and colleagues measured BPA levels in urine samples from 389 pr egnant women and then correlated the data with the occupation of the women. The results were that cashiers had the highest concentrations of BPA (2.8 ?g/g), while teachers and industrial workers had much lower levels (1.8 and 1.2 respectively). Since cash iers handle far more receipts than the general population, Braun said he was "pretty confident" BPA from the receipts was being absorbed through the skin in those women. - Full Article Source

ITEM #225

11/07/10 - Yet another perpetual motion generator w/video link
How do you like Muammer Yildiz' "overunity homopolar electrical generator?" He claims it generates more energy than it consumes. His claim and his device, however, are less interesting to me than 3:19 mark in the video where one of the demonstrators comes close to getting his fingers amputated by the spinning fan, and doesn't seem to care a whit about it. - Full Article Source

ITEM #226

11/07/10 - Seal's shark bite healed with honey
The folks at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California do the work of heroes. They used honey as an antibiotic to heal a shark bite wound on an elephant seal. - "Honey has gained recent popularity in both human and veterinary medicine as a wound treatment due largely to its natural healing properties. It has a very high sugar content and as a result binds water molecules strongly. That makes the water unavailable to organisms trying to make a living in the area. This is why honey can be safely st ored on the shelf without refrigeration. Honey also contains a variety of compounds that may enhance the tissue response to infection and inflammation. It's less expensive than most topical antibiotic ointments and evidence suggests it is just as effectiv e. So the Center's staff and volunteers cleaned the wound and applied a generous layer of honey to it. Thanks to both the honey and the tincture of time, Gupta's wounds healed very quickly. In fact, he was released on October 25 at Chimney Rock, Point Rey es National Shore, California." - Full Article Source

ITEM #227

11/07/10 - Study says solar systems like ours appear to be common
A survey of 166 nearby stars like our sun reveals increasing numbers of smaller planets down to the smallest planets detectable today -- super-Earths about three times the mass of the Earth. If this trend continues, UC Berkeley astronomers Andrew Howard a nd Geoff Marcy estimate, one of every four sun-like stars may have an Earth-like planet. - Full Article Source

ITEM #228

11/07/10 - Discussion of how and why we must Colonize Space
MP3 Discussion - Futurist, author and cofounder of corporate strategy firm Global Business Network, Peter Schwartz and Simon P. ("Pete") Worden, Ph.D., Brig. Gen., USAF, Ret. and Director of NASA's Ames Research Center talk about the colonization of space . - Full Article Source

ITEM #229

11/07/10 - Looking older may not be a sign of poor health
Even though most adults want to avoid looking older than their actual age, research led by St. Michael's Hospital shows that looking older does not necessarily point to poor health. The study found that a person needed to look at least 10 years older than their actual age before accurate assumptions about their health can be made. - Full Article Source

ITEM #230

11/07/10 - Skin-Tight Bodysuits Could Protect Astronauts From Bone Loss
"Astronauts lose 1 to 2 percent of their bone mass for each month they spend in space. As far back as the Gemini missions, conditioning exercise regimes have been used to slow the rate of bone loss, but a 2001-2004 NASA-sponsored study showed that crew me mbers aboard the International Space Station were still losing up to 2.7 percent of their interior bone material and 1.7 percent of outer hipbone material for each month they spent in space. ... With stirrups that loop around the feet, the elastic gravity skinsuit is purposely cut too short for the astronaut so that it stretches when put on — pulling the wearer's shoulders towards the feet. In normal gravity conditions on Earth, a human's legs bear more weight than the torso. Because the suit's legs stret ch more than the torso section, the wearer's legs are subjected to a greater force — replicating gravity effects on Earth." - Full Article Source

ITEM #231

11/07/10 - Rocketman Takes Off In Custom-Made Wingsuit
KeelyNet "Yves Rossy, the Swiss adventurer who has already flown across the English Channel using a winged jet-pack, pulled off another exploit Friday, flying two aerial loops in a new version of his invention. Rossy, who was testing a new, more aerodynamic model of the jet-pack, jumped from a hot-air balloon at 2,400 meters (7,900 feet) and performed the stunt during an 18-minute flight before making a parachute landing." / In September 2008 Rossy, whose jet-pack can reach speeds of around 200 kilometers (124 mil es) an hour, gained international attention when he became the first winged person to make a successful crossing of the Channel. He covered the 35 kilometers in around 10 minutes. - Full Article Source

ITEM #232

11/07/10 - Not Transparent Aluminum, But Conductive Plastic
"Scientists at the US Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory have fabricated transparent, thin films capable of absorbing light and generating electric charge over a relatively large area. The material, de scribed in the journal Chemistry of Materials (subscription required), could be used to develop transparent solar panels or even windows that absorb solar energy to generate electricity. The material consists of a semiconducting polymer doped with carbon- rich fullerenes." - Full Article Source

ITEM #233

11/07/10 - Going Faster Than the Wind In a Wind-Powered Cart
KeelyNet "Can a wind cart travel faster than the wind? A group of makers say, 'Yes!' Make: Online has published a story about the Blackbird wind cart that just set a record. This is a follow-up to an earlier story in which Charles Platt built a cart based on a vir al video where a guy claimed he'd built a wind-powered vehicle that could travel downwind faster than the windspeed. Charles built one and said it didn't work. Heated debates broke out in forums, on BB, and elsewhere on the Net. In the ensuing time, a num ber of people have built carts and claimed success, most principally, Rick Cavallaro. He got funding from Google and JOBY to build and test a human-piloted cart. They claim success, with multiple sensor systems on board, impartial judges and experts in at tendance." - Full Article Source

ITEM #234

11/07/10 - WA Income Tax Quashed, Microsofts' Ballmer To Cash In Billions
"Washington's proposed state income tax not only prompted Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to spend $425,000 of his own money to help crush the measure at the polls, it also inspired Microsoft to launch a FUD campaign aimed at torpedoing the initiative. 'As an employer, we're concerned that I-1098 will make it harder to attract talent and create additional jobs in Washington state,' explained Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith. 'We strongly support public education, but we're concerned by key details in I-10 98. This initiative would give Washington one of the top five highest state income tax rates in the country. I-1098 would apply this tax rate to all income, including capital gains and dividends, and would not permit any deductions for charitable contribu tions.' Nice to see a company take a principled stand, backed by a CEO who's not afraid to put his money where his company's mouth is, right? Well, maybe not. Just three days after the measure went down in flames, Ballmer said in a statement that he plans to sell up to 75 million of his Microsoft shares by the end of the year to 'gain financial diversification and to assist in tax planning.' Based on Friday's closing price of $26.85, the 75M shares would be valued at approximately $2 billion. All of which might make a cynic question what was really important to Microsoft — public education, or a $2B state income tax-free payday for its CEO?" - Full Article Source

ITEM #235

11/04/10 - The Urbee Hybrid: the First 3-D Printed Car
KeelyNet Stratasys and Kor Ecologic recently teamed to develop Urbee, the first car ever to have its entire body 3-D printed with additive manufacturing processes (by printing layers of material on top of each other until a finished product appears). 3-D printing has been used for manufacturing before. Boeing, for example, prints some airplane parts using the process. And a company called Bespoke Innovations is using 3-D printing to manufacture prosthetic limb casings. But Urbee is entirely 3-D printed--all exteri or components were produced with Dimension 3D Printers and Fortus 3D Production Systems by Stratsys. It's efficient, too. Urbee, which competed in the 2010 X-Prize Competition, gets up to 200 mpg on the highway and 100 mpg in city conditions using either gasoline or ethanol. No word on whether Urbee will go into mass production, but Stratasys is showing it off at this week's SEMA Show in Las Vegas. And this might just be the beginning of the 3-D printed car revolution, if Stratasys and Kor Ecologic have t heir way. "FDM lets us eliminate tooling, machining, and handwork, and it brings incredible efficiency when a design change is needed," Jim Kor, president and chief technology officer at Kor Ecologic explained in a press release. "If you can get to a pilo t run without any tooling, you have advantages." - Full Article Source

ITEM #236

11/04/10 - Hybrid wind-diesel power systems reduce costs
Quebec's Wind Energy TechnoCentre is working on a promising solution, a session of the Canadian Wind Energy Association convention in Montreal heard yesterday. It is focused on a wind-diesel hybrid power system that creates and uses compressed air as a st orage system for excess wind-generated energy, the centre's research director Hussein Ibrahim told a session on wind-diesel systems. When the power is needed, the compressed air is used to "turbocharge" the diesel engine. Tests undertaken in the community of Tuktoyaktuk, located in the Northwest Territories on the edge of the Beaufort Sea, produced promising results, the session heard. Fuel costs dropped by 30 per cent, maintenance costs by 50 per cent and almost 849 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions wer e cut, Ibrahim said. These are important savings given that fuel has to be flown in, hauled by barge, or trucked over ice to most remote sites. And the average diesel generator requires 20 maintenance visits a year, Ibrahim said. - Full Article Source

ITEM #237

11/04/10 - Humanitarian invention ... from the garage
KeelyNet Bill Stevenson was mesmerized by a specific sign's corrugated plastic material. It wasn't like corrugated cardboard, he said, but twin-walled and shaped like soda straws. Stevenson, an 85-year-old retired 3M mechanical engineer, thought: "My gosh, what if you ran water through there? You'd have tremendous heat transfer." Stevenson and fellow inventor Bob Nepper of North St. Paul, a 77-year-old retired 3M electrical engineer, partnered on a new project straight from Nepper's garage: a solar water pasteuriz er. Water can be boiled, but that requires more energy. With pasteurization, water is heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature, water-borne diseases are killed, so the energy required to boil to 212 degrees isn't necessary. And where do you g et that energy in India, Africa or Haiti? "They all have one thing in common: plenty of sun," Stevenson said. The sun is an abundant, free source of energy - and a source in which the two inventors already had some expertise. Both Nepper and Stevenson are long-time volunteers with the Solar Oven Society in Minneapolis. Nepper and Stevenson set to work with just a few components: two buckets, a pasteurizer and rays of sunshine. Water is poured into a bucket through a fine cloth, which sifts out any particl es that may be present in the water. Water enters the pasteurizer through polyurethane tubing. The polypropylene plastic panel is painted black to absorb as much radiant energy as possible. A thin layer of clear mylar plastic goes over the panel, which Ne pper and Stevenson said keeps wind from wicking away solar heat from the panel. Radiant heat is transferred to a foam that maintains the temperature. Water heats up, until the thermostat hits 160 degrees, then pasteurized water flows into a separate bucke t. The thermostat itself is custom-fabricated by Nepper. Originally, the two experimented using one similar to an automobile thermostat but the store-bought devices allowed some bad water to leak into the good. Nepper created one that was leak-proof and t hat fit into the pasteurizer easily. Even pasteurized water may not look crystal clear, but it's safe and free of any bacteria, Stevenson said. The invention produces 4 gallons of pasteurized water per hour, and probably more with stronger sunlight. Sound s easy, right? That's the beauty of it, Nepper and Stevenson said. Low-tech and effective - perfect for Third World countries. - Full Article Source

