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    Beware scams out there claiming free energy or incredible energy savings.
    Before you buy any of their useless garbage,
    check out the main culprits as identified at;

    Energy Saving Scams - Updated 04/27/11
    Current big scam - Tesla Secret Power Device Plans
    which is a clone of the Magniworks scam, so Caveat Emptor!

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    02/01/17 - March 3 & 4, 2017 Dallas TX Practical Alternative Energy Convention Workshop - $148.50


    KeelyNet This is a timely issue so save up and go if you can. Norman Wootan shares this;

    "Norm, Don't know if your aware of this but Rick Friedrich will be hosting a Conference and it's in our home town!!!! March 3rd and 4th in downtown Dallas 1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Dallas TX 75201.

    I plan on being there for both days and happen to have an extra ticket - would love for you to be there also (hope you don't already have plans for those 2 days)

    Rick has been working with John Bedini for several years and offers several different systems on his Renaissance Charge website."

    Come learn about batteries, how to rejuvenate and keep your batteries, and about practical alternative energy solutions.

    Watch as we demonstrate motors of various sizes powering lights, fans, generators, etc., while charging batteries at around the same rate as the batteries powering the motors are discharging (which is thought to be impossible). Some of these motors will also create heat at the same time as running these loads. We have been doing these meetings all over the country and in Europe since 2010.

    Come for a day or both days. Add the motor for the Workshop.

    The first day will go over all the details about proper battery charging, all the battery chargers/rejuvenators we sell (these allow you to restore most useless batteries and keep them), an introduction to the free energy motor systems, the most significant overunity demonstration, and we will spend three hours doing a workshop where people can build the mini magnetic motor or watch others build it. - March 3 & 4, 2017 Dallas TX Practical Alternative Energy Convention Workshop - $148.50


    01/30/17 - Free Energy Device For Sale Now!
    Great news. A company has just started selling a free energy device that produces over 7300 Watts of power using no fuel. It's designed to work 24 hours a day and is warrantied for 5 years. The company allows you to try out the machine for 30 days before paying for it.

    It looks a lot like a clone of the Swiss Methernitha device by Paul BAUMANN which is called the Testatika Generator and uses electrostatic energy collected from the air. Testatika details and Testatika photos.

    Methernitha Testatika free energy machine part 1

    Testatika clone

    Testatika power theory

    Free Energy: Methernitha, The Testatika Machine, Inventor, Paul Baumann

    Arrays as a Key to Power for our Future

    I hope we can finally see a working overunity device which we built or buy to use for power in our houses and businesses. Might be possible to adapt them to electric cars and buses. Power ranges around 3kw as the maximum output.

    Another common claim uses a very old scheme of battery drives motor, motor drives generator, generator recharges battery...No one has ever made that work though I've heard of in Australia whose name escapes me, the other, a black guy in San Antonio named Jesse who I have been in contact with back in the day...he has a patent and claims he was bought out to not produce it.

    O/U? Electric Power Generating On-Site Power Plant (OSPP)

    Harold Shirlee Self-Powered Electrical System Patent App. 20060232068

    Jesse McQueens patent The last time I talked with Jesse he claimed his original machine put out 3kw and he was working on a 5kw version. - Free Energy Device For Sale Now!

    01/30/17 - House of The Rising Sun - Musical Tesla Coils
    House of The Rising Sun played on Steve Caton's and Eric Goodchild's (me) 7 foot tall Musical Tesla Coils. This was the first time the coils have ever been run together. It was a marvelous first test. These are two gigantic solid state musical Tesla Coils. A Tesla Coil is a special type of transformer invented by Nikola Tesla that is able to generating extremely large voltages using a phenomenon known as electrical resonance. Each coil in this video is capable of generating a 13 foot spark. This equates to about 500,000 volts of electricity.

    The primary drive system for the coils consists of high power semiconductors arranged into an H-Bridge switching configuration. During a spark event, the coil is pulsed on for a few hundred millionths of a second. During this short time, thousands of amps circulate within the primary tank circuit and the energy is coupled into the secondary resonator through magnetism.

    So what appears to be a continuous burst of sparks is actually a specific number of sparks generated per second. By modulating the number of sparks that emit from the coil each second, different tones can be produced by the coils. These coils were constructed by Eric Goodchild and Steven Caton. Eric Goodchild is currently an EE student at ASU Polytechnic. - House of The Rising Sun - Musical Tesla Coils

    01/30/17 - China Electric Car Sales Demolish US & European Electric Car Sales
    KeelyNet The Chinese market had 44,874 new electric cars in December, far from the 60,000 expected by analysts, but still up 27% year over year (YoY) and far more than the electric car sales in the US and Europe. Overall, Chinas plug-in market share rose to a record 1.45%, above the USA (0.8%) and Europe (1.3%).

    Despite the disappointing plateauing in December, which is a bit like what happens when you expect that Usain Bolt will break the 0100 meter world record every time he goes on the track, looking at the big picture, the 351,861 electric car sales registered in China during 2016 represent approximately 46% of ALL plug-ins sold worldwide this year, with Chinese carmakers responsible for 43% of all EV production in 2016.

    To confirm the rise of the Big Red Giant, in 2013, China had only 6% of worldwide plug-in production. Since then, it has increased its share at an 1112% yearly pace. In December, there were a number of fresh models shining, with the BAIC EC180 being the most impressive, reaching 2nd place right on its landing month. With over 70(!) models on sale, three of them landing last month, the Chinese electric car market is by far the most dynamic on earth, with plenty of surprises and changes.

    Proof of this balance is the fact the BYD Tang, Chinas best-selling plug-in car in 2016 ended the year with 31,000 units, or just 9% of the plug-in market, the lowest share of any winner in the world. Also, it hasnt won a monthly best seller trophy since July. Despite this, it was a record year for the Chinese SUV, scoring 31,405 registrations, slightly below the 31,898 all-time record set by its BYD Qin relative in 2015, but enough to leave the same BYD Qin, in 2nd place this year, some 10,000 units behind.

    But the real surprise this year was the 3rd place finish of the veteran BYD e6. Thanks to a strong Q4 (7,715 registrations), it climbed to 3rd place for the first time since 2013, with a record 20,605 registrations, making that three BYDs on the podium, a first.

    Below those three BYD models, we find two BAIC models, the E-Series EV and the EU260. Both of these models had disappointing performances in December and were surpassed by the old fox BYD e6. The Geely Emgrand EV jumped to #6 in December on the back of its amazing sales month, leaving strong credentials for 2017. Will we see it run for the leadership?

    (Pictured) - #1 Geely Emgrand EV: Geely, one of the largest carmakers in China, owner of Volvo and LTI (the iconic black cab from London), joined the EV bandwagon this year by bringing the Emgrand EV to market. The Emgrand EV is an electric conversion of its successful middle-of-the-road sedan. Last month, it was the most successful it or any other electric car has been to date, with a massive 6,023 registrations, a new all-time record for a single model in China. That gave the model its first best seller title. With okay looks and good-but-not-outstanding specs (127 hp, 0100 km/h in 9.9 seconds, 253 kms range from a 45 kWh lithium battery), Geely is betting on making a good first entry into the market and stealing sales from BYD and BAIC sedans while the more export-oriented Lynk & Co plug-ins do not arrive. - China Electric Car Sales Demolish US & European Electric Car Sales

    01/30/17 - US Military celebrating departure of Obamas


    Seems like soliders everywhere are throwing out anything obama and replacing with their President Donald J. Trump their new Commander-in-Chief who truly supports our armed services. - US Military celebrating departure of Obamas

    01/30/17 - Using This New Technology, a Water Surplus Was Created In One of the Driest Countries on Earth


    Wars in the Middle East have been fought over oil, but with the area drying up, water is the new commodity which incites both civil and international discord. In the Fertile Crescent, the only country which isnt suffering from acute water stress is Israel not only for their controversial ability to control water in the region, but for their productivity in helping to bring about the era of desalinization.

    Changes over the past several decades have made the Fertile Crescent much less fertile. Using satellite images of the region, scientists discovered that only 10% of the areas marshlands remain. All the rest have dried up, leaving mainly desert with patches of salt.

    Israels new Sorek desalination plant, the largest reverse-osmosis facility in the world is now making a surplus of water in an area previously known to be one of the driest countries on earth. 1.2 million people now have drinkable, desalinated water using new technologies developed by the Zuckerberg Institute. 55 percent of Israels domestic water now comes from the Mediterranean Sea, through the Sorek plant. Only a few years ago, the country was in the middle of its worst droughts in at least 900 years. With a national campaign to conserve and reuse water along with the massive desalination plant, Israel now has a water surplus.

    Edo Ba-Zeev, an expert on biofouling who helped develop the technology for the plant, helped to change the attitude of researchers who previously saw desalination as a last resort. Most desalination plants work by pushing seawater through membranes that contain microscopic pores. The water gets through, leaving the salt behind, and then you have potable water. The only problem with this system is that micro-organisms typically begin to colonize the membranes and block the pores. Controlling them usually requires expensive cleaning which relies on chemical treatment of the plant.

    Bar-Zeev and his colleagues developed a chemical-free system using porous lava stone to capture the microorganisms before they reach the membranes. Its just one of many breakthroughs in membrane technology that have made desalination much more efficient, and led Israel to be a literal oasis in the Middle East. The plant was originally meant to improve the area along the Negev Desert, but it has been so successful, it is being reimagined to be applied to the entire Fertile Crescent, not to mention other places around the world that are currently suffering from drought Maharashtra, India, Beijing China, Mexico City, Mexico, vast stretches of Africa, and Californias Central Valley notwithstanding. - Using This New Technology, a Water Surplus Was Created In One of the Driest Countries on Earth

    01/30/17 - List of Trump's executive orders
    Since taking office, President Trump has looked to fulfill some of his campaign promises by using executive orders. Here are the 17 orders he has signed so far:

    Multi-pronged orders on border security and immigration enforcement including: the authorization of a U.S.-Mexico border wall; the stripping of federal grant money to sanctuary cities; hiring 5,000 more Border Patrol agents; ending catch-and-release policies for illegal immigrants; and reinstating local and state immigration enforcement partnerships.

    Two orders reviving the Keystone XL pipeline and Dakota Access piplines. He also signed three other related orders that would: expedite the environmental permitting process for infrastructure projects related to the pipelines; direct the Commerce Department to streamline the manufacturing permitting process; and give the Commerce Department 180 days to maximize the use of U.S. steel in the pipeline.

    An order to reinstate the so-called "Mexico City Policy" a ban on federal funds to international groups that perform abortions or lobby to legalize or promote abortion. The policy was instituted in 1984 by President Reagan, but has gone into and out of effect depending on the party in power in the White House.

    He signed a notice that the U.S. will begin withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Trump called the order "a great thing for the American worker."

    An order imposing a hiring freeze for some federal government workers as a way to shrink the size of government. This excludes the military, as Trump noted at the signing.

    An order that directs federal agencies to ease the regulatory burdens of ObamaCare. It orders agencies to waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement of ObamaCare that imposes a fiscal burden on any State or a cost, fee, tax, penalty, or regulatory burden on individuals, families, healthcare providers, health insurers, patients, recipients of healthcare services, purchasers of health insurance, or makers of medical devices, products, or medications.

    Bans refugees and residents from seven Muslim nations.

    Restructure the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council.

    Lengthen the ban on administration officials working as lobbyists.

    Improve efforts to defeat ISIS.

    This is how a businessman works for our country. Something we should never forget and appreciate immensely. President Trump is, in fact, Leading By Example and the world is taking note! I think we need a law prohibiting any muslim from voting. It is the way they intend to implement Sharia on us all, so nip it in the bud! - JWD

    And a bit more clarification, Everything you need to know about Trump's executive actions so far - President Trump has been in office for a week and has taken advantage of his executive powers by beginning to craft and impose his administrations policies. Seven days into his first term, Mr. Trump has issued more than a dozen executive actions, which include a government-wide freeze on new and pending regulations, the reinstatement of a policy that bars U.S. funding to health providers abroad that discuss abortion as an option and a call for the construction of a physical wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Most of the actions taken so far are technically presidential memoranda, and four have been executive orders, which have the force of law and must be published in the Federal Register. Historically, presidents have embraced the executive order as a tool to use when theres a lack of action from Congress. Some have been infamously contentious -- President Franklin Roosevelt signed one in 1942 that established internment camps during World War II. - List of Trump's executive orders

    01/30/17 - With Open Gates The forced collective suicide of European nations
    New site coming exposing islam: exposing all ties of islam, terrorism and jihad with the jews, KGB, Soviet Union, CIA, Mossad and first and foremost White Genocide. Communism, islam, feminism, christianity are all jewish programs leading different paths to Jew World Order all funded, run and packed with racial jews.

    Exposing the hoax of the pour refugees come to Europe to honestly work and earn their money because they are pour:

    Sweden: Muslims make up the main core welfare recipients and tax drain
    Germany: Statistics show majority of Muslim refugees will never work
    USA: Muslim refugees 91.4% on food stamps, 68.3% on Cash Welfare
    Germany to Spend $6.6 Billion on 800,000 Muslim Refugees and Migrants
    Sweden: Ten times higher welfare dependency among 16.5% foreign born an increase of 82%
    Sweden is forced to apply for EU emergency aid to afford basic needs for Muslim refugees
    Holland: 50-70% of former Muslim asylum seekers live permanently on welfare
    Denmark: 90% of applicants for economic help to celebrate Christmas are Muslim Fraud report
    Costs of non-Western immigration in Denmark have increased by over 2 billion kroner in just four years
    Turks in Germany are a Financial Time Bomb Statistics
    80% of Turkish Muslim Settlers in Germany Live off Welfare

    Exposing the hoax of they are just peaceful moderate civilians who just seek war asylum:

    Most European Muslims want Sharia not European laws
    UK: 45% of Muslims support hate preachers, 11% support jihad against the West BBC Poll
    UK: Medial poll show that 1.5 million British Muslims see themselves as supporters of ISIS
    Denmark: 46.1% of Muslims surveyed feel Danish law must be based on Sharia
    Pew poll: 63-287 million ISIS supporters in just 11 countries
    Where are ISIS supporters tweeting from?
    Survey: 23% of Syrian refugees in Europe susceptible to Islamic State recruitment
    Poll: 81% of Muslims surveyed support Islamic State slaughters Al Jazeera Arabic Poll
    35 million Muslim migrants may set sights on Europe
    More than 42 Million Muslims support ISIS and their support is growing... - With Open Gates The forced collective suicide of European nations

    01/30/17 - DNA Begins As a Quantum Wave (Wave Genetics)
    One strand of DNA from one single cell contains enough information to clone an entire organism. Obviously, understanding DNA allows us to understand much about life and the universe around us. A deeper understanding of the new science tell us that DNA beings not as a molecule, but as a wave form. Even more interestingly, this wave form exists as a pattern within time and space and is coded throughout the entire universe.

