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Each year, we create an oft appended list of URLs and other useful information. This one is for 2004. You might like to check out our other indexes from 1996 to the present. Please be aware, many sites are to say the least, evanescent, meaning they don't have a very long life. If you find something of great interest or use, we would advise you to COPY the files of interest on that site in the event the site disappears. Because of this instability in so many websites, we cannot guarantee that all the links in these older index files are still functional. Sorry.

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What follows is a list of interesting URLs or information from January 2004 to the most recent as listed from the top down. Most were removed from emails and the KeelyNet discussion list. Feel free to subscribe.

Last Updated - 11/28/04

11/28/04 - Butler claim of OU with details
using Bedini principles, Emmett Butler believes he has achieved overunity

10/08/04 - Tapping Energy from the Air
This 'Radiant Energy Aerial Capture' file courtesy of Emmett Butler describes his experiments with pulling arcs from an aerial tap (antenna) sufficient to charge a battery and offering potential that can be used for practical purposes if scaled up. As of 10/11/04, added a corrected circuit and an airpower circuit courtesy of John Bedini, thanks John!

06/11/04 - Clem Car Article & Engine Photo
new addition of this article courtesy David Hall, shows photo of car with Richard Clem along with a photo of the Engine given to us by Richard Clems' daughter.

06/11/04 - Index of all Clem Files
that we have collected to date including car article with photo of car and engine.

01/10/04 - Update on Crock Machine
this article printed in Nexus was edited, this is the full story with updates about my investigations with the Crock Machine and the version I build and sell called the MexiStim.

12/28/03 - Specific Speed & Transmutation
'lost' chapter from Dweller on Two Planets dealing with rotation direction, speed and axial tilt to transmute elements

06/07/03 - Nick Nelsons Magnetic spin domains
update from Nick about his discovery of 3 novel domains which might be used to create a self-running magnetic track

06/06/03 - Emery Perpetual Motion Holder
duplication of apparent 'circulating current' effect as claimed in Ed Leedskalnins' 'Perpetual Motion Holder'...this is the guy of Coral Castle fame, Matthew Emery seems to have dupiclated this weird effect

03/05/03 - Energy Cleaner device
Updated the Lee Crock page on his Energy Cleaner machine, with 3 anecdotes and some minor corrections.