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Information Sources

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DejaNews Searchable Mailing List Site
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Online full-blown PATENTs - searches from 1971 Internet Servers & Areas

Dimensional Shifts and Time Travel - 02/14/97

A series of nested files showing correlations between travelling to other realities rather than to other time periods.

Noids - the new Artificial Intelligence - 02/11/97

Courtesy of Bradley W. Scott - in email discussions, I mentioned the SkyHeart device, claimed to be a unique form of AI that mimics its owner once programmed. It is supposed to develop a 'heartbeat' in the form of a pulsing blue LED and has all kinds of bizarre anecdotes associated with the operation of the units. Despite the $3000 price of the SkyHeart, the idea of an electrostatic matrix used to dynamically map a persons biopatterns intrigues me. That is how Bradley and I got onto the subject. I will eventually transcribe the SkyHeart audio to text. These new interactive AI devices are called 'noids'. On checking out the Neutronics site, I am uncomfortable with them NOT posting the price of their hardware and imposing confidentiality agreements with purchases.

Bill Beaty's NeoDymium Magnet Experiments - 02/11/97
Sources for Magnets - 02/11/97
Magnet Materials - 02/12/97
Superconducting Materials Suppliers - 02/21/97

David Hamels' Perpetual Motion Magnetic arrangement - 02/08/97

Offer of videos and other information relating to Hamels' experience that led to the construction of his flying machine. With the website address, email and snailmail addresses.

Long Life Battery? - 02/08/97

Anonymous info on nuclear battery made from solar cells.

Global Ideas Bank - hot ideas! - 02/08/97

Thomas Townsend Brown Site! - 02/05/97

Finally, a website dedicated to electro-gravitation as researched by T.T. Brown - this URL provided courtesy of Jim Shaffer.

Excellent New Gravity Theory - 01/02/97

New Era in Robotics - 01/02/97

$10 Million prize for AntiGrav Demo - 01/02/97

Top 60 Conspiracies - Hilarious! - 01/02/97

Letterman's Top 10 Star Wars Surprises - 01/02/97

Top 16 Things Overheard at Psychic Jeane Dixon's Funeral - 01/02/97

HIV Neutralizer & Electronic Blood Cleanser details! - 01/22/97

Inventor Bob Becks' famous Beck HIV Neutralizer with full details courtesy of EXPLORE! magazine. Build it for about $50!

Audible Light from UFOs and other sources? - 01/22/97

Bill Beaty's cool idea to hear light with lots of applications.

Remote Viewing - 01/20/97

Lots of details on people and methods for exploring beyond the physical body. In the book 'Psychic Warrior' by Moreland, he mentions the use of coordinates to locate a desired target. These coordinates have no correlation to those we use such as latitude/longitude/altitude or x,y,z. Instead they seem to be a stream of single digit numbers which refer to a specific temporal and spatial location. Once a specific coordinate has been checked out, other remote viewers can be tested by how well they can locate and describe the site of this coordinate. Strange how in Radionics, the same series of seemingly meaningless numbers can be used to refer to the signature of a witness. Also, the Incunabula material refers to a mandala/mantra coordinate which is used to take the subject to one of unlimited parallel, undeveloped Earths.

One other correlation, at a secret alchemical conference held in Chicage a few years ago, it was reported that a visual stereogram was made of an LSD molecule. The sounds of the molecular components were combined to also form a sonic version of the LSD molecule. When the visual stereogram was projected onto a screen AND the LSD audio profile were simultaneously played, the entire audience was said to have experienced an LSD trip for about 4 hours. A totally virtual experience. Now do you see my point about using mantra/mandala signatures to produce effects?

Hale-Bopp Site - 01/20/97

This site has all the flap about Chuck Shramek's claims and the mysterious Companion object following Hale-Bopp.

Amazing Skulls! - 01/18/97

I know, what the heck does this have to do with Free Energy and such? Well, it is very bizarre and I thought it should be posted. What if these unusually extended brain cavities in these ancient skulls were artificially created in babies? A suction, properly applied to the skull of a baby while the infant was growing, might extend the skull cavity, giving the brain more room to grow. Would that also increase intelligence and possibly awaken psychic abilities? If this could be done, would the product of such a procedure, exhibiting greater than normal intelligence and abilities, not be revered, protected and possibly worshipped as godlike?
Thanks to Mark Bennett for sharing this with us!

