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What follows is a list of interesting URLs or information from January 1999 to the most recent as listed from the top down. Most were removed from emails and the KeelyNet discussion list. Feel free to subscribe.

Last Updated 02/25/00

02/25/00 - EVGray Update
The Ed Gray EMA motors have been found and here is the story up to this point, feel free to mirror, copy, reprint or use any of these files, the more people who know about it and can experiment with the EMA effect, the better.

12/15/99 - Faster than Light experiment
fascinating report of 9x to 30x FTL using tunneling with dielectric prisms

12/15/99 - Apparent mystery levitation resolved
report of floating of 100 ton mass using plates and air, this is the excellent analysis to dispel the mystery

12/15/99 - W-waves as key to gravity
interesting report of longitudinal waves found in plants that influence growth and cell formations

12/15/99 - Large Scale Weightlessness in the lab
reports of Japanese experiments using super strong magnetic fields for diamagnetic repulsion

12/15/99 - Chronovisor book release
aledges a device was built to view into the past
Additional Info on the Chronovisor
more info on how it was supposed to work

12/15/99 - NASA funds 6 alternative propulsion approaches
FINALLY, but why such a pittance given to each of them?

12/15/99 - 98% Cancer cure using SuperGlue
interesting new idea that appears to be giving excellent results for many inoperable cancers

12/15/99 - Crank List
interesting collection of URLs for many unorthodox sites

12/08/99 - Time Dilation, Gravity Control & Invisibility
some interesting observations, totally speculative at this point which link various phenomena and appears to explain some aspects of legends as myths

12/01/99 - Cloudbuster as an Acoustic Device
Chuck Henderson researched and wrote this fascinating take on how Reich's Cloudbuster could well be an acoustic phenomenon, possibly entraining orgone/aether/zpe to detect tornados with the potential to break them up, the signature of a forming vortex might be applicable on micro as well as macro levels

11/19/99 - Kevorkian redneck style
groups promoting homemade ways to let the terminally ill self-terminate - NOTE: I inadvertently said HEROIN when I meant MORPHINE!!!! SORRY!

11/19/99 - Faster than Light and Space colonization
focusing our combined efforts for realistic goals

11/18/99 - Experiments with water and gasoline #1
11/18/99 - More on the water & gasoline experiment #2
interesting real time results from using a surfactant to allow mixing and combustion of water and gasoline

11/18/99 - Pre-Flood beach and the Water Jacket theory
when the Black Sea, which was originally saltwater, was suddenly flooded with freshwater, that it essentially capped what was there, preserving it for all this time

11/17/99 - Vedic version of Feng Shui
interesting Indian version that gives massive tips on how to design homes and buildings

11/17/99 - Creation of Solitary Sound waves
a Japanese team demonstrates the first production of acoustic solitary waves in air, which they say could lead to the undistorted transmission of heat and other forms of energy, as well as the elimination of troublesome shock waves from train tunnels and air compressors

11/14/99 - Keely Snippets of interest
on electricity, Keely's 3 systems, vibratory lift, vibratory engine, chord of mass, on discovering new elements

11/15/99 - KeelyNet Alternative Science Museum
new view on a way to both educate and provide for experiments and sustained income

11/14/99 - Keely's Triple Chord
the ear cannot detect the triple chord of any vibration, or sounding note, but every sound that is induced of any range, high or low, is governed by the same laws, as regards triple action of such, that govern every sympathetic flow in Nature. Were it not for these triple vibratory conditions, change of polarity could NEVER be effected, and consequently there could be NO rotation.

11/13/99 - Imaginary Time and the production of Free Energy
in order to change destruction into creation, first of all the mechanism of generating negative-energy should be cleared - that is the aim of Genesis - URL has description of device

11/13/99 - Aether Drift experiment and URL
an entrained ether theory favors a dynamic ether, an ether that can be entrained in motion by a rotating object, such as earth, embedded within the dynamic ether

11/13/99 - Vailx/Vimana resonating shell for flight?
from 1890 book 'Dweller on Two Planets', idea of large cavity resonator as gravity retroreflector

11/11/99 - Electrostatic Gravity?
claiming gravity and antigravity are due to modulated high frequency electrostatic fields - this is reminiscent of Joseph Hiddinks one polarity capacitor

11/11/99 - Laithwaite/Aspden Gyroscopic weight loss
inertial displacement to reduce weight and its correlation to the DNA helix angle

11/11/99 - Simple practical plans for Coil Gun
can be modified to other experiments involving aether entrainment, etc..

