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Each year, we create an oft appended list of URLs and other useful information. This one is for 2001. You might like to check out our other indexes from 1996 to the present. Please be aware, many sites are to say the least, evanescent, meaning they don't have a very long life. If you find something of great interest or use, we would advise you to COPY the files of interest on that site in the event the site disappears. Because of this instability in so many websites, we cannot guarantee that all the links in these older index files are still functional. Sorry.

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What follows is a list of interesting URLs or information from January 2001 to the most recent as listed from the top down. Most were removed from emails and the KeelyNet discussion list. Feel free to subscribe.

Last Updated - 12/29/01

12/29/01 - Francoeurs Duplication of Gary Motor Effect
this was posted to the JLN discussion list, two photos and a description thus far, thanks to Jim Day for the headsup

12/24/01 - Otis Carrs Flying Machine
some interesting observations about his patent and claimed phenomena

12/23/01 - The Redneck Kevorkian
article about a group in Seattle who developed a do it yourself method

12/23/01 - Perry Interdimensional Power Generator
article from International Tesla Society on using Tesla coil with spinning copper plates to produce 'longitudinal' waves for overunity power

12/21/01 - Solar Cell Items of Interest
Several bits of news about solar power

12/20/01 - The WIN Cell
Article and memo about Wingate Lambersons aether/zpe tapping cells

12/20/01 - The Zoleta Unified Field Converter
Met Jose Zoleta at the 1994 INE conference and he explained his motor/generator scheme and gave me this information. In electronics, we say 'oscillators amplify, amplifiers oscillate', in electrical engineering, by feeding a rotating current into a coil, it becomes a motor, by mechanically spinning that motor in the presence of a magnet, it becomes a generator...Jose switches a motor so it temporarily becomes a generator that recharges the battery...

12/18/01 - The Dotto Ring
The full story in Dotto's own words with pictures of the machine and links to his two US patents

12/17/01 - Swedish Heat Pump heats 300,000 homes & offices
using cold water from the Baltic sea with freon, heating costs are reduced by half that of fossil fuels

12/17/01 - Subsurface Microscope
amazing 'new' microscope which allows clear viewing into specimens, this is something Grebennikov complained about, the details of his specimens were three dimensional and so difficult to render as a clear photograph

12/17/01 - Electronic Sweetness Detector
electronic version of the refractometer used to detect levels of sugar in fruit, vegetables and food juices...trace elements necessary to health and vitality are directly linked to the amount of sugar detectable in the juice of the sample, one of our friends in Plainview samples crops, then prepares special fertilizer to enhance the sugar content, producing larger than normal, luscious, juicy, highly flavored fruits and vegetables, it is the future of farming

12/17/01 - How to Avoid Speeding Tickets
not intended to break the law, just how it works and what to look out for, this info is sold by many

12/17/01 - Tips on How to buy a good Used Car
dealer recommendations for what to look for so you don't wind up with a lemon, also how long to keep a car before selling to get the best tradein price

12/17/01 - Infrared Laser for Hemorrhoids
article about using infrared induced coagulation for outpatient treatment of hemorrhoids, definitely has other uses since it causes tissue to shrink

12/17/01 - Color & How it Affects you
Two interesting articles about how color alters moods and can be used to induce healing

12/17/01 - Odd Music
Two files dealing with conversion of variable data into music, one on 'Musical Urinalysis', the other on 'Musical Stocks'

12/16/01 - Bourgoin details about bismuth room temperature superconductors
Presentation given at 1983 2nd International Symposium on Nonconventional Energy Technology, excellent insights into filaments, their construction and properties.

12/11/01 - Grebennikov Chapter 5
English translation of Cavity Structure Effect (CSE) application to flying platform, with experiments and notes of where we are with it to this date.

12/05/01 - Moray Index page
check out #5 which is a new file called 'Sea of Energy' written by Dr. T. Henry Moray

10/27/01 - Psychomanteum
An interesting technique which might be useful to the families and survivors of the Sept. 11 disaster as well as for creativity or meditation purposes.

09/18/01 - Details and Notice of INE Conference
October 26/27 in Salt Lake City, Utah, check it out, my favorite with good information and great contacts, sign up by Sept 28th for $100, or pay $150 after the 28th

09/10/01 - Details of Minto Wonderwheel
how to calculate size and power from a booklet shared by Bruce Hegerberg, thanks Bruce!

09/09/01 - BAPman abuse complaint
guess who whining about guess what?

08/25/01 - Chemalloy Article & Patent
posted on KeelyNet Interact discussion list on June 25, 2001, now nuscammers are on it...

08/12/01 - Bedini Overunity article
roughly 1980 article about public demonstration of Bedini overunity device

07/21/01 - Bedini motor additional emails
appended some additional emails offering insights into 'forward conversion' of sending along pure potential then cutting the path before current flows, this way you can excite multiple batteries for recharging and 'magnify' the power of the circuit..

07/18/01 - Boycott KeelyNet!.... losers, whiners and conmen UNITE!