ITEM #238

11/04/10 - Gravity Assist Multiplanetary Trajectories
Dr. Michael A. Minovitch, mathematician, physicist, and inventor, is announcing that his Gravity Propelled Interplanetary Space Travel work is available online. Also known as gravity assist, or gravity assist trajectories, this invention launched a new er a of exploration and space travel. Space travel and exploration would not be the same without the diligent and innovative work of Dr. Michael A. Minovitch. In 1961, Dr. Minovitch invented gravity assist multiplanetary trajectories, designed to significant ly reduce launch energies and flight times by replacing traditional direct-transfer trajectories with indirect detour trajectories that pass a series of intermediate planets. By passing the intermediate planets on carefully designed "approach trajectories ," the vehicle receives great changes in its orbital energy without rocket propulsion in a way designed to gravitationally catapult the vehicle to the next planet in the series that can be continued indefinitely thereby achieving speeds impossible to achi eve with rocket propulsion. Minovitch is announcing that alll of the corresponding information and documents are now available at as a resource. Gravity Propelled Interplanetary Space Travel is a way to explore the entire solar system at great speeds using relatively little launch energy without any subsequent rocket propulsion. Before Minovitch’s invention became known, launching a space vehicle from Earth via conventional rocket propulsion to explore the outer planets beyond Jupiter wa s believed to be physically impossible by JPL, NASA, and in all of the hundreds of archival professional papers, including those of the world’s leading space researchers and astrodynamicists, such as Author C. Clarke, Derek F. Lawden, Theodore von Karman and Krafft Ehricke. The solution: Gravity Propelled Interplanetary Space Travel -- A radically new theory for achieving unlimited high-energy interplanetary space travel throughout the entire solar system without a rocket engine. It was the result of Dr. Minovitch’s research. He discovered the mathematical formula for achieving high-energy multiplanetary space travel without rocket propulsion (gravity propulsion) by solving the problem of calculating the required approach trajectories. With this mathemati cal method of space travel, any desired target destination in the solar system previously believed to be impossible to reach without nuclear propulsion (that turned out to be beyond engineering feasibility) can be easily reached with relatively small conv entional launch vehicles by simply replacing the usual direct-transfer trajectory with an indirect gravity propelled trajectory that passes one or more intermediate gravity propulsion planets. "The key to achieving this invention was solving the mathemati cal problem of determining the required ‘approach trajectories’," explains Minovitch. "I solved this problem using vector analysis, changing the usual method for defining conic trajectories in a three dimensional coordinate system from the standard consta nt six scalar "orbital element" representation that was used and taken for granted for over 200 years by all the professionals, to a two constant "orbital vector" representation, and discovering a general vector planet-vehicle orbital energy exchange equa tion for all possible planetary approach and departure trajectories for catapulting the vehicle to the next gravity propulsion planet in the encounter sequence." The discovery of the general vector planet-vehicle orbital energy exchange equation was the i mportant component because it provided the required orbital energy exchanges via a series of controlled gravitational interactions with intermediate planets to reach the target destination on a high-energy trajectory (or a low energy trajectory) without r ocket propulsion. - Full Article Source

ITEM #239

11/04/10 - Aeronauts from the Future
KeelyNet Witness accounts of flying platforms and rocketmen. Over 30 years of conducting UFO and fortean research, I’ve come across some parti­cularly strange reports that are suggestive of either glimpses into the future through some sort of ‘time window’ or sightings of actual time-travellers visiting us from our own future. There are reports of people standing on floating platforms and of men flying through the air using rocket packs or other gadgets. We also share our highways, motorways and country lanes with an odd assortment of futuristic vehicles – some even without wheels. I can’t say with any certainty if time travellers are, in fact, visiting us, or if rifts in time are somehow allowing us to catch glimpses of the future. Perhaps there are rational explanations for what people have seen. In the spirit of Charles Fort, here is the evid­ence for you to make up your own minds.

FLOATING PLATFORMS - On two occasions, witnesses have reported seeing a group of people standing on a floating platform as it hovered over an urban area. The first case is from about 1916. After the son of the witness wrote a short letter that was published in the Daily Mirror on 8 August 1968, he was contacted by Flying Saucer Review. In his reply, Mr AE Whiteland described the unusual sight witnessed by his mother around 1916 or 1917, when she lived in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. One day she had gone upstairs, looked out the window, when “at a height of about 30ft [9m], eight to twelve men appeared, on what seemed to be a round platform with a handrail around it…

They were wearing blue uniforms and little round hats, not unlike sailors’ hats. She heard no sound from the machine as it came off the nearby marshes. It turned a bit, and went over the railway yard, to dis­appear behind some houses.” [1] When she first saw the platform, it was about 100 yards away and “came straight along the road, and then when she thought it was going to pass her house (one of a terr­aced block of six) it suddenly turned away at right angles from her and went between the Railway Hotel and the sheds on either side of the railway yard. The shed opposite the house was maybe 23 to 25ft [7–8m] high; it was two-storeyed, and hay was stored in the upper part, and the thing just cleared its roof, from what Mother said.” [2]

The men were holding tightly on to the handrail, which was “brass, and a second rail, also of brass, was at the height of the men’s knees. As she was trying so hard to take it all in, she cannot say of what mat­erial the platform seemed to be made… Mother says that she kept wondering what was making the thing move, and looked up in the sky and then at the men and then in between their legs to see if there was an engine there in the middle, but she could see nothing there. There was nothing in the middle, just a hollow, with the men around the sides.” [3]

The platform was totally silent and moved at about the speed of a running man. It was visible for at least several minutes. Mr Whiteland’s mother never heard of any other witnesses to this strange sight, but she didn’t speak about it much until after the war. Also, the street had been empty of pedestrians at the time of her sighting, which was at midday during the working week.

On the evening of 28 July 1880, two male witnesses saw a man flying through the air with the aid of wings or fans. He was “surrounded by machinery which he seemed to be working with his hands”. [5]

On 6 January, on her farm just outside the small town of Chehalis, 61-year-old Mrs Bernice Zaikowski saw a most unexpected sight – a man flying with some sort of wings strapped to his back. She had heard a “sizzing and whizzing and there he was, just about 200ft [60m] above my barn”. Stunned, she watched as the man, equipped with long silver wings fastened over the shoulders with a strap, ascended “very rapidly”, hovered, banked and then continued in level flight. The wings retracted close to his body as he ascended and extended again as he manœuvred. The man flew in an upright position, appearing to manipulate the wings with controls strapped to his chest. There was no propeller or any other indication of what the birdman’s motive power might be. The wings did not flap. Mrs Zaikowski also did not think it could have been any kind of one-man helicopter, as the “wings did not rotate”. [12]

There was a more detailed sighting of a flying humanoid on the evening of 12 July 1877, in the town of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. Adrian de Olmos Ordonez, 42, was resting on his balcony between 8:30 and 9:00 pm when he saw a small figure walking along the road: “In its right hand it was carrying a small shiny object. The light from our house was reflected off the glass of the creature’s helmet, which shone with a tremendous brightness… It placed its hands on the front part of its belt, and then a thing which it had on its back, like a rucksack, lit up, and emitted a sound like the noise of an electric drill… And then it rose up into the air, and made off towards the trees.” [21]

KeelyNet(I absolutely believe that gravity can be attenuated (reduced or increased) in a mass to allow flight as described in some of these sightings and many, many more I have studied over the years. Surely you didn't think the flying man on the KeelyNet header was simply decoration? There is definite method to what some perceive as fantasy, yet others see the flames behind the smoke.

KeelyNetI believe I know how to rediscover this lost secret which would change the world as we know it. To date I have not found an investor or group who would finance or sponsor my research. There have been about 8-10 offers but none have had the money, always waiting on some investment to come through.

I would LOVE an inheritance but if you have it to invest, DO IT NOW, while you are alive to be able to enjoy (and profit immensely) using such amazing technology. Reduce your weight to a few pounds and you can easily fly like a bird. It CAN be done and HAS been done many, many times yet has been lost or kept secret for reasons unknown. Rediscovery of practical gravity control is long, long overdue. If you don't have such funding ability, perhaps you know of a farsighted friend or group willing to fund such a project. I would greatly appreciate your promotion of my project!

Here is an idea of what it would be like using Negative Gravity. There are many other associated effects with true gravity control, inertia, local time variations, healing, etc.. Is it not interesting that so many people DREAM about flying without any machine? I believe this is an atavistic memory embedded in humans as a cellular memory from our ancestral past who knew how to do this and practiced gravity reduced flight at will. It is a clue and an inspiration from our ancient past which needs to be recovered to practicality for use in our daily lives. - JWD) - Full Article Source

ITEM #240

11/04/10 - After two years of eco-living, what works and what doesn't
It started with gray water, then escalated to chickens, composting toilets and rain barrels. I'm talking about the two years I've spent transforming my humble California bungalow into a test case for sustainable living — an experience that's cost me hundr eds of hours of my time and thousands of dollars, an endeavor that has tested the limits of not only my checkbook but also my sanity — and my DIY skills. Although everything I retrofitted seemed wise at the time I did it, hindsight tells a different story . Over time, I occasionally questioned the wisdom of some actions. The idealist in me finds value in every improvement, but the realist can't deny that some have been far better in terms of payback — if not financially, at least morally. The systems that easily fold in to my busy life are the ones I've enjoyed most. What's been worth the money and effort, and what hasn't? I've divided the projects into two categories: "Worth It" and "Second Thoughts." - Full Article Source

