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    Beware scams out there claiming free energy or incredible energy savings.
    Before you buy any of their useless garbage,
    check out the main culprits as identified at;

    Energy Saving Scams - Updated 04/27/11
    Current big scam - Tesla Secret Power Device Plans
    which is a clone of the Magniworks scam, so Caveat Emptor!


    June 2012 Archive

    06/29/12 - Urban farming uses aquaponics to make farmland
    [Eric Maundu] is farming in Oakland. There are no open fields in this concrete jungle, and even if there were the soil in his part of town is contaminated and not a suitable place in which to grow food.

    But hes not using farming methods of old. In fact farmers of a century ago wouldnt recognize anything hes doing. His technique uses fish, circulated water, and gravel to grow vegetables in whatever space he can find; a farming method called aquaponics.

    The video after the break gives an excellent look at his farm. The two main parts of the system are a large water trough where fish live, and a raised bed of gravel where the fish waste in the water is filtered out and composted by bacteria to becomes food for the vegetables.

    More parts can be added into the mix. For instance, once the water has been filtered by the stone bed it can be gravity fed into another vessel which is being used to grow lettuce suspended by floating foam board. But the water always ends up back in the fish trough where it can be reused. This ends up saving anywhere from 90-98% of the water used in normal farming.

    But [Eric] is also interested in adding some automation. About seven minutes into the video we get a look at the control systems hes working on with the help of Arduino and other hardware. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/29/12 - An Etsy for electronics
    A few months ago we caught wind of Tindie, a site that gives builders, tinkerers, makers, and hackers a place to sell their projects. Well, Tindie has gone live and it looks to be cooler than we expected.

    Already there are some pretty awesome projects available on Tindie such as a truly awesome MIDI keyboard, an Arduino synthesizer, and even a robot that plays Angry Birds.

    In addition to giving makers a place to sell their wares, Tindie also offers a place to post want ads. If you have an idea for a project but dont have the skills or tools to pull it off, Tindie is just the place for you. Any builder is free to make a bid for jobs that include a sonic screwdriver TV-b-gone or a Pip boy

    Hopefully, Tindie will pick up some steam and fill the role of a much geekier Etsy. For now, though, we eagerly await the eventual Tindie/regretsy mashup showcasing perpetual motion machines and alien overlord detectors. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/29/12 - Oxygen Microparticle Injections keep Rabbits alive
    KeelyNet "Rabbits with blocked windpipes have been kept alive for up to 15 minutes without a single breath, after researchers injected oxygen-filled microparticles into the animals' blood.

    Oxygenating the blood by bypassing the lungs in this way could save the lives of people with impaired breathing or obstructed airways (abstract).

    In the past, doctors have tried to treat low levels of oxygen in the blood, or hypoxaemia, and related conditions such as cyanosis, by injecting free oxygen gas directly into the bloodstream. But oxygen injected in this way can accumulate into larger bubbles and form potentially lethal blockages."

    In the late nineteenth century, for example, US doctor John Harvey Kellogg experimented with oxygen enemas an idea that has been revived in recent decades in the form of bowel infusers2, says Mervyn Singer, an intensive-care specialist at University College London.

    But these methods can be dangerous, because the free oxygen gas can accumulate into larger bubbles and form potentially lethal blockages called pulmonary embolisms.

    Injecting oxygen in liquid form would avoid this, but the procedure would have to be done at dangerously low temperatures. The microcapsules used by Kheir and his team get the best of both worlds: they consist of single-layer spherical shells of biological molecules called lipids, each surrounding a small bubble of oxygen gas. The gaseous oxygen is thus encapsulated and suspended in a liquid emulsion, so can't form larger bubbles.

    The particles are injected directly into the bloodstream, where they mingle with circulating red blood cells. The oxygen diffuses into the cells within seconds of contact, says Kheir.

    By the time the microparticles get to the lungs, the vast majority of the oxygen has been transferred to the red blood cells, he says. This distinguishes these microcapsules from the various forms of artificial blood currently in use, which can carry oxygen around the body, but must still receive it from the lungs. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/29/12 - Army Creates a Directed Lightning Bolt Weapon
    KeelyNet "Army researchers at Picatinny Labs in New Jersey have developed a prototype weapon which uses a directed lightning bolt to destroy vehicles and unexploded ordinance.

    The weapon works on the premise that 'A target, an enemy vehicle or even some types of unexploded ordnance, would be a better conductor than the ground it sits on.' Are we one step closer to C&C:Red Alert Tesla coils?"

    "We never got tired of the lightning bolts zapping our simulated (targets)," said George Fischer, lead scientist on the project.

    The Laser-Induced Plasma Channel, or LIPC, is designed to take out targets that conduct electricity better than the air or ground that surrounds them. How did the scientists harness the seemingly random path made by lightning bolts and how does a laser help? To understand how the technology, it helps to get a brief background on physics.

    "Light travels more slowly in gases and solids than it does in a vacuum," explained Fischer. "We typically think of the speed of light in each material as constant. There is, however, a very small additional intensity-dependent factor to its speed. In air, this factor is positive, so light slows down by a tiny fraction when the light is more intense."

    "If a laser puts out a pulse with modest energy, but the time is incredibly tiny, the power can be huge," Fischer continued. "During the duration of the laser pulse, it can be putting out more power than a large city needs, but the pulse only lasts for two-trillionths of a second."

    Why is this important?

    "For very powerful and high intensity laser pulses, the air can act like a lens, keeping the light in a small-diameter filament," said Fischer. "We use an ultra-short-pulse laser of modest energy to make a laser beam so intense that it focuses on itself in air and stays focused in a filament."

    To put the energy output in perspective, a big filament light bulb uses 100 watts. The optical amplifier output is 50 billion watts of optical power, Fischer said.

    "If a laser beam is intense enough, its electro-magnetic field is strong enough to rip electrons off of air molecules, creating plasma," said Fischer. "This plasma is located along the path of the laser beam, so we can direct it wherever we want by moving a mirror."

    "Air is composed of neutral molecules and is an insulator," Fischer said. When lightning from a thunderstorm leaps from cloud to ground, it behaves just as any other sources of electrical energy and follows the path of least resistance.

    "The plasma channel conducts electricity way better than un-ionized air, so if we set up the laser so that the filament comes near a high voltage source, the electrical energy will travel down the filament," Fischer elaborated.

    A target, an enemy vehicle or even some types of unexploded ordnance, would be a better conductor than the ground it sits on. Since the voltage drop across the target would be the same as the voltage drop across the same distance of ground, current flows through the target. In the case of unexploded ordnance, it would detonate, explained Fischer.

    Even though the physics behind the project is sound, the technical challenges were many, Fischer recalled.

    "If the light focuses in air, there is certainly the danger that it will focus in a glass lens, or in other parts of the laser amplifier system, destroying it," Fischer said. "We needed to lower the intensity in the optical amplifier and keep it low until we wanted the light to self-focus in air.

    Other challenges included synchronizing the laser with the high voltage, ruggedizing the device to survive under the extreme environmental conditions of an operational environment, and powering the system for extended periods of time.

    "There are a number of high-tech components that need to run continuously," said Fischer.

    But despite the challenges, the project has made notable progress in recent months.

    "Definitely our last week of testing in January 2012 was a highlight," said Tom Shadis, project officer on the program. "We had a well thought-out test plan and our ARDEC and contractor team worked together tirelessly and efficiently over long hours to work through the entire plan. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/29/12 - Researchers Spray-Paint Batteries Onto Almost Any Surface
    "Rice University researchers have created a type of lithium-ion battery that can be spray-painted onto most surfaces.

    'Their batteries, outlined in Scientific Reports (abstract), are made up of five separate layers, each with its own recipe together measuring just 0.5mm thick. To demonstrate the technique, the team painted batteries onto steel, glass, ceramic tile and even a beer stein.' What do you think this will do for future form-factors? Maybe a form-fitting PipBoy-style device that doesn't weigh 30lbs?" - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/29/12 - Space Tourist Trips To the Moon on Recycled Spaceships - Article Excerpt

    06/29/12 - Bullied Bus Monitor, Meets Toronto Man Behind The Donations - Article Excerpt

    06/29/12 - INVISIBLE soldier caught on video - Article Excerpt

    06/29/12 - Electric shock to the brain 'could stop people from binge eating' - Article Excerpt

    06/29/12 - Baltic 'UFO' quenches electric devices - Article Excerpt

    06/29/12 - Are Some UFOs Living Space Beings? - Article Excerpt

    06/29/12 - Dialectical Materialism vs. "The New Physics" - Article Excerpt

    06/29/12 - Test can spot Arthritis before any Symptoms Appear - Article Excerpt

    06/29/12 - Remove blinders, the USA is NOT the Greatest Country, but it Could BE
    KeelyNet Opening speech on HBO's "the Newsroom".

    Great non-canned response to a perfectly misunderstood question. This show just aired it's first episode on HBO. Check it out.

    Also, this is my first upload, and considering "legal", we'll see how long it remains. But, the content is so good, to me, that it's worth the try.

    Commenter : It's not, but it can be! How great is that. This Country needs to unite as one and quit pointing fingers at each other.

    The true ploy is to keep the herd entertained with sports? or a reality TV show thus not focusing on a common goal of being the best we can all be.

    It sickens me the amount of people in this the United States that feel they deserve.

    Best way to lose weight (exercise, watch what you eat)...

    Best way to be successful (pay attention & work hard)... (Thanks to Ken for this excellent link. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink


    06/26/12 - Cyanide-Producing GM Grass Linked To Texas Cattle Deaths
    KeelyNet "Scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture are trying to determine if an unexpected mutation in a popular GM grass, Tifton 85, is responsible for the sudden deaths of a small herd of cattle in Elgin, Texas three weeks ago.

    The grass has been used for grazing since 1992 without incident, however after a severe drought last year in Texas, the grass started producing cyanide in sufficient quantities to kill a small herd of cattle in Elgin, Texas.

    Testing has found the cyanide-producing grass in nearby fields as well."

    Update: 06/23 22:59 GMT by T : Reader Jon Cousins writes with a correction that means the headline above is inaccurate for including "GM." Tifton 85, he writes, is "absolutely not genetically modified. It's a conventionally bred hybrid."

    Grass linked to Texas cattle deaths - The cows dropped dead several weeks ago on an 80-acre ranch owned by Jerry Abel in Elgin, just east of Austin.

    Abel says he's been using the fields for cattle grazing and hay for 15 years. "A lot of leaf, it's good grass, tested high for protein - it should have been perfect," he told KEYE correspondent Lisa Leigh Kelly.

    The grass is a hybrid form of Bermuda known as Tifton 85 which has been growing here for 15 years, feeding Abel's 18 head of Corriente cattle. Corriente are used for team roping because of their small size and horns.

    "When we opened that gate to that fresh grass, they were all very anxious to get to that," said Abel.

    Three weeks ago, the cattle had just been turned out to enjoy the fresh grass, when something went terribly wrong.

    "When our trainer first heard the bellowing, he thought our pregnant heifer may be having a calf or something," said Abel. "But when he got down here, virtually all of the steers and heifers were on the ground. Some were already dead, and the others were already in convulsions."

    Within hours, 15 of the 18 cattle were dead.

    "That was very traumatic to see, because there was nothing you could do, obviously, they were dying," said Abel.

    Preliminary tests revealed the Tifton 85 grass, which has been here for years, had suddenly started producing cyanide gas, poisoning the cattle.

    "Coming off the drought that we had the last two years ... we're concerned it was a combination of events that led us to this," Dr. Gary Warner, an Elgin veterinarian and cattle specialist who conducted the 15 necropsies, told Kelly.

    What is more worrisome: Other farmers have tested their Tifton 85 grass, and several in Bastrop County have found their fields are also toxic with cyanide. However, no other cattle have died.

    Scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture are dissecting the grass to determine if there might have been some strange, unexpected mutation. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/26/12 - Straw Home Offers Roadmap For Ditching The Heating Bill
    In an interview with CNNMoney, the professional musician described how he and his wife Lisa decided to build a house out of straw, with motivations including the ability to avoid large utility bills and have a large living space. Lawson's classical group, the Sacramento Baroque Soloists, describes the home as a "passive-solar straw-bale house" on its website.