    One scientist who caught these microgravitational forces in their action is Dr. Sergey Leikin. In 2008, Leikin put different types of DNA in regular salt water and marked each type with a different fluorescent color and the DNA molecules were then scattered throughout the water. In the experiments major surprise, matching DNA molecules were found pairing together. After a short time, entire clusters of the same colored DNA molecules had formed. Leikin believes some sort of electromagnetic charge allowed the same colored molecules to cluster. However, other experiments show that this is not the case. That it is most likely to be gravity. Let us explain.

    In 2011, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier demonstrated that DNA can be spontaneously formed out of merely hydrogen and oxygen. He started out with a hermetically sealed tube of pure sterilized water and then placed another sealed tube next to it, which had small amounts of DNA floating in water. Montagnier then electrified both tubes with a weak, 7 hertz electromagnetic field and waited. 18 hours later, little pieces of DNA had grown in the original tube, which consisted of only pure sterilized water.

    This new science tells us that the universe is constantly conspiring to make biological life, whenever and wherever it can. In any given area of the universe, these hidden microgravitational waves will begin gathering atoms and molecules together to create DNA, and thus, life.

    Another phenomenal discovery was made when Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp caught DNA in the act of pulling in photons (tiny packets of energy that make up visible light). The new science reveals that photons are essential to the basic health and function of DNA and are apparently used to send and receive information throughout the body. He found that each DNA molecule stores up to 1,000 photons within itself, similar to that of a tiny fiber-optic cable. The photons shoot back and forth at the speed of light inside the molecule and are stored until they need to be used.

    In 1984, Russian scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that when a DNA molecule was placed inside a small quartz container, it naturally absorbed every photon in the room. A stunning analogy of this would be that of a single person standing in a large sports stadium and having every photon in the stadium somehow bending directly to that person, leaving that persons body literally glowing with light, while the rest of the stadium goes completely dark.

    In conventional science, the only force that can bend light is gravity and it is done only around a black hole. Thus, it appears DNA is generating a microgravitational effect that attracts and captures light. Looking back to the first experiment mentioned in this article by Dr. Leikin, we see that it is indeed likely not an electrical charge that forced or allowed the same DNA molecules to attract to one other, but is likely due to gravity, as electrical charges have never been able to bend light as it moves through space.

    The most incredible part of Dr. Gariaevs experiment came when he thought it was over. He had pulled out the DNA from the quartz container and looked back into the container only to find that photons were still spiraling in the exact same place where the DNA had been. Apparently, some sort of gravitational influence was holding photons right where the DNA had been. This later became called the DNA phantom effect. Thus, DNA is creating an energetic force that absorbs photons and pulls them right into the molecule, but the DNA itself isnt even needed. It is some invisible force, or some wave, that attracts and holds the light (photons) there all by itself.

    Dr. Gariaev found that he could blast the phantom with supercold liquid nitrogen gas and the photons would all escape from the force field. Within 5 to 8 minutes though, new photons would be captured and the entire phantom would reappear. He could keep doing this as much as he wanted, but new photons would keep appearing. In fact, it was only after doing this for 30 days straight that the photons finally did not reappear.

    KeelyNet Certainly, this last experiment was done over 30 years ago, and yet, the significance of it has yet to be truly felt. The first two experiments are still relatively young and have also yet to be fully appreciated. Clearly though, our view of the universe and life itself is changing as these concepts are understood by more people each day.

    DNA consists of amino acids on one side and a mirror opposite. Thus they create a bucking field that produces a scalar.

    Scalars cannot be blocked by any known method and do not respond to resistive, inductive or capacitive media or materials as they transceive from their source. Thus all life having DNA is broadcasting dynamic infinite signals all over the universe. Think about that. - JWD - DNA Begins As a Quantum Wave (Wave Genetics)

    01/30/17 - Designing An Abundant Clean Energy XPRIZE Competition
    KeelyNet Can the way we generate energy be FUNDAMENTALLY transformed? We believe the world will be much better if global clean energy generation is dramatically improved beyond current choices and thats why were developing this XPRIZE. On a planet awash with energy, in a universe where all matter is made of immense amounts of energy (E=mc2), we find our society forced to make bad choices for most of our energy supply from a set of technologies as old as the transistor, not to mention fire.

    There are countless reasons why we need new and better sources of energy, from climate change to pollution to poverty and more. The vast majority of mankinds current energy use is coming from unsustainable and damaging sources. We need something better.

    An XPRIZE is a great way to inspire new solutions - Great prize competitions have worked to spawn entire new industries from ideas of inventors who entered. XPRIZE Foundation is a global leader in designing and executing fair, well-designed incentive prize competitions. But what would a prize competition for abundant clean energy look like in detail? To design a highly effective competition in detail takes a lot of thought and work and we need your input and help.

    Well-designed competitions have a way of breaking new ground that seems impossible. They attract the best and brightest minds, challenging and supporting them to push all the limits. Lots of promising ideas are on the drawing boards of inventors, small companies and scientific researchers. They exist. How do we draw them out and validate them so they can get the support they need to scale up and serve this huge need/market? What better way than a well-designed, very large XPRIZE?

    Please help make this prize competition THE BEST it can be. We are in the process of designing this XPRIZE. We recognize that we dont have all the answers so were asking for your help. We invite thoughtful advice from experts like you that can help us set up a prize competition to get the greatest results. We are looking for ideas on how to design the prize to:

    1. Attract the BEST, most transformative new clean energy technologies and inventions

    2. Optimally incentivize the most talented inventors/scientists/engineers to participate

    3. Clearly define prize competition structure and rules

    4. Set up scientific protocols to test and verify/validate entries

    5. Set up judging criteria to efficiently evaluate and sort through entries while not discouraging adventurous submissions

    Whats in it for YOU? We are putting up a $50,000 prize purse that is broken into pieces to incentivize YOU to help come up with better and better ideas on how to accomplish these objectives. Start thinking of your ideas on how to best run a prize of this magnitude. Its simple - The more great ideas and collaboration you share, the more points you get. The more points you get, the more money you get - and the more you help the world.

    Two things about this competition that stand out for me and make it different from so many others which generally limit who can participate and what happens to the winners ideas.

    #1 - "The Challenge is open to all individuals age 18 or older. Innovators may originate from any country. Submissions must be made in English. All prize-related communication will be in English."

    #2 - "The Sponsor will require all content and assets submitted as part of a Finalists Design Submission to be released under open source licenses that permit free distribution, derivative works, and use in commercial and non-commercial settings.

    So put on your thinking caps and give it a shot, you might win some money and your idea might actually be tested. - JWD - Designing An Abundant Clean Energy XPRIZE Competition

    01/30/17 - Absorbing electromagnetic energy while avoiding the heat
    Electrical engineers at Duke University have created the world's first electromagnetic metamaterial made without any metal. The device's ability to absorb electromagnetic energy without heating up has direct applications in imaging, sensing and lighting.

    Metamaterials are synthetic materials composed of many individual, engineered features that together produce properties not found in nature. Imagine an electromagnetic wave moving through a flat surface made of thousands of tiny electrical cells. If researchers can tune each cell to manipulate the wave in a specific way, they can dictate exactly how the wave behaves as a whole.

    In a new paper, electrical engineers at Duke University demonstrate the first completely dielectric (non-metal) electromagnetic metamateriala surface dimpled with cylinders like the face of a Lego brick that is designed to absorb terahertz waves. While this specific frequency range sits between infrared waves and microwaves, the approach should be applicable for almost any frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Padilla and his colleagues created their metamaterial with boron-doped silicona non-metal. Using computer simulations, they calculated how terahertz waves would interact with cylinders of varying heights and widths. The researchers then manufactured a prototype consisting of hundreds of these optimized cylinders aligned in rows on a flat surface. Physical tests showed that the new "metasurface" absorbed 97.5 percent of the energy produced by waves at 1.011 terahertz.

    Efficiently absorbing energy from electromagnetic waves is an important property for many applications. For example, thermal imaging devices can operate in the terahertz range, but because they have previously included at least some metal, getting sharp images has been challenging. "Heat propagates fast in metals, which is problematic for thermal imagers," said Xinyu Liu, a doctoral student in Padilla's laboratory and first author of the paper. "There are tricks to isolate the metal during fabrication, but that becomes cumbersome and costly."

    Another potential application for the new technology is efficient lighting. Incandescent light bulbs make light but also create a significant amount of wasted heat. They must operate at high temperatures to produce lightmuch higher than the melting point of most metals. "We can produce a dielectric metasurface designed to emit light, without producing waste heat," Padilla said. "Although we've already been able to do this with metal-based metamaterials, you need to operate at high temperature for the whole thing to work. Dielectric materials have melting points much higher than metals, and we're now quickly trying to move this technology into the infrared to demonstrate a lighting system." - Absorbing electromagnetic energy while avoiding the heat

    01/30/17 - China's new microwave weapon can disable missiles and paralyze tanks
    KeelyNet For over 6 years, Huang Wenhua and his team at the Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology in Xi'an have been working on a potent microwave weapon. This one, which recently won China's National Science and Technology Progress Award, is small enough to fit on a lab work bench, making it theoretically portable enough for land vehicles and aircraft. Said another way: it's small enough to be convenient, but powerful enough to totally down enemy electronics. A microwave weapon like this could even be fitted to a missile (like the U.S. CHAMP electronic warfare missile) or drone.

    Generally, microwave weapons shut down electronic systems (even those with traditional shielding against EMP) by bombarding the target with energy pulses between 300 and 300,000 megahertz. This amount of directed energy interferes with and overloads electronic circuits, causing them to shut down. The higher the energy produced by the system, the greater the disruption (and even physical damage for some very high-powered microwave weapons) of the targeted electronic systems like engines and communications systems.

    China can find a wide variety of uses for an electronics killing ray. Defensively, microwave weapons could be part of electronic warfare booby traps, ambushing and disabling enemy vehicles and robots. At close ranges, it can be mounted on vehicles, warships, and even aircraft, to disable and distract missiles, small UAVs and even the personal and vehicular electronics of hostile forces.

    But the real combat potential of the microwave weapon comes in offense. Carried in by a stealthy drone or cruise missile, it would be able to disable sophisticated enemy defenses like SAM and anti-ship missile batteries; fry enemy radars, communications, and control systems; paralyze tank battalions; and even neutralize other EW platforms. - China's new microwave weapon can disable missiles and paralyze tanks

    01/30/17 - Rods from God
    Space-launched darts that strike like meteors. A pair of satellites orbiting several hundred miles above the Earth would serve as a weapons system. One functions as the targeting and communications platform while the other carries numerous tungsten rods--up to 20 feet in length and a foot in diameter--that it can drop on targets with less than 15 minutes' notice.

    When instructed from the ground, the targeting satellite commands its partner to drop one of its darts. The guided rods enter the atmosphere, protected by a thermal coating, traveling at 36,000 feet per second--comparable to the speed of a meteor. The result: complete devastation of the target, even if it's buried deep underground. (The two-platform configuration permits the weapon to be "reloaded" by just launching a new set of rods, rather than replacing the entire system.)

    If so-called "Rods from God"--an informal nickname of untraceable origin--ever do materialize, it won't be for at least 15 years. Launching heavy tungsten rods into space will require substantially cheaper rocket technology than we have today. But there are numerous other obstacles to making such a system work. Pike, of, argues that the rods' speed would be so high that they would vaporize on impact, before the rods could penetrate the surface.

    Furthermore, the "absentee ratio"--the fact that orbiting satellites circle the Earth every 100 minutes and so at any given time might be far from the desired target--would be prohibitive. A better solution, Pike argues, is to pursue the original concept: Place the rods atop intercontinental ballistic missiles, which would slow down enough during the downward part of their trajectory to avoid vaporizing on impact. ICBMs would also be less expensive and, since they're stationed on Earth, would take less time to reach their targets.

    "The space-basing people seem to understand the downside of space weapons," Pike says--among them, high costs and the difficulty of maintaining weapon platforms in orbit. "But I'll still bet you there's a lot of classified work on this going on right now." - Rods from God

    01/30/17 - New technique stores summer heat until it's needed in winter
    A group of Swiss researchers claim to have come up with a process that stores heat captured during summer for easy, flick-of-a-switch use in winter, with the added benefit that the captured energy can be physically transported anywhere it may be needed. Created by researchers working at EMPA (Eidgenssische Materialprfungs-und ForschungsAnstalt or, in English, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research), the new system uses concentrated sodium hydroxide (NaOH) as the thermal storage medium, and a collection of largely off-the-shelf components to capture, convert, and release heat energy on demand.

    To achieve this, the researchers rely on the fact that when water is poured onto dry sodium hydroxide an exothermic reaction ensues, where the chemical energy contained in the NaOH is released as heat. As NaOH is also extremely hygroscopic (that is, having a great attraction for dragging in and holding water molecules from the surrounding environment), more heat is produced from water condensing from vapor in the air and the sodium hydroxide solution is heated even further. In this way, large amounts of heat may be liberated from NaOH simply by the addition of water.

    Conversely, if heat energy (collected from the sun, for example) is fed into a solution of sodium hydroxide diluted with water, the moisture readily evaporates and the NaOH solution becomes more concentrated and, therefore, effectively stores the supplied energy. This concentrated mixture may then be kept stored for many months (even years), until the heat is once again liberated when the NaOH is exposed to water again. The solution can also be easily transported in tanks to other areas where heat energy is needed.

    In practice, the storage medium is a viscous liquid composed of a 50 percent NaOH solution that is made to trickle along in a spiral pipe (created from heat exchangers normally found in instantaneous water heaters), where it soaks up water vapor along the way and then conveys the generated heat into the pipe. The heat is then free to radiate, convect, and conduct into the area requiring warmth.

    During this process, the sodium hydroxide solution cascades down the outside of the heat exchanger spiral, where it is diluted to around 30 percent in the steamy atmosphere of the inside of the system, and the water temperature within the pipe rises to around 50 C (122 F). Which, in a happy coincidence, makes it ideal for under floor heating.

    The reverse of this process passing heat through the medium to store energy has also been demonstrated in the system. Specifically, the moisture from the NaOH solution evaporates when heat is applied, which is then siphoned off and condensed. The solution that exits the heat exchanger is now back up to 50 percent strength, and "charged" with heat energy. The researchers suggest that the heat for this step could be renewably produced using solar collectors (similar to those used in solar-powered air conditioning systems).

