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1 - Energy - 12/31/97 6 - Time/Dimension - 12/31/97
2 - Gravity - 12/31/97 7 - Paranormal - 12/31/97
3 - Biology - 12/31/97 8 - UFO/Flight - 12/31/97
4 - Ecology - 12/31/97 9 - Unclassified - 12/31/97
5 - Keely/Acoustics - 12/31/97 10 - Books/Tapes/Products - 12/31/97

1 - Energy Topics

Schappellers' Glowing Magnetism - 12/27/97
free energy - antigravity - materialization

Off Grid Appliance power requirements - 12/27/97

Correa Plasma (PAGD) Research Page - 12/27/97
includes refutation of theft of Reich technology

Alternative Power & Devices - 12/20/97
Courtesy : Terry Bastian

Best Orffyreus Wheel Design yet! - 12/19/97
close, no cigar - weights cancel

Uncles Perpetual Motion Toy - 12/14/97

RQM - Extracting energy from space - 12/13/97

Original Water Gas Discoverer - 12/10/97
Yull Brown was NOT the first!!

Bessler/Orffyreus Engine - 11/17/97
Bessler/Orffyreus PPM Book
NOW AVAILABLE - 09/20/97

the Peregrinus PPM - 12/06/97
like Bessler, Minato, Finsrud and other PPMs

All KeelyNet Minato PPM files Index Page - 12/04/97
includes HOT EMAIL from 11PM 12/04/97!!!

John Bedini on the Gary Motor - 12/02/97
a different take on what Gary meant by the neutral line

Jim's Free Energy Page - 12/01/97
fun, entertaining experiments and reports

UNITEL New Discoveries - 12/01/97
ZPE photonic propulsion system, optical computers and phase conjugated disease elimination
URL courtesy Fred Epps

Resonant Power Enhancement - 11/29/97
one wire power transmission for radically improved efficiency

1998 Blacklight Products? - 11/29/97

Update On Takahashi Magnets - 11/18/97

Dec. 97' Sci-Am Article on Exploiting ZPE - 11/17/97

Perpetual Motion & F/E page - 11/14/97

Joseph Papf Noble Gas Engine - 11/14/97

Perpetual Lamps & Electric Rocks - 11/14/97

Perpetual Motion & Free Energy patent - 11/14/97

Planetary Assoc. for Clean Energy (PACE) - 11/10/97

Slovenian Perpetual Motion - 11/10/97

Inside the Testatika F/E Machine - 11/10/97
Stefan Hartmann info on the Testatika - 11/10/97

Chrysler Gasoline / Hydrogen Fuel Cell - 11/05/97

The Ultimate Power Source - 10/29/97
additional info from a man in Wales - 11/05/97

T.T. Brown and PetroVoltaic Rocks - 11/05/97

Radical New F/E Motor
Updated on 10/31/97

Improving Fuel Efficiency
Various Methods or Suppressed Vaporizer - 10/28/97

30% Water Fuel Mix - 10/29/97

Low Temperature Accelerator - 10/23/97
gravitationally driven 130% overunity device from Norway?

Gallimore on Earthquakes & Superconductivity - 10/15/97

Schumann Rise/Magnetic Decrease -10/15/97

Radiant Pressure - 10/15/97

Attract-Attract magnetics of
Rory Johnson's 525 HP Magnetic Motor - 10/15/97

Two Whittaker papers in WORD format concerning gravity and scalars - 10/03/97
provided courtesy of Terry Berger

Death of Dr. Bruce Depalma - 10/04/97 Depalma homepage on tapping Primordial Energy
Homopolar N-Machines and GREAT files! - 07/25/97

New fuel? Toluene & Water - updated 10/03/97

Solar Harness - 09/19/97
50 amps from solar cells???

George Wiseman's Eagle R&D Page - 07/19/97
Excellent site for those who want to BUILD things that work! Wiseman has the right attitude, built it, test it, sell working plans to support MORE research. Support this guy, he is on target!!!

Near Monopole Magnets to increase Fuel Eff. - 07/13/97
Email to Magnetizers about recognition of Davis/Rawls

New Insights into the Sweet VTA - 07/13/97

Bill Donovan's Free Energy Database now Online - 07/13/97

New Site dedicated to the Sweet VTA - 07/11/97
Check out the magnetic bubble Mr. Dubla created!