    Nearly everything about the house is designed to collect heat and conserve energy. Even the windows are placed facing south so that they can collect winter heat. But the Lawsons aren't the first to build a custom home engineered to conserve heat.

    The Shangri-La Dome Home in Aguilar, Colorado features an extremely efficient fireplace that can heat the entire house to nearly 70 degrees, regardless of temperature, according to CNBC. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/26/12 - Shanghai World Expo Closing Ceremony Concert
    A study in levitation, orchestration and sheer techno/artistic beauty. What are these girls sitting on? I particularly love the flyers towards the end.

    In the comments, the suggestion is one foot of each girl snaps into a holder (watch at 01:05) on the floor which attaches to a flexible arm inside their pants.

    Much like Michael Jacksons patent for a floor latch into which he hooks his shoe that allows him to lean forward or backward at an incredible angle.

    Using such a foot lock, in conjunction with a hidden, under-the-clothing support beam like the levitating yogi's used, we can see how this trick works. The support beam probably could flex partially to let them walk and bend slightly. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/26/12 - Sandia's Floating, Dust-Free, Spinning Heatsink
    "Sandia Research Laboratory believes it has come up with a much more efficient solution than heatsink-fan cooling a CPU that simply combines the heatsink and fan components into a single unit. What you effectively get is a spinning heatsink. The new design is called the Sandia Cooler.

    It spins at just 2,000 RPM and sits a thousandth of an inch above the processor. Sandia claim this setup is extremely efficient at drawing heat away from the chip, in the order of 30x more efficient than your typical heatsink-fan setup. The Sandia Cooler works by using a hydrodynamic air bearing.

    What that means is when it spins up the cooler actually becomes self supporting and floats above the chip (hence the thousandth of an inch clearance).

    Cool air is drawn down the center of the cooler and then ejected at the edges of the fins taking the heat with it. And as the whole unit spins, you aren't going to get dust build up (ever)." - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/26/12 - Should we be worried about the Chinese space effort?
    Ive been reading about Chinas space efforts, and I have to say I am uneasy by a lot of it. My first impulse, as Ive written before, is that space is open to everyone, and the more the merrier.

    Ive also been vocal about the need to avoid a "Space Race" mentality: us versus them doing something first. The problem with that is that it isnt sustainable. Once you win (or lose) youre done.

    I think its the main reason Apollo scaled so far back after even the first landing, and why we didnt continue on to build a moonbase, or at least the 2001-style orbiting space station.

    On the other hand, we also need to avoid the been-there-done-that mentality as well. For one thing, the NASA that went to the Moon is literally no longer the NASA that exists today.

    We have different rockets, different technology, and most importantly different people, both in political office as well as in the NASA engineering departments. Sure, we went to the Moon in 60s and 70s, but it is literally impossible for us to go back at the current time, and will be for many years to come. Thats worth remembering.

    It could go two ways. Either China will become an ally like modern Russia, or it could become an adversary like the former Soviet UnionBut China isnt really a threat yet, at least not enough of one that NASA would enter into another space race.

    China is showing a capability now to do things NASA cannot do: most obviously, launch humans into space. That capability may be back soon, whether through NASAs own rocket system or commercial ventures like SpaceX.

    But right now, China has far more momentum than NASA does. In the US were arguing over this or that project getting its funding cut, while we make very little progress in crewed exploration. Its worrisome.

    I want there to be peaceful cooperation in space. But I also know there are bad guys out there. We are on peaceful, but perhaps not entirely friendly, terms with China. And to me, their motives are somewhat suspect.

    Scientist and lunar exploration advocate Paul Spudis wrote an interesting article about this for Air and Space. His concerns seem more pointed than mine, but he correctly says that China must have an eye for controlling or at least protecting their access to the volume of space between the Earth and Moon.

    The consequences of this are difficult to ascertain. We have an increasingly reactionary and jingoistic Congress, for example, which for once may work in our favor. They may see the need to further fund NASA and not cede the exploration of space to another nation.

    But if they do see that, we must make sure they dont let this get out of hand and become a true race, like Apollo in the 1970s.

    Otherwise, in ten years, well be back where we are now: with a national space agency that doesnt have a long (or even medium) term goal, squabbling for dwindling funds, and an entire country thats lost the vision it once had, and so desperately needs again. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/26/12 - New Evidence Supports Cosmic Impact Theory - Article Excerpt

    06/26/12 - An apple a day may help fight obesity - Article Excerpt

    06/26/12 - ~40 Second Flight for Human Powered Chopper - Article Excerpt

    06/26/12 - Hermetus Bottle Opener and Sealer - Article Excerpt

    06/26/12 - Fires Sparked By Utah Target Shooters Prompt Evacuations - Article Excerpt

    06/26/12 - Tech Manufacturing Is a Disaster Waiting To Happen - Article Excerpt

    06/26/12 - Voice Algorithms Spot Parkinson's Disease - Article Excerpt

    06/26/12 - EPA blasted for requiring oil refiners to add hypothetical fuel - Article Excerpt

    06/26/12 - People Who Believe In Heaven Commit More Crimes - Article Excerpt

    06/26/12 - Increasing Energy with the Mexistim
    Is it possible to pump up the body energy level and help the body remove toxins with a machine that uses batteries to 'charge' a wirescreen that you place on or under your body? Many report this is what the Mexistim does for them, especially when they sleep on top of a pad or blanket placed over a large wirescreen. That's all there is to it, yet something happens with many who try it, most notably reports of increased energy and more restful sleep.

    KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
    2) Increased red cell count
    3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
    4) Increased overall energy
    5) No headaches
    6) No stomach pains or aches
    7) No muscle pains
    8) Weight loss
    9) Increase urination
    10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

    If what Lee and many of us believe, that toxins in the cells can cause a variety of illnesses and symptoms, then anything that might help the body to remove those toxins would also help the body remove the irritant and allow the body to heal itself.

    You can read more details or order your own Mexistim Here and here is the original article which describes how it came to be, how it is thought to work and shows a wiring diagram so you can build and try it for yourself.


    06/23/12 - Using Your Car to Power Your House?
    Why would you want your car to charge your house? Isnt it supposed to be the other way around--that you park your car and plug it in, so you can charge your battery and drive to work the next day?

    The idea is clever, actually: it makes the cars battery a node in your own personal mini-smart grid, sort of. And it could save you money. Its all about giving customers more power options, the two companies said in a release (via

    Electricity prices vary by demand. Wouldnt you like to store up energy during the low-cost periods, only to deploy it during the high-cost periods? If only you had... some sort of... giant battery you could use...

    Enter Leaf to Home and the EV Power Station (and your Leaf, of course).

    Or not your Leaf--yet. First, the thing is going on sale in Japan, priced at 480,000 yet (about $6,000). A government subsidy reduces the actual price by about a third, though, to roughly $4,100. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/23/12 - Israel's Solar-Powered Car
    KeelyNetThe experimental solar-powered car had a top speed of 40 mph and a top range of 50 miles.

    During MOTHER EARTH NEWS' solar tour of Israel earlier this year (1980), one of this publication's editors took the opportunity to stop by the Engineering Department at Tel Aviv University to gather some information about a solar-powered car under developed there by Professor Arye Braunstein and his research team.

    Even though the car was partially dismantled at the time of that visit, we felt sure that many of our readers might nonetheless like to learn a few of the details concerning the sun-driven runabout.

    The basic vehicle is a metal-framed, polyvinyl-bodied Citicar that weighs in (complete with batteries and solar panels) at 1,320 pounds. It runs on a two-step (24/48-volt) DC system, which is controlled by a series of microswitches and relays: At speeds up to 10 MPH, current is drawnthrough resistancefrom two banks of four-in-series six-volt batteries.

    After starting, the resistance is dropped and the car operates on 24 volts normally, and at cruising speeds (up to 40 MPH) the series-wound motor functions at 48 volts ... with all eight batteries "in line." Although initial current draws can reach 500 amps, the average pull at cruising is around 100 amperes.

    The two solar panels on the auto's hood and roof (which have a combined peak power of 400 watts with a total of 432 cells) charge the batteries at 48 volts and provide about one-third of the energy required for daily driving ... up to a maximum range of 50 miles. The remaining electric "fuel" is stored at night, using a built-in home charging unit.

    Dr. Braunstein is the first to admit that the solar Citicar is by no means perfect, but his researchers are steadily improving the vehicle and have several specific goals in mind. By using electronic controls and commutation circuits, power regeneration, permanent magnet or AC motors, and stationaryrather than "on vehicle"solar cell-arrays (the latter coupled with exchangeable sets of efficient batteries), the professor and his staff hope to increase the percentage of solar-provided energy to as high as 90% ... double the effective range of the vehicle ... and add another 10 MPH to its top speed. And since they're located in one of the sunniest regions in the world, it seems likely that they'll be able to accomplish their objectives! - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/23/12 - How We Die 1900 v. 2010


    The first thing to notice, of course, is the overall drop in the mortality rate in the past 110 years, but thats something we kind of already knew and can verify from the increased life expectancy numbers. Where life expetancy for the average American in 1900 was under 50 years for someone born in 1900, for someone born in 2010 its approaching 80, a tremendous increase due in no small part to the advances in medical science.

    KeelyNet The other thing to notice is that most of the most prevalent causes of death in 1900 were disease related, with pneumonia and tuberculosis topping the list. Today, those diseases barely appear on the chart. Pneumonia went from 202 deaths per 100,000 to just 16.2 per 100,000 and tuberculosis doesnt even appear on the chart. The same goes for Gastrointestinal Diseases and Diptheria.

    Finally, looking at the chart for 2010 we see that the top two causes of death, accounting for 757.6 per 100,000 deaths, are diseases that are related either to behavior or old age. Indeed, one would expect that in the future the number of deaths attributed to things like Alzheimers Disease are likely to increase. These are among the hardest causes of death to eradicate because, in the end, our bodies will break down. (Unless of course we fund novel research to CURE AGING and extend life to as long as we wish. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/23/12 - Prepare For Alien Invasion -- And Spend Our Way To Economic Recovery
    Economist Paul Krugman has a simple solution to America's economic woes: Prepare for an alien invasion.

    Arguing that the United States successfully ended the Great Depression with government spending, he provided an interesting idea about how to replicate that economic feat on Tuesday at the Take Back the American Dream conference in Washington, D.C.

    "If you actually look at what took us out of the Great Depression," the Princeton University professor said in an interview with Chris Hayes of MSNBC. "It was Europe's entry into World War II and the U.S. buildup that began in advance."

    "So if we could get something that could cause the government to say, Oh, never mind those budget things; lets just spend and do a bunch of stuff.' So my fake threat from space aliens is the other route, Krugman said before a laughing crowd. Ive been proposing that. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/23/12 - World's First Supercavitating Boat?


    "For decades, researchers have been trying to build boats, submarines, and torpedoes that make use of supercavitation a bubble layer around the hull that drastically reduces friction and enables super-fast travel.

    Now a company in New Hampshire called Juliet Marine Systems has built and tested such a craft, and says it is the world's fastest underwater vehicle.

    The ship, called the 'Ghost,' looks like two supercavitating torpedoes with a command module on top, and can carry 18 people plus weapons and supplies.

    The company is in talks with the U.S. Navy to build a version of the ship that can guard the fleet against swarm attacks by small boats. The question is how well it really works, and whether it can be used reliably and effectively on the high seas."

    Imagine a boat that moves through the water differently from any other boat in existence. It uses supercavitationthe creation of a gaseous bubble layer around the hull to reduce friction underwaterto reach very high speeds at relatively low fuel cost.

    Its speed and shape means it can evade detection by sonar or ship radar. It can outrun torpedoes. Its fuel efficiency means it has greater range and can run longer missions than conventional boats and helicopters.