11/11/99 - Electronic circuits representing fields?
author claims to have created various electric circuits that emulate fields and one which he says emulates the properties of the vacuum itself

11/11/99 - Light produces torque on spinning disk?
reference to 1936 Beth experiment, please send in any info you might have on this experiment so we can post, send to Jerry Decker - Thanks!

11/10/99 - Claim that magnetic pendulums move slower
According to my theory, (author claimed it was proven by experiment) a swinging bar magnet should oscillate more slowly because the added inertia attributed to the M2 is not balanced by a proportional increase in gravitational force

11/07/99 - Naudin's version the 5KW GEET Fuel Processor
very nice color diagram of Paul Pantones device

11/02/99 - New Claim of self-running magnetic pump
Paul LeBretons claim, as we understand it, NOT BUILT YET

11/02/99 - Hasselberger on Vortexes
interesting insights on vortices, their creation and phenomena associated with them

10/31/99 - Optical Tweezers as Tractor Beam
Harvard experiments with conjugated light to lift and manipulate matter

10/27/99 - Bob Paddock on Fuel Cells
good overview of the types and availability of fuel cells

10/27/99 - Barycenters & how they work
any two masses that can feel the effect of each other's gravitation will have an axis that each spin about in relation to each other, and they essentially become one mass with a lot of space between them

10/26/99 - Multiple Ark of the Covenants
the ancients used Arks in many places for what????

10/25/99 - Secret of Gravity
claims Schumann resonance as the key to gravity

10/25/99 - New Keely Site
several different ideas about what Keely did

10/24/99 - Woodward method to reduce mass of objects
if a pulsed force is applied to an object sychronously with a repetitive mass fluctuation a stationary change in the apparent mass and weight of the object can be affected and the transport of the object can be facilitated

10/24/99 - $75 per space launch?
each railgun launch using a full-scale maglev track would consume only about US$75 worth of electricity in today's market

10/23/99 - Tuned staircases on Mayan pyramid
Kukulkan is a Mayan deity whose name shares the same root as the Mayan word for "quetzal" and who is often depicted with the bird on his back

10/23/99 - Cavitation to reclaim used paper
micro-jackhammers created with controlled sound blasts

10/22/99 - Gravity due to Bjerkness forces?
bubbles in a turbulent field emulate particles of matter

10/21/99 - GEET free plans for small motors
Paul Pantone's basic set of plans to modify your small engine to run on almost any fuel

10/12/99 - Aether as Pure Electric Field
from Edwin Yates Webb, Jr. who wrote 'Origin of the Universe of Light and Magnetism'

10/10/99 - Seeing through Cat eyes?
amazing report of an experiment interfacting a computer to the thalamus of a cat to allow crude vision using the cats' eyes, the first borg...

10/09/99 - Neural pattern recognition
100% speech recognition, like Fred says, keyboard and mice manufacturers are now making buggy whips with this amazing discovery

09/23/99 - Gravity due to matter expanding faster than big bang
The weight of a body on the surface of a heavenly body is the reaction force caused by the acceleration of the surface of the heavenly body away from its centre.

09/23/99 - Excellent report on Alfven and his theories
in the early 1930's, cosmic rays were commonly thought to be gamma rays filling the entire universe. However, when they were discovered to be charged particles, Alfven offered in 1937 the novel suggestion that the galaxy contained a large-scale magnetic field and that the cosmic rays moved in spiral orbits within the galaxy, owing to the forces exerted by the magnetic field. He argued that there could be a magnetic field pervading the entire galaxy if plasma was spread throughout the galaxy. This plasma could carry the electrical currents that would then create the galactic magnetic field.

09/23/99 - Revealing info about NASA
with the latest $123 million Mars probe failure, this is particular interesting

09/23/99 - Excellent report by John Moreland on F/E

09/21/99 - Good synopsis page of Newman claims
For over 20 years Joe Newman (born, Joseph Westly Rogers) has been promising to demonstrate a device that produces more energy than it consumes. Many people have contributed time, materials and money to try to make this happen and many have concluded that Newman is dishonorable, incompetent or just plain nuts.