07/11/01 - Self-Running PPM?
an update from a fellow who says he built a version of Calloways self running PPM and that it works and produces power, we have requested more details so others can copy it exactly!

07/07/01 - Faked Hamel Photo
impossible to deny when comparing the two photos

07/07/01 - 1964 de Seversky Ionocraft
using high voltage for lift

07/07/01 - Company claims gravity control
this shared by Nathan Hanish, lots of claims, very little research, it is the De Seversky Ionocraft revisited...

06/19/01 - Robert Calloway tips for working PPM
PPM stands for PerPetual Motor meaning it runs forever...a misnomer as everything wears out but what it really means is it runs itself and has the possibility of producing extra power (over-unity) which can drive loads and do practical work, thanks to Henry Curtis for sharing this

06/08/01 - Single wire conduction
experiments by Milan Manchich with Avramenko plug

06/05/01 - Bedini on Grays Power Conversion Tube
details on how the power conversion tube works per Bedini along with lab notes and photo of the device he built back in the late 1970s

05/26/01 - Collection of inspiration files
intended to inspire people to think outside the box, don't stick with the zeitgeist as if only what is acceptable is the way to go...

05/24/01 - June 16/17 Conference & email Update
looks like there will be a few additional surprises to the posted conference presentations - one fellow is bringing a magnetic 'pinch' machine that instantly compresses quarters to the size of dimes (he reports the circuit destroys the magnetic coil each time it is used to compress a coin), he will have demo pinched coins to sell for novelty items and possibly plans for his machine (there is a 'magnetic crusher' circuit in the 'High Voltage & FE devices' book as well as a water arc circuit) - tried to get the fellow to commit to come who has been working with the 400 foot coax stretched over fences or trees to collect static electricity from wind, feeding an electret stack to run a battery charger that charges batteries to run your house...he hasn't committed yet but might surprise us and show up - haven't heard from Patrick Gray (Edwin Grays youngest son) but he was planning to attend and give a 20 minute talk about what really happened to his father and an update on the research from the Gray family side of it - Jim Cox is taking the place of Dan Comstock as speaker and will be bringing a small 'reaction/inertial drive motor' and a video of the more extensive Bull reaction motor tests - speaker Lee Crock is bringing some of his aura energizer machines to let people try them out for their aches and pains, this way, we can get feedback the next day for 'anecdotal' reports of whether people think it did anything to help them - trying to get Scott Mckie to make a small video of his PODMOD machine that he says puts out 10kw using 2-9vdc batteries, he reports his health isn't too good so he could not make the conference but he'll see, it would be neat to show such a video at the conference if we can't actually see the machine - also got an email from a group who claims to have duplicated the Joseph Papp machine and are getting good results (as in overunity), we'll see if they do anything with it....21 days left to sign up or you can register at the door Saturday morning from 7AM to 8:15AM, then the 15 minute Welcome spiel, then successive presentations...seeya!

05/11/01 - Scott Mckies PODMOD circuit
last year received an email from Scott saying he had made a breakthrough, tonight received another one, invited him to the conference to show it, no response yet

05/11/01 - Lee Crock Demo June 17th Dallas
Lee has agreed to do a two hour presentation and demonstration of his healing technique after the conference

05/11/01 - Conference update
Dan Comstock won't be able to complete his heat pump engine in time for the conference so will have an alternate speaker, undetermined as yet

04/05/01 - Sol as a Binary Star?
original Two Sun article and new correlations to hidden Nemesis

04/04/01 - Lee Crock Update
including his webpage and info about the retreat and how to use his energy stimulator machine

04/04/01 - Primer for Skeptics & Attackers
for those who think free energy and alt science researchers and experimenters are trying to 'create something from nothing', nothing could be further from the it

03/31/01 - Hyperbaric chamber for healing & rejuvenation
Dr. Baughs experiment with copperhead snakes and other creatures showing variations in physiology from exposure to higher oxygen and magnetic field levels

03/30/01 - High Voltage & Free Energy book is again available
this book gives details on very simple low voltage experiments as well as how to build high voltage coils as used by EVGray and which will be covered at the June 16/17 KeelyNet Convergence 2001 conference in Dallas, this book will also be available for sale at the conference

03/30/01 - Lutec 1000 swamped with offers
as expected the inventors have been deluged with offers, here is a newspaper article scanned in and shared by Scott Waring of Australia..thanks Scott!

03/29/01 - KeelyNet Conference Speaker Bios & Schedule

03/22/01 - Kowsky-Frost 1919 Quartz Levitation
fascinating report with pictures of the expansion of quartz crystal to make its weight negative

03/21/01 - Update on Aussie Lutec 1000
this is a better picture of the 1KW self-running magnetic motor and links to the KeelyNet discussion list where the patent and other information for this device are posted

02/04/01 - Dr. Richard Clarks' 'High Gain Generator'
he would like this replicated in as many places as possible, so feel free to copy or print as you desire

01/09/01 - KeelyNet Conference
tentative planning for May 2001 hardware conference in Dallas

01/09/01 - Howard Bond Memorial Service
dowser and friend passed away recently