    Now imagine that this vessel has already been built and tested. It flies through the water more or less the way it was designed tolike a high-tech torpedo, except part of the craft is above waterand it can be maneuvered like a fighter plane. Its almost as much an aircraft as it is a boat, says its inventor, Gregory Sancoff, the founder and CEO of Juliet Marine Systems, a private company in Portsmouth, NH.

    OK, so heres how it works, according to a patent filing (see diagram, below). The main compartment of the Ghost vessel, which houses the cockpit and controls, sits above the water in between two torpedo-shaped pontoons or foils, which are submerged and create all the buoyancy and propulsion for the craft.

    The angle of the struts that connect the foils to the command module is adjustableso the craft can ride high in choppy seas and at high speeds (so waves dont hit the middle part), and low in calm water and at lower speeds.

    Were basically riding on two supercavitating torpedoes. And weve put a boat on top of it, Sancoff says.

    At the front of each foil is a special propeller system that pulls the craft forward. The propellers are powered by a modified gas turbinea jet enginehoused in each foil; the air intake and exhaust ports for the engines are in the struts.

    As the ship moves through the water, the motion of the propellers creates a thin layer of bubbly water vapor that surrounds each foil from front to back, helped along by the presence of air trap fins that keep the vapor in contact with the hull (and keep liquid away from the hull). The vapor is what constitutes the supercavitation, so the foils can glide effortlessly through the bubbles.

    The key is the propulsion. You have to have a lot of power at the right location in this vessel, Sancoff says. Exactly how this is done is a trade secret. But the propulsion system, which he says generates 30 percent more thrust than any other propeller-based system, essentially boils water underwater and generates steam vapor. (I take this to mean the pressure directly behind the propeller blades is so low that the liquid water there boils off and becomes a gashence the bubbles.)

    In any case, the overall design makes the craft go fast, but Sancoff isnt making any public claims yet about exactly how fast. We dont talk about speed, how many weapons [it can carry], or how far we can go, he says. Yet its rumored speed is at least 80-100 knotsover 100 mph. Thats not going to challenge the top speedboat recordsthere have been hydroplane efforts (riding on the water surface) that have exceeded 200 mph (174 knots) and even 300 mph (261 knots), some with fatal resultsbut the Ghost is faster than any previous underwater vehicle, Sancoff says.

    Whats more, he says, the Ghost provides a much smoother ride than what Navy SEALs are used to; many of them blow out their backs from the bumpiness of their boats, he says. Our boat does not have impact from the waves. We cut through the wave, Sancoff says. That is critical science.

    To steer itself through the water and maintain stability, the Ghost uses four movable flaps on the front of each foil and four on the back of each foil, for a total of 16 flaps. (The flaps reach through the thin bubble layer into the surrounding water.) The struts are adjusted to keep the command module out of the water, and the foils stay submerged, so waves at the water surface should only hit the struts, which have a small cross-section.

    Its computer controlled, like a modern F-18, Sancoff says. Were boring what looks like two wormholes underwater, and were flying through foam. Sancoff himself has been test-driving the ship over the past couple of years. I have been learning an entirely new craft since then. Its a totally new experience, he says. Just because you drive Grandpas boat, youre not going to drive this one. Its more like a helicopter.

    As for the crafts audio profile, Sancoff is proud of its silent propulsion system that includes a sophisticated muffler system for the engines. You cant hear it from 50 feet away, he says. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/23/12 - How to blow $6 billion on a tech project - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - Diabetes epidemic brings spike in related eye disease - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - Whats the One Best Question to Predict Casual Sex? - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - The blow-up seatbelt - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - French scientists revive stem cells of dead people - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - Capitalists Who Fear Change - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - Rudimentary Liver Grown In a Dish - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - Patch Makes Certain Skin Cancers Disappear - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - New Film Renders Screen Reflection Almost Non-Existent - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - Have Your Fingerprints Read From 6 Meters Away - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - Lack of Digital Voting Will Be Democracy's Downfall - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - PayPal Starts Bug Bounty Program - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - MIT Research Amplifies Invisible Detail In Video - Article Excerpt

    06/23/12 - Directions for Election - Article Excerpt


    06/20/12 - Gardening on the Moon
    NASA scientists tried exposing various cropscorn, lettuce, tobacco ... you know, the essentialsto moon dust. The plants weren't grown in the dust, exactly. Instead, it was scattered in their pots or rubbed on some of their leaves. In this study, the plants that were exposed seemed to grow faster than unexposed plants.

    In 2010, scientists at the University of Florida published a review of all the Apollo-era research on this subject, which amounted to exactly three published studies. From that data, we can say that the plants weren't obviously affected in any seriously negative ways by their exposure to lunar soilswhich is goodbut we can't really say the plants grew better their terrestrial-only cousins, either.

    In the end, and as recorded in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, there were only three published primary studies of seeds, seedlings, and plants grown in contact with lunar materials. In those three cases, small amounts of lunar material were used, and the plants were relatively large.

    In general, the dusting of plants or the mixing of lunar fines with other support media makes plant interaction with the lunar material a small part of the plant experience. At no point were plants actually grown in lunar samples in the way that one might imagine, with the entire root structure growing through and in constant association with a lunar soil.

    It is no accident that the wording of most of the titles of the studies, as well as the careful discussion within the papers, refers to growth in contact with lunar samplesnot in lunar samples. With only a small portion of the roots, for example, interacting with the lunar materials, it is likely that plant responses to the lunar materials were, therefore, quite attenuated due to the lack of an extensive plant/lunar soil interface.

    Biophysical issues, such as root penetration of dry and variously hydrated lunar sample types, were completely unaddressed. Thus, the effects of actual growth within lunar soils were simply not a part of the plant studies of the Apollo era.

    On the other hand, in 2008 scientists with the European Space Agency tried growing marigolds in a medium of crushed rockbasically the much-cheaper equivalent of growing plants in moon "soil". There's no indication that the marigolds did better than those grown in real dirt, but they did grow and they did survive (even without any added fertilizer), which could be indirect evidence in support of the Moon gardeners of the future. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/20/12 - Robot copters that carry people but no pilots
    KeelyNet Automation is supposed to make life easier: allowing us to loll around eating doughnuts while the machine does its thing. But when the machine stops working, humans have to throw their half-eaten baked goods to one side and deal with the screw-up. And while that's one thing on a factory production line, it's another when you're 200ft in the air in a miniature helicopter.

    A cross-European project investigates the possibility of solving Europe's road congestion by putting commuters in tiny personal helicopters by circa 2050. This time, the boffins are looking at how they can use automation to make the mini-'copters safe. This is the project's brief:

    Such Personal Aerial Vehicles should be fully or partially autonomous without requiring ground-based air traffic control. Furthermore, they should operate outside controlled airspace while current air traffic remains unchanged, and should later be integrated into the next generation of controlled airspace.

    "Safety is the top concern that people have with the idea of personal helicopters," says Professor Michael Decker, whose work has largely been in robotics and automation, especially within the field of health.

    It's not hard to build something flying: It's hard to build something safe that works 200 days a year that's the minimum we would need.

    In planes and helicopters today, the autopilot functions as it does on the factory production line: it keeps things ticking over through the easy bits but as soon as a thunderstorm crops up, or the plane needs to land, the highly trained pilot takes over.

    Professor Decker and his team are attempting to reconsider how automation could work and to get a system that would be able to manage the hard bits of the driving, for example, when the wind picks up.

    The idea is that automation needs to be an option, if a thunderstorm happens... you can switch to full automatic mode. Early adopters would not accept full automation, they would want to fly and have the experience of flying.

    As the MyCopter Mission statement (PDF) says:

    ...the project will introduce new automation technologies for obstacle avoidance, path planning and formation flying, which also have excellent potential for other aerospace applications. This project is a unique integration of social investigations and technological advancements that are necessary to move public transportation into the third dimension.

    Automated driving is not just a tiny helicopter problem, it is a sticking point for travel innovation generally: and core to the problems inherent in Google's big transport idea the self-driving car.

    On the topic of self-driving cars, the stakes are a little lower you're unlikely to fall from the sky to your death (and be crushed to death by the heap of burning metal if you're not already toast) but the question of how an automated system can deal with an "upsetting/unexpected event" remains. Decker says:

    We have the same problem: how we get all the different things into the system. It's not just about the cars; it's about people walking around, motorcycling, about all these children walking around. In the air that's not a problem. That's why they are thinking about sticking GPS locators in children's school bags so that the cars know where they are.

    It is also an insurance problem if the car thinks you want to do an emergency brake but you [don't]... and something happens: was it you, was it the car?

    Don't expect the personal helicopter institute to come up with any cute models. They're thinking about how to make the robots better than us... at least at driving. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/20/12 - USB stick that deletes all the viruses
    KeelyNet Getting a virus cleaned off your computer can be a burden at the best of times.

    But now a new USB stick aims to make it far easier by giving you the same tools as the professionals - and all you have to do is plug it in.

    The FixMeStick supposedly finds the files which other anti-virus programmes miss by using powerful anti-virus software normally used by computer technicians.

    All users have to do is put it into a USB slot on their PC and it will do the rest.

    Rather than scanning it starts your machine again then interrupts Windows so that it can carry out a full check before it loads.

    Scanning takes up to a few hours depending on how big your hard drive is and quarantining any viruses takes around 45 minutes.

    The product is extremely thorough and uses three anti-virus programmes powered by Kaspersky Lab, Sophos, and GFI, three of the biggest names in computer security.

    Giving it three stars out of five, PC Mags Neil Rubenking said that it can be a bit heavy-handed, wiping out files that it shouldn't.

    He said; When its engines detect a valid file infested by malware, it can't disinfect the file back to its original status.

    All it can do is toss that file into quarantine. If this happens to an essential Windows file, you may be hosed.

    Among the other problems was that the removal failed to prevent several detected rootkits from running.

    On however reviews from members of the public were more positive and were on average five out of five.

    An S M Rivenes wrote: This is an amazing product - simple, user-friendly and works unbelievably well.

    The FixMeStick is available from its Montreal-based manufacturers via the website

    It costs $49.99 (31.86) then $29.99 (15.92) per year to renew the license. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/20/12 - Missing Matter, Parallel Universes?
    "Could mirror universes or parallel worlds account for dark matter the 'missing' matter in the Universe? In what seems to be mixing of science and science fiction, a new paper by a team of theoretical physicists hypothesizes the existence of mirror particles as a possible candidate for dark matter.

    An anomaly observed in the behavior of ordinary particles that appear to oscillate in and out of existence could be from a 'hypothetical parallel world consisting of mirror particles,' says a press release from Springer.

    'Each neutron would have the ability to transition into its invisible mirror twin, and back, oscillating from one world to the other.'"

    The oscillations between the parallel worlds could occur within a timescale of a few seconds, the team says.

    Each neutron would have the ability to transition into its invisible mirror twin, and back, oscillating from one world to the other, the authors say.

    This isnt the first time the existence of mirror matter has been suggested and has been predicted to be sensitive to the presence of magnetic field such as Earths.

    The discovery of a parallel world via oscillation and of a mirror magnetic back-ground at the Earth, striking in itself, would give crucial information on the accumulation the of dark matter in the solar system and in the Earth, due to its interaction with normal matter, with far reaching implications for physics of the sun and even for geophysics, the team writes in their paper. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/20/12 - Belief In Hell Predicts a Country's Crime Rates Better Than Other Factors
    KeelyNet "Religion is often thought of as psychological defense against bad behavior, but researchers have recently found that the effect of religion on pro-social behaviors may actually be driven by the belief in hell and supernatural punishment rather than faith in heaven and spiritual benevolence.

    In a large analysis of 26 years of data consisting of 143,197 people in 67 countries, psychologists found significantly lower crime rates in societies where many people believe in hell compared to those where more people believed in heaven."

    Religiosity shows consistent positive correlations with charity and volunteerism [2], and negative relations with lax attitudes about the justifiability of moral transgressions [3]. Moreover, experimental work has shown that religious priming increases prosocial generosity and cooperation, and decreases cheating [4][6].

    However, recent studies suggest that not all religious beliefs are equal in this respect. Though supernatural punishment is associated with increases in normative behavior, laboratory research reveals the concept of supernatural benevolence to be associated with decreases in normative behavior.

