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    Beware scams out there claiming free energy or incredible energy savings.
    Before you buy any of their useless garbage,
    check out the main culprits as identified at;

    Energy Saving Scams - Updated 04/27/11
    Current big scam - Tesla Secret Power Device Plans
    which is a clone of the Magniworks scam, so Caveat Emptor!

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    06/29/16 - 3D printed, self-driving minibus, to hit the road in US
    The vehiclea 3D-printed minibus called "Olli" capable of carrying 12 peoplewas unveiled by Arizona-based startup Local Motors outside the US capital city Washington. Olli was designed as an on-demand transportation solution that passengers can summon with a mobile app, like Uber rides. And it can be "printed" to specification in "micro factories" in a matter of hours. Olli will be demonstrated in National Harbor, Maryland, over the next few months with additional trials expected in Las Vegas and Miami. Local Motors is also in talks to test the vehicles in dozens of cities around the world including Berlin, Copenhagen and Canberra.

    By "fielding," Rogers said Local Motors can design and make the vehicles to specification and offer a service to local governments or other buyers. "Local Motors is about selling (the vehicles) into the markets that are ready now," he said. Rogers said the company has an advantage over other systems because it is building the vehicles from the ground up, and producing most components with 3D printers. "We hope to be able to print this vehicle in about 10 hours and assemble it in another hour," he said. He envisions hundreds of "micro-factories" producing the vehicles around the world.

    The privately held company with about 45 investors can easily revamp its design based on what a customer wants, and lacks the large infrastructure costs of traditional automakers, according to Rogers. The driving is controlled by a system developed by Local Motors with several software and tech partners. IBM is not doing the driving but is providing the user interface so passengers can have "conversations" with Olli. "Watson is bringing an understanding to the vehicle," said IBM's Bret Greenstein. "If you have someplace you need to be you can say that in your own words."

    It marks IBM's first venture in fully autonomous driving, although it has worked with other automotive partners on technology solutions. Greenstein said IBM sees Olli as "the first complete solution" for autonomous driving, and makes use of Watson's cognitive computing power. Using "natural language" recognition can help create "a relationship between the passenger" and the vehicles, Greenstein said. "A vehicle that understands human language, where you can walk in and say, 'I'd like to get to work,' that lets you as a passenger relax and enjoy your journey," he said.

    The vehicle relies on more than 30 sensors and streams of data from IBM's cloud. With Watson, passengers can ask about how the vehicle works, where they are going, and why Olli is making specific driving decisions. And it can answer the dreaded driver question "Are we there yet?" It also can offer recommendations for popular restaurants or historical sites based on the personal preferences of the passenger.

    "Cognitive computing provides incredible opportunities to create unparalleled, customized experiences for customers, taking advantage of the massive amounts of streaming data from all devices connected to the Internet of Things, including an automobile's myriad sensors and systems," said IBM's Harriet Green in a statement.

    The company said Las Vegas has purchased two of the vehicles and Miami-Dade County is exploring a pilot program in which several autonomous vehicles would be used to transport people around the Florida region. Rogers said the company has had discussions in at least 50 countries where there is interest in new transportation solutions. "There is a long list of cities that are interested," he said.

    Waiting for lots more details as to batteries, how far it can go before recharging, how long to recharge, does it rely on mostly GPS, how fast does it go, etc.. - JWD - 3D printed, self-driving minibus, to hit the road in US

    06/29/16 - Micron is charging $199 for a 750-gigabyte MX300 drive
    KeelyNet This spring, Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU), by way of its consumer-facing subsidiary Crucial, released a new solid-state drive known as the Crucial MX300. According to performance tests performed by The Tech Report, it offers virtually identical performance to Crucial's prior-generation MX200 solid-state drive. Despite the fact that there doesn't appear to be a performance improvement, the MX300 is kind of a big deal for Micron.

    Although there are performance differences between different solid-state drives, it's not clear that many consumers are willing to pay premiums for performance. It's more likely that a typical consumer will want to get as much flash storage for as little as possible -- in other words, consumers often want to minimize price per gigabyte. In a market in which consumers prefer to pay as little as possible for as much storage as possible, it's critical for a solid-state drive maker to be able to build these devices as cheaply as possible.

    The largest portion of the bill for materials for a solid-state drive, by far, is the NAND flash medium itself. Other components add non-trivial costs -- onboard DRAM, flash controller chip, and so on -- but generally speaking, if your NAND flash costs are high, your drive costs will be high; if your NAND flash costs are low, your drive costs will be low.

    Another buzzword you might hear these days is "3D NAND." The idea behind 3D NAND is simple: If you stack memory cells on top of each other, you can cram more memory into a given area than in traditional planar (2D) arrangements. In a nutshell, this reduces cost. Circling back to the Crucial MX300, it's easy to see why this drive is a win for Micron: The company has shifted from planar MLC NAND to 3D TLC NAND, which should allow it to produce these drives much more cheaply.

    Micron is charging $199 for a 750-gigabyte MX300 drive, which puts the price per gigabyte at around $0.265. The older-generation MX200, in a 500-gigabyte capacity, sells for $140, or $0.28 per gigabyte. It seems that Micron is giving customers a slightly lower cost per gigabyte, but I suspect that the actual manufacturing cost reductions are greater -- suggesting margin improvements for Micron. - Micron is charging $199 for a 750-gigabyte MX300 drive

    06/29/16 - Siemens says it can power unlimited-range electric trucks using a 150-year-old technology
    KeelyNet The worlds cargo fleet is moving from fossil fuels to electrons. But powering them wont be simple. With todays technology, driving a semi-truck 500 miles (804 kilometers) would require a 23-ton lithium-ion battery, half the weight of the truck itself. Fuel cells would need a massive, $2 million hydrogen fuel tank to go the distance. Embedding wireless charging coils in roadbed would be expensive and inefficient.

    German engineering company Siemens, presenting at an electric vehicle conference in Montreal this month, argues it can power unlimited-distance electric trucks with intermittent overhead wires that provide enough energy for fast-moving, long-haul highway journeys.

    With on-board batteries added to the trucks, the company estimates all of Germanys roads could be can be outfitted for long-distance electric hauling with just 4,000 km of wire. Trucks would be able to recharge on highways and operate on battery power while on rural and urban streets. The system would cost a fraction the price of alternatives like hydrogen fuel cells, and deliver as much as 200 billion ($227 billion) in net savings over 30 years compared with other approaches, reports IDTechEx, which attended the presentation.

    The technology is ready to go. New advances in catenary systems allow hybrid vehicles to switch seamlessly between overhead charging and battery power at high-speeds. For now, the trucks are diesel hybrids, but extensive overhead wires and efficient batteries would permit the vehicles to eliminate internal combustions engines entirely.

    Siemans, joined by Volvo, Scania, and several national and local governments, is already starting field trials. Sweden launched the first such trucks on public roads on June 22 with its E15 test highway north of Stockholm . The country plans to eliminate fossil fuel from its transportation sector by 2030. Californias own eHighway is deploying similar trucks along a 1-mile (1.6 kilometers) stretch between ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach though 2017. - Siemens says it can power unlimited-range electric trucks using a 150-year-old technology

    06/29/16 - 'Space base' halfway between the Moon and Earth could be built in 10 years
    The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced an ambitious plan to build a space base between Earth and the Moon, which astronauts could use as a kind of halfway house on lunar missions or as a launchpad for new explorations elsewhere in the Solar System. While details on the proposal aren't yet available, the ESA says this 'human outpost' in space could be built within the decade and the organisation will be actively considering the plan at a conference later in the year.

    In addition to providing a "crossroads in space" to help with lunar research missions and other space-faring expeditions, this base situated approximately halfway between Earth and the Moon could also serve as a successor to the International Space Station (ISS).

    The ISS is scheduled to come out of service in 2024, after some 26 years of active duty, and it's not yet clear how space agencies around the world plan to fill the void left by this massively important space research facility. "Let me take you on a thought experiment about 10 years into the future," David Parker, the ESA's Director of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration, told the media at a press conference in Germany this week, celebrating the safe return of British astronaut Tim Peake to Earth.

    "After 25 years of service, the International Space Station is coming to the end of its life, but now 1,000 times further out in space a new star has risen," he added. "A human outpost in deep space, located far out, where Earth and [the] Moon's gravity balance, a kind of crossroads in space." According to Parker, the remote location of the space base would mean it could serve as much more than just a replacement for the ISS, enabling new kinds of scientific study in space and chiefly, far greater access to the Moon. - 'Space base' halfway between the Moon and Earth could be built in 10 years

    06/29/16 - Have you noticed the media bias here?

    - Have you noticed the media bias here?

    06/29/16 - The U.S. Air Force produces only human suffering
    But heres a question: What does it say about our overseas air wars when the greatest danger American pilots face involves performing aerial hijinks over the friendly skies of the homeland? In fact, it tells us that U.S. pilots currently have not just air superiority or air supremacy, but total mastery of the fabled high ground of war. And yet in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Greater Middle East, while the U.S. rules the skies in an uncontested way, Americas conflicts rage on with no endgame in sight.

    In other words, for all its promise of devastating power delivered against enemies with remarkable precision and quick victories at low cost (at least to Americans), air power has failed to deliver, not just in the ongoing war on terror but for decades before it. If anything, by providing an illusion of results, it has helped keep the United States in unwinnable wars, while inflicting a heavy toll on innocent victims on our distant battlefields. At the same time, the cult-like infatuation of American leaders, from the president on down, with the supposed ability of the U.S. military to deliver such results remains remarkably unchallenged in Washington.

    Whether our presidents know it or not, however, air power always comes with hidden costs, starting with the increasingly commonplace blowback of retaliatory terrorist strikes on soft targets (meaning people) in cities like Paris or Madrid or London. Strikes that target senior members of enemy armies or terrorist organizations often miss, simply stoking yet more of the sorts of violent behavior we are trying to eradicate with our own version of violence. When they dont miss and the leadership of terror groups is hit, as Andrew Cockburn has shown, the result is often the emergence of even more radical and brutal leaders and the further spread of such movements. In addition, U.S. air power, especially the White House-run drone assassination program, is leading the way globally when it comes to degrading the sovereignty of national borders. (Witness the latest drone strike against the head of the Taliban in violation of Pakistani airspace.) Right now, Washington couldnt care less about this, but it is pioneering a future that, once taken up by other powers, may look far less palatable to American politicians.

    Despite the sorry results delivered by air power over the last 65 years, the U.S. military continues to invest heavily in it not only in drones but also in ultra-expensive fighters and bombers like the disappointing F-35 (projected total cost: $1.4 trillion) and the Air Forces latest, already redundant long-range strike bomber (initial acquisition cost: $80 billion and rising). Dismissing the frustratingly mixed and often destabilizing results that come from air strikes, disregarding the jaw-dropping prices of the latest fighters and bombers, Americas leaders continue to clamor for yet more warplanes and yet more bombing.

    And isnt there a paradox, if not a problem, in the very idea of winning a war on terror through what is in essence terror bombing? Though its not something that, for obvious reasons, is much discussed in this country, given the historical record its hard to deny that bombing is terror. After all, thats why early aviators like Douhet and Mitchell embraced it. They believed it would be so terrifyingly effective that future wars would be radically shortened to the advantage of those willing and able to bomb. As it turned out, what air power provided was not victory, but carnage, terror, rubble and resistance.

    Are our enemies any less resolutely human than we are? Like us, theyre not permanently swayed by bombing. They vow vengeance when friends, family members, associates of every sort are targeted. When American smart bombs obliterate wedding parties and other gatherings overseas, do we think the friends and loved ones of the dead shrug and say, Thats war? Heres a hint: we didnt.

    Having largely overcome the trauma of 9/11, Americans today look to the sky with hope. We watch the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds with a sense of awe, wonder, and pride. Warplanes soar over our sports stadiums. The sky is ourhigh ground. We see evidence of Americas power and ingenuity there. Yet people in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere often pray for clouds and bad weather; for them, clear skies are associated with American-made death from above.

    Its time we allow other peoples to look skyward with that same sense of safety and hope as we normally do. Its time to recall the warbirds. They havent provided solutions. Indeed, the terror, destruction, and resentments they continue to spread are part of the problem. - The U.S. Air Force produces only human suffering

    06/29/16 - Electric generator
    KeelyNet The original inventor Wendell Ray Walker claim new design of self running generator. A electric generator that produces enough electricity to run itself but also extra energy as well.

    [0002] This invention relates generally to electrical generators and more specifically to electric generators that convert mechanical energy into electric current by rotating either magnets or copper wire coils on a central shaft or "rotor" inside a closed container with either copper wire coils or magnets fixed to its inside walls thus by the spinning of the rotor's action and the varying of the magnets poles induces electrical current in the copper coils.

    [0003] Throughout the history of the electric generator there has existed the problem that when you put what is generally known as "load" such as, an electric light into the electric circuit it becomes harder to turn in proportion to the amount of electric current being used to light lights, run heaters, etc. and therefore, requiring much more mechanical energy to keep the rotor spinning. This is a result of Lenz's Law that states: when a conductor cuts magnetic lines of induction, the induced current in the wire is in such a direction that its own magnetic field generated by that current acts on the original magnetic field in a way opposing the motion which produced it; formulated by the Russian H. F. Lenz in 1833.

    [0004] The electric generator was not invented. The explanation of this is that it is actually the very first electrical device ever patented in the United States which was Thomas Davenport's electric motor on Feb. 25, 1837. He had vast visions of electric trains, washing machines, etc., none of which he ever saw in his life time because the only source of electric current were batteries. It was years later, after his death, that someone unknown discovered that by turning his electric motor with mechanical energy it was converted into electric current. Put more simply, the electric motor and this type of electric generator are the same machine.

    [0005] Thus, it can truly be said that the electric generator was not put through the invention process or scientific observations therefore, causing its odd position in electrical science that some of the beliefs that surround it are actually just that and not genuine laws of physics.

    [0006] In accordance with the foregoing, it may be regarded as an object of the present invention to provide an electrical generator that is so configured as to overcome the effects of Lenz's Law thus providing a much more efficient electrical generator in its corresponding saving of fuel cost.