Interesting paper on defining Ether (Aether) - 07/11/97
Silvertooth and Scalar paper by Warren York - 07/11/97

Radical approach to Gravity - GO HERE NOW!!! - 07/07/97

New Hans Coler F/E device info - 07/04/97

July 12th Free Electricity demo
** Warning - Dennis Lee Alert **
- 07/04/97

Whittaker papers online - hard to unscramble - 07/04/97

W-Waves as Key to the Universe? - 06/25/97

Decent Perpetual Motion History - 06/23/97

Watsons Incredible O/U device - Build it! - 06/10/97
Also check out Stuart Harris' TOMI magnetic device

Wally Minto's Wonder Wheel - 04/30/97

Raum Quantum Motoren (RQM) - Space Quantum Motor O/U Site - 04/29/97
courtesy of Holger Kneisner

90% Eff. Circuit a Scam? - 03/22/97
Wes Crosiar's Tests of the Circuit - 04/22/97

Circuit for 90% Efficiency Lighting! - 02/17/97
The ** APRIL 1997 ** Popular Electronics has an article on this amazing claim.
Does it have F/E applications to kick an already high efficiency circuit over the unity edge?

The Gary Neutral Zone Magnetic Motor - 04/20/97

New information on the Clem Engine - 04/20/97

5 minute Build it Yourself - Homopolar generator - 04/12/97 - New Free Energy Group Forming
your chance to get involved! - 04/11/97

'Water as Fuel' Page - 04/08/97

More on Tesla's Electric Car - 04/08/97

Model-T Self-Sustaining Magnetic Motor - 04/06/97

Slamming Dennis Lee - 03/20/97
Eric Krieg's interesting site, click on his accumulation of Dennis Lee material as an example of how the alternative energy movement gets infected with scam artists. Eric says Yull Brown (Brown's Gas) is no longer associated with Lee, thank god!! Also be sure to read his Skeptic paper, being a skeptic is not a bad thing, just don't get fanatical with it. Scientific LAWS are simply the currently held BELIEFS!

Free Energy Proven? - 11/01/97
Free Energy Book w/circuits!!! - 11/01/97

2 - Gravity Topics

New Frolov Papers on T.T. Brown Site - 12/24/97

Charles Brush Gravitation Experiments - 12/24/97
Discussion Of A Kinetic Theory Of Gravitation
And Some New Experiments In Gravitation
Charles F. Brush (read April 22, 1928)

W. J. Hooper Complete book on Motional Fields - 12/20/97
Marc Allen Pitt has loaded the entire MS "New Horizons in Electric, Magnetic, and Gravitational Field Theory" by W.J. Hooper and an additional MS by his lab assistant, Frances Gibson - URL courtesy Bill Hamilton

NASA Space/Time/Gravity Probe intriguing! - 12/05/97
courtesy Bert Pool, check out his Tesla website

Betatron Stardrive? - 11/24/97
using oppositely charged particles to produce thrust
also see Pearson on Annihilation

Mechanical Gravity Wave Detection - 11/20/97
Hodowanec Gravity Wave Detector - 11/03/97
Gravity Wave Detection - Great Stuff! - 06/10/97

Gravity Fed Wheel in Reduced Weight Zone - 11/17/97

Non-NASA Space Challengers - 11/15/97

5% Gyroscopic Weight Loss - 11/11/97

Chinese Flight & Energy Experiments - 11/10/97

Searle Home Page - 11/10/97
flying disk, controlled power source (SEG), etc..

Check out
12 Newly added Gravity Files - 10/31/97

Leedskalnin Index Page - 10/25/97
all about Coral Castle and its builder

Withdrawn announcement of
Gravity Shield Technology - 10/10/97

New Torus Gravity Theory - 10/03/97

Gyroscopic Gravity Reduction? - 09/21/97

New Antigravity Journal - 09/09/97
Finally! a PURELY antigravity magazine!
Interesting comment from James Cox - 09/20/97

Flying Disk Project Magnet Update - 09/01/97

Hal Puthoff's NASA paper on
The Vacuum for Spaceflight Propulsion - 08/22/97

Tom Bearden on 'How to do Anti- Gravity' - 08/08/97
Tom Bearden on Balancing Scalar devices - 08/08/97

New Anti-Grav & Propulsion page - 07/30/97

Magnetic Levitation Paper - 07/26/97
Diamagnetism in superconductors and inducing it with oscillating fields.