    For example, university students with stronger beliefs in in Gods punitive and angry nature tended to be the least likely to cheat on an academic task, whereas stronger beliefs in Gods comforting and forgiving nature significantly predicted higher levels of cheating [7]. These results remained robust after controlling for plausible third variable candidates.

    This pattern of results is consistent with theories highlighting the effectiveness of supernatural punishmentspecificallyat regulating moral behavior and, as a result, group cooperation [8][9], [1]. These theories argue that human punishment is a highly effective deterrent to anti-social behavior within groups, but one that faces inevitable limitations of scale.

    Human monitors cannot see all transgressions, human judgers cannot adjudicate with perfect precision, and human punishers are neither able to apprehend every transgressor, nor escape the potential dangers of retribution. Divine punishment, on the other hand, has emerged as a cultural tool to overcome a number of those limitations. Unlike humans, divine punishers can be omniscient, omnipotent, infallible, and untouchable-and therefore able to effectively deter transgressors who may for whatever reason be undeterred by earthly policing systems.

    Supernatural benevolence, however, is not theorized to be similarly effective at stabilizing cooperation within groups. Moreover, the evidence thus far suggests that though the more positive religious attributes may provide their own benefits, such as better self-esteem [10] or health coping [11], their role in encouraging moral behavior may be, at best, minimal and, at worst, negative. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/20/12 - Poisoning your body with Sodas - Article Excerpt

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    06/20/12 - Border Agency To Listen In On Travellers' Conversations - Article Excerpt

    06/20/12 - Suicide by sugar? Sweet tooth is killing us, many doctors say - Article Excerpt

    06/20/12 - Gary Johnson excluded from CNN debates - his Responses - Article Excerpt


    06/17/12 - $129 Thermoelectric BioLite CampStove
    KeelyNet Our stoves cook your meals with nothing but the twigs you collect on your journey, eliminating the need for heavy, expensive, polluting petroleum gas. Quick to light, fast to boil and easy to use.

    By converting heat from the fire into usable electricity, our stoves will recharge your phones, lights and other gadgets while you cook dinner. Unlike solar, BioLite CampStove is a true on-demand source.

    The CampStove isn't just for camping; it's great to have on hand when the power goes out in a storm or other natural disasters. You'll be able to cook and keep electronics charged while power lines are down.

    Fast to boil: 4.5 minutes to boil 1 liter of water
    Fire power output (peak): 3.4 kw (lo) 5.5 kw (hi)
    USB power output: Max continuous: 2W @5V, Peak: 4W @5V
    Compatible Devices: Powers most USB-chargeable devices including smartphones
    Fuel: Burns sticks, pine cones, pellets and other biomass
    Packed size: Height 8.25 inches, Width 5 inches
    Weight: 2 lbs 1 oz / 935 grams
    Pot weight limit: 8 lbs or 1 gallon of liquid
    Materials: Stainless steel, aluminum, plastic

    And check out the BioLite HomeStove

    Using our patent-pending technology, BioLite has created a low-cost biomass cookstove that, by converting waste heat into electricity, reduces smoke emissions by up to 95% while simultaneously providing users with the capability to charge mobile phones and LED lights. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/17/12 - Forget Edison: How History's Greatest Inventions Really Happened
    The world's most famous inventors are household names. As we all know, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone, and Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.

    Except they didn't. The ideas didn't spring, Athena-like, fully formed from their brains. In fact, they didn't spring fully formed from anybody's brains. That is the myth of the lonely inventor and the eureka moment.

    "Simultaneous invention and incremental improvement are the way innovation works, even for radical inventions," Mark A. Lemley writes in his fascinating paper The Myth of the Sole Inventor.

    Lemley's paper concentrates on the history and problems of patents. But he also chronicles the history of the 19th and 20th century's most famous inventors -- with an emphasis on how their inventions were really neither theirs, nor inventions. Here is a super-quick summary of his wonderful distillation of the last 200 years in collaborative innovation.

    At the end of this section, Lemley lists four inventors who, yeah, okay, really were alone. But the funny thing about the exceptions is that they're almost all accidents.

    (Still, it takes the one guy to have that Eureka moment! We all stand on the shoulders of giants. It is the ability to connect the pieces to produce a working device that counts and for which the discoverer deserves the title of 'inventor'. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/17/12 - Listerine a Miracle treatment for infections?
    KeelyNet For cuts, bruises, wounds, stingsall infections-LISTERINEinstantly! (Oct, 1930). Whenever the skin is broken, there is acute danger of infection. Germs of infection may reach the wound from other parts of the skin surface or the air may transmit them.

    Whenever there is an accident such as a cut, bruise, burn, or sting, that breaks the surface of the skin, the intelligent thing to do is to douse full strength Listerine on the affected part, and to repeat the treatment frequently.

    For Listerine, though safe and non-poisonous, is a remarkable germicide with amazing power to kill germs without harming tissue.

    Repeated tests in great international laboratories show that when used full strength, Listerine kills even the stubborn Staphylococcus Aureus (pus) and Bacillus Typhosus (typhoid) in counts ranging to 200,000,000 in 15 seconds.

    Listerine also has marked penetrating power, enabling it to reach germs in the tissue.

    Its prompt use in any open wound is a valuable aid to nature in destroying dangerous micro-organisms.

    In addition to its germicidal power, Listerine has a pleasant, healing effect. It reduces swelling, allays inflammation, and antiseptically cleanses the tissue.

    Use it full strength for all minor wounds and until the doctor comes, in serious ones. Lambert Pharmacal Company, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.

    Soothes, heals, combats infection KILLS 200,000,000 GERMS IN 15 SECONDS - (fastest killing time accurately recorded by science) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/17/12 - Juan Enriquez: Will our kids be a different species?
    Throughout human evolution, multiple versions of humans co-existed. Could we be mid-upgrade now?

    At TEDxSummit, Juan Enriquez sweeps across time and space to bring us to the present moment -- and shows how technology is revealing evidence that suggests rapid evolution may be under way.

    Juan Enriquez thinks and writes about profound changes that genomics will bring in business, technology, and society. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/17/12 - Suicides No. 2 cause of death in military
    Since 2010, suicide has outpaced traffic accidents, heart disease, cancer, homicide and all other forms of death in the military besides combat, the report says. One in four non-combat deaths last year were servicemembers killing themselves.

    This year, suicides among troops occur on average once a day, according to Pentagon figures obtained by USA TODAY. The data, first reported by the Associated Press, show that after the end of the Iraq War, suicides may become more common than combat deaths.

    There were 154 confirmed or suspected suicides this year through June 3, while 127 troops died in the Afghanistan War, Pentagon data show.

    No one so far has answers, said Army Col. Carl Castro, who leads researchers trying to find effective forms of prevention and treatment.

    Military Suicide Rate Surges To Nearly One Per Day This Year - The reasons for the increase are not fully understood. Among explanations, studies have pointed to combat exposure, post-traumatic stress, misuse of prescription medications and personal financial problems. Army data suggest soldiers with multiple combat tours are at greater risk of committing suicide, although a substantial proportion of Army suicides are committed by soldiers who never deployed.

    Kim Ruocco, widow of Marine Maj. John Ruocco, a helicopter pilot who hanged himself in 2005 between Iraq deployments, said he was unable to bring himself to go for help.

    "He was so afraid of how people would view him once he went for help," she said in an interview at her home in suburban Boston. "He thought that people would think he was weak, that people would think he was just trying to get out of redeploying or trying to get out of service, or that he just couldn't hack it - when, in reality, he was sick. He had suffered injury in combat and he had also suffered from depression and let it go untreated for years. And because of that, he's dead today."

    Maj. Gen. Dana Pittard, commander of the 1st Armored Division, last month retracted but did not apologize for a statement in his Army blog in January. He had written, "I have now come to the conclusion that suicide is an absolutely selfish act." He also wrote, ""I am personally fed up with soldiers who are choosing to take their own lives so that others can clean up their mess. Be an adult, act like an adult, and deal with your real-life problems like the rest of us." He did also counsel soldiers to seek help.

    His remarks drew a public rebuke from the Army, which has the highest number of suicides and called his assertions "clearly wrong." Last week the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, said he disagrees with Pittard "in the strongest possible terms."

    (Barring war related mental problems, it strikes me the main cause for choosing suicide is coming back home without having any opportunities. Our guys are proud and should be respected and appreciated whenever we get the chance to show it. They should not have to go around hat in hand asking for help or begging for a low-paying job.

    No jobs, possibly in debt up to their ears, their marketable skills have eroded while in service, just easier to throw in the towel.

    As a mark of appreciation and respect for these guys who have given years of their lives in service to our country, I think companies should arrange special programs to give all the troops first pick at well paying jobs and chances to expand their talents.

    Doesn't it make sense that its more attractive to our troops to come home to a choice of a great well-paying job as opposed to having to deal with the horrible economy everyone else is fighting to deal with? - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

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    06/17/12 - Judge Andrew Napolitano Natural rights Patriot Act - Part 3 of 3 - Article Excerpt

    06/17/12 - Increasing Energy with the Mexistim
    Is it possible to pump up the body energy level and help the body remove toxins with a machine that uses batteries to 'charge' a wirescreen that you place on or under your body? Many report this is what the Mexistim does for them, especially when they sleep on top of a pad or blanket placed over a large wirescreen. That's all there is to it, yet something happens with many who try it, most notably reports of increased energy and more restful sleep.

    KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
    2) Increased red cell count
    3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
    4) Increased overall energy
    5) No headaches
    6) No stomach pains or aches
    7) No muscle pains
    8) Weight loss
    9) Increase urination
    10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

    If what Lee and many of us believe, that toxins in the cells can cause a variety of illnesses and symptoms, then anything that might help the body to remove those toxins would also help the body remove the irritant and allow the body to heal itself. - Order Mexistim Here and here is the original article which describes how it came to be, how it is thought to work and shows a wiring diagram so you can build and try it for yourself.


    06/14/12 - Scientists observe electrons become both heavy and speedy
    KeelyNet From Electrons moving in certain solids can behave as if they are a thousand times more massive than free electrons, but at the same time act as superconductors.

    A new study led by Princeton scientists shows that this happens because of a process known as quantum entanglement that determines the mass of electrons moving in a crystal.

    The discovery can help improve understanding of how certain materials become superconducting, which may have applications in areas such as power network efficiency and computing speed.

    A Princeton University-led team of scientists has shown how electrons moving in certain solids can behave as though they are a thousand times more massive than free electrons, yet at the same time act as speedy superconductors.

    a hard-to-measure process known as quantum entanglement determines the mass of electrons moving in a crystal and the delicate tuning of this entanglement can strongly alter the properties of a material.

    Cool the electrons to far below room temperature in certain types of solid materials, and these flighty particles gain mass, acting like much heavier particles. Surprisingly, further cooling close to absolute zero makes these solids become superconducting, where the electrons, despite their heaviness, make a kind of perfect fluid that can flow without wasting any electrical power.

    (Isn't this reminiscent of Joseph Caters 'hard' and 'soft' electrons? - JWD) - In Joseph Cater's model of 'soft particle physics', ether particles combine to form light-photons of different frequencies, which in turn combine to form denser particles. Physical matter particles ('hard' particles) are said to be composed of gamma-ray photons, whereas lower-frequency photons form subtler ('softer') particles. Gravity effects are said to be produced by highly penetrating electromagnetic radiation located between the lower portion of the infrared and the radar band [14]. The energies emitted by the sun are transformed into ever lower frequencies as they penetrate the earth, and a small amount is transformed into gravity-inducing radiations, which hold the earth in its orbit. The earth's own gravity is said to arise mainly from the thermal agitation of atoms and molecules, as the resulting radiation is most readily transformed into gravity-inducing radiations. Cater argues that what are usually regarded as electrically neutral atoms and molecules actually have a small positive charge (as does the earth as a whole). Positively charged matter is attracted by gravity, whereas negative charges are repelled by gravity, so that if matter is impregnated with sufficient quantities of negative charges (especially soft electrons) it will lose weight and even levitate. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/14/12 - Why our food is making us fat
    KeelyNet The story begins in 1971. Richard Nixon was facing re-election. The Vietnam war was threatening his popularity at home, but just as big an issue with voters was the soaring cost of food. If Nixon was to survive, he needed food prices to go down, and that required getting a very powerful lobby on board the farmers. Nixon appointed Earl Butz, an academic from the farming heartland of Indiana, to broker a compromise. Butz, an agriculture expert, had a radical plan that would transform the food we eat, and in doing so, the shape of the human race.