Ancient Technology & Machining in the Pyramids - 01/18/97

This site contains information about something Toby Grotz and Ron Kovac mentioned at a recent conference. Basically, it shows a drawing taken from a hieroglyph, of two large test-tube like glass containers with a snake inside of them. It appears to be electricity and the site likens it to a Crooke's tube. However, in light of a statement made by the high priest who guards the alleged site of the Ark of the Covenant in Axun, Ethiopia, the Ark produced a 'celestial fire' which was used to lift the giant stellae (obelisks) into place. It is possible these tubes produced some kind of pulsed high voltage discharge that also diverted gravity to make the blocks of granite easy to lift and maneuver.

Don Lancaster excerpts on Techno-Myths & reply

* Zinc Gluconate to kill colds, HCL tablets to kill FLU *

* Incredibly interesting Aether Theories *

Inertia caused by ZPE - Puthoff/Haisch/Rueda

Dale Pond's SVPVRIL - Keely Site

Some history about Dale and I.

Comments from Nov. 96' - transmutation

Comments from Dec. 96' - water dissociation

New Frontiers Defunct - spirit communication (EVP)

Fighting to be honest in F/E & Alternative Science efforts

Eclectic Viewpoint site

* Chuck Shrameks Tesla Coil - Aura Viewing system w/photos

Currently working on several files to post, including combining magnetic fields for implosion type phenomena, electrical energy air taps, LINUX operating system (way cool stuff that blows the doors off Windows CRAP), updated URL page and the Integri Drive (water hydrolyzed to oxygen/hydrogen and mixed with gasoline for higher HP, lower emissions, cheaper fuel costs) Integri Drive for starters. Nothing major has popped up recently regarding f/e, gravity control or panaceas to my knowledge.

from November 24th, 1996

* Bedini Scalar Experiment using simple magnets

* Cool Mailing List - sign up for discussion groups of specific interest

??? 50% Weight Reduction ???

Check out Dan Davidsons paper below (the F/E and Gravity article). He reports a momentary 50% weight loss in an experiment he and Joe Parr carried out. I am bringing this up because I've been thinking about interferring with the inflow of aether into mass. There are numerous correlations between various researchers which indicate aether influx can be increased or decreased (weight loss) by using any energy or mass motion that moves in a certain way. Read Dan's paper, particularly the Tibetan levitation.

A 1.5 meter stone cube sits on a 1 meter diameter hemisphere dug in the ground below it. The priests make a continuous noise using horns, drums and anything else that will add to the cacophony. My thinking is that the hole in the ground is reflecting these sounds into the stone. After a few minutes of this noise, the stone becomes 'sensitized' into a near chaotic state. After about 5 minutes, a large drum is struck which acts as a sonic trigger to push the stone over the edge (in an energetic sense).

What happens is the inflow of aether into the neutral centers of the stone are being interferred with by the cacaphony. When the large drum is struck, all the sounds collimate, like the acoustic laser idea, to repel/deflect the aether from the stone. Similar to the Finnish experiment at Tampere University, the stones weight is radically reduced (not eliminated) when the aether is repelled by an oppositely flowing energy. Now the stone is like a styrofoam block for several seconds. The accumulated air pressure in the cavity beneath the stone now provides an explosive thrust to throw the stone up and onto the ledge. Is this too far out? I don't think so.

Note the experiment Joe Parr did where his miniature plastic pyramids temporarily went from 8 ounces to around 2000 pounds when the aether flows were properly suppressed (using a magnetic field and rotation). Something to think about and I'll pass more onto you as it comes in or 'fits'......

Free Energy book (w/circuits)

- posted September 22nd, 1996

Amazing Fuel from Plants!