    [0007] Now, in accordance with the present invention the foregoing, and other, will become apparent in the course of the ensuing specification and are achieve by providing an electrical generator whose rotor which has fixed to its central shaft two parallel cross members (wings that function in the low pressure internal atmosphere of the generator and negate the usual up and down motion of the opposing magnets) that have at their outer ends bearings with an axel connected between them and on these axels are mounted circular magnets, in the generators closed container copper coils are mounted on inside walls of the closed container in a position that as the rotor spins the magnets passing by induce electrical current in the coils and its opposing magnetic field exerts its force against the magnet. The magnet itself is caused to turn and therefore "rolls" past the copper coil relieving the affects of Lenz's Law.

    [0008] The next point of friction is caused by the centrifugal force, caused by the spinning rotor, acting on the spinning magnet to throw them outwards, this is overcome by solid aluminum bearings imbedded in the wings to oppose magnets on the axils that are magnetized (+) plus and (-) negative side to side therefore inducing electric current in the aluminum as they spin with the axils and the resulting magnetic field that opposes them makes it impossible for them to actually touch the bearings.

    [0009] Now, in accordance with the present invention, the foregoing objects and others, as will become apparent in the course of ensuing specification, are achieved in this improved electrical generator. Click link for 2nd video. - Electric generator

    06/29/16 - Bees and Electric Charge - Electricity of Life
    An easy-to-follow video by Alex Fournier discussing new views from modern biology of the electrical interactions between bees and flowers. For both the pollen-harvesting process and the efficiency of foraging behavior, static electricity makes a bees life easier. - Bees and Electric Charge - Electricity of Life

    06/29/16 - Putin on Trump and getting along with the USA
    Video #1; Fareed Zakaria, as a host on CNN, is known to misquote Putin as well as misrepresent Russia's intentions to the world. At the St Petersburg Economic Forum 2016, Zakaria wasn't going to get away with that very easily... It's important to understand that Trump, unlike Hillary, is the candidate that doesn't call for war with Russia, and that's the extent of Putin's apparent support for Mr Trump. Similarly, Putin mentions some uncomfortable truths in relation to the not entirely democratic nature of the US Presidential elections. And when was the last time Mr Obama invited international, non-Western media to come and speak to him?

    Video #2; You would never see this I'm one of the American Media news stations. Most of what we hear about Putin is not favorable, but then again this does come from our major Media news outlets.Very intelligent this man is, I'm hoping we can undo this global system they've been trying to set up without antagonizing some other country into war like Russia. Click the link for 2nd video. - Putin on Trump and getting along with the USA

    06/29/16 - ABBs New Solar Power Inverter Increases Power Density By 40%
    ABB has started shipping its latest PVS980 central inverter that significantly increases the incoming power from the solar power panels. The company also claims that developers will now have to use lesser number of inverters. The PVS980 increases the incoming power from solar power modules by 40% meaning more power being converted from DC to AC and fed to the grid. This would effectively mean that developers will have to install lesser number of panels to feed a given amount of electricity into the grid, thus resulting in less capital investment.

    Developers will also save on the cost of putting up inverters. ABB claims that by using PVS980 project developers will be able to reduce the number of inverters required to be installed by 30%. This will translate into huge savings as inverters represent one of the costliest components of the solar PV project.

    The inverter was first introduced as a concept at Intersolar 2015 and the company has now started shipping the product following tests in pilot projects and strong interest from customers. ABB engineers have improved the compactness of the device, enabling a power density increase of more than 40 percent making it possible to build large power rated inverters in the same physical size. Avoiding external air entering the critical compartments of the inverter, the inverter can operate from below freezing to extreme heat in 100 percent humidity without jeopardizing functionality, ABB said in a statement.

    Such inverter solutions are critical for the financial sustainability of projects in highly competitive markets. ABB is the largest inverter supplier in India where solar PV tariff have plummeted from around US19.00/kWh in 2010 to US6.50/kWh in 2016. ABB is also supplying inverters to the solar power project with the worlds lowest tariff Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar park in Dubai. - ABBs New Solar Power Inverter Increases Power Density By 40%

    06/29/16 - Orlando Smoking Gun: Nobody Died Until The SWAT Team Entered
    Judge Andrew Napolitano has appeared on national TV and said that the official FBI transcript summary of the Orlando shooting shows that nobody in the Pulse nightclub died until 5:13am, throwing the official narrative peddled by the mainstream media into disarray.

    According to the official narrative, Omar Mateen entered the club around 02:00am and began his killing spree. However, as Judge Andrew Napolitano points out in the video below, that story doesnt tally with what the FBI have in their official transcript summary.

    Heres what is news in the summary nobody died until 05:13 in the morning, when the SWAT team entered. Prior to that no one had been killed. The 53 that were injured, and the 49 that were murdered all met their fates at the time of, and during, the police entry into the building, Judge Napolitano said.

    This could be the smoking gun which unravels this entire mystery. Why has the FBI issued gag orders to local police, fire, and emergency medical personnel? Why has the 911 audio and emergency scanner archives between the hours of 12:00am and 03:00am EST been erased or physically requisitioned by the FBI.

    Video #1; Judge Napolitano: Nobody died until 05:13 in the morning. In the on-going TRUNEWS investigation into the Orlando Massacre, a consistent question has arisen: when did the victims die? According to the FBI, the supposed Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, entered the club around 02:00 AM and began his killing spree. However, as Judge Andrew Napolitano points out in this clip, that story the story based off of the unredacted FBI transcript released Monday doesnt just directly contradict eye witness testimony, but the FBIs official narrative itself.

    Video #2; So did Omar Mateen suddenly start killing people when the SWAT team entered at 5:13am? Or did the SWAT team execute 49 people at 5:13am? Listen to the entrance the SWAT team makes in this video.

    Video #3; This audio recording, which was captured from a balcony across the street from the club, reveals the minutes the SWAT team entered the club. Hundreds of shot-like sounds occur throughout the clip, and no doubt, many of these noises involve the team exchanging fire with Mateen. A lot of the noises were likely flashbangs as well, but the overall effect is enormous.

    Video #4; Never in all my years of researching, studying & making & uploading Youtube videos about these shooting hoaxes & fake terrorist attacks that are being STAGED by the media & government have I come across a video where a guy has spoken THE TRUTH so much. This guy drops the bomb on them all Charlie Hebdo, Sandy Hook, Boston, Bataclan, Orlando pulse, you name it, he truth bombs them all LIVE on Press TV. Click the link for other videos. - Orlando Smoking Gun: Nobody Died Until The SWAT Team Entered

    06/29/16 - About 'Political Stuff'

    06/29/16 - Healing powers of hypnosis promoted by Swiss

    06/29/16 - Mind Control Achieved Through the Information Flicker Effect"

    06/29/16 - Big Beef is Hiring Hitmen to Murder Activists 185 Murders Last Year Alone

    06/29/16 - You want Change? Try these!

    06/29/16 - Rescue muslim women at your risk!

    06/29/16 - Hillary's Accomplishments

    06/29/16 - You want Free College?

    06/29/16 - Indian farmers demand action as lightning kills 93 people in two days

    06/29/16 - Second man contracts flesh-eating bacteria after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico

    06/29/16 - Muslim President Obama Throwing Temper Tantrums

    06/29/16 - Fox takes dogs toy

    06/29/16 - DHS Whistleblower Phil Haney exposes Obama administration

    06/29/16 - Monosodium Glutamate Used as a Stabilizer in Vaccines

    06/29/16 - What 6 Doctors Really Think of Dr. Google

    06/29/16 - Rowdy Piper Talks They Live, Illuminati & More!

    06/29/16 - Ultra-thin solar cells can easily bend around a pencil

    06/29/16 - Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors - US 6506148 B2

    06/29/16 - Interactive map shows where people with HIV live in the US

    06/29/16 - New poll shows how many Americans want to bar all immigration from surprising countries


    06/29/16 - Chronicles from the Future: A True Story Kept Hidden by the Masons now Revealed

    06/29/16 - White Americans No Longer Majority in Many U.S. Counties

    06/29/16 - Times calls for decriminalisation of all illegal drugs

    06/29/16 - San Andreas Fault: GPS reveals constant, large-scale motion around California system

    06/29/16 - The Magic Time to Drink Water for Weight Loss

    06/29/16 - Great Pyramid of Giza Not Square, It's 5.5 Inches Lopsided

    06/29/16 - Political Correctness Putting Americans At Risk? - Scrubbing Radical Islam Records


    06/27/16 - Monica flips



    06/24/16 - Hot News - UK vs EU, Obama immigration and Lying Hillary
    I could not resist in posting three news item that delight me;


    #1 - CONGRATULATIONS to the United Kingdom for breaking away from the very flawed EU. To again control their future and their destiny. Now they must remove the muslim infection by expelling all muslims from their lands because they follow the quran which teaches ALL of them to kill unbelievers, teaches ALL of them to implement sharia to take over the world and teaches ALL of them to kill gays and enslave women. These people cannot live in any civilized country until they renounce Islam and assimilate the customs and traditions of their new home country.

    And now, using guiding light of the UKs newfound reclamation of their rights as an independent nation, it is my sincerest hope that, should Trump be cheated out of becoming our next president, that my fellow Texans and I would actually grow a pair and SECEDE from the corrupt, socialist, democratic excuse for a dying government that the USA has become. The USA is supposed to be a Republic, not a democracy. The Republic of Texas is what WE need to be.

    Let us strike out on our own to make Texas the best that it can be, ruled by our own people, without the ever groping, invasive, grasping tentacles of a federal government controlled by lobbyists and big business. The constitution only gave federal control over a 10 square mile area, then they instituted Admiralty law to take control of the rest of the country. If a flag has tassles, it is Admiralty. The real flag has no tassles and limits feds to their 10 square mile cesspool. See True USA Flags - to read all about it.

    KeelyNet These wars are not OUR (Texan originated) wars. These budget deficits are not OUR budget deficits. This lying muslim Kenyan is not OUR president. All these pathetic welfare and fake disability crooks are not OUR people or our responsibility to support! These corrupt congress and senate are not OURS. Let us copy the UK and finally secede to become the model modern Republican nation of Texas!

    Republicans rule by law, Democrats rule by the will of the people (masses), no modern democracy has ever survived because the people keep taking until they destroy the economy.

    Have You Been Hornswoggled? - The people of the United States actually have two national flags: one for our military government and another for the civil. Each one has fifty stars in its canton and thirteen red and white stripes, but there are several important differences.

    KeelyNet Although most Americans think of the Stars and Stripes as their only flag, it is actually for military affairs only. The other one, meant by its makers for wider use (peacetime), has vertical stripes with blue stars on a white field. You can see this design, which bears civil jurisdiction, in the U.S. Coast Guard and Customs flags, but their service insignias replace the fifty stars.

    From our U.S. Constitution - Article 1 - Section 8 - To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings;--And

    To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.

    KeelyNet #2 - CONGRATULATIONS to the United States Supreme Court for overrulling the lying muslim Kenyans executive order immigration 'law' which would bring in even more infection and disaster to the USA as has been his way since day one, which people refuse to see. Only about 6 months more and this infection too shall be removed, hopefully replaced with the new day that will come with Trump.

    Under the executive orders, signed November 20, 2014, undocumented immigrants who are parents of US citizens or who immigrated to the US under the age of 16, and maintained residency in the country, would be relieved of the threat of deportation and granted social security numbers, making them eligible for drivers licenses and work permits. At issue in the case is whether the president exceeded his authority by issuing the executive orders. The states allege that the executive orders grant individuals a new legal status, forcing states to bear the cost of processing the new status and providing benefits.


    #3 - CONGRATULATIONS to the new website (Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.) Still under construction but will include articles, videos and facts about lying corrupt Hillary Clinton and the illegal actions of Clinton foundation.

    We need Donald J. Trump to use his contacts and organizational skills to make the USA great, prosperous AND SAFE again! - JWD - Hot News - UK vs EU, Obama immigration and Lying Hillary


    06/22/16 - Animal, vegetal, mineral?
    KeelyNet Boden Research Conference 2016 - Yallingup, Western Australia - 19.-23. September 2016

    AVM 2016 - Emergence and function of complex nanostructures in biological tissue and synthetic self-assembly.

    Complex nanostructures abound in biological tissue and related synthetic soft materials. These convoluted forms remain largely unexplored, both in terms of how and why they emerge, and undoubtedly involve interplay of biology in vivo with physicochemical factors at work in vitro.

    Animal Vegetal Mineral will be an interdisciplinary forum to discuss and attempt to demarcate the similarities and differences between structure formation mechanisms in biological materials and synthetic soft self-assembled materials.

    We invite and welcome interested scientific researchers from biology, chemistry, materials science, physics and mathematics to join us for an open-minded exploration of the relations between shape, structure formation and function in biological tissue and nano- and mesostructured materials.

    Response in the Living and Non-Living - At one stage of his long career, Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose undertook an examination of inorganic matter in the same way as a biologist examines a muscle or a nerve. He subjected metals to various kinds of stimulus-mechanical, thermal, chemical, and electrical. He found that all sorts of stimulus produce an excitatory change in them. This excitation sometimes expresses itself in a visible change of form, and sometimes not; but the disturbance produced by the stimulus always exhibits itself as an electric response. His investigations showed that, in the entire range of response phenomena (regardless of whether the subject is metallic, plant or animal in origin) there is no breach of continuity; that "the living response in all its diverse modifications is only a repetition of responses seen in the inorganic" and that the phenomena of response "are determined, not by the play of an unknowable and arbitrary vital force, but by the working of laws that know no change, acting equally and uniformly throughout the organic and inorganic matter." - Animal, vegetal, mineral?

    06/22/16 - Sterling (PESN) sentenced for sexually abusing two infants
    KeelyNet A Fountain Green man received the maximum sentence Friday for sexually abusing two infant girls between 2003 and 2009 while living in Eagle Mountain. Sterling Allan was sentenced by Judge Darold McDade to 15 years to life in the Utah State Prison for two first-degree felony charges of attempted sodomy on a child.