    Butz pushed farmers into a new, industrial scale of production, and into farming one crop in particular: corn. US cattle were fattened by the immense increases in corn production. Burgers became bigger. Fries, fried in corn oil, became fattier. Corn became the engine for the massive surge in the quantities of cheaper food being supplied to American supermarkets: everything from cereals, to biscuits and flour found new uses for corn. As a result of Butz's free-market reforms, American farmers, almost overnight, went from parochial small-holders to multimillionaire businessmen with a global market. One Indiana farmer believes that America could have won the cold war by simply starving the Russians of corn. But instead they chose to make money.

    By the mid-70s, there was a surplus of corn. Butz flew to Japan to look into a scientific innovation that would change everything: the mass development of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or glucose-fructose syrup as it's often referred to in the UK, a highly sweet, gloppy syrup, produced from surplus corn, that was also incredibly cheap. HFCS had been discovered in the 50s, but it was only in the 70s that a process had been found to harness it for mass production. HFCS was soon pumped into every conceivable food: pizzas, coleslaw, meat. It provided that "just baked" sheen on bread and cakes, made everything sweeter, and extended shelf life from days to years. A silent revolution of the amount of sugar that was going into our bodies was taking place. In Britain, the food on our plates became pure science each processed milligram tweaked and sweetened for maximum palatability. And the general public were clueless that these changes were taking place.

    There was one product in particular that it had a dramatic effect on soft drinks. Hank Cardello, the former head of marketing at Coca-Cola, tells me that in 1984, Coke in the US swapped from sugar to HFCS (In the UK, it continued to use sugar). As a market leader, Coke's decision sent a message of endorsement to the rest of the industry, which quickly followed suit. There was "no downside" to HFCS, Cardello says. It was two-thirds the price of sugar, and even the risk of messing with the taste was a risk worth taking when you looked at the margin, especially as there were no apparent health risks. At that time, "obesity wasn't even on the radar" says Cardello.

    But another health issue was on the radar: heart disease, and in the mid-70s, a fierce debate was raging behind the closed doors of academia over what was causing it. An American nutritionist called Ancel Keys blamed fat, while a British researcher at the University of London Professor John Yudkin, blamed sugar. But Yudkin's work was rubbished by what many believe, including Professor Robert Lustig, one of the world's leading endocrinologists, was a concerted campaign to discredit Yudkin. Much of the criticism came from fellow academics, whose research was aligning far more closely with the direction the food industry was intending to take. Yudkin's colleague at the time, Dr Richard Bruckdorfer at UCL says: "There was a huge lobby from [the food] industry, particularly from the sugar industry, and Yudkin complained bitterly that they were subverting some of his ideas." Yudkin was, Lustig says simply, "thrown under the bus", because there was a huge financial gain to be made by fingering fat, not sugar, as the culprit of heart disease.

    The food industry had its eyes on the creation of a new genre of food, something they knew the public would embrace with huge enthusiasm, believing it to be better for their health "low fat". It promised an immense business opportunity forged from the potential disaster of heart disease. But, says Lustig, there was a problem. "When you take the fat out of a recipe, food tastes like cardboard, and you need to replace it with something that something being sugar."

    Overnight, new products arrived on the shelves that seemed too good to be true. Low-fat yoghurts, spreads, even desserts and biscuits. All with the fat taken out, and replaced with sugar. Britain was one of the most enthusiastic adopters of what food writer Gary Taubes, author of Why We Get Fat, calls "the low-fat dogma", with sales rocketing.

    By the mid-80s, health experts such as Professor Philip James, a world-renowned British scientist who was one of the first to identify obesity as an issue, were noticing that people were getting fatter and no one could explain why. The food industry was keen to point out that individuals must be responsible for their own calorie consumption, but even those who exercised and ate low-fat products were gaining weight. In 1966 the proportion of people with a BMI of over 30 (classified as obese) was just 1.2% for men and 1.8% for women. By 1989 the figures had risen to 10.6% for men and 14.0% for women. And no one was joining the dots between HFCS and fat.

    Moreover, there was something else going on. The more sugar we ate, the more we wanted, and the hungrier we became. At New York University, Professor Anthony Sclafani, a nutritionist studying appetite and weight gain, noticed something strange about his lab rats. When they ate rat food, they put on weight normally. But when they ate processed food from a supermarket, they ballooned in a matter of days. Their appetite for sugary foods was insatiable: they just carried on eating.

    According to Professor Jean-Marc Schwarz of San Francisco hospital, who is currently studying the precise way in which the major organs of the body metabolise sugar, this momentum creates "a tsunami" of sugar. The effect this has on different organs in the body is only now being understood by scientists. Around the liver, it coalesces as fat, leading to diseases such as type-2 diabetes. Other studies have found that sugar may even coat semen and result in obese men becoming less fertile. One researcher told me that, ultimately, perhaps nothing needs to be done about obesity, as obese people will wipe themselves out. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/14/12 - DNA Modifications Change As We Age
    KeelyNet "As we age, the core of our biological being the sequence of our DNA, which makes up our genes remains the same. Yet recent research suggests that more subtle chemical changes to our DNA occur as we age.

    Now, a comparison of the DNA of a newborn baby with that of a centenarian shows that the scope of these changes can be dramatic, and they may help explain why our risk of cancer and other diseases increases as we get older."

    DNA is made up of four basic building blocksadenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosineand the sequence of these nucleotides within a gene determines what protein it makes. Genes can be switched on and off as needed, and the regulation of genes often involves what are called epigenetic mechanisms in which chemical alterations are made to the DNA. One of the most common of these epigenetic changes involves a methyl group -- one carbon atom and three hydrogen atomsbinding to a nucleotide, usually cytosine. In general, this binding, called methylation, turns off the gene in question.

    Recent research suggests that changes in DNA methylation patterns as a person gets older may contribute to human diseases for which risk increases with age, including cancer. To get a better idea of how methylation patterns change with age, a team led by Manel Esteller, an epigenetics researcher at the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute in Barcelona, Spain, looked at two extreme cases: A newborn male baby and a man aged 103 years.

    The team extracted DNA from white blood cells taken from the blood of the elderly man and from the umbilical cord blood of the baby and determined its methylation pattern using a fairly new technique called whole-genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS).

    With WGBS, DNA is exposed to the chemical sodium bisulfite, which has no effect on cytosines with methyl groups bound to them but turns nonmethylated cytosines into another nucleotide called uracil. The result is an epigenetic map that shows exactly which DNA sites are methylated and which are not.

    As the team reports online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it found a significantly higher amount of cytosine methylation in the newborn than in the centenarian: 80.5% of all cytosine nucleotides, compared with 73%. To look at an intermediate case, the team also performed WGBS on the DNA of a 26-year-old male subject; the methylation level was also intermediate, about 78%.

    Esteller and his colleagues then took a closer look at the differences between the DNA of the newborn and of the centenarian, but restricted the comparison to regions of the genome where the DNA nucleotide sequences were identical so that only the epigenetic differences would stand out.

    The team identified nearly 18,000 so-called differentially methylated regions (DMRs) of the genome, covering many types of genes. More than a third of the DMRs occurred in genes that have already been linked with cancer risk. Moreover, in the centenarian, 87% of the DMRs involved the loss of the methyl group, while only 13% involved the gain of one.

    Finally, to expand the study, the team looked at the methylation patterns of 19 newborns and 19 people aged between 89 and 100 years old. This analysis confirmed that older people have a lower amount of cytosine methylation than newborns.

    The authors conclude that the degree of methylation decreases in a cumulative fashion over time. Moreover, Esteller says, in the centenarian the loss of methyl groups, which turns genes back on, often occurred in genes that increase the risk of infection and diabetes when they are turned on during adulthood. In contrast, the small number of genes in the centenarian that had greater methylation levels were often those that needed to be kept turned on to protect against cancer. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/14/12 - The beauty of Inertial Fusion Ignition


    Using the most powerful laser system ever built, scientists have brought us one step closer to nuclear fusion power, a new study says. The same process that powers our sun and other stars, nuclear fusion has the potential to be an efficient, carbon-free energy sourcewith none of the radioactive waste associated with the nuclear fission method used in current nuclear plants.

    Thanks to the new achievement, a prototype nuclear fusion power plant could be operating within a decade, speculated study leader Siegfried Glenzer, a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.

    Glenzer and colleagues used the worlds largest laser arraythe Livermore labs National Ignition Facilityto heat a BB-size fuel pellet to millions of degrees Fahrenheit.

    These lasers are pulsed, and for a very short amount of timeone ten-billionth of a secondthe power they produce is more than all the power generated by the entire electrical grid of the United States at any given moment, Glenzer said.

    The test confirmed that a technique called inertial fusion ignition could be used to trigger nuclear fusionthe merging of the nuclei of two atoms of, say, hydrogenwhich can result in a tremendous amount of excess energy. Nuclear fission, by contrast, involves the splitting of atoms.

    The laser demonstration means scientists are now much closer to triggering nuclear fusion in a controlled settingsomething thats never been done before and which is necessary if fusion is to be harnessed for energy. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/14/12 - The Promise of Fusion: Energy Miracle or Mirage?
    KeelynetThe U.S. has invested billions of dollars trying to create a controlled form of nuclear fusion that could be the energy source for an endless supply of electricity. The worlds largest and highest-energy laser focuses the intense energy of 192 separate laser beams into an even more intense single beam aimed at a BB-sized target filled with hydrogen fuel, with the goal of creating a tiny star by replicating the process that powers the sun and similar celestial bodies. This controlled form of fusion theoretically could tap into the boundless energy that binds the universe together, creating intense heat and driving huge generators that could supply enough power to run the entire worlds electricity grid in perpetuity.

    Controlled fusion would produce no greenhouse gases, would not require hazardous nuclear fuel, would produce shorter-lived and less hazardous waste than nuclear reactors, and would pose no danger of a runaway reaction, because fusion reactions are hard to start and quickly halt after running out of fuel.

    Sound too good to be true? Well, so far it has been.

    The massive energy gain from controlled fusion is a prize that scientists have sought for decades. Yet to date, no laboratory has successfully pulled off a controlled, small-scale fusion reaction in which the…(get this!);

    “energy created by the reaction

    exceeded the energy needed

    to generate the reaction.”

    (Why, wouldn’t that be FREE ENERGY, the very same thing we alt science researchers are looking for and for which we are constantly lambasted at every turn by the uninformed?

    Despite what the uninformed think, We never claimed ‘energy from nothing’,

    we claim CONVERSION OF ENERGY just as the ‘fusioneers’ are trying to do, but we use MANY different methods. See Primer for Skeptics and Attackers – JWD)

    But researchers at the National Ignition Facility part of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories insist they are making progress toward this elusive goal.

    (All that money thrown into the same kind of dream so many free energy experimenters envision…so what makes these spendthrift idealistic fusion bozos who have FAILED FOR DECADES and wasted BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, more sure of their fantastic claims than we are of the possibilities from our experiments?

    This is what ticks me off about investors and engineers who say what alternative science researchers look for don’t have a chance of coming up with anything that will produce free energy, gravity control, etc..