- posted September 22nd, 1996

Electrogravitic Metals analysis from Roswell fragments

- posted September 22nd, 1996

F/E Demo in Philly 09/23/96

- posted September 22nd, 1996

Gravity Reduction in Finland

- posted September 1st, 1996

Cummins Diesel 9KW Stirling Engine?

A recent phone call from a fellow out in Florida reports that Cummins Diesel has developed a portable power generation system that generates 9KW from solar or other heat sources. This is unverified at this point although I tried to call Cummins and got a FAX type sound on the 800 number. Tried to FAX and it did not recognize it.

The story is; Six prototype versions of a power generator are being tested by Cummins Diesel. In full sunlight, 9,000 Watts is generated from the heat of the suns rays falling on an 8 foot square heat exchanger. Liquid sodium is used as the 'refrigerant'. As the sodium passes through the heat exchanger, it absorbs the solar heat and is pumped into a Sterling engine. A Sterling engine operates on heat so as it rotates, it drives a generator to produce electrical energy. Once the liquid sodium is cooled after going through the engine, it is pumped back into the heat exchanger for another cycle. The engine and generator is housed in a unit about the size of an office desk. It does not use an inverter to convert DC to AC which makes it cheaper to build. We have no other information at this time but will provide it as it comes in. You can see the beauty of such an engine since it runs on nothing but heat. The sodium is of course very dangerous but steps can be taken to detect leaks or shield a catastrophic discharge.

If you know anything about this unit or similar units that run off natural processes, we would greatly appreciate the sharing of the information, THANKS..>>> Jerry

Posted September 1st, 1996

Additional information was kindly sent in by Photovolaic Cell Engineer Gregory Glenn ( which was quite interesting. Click here to read it.

NEW Magnetic Motor?

A recent email from Ken Bozeman reports; There is an individual in Gonzales, Louisiana who has a motor based on the Peregrinus Magnetic Motor and which seems to be running. It was on TV in Baton Rouge, LA and his 2 brothers there, have seen it. The motor has rotating horseshoe magnets that appear to do the same function as the 2 small wheels on the Peregrinus device.

If you have any further info on this, please share it with us, thanks!...>>> Jerry

Posted September 1st, 1996

Thought and EMG Machine Control!!

not only how appliances can be switched on/off by thought but where to buy a machine to control your computer games using electro-myography (EMG)..

Thanks to James Hartman ( and Patrick Bailey ( for sharing this information!

Posted September 1st, 1996

The Hamel Flying Disc

this is a whole 'nother approach to energy and flight, BUY SOME BOOKS and help Pierre to finance and complete the Project Magnet!

(by the way, the picture to the left is NOT Hamels' machine!)

Thank you Pierre Sinclaire for allowing KeelyNet to post this file.

Pierre's Home Page

Check this out for photos and more detail on Hamel

Stefan Hartmans OverUnity Page

A page dedicated to OverUnity in all its forms from a long time researcher

Yull Brown Home Page

Cool information on Brown's Gas and its many uses..

* Check out where to buy a real, original Neurophone for about $250.00!! (06/18/96)

New Cascadable 20 Watt ThermoElectric Module

Check it out.....

Possible Binary Star induced cataclysm!

Files with a Twist by Dan A. Davidson...

Grab this F/E & Gravity article

Sound, Keely and Gravity

Available books

* Life on Mars?? = 'We need money!'

* GrokBox/Thinkman & Electric Telepathy update 09/22/96

* The Future...

* Magnetospheres - enrichment - matter production

* Dynamo in your driveway

* Zombie Electrical stimulation

* Antigravity info compiled by Robert Stirniman - EXCELLENT (380KB)

* Sun theory - check it out...

* Rumors and comments for August 1996

* Email from July 1996

Click here for Sonic Experiment & save it!

* Check out the newest upload from Frode Olsen about the Perpetual Motion machine and how it takes advantage of chaotic motion...quite interesting...(06/18/96)

Anyone heard about a magnetic based free energy device developed in Arizona and soon to be manufactured in Mexico? Word is it puts out 10KW in the smallest version. We will pass on more information as it comes in.

Finsrud Perpetual Motion (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

- Two Photos as of (05/24/96)

Notes on the 1996 ISNE Conference

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