ITEM #241

11/04/10 - Space tourism will accelerate climate change
Scientists found that black soot from commercial space flight will dramatically change global temperatures because of the particular fuel they use for sub-orbital flight. Firms like Virgin Galactic plan on using a 'hybrid' rocket engine that ignites synth etic hydrocarbon with nitrous oxide. These hybrid engines emit much more black carbon than conventional commercial engines. Their simulations how that space flight would lead to polar surface temperatures by 1 °C, and a reduction in the polar sea ice by 5 –15 per cent. And a layer of black carbon caused by commercial space flights caused the temperature to decrease about 0.4 °C in the tropics and subtropics. The study, reported in Geophysical Research Letters1, suggest that emissions from 1,000 private roc ket launches a year would travel high in the stratosphere, changing how ozone is circulated and produced, with dramatic consequences within just ten years. The study's author Martin Ross said: 'There are fundamental limits to how much material human being s can put into orbit without having a significant impact'. Unveiling the new spaceport, which stretches across a flat dusty plain 45 miles north of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Sir Richard Branson said: 'Today is very personal, as our dream becomes more real. People are beginning to believe now.' - Full Article Source

ITEM #242

11/04/10 - Alcohol More Dangerous Than Crack or Heroin Say Drug Experts
Presenting a new scale of drug harm that rates the damage to users themselves and to wider society, the scientists rated alcohol the most harmful overall and almost three times as harmful as cocaine or tobacco. According to the scale, devised by a group o f scientists including Britain’s Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs (ISCD) and an expert adviser to the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), heroin and crack cocaine rank as the second and third most harmful drugs. Ecst asy is only an eighth as harmful as alcohol, according to the scientists’ analysis. Alcohol and tobacco are legal for adults in Britain and many other countries, while drugs such as ecstasy and cannabis and LSD are often illegal and carry the threat of pr ison sentences. “It is intriguing to note that the two legal drugs assessed — alcohol and tobacco — score in the upper segment of the ranking scale, indicating that legal drugs cause at least as much harm as do illegal substances,” Nutt, who was formerly head of the influential British Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), said in a statement about the study. Nutt was forced to quit the ACMD a year ago after publicly criticizing ministers for ignoring scientific advice suggesting cannabis was le ss harmful than alcohol. The World Health Organization estimates that risks linked to alcohol cause 2.5 million deaths a year from heart and liver disease, road accidents, suicides and cancer — accounting for 3.8 percent of all deaths. It is the third lea ding risk factor for premature death and disabilities worldwide. In an effort to offer a guide to policy makers in health, policing, and social care, Nutt’s team rated drugs using a technique called multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) which assessed da mage according to nine criteria on harm to the user and seven criteria on harm to others. Harms to the user included things such as drug-specific or drug-related death, damage to health, drug dependence and loss of relationships, while harms to others inc luded crime, environmental damage, family conflict, international damage, economic cost, and damage to community cohesion. Drugs were then scored out of 100, with 100 given to the most harmful drug and zero indicating no harm at all. The scientists found alcohol was most harmful, with a score of 72, followed by heroin with 55 and crack with 54. Among some of the other drugs assessed were crystal meth (33), cocaine (27), tobacco (26), amphetamine or speed (23), cannabis (20), benzodiazepines, such as Valiu m (15), ketamine (15), methadone (14), mephedrone (13), ecstasy (9), anabolic steroids (9), LSD (7) and magic mushrooms (5). - Full Article Source

ITEM #243

11/04/10 - The Stealth Stimulus of Defaulters Living for Free
The mortgage-foreclosure mess could prove expensive for banks and investors. But in some states, it will also prolong an unintended economic stimulus: free housing for millions of defaulters. Some homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgage payments a re cashing in by renting out their homes. Joe Mayol, a real-estate agent in Palmdale, Calif., estimates that in his area about two-thirds of houses with defaulted mortgages are occupied, and half of those by renters. "People are getting money out of these houses," he said. - Full Article Source

ITEM #244

11/04/10 - GM Could Be Free of Taxes for Years
General Motors Co. won't have to pay up to $50 billion in taxes under an unusual provision of its government-funded bailout, giving the car maker an added boost as it prepares to return to the stock market this month. GM may use so-called tax-loss carry- forwards to shield its profit from taxes for up to 20 years, according to people familiar with the situation. The benefit is based on losses that GM incurred in years prior to when it entered bankruptcy. Usually, companies that undergo a significant chang e in ownership risk having major restrictions put on their tax-loss carry-forwards. - Full Article Source

ITEM #245

11/04/10 - Fembots may make Hospital Rounds
Hospital patients may soon be "comforted" by an eerily lifelike (read: creepy) humanoid robot that can mime facial expressions of concern. The fembot known as Actroid F, featured in the video, has minimal servomotors to save on cost, but it can't walk. Ko koro is reported to have announced plans to sell 50 units to museums and hospitals for around $110,000 apiece (72,000 euros), with hopes that the bots will serve roles as receptionists, patient attendants, or guides. The company has reported that in a hos pital trial, patients responded "favorably" to the robots. Actroid F can move its eyes, mouth, head, and back and create facial expressions that closely resemble human ones. "Cameras and face-tracking software follow a remote operator so facial expression s and head movements are reproduced in the robot in a master-slave relationship via Internet link," reported news website CNET. Other robots holding jobs in hospitals include a (nonhumanlike) receptionist robot at the Aizu Central Hospital located north o f Tokyo, who welcomes visitors and answers spoken questions. Also, RIBA (Robot Assistance for Interactive Body), a robot created by the Japan Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, makes itself useful by lifting patients from their hospital beds. In a UK hospital, a fleet of robots do the dirty work by transporting clinical wastes and dirty linens, while others deliver food and dispense drugs. - Full Article Source

ITEM #246

11/04/10 - Would you go to Mars and never come back?
KeelyNet The big cost of traveling to Mars is in the coming back. Solution: Don't come back. It's not a popular plan. Yet. But the basic idea—admitting that what we really want to do is colonize other worlds, and switching goals from exploration to permanent settl ement—is starting to be openly discussed, says Popular Science. There's a paper on the subject in the Journal of Cosmology. And NASA and DARPA have started work on a project to build a "100 Year Starship". (Although, to be fair, they're not going to get v ery far on $1,100,000.) One of the authors of the Cosmology paper says he'd go—but only after his kids were grown. Seems to me, if a colony of space Pilgrims was going to succeed in any meaningful way, it would need to include kids. Or, at least, couples and potential couples of child-bearing age. After all, you're going to become somewhat emotionally disconnected from Earth pretty quick out there. And who else are you building your Martian colony for? What do you guys think? Would you go? Would you take your kids? Could you talk your spouse into it? Bearing in mind, we're talking real pioneering conditions here: "They would get periodic supply missions, but they would be expected to fend for themselves for water, shelter, nutrients and mineral/chemical p rocessing. They would be expected to develop some kind of homegrown Martian industry." - Full Article Source

ITEM #247

11/04/10 - Mysterious super Foundation offers 17 billion pounds to UK
An official transcript of the Nov 1 debate in the UK's House of Lords in which the Tory life-peer Lord James of Blackheath (a respected industry magnate and financier) claims to have been contacted by a secret foundation with more gold on hand than all th e world's bullion reserves combined. This group, "Foundation X," apparently has offered to give the UK £5 billion right away, no strings attached, with another £17 billion to follow before Christmas for works on hospitals, schools and London's crossrail p roject. Lord James seems to be totally serious about this, and he claims to have brought other respected Lords to meet with these shadowy goldbugs. (Why can't these people fund altern ative science research by maverick thinkers and experimenters for truly positive earth changing discoveries? - JWD) - Full Article Source

ITEM #248

11/04/10 - It's hard to fight a fire you can't see
This is not a metaphor. It is, in fact, rather difficult to fight invisible fires—as demonstrated by this clip from the 1981 Indianapolis 500, where fuel accidentally sprayed on a hot engine ignited an invisible, smoke-less fire on the car ... and on the racer and his crew. Everybody in this video survived, but it made me curious about what fuel they were using. Also: Why, if it's this difficult to put out invisible flames, would you use a fuel that produced invisible flames to begin with? - Full Article Source

ITEM #249

11/04/10 - How does your body kill rogue cells?
The first observations that the human immune system could punch holes in target cells was made by the Nobel laureate Jules Bordet over 110 years ago. But how? A team of Melbourne and London researchers have shown how a protein called perforin punches hole s in, and kills, rogue cells in our bodies. Their discovery of the mechanism of this assassin is published today in the science journal Nature. 'Perforin is our body's weapon of cleansing and death,' says project leader Prof James Whisstock from Monash Un iversity. 'It breaks into cells that have been hijacked by viruses or turned into cancer cells and allows toxic enzymes in, to destroy the cell from within. Without it our immune system can't destroy these cells. Now we know how it works, we can start to fine tune it to fight cancer, malaria and diabetes.' - Full Article Source

ITEM #250

11/04/10 - Microreactor speeds nanotech particle production by 500 times
Engineers at Oregon State University have discovered a new method to speed the production rate of nanoparticles by 500 times, an advance that could play an important role in making nanotechnology products more commercially practical. - Full Article Source

ITEM #251

11/04/10 - Look at all the Red, Doesn't this tell us something is wrong?
This should clearly show the will of the people, just because cities are overpopulated and I think more easily controlled, they should not be able to circumvent the will of the majority of the states.