Not exactly Anti- Grav but check it out..
Plans for Hoverboard & other cool machines! - 07/23/97

Inertial Space Drive - FULL DETAILS - 06/24/97

Gravity Wave Detection - Great Stuff! - 06/10/97

the Ship of Heaven - ancient flying machines - 05/04/97

Additional URLs added as of 05/13/97.

New Book - Gods of the New Millenium - 05/04/97
also about advanced ancient technology

New Theory on purpose/creation of the Nazca Plain

Gravitational Compression of the Aether - 05/04/97
interesting ideas about Einstein, Newton and the Aether

Galaxy Model of the Atom - 05/04/97
argues that copying the solar magnetic field might provide free energy 'as above, so below'

Alternative Science Theories URL - 05/04/97
excellent list of new and old maverick theories that can't get published elsewhere

Heretical Science URL - 05/04/97
proposes a pattern that can be used to spiral to a given end

Gravity Decrease with Righthand spins - 04/11/97

Anti-Gravity Correlations - 03/23/97

Displacing the Center of Gravity - 03/11/97
The Hurwich warping device that was possibly used to make the Entebbe raid.

Gravity Resonant Traps - 03/09/97
Absolutely ON IT report on using interference traps to produce 'phenomena' with three associated files that should make your week...

David Hamel Information - 03/01/97
All files on KeelyNet regarding Hamel's Magnetic Spinner and John Bedini's confirmation of the effect, check it out, YOU CAN BUILD THIS AND IT WORKS!

Comment on Catastrophes in the Media - 02/16/97

Interesting how catastrophe's are suddenly all over the media and movies, particularly asteroids, no doubt from the proximity and speculations about Hale-Bopp. Wouldn't it be very smart of NASA to be pumping up their budget by encouraging such scenarios? The Space Station didn't do it. Life on Mars didn't do it. Maybe a life-threatening situation might do the trick. Let's not even THINK about looking at alternative flight concepts that could totally obviate rockets for lift....>>> Jerry

3 - Biology & Health Topics

Off the shelf Degausser for pain control? - 12/31/97

New Book of Origins - 12/30/97
contends many errors made in evolution, supports Sitchins Sumerian clay tablet translations, includes details on Annunaki genetic engineering process to produce human slaves and details on why gold was needed to purify the atmosphere of their dying planet and how the process worked.

Coherency in Living Tissues - 12/27/97
coupled molecular oscillators supplied with energy at a constant rate. When this rate exceeds a certain threshold then a condensation of the whole system of oscillators takes place into one giant dipole mode, similar to Bose-Einstein condensation. A coherent, nonlocal order emerges.

Catalytic Converters cause CFS - 12/13/97

Noids - the new Artificial Intelligence - Updated 12/10/97

Invisibility - losing things that reappear? - 12/07/97

High Power Magnetic Impulser to stop Pain? - 12/02/97

Check out
21 Newly added Biology Files - 10/31/97

9,300 year old Caucasians in America - 10/29/97

Pavlita's Geometric Psychotronic Generators
Pavlita #1 - 10/28/97
Pavlita #2 - 10/28/97

Quantum Die - 10/23/97
influencing matter and energy with mind

Microwaves Damage food - 10/15/97

Mind Machines - 10/15/97

Rife Blaster5 text file - 07/11/97
Rife program to generate frequencies
Notice of RIFE BLASTER5 Anecdote collection page - 07/11/97

Rife Workshop and Conference
on Vancouver Island, October 18-19, 1997
The first in the world!

Index page for Mr. Thumpy files - 09/13/97
cheap, effective magnetic bio-stimulator
added off the shelf coil source - 09/20/97

Update on New Rife Experiments & miscellania - 09/01/97

The Original TRUE RIFE frequency for Cancer - 07/20/97
The author of this file prefers to retain his anonymity at this time, he believes this is the original secret to the RIFE technology and notes that NOWHERE did Rife himself mention AUDIO frequencies.