    The sentence for each charge will run consecutively to each other, but because of the sentencing guidelines, prosecuting attorney Craig Johnson said Allan will likely have his first parole hearing in 22 years. Certainly 22 years minimum fits the punitive needs of our community, Johnson said. Allan, 52, was also fined $20,000.

    Allan was found through a joint operation between the FBI and the Utah County Sheriffs Office. A court affidavit states the FBI became aware of Allan in December 2015 when they found his YouTube channel.

    In several videos he admits to being a pedophile who has committed several sex offenses against children, reports state. The victims were interviewed in January 2016 and told police that because of their age they dont remember the abuse, reports state. - Sterling (PESN) sentenced for sexually abusing two infants

    06/22/16 - Magnetic fridge eliminates gases, drastically reduces energy use


    The system is based on the magnetocaloric effect, which states that the temperature of a material can be changed by exposing it to a magnetic field. As magnetocaloric materials in the system are put through a cycle of magnetization and demagnetization, a water coolant is pumped through them, transferring the heat from the interior of the fridge to the outside air.

    The basic structure of the system sounds similar to that of conventional refrigerators, which use chemical refrigerants and a compressor to keep your milk from spoiling. But that system comes at a high cost: even with recent advances in energy efficiency, they still guzzle a lot of electricity, and are running 24 hours a day. Not to mention they can be quite loud, and the gases used pose an environmental hazard.

    According to Cooltech, the lack of a gas compression system means the MRS consumes only half the energy of a standard fridge, produces less noise and vibration, and requires less maintenance. And being known pollutants, these refrigerant gases are under constant scrutiny by environmental agencies and regulations, so from a commercial point of view, it makes sense to avoid the whole issue. Magnetic emissions are a potential concern, but the levels surrounding its devices are reportedly far lower than even an individual magnet you'd stick on the fridge.

    The idea of magnetic cooling itself isn't entirely new, but this is the first time the technology has become available to the public. Previous machines were too big for common use, and nowhere near as effective as conventional refrigerators. GE managed to shrink the system down a few years ago, and was able to reduce the temperature of a fluid by 80 F (a total of 44.4 C) by having it pass by magnets arranged into 50 different cooling stages, but this prototype was still complex and bulky.

    Cooltech's first commercial system, the MRS400, boasts 400 W of cooling power, keeping the internal temperature between 35.6 F and 41 F (2 C and 5 C), which is within the recommended levels for safe food storage. Its first applications will be in the commercial sector, for use in refrigerated retail display cases, wine cellars, and medical facilities. It's currently being beta-tested in three locations, using various configurations. Larger industrial systems, capable of 20 KW of cooling power, are also in development. - Magnetic fridge eliminates gases, drastically reduces energy use

    06/22/16 - EmDrive: Physicist says drive does have an exhaust
    KeelyNet A new peer-reviewed paper on the EmDrive from Finland states that the controversial electromagnetic space propulsion technology does work due to microwaves fed into the device converting into photons that leak out of the closed cavity, producing an exhaust.

    Yet despite the controversy attached to the technology, since 2012 nine independent studies have been carried out by scientists from China, Germany and even Nasa to try to build and test their own versions of the EmDrive. Although the researchers are not sure why, they have all discovered signals of thrust that cannot be explained.

    If the Finnish researchers are right about their theory explaining how exactly the EmDrive is able to produce thrust, then other scientists would be able to build better cavities that produce more thrust as they would understand how to detect the exhaust being produced.

    "So how could something come out that you can't detect? Well, the photons bounce back and forth inside the metal cavity, and some of them end up going together in the same direction with the same speed, but they are 180 degrees out of phase. Invariably, when travelling together in this out-of-phase configuration, they cancel each other's electromagnetic field out completely.

    "That's the same as water waves travelling together so that the crest of one wave is exactly at the trough of the other and cancelling each other out. The water does not go away, it's still there, in the same way the pairs of photons are still there and carrying momentum even though you can't see them as light.

    "If you don't have electromagnetic properties on the waves as they have cancelled each other out, then they don't reflect from the cavity walls anymore. Instead they leak out of the cavity. So we have an exhaust the photons are leaking out pair-wise." - EmDrive: Physicist says drive does have an exhaust

    06/22/16 - Are we all listening to Nazi engineered music?
    KeelyNet Why is 432 Hz better than 440 Hz? Rockefeller and The New World Order - When music became a performance art, there was a tendency for orchestras and performing musicians to tune their instruments up. This created a "brighter" sound that was better suited for the acoustics and environment of their stage. Some had the A tuned as high as 460 Hz. Opera singers complained that they could not sing in these higher ranges and that they were suffering from vocal stress.

    Giuseppe Verdi was an Italian Romantic composer primarily known for his operas. He is considered, together with Richard Wagner, the preeminent opera composer of the nineteenth century. Naturally concerned for the well-being of his opera singers, Verdi proposed that the French government adopt a standard where C=256 Hz. This is the same scale where A=432 Hz. He claimed that it was the natural range for singing. But his efforts failed. Nevertheless the term "Verdi tuning" is often used to describe the 432 Hz standard for "A".

    The real music conspiracy story begins in 1910 when a man named John Calhoun Deagan [right], an alleged member of the US Naval Intelligence which was funded by the Rothschilds through their agents in the Rockefeller family, joined the American Federation of Musicians and convinced the group to endorse a standard of 440 Hz tuning for all orchestras and concert performing musicians. He was successful but this standard only applied to public performances in America.

    Because the phonograph records and "talking" movies were produced in America, these new technologies were forced to comply with the American Federation of Music's 440 Hz tuning standard. Soon a slew of propaganda films were shown in Edison's theaters before and after the main features and surveys were conducted to determine the emotional effectiveness of the musical soundtracks.

    At the beginning of the 1930s, the potential of 440 Hz to combat altruism and stimulate nationalism, narcissism and aggression was fueled by the new science of Psychology. Freud's psychoanalysis in Europe was mainly for the elite but his theories of mass hysteria found their way to America through his nephew, Edward Bernays, who successfully used Freud's theories and mind control techniques in advertising and politics. He was the first to note that only about 8-10% of a population needed to be convinced of a new idea for it to eventually become unanimously accepted. This has been called the "10% Solution".

    The Nazi Connection - The Rockefeller Foundation was anxious to apply these new mind control techniques on a global scale. Together with the Rothschild's and global bankers they approached the German minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, who was already utilizing many of Bernays' advertising ideas to promote the Nazi Party.

    With their support, and with the reminder that the British were heavily in debt to their banks, the Illuminati sponsored Goebbels to promote the adoption of the 440 Hz standard by the British Standards Institute which would apply to all musicians playing in Europe. This measure reluctantly passed in 1939 despite being three months after Hitler invaded Poland. Technically, Germany had started WWII and was an axis of Britain, but this had little impact on their ultimate decision.

    During and after WWII, 440 Hz became widely used and has become the modern standard tuning for all music. This is where we stand today. But what was the significance of 440 Hz? A more interesting question is why was 432 Hz, the intuitive tuning frequency used since the inception of music in humanity, so undesirable to the Rockefellers, Rothschilds (Illuminati) and Nazis?

    What if the reason we can't seem to duplicate even the simplest acoustic effects from before 1940 or so were because they aren't tuned properly? Keelys 42,800hz and 40,000hz would be lower than todays frequencies. - JWD

    A Small but Significant Controversy in Music - A = 440 Hz tuning is not perfect, matter of fact its far from perfect. When using 440 Hz as the reference pitch, the measured frequencies of the other notes start to fraction off. For example when A = 440 Hz, Middle C becomes 261.63 Hz. The E above = 659.26 Hz. The rest of the scale is fraction off in a similar manner.

    A = 432 Hz tuning, on the other hand, is perfect. When using 432 Hz as the reference pitch, the measured frequencies of the other notes all become whole tones. Middle C = 256 Hz, E above = 648 Hz. This stays consistent throughout the entire note range.

    Benefits - Listening to music in 432hz is said to have a much more natural feel and a smoother sound. Other said benefits are less irritation at louder volumes, so we can listen to the music at a much louder volume. The last said benefit is a better tighter mid and low frequencies. Unfortunately, this is hard to prove, since the tests are solely on how the music feels and sounds to us as individuals. The general consensus is that 432hz tuning does improve the sound and feeling.

    Experiments - To hear 432 Hz at its best, you will need a good set of stereo speakers or a nice set of headphones. A song recorded fully in 432 Hz will yield the best results. There are some that can be found on youtube where you can hear a song completely recorded in this alternative frequency. This experiment can also be done with decent results any popular song recorded after the 1940s. Youll want to use a audio edi ting programs which will allow a user to pitch a file up or down (Pro Tools, Peak, Audacity, Logic, etc). Youll want to fine tune pitch down the song 32 cents (-32 cents).

    Most pro keyboards have the ability to adjust the pitch. For guitar players, use a chromatic tuner that will tune to that frequency. Most chromatic tuners, though, only go to 435 Hz. Click the link for other videos. - Are we all listening to Nazi engineered music?

    06/22/16 - Cristina Ramos - Got Talent 2016 Opera Rock - Highway to hell
    Watch this gorgous woman surprise everyone with her amazing vocal skills. - Cristina Ramos - Got Talent 2016 Opera Rock - Highway to hell

    06/22/16 - NASA Unveils Plans for Electric-Powered Plane
    KeelyNet The X-57 will take the first giant step in opening a new era of aviation, Mr. Bolden declared. The steps taken by NASA will not translate into all-electric cross-country jetliners. But the agency hopes the technology can be incorporated into smaller, general aviation and commuter aircraft some years from now. The X-57 will look more like a Cessna, unlike some of NASAs earlier sleek, futuristic X-planes. Its cruising speed might hit 175 miles per hour. Its wings, however, will be unique far skinnier than usual and embedded with 14 motors. The problem with traditional aircraft design is you have to size the wings so that you have safe takeoff and landing speeds, and so the wing tends to end up bigger than you need for cruise flight, said Sean Clarke, co-principal investigator for the project at NASAs Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, Calif.

    For the X-57, the NASA researchers are designing narrower wings that are efficient during cruise flight, powered by two 60-kilowatt electric motors at the wingtips that spin five-foot-wide propellers. For takeoff and landing, 12 smaller 9-kilowatt motors powering two-foot-wide propellers will kick in to blow extra air over the skinny wings to generate the necessary lift. In flight, the smaller propellers are folded away. NASA has already purchased the Italian-designed Tecnam P2006T twin-engine four-seat aircraft that it will transform into the X-57. In the first step, NASA will replace the gasoline-powered motors with electric ones, aiming for takeoff in about a year. Swapping out the wing will take another one to two years, Mr. Clarke estimated.

    The X-plane designations are handed out by the United States Air Force for experimental, cutting edge aircraft starting with the X-1 that broke the sound barrier in 1947. NASAs last X-plane effort, more than a decade ago, was the X-43A, a pilotless black dart that accelerated to almost 7,000 m.p.h., which set the record for a jet-powered aircraft. The NASA researchers have nicknamed the new plane Maxwell, after James Clerk Maxwell, a 19th-century Scottish physicist who came up with the basic equations underlying electromagnetism. The X-57 is far from the first electric airplane, and a solar-powered electric airplane called Solar Impulse is currently making a series of flights that will take it around the world. But Solar Impulse cruises at 30 to 40 m.p.h., of which Mr. Clarke said, I dont think anyone would classify as high speed.

    At 175 m.p.h., the X-57 would be as fast as the original P2006T and other similar general aviation planes. Thats a speed that could enable much greater market share for a technology like this, Mr. Clarke said. Operational costs could be cut by as much as 40 percent, and electric motors are much quieter. The design does not overcome the shortcomings of electric propulsion. Its 800 pounds of batteries will replace the rear two passenger seats, and the seat next to the pilot will be replaced with instrumentation, leaving space for only the pilot and no passengers. It can stay aloft for only about one hour.

    Mr. Clarke said the technology could be scaled upward for commuter or regional airliners, and NASA is investigating using fuel cells rather than batteries to provide the electricity. But limits in the speed of propeller-driven aircraft means they are unlikely for cross-country airline flights. I think all-electric would be a stretch for jetliners, he said. - NASA Unveils Plans for Electric-Powered Plane

    06/22/16 - Remote Viewing of the moon by Ingo Swann - Penetrations PDF
    KeelyNet This book discusses undeveloped human telepathy, and contrasts it with the probable existence of fully developed alien telepathy, which may have many different forms. Swann also explores the fact that we officially know far more than we're admitting about the Moon, which sometimes exhibits unusual features.

    "Penetration" is about ESP and telepathy - the means by which we can learn more about those not of this earth. Do we have the means to answer some very important questions about our reality? Inside these pages lie some of the possible answers.

    This is a story about remote viewing and its use by Mr. Swann to explore the idea of extraterrestrial life. On the surface, this would be interesting enough for many readers to want to hear what he has to say. But Mr. Swann's tale is not of a coolly academic nature. Rather, he tells of how in the past he interacted with some of the most deeply buried U.S. government intelligence personnel to help them understand the "ET enigma."

    This is not a story of academic researchers wanting to know if extraterrestrial life is possible. This is a nonfiction drama involving elite elements within the U.S. intelligence community wanting to know more about extraterrestrials whom they knew were operating on and near Earth. This is the UFO hypothesis turned fully around into a confrontation with reality that destroys more passive "what-if" scientific speculation.

    From Swann's perspective, it is not a question of whether or not UFOs and extraterrestrials exist, or whether or not the U.S. government knows about them. Rather it is a question of how intensely the intelligence apparatus of the government is trying to learn more about the activities of the extraterrestrials without letting the public in on the story. Mr. Swann gets caught in the middle, a middle from which he eventually escapes with the publication of this book.

    In 1955 General Douglas MacArthur said, "The next war will be an interplanetary one. Nations will have to unite against attack from other planets." - Remote Viewing of the moon by Ingo Swann - Penetrations PDF

    06/22/16 - Someone Else is on the Moon PDF
    KeelyNet Commenter #1; This book should be reprinted. It contains extraordinary analysis of NASA moon photo's from the early missions.