- Full Article Source

ITEM #252

11/04/10 - Aging without disease, depression, frailty, or loss of mental function
Most researchers look for the genes and mutations that cause disease, but researchers at the University of Miami are taking a different approach, studying the genes that allow people to stay healthy into old age. "We're looking not just to predict how old you'll get, but how well you'll age," says William K. Scott, professor of human genetics at the university's school of medicine. In the first major outcome of this research, Scott's group has found that 15 percent of healthy Amish octogenarians have "hap logroup X," a genetic pattern within the mitochondria, which are the regions of cells that generate energy and help guard against deterioration. Haplogroup X is generally found in only 2 percent of Europeans, from whom the Amish descended and was found in only 3 percent of the control group of Amish people who had made it to 80 but suffered from significant disease or disability. This appears to be a gene variant we should all have engineered into us. - Full Article Source

ITEM #253

11/04/10 - Don't believe in God? Read this
KeelyNet New advertisements on Washington DC bus stop shelters ask a simple question: "Don't believe in God?" After that gets your attention, they answer it: "Join the club." More than a figure of speech, this rejoinder is a direct invitation to join one of the d ozen local non-theistic groups that have come together as Washington CoR – the Washington DC area Coalition of Reason. Believers in traditional religion are often shocked at such ads. Since 2008, this message and others like it have been placed on billbo ards, buses, subway trains and at subway stations in cities across the United States. But the ads don't actually address believers. They address non-believers, in an effort to get them "out of the closet", or at least, to let them know they aren't alone. The goal is to end a conspiracy of silence of sorts, where quietness is next to godlessness, and begin the process of giving non-theistic Americans their place at the table. - Full Article Source

ITEM #254

11/04/10 - Miniature Human Livers Grown In Lab
"In the quest to grow replacement human organs in the lab, livers are no doubt at the top of many a barfly's wish list. With its wide range of functions that support almost every organ in the body and no way to compensate for the absence of liver function , the ability to grow a replacement is also the focus of many research efforts. Now, for the first time, researchers have been able to successfully engineer miniature livers in the lab using human liver cells." - Full Article Source

ITEM #255

11/04/10 - It's Tough Being an Agnostic
KeelyNet It’s tough being an agnostic. You exist constantly caught between those vast, angry pillars of religious fundamentalism and new atheism, where every other conversation about faith descends into a polemical rant about the evils of organised religion or the depravity of today’s godless society. And where the combatants are just as likely to bite your head off than concede some ground in the battle for all of our immortal souls. So forgetting the Richard Dawkins’ and the Ted Haggard’s of this world I’ve gone in search of some genuinely measured debate. And if I can’t find that as a fresher at Cambridge, then I’ll just have to resign myself to sitting on the fence of their contempt for the foreseeable future. - Full Article Source

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11/04/10 - Alien lifeforms: Contact made!
We are not alone. The name is Gliese 581g, a planet recently declared to be not only habitable, but one hundred per cent certain to host life. Now, the latest discovery: an alien communications signal is being sent from this very same location in space. S cientists estimate that the Milky Way galaxy alone contains some 200 billion stars and if between ten to twenty per cent of these hold life, that means some 40 billion habitable planets in this galaxy alone. The US-based investigator and writer, Terrence Aym*, claims in his article "Scientist declares alien signal sent from extrasolar planet Gliese 581g" that a reputable Australian astrophysicist, Dr. Ragbir Bhathal, from the University of Western Sydney, has stated that "the light pulses he detected in D ecember 2008 are from the region of space where the extrasolar planet Gliese 581g orbits a red dwarf star". Aym points out that Professor Steven Vogt (Professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California) had already declared that Glies e 581g was inside the habitable zone of a star and claimed that "given the ubiquity and propensity of life to flourish wherever it can, I would say, my own personal feeling is that the chances of life on this planet are 100 per cent". - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - Clearing the Gulf Spill with Harmonics
John Hutchison's frequency experiment in the Gulf of Mexico - Lab Results In. Chemist Bob Naman Pres. of ACT Labs, has provided us the attached report from the control sample taken at Perdido Bay last week - test results completed today after the 'treated ' sample provided...


John Hutchison, scientist from Vancouver, BC and Nancy Lazaryan from Minnesota sought to help those affected in the Gulf of Mexico by the oil spill disaster. Hutchison is world famous for his work with frequencies. Lazaryan can be described as intuitive. Samples of polluted Gulf water where sent to Hutchison's lab in Vancouver. Hutchison and Lazaryan worked together to identify certain ancient harmonics that have been used for healing. These frequencies were applied both with audio and radio waves to the polluted water samples. Finding success in these limited experiments, Hutchison and Lazaryan packed up the necessary lab equipment into a borrowed trailer, and with a borrowed farm truck, left Canada to come to the Gulf. The chemical analysis from the fir st "open air frequencies" experiment in Perdido Bay have shown the Gulf water can be restored to health. Restored without the use of dispersants, chemicals or burning. Restored by use of Solfeggio tones, also known as Gregorian chants, and a harmonic "str eam of sound". The inspiration for these harmonics comes from the Essenes, a sect of Israel that Jesus was a member. The Essenes "inner circle" taught of the "stream of sound", the harmonics of the Creator. Hutchison and Lazaryan endeavored to bring the " stream of sound" to the damaged waters of the Gulf. One of the tones used by Hutchison, 528 hz, is the frequency of the planet Jupiter. You can see Jupiter in the night sky, if you look for the bright light directly to the right of the moon. 528 hz is kno wn by the ancients to be the "healing frequency" and to repair DNA. Hutchison and Lazaryan are NOT asking for ANY money for the work that they are doing. This is a gift. "We declare PEACE," says Lazaryan, "the war upon the Gulf is over."

How to put love and healing in your water - Here is a 30 second mp3 file with the 528 Hz frequency. Burn it to a CD, put it on repeat and blast it in to your water! You can use a musical instrument to c reate the frequency. Most instruments are not tuned for these frequencies, but can be adjusted to do so. I am glad to hear that you have already uses something similar with success. (All of this is very New Agey and thus suspect as to veracity in my opini on (based on internet reports about Hutchison/Lazaryan). Time will tell if OTHERS can use the same technology to get positive results as they claim to have done. I wish them well if it works, but I hope its not a scam for attention. A lot of people have j umped on this bandwagon without asking for independent proof that I can find from any trustworthy, credible sources. - JWD) - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - John Bedini will be at $250 Nov. 13-14 technical conference in Idaho
KeelyNet via - Jeane Manning writes: Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho – where I went to high school and first two years of college – is the site for an unusual conference Nov. 13-14. For $250 admission plus your room and meal costs, you’ll get a chance to spend time with the world-renowned inventor John Bedini and others of like-mind in actually assembling and discussing cutting-edge alternative energy technology.

I know they’ll deliver all that and more. Peter Lindemann will reveal motor secrets, Jeff Wilson is said to have a machine that runs itself as well as charges itself and there will be other speakers too. I’ll be there as a guest, but don’t want to take much podium time because I expect that attendees will be eager to get at the hands-on assembling of technology! It’ll be right after the Nov. 11 free-admission event at Pacific University in Oregon where we’ll be speaking — a very exciting week... There will also be a Big Surprise event. I’ll try to blog right away afterward. During the event, no cellphones or cameras are allowed we’re told. Sounds like a well-planned conference.

Full article about the Bedini Conference

(This would be so much fun if you can afford to attend. There is nothing like networking with friends and associates into the same things you are. It is ALWAYS a RUSH! - JWD) - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - Color therapy using your Plasma/LCD TV
KeelyNet This article was inspired by an email suggestion. I've always been a big fan of Dinshah Ghadiali and his amazing SpectroChrome research as well as the weekly/monthly 'new' discoveries in Photo Biology. Dinshah proved many times that a very bright, clear light shining through one or more precisely colored filters could produce miraculous healing in the body. How about instead of using the old style projector with all the color filters, instea d you use your Plasma/LCD computer or TV screen to project those colors?

Quote Source - "Basic colour breathing is simple. Choose the colour you wish to project on yourself and place slide/s in a lamp/projector assembly. Some people use kinesiology (muscle testing) to test for the colour they need at the time. Dinshah's Axioms are another way to derive a choice. Lay down or sit in the colour and breath deeply. Feel the colour filling your body, or direct the colour to the area you wish it to go to. This is purely subjective, and has definite effects on the consciousness at least, physiological effects can follow (and hence the claims of effi cacy of the Spectro-Chrome System).

KeelyNet While some will argue that colour has no effect upon the body, try telling that to yellow jaundiced babies who are regularly prescribed blue lights in hospitals around the world. When it comes to health, one shouldn’t rely on external factors such as pills, potions, plasters and colour projectors. They all may help in specific circumstances, and this brief is not intended to cover this aspect.

I have seen colour work dramatically on physical conditions over the years, such as indigo light on severe sunburn and abrasions, or yellow light on the stomach to stimulate evacuation. But Dinshah’s system was more than colour, it encompassed diet and a specific way of living. If you eat healthy vital food you can expect to benefit from the living energies carried by them. If you eat devitalised food, then what do you expect in the way of vitality? Dinshah and others claimed that there was no use for col our when the system was in balance."

I'll never forget the guy who made a presentation at a Global Sciences Congress probably around 1992 or so. He was from Alaska and had this box, I'll call it the 'Alaskan Lightbox', with a viewing window and a hand dial on the site. Inside was noth ing but a very bright unfrosted bulb whose light passed through a mirrored column for a focused beam. There was a wheel that clicked for each of the 7 positions when you turned the dial on the side. At each of the 7 positions was a natural gem to produce all the colors of the rainbow. The beam was directed through the gem and into the eyes of anyone looking into the viewing window. He said he used selected natural gems because of the purity of their colors.

KeelyNet The presenter/inventor said you can think of our cells having little buckets of paint of different colors. When the buckets get low or empty, we get sick, diseased or incapacitated. So by looking into this machine at each of the 7 color frequencies you could 'refill' your paint buckets and restore health.

Interesting idea and fits so well with the Multi-Wave Oscillator and magnets where your body absorbs just what it needs and throws off the rest. Well, as at all conferences you find like minds so our little group talked with the inventor later and thought he might have something.

But here is the amazing thing...some of us had been on the same airport to hotel shuttle and when we boarded, this old man who looked about 70 had problems climbing into the shuttle and even walking. He was all bent over and in obvious pain with every mov ement. We helped him and on the ride he told us he was from some state up near Canada and had been in terrible health for many years. He had gone to many doctors with no success and a friend told him about this Congress so he figured he had nothing to los e by attending. We all felt so sorry for him and didn't think he could be a shill (plant by the speaker to testify to some miraculous healing)...we helped him with his bags into the hotel and he said he could make it to his room ok.

And then the presentations so we forgot all about the man. I believe it was the 2nd day into the conference when the Lightbox guy from Alaska, Wayne something...gave his presentation...he didn't test it on anyone, he just explained the theory, workings an d said it worked for ALL health problems. That night we chatted about it while hanging out, but the next morning, we had gotten up an hour or so earlier than the first presentation so were sitting around after breakfast. We saw this same old man standing straight up...eyes shining, big grin on his face, he looked like a million bucks and we couldn't believe the change, he was walking briskly and clearly not in any pain and feeling great.

He stopped to talk with us and we asked WTF? Did you get laid last night or what? He laughed and said no, he had gone up to the Lightbox guys' room and looked into that machine for about an hour, switching to each of the 7 colors. He said intially he c ouldn't even SEE some of the colors as they were beamed into his eyes but as he looked at nothing, the color began to show and eventually he could see it in all its radiance..he said this happened on several colors and by the time he'd viewed all 7, he could see them all now.