Possible cure for Hepatitis? - 07/20/97

Modified Rogaine for 90% Hair Regrowth? - 07/11/97

Aura Viewing Camera System - 07/05/97
Steve Braun referred this URL to KeelyNet under the impression it used a CCD and was a true near-real-time digital image (as was Chuck Shrameks system). A psychologist friend and I tried it last year and were disappointed in the results at $25 per photo, since thermal and pressure effects could easily change the colors and patterns. But you might want to check it out anyway...>>> Jerry

All about Colloidal & other Minerals - 06/23/97

How to make your own Colloidal Silver - 04/11/97

Rife Ray Tube to kill ALLERGIES and stop PAIN!
courtesy personal testimony of Monroe in Houston - 04/11/97

Bio-Hazards of Natural Gas - 04/11/97

Crystals to Increase Cooling? - 04/06/97

Magnetic Device claiming to heal and extend life - 03/30/97

Easter Eggs, Stellar Radiation and Mutations - 03/30/97

Magnetic Organic Levitation - 03/21/97
Can't recall where, but a recent post referred to an experimental setup which allowed levitation of organic matter using magnetic fields. Monroe down in Houston shares this with us all. Check out the pictures!

4 - Ecology Topics

Earthquakes, Shorelines & Base Closings - 12/29/97

Microfilm Low-Tech Survival Info - 12/01/97
all the information you need to save your community

Artificial Cyclones to clear Smog - 11/15/97

Wave Action Salt Water Purifier - 10/15/97

Interesting Vortex Generator for Water Purification - 04/29/97
courtesy of James Hartman

Sonic detector for vortexes in Tornados - 03/23/97

5 - Keely & Acoustics

Egyptian Tuning Forks - 12/22/97
mystery forks hidden away, what were they used for?

New Insights on Water Dissociation - 12/20/97

Sound Wave Compression to generate Power - 12/02/97
new Keely-type sound discovery

1600x Multiplication of Sound!! - 12/05/97
Newest Macrosonic Report - 12/08/97

Macrosonic Home Page (you won't believe this!) - 12/13/97

Sonic Waste Disposal - updated 12/09/97
standing waves to shatter waste

6 - Time & Dimension

Time Vector Chronicle files - 12/31/97
what happened to the TVC files at KeelyNet?

Time Travel Page -09/19/97
all files including newest from 09/19/97

Newest Independent Report as of 10/01/97

More on Dimensional Experiment claims - 07/19/97
courtesy of Richard Coursey

Kozyrev on TIME - Excellent RARE paper! - 06/23/97

Dimensional Shifts and Time Travel - 02/14/97

A series of nested files showing correlations between travelling to other realities rather than to other time periods.

7 - Paranormal Topics

Secret Commonwealth - updated 11/29/97
1690's document about what appear to be cattle mutilations, time travel, crop circles and other 'contemporary weirdness.'

Optimum Time for use of Psychic Ability - 10/15/97
Calculate your Local Sidereal Time - 11/10/97

Hutchinson & Poltergeist Phenomena - 10/15/97

Check out Bob Dratch's FANTASTIC SITE!
of amazing devices and totally wild approaches..- 09/24/97

Ingo Swann book on Original Remote Viewing - 06/23/97

Sweet VTA, ISNE, etc.. - 06/15/97

Tidbits on CRV and the Hamel Video - 03/16/97

8 - UFO & Controlled Flight

9 - Unclassified Topics

Laithwaite Obituary & Research Details - 12/31/97

Lost Technology #1 - updated 12/31/97
an assortment of lost discoveries
newest info - Hickox patent and F/E generator description

A New Years Thought - please read - 12/29/97

Hi-Res Digital images of the Earth - 12/27/97
3 meter visual images using infrared

Denver's Global Sciences now Online! - 12/20/97
got an email from old friend Dean Stonier they are now online, new site, but will get populated.

Teleportation Achieved? - 12/10/97
IBM's original teleportation claims

Master URL list updated to 79 URLs - 12/14/97

Startling Discovery - the TRANSCAP? - 12/09/97
claims by computer SALES company THEY discovered alien electronics from Roswell crash parts, watch out Dennis Lee and Stan Meyers, a new contender

Religious Fruitcake for 1997 - Watch your Wallet!
SCYBOLT Power Generator - 11/18/97
MagnetoToroids, CMEs and the Earth - 12/01/97

Don't buy DOS, get OpenDos 7.01 FREE! - 11/20/97

NASA in Lawsuit for trespassing on Mars!! - 11/16/97
Adam Ismail, Mustafa Khalil and Abdullah al-Umari filed a lawsuit in their native Yemen against NASA claiming that the Pathfinder Mars probe is trespassing on the planet they 'inherited from our ancestors 3,000 years ago.' - (from News of the Weird)