09/21/99 - $200 F/E device for sale??
sorry to disappoint, BEWARE! It's just Dennis Lee up to his claims again
Similar Lee scam in 1996

09/13/99 - Conversion of Angular Momentum for energy
...the only form of energy in the cosmos is angular momentum. The trick then is to convert it from a higher dimensional form into electricity, two dimensional angular momentum. The next higher dimensional form of energy is nuclear energy [angular momentum in 3 dimensions] however the dimension above that is the one responsible for time and gravity.

09/10/99 - Energy Conversion page
standard physics conversion factors

09/10/99 - Magnetics for Power & Propulsion
Wilbur Smiths idea was that the saucers used a magnetic sink to trap earth's magnetic field, producing enormous power when the lines of force were cut by the craft. Cutting the lines of force of any magnet can produce power, as witness the electrical generator that whirls a coil across the lines of a magnetic field that converts kinetic energy into electricity.

09/06/99 - Levitation, Lung Gom Pa & Nightwalking
intriguing document correlates loss of weight from a pseudo trance state - gives details on how to do it yourself

09/03/99 - Antigrav Helicopter Hoax
unsure why they posted this, an interesting idea, though bogus

08/22/99 - Poynting Thruster
Jean Naudin's electronic thrust experiment, very good

08/22/99 - 'Ohsako Principle' VS Bedini Fluxgate
does this portend a true self-running magnetic motor?

08/22/99 - Build a Self-Propelled Magnetic Roller
Stuart Harris' TOMI device, try it, it DOES work

08/08/99 - Build your own Emergency Generator
instructions and adapter to build from a lawnmower engine

08/07/99 - Super Magnets
radioactive materials to produce high flux density magnets

08/03/99 - 13.2lbs of thrust from rotating EM fields
from Dr. Alexander Frolov's website

08/02/99 - Milk DEPLETES calcium
great article on what causes calcium depletion in the body

08/02/99 - Universe has a direction AND an axis
stirring aether produces space anisotropy

08/02/99 - Self-Organizing Phase Transitions
collective synchronization can act like a phase transtion

08/01/99 - Detecting Gravity Waves
various methods and URLs recommending a panoply of networked detectors

07/21/99 - Steven Marks Toroidal F/E device
updated information from a Perth newspaper

07/19/99 - Cold Cathodes & the Photoelectric effect
Hertz found that an electric current would flow through the vacuum,
in total darkness, NO CURRENT WOULD FLOW.

07/14/99 - Shaped Invaders
immune system detects invaders by their shape

07/14/99 - Acoustic Surgery
using sound to cut and cauterize inside the body

07/14/99 - Over Unity Light
when a light was shined through sub-wavelength arrays
(150-nm holes in a film of silver, coating a quartz substrate);
at selected wavelengths, plentiful amounts of light (with wavelengths
up to 10 times the size of the holes) came out the other side. Taking
into account the area of the holes relative to the size of the light
beam, the light was in some instances being transmitted with an
efficiency of GREATER THAN 1.

07/14/99 - Resonant Macrosonic Synthesis
1600 sound amplification using shaped cavities

07/13/99 - Health Research Online!
excellent source of hard to find books

07/13/99 - Matter Currents & Gravito-magnetic Force
a changing gravitomagnetic force can induce matter currents

07/10/99 - Thinkman/Neurophone Ripoff?
email about her purchase of a Thinkman

07/09/99 - Acoustic Tornado?
low tones to break up vortices

07/06/99 - How Bumblebees fly
three distinct wing motions that not only allow insects like flies
and bees to stay airborne, but also let them steer and execute
amazing acrobatic maneuvers.

07/05/99 - European Patent Office Online
searchable database, though difficult to use
07/05/99 - United States Patent Office online
07/05/99 - IBM patent database

07/04/99 - Hindthorne Device
4000 miles between charges claimed on this electric car

07/03/99 - Boiling Liquid Nitrogen causes SHC weight loss?
is this the true cause of the magnetically deflected
weight loss involved with the Tampere effect?