He was puzzled and thought it was some trick but the Lightbox guy was nowhere near the machine which sat on the table and had a simple plug into the wall outlet. He said he experienced no immediate effects and shuffled back to his room thinking that didn' t work either so he figured this was a wasted trip. BUT, he said when he woke up this morning, he had no pain and literally jumped out of bed like a kid...he moved around and did some bending to see to what extent he had improved and all his pains for so much of his life were miraculously GONE!

You can imagine all of us sitting there with our jaws dropped as we looked at NIGHT and DAY for this man. I don't know if others tried the machine but this was as close as we got to anyone who had tried it. It made such an impression on me that I never fo rgot it. I don't recall him ever offering to sell the Alaskan Lightbox device or copies of it, he was an experimenter who wanted to present his findings and let others try the machine. It was remarkable that he explained all that he did without expectatio n of financial reward or fear of being ripped off with so many crooks out in the world. I regret I didn't get a complete list of the gemstones he used, their order in the wheel, the lightsource/wattage and how he measured the gemstone color frequency t o sort through sample gems and find the ones that would work best.

KeelyNet Remember the 'Breastplate of Aaron', brother of Moses? Twelve stones each set in a gold setting placed on a piece of material, (cloth), nine inches square. Each s tone had one of the twelve tribes of Israel engraved on it. Gem-stones are used in this example, the exact color of the stones is not known since stones can vary greatly in their colors. There were four rows of stones: 1st row: a Sardius, a Topaz and an E merald. 2nd row: a Turquoise, a Sapphire and a Diamond. 3rd row: a Jacinth, a Agate and a Amethyst. 4th row: a Beryl, a Onyx and a Jasper.

Long ago, I read somewhere that an occult secret was the true placement of the stones should be in the form of a cross on the front of the body in a vertical column that lined up with the spine and a bar across the chest. The claim being that the stone s energized the chakras and the heart to produce mentally controlled phenomena. The point here is gemstones somehow linking to bioenergy. Some sites on the net state the breastplate was to be worn in the meeting/speaking place and from the breastplate cam e the voice of god. Crystals as acoustic transducers, fascinating! Maybe each crystal, by shape, type and size acted as a sonant filter so when all were stimulated together with high voltage from the Ark of the Covenant they could form a synthetic voice. Who knows?

KeelyNet A bit more of interest...looked up the colors for the 12 gemstones in the Breastplate of Aaron and only 7 of them are transparent;

#1 Topaz blue,
#2 Emerald green,
#3 Sapphire yellow, blue, purple, pink or red,
#4 Diamond blue, yellow, brown, green, purple, pink, orange or red,
#5 Jacinth red,
#6 Amethyst violet, purple,
#7 Beryl green, blue, yellow, colorless, pink & other s.

While Onyx, Jasper, Sardius, Turquoise and Agate are not transparent.

Absolutely something occult going on here with exactly 7 being transparent as in the Alaskan Lightbox. So are the other 5 stones that are non transparent just fluff that don' t add to the powers attributed to the Breastplate? A good magician misdirects to confuse the viewer. So too could hidden information be masked by extraneous additions which only those who understood could interpret and know what to cast aside as fluff.

Colors: #1 Red, #2 Orange, #3 Yellow, #4 Green, #5 Blue, #6 Purple(red and blue - HTML code varieties - #66023C Tyrian, #5218FA Han, #7851A9 Royal, #BF00FF Electric, #800080 Html/Css, #A020F0 X11, #9370DB Medium, #9F00C5 Munsell) and #7 Violet. Or accordi ng to these color wheels; Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta. Check out HTML Codes for Pure Colors.

KeelyNet So thats one reason I think Dinshah was way, way ahead of science with respect to uses of light in the body. And the same for the MWO where the user sits between two circularly polarized high voltage antennas that broadcast millions of frequencies thro ugh the body. The body resonantly captures what it needs and restores natural energy levels to assist in healing and rejuvenation.

This TV/LCD chromotherapy idea would be a killer app if it really works and the colors you get are the right ones to treat whatever health issues you might have. - JWD for KeelyNet - Full Article Source

Experimental Chromatherapy Color Chart
for FullScreen Colors on your Plasma/LCD Display

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11/01/10 - Without driver or map, vans go from Italy to China
KeelyNet Four driverless electric vans successfully ended an 8,000-mile test drive from Italy to China — a modern-day version of Marco Polo's journey around the world — with their arrival at the Shanghai Expo on Thursday. The vehicles, equipped with four solar-pow ered laser scanners and seven video cameras that work together to detect and avoid obstacles, are part of an experiment aimed at improving road safety and advancing automotive technology. The sensors on the vehicles enabled them to navigate through wide e xtremes in road, traffic and weather conditions, while collecting data to be analyzed for further research, in a study sponsored by the European Research Council. "We didn't know the route, I mean what the roads would have been and if we would have found nice roads, traffic, lots of traffic, medium traffic, crazy drivers or regular drivers, so we encountered the lot," said Isabella Fredriga, a research engineer for the project. Though the vans were driverless and mapless, they did carry researchers as pas sengers just in case of emergencies. The experimenters did have to intervene a few times — when the vehicles got snarled in a Moscow traffic jam and to handle toll stations. - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - Electric Car Goes 375 Miles On One 6-Minute Charge
"We all know that battery packs are the weakest link in electric vehicles. Not only are they heavy and expensive, but they take a long time to recharge and on average can only provide around 100 miles per charge. A German-based company has changed all tha t with a new vehicle capable of driving up to 375 miles at moderate highway speeds. ... It doesn't end there. The company responsible for the battery pack, DBM Energy, claims a battery pack efficiency of 97 percent and a recharge time of around 6 minutes when charged from a direct current source. Unlike the small Daihatsu which was heavily modified by a team in Japan earlier this year that achieved a massive 623 miles on a charge at around 27 mph, the Audi A2 modified by DBM Energy was able to achieve its 375 miles range at an average speed of 55 mph." - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - The owner's manual for Star Trek's U.S.S. Enterprise
KeelyNet Now motoring enthusiasts’ bible Haynes has put out a rather unusual new version of its popular guidebooks: an illustrated guide to Star Trek’s U.S.S Enterprise. With detailed cutaways of all of the versions of the iconic ship from its inception in the ear ly TV shows with Captain Kirk right through to Jean-Luc Picard, the book is destined to be a science-fiction geek’s dream Christmas present. The Haynes team even hired famous graphic designer Michael Okuda, who produced a technical manual for Star Trek sc riptwriters to make sure the technology was consistent throughout the shows. Each iteration of the Enterprise comes with a full-ship cutaway and details of the bridge, the transporter room and engines. Even the space ship’s crew quarters. Each ship’s syst ems are analysed in detail and key developments from one version to another are discussed at length. The 160-page book even covers technologies such as defensive shields, deflectors and computer systems. Mr Smith told the official Star Trek website: ‘Hayn es Enterprise Manual covers the various Enterprises – some in more depth than others – at a level that is accessible to anyone. 'So it was really about getting the level of technical detail just right. What’s also important is that the book shows how the design of these ships evolved from NX-01 through to NCC-1701-E. 'Along the way we go into more detail about the key technologies used on board. People want to know how warp engines work. We explain that. People want to know how transporters work. We expla in that.’ The U.S.S Enterprise manual will be published as a hardback and priced £19.99. - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - Human lungs have 'taste buds'
The taste receptors in the lungs are the same as those in the mouth except they are not found in clusters and do not send any signals to the brain. The breakthrough discovery could have massive impact on the development of drugs to treat asthma as they di scovered that bitter compounds open lung airways far better than current drugs. The airways are the pathways that move air in and out of the lungs, one of several critical steps in the process of delivering oxygen to cells throughout the body. However, in asthma the smooth muscle airways contract or tighten, impeding the flow of air, causing wheezing and shortness of breath. For the current study, Prof Liggett's team exposed bitter-tasting compounds to human and mouse airways, individual airway smooth mus cle cells, and to mice with asthma. Most plant-based poisons are bitter, so the researchers thought the purpose of the lung's taste receptors was similar to those in the tongue - to warn against poisons. Prof Liggett said: 'I initially thought the bitter- taste receptors in the lungs would prompt a 'fight or flight' response to a noxious inhalant, causing chest tightness and coughing so you would leave the toxic environment, but that's not what we found. 'There are thousands of compounds that activate the body's bitter taste receptors but are not toxic in appropriate doses. - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - Trapped Robot Finds Subsurface Water Clues on MARS!
The ground where NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit became stuck last year holds evidence that water, perhaps as snow melt, trickled into the subsurface fairly recently and on a continuing basis. (Wasn't this an episode on Big Bang Theory when Howard le t a girl drive the Rover and it got stuck. The gang removed all traces of interference only to hear on the news that this serendipitous trap had found water? No, it found life! - JWD) - 2008 - * November - Howard gets the Mars rover stuck and hides the ev idence that he was responsible. Because of being stuck where it was, the rover discovers evidence of life on Mars, but Howard can't admit that it was him who placed the rover there (0208) - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - CrustaStun: 'humane' gadget kills lobsters with single jolt of electricity
Traditionally, it is dropped alive into a pan of boiling water, where it emits a shrieking noise as it takes several minutes to die. The CrustaStun comprises a stainless- steel box roughly the size of a microwave containing a tray with a wet sponge and an electrode. The crustacean is placed in the box and when the lid is closed the wet sponge conducts the current which electrocutes it. The machine can knock a large crustacean unconscious in less than 0.3 seconds and kill it in five to ten. Professor Dougl as Neil of the University of Glasgow show that electrocution is the quickest way of ending any signs of nervous activity in lobsters and crab. 'It eliminates all activity that is truly from the nerves. The story becomes quite simple: we see silence in the nervous system, both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system,' Professor Neil said. Crabs take four to five minutes to die in boiling water, while lobsters take three minutes. Some believe the noise made by lobsters in the pan is evi dence of them experiencing pain, although others insist it is caused by the release of gases under the shell. The lobster's tail also flaps around as it tries to escape and it dies only when its core temperature reaches 34C. While crabs remain silent when boiled alive, they shed their claws and legs as a defence mechanism and, because of this, are often put in fresh water and drowned for eight hours as an alternative. - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - Russia’s Anomalous Heat: Moon to Blame
KeelyNet Russian meteorologists blame Earth’s natural satellite for the extremely hot summer, which brought so many troubles to Russians. Moon’s tidal effects cause cyclic oscillations of Earth’s atmosphere, responsible for climatic anomalies, head of laboratory o f planetary atmospheric circulations and helio-geophysical studies says. Earth’s atmosphere appears to have 355-day oscillation cycle, which corresponds with length of a lunar year, consisting of 12 synodic months (full changes of lunar phases). Temperatu re anomalies of this summer, according to the scientist, perfectly fit into a cyclic order, formed by lunar tidal cycle and solar cycle. This order is also affected by changes in distance between the Moon and the Earth. Tidal forces of the Moon affect atm osphere, which has an effect on cloud formation, which in its turn can prevent Earth’s surface from cooling or Solar radiation from heating it. Summers with anomalous heat can happen once in 35-36 years. - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - Mud Helps Fight Diabetes
Tests, performed by Russian reaches, showed that humic acids, a common component of soils and mud, can reduce blood sugar level. Diabetes is a disease, which characteristic feature is high blood sugar (glucose) level. This symptom not only highlights the problem – failure of insulin production or loss of sensitivity to it – but is also dangerous by itself, when sweet blood sticks to vessel walls and damages them, as well as stops blood supply to tissues. Russian researchers from Voronezh suggested using s alts of humic acids as hypoglycemic (lowering blood sugar level) agents and tested their hypothesis on laboratory animals. Humic acids are common natural substance, found in silts, mud, soils and etc.. Tests revealed that all tested substances were hypogl ycemic agents, however, lygnohumate, isolated from medical lignin, demonstrated highest hypoglycemic effect. Lygnohumate appeared to reduce blood sugar level, to eliminate diabetes symptoms, and to make overall organism’s condition better. If further test s confirm safety and efficiency of this natural substance, medics would obtain a cheap and effective hypoglycemic agent for making life of diabetes patients a little bit easier. - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - How Nanoparticles Affect Life
KeelyNet Nanomaterials are the new Bible today – everything is made in, by, or somehow with these trendy materials. However, their effect on life is still obscure. Russian researchers have shed some light on this mystery. Physical and chemical properties of nanopa rticles aren’t the same with crystals, and their interactions with living organisms are tabula rasa. Russian researchers tested how various carbon nanomaterials would have affected Escherichia coli, common symbiont of human (and not only human) lower inte stine. Four types of single-walled carbon nanotubes of various purification level, multiple-wall carbon nanotubes, fullerenes and chemically modified fullerenes were tested in the experiment. Results were as following: poorly purified nanotubes had the st rongest bactericide (killing) effect, which scientists tend to associate with additives, not with nanotubes themselves. Fullerenes had no effect on bacteria, but with one exception: fullerenes, modified with amino group, effectively killed bacteria. Resea rchers warn that further and thorough studies of how nanomaterials affect living organisms are required before these material become an essential part of our life. (Wonder if the shape of the tubes affects us somehow, like Pavlita experiments and pyramid shapes produce strange effects. - JWD) - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - Deuterium in Water – Essential for Life
Russian researchers developed an express-technique for testing toxicity of water with high and low deuterium concentration and discovered an interesting fact – deuterium is a crucial element for normal functioning of a living cell. Natural water normally contains two hydrogen isotopes: protium and deuterium, which concentration is about 156 parts per million (ppm). Light water (with low deuterium concentration) is believed to have positive effects on human health. Heavy water is toxic – it prevents cells from normal division, if its concentration in an organism is about 25-50%. Scientists suggested using a test organism, an infusorium Spirostomum ambiguum, which is very convenient to work with due to its size – about 1 mm. Experiments showed that deuteriu m concentration of 50-125 ppm had no effect on infusoria lifespan, but organisms had quickly died in water with lower or higher deuterium content. Researchers believe that some certain deuterium content is crucial for normal functioning of a living cell. - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - Is the universe a big hologram?
KeelyNet Spacetime itself seems to become pixelated when you look at it very closely. Some theorize that this happens because the universe is really two dimensional. During the hunt for the predicted ripples in space-time — known as gravitational waves — physicist s stumbled across a rather puzzling phenomenon. While looking out for a gravitational wave signal, scientists at GEO600 noticed something bizarre. There was inexplicable static in the results they were gathering. After canceling out all artificial sources of the noise, they called in the help of Fermilab’s Craig Hogan to see if his expertise of the quantum world help shed light on this anomalous noise. His response was as baffling as it was mind-blowing. “It looks like GEO600 is being buffeted by the m icroscopic quantum convulsions of space-time,” Hogan said. Come again? The signal being detected by GEO600 isn’t a noise source that’s been overlooked, Hogan believes GEO600 is seeing quantum fluctuations in the fabric of space-time itself. Thi s is where things start to get a little freaky. According to Einstein’s view on the universe, space-time should be smooth and continuous. However, this view may need to be modified as space-time may be composed of quantum “points” if Hogan’s theory is cor rect. At its finest scale, we should be able to probe down the “Planck length” which measures 10-35 meters. But the GEO600 experiment detected noise at scales of less than 10-15 meters. As it turns out, Hogan thinks that noise at these scales are caused b y a holographic projection from the horizon of our universe. A good analogy is to think about how an image becomes more and more blurry or pixelated the more you zoom in on it. The projection starts off at Planck scale lengths at the Universe’s event hori zon, but its projection becomes blurry in our local space-time. This hypothesis comes out of black hole research where the information that falls into a black hole is “encoded” in the black hole’s event horizon. For the holographic universe to hold true, information must be encoded in the outermost reaches of the Universe and it is projected into our 3 dimensional world. But how can this hypothesis be tested? We need to boost the resolution of a gravitational wave detector-type of kit. Enter the “Holomete r.” Currently under construction in Fermilab, the Holometer (meaning holographic interferometer) will delve deep into this quantum realm at smaller scales than the GEO600 experiment. If Hogan’s idea is correct, the Holometer should detect this quantum noi se in the fabric of space-time, throwing our whole perception of the Universe into a spin. - Full Article Source

