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Each year, we create an oft appended list of URLs and other useful information. This one is for 2002. You might like to check out our other indexes from 1996 to the present. Please be aware, many sites are to say the least, evanescent, meaning they don't have a very long life. If you find something of great interest or use, we would advise you to COPY the files of interest on that site in the event the site disappears. Because of this instability in so many websites, we cannot guarantee that all the links in these older index files are still functional. Sorry.

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What follows is a list of interesting URLs or information from January 2002 to the most recent as listed from the top down. Most were removed from emails and the KeelyNet discussion list. Feel free to subscribe.

Last Updated - 12/06/02

12/06/02 - Six New Books
Now available, a copy of Karl Schappeller's - 'The Physics of the Primary State of Matter', Dr. George Lakhovsky - 'The Secret of Life', Arthur Coleman - 'High Voltage Galvanic Therapy', Dr. Oscar Brunler - 'Rays & Radiation Phenomena', Thomas Colson - 'Introduction to Electronic Therapy' and Thomas Colson - 'Molecular Radiations'. Your purchase helps to support KeelyNet, THANKS!

09/22/02 - 1984 Press Release
the text for the 1984 Bedini motor that produced 800% efficiency and gave the secret to the world, no patent, no sale, free for everyone if they would just build and use it

09/21/02 - Is the Tilley Spinner a Bedini motor?
diagram of the 1984 published motor which could be the heart of the Tilley spinner - courtesy John Bedini

08/30/02 - Magnetic Diagnostic Technique
recently made contact with Walter Rawls of Albert Roy Davis Labs and his partners on their new website, in our discussions Walter wrote this paper about the magnetic diagnostic bed and method he and the late Albert Roy Davis had invented, tested and patented, source to buy the experimenters kit and the patent are included in this file

08/29/02 - Crop Circles a Hoax?
1990 article about SDI (Star Wars) Ultraviolet lasers to draw patterns in crops

07/31/02 - Index of Alternative Science Articles
written for the Lake Chapala Review

06/05/02 - Otis Carr 1957 Interview
fascinating article offering excellent insights into the Utron power generator and Carrs claim of gravity control using spinning capacitive gyros moving through counter spinning electromagnet fields

06/01/02 - Centrifuging Aether
a brief page about the dePalma 'Effect' and how it might actually be attributed to aether/zpe coupling to alter gravity and time, with correlations and comments

04/26/02 - Update #3 from Richard Clem's Daughter
a surprising and delightful correspondence providing additional details about the mystery of the Clem self-running motor, with links to the original files #1 and #2

04/18/02 - Experiment disproves CFC migration claims
Dr. William A. Rhodes shares his test results regarding the claims of migration of CFCs into the upper atmosphere to 'cause' ozone depletion

04/14/02 - Lutec Update 04/14/02
two newspaper articles typed in with photos about latest progress and all the snipers out to discount the machine before it ever gets off the ground

04/11/02 - Differences between Rhodes Gas & Browns Gas
with response from Dr. William A. Rhodes

04/06/02 - Engineering the ZPF
file provided by Dr. Hal Puthoff about extracting energy from the vacuum for propulsion or as a power source

04/06/02 - Two Enhanced output Solar Cell Anecdotes
these were reported in the Space Energy Association newsletter

04/06/02 - Updated WinCell file
additional information provided about construction of E-dams and how they extract energy from the ambient zeropoint energy

03/25/02 - Schaubergers' Biological Submarine
diagram and description of increasing efficiency in fluids using Viktor Schaubergers vortex experiments, author also indicates it can be used to produce free energy.

03/25/02 - Growing plants without Light
Dr. T. Galen Hieronymous' experiment with growing chlorophyll laden plants in complete darkness by the transmission of 'eloptic' (electric + optic) energy

03/25/02 - Lutec 1000 Update
Scott Waring kindly shares this update from a mailer sent to him by Lutec, indicating the product will be available for order by the end of this month and many other positive comments.

03/21/02 - Guidelines to interest Investors in your Generator
a prototype form for those seeking assistance, financial, technical or other to finish, patent and/or market their power generator invention

01/26/02 - Dr. Morelands' Views on Free Energy
though I don't agree with this view, it is an interesting paper based on Dr. Morelands' ORIGINAL research

01/26/02 - BlastIt Rife Technical details
samples of technical details from BlastIt, how to connect to your computer, how to make electrode pads, how to setup for more power output, etc..

01/21/02 - BlastIt! - Rife Researcher & User Manual
This long awaited five pound, 746 page third edition of BlastIt! includes many detailed pages from John Cranes 1,000 page Polarity Manual as well as a wealth of details about practical use and application of Rife and other Bio-Energetic techniques to assist the body to rid itself of disease and detrimental conditions. If you are interested in getting well and staying well, this book will prove invaluable.

01/13/02 - Cornish Hydrogen Generator
originated from the now defunct Layo site, but shows how aluminum wire can be fed into an underwater electrical ARC to release volumes of hydrogen sufficient to drive an automobile for as little as $1.00 for 400 miles

01/11/02 - 3 Zapper Plans
for informational purposes, here are various zapper plans including the authorized plan from Clark

01/10/02 - Water as Fuel Plans
these plans were FAXed to Dave the Gravman and he sent them to be shared, note they say preliminary and we aren't making ANY claims about it, good luck!

01/09/02 - The Rife Way
article by our friend, the late Mark Simpson, with much information about Rife, includes frequencies

12/29/01 - Francoeurs Duplication of Gary Motor Effect
this was posted to the JLN discussion list, two photos and a description thus far, thanks to Jim Day for the headsup

12/24/01 - Otis Carrs Flying Machine
some interesting observations about his patent and claimed phenomena

12/23/01 - The Redneck Kevorkian
article about a group in Seattle who developed a do it yourself method

12/23/01 - Perry Interdimensional Power Generator
article from International Tesla Society on using Tesla coil with spinning copper plates to produce 'longitudinal' waves for overunity power

12/21/01 - Solar Cell Items of Interest
Several items about new solar power developments

12/20/01 - The WIN Cell
Article and memo about Wingate Lambersons aether/zpe tapping cells

12/20/01 - The Zoleta Unified Field Converter
Met Jose Zoleta at the 1994 INE conference and he explained his motor/generator scheme and gave me this information. In electronics, we say 'oscillators amplify, amplifiers oscillate', in electrical engineering, by feeding a rotating current into a coil, it becomes a motor, by mechanically spinning that motor in the presence of a magnet, it becomes a generator...Jose switches a motor so it temporarily becomes a generator that recharges the battery...

12/18/01 - The Dotto Ring
The full story in Dotto's own words with pictures of the machine and links to his two US patents