    All the photo's used in the book are cataloged and available through NASA. One particularly memorable photo shows a diamond shaped enclosure containing an 'L' shaped construction within.

    Transcripts of Apollo discussions with ground-control reveal that astronauts described spacecraft "hovering a kilometer above the surface". The photo's Hoagland produces in his web pages are not a patch on the one's in Leonard's book.

    Commenter #2; This book is a must for anyone interested in the universe and what really goes on behind the scenes! From the author's descriptions and logical fact finding it seems clear to me that there is something differently going on the moon and at NASA!

    The author also includes quotes from famous astronomer's and physicist's that the possibility of other life forms being on the moon would not surprise them! - Someone Else is on the Moon PDF

    06/22/16 - Gerard Morrins Free Energy appears to be Delusion
    The mystery of Over Unity is done. The Law of loss does not apply, Newton, Faraday etc.. are based on multiplication. This is amplification. 2 Pole Transformers.

    I looked into him awhile back...disappointing news...people who have tried his methods say he is deluded; Gerard Morins Free Energy Delusion; another sad tale of mis-measurement, and a real lack of understanding of what is really going on.

    A common thread in this is using Tesla as a reference. Tesla never demonstrated a free energy device but did however very successfully demonstrate the transmission of electricity through the atmosphere. Many of his ideas are being used and or revived today for a variety of real world applications. In Gerards case He says he has been studying Tesla AC power for 15 years, with special focus in the past 10 months. Statements like these are made as an emotive qualification as if somehow they have rediscovered a lost or suppressed technology. In reality they are just perpetuating the mythology with more disinformation. - He uses a battery to turn a transformer (I thnk he means pump as a generator, i.e. with magnets - JWD) then uses that to power his transformer. He has created his own transformer by using a ceramic magnent as the core. This powers the lights. And the dead bulbs. And doesn't shock him ie. Safe Electricity. - The Doubt about OverUnity is Over and Free and Natural Energy - The Mystery Solved We are now up to a pledge of $750 plus a possible McCulloch Genset plus HITBY has a 25kva POLE PIG and a place to run the tests. The camera was moving some but I think the 25kva PIG has two insulators on the top. If this is correct let me know. In Gerard's video the two transformers have a single insulator denoting a single phase unit. This may or may not be significant. - Gerard Morin supposedly takes a 30 amp (30-amp fuse) generator and is able to power 6000 watts worth of equipment by putting the generator output through a pole transformer. When he measures the amps being pulled from the generator, it is around 1 amp. 6000 watts at ~120V should be pulling 50 amps, as far as I am aware. Trying to use transformers to multiply the power is a bit like using gears or belts on a mechanical system to increase the mechanical power available - we don't see it happening in the real world if the measurements are correctly done. Don't worry, Morin will never be able to self-loop or even reduce his electricity bill in his new "laboratory".

    He has discovered reactive power, "OU in VARs", that's all. Perhaps he'll be able to buy an oscilloscope and learn how to use it, or even an actual laboratory power analyzer. What I can't figure out is just where all the money is coming from. When I think of what I could do with that kind of "sugar daddy" funding, it almost drives me to tears. Well, if you really want to confuse people, try using a transformer as a magnetic amplifier. No--it doesn't create any energy, but by operating a transformer with a substantial DC bias such that the core is operating near saturation, you can realize a large change in output power with a comparatively small control signal. None of this, of course, is remotely new. Magnetic amplifiers have been used for industrial control for decades--they're extremely reliable and tolerate harsh operating conditions.

    But I'm still waiting for one of the free-energy scammers to make use of the principle. The analogy of using gears to increase RPM [at the cost of torque!] to make an apparent "over-unity" thingee is sound. Get a flywheel spinning at high speed, then apply the brakes. Lots of heat, tons of torque as the fly-wheel spins down. It LOOKS like some enormous energy has been 'created', but in reality it is just inertia, mass and RPM that do the work. Similar is using HV discharges in a system. It LOOKS like ball-busing energy, but if said energy was integrated over time, you would find LESS energy [there are always losses!] available than your 'pumping' energy. A capacitor discharge goes BANG! when shorted, and it LOOKS like huge energy being released. But discharge that same cap through a 1 mega ohm resistor, and you won't hear/see a thing! Yes, the instantaneous volts/current is impressive, but in the end a capacitor is just a storage device. I am not out to debunk. It just hurts my head to see such industrious labor with no real sense of how things work.

    Morin's not interested in learning, he already knows he's right and that his critics are just too stupid to understand what he's doing. Any measurements that don't confirm his "theory" are wrong, QED. He's had ample opportunity to perform actual experiments, to use proper test equipment properly and to understand the vagaries of the kit that he is using. He simply won't do it. Will he purchase and use a proper power analyzer as part of his laboratory kit? Why should he? Those instruments show that his scheme produces _no_ OU, so they must be defective and simply cannot account for all the OU "radiant" that he's producing. I've seen Morin point his IR thermometer at a pole pig up on the pole, and claim that his readings show decreased temperature. He doesn't even understand that the laser isn't doing the temperature reading and hat, at that long range, the measured spot is nowhere near where the laser is pointing. He's measuring blue Canadian sky and claiming it shows a cooling pole pig!

    As you can see, there doesn't seem to be any independent verification of Morins claims (that I can find) though it looks like some are trying. He talks about combing two lines of power (18vac I think it was) and somehow doubling the output yet halving the input.

    KeelyNet It reminded me of an invention I posted a couple of weeks or so ago; I can see the circuit in my mind but can't find the link yet, still looking....AHA!

    Found it by doing a thumbnail of my image folder...and online at 06/11/16 - Voltage Synthesizer building block - The basic block diagrams for a voltage synthesizer is actually a process that shows you how to connect an alternating current parallel branch with another parallel branch, in series while at the same time isolating these parallel branches from each other. Therefore the result at the output load of the series part of the circuit has a voltage drop over it that adds the voltages present in each parallel branch.

    For example - if one branch has 120 volts going down it and another also has 120 volts going down it, then these would add to make 240 volts just as long as these voltages are in phase with each for constructive interference to occur. Then only 50% of the current is needed thus saving electricity or you could run two bulbs or two heaters at the same time for the price of one.

    (WO2016070292) VOLTAGE SYNTHESIZER BASIC BUILDING BLOCK CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS - International Filing Date: 31.12.2015 - Applicants: HARRIS, Mark [CA/CA]; (CA) - It appears to me the above patent is claiming something very similar to what Morin is claiming!!! Click the link for other video. - Gerard Morrins Free Energy appears to be Delusion

    06/22/16 - Lolo Neoball Resonant Spinner II

    06/22/16 - The Mandela Effect Will Blow Your Mind!

    06/22/16 - Scientists puzzled by slowing of Atlantic conveyor belt, warn of abrupt climate change

    06/22/16 - Home Fusion power will defeat big science

    06/22/16 - Prof. Eric Laithwaite - Inertial Propulsion Film

    06/22/16 - This plastic is made from thin air

    06/22/16 - Chinese scientists have figured out how to turn plastic into a liquid fuel

    06/22/16 - Super-efficient street lights are taking over the world

    06/22/16 - Stirling engine to power electic hybrid vehicles

    06/22/16 - Rubbery Power Source Makes Electricity When It Bends

    06/22/16 - Russian Guy Makes Steam Engine Powered Bicycle

    06/22/16 - U.S. Sets "DEFCON 3" -- US to move forward with plans to attack Syrian President Assad and his forces; Russia Says it will "engage and destroy" anyone who tries!

    06/22/16 - US Chicken is Processed with Chlorine and Its Extremely Dangerous to All Living Organisms

    06/22/16 - Retired Police Detective Identifies Mysterious Patterns Across Thousands of Missing Persons Cases

    06/22/16 - Dude Sits Down At Public Piano.... Gives it a Schoolin

    06/22/16 - The Most Powerful Arthritis Pain Reliever Youve Never Heard Of

    06/22/16 - The Member from Johnson City

    06/22/16 - On the Problems with Safe-Deposit Boxes

    06/22/16 - Acoustic levitation?


    06/19/16 - American Angel anonymous Crime Reporting system rewards moral behavior


    This is a proposal for the American Angel Crime Reporting system to allow anonymous reporting of any crime with a possible reward if the report leads to apprehension and criminal prosecution.

    In an ideal world, community support and patriotism should be sufficient to encourage people to report criminal activities, but these reports would be far more prolific with the addition of a fixed reward.

    It would allow anyone to anonymously submit a written description of a crime or plans for a crime with a $500 or $1000 reward should it lead to stopping a crime with prosecution. Such a payment is a pittance compared to how much damage and costs are caused by criminals.

    Basically, stores and businesses would provide easiy access to a standard reporting form which consists of two parts, both with a reference number with barcode used for the online crime report database.

    The top part of the form is where the submitter can write down the details of their report; who, what, where and when the event occurred or is planned to occur.

    The bottom form with the same reference number is retained by the submitter so they can anonymously claim their reward on successful prosection of the reported crime.

    The completed form is placed in an American Angel collection box at every post office. Those forms are collected by the local police station for analysis and classification to determine action and timeliness.

    Works for the families and friends of potential terrorist or other criminals that damage our country, because they can anonymously report and receive some money for their time and efforts.

    I hope someone takes up the gauntlet on this either as a private business, a non profit business who could get government and private funding or a government project for all cities in the USA.

    Use it with my best wishes! Make America Great and SAFE again! - Jerry @ Keelynet y mas (click link to read the full proposal) - American Angel anonymous Crime Reporting system rewards moral behavior


    06/17/16 - Guaranteed Safe Gun Sales


    Thanks to Bill W. for sharing this! - JWD



    06/16/16 - A Prophetic Message about Donald Trump from April 28, 2011


    Mary Colbert and Mark Taylor reveal prophetic messages they received about Donald Trump. Below is a copy of the message Mark Taylor says God shared with him:

    Commander in Chief

    The Spirit of God says, I have chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this. For as Benjamin Netanyahu is to Israel, so shall this man be to the United States of America! For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration to America. America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth, (other than Israel). The dollar will be the strongest it has ever been in the history of the United States, and will once again be the currency by which all others are judged.

    The Spirit of God says, the enemy will quake and shake and fear this man I have anointed. They will even quake and shake when he announces he is running for president, it will be like the shot heard across the world. The enemy will say what shall we do now? This man knows all our tricks and schemes.

    We have been robbing America for decades, what shall we do to stop this? The Spirit says HA! No one shall stop this that l have started! For the enemy has stolen from America for decades and it stops now! For I will use this man to reap the harvest that the United States has sown for and plunder from the enemy what he has stolen and return it 7 fold back to the United States.

    The enemy will say Israel, Israel, what about Israel? For Israel will be protected by America once again. The spirit says yes! America will once again stand hand and hand with Israel, and the two shall be as one. For the ties between Israel and America will be stronger than ever, and Israel will flourish like never before. We just gave Israel $40 BILLION to rebuild their military, what about ours?


    You should be aware that Jews still call themselves the Chosen, above everyone else. That all changed when God found them lacking in their covenant and so had the Ark removed to Ethiopia whose people were more worthy.

    Another Ark of the Covenant Found claim - The Ark of the Covenant and the Queen of Sheba - It is clear from history that the Jews have not been the 'Chosen' since the time of Solomon when the voice of God speaking from the Ark of the Covenant instructed that the Ark be moved to Ethiopia since the Jews had broken their Covenant. This fascinating book relates the entire story. This book relates the history of the departure of God and his Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem to Ethiopia, and the establishment of the religion of the Hebrews and the Solomonic line of kings in that country.

    The means employed by Menyelek for obtaining possession of the Ark of the Covenant did not disturb Isaac's conscience in the least, nay he gloried in them, for manifestly Menyelek was performing the Will of God in removing the tabernacle of Zion from Jerusalem.

    God, according to Isaac, was satisfied that the Jews were unworthy to be custodians of the Ark wherein His Presence was, and the Ark wished to depart. Ethiopia had stretched out her hand to God and He went to her, with the Ark, to preside over Menyelek's kingdom, which was established in accordance with the commands that He had given to Moses and the prophets and priests of Israel.

    The Spirit of God says, I will protect America and Israel, for this next president will be a man of his word, when he speaks the world will listen and know that there is something greater in him than all the others before him. This mans word is his bond and the world and America will know this and the enemy will fear this, for this man will be fearless. The Spirit says, when the financial harvest begins so shall it parallel in the spiritual for America.

    The Spirit of God says, in this next election they will spend billions to keep this president in; it will be like flushing their money down the toilet God says toilet?. Let them waste their money, for it comes from and it is being used by evil forces at work, but they will not succeed, for this next election will be a clean sweep for the man I have chosen. They will say things about this man (the enemy), but it will not affect him, and they shall say it rolls off of him like the duck, for as the feathers of a duck protect it, so shall my feathers protect this next president. (sure sounds like what we've been seeing this past year!). Even mainstream news media will be captivated by this man and the abilities that I have gifted him with, and they will even begin to agree with him says the Spirit of God.

    Gods Man: Firefighter shares 2011 vision of President Trump - Taylor said he received Gods word about Donald Trump on April 28th 2011, while watching an interview featuring the New York billionaire. While Trump was speaking Taylor heard the Lord say to him that he was listening to a President. At the time, Trump was considering a presidential run and was also campaigning strongly for the release of Barack Obamas birth certificate. Though he ultimately decided against running for the GOP nomination in 2012, Taylor believes his appearance in the 2016 campaign is God ordained.

    On April 28th, 2011 Trump gave a speech in Las Vegas to a gathering organized by the Clark County Nevada Republican Party. In the speech he spoke directly about the present and future potential of him making a run for president.