    Investors WAKE UP and Smell the Coffee!

    and counting for FAILED Fusion Research

    versus a few
    or $100,000,000
    based on Alternative Science

    Remember most of the great, useful and profitable inventions came from lone inventors working on their own and with limited funds, not BILLIONS. Take just a fraction of that money and FUND maverick ideas and projects. It only takes ONE to work. What makes more sense, billions for one idealistic chance or millions for MANY CHANCES…Think about it. Click for A prime example and WHY we WOULD do it! – JWD)Promise of Fusion Article Source

    And with regard to technology LIKE FUSION that ALSO DOESN’T WORK, Lewis Black on Airport Security - makes the point they have so much technology that just DOESN’T WORK but still they waste our MONEY and our TIME to put us through it. Machines in airports don’t work. We must spend our money to build equipment that WORKS. Metal Detector, nope, check you again. The Wand, nope. Now we have to Pat You down. Just pat us down in the FIRST PLACE and stop wasting our time and all that wasted MONEY with faulty technology.

    (Same with FUSION! It DOESN’T WORK so shut it down and direct resources to other projects that might work out better. Just think of the odds 1 or 1000 in your favor, which is better? So FUND Alternative Science Research and Experiments!) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/14/12 - Air Force to turn troops into Spider-Men with vacuum wall scaler - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - Invention tracks down Noisy Drivers - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - UK government offers unlimited budget to pay ISPs to spy on us - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - France and Germany to lock up their borders - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - Kinect: You Are the Controlled - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - Drug Company Disguised Advertising As Science - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive? - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - Blocking Gun Laws With Patents - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - Chromium and Vanadium as cure for Diabetes? - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - When Energy (truly) Goes Viral - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - RC Round Up - Article Excerpt

    06/14/12 - Solar Cells 23,000 Times Worse Than Carbon Dioxide - Article Excerpt


    06/11/12 - Mars One should be MOON ONE
    KeelyNet I don't 'get' the hype about Mars. We need to first master orbital activities like spacelabs and colonies, then the Moon, then Mars and beyond.

    To that end, I wrote the Mars One folks and suggested they are jumping the gun, that a MOON ONE project FIRST would happen faster, be far more responsive, we'd learn a lot more and establish colonies much faster.

    After all, it takes almost 20 minutes to get a signal to or from Mars and we have so much to learn about how to compensate with alien, even hostile environments, why not MOON ONE first?

    Here is their advertising pitch;

    Human settlement of Mars in 2023 - Mars One will establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2023. A habitable settlement will be waiting for the settlers when they land. The settlement will support them while they live and work on Mars the rest of their lives.

    Every two years after 2023 an additional crew will arrive, such that there is a real living, growing community on Mars. Mars One has created a technical plan for this mission that is as simple as possible. For every component of the mission we have identified at least one potential supplier. Mars One invites you to join us in this next giant leap for mankind!

    Looks like a perfect chance for someone to beat them to it with Moon One. Closer, faster, more productive and sets up mankind for staging to further reaches including Mars. - JWD

    Email from Mars One on 06/12/12;

    Why Mars? Why not another planet?

    After the Earth, Mars is the most habitable planet in our solar system. Its soil contains water and it isn't too cold or too hot. There is enough sunlight to use solar panels and its gravity is 40% that of our Earth's, which is most probably sufficient for the human body to cope with healthily.

    It has an atmosphere, albeit a thin one, that offers protection from cosmic and the Sun's radiation. An important point is also the day/night rhythm, which is very similar to ours here on Earth: a Mars day is 24 hours and all of 40 minutes.

    The only other two celestial bodies close enough are our Moon and Venus. There are far fewer nutrients and vital elements on the Moon, and a Moon day takes, well, a month. It also does not have an atmosphere to form a barrier against radiation.

    Venus is an veritable purgatory. The average temperature is over 400 degrees, the barometric pressure is that of 90 meters underwater on Earth, and the cherry on top comes in the form of occasional bouts of acid rain. It also has nights that last for 120 days.

    Humans cannot live on Mars without the help of technology, but compared to Venus it's paradise! - Full Article Source - Permalink - did Martian deuterium burn out their civilization?

    06/11/12 - Audacious Visions For Future Spaceflight
    "There is a very powerful video out that takes the audio of words from Neil deGrasse Tyson, receiver of the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, and meshes it with powerful images of the history and successful outcomes of NASA.

    Through Penny4NASA, Dr. Tyson is pressing for the budget of NASA to be doubled from 0.5% to 1% of the federal budget in order to spur vision, interest, dreams, public excitement, and innovation into science and engineering.

    With Kansas stating that 'evolution could not rule out a supernatural or theistic source, that evolution itself was not fact but only a theory and one in crisis, and that Intelligent Design must be considered a viable alternative to evolution,' and North Carolina's legislature circulating a bill telling people to ignore climate science, maybe it's time we start listening to experts who have a proven record of success, rather than ideology that has only been 'proven' in the mind of elected politicians." - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/11/12 - European Scientists Make a Case For a Return To the Moon
    "While the official target of NASA's space exploration program remains exploring Earth approaching asteroids, the case for a return to the moon has been made from a variety of quarters.

    The most recent attempt to make a case for the moon is in a paper, titled Back to the Moon: The Scientific Rationale for Resuming Lunar Surface Exploration, soon to be published in the journal Planetary and Space Science."

    The lunar geological record has much to tell us about the earliest history of the Solar System, the origin and evolution of the Earth-Moon system, the geological evolution of rocky planets, and the near-Earth cosmic environment throughout Solar System history.

    In addition, the lunar surface offers outstanding opportunities for research in astronomy, astrobiology, fundamental physics, life sciences and human physiology and medicine. This paper provides an interdisciplinary review of outstanding lunar science objectives in all of these different areas.

    It is concluded that addressing them satisfactorily will require an end to the 40-year hiatus of lunar surface exploration, and the placing of new scientific instruments on, and the return of additional samples from, the surface of the Moon. Some of these objectives can be achieved robotically (e.g. through targeted sample return, the deployment of geophysical networks, and the placing of antennas on the lunar surface to form radio telescopes).

    However, in the longer term, most of these scientific objectives would benefit significantly from renewed human operations on the lunar surface. For these reasons it is highly desirable that current plans for renewed robotic surface exploration of the Moon are developed in the context of a future human lunar exploration programme, such as that proposed by the recently formulated Global Exploration Roadmap. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/11/12 - Military Applications of High-Frequency Gravitational Waves
    KeelyNet The predictions in this document of benefits of high-frequency gravitational wave- based military applications are theoretical at this time. Evidence of their success is contingent upon laboratory experiments in their generation and detection.

    Nonetheless, given their vital strategic military and economic importance, I believe that these potential applications are important motivations for research and development. Robert M L Baker, Jr.

    What are high-frequency gravitational waves or HFGWs?

    Visualize the luffing of a sail as a sailboat comes about or tacks. The waves in the sails fabric are similar in many ways to gravitational waves, but instead of sailcloth fabric, gravitational waves move through a fabric of space.

    Einstein called this fabric the space-time continuum in his 1916 work known as General Relativity (GR). Although his theory is very sophisticated, the concept is relatively simple. This fabric is four-dimensional: it has the three usual dimensions of spaceeast-west, north-south, and up-downplus the fourth dimension of time.

    Here is an example: we define a location on this fabric as 5th Street and Third Avenue on the forth floor at 9 AM. We cant see this fabric, just as we cant see wind, sound, or gravity for that matter. Nevertheless, those elements are real, and so is this fabric. If we could generate ripples in this space-time fabric, many applications would become available to us.

    Much like radio waves can be used to transmit information through space, we could use gravitational waves to perform analogous functions. Gravitational waves are the subject of extensive current research, which so far has focused on low frequencies. High-frequency gravitational waves, as defined by physicists Douglass and Braginsky (1979), are gravitational waves having frequencies higher than 100 kHz.

    Although Gravitational Waves (GWs) are ordinarily very weak, theoretically they can be generated and detected in the laboratory and that possibility is the motivation for this analysis of their possible military application.

    As previously stated gravitational waves, including HFGWs, pass through most material with little or no attenuation; but although they are not absorbed, their polarization, phase, velocity (causing refraction or bending of gravitational rays), backscatter, and/or other characteristics can be modified by a material objects texture and internal structure.


    One way we can generate wind waves is by the motion of fan blades. Likewise, gravitational waves (GWs) can theoretically be generated by the motion of masses.

    ...the trick is that we dont require gravitational force to generate gravitational waves! Its really the motion of the mass that counts, not the kind of force that produces that motion. How do we obtain a large force change? To make it practical, we need a force that is much larger than the force of gravitational attraction.

    Lets do a thought experiment and think of two horseshoe magnets facing each other (north poles facing south poles). They will attract each other strongly. If we reverse the magnets, put them down back-to-back with their poles facing outwards, then primarily their gravitational force acts due to their masses and we sense little or no attractive pull.

    As a matter of fact, magnetic, electrical, nuclear and other non-gravitational forces are about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1034) times larger than the gravitational force! So, if we have our choice, we want to use electromagnetic force as our force, not weak gravity.

    How could we make use of this analysis and generate GWs in the laboratory? Instead of the change in centrifugal force of the two orbiting neutron stars or black holes, let us replace that force change with a change of non-gravitational force: the much more powerful one of electromagnetism. Please see Fig. 3.5.1.

    One way to do this is to strike two laser targets with two oppositely directed laser pulses (a laser pulse is an electromagnetic wave; Baker, Li and Li, 2006). The two targets could be small masses, possibly highly polished tungsten.

    Each laser-pulse strike imparts a force on the target mass acting over a very brief time, commonly defined as a jerk or shake or impulse. Einstein says, according to his broad concept of quadrupole formalism, that each time a mass undergoes a change or buildup in force over a very brief time; gravitational waves are generatedin the laboratory! (Thanks to Pat for the headsup on this interesting document. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/11/12 - Vacuum Cleaner for the Skin (Jul, 1940)


    Vacuum-cleaning the skin is the task said to be performed by a new beauty accessory. Cone-shaped, the molded-plastic device has a base covered by a pliable-rubber massage brush, while its small end is perforated with tiny holes. To create a vacuum designed to loosen dust and dirt particles in the pores, the rubber-covered end is pressed inward, the small end placed against the skin, and the pressure released. Used after applying cleansing cream, the device is moved over the skin. It can be operated on the neck, shoulders, and arms as well as on the face. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/11/12 - Imagination may be more important than knowledge
    Imagination is the ability to form mental images, phonological passages, analogies, or narratives of something that is not perceived through our senses.

    Imagination is a manifestation of our memory and enables us to scrutinize our past and construct hypothetical future scenarios that do not yet, but could exist.

    Imagination also gives us the ability to see things from other points of view and empathize with others.

    Imagination is not a totally conscious process. New knowledge may incubate subconsciously when a person has surplus attention to focus on recombining memory and external stimuli into new meanings. Most people tend to spend a great deal of time while they are awake "daydreaming". This may be enough to activate our default network, a web of autobiographical mental imagery, which may provide new connections and perspectives about a problem we have been concerned with.

    Unguided imagination through dreaming and "daydreaming" enables the gathering of information from different parts of our memory, which may not be easy to access consciously. This information may come from a within a narrow domain or a much wider field.

    The more imagination takes account of the wider field, experience, and prior knowledge, the more likely these ideas created through imagination will have some originality - through complex knowledge restructuring. Creative insight occurs mostly as the result of triggers and slow incubation periods that lead to a revelation.

    It is through the imagery of analogies that many breakthroughs in science have been achieved. Einstein developed his insight for the theory of relativity through imagining what would happen if he travelled at the speed of light, Faraday claimed to have visualized force lines from electric and magnetic fields from a wood fire giving insight into the theory of electromagnetic fields and kekul reported that he gained insight into the shape of the benzene molecule after he imagined a snake coiled up in a circle.

    Imaginative thinking provides the ability to move towards objectives, and travel along selected paths. Imaginative much more divergent than logical thought, as imagination can move freely across fields and disciplines, while logical thinking is orientated along a narrowly focused path. From this perspective imagination is probably more important than knowledge as knowledge without application is useless. - Full Article Source- Permalink

    06/11/12 - Could Insurance Coverage Hobble Commercial Space Flights? - Article Excerpt

    06/11/12 - Drones, Computer Viruses and Blowback - Article Excerpt

    06/11/12 - eBay - Self-sustaining Hydrogen Powered Generator - Article Excerpt

    06/11/12 - Plants may be able to 'hear' others - Article Excerpt

    06/11/12 - Bill Maher on Truth about just how Socialist we are - Article Excerpt

    06/11/12 - Freedom of Thought & its Implications (watch this)
    Media that spy on and data-mine the public are capable of destroying humanity's most precious freedom: freedom of thought.