ITEM #271

11/01/10 - ‘Space mice’ may pave way to help keep humans fit in space
On its last flight, Discovery will not just carry astronauts, but 16 rodent passengers too. The project is aimed at understanding why space flights make humans more vulnerable to infection by viruses and bacteria. “Since the Apollo missions, we have had e vidence that astronauts have increased susceptibility to infections during flight and immediately post-flight - they seem more vulnerable to cold and flu viruses and urinary tract infections, and viruses like Epstein-Barr, which infect most people and the n remain dormant, can reactivate under the stress of spaceflight,” said Dr. Roberto Garofalo, a professor at UTMB Health and principal investigator for the project. “We want to discover what triggers this increased susceptibility to infection, with the go al both of protecting the astronauts themselves and people with more vulnerable immune systems here on Earth, such as the elderly and young children,” he added. - Full Article Source

ITEM #272

11/01/10 - Helicopter hovers 12 twelve hours on the power of a laser beam
A pint-sized helicopter that gets its energy from a laser beam ran for more than 12 hours straight overnight, breaking an endurance record for laser-powered hovering. It may look like a toy or a UFO, but the Pelican quadrocopter is actually a prototype fo r a new generation of mini-drones designed for military use. The Pelican's landing came this morning -- 12 hours, 26 minutes and 56 seconds after it rose up from the floor of the Future of Flight Aviation Center in Mukilteo, Wash., just north of Seattle. "It's been a satisfyingly boring night," Tom Nugent, president and co-founder of LaserMotive, told me when I arrived at the museum at 7 a.m. this morning. The Pelican -- built by Ascending Technologies, a German company specializing in flying robots -- ne ver flew much higher than 30 feet, and an autonomous control system kept it pretty much in the same position for hour after hour. The Ascending Technologies executives who sat behind the computers controlling the craft had little to do except to adjust th e software every once in a while. "We act as safety pilots," Michael Achtelik, the German company's CEO, told me. LaserMotive developed the diode-laser beam system that kept the Pelican aloft. Near-infrared light from the equivalent of 250,000 laser point ers were focused and sent up to shine onto the quadrocopter's photovoltaic array, using a system of lenses and mirrors in the back of a delivery truck. The laser system served as a "wireless extension cord" for the Pelican, Nugent said. But the copter als o had a battery capable of keeping the rotors running for a few minutes, just in case something went wrong with the 2.5-kilowatt laser. Looking farther ahead, Nugent said beam-powered aircraft could be used as portable platforms for aerial imaging or civi lian communications. "You can have your own personal 'geosynchronous satellite' above you in the atmosphere," he said. Beam systems could come into play in space exploration as well -- perhaps in the form of laser-powered rovers or mini-aircraft on Mars. - Full Article Source

ITEM #273

11/01/10 - 10 Ways Life in Orbit Can Be Rough
Life in orbit has its serious trials, and mishaps along the way have proven just how much we still have to learn about being a spacefaring civilization. In honor of Halloween, here are 10 ways space station living can become a little horror story: 10. Fin gernails fall off / 7. Space diet of baby food / 6. Cramped quarters / 3. Creaky bones / 2. Losing your lunch / 1. The loneliest number - Full Article Source

ITEM #274

11/01/10 - Scientists discovering how to create giant insects
KeelyNet The giant dragonflies of ancient Earth with wingspans of up to 70 centimeters (28 inches) are generally attributed to higher oxygen atmospheric levels in the atmosphere in the past. New experiments in raising modern insects in various oxygen-enriched atmo spheres have confirmed that dragonflies grow bigger with more oxygen, or hyperoxia. The team raised cockroaches, dragonflies, grasshoppers, meal worms, beetles and other insects in atmospheres containing different amounts of oxygen to see if there were an y effects. One result was that dragonflies grew faster into bigger adults in hyperoxia. However, cockroaches grew slower and did not become larger adults. In all, ten out of twelve kinds of insects studied decreased in size in lower oxygen atmospheres. Bu t there were varied responses when they were placed into an enriched oxygen atmosphere. VandenBrooks will be presenting the results of the work on Monday, Nov. 1 at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Denver. - Full Article Source

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11/01/10 - Hurry Up And Die
KeelyNet U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis says some of her Wyoming constituents are so worried about the reinstatement of federal estate taxes that they plan to discontinue dialysis and other life-extending medical treatments so they can die before Dec. 31. Lummis, a Repu blican who holds her state's lone seat in the House, declined to name any of the people who have made the comments. But she said many ranchers and farmers in the state would rather pass along their businesses – "their life's work" – to their children and grandchildren than see the federal government take a large chunk. / The estate tax, first enacted in 1916, temporarily disappeared for 2010 while political wrangling stalemated efforts to revise it. The tax's top rate in 2009 was 45 percent, but estates s maller than $3.5 million – or $7 million in the case of married couples – were exempt. That left less than 1 percent of all estates subject to the tax. Without further action from Congress, the estate tax will return in 2011 and will affect more heirs, wi th a lower exemption – $1 million – and a higher top rate – 55 percent. Lummis said the children of some people choosing death over taxes told her of their parents' decision. She wouldn't identify them and said it would be their decision to come forward. - Full Article Source