    Personally, I'm Agnostic so I don't put much stock in such things, only that he claims he received the information years before 2015. The wording is a bit too modern for the spirit of god to be using and seems to refer to the last few months of observations about the Donald and his campaign tactics. I wonder if Trump paid him? Hey, it's BIZNESS! Would love to see a video from 2011 of him actually predicting this. After all Jesus and his disciples faked the long predicted events that people believed were divinely produced to 'herald his coming'. Do your homework! - JWD - A Prophetic Message about Donald Trump from April 28, 2011

    KeelyNet A device, method and system for the microwave resonance therapy of the chromosomes, telomeres and DNA, and extending the length of telomeres, by generating a wide and uniformly distributed spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies and ultrasound vibrations that induce electromagnetic and ultrasonic resonance in chromosomes and telomeres, and electromagnetic resonance in DNA.

    A plurality of sharp conductive pins mounted on the surface of a board, excited by sharp and short alternating electric pulses, create complex electrostatic fields that excite a mass of piezoelectric crystal grains, having a wide and uniform distribution of size, filling the space around the pins.

    Also, a wide band electromagnetic oscillator for DNA resonance is disclosed. One embodiment of an applied system is presented, with a plurality of telomeric resonators embedded in a blanket or pad, and the driving apparatus.

    A device, method and system for the microwave resonance therapy of the chromosomes, telomeres and DNA, and extending the length of telomeres, by generating a wide and uniformly distributed spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies and ultrasound vibrations that induce electromagnetic and ultrasonic resonance in chromosomes and telomeres, and electromagnetic resonance in DNA.

    A plurality of sharp conductive pins mounted on the surface of a board, excited by sharp and short alternating electric pulses, create complex electrostatic fields that excite a mass of piezoelectric crystal grains, having a wide and uniform distribution of size, filling the space around the pins. Also, a wide band electromagnetic oscillator for DNA resonance is disclosed. One embodiment of an applied system is presented, with a plurality of telomeric resonators embedded in a blanket or pad, and the driving apparatus. - WO2016000075 - SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INCREASING THE LENGTH OF TELOMERES

    06/16/16 - Gravity engines
    KeelyNet The following is all from emails with Lee, who kindly shared an 1870 Sciam article referring to an 1856 article about a perpetual motion machine by Mr. E.F. Willis. The machine was supposedly discredited.

    Finally had some time to read the pdf you kindly sent. The 23.5 degree angle is the earths tilt angle and tied up in all kinds of science and mysticism. So, if people found out his trick then was he using that number as a misdirection or did he really find something. I like to think he did because he says if you change that angle by as little as .5 plus or minus, the thing will stop self rotating. Check out the attached pictures.

    Inventor - Mr. E. P. Willis - "In all former attempts at a perpetual motion, the great object has been to overcome gravitation, but in this instance, without gravitation the machine would stop.

    The driving wheel being on an inclination of 23 1/2 degrees, is the particular degree at which all metallic bodies which are placed on its disk will retain their position through the effects of gravitation,

    and if the shaft is adjusted at 24 degrees, those bodies will cease to act and slide off;

    KeelyNet or if the wheel is inclined to 23 degrees there will not be sufficient power to cause the cylindrical weight to pass the eccentric wheel which is attached to the shaft supporting the flywheel.

    Another very nice adjustment of the driving wheel is its adjustment of a vertical shaft out of line 1/8 of an inch, and as the principle on which this machine acts will work both ways, it is only necessary to shift the step 1/4 of an inch to reverse its motion."

    This inclination of the wheel and gravity is the secret, according to him, of its perpetual motion. If it is but inclined half a degree less - 23 degrees - then the perpetual motion is killed at once, according to his description.

    Robert Fludd #1, Robert Fludd #2, Perpetual motion machine, Archimedes screw.

    KeelyNetFlood Evidence - The earth has a magnetic North Pole that is different from true north. The northern pole sits at a 23.5-degree angle from true north.

    Sacred Geometry - Lets mention the most important angle of all, 23.5 degrees or 23.42 to be precise. This is the angle that our earths axis is tilted at from the Ecliptic Plane. What gives this angle such significance is the fact that the ancient Egyptians knew about this angle of the earths axis at a time when the tools of astronomy were archaic, how they were able to figure it out is still a mystery today. So as we see the angle of 23.5 degrees has great significance and it was the Freemasons that designed the layout of Washington DC.

    I personally believe that DC was laid out the way it was in order to create specific energy points throughout the city. Just like the Chakras in the human body. I believe this ancient geometry stems down form the Egyptians who got there knowledge from other beings not of this earth. It would only make sense, who ells would these people of great power be conspiring for. Think about it, the Capital of the United States has been constructed using sacred ancient Egyptian geometry that came from beings not of this world by the Freemasons who still to this day practice satanic rituals by drinking blood-wine out of a human scull. The evidence is right in front of you, its just a matter of seeing it.

    Which reminds me of a claim made by Dr. Harold Aspden that the dna helix has an angle of 32.7 degrees, which, when you lift a spinning gyroscope, it will rise upward in a curve and at an angle of 32 degrees! Something that might also play a part in how nature taps into energy. 12/16/13 - Do Vortexes tap into Aether/ZPE?

    You suggested the Skinner gravity power device as a correlation to the 1856 PMM of Willis which required a 23.5 degree tilt to self run and by setting at 23 or 24 degrees, it would stop. Gravity Power! (1939) and 1939 Gravity Power Reverse Engineering Details

    And it reminds me of the canadian ufo guy Hamel who said we would use unbalanced magnets that would perpetually be trying to seek equilibrium and thus produce a drive for a drive for an engine. David Hamel Index of files - Initial experiment - Eventually, after much thought, consideration and research, Hamel decided to try to duplicate the cone within cone system. Using bicycle rims as the base support for his aluminum sided cones, magnets were held onto the sides with electrical tape. When the magnets were taped just right, they produced a rejection force. A 45 gallon steel barrel was lined with magnets on the inside to create a magnetic suspension zone. The cone within cone arrangement was placed inside this barrel. Once everything was aligned, Hamel screwed down the cover of the barrel. The cones were floating on a repelling magnetic field produced by the magnets on the lower rim of the cones. When a larger magnet was pressed down onto the top cone, a tumbling motion was created which caused the floating cones to wobble in a circular motion, in a constrained path, at an ever increasing speed. At a certain speed, the vibration stabilized, much like the smooth rotation of a properly balanced, rotating tire on your car.


    This shows the continually unbalanced butterfly effect for perpetual rotation comparison to egyptian djed where we must ask, "Did the egyptians use this self-running cone arrangement for motive power, even to generate electricity?"

    KeelyNetHere is another form of Hamels butterfly effect.

    Check this video out Simple explanation and demo of Skinner Gravity Power device - (notice the long almost vertical shaft, doesn't that look about 23 degrees? Like what Willis claimed?) I think this guy has it figured out, watch the video, it is worth your time! You know, we might be onto something! Thanks Lee for the old 1870 SciAm article and the correlation to Skinner. It has been shared with many. Clink link for other videos. - Gravity engines

    06/16/16 - How a 4-Pound Engine Can Replace a 40-Pound Engine
    Connecticut-based startup LiquidPiston announced today that they have built a small, compact engine that is powerful enough to drive a go-kart. Their X-mini engine weighs just 4 pounds and has three moving parts, and yet can produce 3 horsepower, enough to replace the default 40-pound piston engine that normally powers the go-kart.

    LiquidPiston says that their X-mini is still in a testing phase, and they hope to get the weight down to 3 pounds and the power up to 5 hp. (The 40-pound piston engine produces about 6.5 hp. Click link for other videos. - How a 4-Pound Engine Can Replace a 40-Pound Engine

    06/16/16 - Keshe's Colleague and Collaborator Speaks Out - Keshe is a total FRAUD!
    Part 6, For everyone who has been following with me, through Sousan Alexander, the first Whistleblower to actually come forward with proof this fell outside of claims of faulty products as we knows others had experienced. Today we take a look at the bizarre continued unfolding of the man Keshe and his claims to give the world free energy, in this interview you will hear full disclosure from Keshe's, at the time, closest friend, a gentlemen who helped Keshe write his books and is credited for all the illustrations and various subjects contained within, this is documented!

    Additionally he shares the nature of their working relationship for a span of approximately 10 years beginning in 2005. This is huge and plays a major role in gaining clarity and perspective. Dirk a scientist, Inventor , Master Astrologist and Modern Mystic has many positive health/life generating suggestions in this interview as he has moved on from his work with Keshe...Please join me as I too, learn more about a person who was following and I felt was offering hope and change to many on the planet through free energy technology. - Keshe's Colleague and Collaborator Speaks Out - Keshe is a total FRAUD!

    06/16/16 - Graphene batteries available on eBay!
    Leroy sends a note that the long talked about graphene batteries are now available on eBay! And cheap too! - Graphene batteries available on eBay!

    06/16/16 - BLACKBOX USB with advanced Silicon Crystal Graphite Battery Technology
    This is a story I have been following for a while and thought it was worthy of the video of the week. It is silicon graphite power cells charge internal Li-Ion batteries and output through dual USB charging port hub with digital display. The developer Mike is level headed and does not make outrageous claims. Time will tell isf it is a generator or very long term battery. I believe it is light years ahead of The O Cube or any other Orbo technology.

    I hope this will generate some discussion. I suggest you look att he other videos at the developers site, His designs are very well thought out. Click the link for more videos. - BLACKBOX USB with advanced Silicon Crystal Graphite Battery Technology

    06/16/16 - Morgan Momentum Field


    (image to the left is gyro gravity rings and to the right is Keely's rotating rings of force he called the dynasphere) Summary Gravitation Explained and more - An experiment involving an angular accelerated flywheel air-coupled to another such flywheel revealed that momentum is a field quantity similar to magnetic fields. Atoms or molecules vibrating within a solid generate sinusoidal momentum fields whose interaction of adjacent molecular fields keeps the molecules in place.

    Atoms on the outside of solids will not have the field cancellation of internal atoms, so there will be a residual external field which calculations indicated is the source of gravity.

    Ramifications are predicted from the experimental data. Magnetic fields can be cancelles, simularly momentum fields. Momentum fields are expected to provide thrust for spaceships to replace rockets. Momentum field cancellation (momentarily) can create infinite velocities like observed for magnetic-field cancelled electric current.

    The physics books indicate that magnetic fields 'extend to infinity' with an inverse square law intensity attentuation. In that view, like molecules at the same temperature would vibrate at the same frequency. After two like molecules got together due to having the same field frequency, their mutual field would have doubled intensity, and would attract more like molecules. Other types of molecules would sing a different tone, so would not be attracted in the same way.

    Flywheel coupling defies Newton's Laws - Thanks for drawing my attention to the Harvey Morgan paper in IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems (AES) of January 1998, pages 5 to 10, "Now we can explore the Universe". I have just visited the library here at Southampton University to take a look at it. Yes, as you say, he had two flywheels separated by 1/16 inch facing each other. When the motor was energized, it accelerated the lead flywheel toward it's top rated speed. The other flywheel, in response to the changing angular velocity and momentum of the lead flywheel, started turning briskly - in the opposite direction!

    Yes, that is contrary to Newton's laws! Harvey Morgan has confirmed that there is a kind of spin field momentum that Professor Eric Laithwaite had in mind when he performed his dual flywheel tests with a separating partition between the two wheels.

    Should anyone decide to research this further I would suggest that they take account of what my 'vacuum spin' theory is about. Aether rotation involves radial electric charge displacement and vice versa. So, spin a flywheel and as it builds up speed there will be charge displaced radially in aether coextensive with that wheel. If the flywheel is thin in relation to its diameter and it has the face of another metal flywheel closely adjacent, the charge displacement might be sensed across the small air gap between the flywheels. It could conceivably induce an opposite polarity charge displacement in the second flywheel, and though not itself rotating initially, this might cause the second flywheel to have, inside it, aether in spin in the opposite direction. Then that second flywheel could begin to pick up that spin and so go around in a direction opposite to that of the primary wheel.

    Turn the drive power off and the first wheel stops accelerating and begins to slow down, but if that charge displacement is determined by acceleration it will subside immediately. The aether spin latent in the primary wheel will keep going for quite a while and will spread to expand into the second wheel and that, together with the air drag coupling, could account for that second wheel beginning to rotate the normal way.

    As you say, in Harvey Morgan's experiment, 'When the electric motor was turned off before reaching top speed, the other flywheel stopped turning. It then started turning slowly in the same direction as the lead flywheel, urged by the collapsing momentum field and the air coupling between flywheels'.

    All very fascinating! Now it needs someone to get that same experiment up and running to check it out and then see how the coupling effect can be regulated by orientation of the spin axis, how a very slow speed-up affects things, how an applied magnetic field directed along the spin axis might alter the results, etc.

    My belief is that this is a good way to go forward on the free energy front, because I am sure that the 'vacuum spin' or 'aether spin' reaction is one which feeds in an inflow of 'free energy' from space. The hydrosonic type of experiment in which one gets a metal rotor rotating clockwise whilst water flows through rotor blades in a counter-clockwise sense has the ingredients for generating 'free energy' as heat output. Namely, get two aether spin systems sharing a common axis and moving in counter-spin directions and somehow get them to crash into each other. - Morgan Momentum Field

    06/16/16 - Congress Is Suddenly Interested in Cold Fusion
    Cold fusion is rising again, thanks to allegedly successful experiments and demonstrations. Now interest in the field, also known as low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), has reached the highest levels, as the House Committee on Armed Services has asked the Secretary of Defense to provide "a briefing on the military utility of recent U.S. industrial base LENR advancements" by September 22.

    The Committee quotes a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) assessment that says if cold fusion works, it would be a disruptive technology that could revolutionize energy production and storage.

    That is putting it mildly. Commercial cold fusion as claimed by Andrea Rossi and others, outlined in our April article, would remove dependence on oil or other fossil fuels, domestic or imported. In military terms, it would enable ships, aircraft, and tanks to continue indefinitely (or at least for months) without refueling, with abundant power for lasers or other directed-energy weapons. - Congress Is Suddenly Interested in Cold Fusion

    06/16/16 - Energy in Space is Hiding in Plain View Disguised as Magnetic Vector Potential
    KeelyNet The central issue in zero-point energy extraction is that space is not an empty vacuum. Mainstream physics attempts to disguise this fact by altering the meaning of displacement current from the original meaning.