    Ensuring that media remain structured to support rather than suppress individual freedom and civic virtue requires us to achieve specific free technology and free culture goals.

    Our existing achievements in these directions are under assault from companies trying to bottleneck human communications or own our common culture, and states eager to control their subjects' minds.

    In this talk--one of a series beginning with "The dotCommunist Manifesto" and "Die Gedanken Sind Frei"--

    I offer some suggestions about how the Free World should meet the challenges of the next decade. (Thanks to Berto for this excellent link, watching it held me captive because I know what he says is TRUE. Everyone should watch this and think about it. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink


    06/08/12 - Why Kids Should Be Building Rockets Instead of Taking Tests
    "MAKE Magazine founder Dale Dougherty has an article in Slate about how educators are missing the punchline when it comes to getting kids interested in learning.

    He describes a recent visit he made to a middle school: 'The science lab was empty, as were the library and the playground.

    It was not a school holiday: It was a state-mandated STAR testing day. The school was in an academic lockdown.

    This is what the American public school looks like in 2012, driven by obsessive adherence to standardized testing.

    The fate of children, their schools, and their teachers are based on these school test scores.' Dougherty's preference would be to more tightly integrate basic engineering projects into the science curriculum.

    'I see the power of engaging kids in science and technology through the practices of making and hands-on experiences, through tinkering and taking things apart.

    Schools seem to have forgotten that students learn best when they are engaged; in fact, the biggest problem in schools is boredom.

    Students sit passively, expected to absorb all the content that is thrown at them without much context. The context that's missing is the real world." - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/08/12 - Our earliest ancestors came from Asia, not Africa
    A team of palaeontologists in Myanmar has found the tooth of a pre-human ancestor - afrasia djijidae, so-called because it forms a missing link between Africa and Asia - that is very similar another early ancestor found in Libya.

    Four similar teeth were found after six years of sifting through sediment - a find that helps seal Asia as the starting point for our species.

    Not only does Afrasia help seal the case that anthropoids first evolved in Asia, it also tells us when our anthropoid ancestors first made their way to Africa, where they continued to evolve into apes and humans, says Chris Beard, Carnegie Museum of Natural History palaontologist.

    For years we thought the African fossil record was simply bad, says Professor Jean-Jacques Jaeger of the University of Poitiers in France, the team leader and a Carnegie Museum research associate. The fact that such similar anthropoids lived at the same time in Myanmar and Libya suggests that the gap in early African anthropoid evolution is actually real. Anthropoids didnt arrive in Africa until right before we find their fossils in Libya.

    The search for the origin of early anthropoidsand, by extension, early human ancestorsis a focal point of modern paleoanthropology.

    The discovery of Afrasia shows that one lineage of early anthropoids colonized Africa around 3738 million years ago, but the diversity of early anthropoids known from the Libyan site that produced Afrotarsius libycus hints that the true picture was more complicated.

    These other Libyan fossil anthropoids may be the descendants of one or more additional Asian colonists, because they dont appear to be specially related to Afrasia and Afrotarsius. Fossil evidence of evolutionary divergencewhen a species divides to create new lineagesis critical data for researchers in evolution.

    The groundbreaking discovery of the relationship between Asias Afrasia and North Africas Afrotarsius is an important benchmark for pinpointing the date at which Asian anthropoids colonized Africa. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/08/12 - Honda Fit EV takes top EPA fuel economy spot
    KeelyNet Honda announced the EPA fuel economy and range numbers for its Fit EV today, the rating of 118 MPG equivalent making it the most fuel-efficient production car available.

    Among the handful of electric cars either in production for coming out this year, Honda can now boast the best fuel economy. The EPA rating for its Fit EV shows the car earning 118 MPG equivalent, beating the next runner-up Mitsubishi i-Miev's 112 MPGe and the Nissan Leaf's 99 MPGe.

    The numbers break down to 132 MPGe city, 105 MPGe highway, with the 118 MPGe number being the combined rating.

    The EPA's annual fuel cost for the Fit EV is just $500.

    Honda showed off the production Fit EV at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, and will begin a leasing program with the car in California and Oregon this summer. Some East Coast markets will see the car in January 2013.

    The Fit EV uses the same basic body as the gasoline-powered Fit, including the versatile interior. Instead of its gas engine, it uses a 92 kilowatt motor to drive the front wheels, with a 20 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack to store electricity. Honda says the Fit EV's battery can be charged up in 3 hours from a 240 volt outlet. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/08/12 - Plasma drive starts with pee
    The drive is unusual: chief researcher Professor Rod Boswell, of the Space Plasma Power and Propulsion Laboratory says it doesnt need moving parts or a grid meaning it can use a wider variety of fuels than most plasma drives currently on the drawing-board or under test.

    Whereas most plasma drives use noble gases like xenon as their reaction mass (so that the superheated reaction mass doesnt degrade the drives components), Professor Boswell told The Register his design can use practically anything for fuel.

    There are no moving parts or grids this design is just a cylinder, he said. All the important parts that contact the propellant are either glass or ceramic.

    That means we can use any type of propellant, including piss, he said. In the International Space Station, theres a system that extracts water from urine, known as the Russian piss-presser. The result ends up with a pH around one we could easily use that.

    Of the $AU4 million, Boswell told The Register, most will be spent constructing a 3x4 meter space simulation chamber that will be used to space-qualify the drive. That will include the vacuum chamber and the various test systems needed to gather data about the drives performance with no strings attached.

    During tests, he explained, the drive will be operated using a spacecraft power bus, and all communication with the drive will be via telemetry, as if it were in space.

    At this stage, he said, the drive is being tested for deployment on a technology development satellite. The plasma drive is designed for satellite maneuvering rather than launch: You have to be in space for it to work. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/08/12 - "New" 'dream mask' invention actually 20-plus-year-old idea


    Two guys in New York have made headlines around the world recently for having invented a dream mask a device you wear over your eyes at night that will help you not only control your dreams, but enter the dream world in an active way like a virtual reality experience powered by the biological computer of your own brain.

    The device is called the Remee, and is the invention of Duncan Frazier and Steven McGuigan.

    But I think a certain Stanford University researcher must be grinding his teeth right now. Thats because Dr. Stephen LaBerge invented a device called the NovaDreamer more than 20 years ago. As far as I can tell, the new Remee is more or less the same thing as the NovaDreamer.

    LaBerge is certainly the worlds leading authority on lucid dreaming. In fact, he is the man who was the first to show in a laboratory setting that the ability to lucid dream is real. Prior to LaBerge's groundbreaking work, many neural scientists and psychologists considered lucid dreams to be occult or New Age nonsense. LaBerge proved them all wrong.

    A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming, thus enabling that person to take active part in the dream and even control and shape the dream world. LaBerge wrote a number of successful books on the topic, including Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.

    I wish Mr. Frazier and Mr. McGuigan well with their new venture, but um everyone should know that these guys are hardly the first two to step off the boat. This is already much-traveled territory. I guess I am somewhat rankled by proxy for LaBerge and the folks of the Lucidity Institute who have been blazing the way in this field for more than two decades long before a mediocre Hollywood movie made it fashionable. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/08/12 - Scientists say human coexisted with giant mammals - Article Excerpt

    06/08/12 - A 'Small Claims Court' For the Internet - Article Excerpt

    06/08/12 - Solar Impulse Completes First Intercontinental Solar Flight - Article Excerpt

    06/08/12 - Online Courses and the $100 Graduate Degree - Article Excerpt

    06/08/12 - Unborn babies could be tested for 3,500 genetic faults - Article Excerpt

    06/08/12 - Futuristic freight system planned for Texas I-35 corridor - Article Excerpt

    06/08/12 - German water bed - Article Excerpt


    06/05/12 - Company Vows Mars Colony by 2023, Funded by Reality Show
    KeelyNet A Dutch company says it will produce the biggest reality show on the planet, centered on a group of humans who colonize Mars.

    In the wake of SpaceXs first successful commercial mission to the International Space Station last month, Mars One has vowed a much grander feat, according to reports.

    The firm claims that it will put four people on the red planet every two years beginning in April 2023. By 2033, Mars One boasts there will be 20 colonists on Mars.

    Mars One is founded by Bas Lansdorp, a researcher from the Netherlands with a master's in science from Delft University of Technology, according to PC Magazine.

    Landsorp says in a promotional video that "creating the biggest media event ever" will finance the out-of-this-world venture. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/05/12 - $5 Soda Blaster For Carb Cleaning & Rebuilding
    Cleaning and rebuilding your carbs can be difficult these days. The really good cleaners of yester-year are no longer available now that they have been deemed "bad for the environment" and outlawed.

    The cleaners we could always count on are now effectively rendered almost useless. Awe yes, I remember being able to buy a gallon can of carb-dip at the local parts store and it would strip decades of grime away over night with one 12 hour soaking.

    Now the same brand barely loosens varnish let alone cleans it away with days of soak time. . . You still need to get carbs clean, but chemicals today just can't do it alone and you don't want to spend an afternoon scrubbing all the nooks and crannies of your carb housings. What's a guy (or gal) to do??

    Blast them!! "But wait", you say, "Blasting my carbs will fill them with grit that I'll never get out and my expensive carbs will be ruined." The solution is to use baking soda as the media.

    Yes, common, household baking soda!! "But don't I have to own a blasting cabinet or pressure blaster in order to blast my carbs??" The answer is NO. Below is a list of the items you need in addition to an air source like an air compressor: - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/05/12 - Could the 'Yarkovsky effect' destroy our planet?
    KeelyNet An asteroid has drifted nearly 100 miles out of its path in the last twelve years - pulled by a strange 'tractor beam' effect called the 'Yarkovksy effect'.

    This Yarkovsky effect can actually push an asteroid intoor out ofthe path of the Earth, said Josh Emery, of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.Understanding this force and how it affects an asteroid is critical for determining whether or not that asteroid will hit us.

    The finding came from measurements of the tiny asteroid 1999 RQ36 - expected to blast past the Earth in 2135.

    The found the asteroid had deviated 100 miles - due to the Yarkovsky effect.

    Emerys work using NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope in 2007 was crucial in determining the effect. He measured the asteroids thermal characteristics using infrared emissions and found the space rock was covered in an insulating blanket of fine material.

    The longer a surface can hold heat, the stronger the Yarkovsky effect, said Emery. Therefore if the asteroid was made up of solid rock, the force would be stronger because it would retain heat longer. But fine material such as dust or sand heat up and cool down quickly so the effect is weaker.

    The Yarkovsky effect is named for the nineteenth-century Russian engineer who first proposed the idea that a small rocky space object would, over long periods of time, be noticeably nudged in its orbit when it absorbs sunlight and then re-emits that energy as heat. The effect is difficult to measure because its so infinitesimally small.

    The effect was discovered on 1999 RQ36 in an effort to determine the mass of the asteroid from millions of miles away. The scientists needed the space rocks size, thermal properties, propulsive force (Yarkovsky effect), and orbit to calculate the bulk density. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/05/12 - Ginseng can cut tiredness caused by cancer
    Researchers found high doses of the herb American ginseng over two months reduced cancer-related tiredness in patients more effectively than a placebo.

    They studied 340 patients who had completed cancer treatment or were being treated for cancer at one of 40 community medical centres.

    Sixty per cent of the patients studied had breast cancer.

    Each day, those taking part received a placebo or 2,000 milligrams of ginseng administered in capsules containing pure, ground American ginseng root.

    Researcher Doctor Debra Barton, of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Centre in the United States, said: Off-the-shelf ginseng is sometimes processed using ethanol, which can give it oestrogen-like properties that may be harmful to breast cancer patients.