    The heated water generated in the process of condensation is then transferred to a geothermal probe (generally loops of pipes embedded vertically in the ground) for storage and retrieval. After the stored condensation's temperature has dropped to somewhere between 5 and 10 C (41 to 50 F) it is returned to the apparatus to drain the store.

    Though still in the prototype stage, EMPA is currently looking for commercial partners to assist in creating a compact version of the system for household domestic use. The EMPA heat storage device is one of three competing systems in the COMTES project, which has the goal to develop and demonstrate compact seasonal storage of solar thermal energy. - New technique stores summer heat until it's needed in winter

    01/30/17 - US Has a Crazy Supergun That Shoots 25lb Bullets with Magnets

    01/30/17 - Look what playing a video backwards leads to - Idiots

    01/30/17 - Becoming Immortal: The Future of Brain Augmentation and Uploaded Consciousness

    01/30/17 - The Dark Side of Blue LED Lighting & How It Compromises Your Health

    01/30/17 - CERN Entities are now confirmed and are real

    01/30/17 - How To Remove Gout & Joint Pain From Your Life (Uric Acid & Crystals)

    01/30/17 - Genetically-modified CYBORG dragonflies that can be remotely controlled to spy on people

    01/30/17 - DC waitress overwhelmed by message, tip left by Trump supporters

    01/30/17 - Dethroning Tesla


    01/25/17 - Free energy forever no wind no solar no gas "power your home get off the grid"
    Commenter; "I don't think u understand that an alternator only spins easily when its not putting out power.the more power it puts out, the harder it is to spin it. Thus the motor turning the alternator will have to work harder and that's gonna require more power.

    What you've made is like a dynamo. you could also make an ac to dc converter or dc to ac converter. But making more energy than you put in is not likely, its just being transfered and there's likely some loss during the transfer. Build a gasifier and run an engine from burning wood. You can power a generator or any engine just by burning wood. looks like you've got plenty of that."

    Which reminded me of a blast from the past The Wilson Machine and Mr. Wilson and his PM Generator.

    Mr. Wilson told me the secret was that he did not use modern alternator which create their own magnetic field and do not use any magnets. He used 1964 and earlier alternator that had big ass magnets that produced a lot of extra power which his machine used.

    Which tied in with John Bedinis claims of using a flywheel to get an 800% generator which you can read about at Bedini Gravity Field Generator. Step by Step, closer and closer...but this guy needs a lot of work to better demonstrate a test of what he is claiming. - Free energy forever no wind no solar no gas "power your home get off the grid"

    01/25/17 - Welcome to Keelynet (first green screen)
    I finally setup a Keelynet channel on youtube with the idea of creating a series of news, history, odd things type youtubes which I can monetize (where they insert ads and you get paid for click/views)... I experimented with it and below is my first green screen for Welcome to Keelynet - You can do an easy google search ; keelynet + (your search term) for whatever is in the Keelynet archives and you can email at the bottom of the page for questions or comments or ???.

    What inspired this was when I found two low cost, very easy programs that let you easily create and edit green screen videos. The $25 Debut Video Capture Software that lets you use your webcam as your front screen. And to make the green screen background with many adjustment options is the $25 VideoPad Video Editor.

    I highly recommend you spend this small amount and open a world of possibilities for videos, presentations and youtubes!. As a result, I've been just delirious with all the possibilities of green screen which allows either still images OR video as the background.

    You can add videos, images or audio to the video or audio timelines...just adjust the volume and it even has transitions as well as effects! I did two simple videos to learn how the program works...then found many adjustment options for sizing the webcam image and repositioning it on the screen...wonderful!

    So I made two test videos for Welcome to Keelynet and uploaded what I thought was the best of those..the program lets you export to many video formats and devices (iPhone) formats as well as .mp4, .wmv, .mpg, .flv and even an option to upload to your youtube account! The first few videos without green screen had an audio lag where voice did not match video but I tinkered with audio and video settings and found what works....

    The result is my channel with my first Welcome to Keelynet video...I know, crude, boring and lots of room for improvement, but being a novice at this, I am delighted! Keelynet Channel on youtube.

    Learning as I go but it is apparent the trick is to add relevant images, text and video on the green screen to MATCH pretty much what you are saying. So where I reference Keeynet, I should have been posting back images showing the website, then the translation button, then my email link and how best to search Keelynet on google using Keelynet along with your search term such as gravity, free energy, rejuvenation, etc... Also need to trim the background video length to match the front screen webcam video...

    If you have a minute, check it out and let me know your ideas on how to make it better. Consider buying this amazing software and start making your own green screen or other videos...its very cheap and pretty easy to do. I need to collect a lot of royalty free images and background sound I can have an archive to choose from. Google images has many green screen videos, dinosaurs, monsters, scifi, explosions and other effects that you can download to try out in your videos. - Welcome to Keelynet (first green screen)

    01/25/17 - The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words
    The whole world was watching for the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States: Donald J. Trump. Because we realize it's better for us to get along, we decided to introduce our tiny country to him. In a way that will probably appeal to him the most. - The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words

    01/25/17 - Nassim Haramein: The Schwarzschild Proton
    Commenter; "On December 21st, 2012, Haramein completed a paper entitled Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass. On January 25th 2013 the Paul Scherrer Institute confirmed Harameins prediction."

    Commenter; "As such the black hole-pimpled vacuum may be understood as a quantum field entangled through mini-worm holes, space-time pinching itself, effectively creating a non-local, interconnected, highly energetic vacuum medium which feed all protons with the combined energy/information/mass of the entire universe.

    In this way the quantum vacuum of our own black hole universe is described as finite but boundlessly entangled within its own parametrical horizon, yet infinite when viewed in the larger context of the fractal multiverse (more on this later). This universal quantum vacuum is the source of both the Schwarzschild proton mass which we will come to know as the Holographic Gravitational Mass - and the Standard proton mass as measured in laboratories. (holofractal . net - Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass )

    During his holographic mass calculations, Haramein found that all the information of all the other protons in the universe was equivalent, in terms of energy, to all the little Planck vacuum fluctuations inside one proton volume, as if they were all connected through this fundamental fluid field by a network of micro-wormhole eddies, which he discussed in public talks and at the CASYS 11 conference in Belgium.

    While it is true that on the surface, as the silicon droplet bounce along producing waves, we do not see any obvious connection between the vortices and eddies that are created, if we could look below the surface we may see something quite surprising. In fluid dynamics, it has been observed that two vortices, or eddies, when produced simultaneously (such as in entanglement experiments) actually remain connected below the surface via a vortexing tunnel like a wormhole! (resonance is - QUANTUM WEIRDNESS REPLACED BY CLASSICAL FLUID DYNAMICS )

    Quantum quirk may give objects mass on Newscientist .. If you thought that quantum entanglement - the weird effect that allows two particles to behave as one, no matter how far apart they are - is too subtle to affect your daily life, think again. The phenomenon could be responsible for something as significant as the mass of everyday objects, yourself included, and could finally explain why the fundamental particles of matter have the mass they do. - Nassim Haramein: The Schwarzschild Proton

    01/25/17 - New Research on HHO
    As many of you are aware I spend many years researching HHO in different countries. this included a lot of testing in world class labs. I worked with mainly diesels. You can read about my findings and opinions here: My findings were:

    1. HHO does work as a fuel combustion enhancer.

    2. It will assist in burning any unburnt fuel. It does not introduce extra energy into the equation other than the unburnt fuel and CO

    3. I can improve economy up to 8% in newer vehicles (typically under 5%) and over 20% in older ones especially if they are carbonized.

    4. It will reduce specific emissions and clean up engines.

    Most of the professional drivers who used the HHO generators over long periods of time enjoyed the smoother running and slightly increased power. They could run taller gears and did achieve fuel savings. The HHO devices never really took of in the market place and many companies that had spent millions developing and selling them folded.

    There are still some companies making quality units and achieving modest sales and many experimenters are running devices often home made on their vehicles with much satisfaction.

    In many cases water injection obtained a similar result and typically had around a 5% efficiency gain on the road. Water injection also reduced EGT and provided more power.

    Water with Alcohol really boosted power (up to 40%) and reduced diesel consumption depending on the amount of alcohol injected. I would like to repeat the above results are on diesel engines and I have seen much better results on gasoline or petrol engines.

    Of course, the most knowedgeable man alive on HHO that I know is George Wiseman at Eagle Research who is currently experimenting with the marvelous health benefits of HHO, applied to the skin or breathed. You can read about the results on plants at Plants don't Lie - round Two pdf and see for yourself. - JWD - New Research on HHO

    01/25/17 - Effect of hydroxy (HHO) gas addition on gasoline engine performance and emissions


    Abstract - The objective of this work was to construct a simple innovative HHO generation system and evaluate the effect of hydroxyl gas HHO addition, as an engine performance improver, into gasoline fuel on engine performance and emissions.

    HHO cell was designed, fabricated and optimized for maximum HHO gas productivity per input power. The optimized parameters were the number of neutral plates, distance between them and type and quantity of two catalysts of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH).

    The performance of a Skoda Felicia 1.3 GLXi gasoline engine was evaluated with and without the optimized HHO cell. In addition, the CO, HC and NOxemissions were measured using TECNO TEST exhaust gas analyzer TE488.

    The results showed that the HHO gas maximum productivity of the cell was 18 L/h when using 2 neutrals plates with 1 mm distance and 6 g/L of KOH.

    The results also showed 10% increment in the gasoline engine thermal efficiency, 34% reduction in fuel consumption, 18% reduction in CO, 14% reduction in HC and 15% reduction in NOx. - Effect of hydroxy (HHO) gas addition on gasoline engine performance and emissions

    01/25/17 - Free Energy Generator, Hubbard Self Powerd Generator, Static generator
    Alfred Hubbard Self Powered Generator, known as Hubbard Coil. - Free Energy Generator, Hubbard Self Powerd Generator, Static generator

    01/25/17 - H2Mud, anyone?
    A Dutch inventor may have been able to rearrange that current energy picture quite a bit. H2Fuel a form of hydrogen powder, with a twist has been developed by inventor and scientist Gerard Lugtigheid, and may indeed have some major consequences for all mankind.

    Some of the largest companies in the world leaders in energy and fuels are on board already. Investments are to be in the billions, or so the word goes. More about that later.

    At the very least this does not have the makings of a Rosch-type water monstrosity that simply cant work. It does remind me however of other hydrogen miracle claims, which make me feel somewhat uneasy.

    Clean energy, in unlimited supply. That is the promise of hydrogen in powdered form, entrepreneur Gerard Lugtigheid claims. The patent he filed a few years ago with his company H2Fuels Systems in Voorschoten, the Netherlands, slowly seems to gain a foothold because, they claim, it really works, and better than previous scientific research indicated.

    Its all about Hydrogen H2 in chemical terms for everyday use. The word is that Toyota, Honda, Mercedes and BMW this week joined the group and made a pact to put forward, in the coming years, the advent of hydrogen as an energy source for cars.

    As mentioned earlier, even major players like Shell and Total see the end of petrol and diesel approaching rapidly and took steps, joining forces and investing. Together they put as much as $ 10 billion on the table to help the world towards the hydrogen car. The idea is to relegate the plug-in cars, be it hybrids or purely battery-only powered cars, to history. Thats quite a statement.

    The invention of Lugtigheid allows energy to be released from powered hydrogen, with a twist. Hydrogen powder in itself is not new. It was already well-known prior art. However, the way energy is produced is new and revolutionary. So whats the twist and the secret? As is well-known, Hydrogen is an energy carrier. In order to release that energy a chemical process is required. Lugtigheid used for this purpose an acidic sodium-boron-compound (NaBH4). This process takes place under the hood of the car, in his vision. The secret is what he calls Ultra Pure Water. The hydrogen, in the form of the powder and ultra-pure-water is fed into the (conventional) tank of the car in a form of a slurry-like substance, that can be handled as a thick conventional fuel (like a thick form of diesel fuel); a bit of a mud-like substance. Therefore, the existing conventional refueling infrastructure can be used.

    According to Lugtigheid the acid together with the ultra purified water starts the energy reaction and abundant electricity is produced which is what actually powers the car. He mentions that in the nineties the US government was already experimenting with this process. Problem then was that the yield was found to be low. The inventor made a breakthrough by adding his Ultra Pure Water to the powdered hydrogen. Hmmm. Interesting. Me likes. But not enough data.

    A pair of test trials will start next year, it is reported. Calculations and projections so far have shown that the price for a kilo H2mud Fuel would be, for the consumer, about 1.65 euros. An average car with H2Fuel could be powered for roughly 240 km on one kilo of charged hydrogen. Thats cheap, so its likely that this fuel would be taxed to the max, of course, but it is rather revolutionary. It is said that there is concrete interest from the industry, including energy companies, oil companies and chemical companies in the process. Several foreign research institutes are very curious as well. - H2Mud, anyone?

    01/25/17 - TOP 10 STRANGEST Engines
    Commenter; "You forgot the Doble Steam Car. Closed system steam engine capable of sending a 3,000 pound car at 80 miles an hour, and the sucker was designed in the 1920's. Only reasons they didn't enter mass producetion was that Mr. Doble was a perfectionist, and the electric starter." - TOP 10 STRANGEST Engines

    01/25/17 - Hoverboard go kart
    Hoverboard accessories go kart, hoverbuggy, hover seat, seat for hoverboard, attachment for hoverboard. - Hoverboard go kart

    01/25/17 - Trump! How did this happen?

    01/25/17 - Simple solar-powered water purification system turns sewage water into clean drinking water in India

    01/25/17 - Science falling victim to 'crisis of narcissism'

    01/25/17 - Eviction process in action

    01/25/17 - 10 Cars That Can Take You to 300,000 Miles

    01/25/17 - Putting Weapons in Space: Top Issue to Face President Trump

    01/25/17 - EPA Is Being Pressured To Prohibit The Addition of Fluoride Into Public Drinking Water

    01/25/17 - State Bill to Mandate Children to Receive Every Vaccine Citizens Fighting Back

    01/25/17 - Treasonous kenyan muslim Obama Gave $221 Million to Palestinians in Last Hours

    01/25/17 - Paris tests electric driverless minibus to fight pollution

    01/25/17 - Science Presentation - SNL

    01/25/17 - Samsung shows off electric car battery that gives a 310 mile range on a 20 minute charge

    01/25/17 - Harnessing the energy of fireworks for fuel

    01/25/17 - Treated carbon pulls radioactive elements from water

    01/25/17 - Climbing Wind Turbines for a Living

    01/25/17 - Rings (2017) - TV Store Prank


    01/21/17 - Lee Greenwood gives Epic Performance of "God Bless the USA" at Trump's Inauguration
    Lee Greenwood performed his biggest hit at the Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration. God bless Trump, yall! This was such a magical moment. This video will give you chills. Whew! This is why we love Trump. He really, really loves America. Despite what the media says, we all know that Trump is on our side.

    TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE THE INAUGURATIONThe Best Poem Of 2017! - Wed like to thank a follower on our 100 Percent FED UP Facebook page for sending us this AWESOME poem to celebrate President-elect Donald J. Trump and his inauguration:

    Twas the night before Inauguration, and up in the tower
    The Donald reflected on his newfound power.
    The Deplorable masses had come out in force
    Delivered a victory that would chart a new course

    The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes
    The media had lied to them . . . What a great surprise
    They had been promised a blowout a criminal Hillary win
    But instead ole criminal Hillary took one right on the chin

    From all corners celebrities took their far left cue
    Telling the deplorables were far smarter than you
    In their high-horse bubble, with no working-class clue
    They tell us all we must follow their out of touch view

    The fake news and ignorance came at a cost
    They cant understand all the reasons they lost
    Blaming it on Comey and Russian excuses are sad
    Failing to acknowledge she was the one who was bad

    Yes, Hillary Clinton, in so many ways was flawed
    She couldnt help exposing she was a lying fraud
    The campaign revealed her corruptness and greed
    Her speeches insulted deplorables votes shed need

    Out in the city streets there arose such a clatter
    It was Soros-paid protestorsBlack Lives Matter
    With businesses to pillage and windows to shatter
    Looting was their game knowing issues did not matter

    Eight years of Obama had given them plenty of cause
    To yearn for a replacement with another Santa Claus
    Soon the bottom-feeder criminals will all feel the pain
    When the wheels fall right off of their gravy train

    And now all the snowflakes are riddled with fear
    Upset the PC police will soon be out on their ear
    The cocoa and crayons will help them for a while
    But soon reality will creep in and cramp their style

    I wouldve supported any Republican that rose
    In the end I would vote for whoever we choose
    He wasnt my first choice, but soon I would concede
    The one they call Trump is the one that we need

    I saw him on TV in front of a very large crowd
    He spoke about veterans, it made me feel proud
    He spoke about energy safety prosperity and jobs
    Taking this country back from the Washington snobs

    He was dressed in Armani, all tailored and neat
    The Brunos he wore made his outfit complete
    For a man of his vintage, he seemed rather fit
    And he looked presidential, I will have to admit

    His eyes glowed like embers, his smile the best
    His hair was the color of my old hunting vest
    His love for this country was on full display
    His actions spoke louder than his words could say

    He thanked all his voters, and before he was off
    Saved thousands of jobs while Obama played golf
    Fate of this country he leaves nothing to chance
    Filled out his superior cabinet weeks in advance

    The men he had chosen were of the same mind
    Lets set the bar high, and not lead from behind
    He picked up his phone as he rose from his seat
    With a flick of his finger, he sent out this tweet

    Now Mattis Now Kelly Now Sessions And Pruitt
    On Perry On Flynn Youre the ones who can do it
    Start lifting those restrictions and building that wall
    Dash away Mattis Kelly and Flynn Dash away all!

    The roar of his audience rose from the stands
    He kissed all their babies and shook all their hands
    He answered their questions and calmed all their fears
    They knew it was going to be a productive four years

    He then jumped into his limo, and off to his jet
    A fellow that snowflake liberals wont soon forget

    He sent one more tweet as the evening expired
    Happy Inauguration to all, OBAMA > YOURE FIRED!
    ~ Anonymous

    Something to think about; "Trump is going to be 70 years 7 months and 7 days old the day he is inaugurated..." and "Obama is leaving office 666 months from when he was born..."

    Just too good not to post and I am just tickled pink that Trump made it as President DESPITE all the dire warnings of assassination and other stupid mischiefs from losers who just don't get it. My only regret is he didn't make Jesse Ventura his Vice President!!! He has been working already but now will have the help of his talented staff, so buckle up World! - JWD - Lee Greenwood gives Epic Performance of "God Bless the USA" at Trump's Inauguration

    01/21/17 - Obama Is Tearing His Hair Out After Hearing What Trump ACCOMPLISHED Today!
    KeelyNet Obama was a terrible President. You all know that. Somehow the liberal media is still trying to prop up his record.

    Take a look at this. According to CNN Money, Obama created 10.9 million jobs during his 8 years. That sounds like a lot. Its not when you realize that a new study that came out of Harvard says 94% of those 10.9 million jobs were temporary positions which you can find on

    That means that only 700,000 of the jobs that Obama created were full-time.

    That means that Trump isnt even President and he has created more jobs than Obama!! OMG! TRUMP HAS CREATED MORE REAL JOBS THAN OBAMA!

    And he isnt even President YET! Thats because Trump promised that he was running for the American worker. He promised that he would do everything that he could do for the American worker.

    Trump is keeping his promise. Today Trump has added or saved nearly 1.2 million jobs. You read that right here. Trump has created or saved 1.2 million jobs. CNN wont show you this but Trump has already made more full-time jobs than Obama. My main fear is the question of how many of these jobs will be taken over by robots with artificial intelligence? Is it time for the USA to fund a Guaranteed Basic Income program so everyone 18 and over gets at least $1000 or more every month and cut out most social services which are bankrupting us along with endless wars? Just askin'... - JWD - Obama Is Tearing His Hair Out After Hearing What Trump ACCOMPLISHED Today!

    01/21/17 - Endless hot water without electricity!
    I built a water heater out of used parts and used a Stovetec Rocket stove to start the thermo siphoning process. Imagine lining the hot water tank with thermopiles to convert the heat to electricity OR running copper coils filled with refrigerant and with cooling coils underground, all pumped to drive a generator to make electricity. There is a reason refridgerants are hard to buy or illegal and it ain't global warming. It is the fear people will start experimenting with these self contained systems to make their own electricity! - JWD - Endless hot water without electricity!

    01/21/17 - 10 REAL UNSEEN HoverBoards and HoverBikes That Actually Hover
    Watch 10 unseen REAL HoverBoards and HoverBikes That Actually Hover. - 10 REAL UNSEEN HoverBoards and HoverBikes That Actually Hover

    01/21/17 - Water Car Inventor Murdered with a lot more info about suppression
    This video refers to Stanley Meyer who died of food poisoning when he and his family went out to eat. I don't believe he was killed, just more conspiracy junk...however, watch the video for other such claims.

    2nd video asks what happened to Denny Klein and his HHO car and later burning seawater and curing cancer.

    3rd video deals with the late Paul Pantone and his fascinating engine, his son carries on the work. - Water Car Inventor Murdered with a lot more info about suppression

    01/21/17 - The Smokin Mirrors Show 2017-01-16 with Larry Woods and Jerry Decker
    Episode 3 with Larry Woods and Jerry Decker discussing alt technology and free energy. This is the interview by Rob Boyd with me and Larry Woods. Sorry if I talked too much. Anyone who knows me can see I get excited and talk too fast wanting to share information and ideas. It gets - JWD - The Smokin Mirrors Show 2017-01-16 with Larry Woods and Jerry Decker

    01/21/17 - Zero Lenz dynamo
    Comments here regarding wire length were correct. My short circuit tests are invalid. The difference of internal resistance of wire between the two coils, 0.4 ohm dome vs 0.1 ohm pancake. Subsequent tests revealed very similar Lenz drag with all factors considered. The only really odd thing I noted was a magnet moving within the half sphere produced little to no voltage at all. It's a quiet zone so to speak. So as not to mislead, I will be posting a follow up video explaining where I faulted. Further testing will be done. For now, don't get as excited as I was in this video.

    Patterned after the Tesla Wardenclyffe tower, this bowl shaped coil may be a monopole electromagnet and the key to free energy. The reference links are David LaPoint's Primer Fields...(see youtube for link URLs).

    Save them. We may need to repost them to keep them in circulation if LaPoint ever takes them down. The reason for my concern is the series should have been 5 or 6 videos. He cancelled the remainder of the series because he says he's too busy with work. Boy do I hear that loud and clear. I just hope he remains true to his word and leaves the existing ones in place. - Zero Lenz dynamo

    01/21/17 - FATE magazine blowout sale of ~50 back issues for $30!
    KeelyNet FATE was a true journalistic pioneer, covering issues like electronic voice phenomena, cattle mutilations, life on Mars, telepathic communication with animals, and UFOs at a time when discussing such things was neither hip nor trendy like it is today. Recently, FATE celebrated the 65th anniversary of its founding and the publication of its 722nd issue, a rare feat of longevity achieved by only a select few U.S. periodicals.

    Other topics covered in this and subsequent issues included vanished civilizations, communication with spirits, synchronicity, exotic religions, monsters and giants, out-of-place artifacts, and phenomena too 2006-11bizarre for categorization. This mix of subjects set a template that the magazine would follow for six decades and counting. In many ways, FATE magazine created the genre that is now known as the paranormal.

    50 assorted issues of FATE from the years 1995 to 2013. These uncirculated vintage issues cover the past 18 years. Read exciting stories that are still as fresh and timely as if they had been written today. Inventory blowout sale! Get your issues before they disappear! A $298 value for only $30! - FATE magazine blowout sale of ~50 back issues for $30

    01/21/17 - How To Disappear And Live Under The Radar (Track me if you Can)
    KeelyNet We live in a world where we are constantly watched and monitored. Find out what it would take to wipe the slate clean and live a life free of big brother.

    Track Me If You Can is a must-watch for anyone interested in protecting their privacy. Aton covers many excellent tips and gives necessary information for anyone who wants to go off-grid and disappear off the radar.

    Facts - There are 30 million plus surveillance cameras on the US, one camera for every ten Americans. The average American is in 200 databases. Putting a plan in motion to keep you from being tracked is a good idea if you want to devise a new life for yourself.

    Before You Go - Plan 3 months ahead of time. Right before you leave, change your appearance significantly (if you have hair, shave your head, if you have blond hair, change it to black, get glasses, etc.). Before you leave, terminate all of your accounts (email, bank accounts, credit cards, etc).

    Dont terminate your social network sites as you can use these sites to provide disinformation. Before you leave, delete all of your computer files and get rid of your computers hard drive (first boil the hard drive then smash it with a hammer and finally run a Degausser/electromagnetic wand over the drive to obliterate all information it may contain).

    Get rid of all of your personal items like photos, trophies, mementos, etc. that could tie you to your old life. Shred all of your personal info and credit cards/bank statements/etc. with a micro-cut shredder, next take the shredded material and spread it around in a bunch of trash bags and leave the bags at various dumpsters around the city, or burn it. Get rid of your cell phone or tablet as these can be easily used to track your location either through a computer software program or through triangulation. Off is never truly off with a smart phone, take out the battery until you are ready to abandon it (see below). Pro Tip: Wipe all of your info from your cell phone then leave it at a train or bus station so that someone else will pick it up and start using it, thus providing a source of disinformation for those searching for you.

    Day Zero - Break your normal patterns (what you eat, where you frequent, how you shop, the kind of work you do, etc). Ditch your car and find a substitute that is not your personality.

    Completely change your lifestyle (ie: if you are currently a corporate lawyer, become a night janitor then dress and behave appropriately). If you do take your car get rid of the toll pass which can track your movements through the RFID chip in the pass. Stay away from interstate highways. Get rid of the GPS device which came with your car. Ditto for the OnStar system which can be activated remotely and allow others to listen in on your conversations. Make sure your tires dont have RFID chips in them. Some tires have these chips and they can link to your VIN number and the purchase location of the tires.

    Living Day To Day - Go to non-chain restaurants. Pay for everything with cash. When you are out in public disguise yourself (at least wear a hat and sunglasses). Avoid frequenting your usual places (for example, if you are a vegetarian your meal preference can be found through your prior airline meal request and then you may be easier to locate if you frequent vegetarian restaurants). Get your food to go from restaurants so you dont leave DNA on the plates/utensils/glasses which can be read with an easily purchased BPac machine which analyzes your biometrics.

    Stay in small motels and pay with cash. Use alcohol wipes to remove fingerprints. Use a Multi Sweep Hidden Camera & Bug Detector to check for hidden bugs/cameras/etc. Cover the peephole so people cant see into your room. Sleep in your sleeping bag so you wont leave DNA behind on the hotel bedding.

    How To Stay Off The Radar - Buy a basic pre-paid cell phone (not a smart phone) which you only use for outgoing calls (be sure to turn off the caller ID). Replace the pre-paid phone frequently, about every 2 weeks. When you are not using the cell phone, remove the battery so it cant be turned on remotely or used to track you. Be careful when speaking in cars or near windows. The NSA/CIA/FBI has a bounce laser monitoring system which can pick up sound waves on glass and record what you are saying. At night you can avoid being seen on cameras that use infrared light (90% do) by fashioning a cap with LED lights on the front of it which makes a halo and shields your face from the cameras.

    Restarting Life - To determine the best place to resettle, choose a mid-sized city in a not overly cold place. Big cities and small towns are not good places for anonymity because of all the cameras. To change your identity dont just assume the identity of someone else (this is way more difficultand illegalthan it used to be), instead petition the court to change your name legally to a newand commonname (youll have to dig deeper elsewhere on the web for exactly how to do this without giving yourself away).

    Apply for a drivers license under your new name. Get an RFID-blocking wallet (heres one for the ladies). Most drivers licenses and passports have RFID chips in them. Block people from reading these RFID chips by carrying them in your RFID-blocking wallet. To get back online use a new laptop. Stay away from libraries! Always use a hard wire to your laptop and turn off the wi-fi which is universally less secure.

    Put a cover over your web cam because these are extremely easy to turn on remotely. Install anti-key logger software on your computer. Also, install software that will reroute your ip address so your location cant be determined via your computer. Be aware of the NSA spying and the ECHELON program in the US which monitors phone and computer transmissions for keywords and messages.

    At the grocery store, change your shopping habits and never use store club cards. Be aware that nearly all food packaging now contain RFID tags. To be sure these arent used for tracking (unlikely now but possibly more likely in the future as the InternetofThings grows) repackage food once you purchase it and get rid of the store packaging.

    To find work, get a night job that is different that your previous job, such as a janitor. This will limit your contact with people. Change jobs often. Create a back story for your new identity and practice it. If you base your lies on the truth but change the details a bit, your story will be easier to remember and more believable.