    In his 1861 paper "On Physical Lines of Force", James Clerk-Maxwell introduced the novel concept of displacement current as well as identifying Faraday's electrotonic state with electromagnetic momentum. The latter now appears in modern textbooks as a vector, usually denoted by the symbol A, but without any physical meaning whatsoever. And likewise displacement current is introduced in modern textbooks devoid of the physical meaning that Maxwell was hinting at.

    It is now shown that the magnetic vector potential A and Maxwell's displacement current are one and the same thing, and that they refer to the fine-grained circulating electric currents, circulating at the sped of light, which fill all of space.

    Displacement Current and the Electrotonic State - Electric Current and Gravity - I. Electric current is aether momentum. In an electric circuit, we normally use the symbol J for the current, which is a pressurized flow of aether that behaves according to Bernoullis principle. The pressure is the charge, and the flow is the kinetic energy. Gravity is an all pervasive radial electric current which constitutes a rarefied flow of aether that gives rise to a tension, and hence to a pull force.

    Positively charged particles are aether sources and will be accelerated by their pressure. Negatively charged particles are aether sinks, and the surrounding tension will cause them to be pulled in the opposite direction to that of positive particles. Although particles share the acceleration of the aether due to pressure and tension, due to the inviscidity of the aether they will not automatically share the aethers flow velocity, and they will generally move very much slower.

    Conclusion - III. Wireless electromagnetic radiation can exist in deep space far from any electrical apparatus, and so Maxwells displacement current has got nothing to do with capacitors or linear polarization. The linkage between displacement current and capacitors in modern physics has been a red herring of enormous proportions. Its true though that Maxwell first introduced displacement current in Part III of his 1861 paper [1] as a special kind of transient electric current that occurs when an external electric field is applied across a non-conducting solid, and where the elasticity of the solid causes the induced current to quickly grind to a halt.

    Maxwell however failed to make it explicitly clear that when the displacement current is used with Ampres Circuital Law when deriving the electromagnetic wave equation, that cause and effect have been reversed, in that rather than the elasticity impeding the current, the elasticity is actually causing the current as per Faradays Law of electromagnetic induction. This omission led to the erroneous belief that a changing electric field causes a magnetic field.

    KeelyNet Maxwells sea of molecular vortices solves all of these problems, but if this idea is rejected, then the only alternative is indeed to do away with displacement current altogether.

    There is however too much experimental evidence confirming all the other equations of electromagnetism, including experimental evidence of displacement current being induced on the large scale in a secondary electric circuit due to the changing magnetic field of a primary.

    The most likely inference is therefore that Maxwell was correct about the sea of molecular vortices. Nikola Tesla, John Bernoulli the Younger, and Sir Oliver Lodge, have all independently supported a similar approach [5], [6], [7].

    This also correlates with the dilatant matrix theory of Osborn Reynolds. See UFOs, Osborne Reynolds, and the One Wind: A New Look at an Old Theory - This medium is granular, composed of uniform, spherical grains much smaller than subatomic particles and filling the entire universe. In fact, it is the universe. In matter-free space the grains are hexagonally arrayed and almost close-packed. Because they cannot exchange neighbors, they form a quasicrystalline matrix. The grains are in relative, vibratory, gas-like motion; but with a mean free path many orders of magnitude smaller than the diameter of the grains (unlike a gas).

    This jostling of the grains against one another produces a very high pressure in the medium. Because of the gearing of the grains and the pressure, the medium supports transverse disturbances (EM waves) whose local propagation rate depends on the local pressure and strains in the medium. Unstrained; i.e., without matter, the aether is isotropic. Strained; i.e., with matter present, it is anisotropic.

    Reynolds says matter is strained regions of misalignment of the grains or "singular surfaces", "negative inequalities", or simply, "holes". Matter, then, moves by means of displacement; much as a bubble moves upward by an equal amount of liquid being displaced downward. For holes to move through the medium, aether grains must move in the opposite direction. - Energy in Space is Hiding in Plain View Disguised as Magnetic Vector Potential

    06/16/16 - Ford develops a fake car revving sound for quiet cars

    06/16/16 - European leaders call for immediate open access to all scientific papers by 2020


    06/16/16 - Getting High with Electromagnetic Frequencies

    06/16/16 - New security concerns over American-born extremists

    06/16/16 - Putin: If Hillary Is Elected We Will Destroy America

    06/16/16 - Laid-off Americans are starting to speak out about losing jobs to foreign workers

    06/16/16 - $40 billion aid to Israel is 'largest ever' to any country

    06/16/16 - Tiny Engine Inches Closer to Powering EVs and Drones

    06/16/16 - Levitate a Magnet with Bismuth Crystals

    06/16/16 - Biggest leukaemia breakthrough in 30 years

    06/16/16 - I've Got A Secret - Philo Farnsworth

    06/16/16 - Why are so many bankers committing suicide?

    06/16/16 - Strange coldness of Moonlight

    06/16/16 - Autism isnt just a brain condition

    06/16/16 - Mass. Senate Passes 10-Year Fracking Moratorium

    06/16/16 - Researchers have created a super-strong optical material based on butterfly wings


    06/14/16 - About Shootings and what happened to MEN defending themselves and others
    What is wrong with people? What is wrong with todays MEN? How many times have we seen unresisted mass killings by one or a handful of armed people against dozens or hundreds of unarmed people? Your body is a weapon and anything you can grab and throw or use to pound with, is a weapon. We are never truly defenseless when it comes to our impending death.

    Why don't these people RUSH the attacker(s) and overwhelm them by sheer numbers. It makes more sense to lose a handful of early rushers than dozens and dozens of unresisting sheep.

    I would rush them in a heartbeat and hope others would join in to bring these attackers to the ground. What is the loss of one or a handful of lives compared to dozens or hundreds? The damage and deaths would be far less than that done to a bunch of scared sheep waiting for their turn to be killed.

    Grow a pair and fight back when you see your death and many others is assured unless you take acton.

    06/14/16 - Why we can never give up our 2nd Amendment
    Anyone who wants to take away our 2nd amendment is a traitor to our nation. All men and women have the inalienable right to defend themselves and their families and friends when attacked by those intent on maiming or killing.

    There are misquided politicians and acitivists too stupid to realize this right to protect and who believe only cops can protect us. Well, cops aren't always available and often are very slow to respond. An attacker(s) can do a lot of damage to unarmed people before the cops ever get there.

    But it all changes when we arm ourselves and are prepared to fight back. Assailants will think twice before risking their sheep shooting back at them.

    Consider every single case of mass shootings...what if just a handful of the dead had been carrying a pistol they could have used to fight back? How many of those people would now be alive?

    It's fine for some politicians to have armed secret service agents as they preach gun control. Well lets take the guns from their secret service agents and see how long they continue that irrational line of thinking.

    The right to keep and bear arms is the first thing taken away when evil people have plans to take over a government. The last thing they want to have to deal with is an armed citizenry. Bottomline is we all must take responsibility for our own safety by arming ourselves and taking those arms with us until we get better control over the sociopaths and 'islamic terrorists' living among us and wandering our streets.

    We also need to PUNISH the families and friends of those who supported these people and were fully aware they were planning and arming for an attack. They are COMPLICIT and need to be punished. It is their DUTY as american citizens to report these actions to police and authorities to prevent these attaks and nip them in the bud.

    Many are still too stupid to realize obama has always been a muslim which is why he is always taking up for anything they do and trying to force acceptance of their insanity down our throats. He does everything he can get away with, to fund muslims, back them up and glorify them and their imagined 'contributions'. The sooner the civilized world faces the reality that muslims can never live among us because of the risk of randomly going jihad, they leave us no choice but to expel them all back to their home countries. Send them to Saudi Arabia and let them deal with their nonsense.

    06/14/16 - Lie detector to discover Sociopathic thinking
    KeelyNet One of the problems we all have is HOW do we discover the snakes living within our midst? It is a surprisingly easy thing to do. It is well documented that when we are excited, our pupils grow larger. So much larger in fact, that we can easily tell the difference between when they are not excited.

    Using this simple physical response, we could easily present images to suspected sociopaths or terrorists or whoever we need to verify does not have hidden agendas.

    Photos of death and destruction, of rioting people showing signs about jihad and islam and world domination, basically an assorted group of photos that would excite and stimulate believers in the sociopathic teachings of the quran.

    'You can't hide your lyin' eyes': Eye-tracking lie-detection - the University of Utah licensed the technology to Credibility Assessment Technologies (CAT). Using eye movement to detect lies contrasts with polygraph testing. Instead of measuring a person's emotional reaction to lying, eye-tracking technology measures the person's cognitive reaction. To do so, the researchers record a number of measurements while a subject is answering a series of true-and-false questions on a computer. The measurements include pupil dilation, response time, reading and rereading time, and errors. The researchers determined that lying requires more work than telling the truth, so they look for indications that the subject is working hard. For example, a person who is being dishonest may have dilated pupils and take longer to read and answer the questions. These reactions are often minute and require sophisticated measurement and statistical modeling to determine their significance.

    How Blink Rate, Pupil Dilation Give Insight To Honesty And Attraction - Dating experts will tell you maintaining strong eye contact shows interest. Wed otherwise look away if we didnt want to learn about the person, right? So, its the genuine interest that causes us to fix our eyes on the subject; we become excited, and in the process, our pupils dilate. According to Eastman, there is a strong correlation between arousal and specific eye movements like dilation and blink rate. Our eyes naturally dilate to allow more light in, but dilation also occurs in response to cognitive and emotional events. So when were interested or in any way emotionally stimulated positively or negatively in what were looking at, our pupils dilate.

    07/18/13 - Scientists Seek Biomarkers For Violence on Using brain scans to detect sociopaths - If we can detect such abnormalities in childhood or adolescence, perhaps we could prevent the individual from actually turning into a psychopath through a specific treatment program. Instead of locking people up after the fact, we could turn a societal eye toward prevention and help people long before they become a burden on the criminal justice system. - On shootings, 2nd amendment and sociopath lie detector


    06/13/16 - We have to face the fact that Islam is a mental disorder


    We have to finally admit that Islam is a mental disorder that promotes sociopathic barbaric behavior not acceptable in civilized countries.

    Islam was never a religion, it is a political idealogy because it teaches followers to kill all unbelievers and tries to force sharia law on the entire world. Those two precepts make them enemies to any sane people because they mean YOU!

    It is sad that 1400 years of inbreeding has reduced them to the conditions they choose to live under in modern times.

    The world needs to understand this and expel all muslims back to their home countries. Because they all follow the quran, they have the seeds of jihad and death instilled in them, like 3rd stage syphylis, festering and waiting for the chance for expression. Meaning no muslim can be trusted because we never know when they might 'go jihad' on those around them.

    Look how many terrorist attacks have come from muslims working or living peacefully with others. One day, they snap and kill innocents. Because of this propensity to snap, we cannot trust them or have them living in our countries if we value our security.

    It is up to the muslim community to police their own sociopaths. There is no question that they have family and friends who are fully aware when they are collecting weapons and planning an attack, yet they fail to report them to authorities. Instead, they await the disaster and relish it as a sick form of schadenfreude.

    They must all pay the price as ENABLERS. Until they begin reporting these psychopaths, punishing them and stopping them on their own, they do not deserve inclusion into any civilized country.

    We need to bring our troops home because WE are the invaders and occupiers. Failing that because of corrupt politics, we have no option but to attack them at their root, their beliefs. Bomb full mosques and eventually nuke Mecca if they fail to correct their sociopathic behavior. Conditions will worsen until we acknowledge and take action to resolve this matter once and for all.

    So face it Muslims, as long as you CHOOSE to follow the quran, you will be reviled and rejected by any sane civilized country who values their own culture, their unique history and their priceless lands, paid for by the lives of countless patriots over hundreds of years. We cannot trust muslims to live among us, period. - We have to face the fact that Islam is a mental disorder


    06/11/16 - Nexus Conference 2016 still has seating Jun 18, 19 & 20


    Click NEXUS Conference Program 2016 to download the pdf with full details. - Nexus Conference 2016 still has seating Jun 18, 19 & 20

    06/11/16 - Why no Updates?


    You might be wondering why I have not updated Keelynet over the past 10 days. I needed a small vacation so decided to just stop and relax. Surprisingly, only two people, Bevan E. and Joseph S. kindly sent emails asking after my health and if anything was wrong because I am usually very consistent with updating Keelynet regularly. It would have been fun to dream up some conspiracy BS but we have enough of that to deal with in the real world, so K.I.S.S..

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your concerns and that you took the time to ask. I explained to you about needing some time off so all better now and here begins the updates. In July of 2016, Keelynet will be 28 years old. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had devoted all this time, energy and thought to making money. Move over Donald! But I'm reasonably healthy and happy and wish the same for everyone! Still no working free energy, antigrav or rejuvenation but I work on parts of it weekly as I'm sure many others do! Lots of people claim it and even sell 'plans' but when you hear it from me, it by the gods, it WILL work because I've tested it and AM USING IT! - Jerry Decker @ Keelynet - Why no Updates?

    06/11/16 - Mr. Ed the first meeting
    Rest In Peace Alan...Gone to Heaven - 05/20/2016. Goodnight, Wilbur. Sweet Dreams, Buddy Boy... Goto 16:15 and listen;

    Wilbur; "Thanks, uh?"
    Ed; "Ed"
    Wilbur; "Ed? What kind of a name is Ed for a horse?"
    Ed; "What kind of a name is Wilbur for a man?"

    - Mr. Ed the first meeting

    06/11/16 - $220 Body Cooler
    KeelyNet I saw this on ebay and was fascinated with such a simple idea. Of course their price is way too much.

    So I found similar cigarrette sized fans with air stream coming out of the top. The ones I found have a built in lithium battery that will run the fan up to 2 hours.

    I plan to attach hooks so they will ride on the waist of my shorts and with my shirt pulled down so I can deflect the airflow up and around my body. Have to experiment with airflow so my shirt doesn't balloon up! Can't wait to try this on hot days in central Mexico!