Project Chameleo - Cloaking Device - 11/14/97

Lunar Ark? - 09/22/97
An artificial Moon? - 10/27/97

Electronic Circuit Schematics - 10/24/97

Student Research Strategy - 10/24/97
includes NASA Propulsion Conference document and urges testing of anomalous devices by University students

Theoretical Physics - 10/15/97

Insights - 09/24/97
the 9 Insights from the Celestine Prophecy

Figure this Sailor Teaser - 08/22/97

July 27th, 1997, about 3:30PM Central USA,
an unconfirmed report in the form of an email came in saying
Stefan Marinov, famous Bulgarian F/E researcher
had committed suicide. We are hoping this is a mistake.
Please post details or corrections if you have them. Thanks...
Click here for more on Stefan's suicide. - 07/29/97
Short remembrance about Stefan Marinov. - 09/01/97

Obscure Research Labs - a hoot! - 07/07/97

Check out Rick Andersens WebPage - 07/05/97

Anomalies Link - 06/25/97

Subscribe to Technical Emails - 06/23/97

How to retard Science - 06/23/97

Plan your travels yourself, excellent site!!

Hot Conferences for 1997 - 04/11/97

More Millenial Strangeness - 03/31/97
From the Antigravity list - in evidence given by a guest on Art Bell's show this morning, an astronomer at Emory University set the planetarium wheels in motion. On 5/5/2000, Mercurom superstition. For the informed mind, why will these planets not attract each other strongly enough to simply collide? What influence does Sol have on this? (Walter Wright calls gravity as a PULL - the 'bunch of grapes' theory, when in celestial bodies, it is OBVIOUSLY a PUSH or everything would be clumped into a bunch of grapes!...JWD). A most interesting site was sent in by Ken Cabanaw and is located at Bad Astro.

National Source to switch to Direct Service Providers - 03/23/97

the Physics of Hell - 03/22/97

Now more than Ever! - 02/16/97

Let's get ORGANIZED, chip in and make something that WORKS!
Check this out and get involved!!!

New Files for 02/21/97

10 - Books/Tapes/Videos

New Aussie Book? - 11/29/97
claims 9 day alien visit much like David Hamel, said to give TECH INFO - F/E, Programming Auras?

AMAZING Hans Jenny Cymatics Videos & Book - 11/18/97
this is what makes the Universe TICK, get a copy

David Adair on NASA coverups - 11/12/97

Acupuncture Treatment Pen - 11/01/97
locates and treats acupuncture points!

Tesla Tee Shirts
please don't blow this off, this is a VERY WORTHY EFFORT to educate the public where the Smithsonian and other mainline sources have ERASED the work of Tesla from history. Buy yourself a Tee Shirt or better yet, buy several as GIFTS!!! If you have contacts with media, please let them know about this for as much coverage as possible, THANKS! - 10/03/97
Check out the CANYON file for more!

Statements worthy of thought

"Time is Gravity" - John Worrell Keely

Aether inflows into matter to produce a compression force that we call gravity. All matter and energy not only springs from, but returns to, the aether state. The flow of aether into a mass aggregate is clocked from manifestation to maturation to dissolution back into aether. This clocking is a byproduct of the aether inflow and thus clocks the aging of matter. The transitions through birth, maturity and death is measured by time, thus, reducing or accelerating the flow of aether will proportionately influence gravity and time.

"Weight into Speed" - David Hamel

Create a well of less density, place a mass on the edge of the well and it will fall in. Now move the well so that the mass is always on the edge and it will continue falling forward trying to fill the well. Much like holding a carrot in front of a goat/horse/mule, the animal will follow the carrot and pull a load in the process. If you can create a well of less density in the aether, the surrounding aether will continually flow in trying to fill up that well to establish equilibrium. Think of pushing your hand down very rapidly in a pool of water for a moment, you have created a well that will soon be filled by surrounding water moving in to re-establish equilbrium. An answer not only for thrust, but also energy and lift.

Currently working on several files to post, including combining magnetic fields for implosion type phenomena, electrical energy air taps, LINUX operating system (way cool stuff that blows the doors off Windows CRAP), updated URL page and the Integri Drive (water hydrolyzed to oxygen/hydrogen and mixed with gasoline for higher HP, lower emissions, cheaper fuel costs) Integri Drive for starters. Nothing major has popped up recently regarding f/e, gravity control or panaceas to my knowledge.