    Open a bank account, preferably at a small, local credit union. Be aware of video surveillance cameras which are everywhere. Never contact people from your past. The narrator noted that every year, changing your identity gets harder. The police now consider common activities suspicious such as bird watching, sketching or painting, or taking photographs in public. There are 70+ FUSION centers in the US which coordinate surveillance and other information.

    Airlines sometimes put locater chips on your bags so be aware of this. You can also use these tagged bags for disinformation purposes (ie: leaving them in places to throw people off your trail). Technology is now available to identify you by the way you walk (change the way you walk), your facial measurements and biometrics (use a disguise, and especially sunglasses), and even your response to images. It will be 7 to 10 years before your old identity drops off of databases, if ever. Guard against complacency. The less you interface with technology, the better off you will be. Bazinga! - How To Disappear And Live Under The Radar (Track me if you Can)

    01/21/17 - Journal of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) - Volume 5, No.4 (Winter, 2016)
    KeelyNet The World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, tax exempt organization dedicated to the service of humanity. The primary mission of the WISE is to help humanity by conducting and promoting breakthrough, innovative scientific research in countries worldwide on complementary, integrative, and traditional medicine therapies, especially electrotherapy and energy medicine, new forms of energy, consciousness, scientific anomalies, and other scientific subjects.

    By doing so, WISE seeks to lead the way to help people solve the problems they face in human health, agriculture, energy needs, the environment, and other problems they face in their daily lives. In addition, WISE seeks to identify, digitize, and preserve all writings and other materials on the above subjects, and to provide a global platform through its WISE Wiki and Digital Library, whereby such materials can be made freely available to the world.

    Secondly, based on research and investigatory findings, WISEs mission is to promote the development of extraordinary devices, products, and services, especially in the biomedical, energy, agricultural, and environmental fields. By doing this, we hope to help improve the quality and enjoyment of life for humanity.

    Be sure to check out their amazing list of Multiple Disciplinary Journals and Periodicals in the WISE Digital Library - These journals and periodicals cover those that are multiple disciplinary, ie several different subject categories, as well as, subject areas not covered by the other main subject categories above.They are arranged by title in alphabetical order. - Journal of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) - Volume 5, No.4 (Winter, 2016)

    01/21/17 - Nikola Motors introduces its hydrogen-electric semi
    1300 mile range on a full tank of hydrogen! On Thursday in Salt Lake City, the Nikola Motor Company unveiled the Nikola One, the worlds first hydrogen fuel-cell electric freight truck. The full-scale, zero-emission semi will offer a range between 800 and 1200 miles, and produce 1,000 horsepower, about twice that of an average diesel truck. The company also claims it will operate at half the cost of a comparable diesel truck.

    The truck will also feature regenerative braking, weight about 2,000 pounds less than a diesel truck, and have 2,000 foot pounds of torque, allowing it to accelerate with a full load much faster than a diesel truck. The company will begin delivering vehicles in 2020,partnering with Fitzgerald to build the first 5,000. It will start work on its own production facility next year, and says that after that it will be able to build 50,000 trucks a year.

    Hydrogen fuel cells are a zero-emission technology, but the fueling infrastructure is extremely rare in the United States. Nikola says it will solve that problem through vertical integration, producing and distributing its own hydrogen. The company will deploy 364 hydrogen stations across the U.S. and Canada, which CEO and founder Trevor Milton told Cnet will be completed within ten years. Thats one of several ways the company is shadowing Elon Musks Tesla Motors, right up to its namealso taken from 19th century innovator Nikola Tesla.

    Nikola says it has more than 7,000 reservations for trucks,valued at $2.3 billionthough those are refundable $1,500 reservations. And while Milton doesnt have much of a profile, he was previously part of dHybrid Systems, which worked on compressed natural gas fuel systems for heavy trucks. dHybrid was acquired by Worthington in 2014. In addition to the Nikola One, Nikola Motors is also promising to produce the smaller Nikola Two short-haul semi, and the Nikola Zero electric off-road vehicle. - Nikola Motors introduces its hydrogen-electric semi

    01/21/17 - Graphene's sleeping superconductivity awakens

    01/21/17 - Asteroid that could cause the world's economy to COLLAPSE

    01/21/17 - Russia tests railgun by firing 7200 mph projectiles but the test projectile is 1000 times smaller than US railgun

    01/21/17 - George Roof: Presidents Ive Known

    01/21/17 - Powdered blood could revolutionize medicine

    01/21/17 - Scientists can identify unique breathprint of diseases

    01/21/17 - Its Official: 2016 Was Second Hottest Year for U.S.

    01/21/17 - Europe calls for mandatory 'kill switches' on robots

    01/21/17 - AI is invading homes through toys

    01/21/17 - Solar-Powered pipe can desalinate over 1.5 Billion gallons of seawater

    01/21/17 - 9 Awesome Science Tricks Using Static Electricity!

    01/21/17 - Boffins turn timid mice into psycho killers by firing lasers into brains

    01/21/17 - Japanese robot space maid will incinerate Earth's dead satellites

    01/21/17 - Quantum Theory Sheds Light On What Happens When We Die: The Afterlife

    01/21/17 - Simple mouse trap that works. (REALLY)

    01/21/17 - Scissor Survival Trap in Action. Catching and eating Rats.

    01/21/17 - A wise African Tricks a Baboon!!!

    01/21/17 - The Sevens (7) of the Bible in Time and Nature

    01/21/17 - Brain study reveals why society is so easily controlled by politices - differing views seen as 'threats'

    01/21/17 - Natural Appetite Suppressants that Work Without the Risks of Weight Loss Pills

    01/21/17 - Smartphones linked to rising cases of dry-eye disease and digital eye strain

    01/21/17 - Driver Licenses From Nine States Wont Be Valid IDs for Domestic Flights in 2018

    01/21/17 - Research Confirms this Holistic Treatment is Safer and More Effective than Morphine

    01/21/17 - Diet helps shed pounds, release toxins and reduce oxidative stress

    01/21/17 - The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near


    01/15/17 - Why Fuel Cells Are the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Oil Industry
    KeelyNet Honda Motor Co. recently showed off a sexy new prototype automobile that runs on the most plentiful element in the universe hydrogen. But it doesnt burn hydrogen in an internal-combustion engine the way a prototype Mazda did 15 years ago. That technology is old.

    This Honda makes electricity by passing hydrogen through a fuel cell. Hondas surprise wasnt the technology itself auto companies like Mercedes and independent firms such as Ballard Power Systems (BLDP) have been experimenting with fuel cells for decades it was the announcement that Honda will introduce a fuel cell auto you can buy in two years.

    Tetsuo Iwamura, CEO of American Honda, said his concept car hints at a new direction for the company. Just when you thought the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt and Tesla cars were the future, a Honda with a small tank of hydrogen shows up that can go 300 miles before it needs refueling, which takes three minutes.

    The disruptive technology you think you see the conversion of automobiles from internal-combustion engines to electrics is not the big picture. That is yesterdays big picture. Technology has already moved past the electric vehicle.

    The truly disruptive trend is where the electricity to power these vehicles will come from. Who wants to rely on batteries? Who wants to wait for a charge cycle? Who wants to worry about building enough new power plants or installing 50-amp, 220-volt circuits in our garages? Wouldnt you rather make your own electricity on the fly? You can with fuel cells. And while were at it, just how far-fetched is the final scene in the movie Back to the Future Part II, in which Doc Brown picks up an aluminum soda can from the garbage and pops it into his cars fusion reactor? - Why Fuel Cells Are the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Oil Industry

    01/15/17 - Decker Podcast Interview Monday 16th 1-3PM


    On Monday the 16th, from 1-3PM, I will be interviewed on Rob Werks (Rob Boyd) podcast at Real Liberty Media, along with Larry Woods who will talk about his free energy invention. It will be voice only and you can sign in to ask questions or offer your opinion using IRC, remember that? Rob says IRC is very active these days especially for podcasts like his and I note Coast to Coast AM is one of their channels.

    Rob Boyd - Skype: Robwerks1

    RLM main page:

    RLM Chat Page:

    I don't know which of those 36 channels listed is his show!!! They usually archive the podcasts so if you miss it live you can listen to it from the archives. Might be an epic screwup because I get too excited talking about alternative science and my baud rate goes off the will have to measure my thoughts and velocity. - JWD - Decker Podcast Interview Monday 16th 1-3PM

    01/15/17 - Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open
    President-elect Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) receives a surprise visit from Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) and Rex Tillerson (John Goodman). - Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open

    01/15/17 - For $8,000 this California startup will fill your Veins with the blood of young people
    KeelyNet Jesse Karmazin is the entrepreneur who made the practice possible, by launching a clinical trial on the potential of young blood through his startup Ambrosia. He says that within a month, most participants see improvements from the one-time infusion of a two-liter bagful of plasma, which is blood with the blood cells removed.

    Several scientists and clinicians say Karmazins trial is so poorly designed it cannot hope to provide evidence about the effects of the transfusions. And some say the pay-to-participate study, with the potential to collect up to $4.8 million from as many as 600 participants, amounts to a scam.

    Whats certain is that its based on some intriguing if inconclusive science. Karmazin, a 32-year-old Princeton graduate and competitive rower, says he was inspired by studies on mice that researchers had sewn together, with their veins conjoined, in a procedure called parabiosis.

    In 2014, Stanford University neuroscientist Tony Wyss-Coray demonstrated that old mice had increased neuron growth and improved memory after about 10 infusions of blood from young mice. That prompted Wyss-Coray to launch a small company, Alkahest, based in Menlo Park, California, to test transfusions of plasma from young people in the treatment of Alzheimers disease.

    Alkahests clinical study is more conventional than Ambrosias: it does not charge participants, it expects to enroll only 18 volunteers, and it is initially looking at how well the elderly can tolerate small doses of plasma. Wyss-Coray says the companys initial funding was provided by a billionaire in Hong Kong who felt that a plasma transfusion had helped his grandfather combat Alzheimers. In March 2015, the plasma company Grifols invested $37.5 million in the startup.

    Like several other researchers and bioethicists, Wyss-Coray worries about the fact that Ambrosias trial is funded by participants rather than investors. People want to believe that young blood restores youth, even though we dont have evidence that it works in humans and we dont understand the mechanism of how mice look younger, Wyss-Coray says. I think people are just attracted to it because of vampire stories. He mentions a Hungarian tale of a wealthy woman who bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youth. - For $8,000 this California startup will fill your Veins with the blood of young people

    01/15/17 - The Eco-Friendly, Solar-Powered Bubble Is The Home Of The Future
    Waternest 100 is an eco-friendly floating home designed by Giancarlo Zema. - The Eco-Friendly, Solar-Powered Bubble Is The Home Of The Future

    01/15/17 - U.S. Air Force's most sophisticated stealth jet is beaten in dogfight by plane from 1970s
    KeelyNet The F-35 stealth jet has already cost the military more than $350billion. But in a mock battle it was outperformed by an F-16 designed in the 1970s. F-35 test pilot said new plane was too cumbersome to dodge enemy fire. He deemed it totally inappropriate for fighting aircraft within visual range.

    Its the most expensive weapon in history but America's F-35 stealth jet has been outperformed by a 40-year-old F-16 jet in a dogfight. A mock air battle was held over the Pacific Ocean between the cutting-edge F-35 - meant to be the most sophisticated jet ever - and an F-16, which was designed in the 1970s.

    But according to the test pilot, the F-35 is still too slow to hit an enemy plane or dodge gunfire. So far it has cost the US military more than $350billion.

    The dogfight, which was staged in January near Edwards Air Force Base, California, was designed to test the F-35s ability in close-range combat at 10,000 to 30,000 feet. Both the F-35 pilot and the F-16 pilot were attempting to shoot down the other. But, according to the F-35 pilots report, which has only recently been made public, the jet performed so appallingly that he deemed it completely inappropriate for fighting other aircraft within visual range. - U.S. Air Force's most sophisticated stealth jet is beaten in dogfight by plane from 1970s

    01/15/17 - Grocery encounter leads to unlikely friendship between 4-year-old and "old person"
    In this installment of our series, "A More Perfect Union," we take a look at an unexpected but powerful friendship. See how an 82-year-old widower was touched by an innocent question of a 4-year-old in the canned food aisle of a grocery store, just when he needed it most. Steve Hartman reports. - Grocery encounter leads to unlikely friendship between 4-year-old and "old person"

    01/15/17 - How Bing Crosby and the Nazis Helped to Create Silicon Valley
    If todays youth make up the first digital generation, Crosbys was the first recorded-music generation. Born in 1903, Crosby grew up in Spokane, Washington, where he spent his latter adolescence haunting record stores and learning the drums, and his twenties on the road as a drummer and singer. He landed in Paul Whitemans legendary dance band, touring the country. Vaudeville was fading, as was the belting projection of singers like Al Jolson; jazz, talkies, and the radio were ascendant, with Crosby in the wave.

    As Crosby left Spokane, writes Gary Giddins in Bing Crosby: A Pocketful of Dreams, acoustical reproduction (yelling into a megaphone so that the sound might be recorded directly onto wax) was giving way to electrical reproduction of music. That innovation, which dominated the industry for more than two decades (until the introduction of tape), would help bring Bings strengths into the spotlight, leading directly to the advancement of his true instrument, the microphone.

    Microphones changed everything. Rather than spraying the balcony with emotion (or using a simple megaphone for amplification) the act of performance became more intimate, the singer more vulnerable. In time, the tinnier carbon microphones (as in the telephone) gave way to condenser microphones. Far more vocal subtlety could be transmitted. The dynamics of entertainment allowed for quiet. A different sort of voice found its place on stage and in recordings: the crooner.

    Fast-forward into the mid-nineteen-forties. The Second World War had just ended. Americans were picking over the technological remains of German industry. One of the things they discovered was magnetic tape; the Nazis had been using tape recording to broadcast propaganda across time zones. It was a remarkable invention. Previous sound-recording technologies had used wax cylinders or discs, or delicate wires. But magnetic tape was remarkably fungible: it could be recorded over, cut and spliced together. Plus it sounded better.

    In 1946 Crosby used his industry powerby then he was on top, one of the worlds richest, most famous and intensely beloved celebritiesto step away from live broadcast by choosing a sponsor and network that would let him use large, wax discs. Philco Radio Hour dbuted in 1946 on ABC, at thirty-thousand dollars a week. Bob Hope was his first guest.