06/30/99 - Show me the Planets
lets you see how the planets are at any time

06/29/99 - One Terminal Capacitor
claimed to produce all kinds of bizarre effects, with patent

06/23/99 - More on the Aten Band, Gravity and precipitation of mass
compilation of information that points to wonders

06/22/99 - Secret of Coral Castle revealed?
a new approach to how Leedskalnin built it

06/20/99 - ZPE collected info
excellent compilation of files about zero point energy

06/19/99 - Photographing Anomalies
possible way to photograph transient phenomena

06/19/99 - Standing waves repel gravity
electrically powered floating rod anecdote

06/19/99 - Compilation of Science experiments
lots of things to teach and illustrate basic science

06/18/99 - Zero Point Field as an energy source
excellent paper by Haisch, Rueda and Sunahata

06/14/99 - Electrically Expanded Water
George Wiseman observation that could be very useful

06/12/99 - Claims of Toroidal FE generator
Omnidyne is back again

05/29/99 - Levitation using Magnetic Bubbles
interesting email about how to move large masses

05/23/99 - Claims of O/U motor
900 volts DC @ 6 nanoamps? claimed to produce 12 volts DC @ 4 AMPS

05/23/99 - Making & Storing hydrogen gas Part I
and more info Making & Storing hydrogen gas Part II

05/23/99 - New Dellschau material

05/22/99 - Petrovoltaics & Peculiar energy in rocks
Exploratory work with various semi-conducting material has revealed massive high-K dielectrics, being heavy semi-conducting materials with high dielectric constant, produce the greatest self-potential. Solid dieliectrics such as barium titanate, lead zirconate titanate and certain natural rocks (granite, basalt, etc.) are found to produce this electrical self-potential. The origin of the self-potential referred to in this application is believed to be not hitherto known or identified. It is not piezoelectric, pyroelectric or electrochemialc in origin.

05/20/99 - KeelyNet mirror of Fred Walters Tesla Patents
thanks to Fred Walters and Dan York for copying to the server.

05/17/99 - Energy Layers
Charge a condenser of 75,000 microfarads/ 40 V (a different one may be used) up to 5 V. The energy layers, which are copying its shape, are located at 36, 53, 70 cm etc. from the condenser. Increase the voltage on the condenser up to 25 V. The energy layers will spread in the distances of 60, 125, 129 cm etc. from the condenser. Of this experiment we can deduce that greater spreads of energy layers correspond to higher voltage. On purpose we are not going to focus on the charge magnitude in coulombs as with other charges we only have the energy layers available. We will use the condenser charge as a reference gauge.

05/16/99 - Catt's Displacement Current Anomaly
Imagine a coaxial transmission line terminated by a matched load at the far end; and for simplicity let it be evacuated, and of very low resistance. Apply a step voltage to its input; a wave travels along it with the velocity of waves in free space. So after a time a current begins to flow in the terminating load; that is, electrons start to move through it. The problem is - where did they come from? Not from the input, because electrons have finite mass and so they cannot travel at the velocity of waves in free space. (Remember that we are considering a step voltage, not an alternating one.)

05/16/99 - NASA Solar System Simulator

05/15/99 - Gravity Fed Engine Theory
Once I had established that it was possible to move the mass into the positive gravitational pull; I then set about to design a machine that would force mass to move in this way. The result of this design effort is what I call the Gravity Engine. The Gravity Engine is only an idea; it has not been built and a prototype doesn't exist anywhere. I have done some initial tests using a fixture of my own design; and based on my tests, believe that the concept is worth further testing. My mathematical models are relatively crude and they don't absolutely prove the design, however, they do demonstrate potential.

05/10/99 - 'A' Field & EM Thrust
Reports of shaped magnetic fields to produce thrust, questionable when placed directly on the coil, no response from the authors about this.

05/08/99 - Taming Maxwells Demon
Earl Schlictigs' patent and other information on how to produce energy from temperature differentials.

05/02/99 - What keeps the planets orbiting and in position?

05/02/99 - Updated Files that tie in with Frequency Space
Field Resonant Propulsion
Coherent Field and Energy Resonant System
Stargate Chevron Coordinate System
Dimesional Shifts - includes space, time & Dimension

05/02/99 - Frequency Space
In a recent communication with Dr. Yuri Ivanov on 05/01/99, he recommends reading of abstracts from his book on Frequency Space. This idea of Frequency Space' is strikingly similar to the claims of Dr. Alan Holt of NASA with his proposed Field Resonance Propulsion and Coherent Field and Energy Resonance System. You might want to check out a file on Dimensional Shifts which also deals with this idea of tuned space to access other locations, times, and realities.