    I ordered two of these ~$13USD WoneNice Battery Operated Personal Summer Pocket Fan Cool lasts two hours SAF - (shown in the upper right of the photo above) - Sleek, inconspicuous design - no one will notice it is a fan. No need to buy batteries, recharges like an iPhone with 3.7V lithium battery and USB cord. Cool air lasts two hours before a recharge is needed. Stop sweating and show up dry for the big date or interview. A lanyard included, convenient to carrying. Product Details - Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.6 x 0.7 inches - Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces - $220 Body Cooler

    06/11/16 - What If We Are The Bad Guys?
    KeelyNet Disclaimer of Cognitive Dissonance - Before reading any further, I would like to inform the reader that this article will likely provoke strong emotional reaction and some will find it offensive. In fact, I already am aware of many of the negative remarks that will arise, so I will just address them now.

    I do not hate the troops and I do not hate people associated with the military. Quite the contrary, I feel badly for them because they are being brainwashed, manipulated, and used to fight bogus wars under the disguise of protecting our freedom; when in reality they are only fighting to secure financial interests for the elite and corporations. Then when they return with PTSD, injuries, mental health, addiction, unemployment, homelessness, anger, and violence, they VA does not provide the services they need. They are treated like pawns to profit those at top.

    Not all the troops misbehave and you are focusing on the minority. This true, the majority of the troops are good people who follow orders. However, the orders that they are following are destructive and evil. Many of Hitlers Gestapo were probably good people following orders, but they will always be viewed as evil by association. How can you not support them, when they are protecting your freedom?

    They do not protect my freedoms. All military interventions since World War II, have been solely to secure resources from third world nations to help profit American businesses. This is all done under disguises of threats such as the Cold War with no clear enemy and the threat of Communism; the War on Drugs with no clear enemy; and the War on Terror.

    Immediately after World War II, the United States has been intervening in countries as a means to making the world safe for American corporations; enhancing financial statements of defense contractors and members of congress; preventing the rise of any society that might serve as a successful example of an alternative to capitalism.

    In 1953, the United States overthrew the Iran government after they tried to nationalize and profit off their own resources, oil. This led to oppression and torture of the Iran people, while foreign powers took over control of their oil. Similarly in Guatemala, the democratically elected government was seeking to nationalize the United Fruit Company. The United States turned this into a death field under the disguise of Soviet threat, in reality had huge commercial interests in the United Fruit Company.

    This list goes on-and-on (Indonesia, Chile, Nicaragua, Libya, El Savlador, Haiti, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) with more than 70 different countries in which we have intervened with in the past seventy years. That is on average of one country per year we have invaded for nearly a century to support American interests, not protect my freedoms.

    This is what we are supporting when we say We Support the Troops. We are supporting systematic and barbaric killings of many innocent people, to provide for a war that benefits corporations and rich politicians. The Yellow Ribbon we proudly display to show our pride is the modern-day Swastika, showing our support for savagery.

    Understanding Perspective - When two kids get into a playground argument and turn s into a fight, the teachers, principal, or other adults will pull them aside and ask each to tell their story. The two kids hear the others perspective and they can understand how the argument started and they teach the children how to resolve conflict in the future. In political life, it doesnt work like this.

    Only the winner gets to tell their side of the story. In turn, they blame the other party for the troubles and turn themselves into the heroes. Anytime two cultures clash, this is the result. The winners write history. As we go through school, they teach us that we have always been the good guys and everyone else was always bad. How is this possible? A country that has been at war in 223 out of their 240 years of existence and currently has more than 800 foreign military bases worldwide is not protecting their freedoms, they are invading and occupying others.

    Read the stories above again and imagine if that was taking place in your home country. Would you be thankful that these troops are bringing you freedom? They dont hate us for our freedom, they hate us for raping and killing their families. - What If We Are The Bad Guys?

    06/11/16 - Gorbachev warns world of cult of force, says all recent conflicts could have had peaceful solution
    Problems and conflicts of the last two decades that could well be solved through peaceful political and diplomatic ways were dealt with through the use of military force. That was the case in former Yugoslavia, in Iraq, in Libya, and Syria, Gorbachev said in an address to the participants of a conference in Moscow on Friday. The event was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Reykjavik meeting between the former Soviet president and his US counterpart, Ronald Reagan, in 1986.

    Gorbachev warned that invasions have brought no real solutions to problems, and only resulted in eroding international law and establishing a cult of force. The former Soviet leader expressed deep concern about the growing militarization of politics, calling it a departure from the principles that allowed us to end the Cold War. There has been a collapse of trust in relations between the worlds leading powers that, according to the UN Charter, bear primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security, he said. The speech has been published on the official website of the Gorbachev Foundation.

    Gorbachev also said that the international community will only move farther away from the goal of creating a nuclear weapons-free world until world politics get back to normal and international relations are demilitarized. Gorbachev lamented what he called a new tendency to step away from talks, calling it the biggest mistake, while stressing that dialogue is at the heart of the solution. He insisted that regional disputes must not dominate the agenda of world leaders and prevent comprehensive dialog from taking place.

    Gorbachev said preventing nuclear war and reducing nukes should still be a priority for world leaders, while other pressing global problems include fighting terrorism, poverty and underdevelopment, as well as dealing with environmental problems. The former Soviet president thinks that, through solving these issues together, world powers could help restore trust between them. Gorbachev called on veteran politicians, civil society, scientists and all people who care to urge their leaders to return to peaceful, demilitarized relations. - Gorbachev warns world of cult of force, says all recent conflicts could have had peaceful solution

    06/11/16 - Barbat - The Overlooked Source of Unlimited Electrical Energy
    KeelyNet Low Mass Electrons (LMEs) produce greater inductive energy output than their kinetic energy input, and most conduction electrons of semiconductors and superconductors possess this subnormal mass. Physicists prefer to assume an unforgivable reversal of entropy (which violates a Law of Physics) so they can claim that this extra energy comes from lattice vibrations. With the lattice vibration excuse, the less-than-normal mass of these special conduction electrons can be treated as imaginary, so it is referred to as effective mass, meaning it looks like a lower mass.

    Because LMEs accelerate faster than normal electrons, they radiate extra energy from any acceleration they receive. Larmor (1) showed that photon energy radiates from a moving charge in proportion to the square of its acceleration. Superconductors, with an electron mass 1/10,000 that of normal electrons (2) are accelerated 10,000 times faster than normal, so the centripetal acceleration of a supercurrent around a closed superconducting coil gives off a calculated 10,000 X 10,000 = 100,000,000 times more energy (acceleration squared) than is used to charge up the supercurrent .

    This calculation accurately predicts the magnitude of the energy magnification obtained in an astounding experiment at Princeton University (3). A supercurrent that took about 4 hours to charge up was projected by computer to take 130,000 years to decline exponentially from a calculated 46 amps to 16 amps. As expected, this discharge is about 100,000,000 times longer than the charging time. Left to discharge completely without any other energy needed to sustain cryogenic temperatures (as in outer space), the supercurrent would radiate a calculated 2.8 billion joules from a 4-hour charging.

    Levitronics recognizes this as newly created energy, not energy from lattice vibrations. The Berlin Physical Society had rejected the 18th-century law of conservation of energy (4) as metaphysics when it was misapplied to inductive and magnetic energy. But two important principles had been clearly described and then violated by that author, Hermann Helmholtz:

    If a resulting force is not not directly opposed to its causative force, then force can be gained ad infinitum under proper conditions (p. 12 of translation);

    When more force is produced in one direction than another, a portion of that force can be used to sustain the original force and the remainder can be put to useful purposes perpetually (p. 7 of translation). An unlimited source of cheap electric energy can be developed by these established principles, but mankind has been kept in the Dark Ages by later scientists who were not familiar with the whole treatise. A careful reading of Helmholtz's paper shows he mistakenly included inductive and magnetic energy with faulty assumptions and a disregard for works by Ampere and Faraday.

    This overlooked energy source can be harnessed by knowing that inductive energy is not conveyed by magnetic lines of force but by directional photon energy, as in radio broadcasting and receiving. If the Princeton experiment had produced an oscillating output, it could have been transformed directly into electric power, as in a common transformer. The practical conversion of oscillating LME energy had been discovered serendipitously nearly a century ago, but no one could explain why it worked before Levitronics.

    German engineer, E.Leimer (5), discovered that he could magnify the energy of an oscillating electric current in his crystal radio receiver by ionizing LMEs in a cupric oxide coating on wire with alpha radiation from radium. By feeding back a portion of the magnified electrical output from that experiment, a Seattle youth produced a continuous oscilllating electric current in a small fuelless generating device with no moving parts that lit a 20-watt light bulb in 1919 (6). A Physics Professor from Seattle College confirmed that this was not a hoax or a storage device, but he did not know why it worked (7).

    The generator had certain flat wire coils that could be insulated only with enamel, which would have allowed alpha radiation to pass through. The central coil acted as a sending antenna, the flat-wire windings of the surrounding eight coils were irradiated to magnify the inductive energy as in Leimers receiving antenna, and the coils nested inside the wide-wire coils acted as a secondary of a transformer to convert the magnified oscillating electric energy into an output of more energy than the input.

    In 1920 by an astounding continuous electrical power output from a 1.0 cubic foot fuelless generator ran a 35-hp electric motor boat at 8-10 knots. The event was reliably witnessed, photographed, and published in a respected newspaper (8).The generator output meaured 330 amps at 125 volts (25 kWe), enough current to overheat the wires and cause shut-downs for cooling. The boat demonstration lasted several hours and created a sensation (9). In comparison the 300 kg of lithium ion cells in the the $57,000 Tesla Model-S auto would have run down in only 100 minutes.

    The Seattle Post Intelligencer (10) editorialized: "The energy produced could have driven an automobile at moderate speed; it could have illuminated an office building; furnished heat and light for a large residence, or it could have heated seven two-room apartments. And so far as anybody could see the energy came from the air, or the earth.

    "The possibility that the current came from storage batteries or from an existing power circuit appeared to be out of the question, since the observers prudently looked into that phase of the matter. There were no hidden wires or any indication that the energy came from a source other than the Hubbard coil."

    Due to high cost and scarcity of radium, the generator technology was abandoned in 1922 . Ten milligrams of radium cost more than a new automobile in the 1920s, and the world's entire 250 gram supply of radium would have supplied only a fraction of a year's auto production.

    Barbat discussion - Cupric oxide seems to be the key to harvesting this energy.

    Which in a way correlates with Home Nuclear Battery - power for 70 years - I recently came across a patent with the most remarkable claim. It is GB 763062A - A new apparatus for producing electric current - December 5th, 1956 - describing a low weight, compact nuclear battery which produces 10 amps at 100-110 volts for up to 70 years and requires appropriate shielding. This device produces 1000 watts and an average home requires between 5-10,000 watts so this device could be scaled up for home power. As well for electric cars which require some 30kw to 100kw to drive the electric motor. - Barbat - The Overlooked Source of Unlimited Electrical Energy

    06/11/16 - Dr Wilhelm Reich vs FDA!
    ONE OF THE BEST CINEMATIC FILM DOCUMENTARIES IVE EVER SEEN! The Life's work of the legendary martyr, Dr Wilhelm Reich! - Dr Wilhelm Reich vs FDA!

    06/11/16 - What Happens When the American Southwest Runs Out of Water?
    KeelyNet No more Arizona Navy! There is less of Lake Mead than there ever has been before, which is a problem because Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States. Created by the construction of Hoover Dam, a big government project of the past, Lake Mead provides drinking water to four states, including California.

    In California, it supplies water to Los Angeles, a fairly good-sized port city on the Pacific coast. There is now only 37 percent of Lake Mead left. We are entering the age of Thirsty Math.

    This is the result of the fact that drought conditions in the region are now over a decade old. It also is the result of the strains placed on the Colorado River by the same conditions. Brad Udall, a scientist and a member of the sprawling Udall family that also includes a former Secretary of the Interior (Stewart) and the man who gave us the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (his father, Congressman Mo), has been tracking the increasingly critical situation. He told The Desert Sun that it is only being exacerbated by the Great Climate Change Hoax.

    "This problem is not going away and it is likely to get worse, perhaps far worse, as climate change unfolds," said Brad Udall, a senior water and climate research scientist at Colorado State University. "Unprecedented high temperatures in the basin are causing the flow of the river to decline. The good news is that we have time and the smarts to manage this, if all the states work together." He said that will require "making intelligent but difficult changes to how we have managed the river in the past." The Udalls always were an optimistic bunch.

    So, what can happen if water gets scarce? Well, let's ask our old friend Clio, Muse of History, also known by her Marvel superhero name The Proclaimer (!), before she finds out where we hid all the Klonopin. She rises from the couch long enough to point us toward a fascinating bit of history as detailed by the Department of the Interior. In 1934, when California built the Parker Dam, diverting the Colorado in apparent contravention of the Colorado River Compact, Arizonawhich never signed the compact in the first placewent to guns over it.

    From Arizona called the state National Guard and militia units to the California border to protest the construction of Parker Dam and California's diversions from the Colorado River. For a few days, the "Arizona Navy" patrolled the river in commandeered ferry boatsthe Nellie T and Julia B. Fortunately, the dispute was ultimately settled in court.

    (The Arizona Navy was not especially river-worthy. The ferries got snagged on various natural obstacles and construction workers from enemy California had to help free them.) The long-term prognostications are just uncertain enough to be terrifying. The American Southwestand the Los Angeles area in particularare natural deserts. Only the miracle of engineering has made them habitable. Quite simply, we created human space in a place that, left to its own devices, would have been suitable only by cactus and lizards. Often when we think we've conquered nature, we find we've only held it to a tenuous draw. - What Happens When the American Southwest Runs Out of Water?

    06/11/16 - Gadolinium Magnetic Generator, the demise of fossil fuel - US20150295469A1
    KeelyNet Magnetic gadolinium propulsion generator - Abstract - An electrical generator is provided. The electrical generator may include a shaft and a rotor. The rotor may be connected to the shaft and may rotate about the axis of the shaft. The present invention may further include a plurality of magnetic blocks and a plurality of attractant blocks. The plurality of attractant blocks may include a first set and a second set in an alternating arrangement. The attractant blocks may include gadolinium. Therefore, a temperature regulator may heat and cool the attractant blocks in order to rotate the rotor and produce energy.