    Meanwhile, engineers interested in tape, having learned what they could from what the Nazis left behind, made their way to Crosby and showed him what the new magnetic technology could do. His interest was more than piqued; he handed fifty thousand dollars to the men from the Ampex corporation, which at that time was just a half-dozen people. The machines they delivered went into use in 1947, and a new Crosby show, edited by tape splicing, was broadcastthe first radio show to use the new technology. Suddenly audiorecorded mediawas flexible. It could be cut and pasted, rearranged, and edited. - How Bing Crosby and the Nazis Helped to Create Silicon Valley

    01/15/17 - MIT creates 3D printed graphene thats lighter than air, 10X stronger than steel


    The discovery using the strongest material there is has the potential to enable lightweight products for airplanes, cars, buildings and even filtration devices because of the printed objects' porous designs. In its typical two-dimensional, flat state graphene is only one atom thick, so like a sheet of paper it is flimsy and easily torn. But, graphene also conducts electricity efficiently and is nearly transparent.

    Until now, researchers struggled to use graphene's two-dimensional strength in three-dimensional materials. The researchers created the new graphene structures using a proprietary, multi-material 3D printer; the structures have a "sponge-like" configuration with a density of just 5%.

    Combining heat and pressure, the MIT researchers were able to compress small flakes of graphene to produce a strong, stable structure "whose form resembles that of some corals and microscopic creatures called diatoms." The new shapes contained an enormous surface area in proportion to their volume, and proved to be remarkably strong.

    To test the 3D printed graphene's strength, the researchers created a variety of three dimensional models and then subjected them to various tests. "In computational simulations, which mimic the loading conditions in the tensile and compression tests performed in a tensile loading machine, one of our samples has 5% the density of steel, but 10 times the strength," Qin said. Just as rolling a piece of paper increases its strength, creating 3D printed geometries with graphene increased its ability to support substantial weight.

    The new configurations were made in the lab using a high-resolution, multi-material 3-D printer. They were mechanically tested for their tensile and compressive properties and simulated using the team's theoretical models. The results from the printed models and the simulations matched. Because graphene materials used by previous researchers can be lighter than air, some considered whether when used in a vacuum, the graphene structures could serve as a substitute for helium in unpowered flight.

    Because of the MIT researchers' more accurate computational modeling, the use of graphene as a replacement for helium in balloons was ruled out because the material would not have sufficient strength and would collapse from the surrounding air pressure. The MIT researchers, however, found that there were many other applications for the graphene 3D structures where a combination of extreme strength and light weight could be a benefit.

    "You could either use the real graphene material or use the geometry we discovered with other materials, like polymers or metals," Buehler stated. "You can replace the material itself with anything. The geometry is the dominant factor. It's something that has the potential to transfer to many things." - MIT creates 3D printed graphene thats lighter than air, 10X stronger than steel

    01/15/17 - David Wilcock: The Ascension Mysteries - Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil
    The Illuminati believe they are the descendants of a half-million-year-old race that had originally colonized much of our solar system. See the original NASA photos of the ruins they left behind in this video! When they first arrived here, they were giants -- 12 to 14 feet tall -- and had elongated skulls. They quickly took over the planet and interbred with native humans, creating a red and blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white-skinned race.

    This civilization originally found ruins from an "Ancient Builder Race" that was much older. Our latest intel is that the Builder ruins may be over two billion years old, and are usually made out of a transparent aluminum alloy. This video contains a great deal of data and images of giant skeletons that did not make it into the book due to size constraints. There is also significantly more intel in the book than we had time to cram into this one video -- so the two work very well together as companion pieces. - David Wilcock: The Ascension Mysteries - Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil

    01/15/17 - Will Hemp Be Powering Your Car Battery Next?

    01/15/17 - Russian scientists obtain unique material to make combat vehicles invisible

    01/15/17 - Superinsulating Aerogels - you could heat your home with a candle

    01/15/17 - New technology will cut plug-in hybrid fuel consumption by one third

    01/15/17 - European Union wants to register and track all citizens who own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    01/15/17 - Japanese company replaces office workers with artificial intelligence

    01/15/17 - The over unity of water batteries

    01/15/17 - Water powered perpetual pendulum

    01/15/17 - Top 10 Fascinating Attempts at Creating PERPETUAL MOTION Machine

    01/15/17 - Thousands of Muslims reportedly turning to Christ in Middle East

    01/15/17 - Motor single passenger ebike tops out at 28 mph and infinite style points

    01/15/17 - Millions spent to keep Charles Manson in prison?

    01/15/17 - All Dutch Trains Now Run on 100% Wind Power

    01/15/17 - Corporate/Banker Sponsored Pseudo-Science and the Hijacking of Humanity

    01/15/17 - Top 25 Amazing Animals Got Talent Auditions

    01/15/17 - Style Image modifier

    01/15/17 - A-10 Warthogs Could Serve Until 2040

    01/15/17 - The Best Kept Secret Of The Electric Car Boom

    01/15/17 - Stomach Acid Suppressing Meds Causing Infections and Serious Health Problems

    01/15/17 - Mexico Is Begging President-elect Donald Trump: Please, Lets Talk About The Wall

    01/15/17 - NASA Shouldve Looked Twice Before Posting These Images Of The Apollo Moon Missions

    01/15/17 - How to Prevent and Treat Kidney Problems With Food

    01/15/17 - President Trumps car: new Cadillac One to be rolled out for the Donalds inauguration

    01/15/17 - Kingdom of the Little People


    01/10/17 - VW unveils the all-electric autonomous Microbus of the future


    The I.D. Buzz concept follows the debut of the I.D. electric concept unveiled a few months ago at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Based on the same MEB platform as the I.D. hatchback, the new Microbus dubbed the MEB-XL has been extended, providing enough room for up to eight passengers and two luggage compartments.

    Just like the I.D. hatchback, the I.D. Buzz is powered by an all-electric powertrain. In this concept the electric powertrain consists of two electric motors, one at the front axle and one at the rear to generate a total of 369 horsepower. The concept has a driving range of 270 miles and with a 0-60 mph time of about five seconds, the I.D. Buzz concept will out accelerate every other van on the market and even most sports cars. Lastly the 111 kWh battery can be charged up to 80 percent within 30 minutes using the Combined Charging System (CCS) or an inductive charging interface.

    The I.D. Buzz concept is also the worlds first fully autonomous multi-purpose vehicle. A slight push on the steering wheel makes it retract and merge into the instrument panel, switching the concept to the fully autonomous I.D. Pilot mode that could make it into production by 2025. In I.D Pilot mode, the concept detects other drivers and obstacles on the road with laser sensors, ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors, side area view cameras and a front camera. - VW unveils the all-electric autonomous Microbus of the future

    01/10/17 - Physicists solve decades-old scientific mystery of negative differential resistance


    I could not resist using this hoax photo though this is a very real discovery. - JWD - Negative Resistance with a Single Atom - - To verify their model, the team used a scanning tunneling microscope in a new waythey measured the time it takes for electrons to hop onto a single atom and showed that this time is critical for the NDR effect. The work opens the door to integration of NDR into microelectronic devices. Wolkow and his colleagues verified this picture by measuring current vs voltage in a new way, by applying brief voltage pulses to the STM tip. When the pulses lasted 10 microseconds or longer, they saw NDR. But when they reduced the pulse length to 10 nanoseconds, the effect disappeared.

    NDR is an odd effect. We can imagine it by thinking of water being pushed through a hose. The greater the pressure, the faster the flow. Electrons in a wire act similarly, except voltage is applied instead of pressure to induce flow. With water, increased pressure equals increased flow, but in special circumstances with electricity, there is sometimes a backwards and counterintuitive effect where flow slows: this is negative differential resistance.

    The first attempt at a practical application for NDR, the Esaki Diode, named for inventor Japanese physicist Leo Esaki, was received in the 1950s with great excitement, some even proclaiming it to be more important than the transistor. The work was awarded a Nobel Prize. Soon after it became clear that mass production was too difficult, the once-heralded device was relegated to niche applications.

    Replicating the NDR effect in a way that could be widely deployed remained an enticing goal. Alternatives to the Esaki Diode were found, but those too resisted mass production. The advent of scanning tunneling microscopes in the 80s and the access they provide to nanoscale material properties led to tantalizing NDR signatures from atom-scale structural irregularities in silicon. Excitement was re-kindled, but adequate understanding and manufacturability remained elusive.

    Fast forward to the present, and a team of physicists led by Robert Wolkow from the University of Alberta have now discovered the precise atomic structure that gives rise to NDR. Furthermore, by accounting for the particular rules quantum mechanics enforces for electron flow through a single atom, Wolkows colleague, theoretical physicist Joseph Maciejko, has succeeded in accounting for the at-first perplexing reduction in current with increasing voltage. These results point the way to practical and lucrative applications in everyday electronics such as phones and computers.

    It turns out that if you can easily see how to neatly and cheaply incorporate this NDR effect into existing electronic transistors, you can make smaller, faster, cheaper devices, says Wolkow. The value of a hybrid transistor/NDR circuit has been known for decades, but no one has been able to do it efficiently or cheaply enough to make it worthwhile.

    Over the years, people have published papers on variants of the same atom-scale effect. Unfortunately, the riddle of the structure and its properties was never solved. But we now know exactly why it happens, we know exactly what constituents need to be there for it to be controlled. We have defined the exact atomic structure that gives rise to NDR, and luckily it is easy to make. As well, we have finally elucidated the mechanism at play-or should I say at work. Wolkow explains that theres now a very realistic potential to combine this NDR phenomenon with everyday electronics in a practical, affordable way, an advance potentially worth billions for the technology industry. - Physicists solve decades-old scientific mystery of negative differential resistance

    01/10/17 - 15 Inventions You Won't Believe Exist
    Check out #15 Selfie Toast that burns photos into your toast for $60!!! I thought it would let you burn anything you can photograph but you have to buy a template for each photo you want to make on toast, still its a cool invention. Would be great if the heater elements morphed to match ANY photo you load into it!

    #12 - $60 Metal Detecting sandals let you hunt for gold while you walk around. The Metal Detecting Sandals are powered by a single 9V battery, which will last for up to 6 hours, they are available for $59.95

    #10 Synthetic human have to see it...meant for speaking however creative minds will find much more interesting uses for it.

    #9 - $10 for 2 and reuseable Toaster bags - make grilled cheese in your toaster.

    #4 - $7 She Wee lets women stand up to urinate just like a man.

    #2 - 3 for $42 - CupMen - small weighted plastic men who fit on your instant soup and change color and fall off when its ready.

    #1 - $25 Pocket Shot - circular pocket slingshot for various projectiles. - 15 Inventions You Won't Believe Exist

    01/10/17 - Ex-Marine Speaks Out Against Perpetual Iraq War - Jesse Ventura Off The Grid
    The ISIS beheadings are bait for the claims Matthew Hoh, a former Marine, Iraq War veteran and the first U.S. Official to quit his post in Afghanistan over the war. Hoh offers an insiders take on the Mideast crisis and blames our cowardly leadership in both parties for playing right into Al Qaedas hands. - Ex-Marine Speaks Out Against Perpetual Iraq War - Jesse Ventura Off The Grid

    01/10/17 - Israel to test electric roads that wirelessly charge vehicles as they drive
    Israeli startup Electroad is working to pave the way towards a greener world with technology that retrofits existing roads with buried coils to inductively charge electric vehicles. The team has already performed successful tests of the technology, and will be demoing the electric roads on a larger scale with a public bus route in Tel Aviv.

    Founded with the goal of reducing global emissions, Electroad promises a more cost-effective, efficient, and cleaner way to travel. The startup uses technology that relies on electromagnetic inductionthe basic principle behind wirelessly powering smartphones and rechargeable toothbrushesto power electric cars with renewable energy while driving. Although other companies like Qualcomm and KAIST also work with wireless vehicle charging, Electroads CEO Oren Ezer says that while the concept is the same, the technology is different.

    Our technology is flexible, said Ezer. Only copper and rubber is needed, and deployment is quick and easy. You can retrofit one kilometer of road in just half a day, from night to morning. The installation process begins with an asphalt scraper that digs an 8-centimeter-deep trench. A second vehicle installs the wireless energy charging strips and fills the trench back up with asphalt. Smart inverters with real-time communication are installed on the sides of the road. A coil unit attached beneath the electric vehicle receives power transferred over a small 24-centimeter air gap. Radiation is minimized and locally shielded for driver and passenger safety. - Israel to test electric roads that wirelessly charge vehicles as they drive

    01/10/17 - Watch NASA, Scientists, Obama Repeatedly Admiting We Can't Go Out Of Low Earth Orbit
    Did you know that NASA's Budget for 2016 is ( $52'876'712 ) PER DAY???

    To me what matters about "why does it matter that its flat" is because if they're lying about the shape of the earth and the sun rotating around us, the two most basic assumed things, then what else are they lying about. Probably everything. And then when you find out we're in a maze, an obstacle course, ant colony, everything changes and the clues we've been given all start to make sense.

    "If say as NASA claims! The ISS is orbiting the earth at five miles per-second! Surely over a five mile distance there would be enough gas molecules colliding with the structure to generate to much heat - Watch NASA, Scientists, Obama Repeatedly Admiting We Can't Go Out Of Low Earth Orbit

    01/10/17 - Apple Manufacturer Foxconn to Fully Replace Humans With Robots
    The Taiwanese company that manufactures Apples iPhone has announced a three-part plan to fully automate its factories, with hopes to achieve 30% automation by 2020. The move could put as many as a million people out of work, another example of automation's major implications for the global workforce.

    In the first phase, Foxconn aims to set up individual automated work stations for work that workers are unwilling to do or is dangerous, Dai said. This will be followed by the second phase, which focuses on streamlining production efficiency and removing unnecessary robots from the production line. In the third phase, entire factories will be automated with only a minimal number of workers assigned for production, logistics, testing, and inspection processes, concluded Dai.

    Back in 2015, Foxconn began its efforts toward automation, stating that they wanted to achieve 30 percent automation by 2020. Right now, the manufacturing giant has already deployed over 40,000 of its Foxbots, the industrial robots it has developed in-house. Foxconn has the capability to produce 10,000 Foxbots annually, which could be used to replace human labor.

    According to Dai, the companys factories in Chengdu, western China; Shenzhen, southern China; and Zhengzhou, northern China, are already in the second or third phase of this longterm automation plan, and at least 10 fully automated production lines are already in place at some of those factories.

    Nevertheless, the automation of jobs, beginning with the manufacturing industry, will have major implications for global employment, especially given the pace at which the technology is advancing. With up to 47 percent of jobs in the United States alone at risk of replacement by automation, extensive job loss is a reality that the world must prepare for.