ITEM #276

11/01/10 - Hybrid material enables power-producing fabrics
Researchers at Bolton University have developed a flexible photovoltaic-piezoelectric fibre that can be woven to create energy-harnessing fabrics. Prof Elias Siores, principal inventor of the hybrid fibre and director of research at the university said: ’ Our hybrid photovoltaic-piezoelectric material… can be woven into everything, including laptop and mobile phone cases. In its casing the appliance could be charging, as it is handled or placed near sunlight. Dr Hadimani said: ’We have conducted a number o f experiments, measuring lower-level electricity generated by hybrid photovoltaic and piezoelectric cell but can bring in one watt of energy per 20cm x 20cm square of the material. ‘When you consider a low-energy light bulb uses nine watts you can see tha t now, even in its early development stages, the material is producing credible power. ’We will be testing the photovoltaic-piezoelectric fibre as soon as we can. But in theory it should be at least as effective in gathering energy.’ - Full Article Source

ITEM #277

11/01/10 - Apthorp Windmill Inventor seeking funding
KeelyNet Scott Apthorp explains there's a lot of things that separate his invention from the garden variety windmill. The most obvious of those is that his windmill seems to sit on its side, the blades spinning parallel to the ground. Windmills typically transfer the power through a turbine to a central drive shaft. Apthorp's design would generate electricity through magnets affixed to a pair of giant horizontal rings that encircle the blades of the windmill. "Instead of putting all the torque in the center of the blades, we have moved the torque out to the end point," he said. "For a multitude of technical reasons it will produce a higher voltage." He also believes his design will stand up to sudden gusts of wind. "Because of the damping effect of the electromagn etic field ... it will absorb the (force of the wind) a lot better and be more structurally stable in the process," he said. Mounted on a series of four poles high above the ground, Apthorp's horizontal windmill could be lowered to the ground for easier r epairs and could be stacked one on top of another, using less space to produce more energy. And he doesn't think the benefits end there. He's even more excited about the potential to use the same technology to generate electricity under the hood of a car. "If you have ever rolled your window down and put your hand out, there is a substantial amount of wind," he said. Apthorp has ideas about how to channel that wind and generate electrical power that could recharge the batteries in an electric car or hybri d as its motors down the highway. His ideas are more than the idle musings of an armchair inventor. Apthorp, who has a degree in electrical engineering technology, taught at Erie Institute of Technology and has worked in industry and in his own consulting firm. Still, he admits his dreams rely on a degree of conjecture. It should work, he said. But a much larger model needs to be built, tested and refined. And Apthorp, who already has invested $15,000 in patent research, said he doesn't have any more mone y to invest. And therein lies the challenge for a man who shares a concern common to many inventors. - Full Article Source

ITEM #278

11/01/10 - Digital images can be manipulated with the mind
New research shows that it is possible to manipulate complex visual images on a computer screen using only the mind. The study found that when research subjects had their brains connected to a computer displaying two merged images, they could force the co mputer to display one of the images and discard the other. The signals transmitted from each subject's brain to the computer were derived from just a handful of brain cells. "The subjects were able to use their thoughts to override the images they saw on the computer screen," said the study's lead author, Itzhak Fried, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of neurosurgery at the University of California, Los Angeles. The study reflects progress in the development of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), devices that allow people to control computers or other devices with their thoughts. BCIs hold promise for helping paralyzed individuals to communicate or control prosthetic limbs. But in this study, BCI technology was used mostly as a tool to understand how the brain proc esses information, and especially to understand how thoughts and decisions are shaped by the collective activity of single brain cells. Subjects were able to force the monitor to display the target image in 70 percent of these attempts and tended to learn the task very quickly. Often they were successful on the first try. The brain recordings and the input to the computer were based on the activity of just four cells in the temporal lobe. Prior research has shown that individual cells in this part of the brain respond preferentially – firing impulses at a higher rate – to specific images. - Full Article Source

ITEM #279

11/01/10 - Water is the new oil
KeelyNet Russia is considering becoming the world’s top supplier of fresh water as growing demand turns it into a strategic resource. That is if it can upgrade its own consumption to modern standards. The future global water crisis is indeed a gloomy thing: by 203 0 half of world’s population will face a fresh water deficit, according to the UN's World Water Assessment Program forecast. Thirsty nations will take up arms against their saturated neighbors. People drinking polluted water will become ill. Ecologies wil l die out when the rivers feeding them are depleted for the sake of human farms and factories. Russia has world’s second-largest water reserves after Brazil (it’s hard to compete with the Amazon River, but having in your territory the world’s largest lake , Baikal, which contains 20 per cent of the world’s fresh surface water, really helps). Could it be that in 20 years the country, in addition to being a reliable supplier of hydrocarbons (or holding EU in energy grip, if you prefer this point of view), wi ll also be a top supplier of stuff to drink? Global demand for fresh water is growing steadily. Not only is humanity itself becoming more numerous, it also consumes more water per capita than it used to. The latter happens indirectly as developing countri es become hungrier for things requiring much water to produce – paper, synthetic fibers, even home appliances and cars, but first of all foods. Agriculture is the single biggest consumer of water, accounting for some 70 per cent of the total volume we exp end. And among different food products demand different volumes of water to produce. One kilo of beef “drinks” an estimated 15,000 liters, compared to 1,000 liters needed for one kilo of wheat. The new armies of cows and pigs grown to replace rice on the plates of Chinese workers make this hidden strain on rivers and groundwater. Conflicts over water are evident, especially in regions where the resource is scarce. Water consumption is one of the stumbling blocks in the conflict between Israel and Palestin e, as well as a constant source of tension between the Jewish state, Lebanon and Jordan. Turkey is in a quarrel with Syria and Iraq over the use of water from the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. Other hotspots include Central Asia and Northern Africa. Health problems which poor water quality can cause are also hard to deny, with an estimated 80 per cent of diseases in the world linked to it in some way. For instance, world’s largest mass arsenic poisoning – which is believed to have affected up to 77 million people in Bangladesh over 40 years and account for some 20 per cent of deaths in the country – was caused by contaminated water. Ironically, the source is the numerous wells drilled with help from international organizations to provide water cleanse it o f pathogens. - Full Article Source

ITEM #280

11/01/10 - How does your body kill rogue cells?
The first observations that the human immune system could punch holes in target cells was made by the Nobel laureate Jules Bordet over 110 years ago. But how? A team of Melbourne and London researchers have shown how a protein called perforin punches hole s in, and kills, rogue cells in our bodies. Their discovery of the mechanism of this assassin is published today in the science journal Nature. 'Perforin is our body's weapon of cleansing and death,' says project leader Prof James Whisstock from Monash Un iversity. 'It breaks into cells that have been hijacked by viruses or turned into cancer cells and allows toxic enzymes in, to destroy the cell from within. Without it our immune system can't destroy these cells. Now we know how it works, we can start to fine tune it to fight cancer, malaria and diabetes.' - Full Article Source

ITEM #281

11/01/10 - Rounding Change
KeelyNet One donut shop is taking a stand against the bacteria-ridden zinc disks of suck that are pennies. Reader Tom sent us this photo from a store he recently visited. In a policy change that was probably born during an 8 AM rush, this franchise appears to be a re rounding customer totals up or down to the nearest five cents, and only providing pennies to those annoying people who actually want them. / Comments; #1 - The military has been doing this for years at their forward bases. It works great. Many business es that I frequent, usually independent convenience stores and such, also don't mind when I tell them just to round it off to a nickel. Hopefully this really takes off. / #2 - They should round their prices up on the menu and have tax be included, so ever ything ends in 0 or 5 after tax. Then customers won't ask for pennies. I like the idea, and anyone who insists on getting their 2 pennies... well. / #3 - This is very commonplace in many parts of Europe. I usually try to collect coins from places I visit, and I've found that you have to go to grocery stores in many European countries to actually get 1 and 2 cent euro coins. Anyway, I support it. In the end, it'll balance out (approximately) for the customer and the business. - Full Article Source

ITEM #282

11/01/10 - Mozilla Add-On for Video and Audio Recording From the Browser
"Mozilla Labs is working on an experimental add-on which enables video and audio recording in the browser. Anant Narayanan writes on the Mozilla Labs blog, 'The Rainbow add-on for Firefox is an early developer prototype that enables web developers to acce ss local video and audio recording capabilities using just a few lines of JavaScript. The add-on generates files encoded in open formats: Theora (for video) and Vorbis (for audio) in an Ogg container. The resulting files are accessible in DOM using HTML5 File APIs, which may be used to upload them to a server.' Support for live streaming and WebM is planned for a future version of the add-on." - Full Article Source

ITEM #283

11/01/10 - Office Safety Training Retro Video
You and Office Safety! is the most hilarious video on Office Safety you will watch! Made in the 1950s, this film is perfect as an eye-catching ice-breaker when delivering office safety training. Although the fashions have long-gone, and some of the behavi ours in the workplace have changed, this program still addresses the following topics which are just as relevant today as when You and Office Safety! was made. Its easy to consider the office a perfectly safe work environment, and forget about the hazards that can exist. Just because you work in an office, it doesnt mean you shouldnt be concerned for your own health and safety, and that of your colleagues. - Full Article Source

ITEM #284

11/01/10 - Workers Poisoned Making Touchscreen Hardware
"A chemical called n-hexane has been poisoning the nervous systems of Chinese workers who assemble touchscreen devices for Apple and other companies, an investigative journalist from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports. It's scary to think tha t people are being damaged to pursue high production rates. For companies with soaring profits and share prices, and elaborate product development and marketing, it seems they should be all the more culpable if they fail to take care of the production wor kers." - Full Article Source

ITEM #285

11/01/10 - Texas Supreme Court Cites Mr. Spock
KeelyNet "We always knew that Spock was wise and would probably make a pretty good judge, so perhaps it's a good thing to see the Texas Supreme Court citing Spock in a recent ruling, noting his wisdom in stating that

"the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.""