    At four weeks, the pure ginseng provided only a slight improvement in fatigue symptoms. However, at eight weeks, ginseng offered cancer patients significant improvement in general exhaustion - feelings of being worn out, fatigued, sluggish, run-down, or tired - compared to the placebo group.

    Dr Barton said: After eight weeks, we saw a 20-point improvement in fatigue in cancer patients, measured on a 100-point, standardized fatigue scale.

    And she said the herb had no apparent side effects.

    Ginseng has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural energy booster. Until this study, its effects had not been tested extensively against the debilitating fatigue that occurs in up to 90 per cent of cancer patients.

    Fatigue in cancer patients has been linked to an increase in the immune system's inflammatory cytokines as well as poorly regulated levels of the stress-hormone cortisol. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/05/12 - Does science prove Noah's flood?
    For decades, science books in Americas schools have taught that the earth is billions of years old, with the Big Bang bursting through the universe some 14.3 billion years ago.

    They teach children that bacteria has been around a billion years or so and that the Precambrian Explosion some 500 million years ago launched some of the earliest forms of life.

    But what if the evidence doesnt support that? What if scientific observation suggests that the Bibles literal account of thousands of years is right.

    In the Eighth edition of his book In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood, Brown presents his hydroplate theory, which unfolds scientific evidence that the earths present geologic features and fossils were formed around 5,000 years ago not untold millions or billions of years ago. He asserts that the global flood recorded in Genesis 7 is the mechanism that created the geologic, astronomical and biological phenomena witnesseed today.

    According to Brown, the earth was an extremely different place before Noahs flood. Oceans were much shallower and mountains much lower. He notes that it is no coincidence that more than 230 flood legends with many common elements such as a sole surviving family in a boat exist from every corner of the earth. In fact, the flood of Noah is the very device that sets Browns hydroplate theory in motion.

    Brown contends that water depth would be 9,000 feet everywhere if the earths surface was completely smooth, easily covering the low-lying mountains that existed at the time of the flood.

    About half the water now in the oceans was once in interconnected chambers about 10 miles below the entire earths surface, explains Brown. The average thickness of the subterranean water was at least three-quarters of a mile. Above the subterranean water was a granite crust; beneath the water was earths mantle.

    Brown gives a visual of what he calculates the earth looked like before catastrophic forces pushed mountains tens of thousands of feet higher.

    Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas were joined across what is now the Atlantic Ocean, Brown asserts. On the pre-flood crust were deep and shallow seas, and mountains generally smaller than those of today, but some perhaps 5,000 feet high.

    Yet not all subterranean water escaped during the flood, asserts Brown. He argues that earthquakes provide evidence that oceans of water still exist underneath the crust, noting that only underground channels of water could rapidly transmit shockwaves thousands of miles from the epicenter.

    Brown argues that the evolutionists account of a comet, asteroid or volcanic activity triggering the extinction of the dinosaurs is flawed. He contends that only a global flood could have generated a mass rapid burial and fossilization of animals, as all remains would have rotted away if they had died without being submerged in water to preserve them. Brown also explains that fossils similar density and mass discovered on the same levels of the geologic column prove that dinosaur remains were sorted and buried just thousands of years ago in a flood, not merely interred hundreds of millions of years ago in a series of mass extinctions.

    Another chink in evolutionists armor, says Brown, is that the soft bone tissue and DNA found in dinosaur remains could not exist for more than thousands of years. On top of this, he points out that intentionally inflated and incorrect readings of fossils and rocks measured using various dating techniques further put evolutionists millions- and billions-of-years-old origins account into disrepute. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/05/12 - When Continental Drift Was Considered Pseudoscience - Article Excerpt

    06/05/12 - Redesigned Cooler Reinvents Tuberculosis Treatment - Article Excerpt

    06/05/12 - Boeing Hydrogen Powered Drone First Flight - Article Excerpt

    06/05/12 - China Factory Robots - Article Excerpt

    06/05/12 - The End Game - Article Excerpt

    06/05/12 - The Elephants and Donkeys deserve the BIRD
    Both parties are indistinguishable from one another. Both are keeping America broke. Both are keeping America at war. Both have trampled on the Constitution.

    And both are products of the same big money players that never change behind the scenes.

    It's time to give the elephants and donkeys a little company. We the people are ready to let Washington know the TWO-PARTY SYSTEM IS OVER.

    Judge Jim Gray and Gary Johnson talk about why undecided voters in the presidential election are not wasting their votes by voting for a Johnson-Gray ticket put forth by the Libertarian Party rather than voting for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Interview by Capitol Report New Mexico from the Libertarian Party convention, 5/4/12.

    Republicans and Democrats are the problem. Realize that NOT ONE of the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore got there by way of the "two-party" system."

    George Washington,
    Thomas Jefferson,
    Theodore Roosevelt
    and Abraham Lincoln,

    it's time to jump out of the two party only maze and try fresh ideas! - Full Article Source - Permalink


    06/02/12 - Ultra-efficient LED puts out more power than is pumped in
    MIT physicists have managed to build a light-emitting diode that has an electrical efficiency of more than 100 percent. You may ask, "Wouldn't that mean it breaks the first law of thermodynamics?" The answer, happily, is no.

    The LED produces 69 picowatts of light using 30 picowatts of power, giving it an efficiency of 230 percent. That means it operates above "unity efficiency" -- putting it into a category normally occupied by perpetual motion machines.

    However, while MIT's diode puts out more than twice as much energy in photons as it's fed in electrons, it doesn't violate the conservation of energy because it appears to draw in heat energy from its surroundings instead. When it gets more than 100 percent electrically-efficient, it begins to cool down, stealing energy from its environment to convert into more photons.

    In slightly more detail, the researchers chose an LED with a small band gap, and applied smaller and smaller voltages. Every time the voltage was halved, the electrical power was reduced by a factor of four, but the light power emitted only dropped by a factor of two. The extra energy came instead from lattice vibrations.

    69 picowatts of light, of course, is a very small amount -- so you're not likely to be able to read in bed with one of these LEDs. However, it could have applications in low-power electronics, acting as a thermodynamic heat engine but with fast electrical control. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/02/12 - Back to Eden Gardening Method! Simply Incredible!
    BACK TO EDEN shares the story of one man's lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden.

    The organic growing system that has resulted from Paul Gautschi's incredible experiences has garnered the interest of visitors from around the world.

    However, never until now have Paul's methods been documented and shared like this!

    Visit this site Full Back to Eden Film for full details. (Thanks to Bill Ward for the headsup on this wonderful film. - JWD) - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/02/12 - 3d printing, the new frontier of piracy?
    KeelyNet Weve all heard the countless arguments about piracy in digital media. However, it appears that 3d printing or other rapid prototyping systems are bringing legal issues to a more physical world.

    The story goes like this: [Thomas] bought a 3d printer.

    Hes a big fan of warhammer figurines. He spends tons of time creating some custom warhammer figures, and uploads them to thingaverse. Games Workshop, the owners of Warhammer, unleashed the lawyers and had the items removed.

    There are so many angles to this story, the mind boggles.

    If I were an artist, and someone else was uploading copies of my work, essentially stopping my revenue, it would suck.

    Then again, if I were lucky enough to have a fanatical fan base that spread the love for my product with excitement and zeal, I might want to encourage them.

    Neither of those thoughts however, cover the legal issue at the base here. We dont have an answer for you. Sorry.

    Youll probably be seeing this issue pop up more and more often in the future. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/02/12 - Ionic liquids boost the storage capacity of batteries.
    Jerry Martin, CEO and cofounder of a small startup in Colorado, says his companyBoulder Ionicsis developing a way of making a type of electrolyte that would enable high-performance batteries.

    The electrolyte, made from ionic liquidssalts that are molten below 100 ?Ccan operate at high voltages and temperatures, isn't flammable, and doesn't evaporate. Ionic liquids are normally expensive to produce, but Boulder Ionics is developing a cheaper manufacturing process.

    Replacing conventional electrolytes with ionic liquids could double the energy storage capacity of ultracapacitors by allowing them to be charged to higher voltages. That could make it possible to replace a starter battery in a car with a battery the size of a flashlight, Martin says.

    The electrolytes could also help improve the storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries, the kind used in electric vehicles and mobile phones; and they could help make rechargeable metal-air batteries practical. In theory, such batteries could store 10 times as much energy as conventional lithium-ion batteries.

    For use in ultracapacitors, the new ionic liquid electrolyte can simply replace a conventional one. "It's a nearly drop-in replacement, compatible with existing production lines," Martin says.

    But battery makers will need to switch to new electrode materials that operate at higher voltages to take advantage of the high-voltage resistance of ionic liquids in lithium-ion batteries.

    Ionic liquids are suitable for rechargeable metal-air batteries because the electrolyte in such a battery is exposed to the air, and ionic liquids do not evaporate. At least one company, Fluidic Energy, is hoping to make metal-air batteries practical by using ionic liquids. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/02/12 - Invention helps drive down solar water-heating costs
    KeelyNet Tom Seppings, of Beccles, has created the SolaPlug, which aims to make the heating of water cheaper and also easier to fit.

    The invention is a flanged adaptor which connects solar heating panels to an existing hot water tank, meaning that the cylinder can be kept rather than scrapped.

    Mr Seppings noticed through the course that a lot of plumbing work was required to install the technology and that the benefits were not big enough for many people to be able to afford it.

    He said: Environmentally, solar water heating makes perfect sense, the main obstacle has been the high cost of fitting it into existing homes.

    He added: I looked at ways of making it cheaper. Fitting a new tank is a third of the cost so I looked at alternatives.

    I came up with the flanging arrangement and did some research and I was amazed no-one else had done it. It was almost too good to be true.

    Mr Seppings applied for a patent in August 2007, but did not start working instantly. Instead he has carefully grown his idea.

    In total Mr Seppings says the price of the installation of solar water heating falls from more than 4,000 to around 3,000 with the SolaPlug.

    He hopes to have 300 created this year from his base in Weston and expects demand to grow. His firm does install complete solar systems, but the product is also available from specialist solar merchants, Plumbcenter and PTS. - Full Article Source - Permalink

    06/02/12 - Dont Let Your Money Fly Away: 1909 Warning about Airships - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - The Medicine Men, "We Do Our Best" (a true story) - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - Re-evaluating your Priorities - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - Dropped your cell one too many times? - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - Chocolate, sweet talk & electronics let Paralyzed Rats Walk - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - 7 tips for good behavior, circa 1500 A.D. - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - Autonomous Road Train Project Completes Public Road Test - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - Ore-Sniffing Dogs Rediscovered By Mining Industry - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - and now Radioactive Tuna - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - Best OOPARTS site (Out of Place Artifacts) - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - Honey, Mud, Maggots and other Medical Marvels - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans Filing For Disability At Historic Rate - Article Excerpt

    06/02/12 - Peanut tree Power Generator - Article Excerpt


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    KeelyNet The Physics of the Primary State of Matter - published in the 1930s, Karl Schappeller described his Prime Mover, a 10-inch steel sphere with quarter-inch copper tubing coils. These were filled with a material not named specifically, but which is said to have hardened under the influence of direct current and a magnetic field [electro-rheological fluid]. With such polarization, it might be guessed to act like a dielectric capacitor and as a diode... - More Info

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    Guidelines for Alternative Science

    Alternative science covers a wide range of interests. Generally, it includes gravity control, free energy, electronic healing techniques, all forms of energy conversion, antigravity, levitation, overunity, time travel (as well as slowing down or speeding up local time).

    Also clearly covered is the art of power generation (ideally zero point or aether conversion), space travel, physics of matter and energy, sound/acoustics and how it can be used to produce useful phenomena, electric or magnetic forces to produce useful phenomena, various types of motors, vacuum energy, dimensional travel and shifts, medicine, hydrogen generation and how it is used.

    It also covers oil/petroleum and how it can be used to produce energy and products, weather control for cancelling earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods and to produce rain or clear weather on demand, oxygen/ozone therapy, nitrogen as a motor driver, water generation and manipulation via steam and vacuum, ecological restoration techniques, biophysics, rejuvenation and an unending list of other subjects, most of which are accepted by 'orthodox' science.

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