    Thankfully, many experts are already proposing ways to mitigate the changes, such as universal basic income (UBI) or increased job training, so by the time the robots do take over these jobs, hopefully a solid plan will be in place to support those displaced workers.

    Trump says he will try to get Apple to manufacture in the USA which should bring tens of thousands of new jobs. But Foxconn will probably use this as an opportunity to build massive robot operated factories. We shall see. - JWD - Apple Manufacturer Foxconn to Fully Replace Humans With Robots

    01/10/17 - Record 95,102,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Number Grew 18% Since Obama Took Office in 2009


    The final jobs report of the Obama presidency, released Friday, shows that the number of Americans not in the labor force has increased by 14,573,000 (18.09 percent) since January 2009, when Obama took office, continuing a long-term trend that began well before Obama was sworn in.

    In December, according to the Labor Departments Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record 95,102,000 Americans were not in the labor force, 47,000 more than in November; and the labor force participation rate was 62.7 percent, a tenth of a point higher than in November.

    The participation rate dropped to a 38-year low of 62.4 percent on Obama's watch, in September 2015. It was only 3-tenths of a point higher than that last month.

    People over age 16 who are no longer working or even looking for work, for whatever reason (retirement, school, personal preference, or gave up), are counted as not participating in the labor force.

    When President Obama took office in January 2009, 80,529,000 Americans were not in the labor force, the highest number on record. That number rose steadily during his two terms, reaching a record 95,055,000 in November 2016, then setting another record (95,102,000) in December.

    BLS said the December unemployment rate increased a tenth of a point to 4.7 percent, well below the Obama-era high of 10 percent. Last month, a record 152,111,000 Americans were counted as employed, up 63,000 from November; and the number of unemployed stood at 7,529,000, an increase of 120,000 from the prior month. But people who stop looking for a job are no longer counted as unemployed.

    The government collects payroll taxes from Americans who work, and some of that money is spent on government programs that support people who do not work. So the more who work, the better for the economy.

    In December, the nations civilian noninstitutionalized population, consisting of all people age 16 or older who were not in the military or an institution, reached 254,742,000. Of those, 159,640,000 participated in the labor force by either holding a job or actively seeking one. The 159,640,000 who participated in the labor force equaled 67.3 percent of the 254,742,000 civilian noninstitutionalized population.

    According to BLS, total nonfarm payroll employment rose by a lackluster 156,000 in December. Over the past 3 months, job gains have averaged 165,000 per month. Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (4.4 percent), adult women (4.3 percent), teenagers (14.7 percent), Whites (4.3 percent), Blacks (7.8 percent), Asians (2.6 percent), and Hispanics (5.9 percent) showed little change in December. The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was essentially unchanged at 1.8 million in December and accounted for 24.2 percent of the unemployed. In 2016, the number of long-term unemployed declined by 263,000. - Record 95,102,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Number Grew 18% Since Obama Took Office in 2009

    01/10/17 - $9,000,000,000,000 MISSING from the Federal Reserve
    This was originally published in 2012 but Americans remain largely unaware of this extremely important information. (lightly edited for clarity)

    In the following clip, Rep. Alan Grayson questions the Federal Reserve Inspector General in regards to $9 trillion missing dollars and Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman hasnt a clue!

    Shorty after the US Federal Reserve released data revealing trillions of dollars in emergency aid to financial institutions and foreign banks, among other companies, RTs Dina Gusovsky spoke to Congressman Ron Paul, a longtime critic of the Fed.

    The world is losing trust in the dollar as a safe haven. A major blow came after Germanys Bundesbank demanded the repatriation of a big chunk of its gold being held in the US. Because as RTs Gayane Chichakyan reports, some are concerned the assets of foreign nations in the Federal Reserve are not secure or even there. The Germans were infuriated when the US Federal reserve didnt even let them examine their own assets properly.

    Video comment; "Rep. Alan Grayson questions the FED inspector General where $9 TRillion dollars went... and Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman hasn't a clue...Dunno whether to laugh or cry - I am still getting over the shock and have watched 4 times - LISTEN carefully to what she says - THEY HAVE NO JURISTRICTION to investigate the fed!!! Only their programs?? OK the world has been fooled long enough ENOUGH ENOUGH!!! Get the hell outa paper money people and if you buy gold and silver - get the real stuff not paper gold etc. This is pure evil! I am not sure exactly when this took place - anyone have any idea when this was?" - $9,000,000,000,000 MISSING from the Federal Reserve

    01/10/17 - Judge Alex Dog Thrown From Window
    Two ladies claim that their former roommate killed their dog Zoe.. When the dog's owner comes home, Zoe is nowhere to be found. Check out this cold hearted bitch! - Judge Alex Dog Thrown From Window

    01/10/17 - Calling in Sick to places you don't work
    I originally got the idea for this prank from my fellow Canadians NELK - Calling in Sick to places you don't work

    01/10/17 - Can you help explain or figure this out? Why does zero flux change cause voltage/current flow?



    A question for you engineers, scientists and researchers from a researcher;

    "Do you know a physics professor or EE smart in math and physics to answer my question why zero flux change causes voltage/current flow? Flux cancellation in Tewaris generator is why back torque is reduced and the efficiency is greater than one.

    I have done this experiment many times."

    If you have an idea of why this happens and are willing to help, please Email Jerry and I will forward to him so he can respond directly to you. Thank you! - Jerry @ - Can you help explain or figure this out? Why does zero flux change cause voltage/current flow?

    01/10/17 - Ford plans 13 new electrified vehicles, including all-electric SUV and hybrid Mustang and F-150

    01/10/17 - Fiat Chrysler announces $1 billion investment in US manufacturing, 2,000 new jobs

    01/10/17 - Amazon plans MEGADRONES

    01/10/17 - Pain relief with the touch of a button: Zap yourself

    01/10/17 - Sick and Dying In Small-Town America

    01/10/17 - Living close to busy roads may cause dementia

    01/10/17 - Lunatics Running Israel Consider Murdering Palestinians Heroic

    01/10/17 - Mexico Panics As Trump's Leverage "Far Greater Than What Mexican Elites Thought"

    01/10/17 - Trump Presidency Energizes Push for Audit the Fed Bill, Advocacy Group Says

    01/10/17 - Trump tells Obama's ambassadors to leave by Inauguration Day

    01/10/17 - Donald Trump has 'fascinating parallels' with Caligula, says historian

    01/10/17 - Meth And Madness In Mexico

    01/10/17 - "You Bought 14,550,803 Ammunition Rounds & Only Shot 15 Times?" Jason Chaffetz Baffled

    01/10/17 - Israeli company successfully transplanted lab-grown bones into humans

    01/10/17 - Elderly Man with Terminal Cancer Walks Out of Hospice after Treatment with Cannabis Oil

    01/10/17 - Little Black Seed Powerfully Treats Hepatitis C Patients

    01/10/17 - Biometrics As National IDs

    01/10/17 - Gene Music

    01/10/17 - Brain Damaged Violinist Makes Music for First Time in 27 Years with Mind-Reading Technology

    01/10/17 - 70 People Ages 5-75 Answer One Question: Whats Your Goal In Life?

    01/10/17 - Plants don't Lie - round Two pdf

    01/10/17 - Silicium for Health

    01/10/17 - Amazon Alexa Gone Wild! (Warning, Adults only)

    01/10/17 - Quantum computers ready to leap out of the lab in 2017

    01/10/17 - You Can Fly to Europe for $69, Meaning You Have No Excuse Not to Travel This Year

    01/10/17 - Dealing With Difficult People

    01/10/17 - Scientists identify a new human organ now there are 79 of them


    01/05/17 - Father and Son Perpetual running water wheel
    Could well be a hoax. Ken says looks like a magnet mounted on the wheel, but the kid says they had to use coins to adjust the balance and it took a lot of tinkering to get it to run on its own. Hope someone can replicate this sloshing water wheel. - Father and Son Perpetual running water wheel

    01/05/17 - See the Most Beautiful Sights in America on This $213 Train Trip


    If one of your 2017 resolutions is to see all of the beauty and history that America has to offer on a dime, then you're going to love this supremely affordable travel idea. Thanks to a brilliant train route devised by travel expert and blogger Derek Low, you can now experience the ultimate sightseeing journeycovering 3,400 scenic miles from San Francisco to New Yorkfor just $213 . The inexpensive trip, which Derek shared on his blog, takes you through cities like Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, and New York, and features stunning views of the Rockies, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and more.

    Think it sounds too good to be true? Think again! For a little over $200, you can purchase one ticket for the direct California Zephyr and Lake Shore Limited routes. If you want to extend your trip and are willing to pay a bit more, you can follow Derek's lead. He paid $429 in 2011 for a 15-day rail pass, so that he could stop and spend some time in the cities he passed along the way.

    To get the best views, Derek sat in the "Sightseer Lounge car," which features floor-to-ceiling windows and comfy chairs. The journey also features narration from historians and park rangers along the way, so passengers can learn about the areas they're passing. - See the Most Beautiful Sights in America on This $213 Train Trip

    01/05/17 - 4 Shocking Eco friendly Vehicles That Will Amaze You
    Fascinating high mileage eco cars. - 4 Shocking Eco friendly Vehicles That Will Amaze You

    01/05/17 - Jobs could return to America, but robots might take them
    KeelyNet If you go by the published manufacturing numbers, 2017 begins with American factories humming once again. They call it advanced manufacturing, which sounds really good, but its basically robots and a series of engineers who look after the robots, said Dr. Richard Baldwin, an economist who worked in the first Bush White House and now studies the global economy from his teaching post in Geneva.

    More commentaries from Dave Ross - The man in manufacturing is being taken out and its going more to compufacturing, basically where men are helping machines make stuff instead of machines helping men make stuff.

    So that Amazon box you got over the holidays was likely stuffed by one of its 45,000 robots. I just saw a piece in Forbes about robots moving into those iPhone factories in Shenzen to replace even low-cost Chinese workers. Which is Baldwin says President-elect Trump should focus not on saving jobs, but on helping workers by getting them ready to design and run those robots, and figuring out how to take care of the workers who cant change.

    Thats the big mistake that Trump seems to be heading towards, because in a year or two those jobs could easily have evolved or be replaced by automation and who will remember the deal done in the fall of 2016, said Baldwin.

    Dr. Baldwin says that, yes, Trump can keep his most famous promise: Ill bring back our jobs from China, from Mexico, from Japan, from so many places. He can bring back those jobs, but robots will be doing them. - Jobs could return to America, but robots might take them

    01/05/17 - Despite the hype, batteries arent the cheapest way to store energy on the grid
    Storage is the word of the moment in the energy industry. Since Tesla unveiled its Powerwall, politicians, commentators and industry have hyped storage and particularly batteries as the solution for getting more renewable energy into electricity grids and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

    The concept of storage is simple. A storage system takes power off the grid or from a local generation source and puts it back onto the grid or uses it locally later. It seems like a good idea if you have too much energy, or it is cheap at some times of the day and expensive at others.

    Of course storage isnt free. It comes with both a capital cost (buying it in the first place) and a running cost, which is related to the cost of electricity to charge the battery and the round-trip efficiency how much power is lost in the charging and discharging cycle. To be a sensible economic investment, the benefits have to outweigh the costs. In other words, the savings on your energy bill have to be greater than the capital costs plus the running costs.

    There are many different kinds of storage technologies, each with different characteristics. Lithium ion batteries are attractive as they operate effectively at small scales, are lightweight and have good round-trip efficiency. But they are currently expensive per unit of storage capacity.

    Pumped hydro at the other end of the scale operates at very large scales, has good round-trip efficiency and is very cheap per unit.

    Flywheels (or rotors) have low round-trip efficiency and dont store a lot of power, but are able to dispatch lots of power in a short time and can also contribute to frequency stability.

    Other storage technologies include compressed air, cryogenic (liquid air) energy storage, flow batteries and hydrogen. Each has its respective pluses and minuses.

    So where does lithium ion need to get to be cost-effective? Imagine a home with a 4.5kW rooftop PV system and variable electricity rate (for instance off-peak cost of 20c, shoulder of 26c and peak of 40c, similar to this tariff). In such a home a 7kWh battery needs to cost less than A$7,000 fully installed to actually save the homeowner money. In other words, the cost per kWh of storage should be roughly A$1,000 to break even. Currently, batteries cost A$1,000-3,000 per kWh, so they are on the cusp of being cost-effective.

    However, there is an important catch here. Retail electricity rates tend to exaggerate the true range in costs between peak and off-peak. The difference in the wholesale market (where retailers buy their electricity) is around 5-10c per kWh, much less than the 20c range in current variable rates. If retailers begin to lose market share, they may respond by reducing or removing these variable rates. That would make peak rates cheaper and mean that batteries would need to be correspondingly cheaper to be cost-effective. - Despite the hype, batteries arent the cheapest way to store energy on the grid

    01/05/17 - Finland is giving 2,000 citizens a guaranteed income
    The program, which kicks off this month, is one of the first efforts to test a "universal basic income." Participants will receive 560 ($587) a month -- money that is guaranteed regardless of income, wealth or employment status.

    The idea is that a universal income offers workers greater security, especially as technological advances reduce the need for human labor. It will also allow unemployed people to pick up odd jobs without losing their benefits.

    The initial program will run for a period of two years. Participants were randomly selected, but had to be receiving unemployment benefits or an income subsidy. The money they are paid through the program will not be taxed. If the program is successful, it could be expanded to include all adult Finns.

    The Finnish government thinks the initiative could save money in the long run. The country's welfare system is complex and expensive to run, and simplifying it could reduce costly bureaucracy. The change could also encourage more jobless people to look for work, because they won't have to worry about losing unemployment benefits. Some unemployed workers currently avoid part time jobs because even a small income boost could result in their unemployment benefits being canceled.

    "Incidental earnings do not reduce the basic income, so working and ... self-employment are worthwhile no matter what," said Marjukka Turunen, the head of the legal unit at Kela, Finland's social insurance agency.

    The idea is not unique to Finland. Advocates point to the Italian city of Livorno, which started a guaranteed basic income for the city's 100 poorest families in June. The scheme was extended to further 100 families starting Sunday. They are receiving 500 ($525) per month. Pilot programs are also being discussed in Canada, Iceland, Uganda and Brazil.

    Switzerland last year considered giving every adult citizen a guaranteed income of $2,500 a month, but the plan was rejected in a referendum. More than 75% of voters were against the measure.