05/01/99 - New Aether Theory
Cutting field lines of aether and other energy flows to produce mechanical force, heat or electrical energy

04/09/99 - Rhythmodynamics & the Gravitational Spider

04/08/99 - Amazing photo rich site for Ancient Technology

03/31/99 - Strange Vortex Pyramid Experiments

03/31/99 - from a CCMAIL, don't know if its accurate - Do not throw away your VCR in the year 2000. Set it on 1972 because the days will be the same. Please pass this on because you know the manufacturer will not share this information. They will want you to buy a new one that is Y2K compliant.

03/23/99 - Magnetocalorics for inside out Freezing

03/23/99 - Miniature Tornado Chamber for Vortex Experiments

03/22/99 - Bald no more Claim - mix together a cup of nettles (buy this at your natural good store), half a cup of chopped onions, and three cups of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and let this concoction sit for a few days until the alcohol is green. Massage a tablespoon of the green liquid into your scalp each day if you are balding. At your OWN RISK!!

03/21/99 - TORON Aether Particle site

03/20/99 - Whatever happened to the Vortex Countdown?

03/18/99 - Super Efficient Bourke Motor

03/18/99 - Levitating Shivapur Stones

03/13/99 - Excellent demo on Index of Refraction

03/11/99 - APORT Russian to English Science Papers

03/11/99 - Fascinating Heiroglyphs from Egypt

03/10/99 - Dendera, Hamel Triple Cones and the Egyptian Djed
...Deandra, did you know that under the tube or light bulb there is a column, now if you look closely the column is composed of 3 disks, and the lines that connect the discs are tilted inward slightly, this is also known as the Djed pillar of stability. It is, if your looking, the basis of David Hamel's free energy generator. The pillar of stability is actually 3 cones stacked inside of each other.

03/09/99 - Redneck Sonoluminescence - GET THIS!
A glowing bubble of air cannot be bought anywhere at any price. But with an oscilloscope, a moderately precise sound generator, a home stereo amplifier and about $100, readers can turn sound into light through a process call sonoluminescence.

03/08/99 - Claim that Dendera Tubes were Giant Light Bulbs???

03/08/99 - New Ecklin Generator Claims
A SAG 6 (version of Eklin generator) can be at least 50 times or 5OOO% more efficient than today's generators since it does not turn a magnet or coil and has no brushes.

03/07/99 - 100 Watt Bathtub Power? (file is now GONE!)
I'll repost the article as a URL on KeelyNet..."Mike Rowe, of Cardiff University, has built a system that can generate 100 watts using the temperature difference between his cold water supply and a bath full of used hot water. All that this system needs to work is a temperature difference: a hot bath is about 55C, and the cold water supply about 50 degrees cooler. From that, we can generate 100 watts in our lab setup - and a colourTV needs only 80 watts."

03/06/99 - Zapping cells to increase Porosity

03/06/99 - Magnetic Hamster Cage

03/06/99 - Great Perpetual Motion Machine site

03/05/99 - Claims of 40 Watt F/E device

03/04/99 - - The Fifth Element (aether pressure)
They thought that the only force acting on the cosmic scale was gravity and that gravity was pulling the galaxies together, braking the Universe's expansion. If the expansion is speeding up, they realised, something must be opposing gravity, pushing instead of pulling. The only candidate they could come up with to do this is empty space. But how can it push galaxies apart? How can empty space be "springy"?

03/02/99 - Another Conceptual PPM

03/01/99 - Site claims will help you learn how not to get cancer
If you already have cancer, the following site will help guide you to a cancer free life without chemotherapy or radiation as chemo and radiation many times cause cancer to come back in other organs as a result.

02/14/99 - Claims of 60 Watt ZPE Unit
Test and evaluate 60 watt simplified Remote Power Unit enclosed. (NOTE: to date they have not to our knowledge furnished anyone with any schematics or details, despite the claims made on the site...beware!

01/31/99 - Sun Generated, long period Soliton Waves
the Sun pulses with time periods varying from 5 to 160 mins. Its surface heaving in and out, in a rhythmic fashion. As it pulses, it's conveying out from the Corona into the heliosphere, longitudinal pulse waves of various time periods from at least 5 to 160 mins. These Sun produced soliton waves (also known as ion acoustic waves) travel out from the Sun in the plasma medium of the solar wind. We examine the connection between the wavelengths of these pulse waves with their various time periods to their involvement in the spacing between the planets. In this paper, it's theorized that the planets are riding at these phase boundaries (or wave nodes), separating the resonant cavities created by the density and temperature variances of the solar wind.