    The present invention includes a magnetic gadolinium propulsion generator that generates mechanical and in turn electrical energy. The present invention utilizes magnets and gadolinium metal. The present invention may further include a fluid such as water, refrigerant or gas at different temperatures to create mechanical energy and electricity by using Gadolinium Gd 64 metal or Gadolinium alloy characteristics. The present invention facilitates an inexpensive method of generating electricity.

    0021 - By using different temperatures to change the gadolinium affect on a magnet one can create mechanical energy that can produce electricity just by having a cold and warm source of fluid like water or gas. One can use the present invention to drive most things that need mechanical or electrical energy. The present invention can be use in a large scale such as a power plant and can be used in a small scale such as a house or a building complex.

    Inventor comments; - I will remind you that this prototype is very basic ,and the point of it is to demonstrate the use of Gadolinium metal . this prototype has only one magnet imaging using more magnets. The most important is, torque and not RPM . So the bigger the is scale and more magnets and elements we use, we can achieve greater torque. Some of the generators at Hoover Dam near las vegas use 40 pole rotors.

    Therefore , the rotor speed is 180 rpm or three revolutions per second, yet the electrical frequency is 60 HZ. One can actually see the shaft turning at this relatively slow speed. The point is that slower speed in a large setting ,will increase the torque dramatically because it will give more time for the Gadolinium to absorb and release heat and act as a switch.

    We can construct a platform on the surface of the ocean to pump cold water from around 100 meter below which the water temperature is well below 68 f ,and use it to cool the Gadolinium . The warm water above 68 f ,will be provided from the surface of the ocean aided with the power of the sun .

    This is in my opinion the best way to generate electricity using the abandoned of nature, Safe, Renewable And almost free .Best of Luck to humanity .....? - Gadolinium Magnetic Generator, the demise of fossil fuel - US20150295469A1

    06/11/16 - $10 Trump Voodoo Dolls top seller in Washington
    KeelyNet irst, it was a "prayer circle" with a group of Wiccans in support of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) in Portland, Oregon. Now, it's a Donald Trump "voodoo prayer" doll being manufactured in neighboring Washington State. The fringes of the political and cultural Left are turning up the absurdity in 2016.

    According to a report in the Kitsap Sun, a Seattle gift shop chain has begun selling the voodoo dolls, which retail for about $10 each. They are manufactured by Sally Noedell, a Bainbridge Island woman, who says she's now having trouble keeping up with demand for her "Trumpy" dolls.

    In addition to selling the dolls through the Seattle-area Fireworks stores, she self-markets them on the website. Although she markets them as a "gag" gift, the packaging, according to the website, includes "six spells and seven pins," and users are encouraged to "just pop open the package, pull out a pin, and make Trump jump whenever you hear a cringeworthy Trump quote or news story."

    "What will it take to slow The Donald down? Don't just sit there, do your part with a Trumpy Voodoo Doll," the website states. "Pins for each day of the week in each pack, in rainbow colors. Magical spells included ... Head is stuffed with fiberfill, just like the real Donald."

    Originally, Noedell did all the work herself, but has since had to outsource some of the work to an Arizona company. She said that if the demand keeps up through the November election, she could become quite rich. "I think this will continue at least to the (Republican) convention in July and probably on to November," she told the local newspaper. "If Donald Trump becomes president, that'd really boost sales. I might become a millionaire." - $10 Trump Voodoo Dolls top seller in Washington

    06/11/16 - Hacking Democracy - voting machine fails
    This is the hack that proved America's elections can be stolen using a few lines of computer code. When you can't control the Politicians or the voters, then you control the counting! Go back to paper votes and we will have a President that was voted in! P.S. This movie is called "Hacking Democracy" because voting is a democratic process. They makers are aware that the U.S. was founded as a Constitutional Republic. (first video is a quickie, click link for 2nd which is the full documentary) - Hacking Democracy - voting machine fails

    06/11/16 - "Diverging Diamond" Intersection Design Cuts Crashes by Sixty Percent

    06/11/16 - Free Energy Generator 100% Self Running, From Pakistan KPK

    06/11/16 - A levitating solar motor

    06/11/16 - Flywheel AG Energies India Pvt Ltd Live Demo

    06/11/16 - Eco-Cooler: The Zero Electricity Air Cooler for under $5

    06/11/16 - Little Boy Sneaks Into Neighbor's Garage to Hug Their Dog

    06/11/16 - Adorable Owl Cant Stop Hugging The Man Who Rescued Her

    06/11/16 - Anti Gravity Viktor Grebennikov

    06/11/16 - Electric water gun to control rioters

    06/11/16 - Feds Preparing for Massive Natural Disaster in Pacific Northwest

    06/11/16 - Cloud-seeding surprise could improve climate predictions

    06/11/16 - Hybrid hydrostatic transmission enables robots with human-like grace and precision

    06/11/16 - Swiss voters to decide on $2500/mo unconditional basic income initiative

    06/11/16 - Alzheimer's disease: Could a leaky blood-brain barrier be involved?

    06/11/16 - 2,000-year-old Book Of Giants Describes how the Nephilim were destroyed

    06/11/16 - Discovered ancient rocket engine in India!

    06/11/16 - Whining muslim traitor Obama Apologizes for Hiroshima

    06/11/16 - The Ring Of The Nibelungs

    06/11/16 - There Is Platinum in the Dirt on the Side of the Road

    06/11/16 - Voltage Synthesizer building block

    06/11/16 - Trey Gowdy's Explosive Question About Obama Refusing to Obey the Law

    06/11/16 - Obama breaks with Saudi Arabia


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    KeelyNet BBS Files w/bonus PDF of 'Keely and his Discoveries'
    KeelyNet Finally, I've gotten around to compiling all the files (almost 1,000 - about 20MB and lots of work doing it) from the original KeelyNet BBS into a form you can easily navigate and read using your browser, ideally Firefox but it does work with IE. Most of these files are extremely targeted, interesting and informative, I had forgotten just how much but now you can have the complete organized, categorized set, not just sprinklings from around the web. They will keep you reading for weeks if not longer and give you clues and insights into many subjects and new ideas for investigation and research. IN ADDITION, I am including as a bonus gift, the book (in PDF form) that started it all for me, 'Keely and his Discoveries - Aerial Navigation' which includes the analysis of Keely's discoveries by Dr. Daniel G. Brinton. This 407 page eBook alone is worth the price of the KeelyNet BBS CD but it will give you some degree of understanding about what all Keely accomplished which is just now being rediscovered, but of course, without recognizing Keely as the original discoverer. Chapters include; Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows, Vibratory Physics, Latent Force in Interstitial Spaces and much more. To give some idea of how Keely's discoveries are being slowly rediscovered in modern times, check out this Keely History. These two excellent bodies of information will be sent to you on CD. If alternative science intrigues and fascinates you, this CD is what you've been looking for... - More Info

    'The Evolution of Matter' and 'The Evolution of Forces' on CD
    KeelyNet Years ago, I had been told by several people, that the US government frequently removes books they deem dangerous or 'sensitive' from libraries. Some are replaced with sections removed or rewritten so as to 'contain' information that should not be available to the public despite the authors intent. A key example was during the Manhattan Project when the US was trying to finalize research into atomic bombs. They removed any books that dealt with the subject and two of them were by Dr. Gustave Le Bon since they dealt with both energy and matter including radioactivity. I had been looking for these two books for many years and fortunately stumbled across two copies for which I paid about $40.00 each. I couldn't put down the books once I started reading them. Such a wealth of original discoveries, many not known or remembered today. / Page 88 - Without the ether there could be neither gravity, nor light, nor electricity, nor heat, nor anything, in a word, of which we have knowledge. The universe would be silent and dead, or would reveal itself in a form which we cannot even foresee. If one could construct a glass chamber from which the ether were to be entirely eliminated, heat and light could not pass through it. It would be absolutely dark, and probably gravitation would no longer act on the bodies within it. They would then have lost their weight. / Page 96-97 - A material vortex may be formed by any fluid, liquid or gaseous, turning round an axis, and by the fact of its rotation it describes spirals. The study of these vortices has been the object of important researches by different scholars, notably by Bjerkness and Weyher. They have shown that by them can be produced all the attractions and repulsions recognized in electricity, the deviations of the magnetic needle by currents, etc. These vortices are produced by the rapid rotation of a central rod furnished with pallets, or, more simply, of a sphere. Round this sphere gaseous currents are established, dissymetrical with regard to its equatorial plane, and the result is the attraction or repulsion of bodies brought near to it, according to the position given to them. It is even possible, as Weyher has proved, to compel these bodies to turn round the sphere as do the satellites of a planet without touching it. / Page 149 - "The problem of sending a pencil of parallel Hertzian waves to a distance possesses more than a theoretical interest. It is allowable to say that its solution would change the course of our civilization by rendering war impossible. The first physicist who realizes this discovery will be able to avail himself of the presence of an enemy's ironclads gathered together in a harbour to blow them up in a few minutes, from a distance of several kilometres, simply by directing on them a sheaf of electric radiations. On reaching the metal wires with which these vessels are nowadays honeycombed, this will excite an atmosphere of sparks which will at once explode the shells and torpedoes stored in their holds. With the same reflector, giving a pencil of parallel radiations, it would not be much more difficult to cause the explosion of the stores of powder and shells contained in a fortress, or in the artillery sparks of an army corps, and finally the metal cartridges of the soldiers. Science, which at first rendered wars so deadly, would then at length have rendered them impossible, and the relations between nations would have to be established on new bases." - More Info

    High Voltage & Free Energy Devices Handbook
    KeelyNet This wonderfully informative ebook provides many simple experiments you can do, including hydrogen generation and electrostatic repulsion as well as the keys to EV Gray's Fuelless Engine. One of the most comprehensive compilations of information yet detailing the effects of high voltage repulsion as a driving force. Ed Gray's engine produced in excess of 300HP and he claimed to be able to 'split the positive' energy of electricity to produce a self-running motor/generator for use as an engine. Schematics and tons of photos of the original machines and more! Excellent gift for your technical friends or for that budding scientist! If you are an experimenter or know someone who investigates such matters, this would make an excellent addition to your library or as an unforgettable gift. The downloadable HVFE eBook pdf file is almost 11MB in size and contains many experiments, photos, diagrams and technical details. Buy a copy and learn all about hydrogen generation, its uses and how to produce electrostatic repulsion. - 121 pages - More Info

    Hypnosis CD - 3 eBooks with How To Techniques and Many Cases
    KeelyNet If you have a few minutes, you might want to read my page on hypnosis and all the amazing things associated with its application. Included is an experience I had when I hypnotized a neighbor kid when I was about 14. As well the hypnotic gaze of snakes, the discovery of 'eyebeams' which can be detected electronically, the Italian Hypnotist Robber who was caught on tape with his eyes glowing as cashiers handed over their money and remembered nothing, glamour and clouding the mind of others, several methods of trance induction and many odd cases, animal catatonia, healing, psychic phenomena, party/stage stunts, including my favorite of negative hallucination where you make your subject NOT see something...much more...if nothing else, its might be a hoot to read. - More Info

    14 Ways to Save Money on Fuel Costs
    KeelyNetThis eBook is the result of years of research into various methods to increase mileage, reduce pollution and most importantly, reduce overall fuel costs. It starts out with the simplest methods and offers progressively more detailed technologies that have been shown to reduce fuel costs. As a bonus to readers, I have salted the pages with free interesting BONUS items that correlate to the relevant page. Just filling up with one tank of gas using this or other methods explained here will pay for this eBook. Of course, many more methods are out there but I provided only the ones which I think are practical and can be studied by the average person who is looking for a way to immediately reduce their fuel costs. I am currently using two of the easier methods in my own vehicle which normally gets 18-22 mpg and now gets between 28 and 32 mpg depending on driving conditions. A tank of gas for my 1996 Ford Ranger costs about $45.00 here so I am saving around $15-$20 PER TANK, without hurting my engine and with 'greener' emissions due to a cleaner burn! The techniques provided in this ebook begin with simple things you can do NOW to improve your mileage and lower your gas costs. - eBook Download / More Info

    The Physics of the Primary State of Matter
    KeelyNet The Physics of the Primary State of Matter - published in the 1930s, Karl Schappeller described his Prime Mover, a 10-inch steel sphere with quarter-inch copper tubing coils. These were filled with a material not named specifically, but which is said to have hardened under the influence of direct current and a magnetic field [electro-rheological fluid]. With such polarization, it might be guessed to act like a dielectric capacitor and as a diode... - More Info

    $5 Alt Science MP3s to listen while working/driving/jogging
    KeelyNetNo time to sit back and watch videos? Here are 15 interesting presentations you can download for just $5 each and listen to while driving, working, jogging, etc. An easy way to learn some fascinating new things that you will find of use. Easy, cheap and simple, better than eBooks or Videos. Roughly 50MB per MP3. - More Info

    15 New Alternative Science DVDs & 15 MP3s
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    Guidelines for Alternative Science

    Alternative science covers a wide range of interests. Generally, it includes gravity control, free energy, electronic healing techniques, all forms of energy conversion, antigravity, levitation, overunity, time travel (as well as slowing down or speeding up local time).

    Also clearly covered is the art of power generation (ideally zero point or aether conversion), space travel, physics of matter and energy, sound/acoustics and how it can be used to produce useful phenomena, electric or magnetic forces to produce useful phenomena, various types of motors, vacuum energy, dimensional travel and shifts, medicine, hydrogen generation and how it is used.

    It also covers oil/petroleum and how it can be used to produce energy and products, weather control for cancelling earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods and to produce rain or clear weather on demand, oxygen/ozone therapy, nitrogen as a motor driver, water generation and manipulation via steam and vacuum, ecological restoration techniques, biophysics, rejuvenation and an unending list of other subjects, most of which are accepted by 'orthodox' science.

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