    The best example of a guaranteed income program might actually be in the U.S. Alaska has been giving out annual cash payments to all residents since the 1980s, a dividend from the state's oil revenue. BIEN, a group that campaigns for universal income, describes it as the first "genuine universal basic income system." - Finland is giving 2,000 citizens a guaranteed income

    01/05/17 - Putin Criticizes Western Countries for Abandoning Christian Roots
    Commenter; "Once again, Vladimir Putin has more in common with our culture than Obama has. Putin appears to love America more than Obama does, which is truly sad."

    Commenter; "Any such talk in the west would be met with howls of rage by the mainstream media; and yet it is all true - the west is dying (literally in a demographic sense) by moral suicide."

    Commenter; "This is the moral clarity that has been completely absent from the Oval Office and from the EU. At last, a breath of moral clarity. . . From Moscow of all places. I never thought I would see the day come. Bless you Mr. Putin for your moral clarity. Hopefully, after January 20, there will be someone in the Oval Office with whom to speak."

    Commenter; "You know it's bad in America when a former head of the KGB correctly lectures our government and culture on morality."

    Commenter; "True. The traditional giant Christ-mass tree in front of the White House has been replaced with...a giant Jewish Menorah. I guess that makes sense since Jews have been in control of the US government since before JFK's assassination by multiple persons (he didn't play ball)." - Putin Criticizes Western Countries for Abandoning Christian Roots

    01/05/17 - Brilliant Light Power's SunCell Announced on CNN International
    January 1, 2017: CNN International's announcement of the SunCell, the world's new energy source that releases massive power by conversion of hydrogen to dark matter. - Light Power's SunCell Announced on CNN International

    01/05/17 - How to 3-D print your own sonic tractor beam
    KeelyNet Last year Asier Marzo, then a doctoral student at the Public University of Navarre, helped develop the first single-sided acoustic tractor beamthat is, the first realization of trapping and pulling an object using sound waves from only one direction. Now a research assistant at the University of Bristol, Marzo has lead a team that adapted the technology to be, for all intents and purposes, 3-D printable by anyone (with some assembly required, of course).

    In addition to a fully detailed how-to video that the group produced for the public, the results of the work developing this do-it-yourself, handheld acoustic tractor beam will appear this week as an open access paper in Applied Physics Letters. Sonic levitation is not new, and the use of sound waves to push around macroscopic objects, or create patterns in resting sand and flowing water, is scattered throughout YouTube and has been for years. This technology, however, is not simply sonic levitation, using sound to push objects around.

    Based on similar fundamental physics used to create optical traps for decades, these tractor beams are true to their name in that they pull objects, trapping small beadsand even insectsat their foci.

    "The most important thing is that it can attract the particle towards the source," said Marzo. "It's very easy to push particles from the source, but what's hard is to pull them toward the source; to attract the particles. When you move the tractor beam, the particle moves, but otherwise the trap is static. It can levitate small plastics; it can also levitate a fly and small biological samples. It's quite handy."

    The first versions of the device that proved the concept possible were not much larger than these new, 3-D printable versions. However, their underlying technology was more complex and required expensive electronics. - How to 3-D print your own sonic tractor beam

    01/05/17 - Ten Tips From A Shaolin Monk On How To Stay Young Forever
    In order to help us stay on the path to health I have translated an extract from one of the Shaolin Classics. Written by a monk who was a great martial artist and scholar, here he gives advice to lay people as to how to stay young and healthy.

    Ten Tips From A Shaolin Monk On How To Stay Young

    1) Don't think too much. Thinking takes energy. Thinking can make you look old.

    2) Don't talk too much. Most people either talk or do. Better to do.

    3) When you work, work for 40 minutes then stop for 10 minutes. When you look at something all the time, it can damage your eyes and also your internal organs and peace.

    4) When you are happy, you need to control your happiness, if you lose control then you damage your lung energy.

    5) Don't worry too much or get angry because this damages your liver and your intestines.

    6) When you eat food don't eat too much, always make sure you are not quite full as this can damage your spleen. When you feel a bit hungry then eat a little.

    7) When you do things, take your time, don't hurry too much. Remember the saying "Hasten slowly you will soon arrive"

    8) If you only do physical exercise all the time and you never do Qigong this makes you lose your balance and you will become impatient. You lose the Yin of your body. Exercise balances the Yin and the Yang.

    9) If you never exercise, just peace, meditation, soft training, Qigong, then this doesn't give you Yang energy so you use up your Yang energy.

    10) Shaolin Gong Fu gives you everything. The purpose of our training is to balance our Yin and Yang. How many hours is not important. It's down to knowing what your body needs.

    People always say health is the most important thing but how many people live by this belief? We need to start today. - Ten Tips From A Shaolin Monk On How To Stay Young Forever

    01/05/17 - Eds Coral Castle Quarry and Flywheel, Engineering Mystery Solved

    01/05/17 - The ELECTRIC HUBCAP Motor System

    01/05/17 - US Geothermal Experiment Set To Go Global Real Soon

    01/05/17 - The Biggest Killer of US Troops in the Middle East Is Not ISIS Its Suicide

    01/05/17 - Blood-Boiling Cases Of Government Overreach

    01/05/17 - Scientists create silk structures with hidden powers

    01/05/17 - Mexico tops list of best places to retire in 2017

    01/05/17 - A theory that challenges Newtons and Einsteins gravity and nixes dark matter passed its first test

    01/05/17 - How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar Internally to Relieve Inflammation

    01/05/17 - Chillies could help beat cancer as research finds capsaicin destroys diseased cells

    01/05/17 - Old Rats with perfect Livers

    01/05/17 - Restore Your Eyesight with this Saffron

    01/05/17 - Interview with Wheat Belly author

    01/05/17 - Iodine: This Vital Mineral Treats Breast Cancer Successfully

    01/05/17 - Slow Cellular Aging, Rejuvenate Your Skin, And Significantly Reduce The Belly-Fat Storing Hormone Cortisol With Ageless Body!

    01/05/17 - Spooky2 Radionics Addon

    01/05/17 - The Magic of Bio-Geometry

    01/05/17 - Science Discovers A Song that Reduces Anxiety by 65 Percent

    01/05/17 - Improve your vision naturally with a Tibetan Eye Chart

    01/05/17 - Fasting and the Mechanism of Longevity

    01/05/17 - What Even Poverty Cant Take Away from You

    01/05/17 - The Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle & How to Overcome It

    01/05/17 - New Government Cancer Task Force to Increase Spending and Mandate Ineffective Treatments

    01/05/17 - CDC Corruption: Scientists on the Inside Slam the Agency

    01/05/17 - China connects east & west with longest bullet train line


    KeelyNet BBS Files w/bonus PDF of 'Keely and his Discoveries'
    KeelyNet Finally, I've gotten around to compiling all the files (almost 1,000 - about 20MB and lots of work doing it) from the original KeelyNet BBS into a form you can easily navigate and read using your browser, ideally Firefox but it does work with IE. Most of these files are extremely targeted, interesting and informative, I had forgotten just how much but now you can have the complete organized, categorized set, not just sprinklings from around the web. They will keep you reading for weeks if not longer and give you clues and insights into many subjects and new ideas for investigation and research. IN ADDITION, I am including as a bonus gift, the book (in PDF form) that started it all for me, 'Keely and his Discoveries - Aerial Navigation' which includes the analysis of Keely's discoveries by Dr. Daniel G. Brinton. This 407 page eBook alone is worth the price of the KeelyNet BBS CD but it will give you some degree of understanding about what all Keely accomplished which is just now being rediscovered, but of course, without recognizing Keely as the original discoverer. Chapters include; Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows, Vibratory Physics, Latent Force in Interstitial Spaces and much more. To give some idea of how Keely's discoveries are being slowly rediscovered in modern times, check out this Keely History. These two excellent bodies of information will be sent to you on CD. If alternative science intrigues and fascinates you, this CD is what you've been looking for... - More Info

    'The Evolution of Matter' and 'The Evolution of Forces' on CD
    KeelyNet Years ago, I had been told by several people, that the US government frequently removes books they deem dangerous or 'sensitive' from libraries. Some are replaced with sections removed or rewritten so as to 'contain' information that should not be available to the public despite the authors intent. A key example was during the Manhattan Project when the US was trying to finalize research into atomic bombs. They removed any books that dealt with the subject and two of them were by Dr. Gustave Le Bon since they dealt with both energy and matter including radioactivity. I had been looking for these two books for many years and fortunately stumbled across two copies for which I paid about $40.00 each. I couldn't put down the books once I started reading them. Such a wealth of original discoveries, many not known or remembered today. / Page 88 - Without the ether there could be neither gravity, nor light, nor electricity, nor heat, nor anything, in a word, of which we have knowledge. The universe would be silent and dead, or would reveal itself in a form which we cannot even foresee. If one could construct a glass chamber from which the ether were to be entirely eliminated, heat and light could not pass through it. It would be absolutely dark, and probably gravitation would no longer act on the bodies within it. They would then have lost their weight. / Page 96-97 - A material vortex may be formed by any fluid, liquid or gaseous, turning round an axis, and by the fact of its rotation it describes spirals. The study of these vortices has been the object of important researches by different scholars, notably by Bjerkness and Weyher. They have shown that by them can be produced all the attractions and repulsions recognized in electricity, the deviations of the magnetic needle by currents, etc. These vortices are produced by the rapid rotation of a central rod furnished with pallets, or, more simply, of a sphere. Round this sphere gaseous currents are established, dissymetrical with regard to its equatorial plane, and the result is the attraction or repulsion of bodies brought near to it, according to the position given to them. It is even possible, as Weyher has proved, to compel these bodies to turn round the sphere as do the satellites of a planet without touching it. / Page 149 - "The problem of sending a pencil of parallel Hertzian waves to a distance possesses more than a theoretical interest. It is allowable to say that its solution would change the course of our civilization by rendering war impossible. The first physicist who realizes this discovery will be able to avail himself of the presence of an enemy's ironclads gathered together in a harbour to blow them up in a few minutes, from a distance of several kilometres, simply by directing on them a sheaf of electric radiations. On reaching the metal wires with which these vessels are nowadays honeycombed, this will excite an atmosphere of sparks which will at once explode the shells and torpedoes stored in their holds. With the same reflector, giving a pencil of parallel radiations, it would not be much more difficult to cause the explosion of the stores of powder and shells contained in a fortress, or in the artillery sparks of an army corps, and finally the metal cartridges of the soldiers. Science, which at first rendered wars so deadly, would then at length have rendered them impossible, and the relations between nations would have to be established on new bases." - More Info

    High Voltage & Free Energy Devices Handbook
    KeelyNet This wonderfully informative ebook provides many simple experiments you can do, including hydrogen generation and electrostatic repulsion as well as the keys to EV Gray's Fuelless Engine. One of the most comprehensive compilations of information yet detailing the effects of high voltage repulsion as a driving force. Ed Gray's engine produced in excess of 300HP and he claimed to be able to 'split the positive' energy of electricity to produce a self-running motor/generator for use as an engine. Schematics and tons of photos of the original machines and more! Excellent gift for your technical friends or for that budding scientist! If you are an experimenter or know someone who investigates such matters, this would make an excellent addition to your library or as an unforgettable gift. The downloadable HVFE eBook pdf file is almost 11MB in size and contains many experiments, photos, diagrams and technical details. Buy a copy and learn all about hydrogen generation, its uses and how to produce electrostatic repulsion. - 121 pages - More Info

    Hypnosis CD - 3 eBooks with How To Techniques and Many Cases
    KeelyNet If you have a few minutes, you might want to read my page on hypnosis and all the amazing things associated with its application. Included is an experience I had when I hypnotized a neighbor kid when I was about 14. As well the hypnotic gaze of snakes, the discovery of 'eyebeams' which can be detected electronically, the Italian Hypnotist Robber who was caught on tape with his eyes glowing as cashiers handed over their money and remembered nothing, glamour and clouding the mind of others, several methods of trance induction and many odd cases, animal catatonia, healing, psychic phenomena, party/stage stunts, including my favorite of negative hallucination where you make your subject NOT see something...much more...if nothing else, its might be a hoot to read. - More Info

    14 Ways to Save Money on Fuel Costs
    KeelyNetThis eBook is the result of years of research into various methods to increase mileage, reduce pollution and most importantly, reduce overall fuel costs. It starts out with the simplest methods and offers progressively more detailed technologies that have been shown to reduce fuel costs. As a bonus to readers, I have salted the pages with free interesting BONUS items that correlate to the relevant page. Just filling up with one tank of gas using this or other methods explained here will pay for this eBook. Of course, many more methods are out there but I provided only the ones which I think are practical and can be studied by the average person who is looking for a way to immediately reduce their fuel costs. I am currently using two of the easier methods in my own vehicle which normally gets 18-22 mpg and now gets between 28 and 32 mpg depending on driving conditions. A tank of gas for my 1996 Ford Ranger costs about $45.00 here so I am saving around $15-$20 PER TANK, without hurting my engine and with 'greener' emissions due to a cleaner burn! The techniques provided in this ebook begin with simple things you can do NOW to improve your mileage and lower your gas costs. - eBook Download / More Info

    The Physics of the Primary State of Matter
    KeelyNet The Physics of the Primary State of Matter
    - published in the 1930s, Karl Schappeller described his Prime Mover, a 10-inch steel sphere with quarter-inch copper tubing coils. These were filled with a material not named specifically, but which is said to have hardened under the influence of direct current and a magnetic field [electro-rheological fluid]. With such polarization, it might be guessed to act like a dielectric capacitor and as a diode... - More Info

    $5 Alt Science MP3s to listen while working/driving/jogging
    KeelyNetNo time to sit back and watch videos? Here are 15 interesting presentations you can download for just $5 each and listen to while driving, working, jogging, etc. An easy way to learn some fascinating new things that you will find of use. Easy, cheap and simple, better than eBooks or Videos. Roughly 50MB per MP3. - More Info

    15 New Alternative Science DVDs & 15 MP3s
    An assortment of alternative science videos that provide many insights and inside information from various experimenters. Also MP3s extracted from these DVDs that you can listen to while working or driving. Reference links for these lectures and workshops by Bill Beaty of Amateur Science on the Dark Side of Amateur Science, Peter Lindemann on the World of Free Energy, Norman Wootan on the History of the EV Gray motor, Dan Davidson on Shape Power and Gravity Wave Phenomena, Lee Crock on a Method for Stimulating Energy, Doug Konzen on the Konzen Pulse Motor, George Wiseman on the Water Torch and Jerry Decker on Aether, ZPE and Dielectric Nano Arrays. Your purchase of these products helps support KeelyNet, thanks! - More Info

    KeelyNet Read/Download Free 171 page PDF
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