It's mostly hidden in a footnote): Appropriately weighty principles guide our course. First, we recognize that police power draws from the credo that "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Second, while this maxim rings utilitarian and Dickensian (not to mention Vulcan21), it is cabined by something contrarian and Texan: distrust of intrusive government and a belief that police power is justified only by urgency, not expediency. - Full Article Source

ITEM #286

11/01/10 - How the Global Seed Vault Aims To Fight Future Famine
"The Global Seed Vault opened in 2008 after engineers spent a year drilling and blasting through the sandstone, siltstone and claystone of the Norwegian Platåberget Mountain to create a system of subterranean chambers on the Advent Fjord's southern flank that could store 4.5 million seeds. It's a $9 million bet against climate change. But can it save us from the threat of worldwide famine? An article at Wired explores its current state and its future: '... it operates as a secure storage space for samples of other collections that are at risk. The samples remain at all times the property of the depositors, the only proviso being that the originals must be freely available to researchers and breeders under the terms of the International Treaty on Plant Gen etic Resources. There have been deposits from every continent: 3,710 species in total, from 29 crop institutes representing 226 countries. Over the past few years the need for a secure storage facility has become ever more urgent. A typhoon in the Philipp ines in 2006 caused a flood that left the national crop gene bank under two meters of water.'" - Full Article Source

DVD - the Physics of Crystals, Pyramids and Tetrahedrons
KeelyNet This is a wonderful duel DVD set lasting 2 hours and which presents one man's lifelong study of pyramids, crystals and their effects. Several of his original and very creative experiments are explained and diagramed out for experimenters. These experiments include;

1) transmutation of zinc to lower elements using a tetrahedron,
2) energy extraction from a pyramid,
3) determining mathematic ratios of nature in a simple experiment,
4) accelerating the growth of food,
5) increasing the abundance of food,
6) how crystals amplify, focus and defocus energy,
7) using crystals to assist natural healing,
8) how the universe uses spirals and vortexes to produce free energy and MORE...
- Two DVDs - More Info and check out this Youtube Clip

KeelyNet BBS Files w/bonus PDF of 'Keely and his Discoveries'
KeelyNet Finally, I've gotten around to compiling all the files (almost 1,000 - about 20MB and lots of work doing it) from the original KeelyNet BBS into a form you can easily navigate and read using your browser, ideally Firefox but it does work with IE. Most of these files are extremely targeted, interesting and informative, I had forgotten just how much but now you can have the complete organized, categorized set, not just sprinklings from around the web. They will keep you reading for weeks if not longer and give you clues and insights into many subjects and new ideas for investigation and research. IN ADDITION, I am including as a bonus gift, the book (in PDF form) that started it all for me, 'Keely and his Discoveries - Aerial Navigation' which includes the analysis of Keely's discoveries by Dr. Daniel G. Brinton. This 407 page eBook alone is worth the price of the KeelyNet BBS CD but it will give you some degree of understanding about what all Keely accomplished which is just now being rediscovered, but of course, without recognizing Keely as the original discoverer. Chapters include; Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows, Vibratory Physics, Latent Force in Interstitial Spaces and much more. To give some idea of how Keely's discoveries are being slowly rediscovered in modern times, check out this Keely History. These two excellent bodies of information will be sent to you on CD. If alternative science intrigues and fascinates you, this CD is what you've been looking for... - More Info

'The Evolution of Matter' and 'The Evolution of Forces' on CD
KeelyNet Years ago, I had been told by several people, that the US government frequently removes books they deem dangerous or 'sensitive' from libraries. Some are replaced with sections removed or rewritten so as to 'contain' information that should not be available to the public despite the authors intent. A key example was during the Manhattan Project when the US was trying to finalize research into atomic bombs. They removed any books that dealt with the subject and two of them were by Dr. Gustave Le Bon since they dealt with both energy and matter including radioactivity. I had been looking for these two books for many years and fortunately stumbled across two copies for which I paid about $40.00 each. I couldn't put down the books once I started reading them. Such a wealth of original discoveries, many not known or remembered today. / Page 88 - Without the ether there could be neither gravity, nor light, nor electricity, nor heat, nor anything, in a word, of which we have knowledge. The universe would be silent and dead, or would reveal itself in a form which we cannot even foresee. If one could construct a glass chamber from which the ether were to be entirely eliminated, heat and light could not pass through it. It would be absolutely dark, and probably gravitation would no longer act on the bodies within it. They would then have lost their weight. / Page 96-97 - A material vortex may be formed by any fluid, liquid or gaseous, turning round an axis, and by the fact of its rotation it describes spirals. The study of these vortices has been the object of important researches by different scholars, notably by Bjerkness and Weyher. They have shown that by them can be produced all the attractions and repulsions recognized in electricity, the deviations of the magnetic needle by currents, etc. These vortices are produced by the rapid rotation of a central rod furnished with pallets, or, more simply, of a sphere. Round this sphere gaseous currents are established, dissymetrical with regard to its equatorial plane, and the result is the attraction or repulsion of bodies brought near to it, according to the position given to them. It is even possible, as Weyher has proved, to compel these bodies to turn round the sphere as do the satellites of a planet without touching it. / Page 149 - "The problem of sending a pencil of parallel Hertzian waves to a distance possesses more than a theoretical interest. It is allowable to say that its solution would change the course of our civilization by rendering war impossible. The first physicist who realizes this discovery will be able to avail himself of the presence of an enemy's ironclads gathered together in a harbour to blow them up in a few minutes, from a distance of several kilometres, simply by directing on them a sheaf of electric radiations. On reaching the metal wires with which these vessels are nowadays honeycombed, this will excite an atmosphere of sparks which will at once explode the shells and torpedoes stored in their holds. With the same reflector, giving a pencil of parallel radiations, it would not be much more difficult to cause the explosion of the stores of powder and shells contained in a fortress, or in the artillery sparks of an army corps, and finally the metal cartridges of the soldiers. Science, which at first rendered wars so deadly, would then at length have rendered them impossible, and the relations between nations would have to be established on new bases." - More Info

High Voltage & Free Energy Devices Handbook
KeelyNet This wonderfully informative ebook provides many simple experiments you can do, including hydrogen generation and electrostatic repulsion as well as the keys to EV Gray's Fuelless Engine. One of the most comprehensive compilations of information yet detailing the effects of high voltage repulsion as a driving force. Ed Gray's engine produced in excess of 300HP and he claimed to be able to 'split the positive' energy of electricity to produce a self-running motor/generator for use as an engine. Schematics and tons of photos of the original machines and more! Excellent gift for your technical friends or for that budding scientist! If you are an experimenter or know someone who investigates such matters, this would make an excellent addition to your library or as an unforgettable gift. The downloadable HVFE eBook pdf file is almost 11MB in size and contains many experiments, photos, diagrams and technical details. Buy a copy and learn all about hydrogen generation, its uses and how to produce electrostatic repulsion. - 121 pages - More Info

Hypnosis CD - 3 eBooks with How To Techniques and Many Cases
KeelyNet If you have a few minutes, you might want to read my page on hypnosis and all the amazing things associated with its application. Included is an experience I had when I hypnotized a neighbor kid when I was about 14. As well the hypnotic gaze of snakes, the discovery of 'eyebeams' which can be detected electronically, the Italian Hypnotist Robber who was caught on tape with his eyes glowing as cashiers handed over their money and remembered nothing, glamour and clouding the mind of others, several methods of trance induction and many odd cases, animal catatonia, healing, psychic phenomena, party/stage stunts, including my favorite of negative hallucination where you make your subject NOT see something...much more...if nothing else, its might be a hoot to read. - More Info

14 Ways to Save Money on Fuel Costs
KeelyNetThis eBook is the result of years of research into various methods to increase mileage, reduce pollution and most importantly, reduce overall fuel costs. It starts out with the simplest methods and offers progressively more detailed technologies that have been shown to reduce fuel costs. As a bonus to readers, I have salted the pages with free interesting BONUS items that correlate to the relevant page. Just filling up with one tank of gas using this or other methods explained here will pay for this eBook. Of course, many more methods are out there but I provided only the ones which I think are practical and can be studied by the average person who is looking for a way to immediately reduce their fuel costs. I am currently using two of the easier methods in my own vehicle which normally gets 18-22 mpg and now gets between 28 and 32 mpg depending on driving conditions. A tank of gas for my 1996 Ford Ranger costs about $45.00 here so I am saving around $15-$20 PER TANK, without hurting my engine and with 'greener' emissions due to a cleaner burn! The techniques provided in this ebook begin with simple things you can do NOW to improve your mileage and lower your gas costs. - eBook Download / More Info

Shape Power
KeelyNet Dan Davidson's analysis of the mysterious pyramid energies, Keely's aether force, Reich's orgone energy, Schauberger's diamagnetic energy, plus a host of others, and shows how shape and materials interact with the universal aether to modify the aether into electromagnetic, gravitic, and various healing energies... - More Info and check out this Shape Power Youtube

The Physics of the Primary State of Matter
KeelyNet The Physics of the Primary State of Matter - published in the 1930s, Karl Schappeller described his Prime Mover, a 10-inch steel sphere with quarter-inch copper tubing coils. These were filled with a material not named specifically, but which is said to have hardened under the influence of direct current and a magnetic field [electro-rheological fluid]. With such polarization, it might be guessed to act like a dielectric capacitor and as a diode... - More Info

$5 Alt Science MP3s to listen while working/driving/jogging
KeelyNetNo time to sit back and watch videos? Here are 15 interesting presentations you can download for just $5 each and listen to while driving, working, jogging, etc. An easy way to learn some fascinating new things that you will find of use. Easy, cheap and simple, better than eBooks or Videos. Roughly 50MB per MP3. - More Info

15 New Alternative Science DVDs & 15 MP3s
An assortment of alternative science videos that provide many insights and inside information from various experimenters. Also MP3s extracted from these DVDs that you can listen to while working or driving. Reference links for these lectures and workshops by Bill Beaty of Amateur Science on the Dark Side of Amateur Science, Peter Lindemann on the World of Free Energy, Norman Wootan on the History of the EV Gray motor, Dan Davidson on Shape Power and Gravity Wave Phenomena, Lee Crock on a Method for Stimulating Energy, Doug Konzen on the Konzen Pulse Motor, George Wiseman on the Water Torch and Jerry Decker on Aether, ZPE and Dielectric Nano Arrays. Your purchase of these products helps support KeelyNet, thanks! - More Info


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