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Be aware in case any of these links don't respond, most will be available through the Wayback Machine, simply cut and paste the link to recall the 'lost' information.

01/27/05 - Clark on Protonics
Article by Richard LeFors Clark on Schauberger and protons as a key to energy production.

01/30/05 - Handheld DNA scanner
"The technology will be so simple to use that anyone can identify any organism they encounter," he said. A tiny piece of tissue, a scale, a hair, a leaf, is all that is required for identification. Once it's fed into the machine, any organism can be known by such fragments.

01/23/05 - Thermal cell claims 25-100X more heat out than electricity used
Gardner Watts have patented their TEC process which produces a large surplus of heat energy from a modified electrolysis cell. We use a tungsten cathode, platinum anode and the electrolyte is distilled water with a catalyst added at low molar concentrations. A high voltage DC or pulsed current input at high frequency is applied. These conditions result in a plasma being formed between electrodes, the release of monatomic hydrogen and further catalytic reactions, which produce excess heat in the form of water heating and steam. Hundreds of bench scale experiments have been performed, for periods of half an hour up to 17 weeks, all resulting in substantial energy 'gains' (heat out divided by electrical energy in) of up to 100 plus. Based on the Eccles patent.

01/23/05 - desulphator to extend battery life
* Reduces Carbon Monoxide Emissions * Improves Acceleration * Improves Gas Mileage * Boosts Battery Performance * Compatible with all Vehicles * Easy to Install with Simple Tools This unit is mounted on the vehicle and hard wired directly to the battery. It requires a voltage input of at least l3 volts to activate the pulse signal and is designed to turn off automatically so that it does not drain the battery. It is smaller than the SulfaTak2000 but has a higher output.

01/23/05 - Free Patents online provides fast, easy-to-use access to millions of patents. Attorneys use this data for patent searching. Inventors too. Researchers use it to keep up on the latest developments in their field. And everyone can use it just to browse all the interesting (and sometimes crazy!) ideas that are out there. now provides free PDF downloads. Many sites charge $2 - $5 each to compile individual image files into a PDF and let you download it. We do it for free!

01/23/05 - plasma toroid that remains stable without magnetic confinement
It will potentially lead to low-mass, high-energy power for cars, aircraft and space launch vehicles. It does not use fossil fuels, and does not produce pollution. EPS has discovered a plasma toroid that remains stable without magnetic confinement, by using background gas pressure for confinement instead. These plasma toroids are observed to remain stable for thousands of times longer than classical plasma toroids, which opens the way for new clean energy applications.

01/18/05 - Hurtubise Angel Light sees through walls and associated odd phenomena
Troy dreamed the Angel Light would be able to see through walls with window-like efficiency, and then built it with no blueprints, drawings or schematics. "I turned it on, that was well over a year ago, and it worked and it was really awesome." Hurtubise said he could see into the garage behind his lab wall, and read the licence plate on his wife's car and even see the salt on it.

01/11/05 - ingesting oil/fat to combat epilepsy

01/11/05 - Clean fuel from soap
Hydrogen on Demand fuel technology is based on a compound of sodium borohydride. The chemical, derived from borax, an ingredient found in most laundry detergents, is dissolved in water to produce a stable and non-flammable liquid. When the liquid is combined with Millennium Cell's patented catalyst, an instant chemical reaction produces liquid borax and pure hydrogen gas. The hydrogen can then be immediately burned in an engine or used in a fuel cell which converts the gas directly into electricity and water.

01/11/05 - Waste disposal to generate fuel
Waste is ground up into small pieces and then cooked in an electrically-heated processing chamber. While Mr. Hansen usually works with used tires, he can convert any carbon-based product, from medical waste to restaurant leftovers.

01/09/05 - Don Martin overbalanced Bessler-type wheel claiming self-running?
Similar to Mr. Wilsons flywheel regeneration system - He's basically using a 2 horse motor to produce enough power to drive a 5 to 7 horse load. Ive measured his batteries for the amount of power depleted over a measure amount of time (4 hours) and it seemed to me that if you run this for 4 hours or more with a 3kw load that it would flatten out the batteries. It's just amazing to see them stay close to fully charged.

01/06/05 - Sink Electricity
If you increase the motion of electrons, you will have electricity and then it would be transmitted. So, what if you decrease the motion of electrons and transmit that decrease, you will have sink electricity. From this sink electricity you can make resistances that cools, you can use three phase sink electricity or four phases, five, six phases, etc..

01/02/05 - What will it take to quell these global problems?

12/29/04 - Experiences vs Things
Experiences Make People Happier Than Material Goods, Says University Of Colorado Prof

11/28/04 - Butler claim of OU with details
using Bedini principles, Emmett Butler believes he has achieved overunity

11/20/04 - Making Claims
What have I invented by Jerry Decker?

10/08/04 - Tapping Energy from the Air
This 'Radiant Energy Aerial Capture' file courtesy of Emmett Butler describes his experiments with pulling arcs from an aerial tap (antenna) sufficient to charge a battery and offering potential that can be used for practical purposes if scaled up. As of 10/11/04, added a corrected circuit and an airpower circuit courtesy of John Bedini, thanks John!

$5 Alt Science MP3s to listen while working/driving/jogging
KeelyNetNo time to sit back and watch videos? Here are 15 interesting presentations you can download for just $5 each and listen to while driving, working, jogging, etc. An easy way to learn some fascinating new things that you will find of use. Easy, cheap and simple, better than eBooks or Videos. Roughly 50MB per MP3. - Source

15 New Alternative Science DVDs & 15 MP3s
An assortment of alternative science videos that provide many insights and inside information from various experimenters. Also MP3s extracted from these DVDs that you can listen to while working or driving. Reference links for these lectures and workshops by Bill Beaty of Amateur Science on the Dark Side of Amateur Science, Peter Lindemann on the World of Free Energy, Norman Wootan on the History of the EV Gray motor, Dan Davidson on Shape Power and Gravity Wave Phenomena, Lee Crock on a Method for Stimulating Energy, Doug Konzen on the Konzen Pulse Motor, George Wiseman on the Water Torch and Jerry Decker on Aether, ZPE and Dielectric Nano Arrays. Your purchase of these products helps support KeelyNet, thanks! - Source to Buy


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