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Each year, we create an oft appended list of URLs and other useful information. This one is for 2000. You might like to check out our other indexes from 1996 to the present. Please be aware, many sites are to say the least, evanescent, meaning they don't have a very long life. If you find something of great interest or use, we would advise you to COPY the files of interest on that site in the event the site disappears. Because of this instability in so many websites, we cannot guarantee that all the links in these older index files are still functional. Sorry.

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What follows is a list of interesting URLs or information from January 2000 to the most recent as listed from the top down. Most were removed from emails and the KeelyNet discussion list. Feel free to subscribe.

Last Updated - 12/09/00

12/09/00 - Hans Nintzel Memorial Service
Noted alchemist Hans Nintzel passed away December 3, 2000.

11/29/00 - New Book & Video about EV Gray

11/29/00 - Rare photos and information on the EMA
this book and video is by researcher Peter Lindemann and reveals a new aspect of EV Gray which adds to what is slowly coming together, a special tube using a form of electrical discharge investigated by Eric Dollard
Additional files listed here can be found lower on this page using keyword EV Gray

11/06/00 - Jackson Perpetual Motion Wheel
found by Jim Hodges in a Tennessee museum and needs a lot more investigation

10/24/00 - Cesium as cancer cure?
using the alkaline properties of cesium to change the acidic properties of cancer, change the pH, cancer dies and cannot replicate

09/26/00 - Indian Gravity control
report of new experiments with photo of test device, awaiting further information

09/13/00 - CO2, warming and the need for Free Energy
charts showing the inescapable increase in global temperatures due to the industrialization of mankind

08/27/00 - Photos of the disassembled EVGRAY motor
shows details of the inside of the motor with some measurements

08/09/00 - Matson anti-Lenz high efficiency motor
A small DC motor that uses only 5 Watts of power can turn the newly designed generator which produces up to 100 Watts of output power. The generator can be loaded to the max and still only requires 5 Watts to run!

08/09/00 - Calloways Energy collector circuit
this circuit was sent in by Robert Calloway and is believed to allow sufficient energy collection from magnets rotating on a wheel to achieve at least 1 Watt of excess power above and beyond what it takes to recharge the battery and keep the circuit continually running

08/06/00 - Dr. Hal Puthoff on the 1 watt challenge & the oil companies

08/03/00 - more on Newton's Push-Pull theory

08/02/00 - Condensing & polarizing aether
a speculation by Isaac Newton in a letter to Oldenburg, 1675, cited in E. A. Burtt "The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science," according to which gravity was due to the condensation of an aether-like substance by Earth, the Earth continually working to draw it down.

07/31/00 - Bourgoin room temperature super-conducting filaments
Found this patent claiming a process for fabricating a room temperature superconductor, that also seems to become a negative resistor, gaining or collecting energy in one mode of it's use!

07/30/00 - Incunabula sources
accounts of shifting to other realities

07/30/00 - Anti-magnetic fields & compressing magnetic lines of force
This site describes experiments demonstrating the existence of an energy form that is hitherto unknown to science that I have called the antimagnetic field on account that it exerts a pressure on magnetic fields inhibiting their expansion.

07/30/00 - Altering gravity using 'diallel field' lines
Fundamental to the new theory is its description of diallel gravitational-field lines going between the objects. These diallel lines carry, among other things, gravitational information, accounting for the attraction between the two objects with their respective energy densities. This information as Einstein predicted travels at the velocity of light.

07/30/00 - Konzen O/U claim of 4 times more out than in

07/29/00 - Photonic band gap (leads way to ZPE band gap)
nanostructure lattice that captures and holds 95% of the incoming light.

07/29/00 - Bio-Cavity laser to read cell responses
A new device called a 'bio-cavity laser' allows a cell sample to MODULATE the laser beam which is then fed into a spectrometer for analysis and a very high accuracy...

07/29/00 - Gunderson & Sweet VTA
experiments with programming magnets to generate power

07/28/00 - Earth power tap anecdote
I heard from a friend that he got energy from the ground. At first I didn't believe it until I saw it myself; he proved it > with meters and his house was lit up pretty good. What he did was this.

07/28/00 - Harvesting Light
..."These are giant, light-harvesting molecules," explains Shaul Mukamel, professor of chemistry. "Each one is designed like a net that captures light and funnels its energy into its core where we can make it do almost anything we want."

07/27/00 - Carbo-Hydrogen gas as fuel
The machine begins to bubble and froth as 40 amps of current leap the gap between two carbon rods and electrify the sugar water that fills the tank.

07/27/00 - Self designed alien circuitry
FPGA (field programmable gate arrays) the circuit evolved from a "primordial soup" of silicon components guided by the principles of genetic variation and survival of the fittest.

07/26/00 - Mechanically generated pressure from water vapor
But for the benefit of the public I will say that I have in practical operation, capable of doing useful work, a simple apparatus which generates a CONSTANT PRESSURE of fifteen pounds per square inch, without heat, chemical or electrical action, or the employment of any other materials than a small quantity of air and water. I use this low pressure only for conveninence, but can at pleasure increase it indefinitely in the same apparatus. I can assure the public that producing a pressure only limited by the strength of a generator, from no other source of power than a small quantity of COLD WATER, air moving SLOWLY therein, is no 'humbug,' nor new discovery, but is a fact, long shown to scientists and mathematicians.

07/26/00 - Lee Crocks clinic CLOSED!
Yes, it is true. The State has shut him down. He is no longer allowed to do anything regarding Lee Crock Method of Aura Therapy. So, if you hear from anyone please forward the messages to

07/24/00 - Snapping iron beams with vibration

07/24/00 - Cone shaped magnetic "Tripoles" = controlled levitation? Etc.

07/23/00 - Medulla as a magnetic coil
the medulla as being the center of control of magnetic force for the body and that by force of will you could evoke an inductive coupling, to produce phenomena.

07/23/00 - Tiny Dimensioned Gravity
An interesting report on how gravity might be a very weak, shortwave phenomenon where all the tiny weak attractions combine to produce the gravity fields we experience, it ties in with nanostructure geometric arrays that could intercept and cancel local gravity..

07/23/00 - Novel flytraps to prevent spread of disease
But a bit of low-tech fiddling with a couple of old plastic pop bottles and some animal dung has led to the development of an effective fly trap that is helping control the world's second leading cause of blindness.

07/23/00 - Using teabags to remove building toxicity
Tea bags can cure sick building syndrome, say Japanese researchers. People who move into a new house can suffer nausea and sore throats due to the chemicals from fresh paint and glue. One of the chief culprits is formaldehyde.

07/22/00 - Bio-magnetic blood pump
using magnetic fields to accelerate blood flow and reduce strain on the heart

07/22/00 - Camerons' Cone experiments
Is there a force, an energy, a wave, a ray or what-have-you which emanates from the tip of a cone?

07/21/00 - more on ZPE
There is growing interest in the nature of, and possibly even the manipulation of, the quantum vacuum.

07/17/00 - Lightning prefers BLUNT conductors, not spikes

07/13/00 - 7 League boots

07/13/00 - Tessien gets $825,000 for sonoluminescent power source

07/13/00 - Anti-clockwise rotation to collect energy

07/13/00 - Sound perception above 20khz

07/13/00 - UV directed paralyzer weapon

07/12/00 - Public Domain patents
follow the threads as to using provisional patents as a method of protecting your idea or to ensure it goes into the public domain

07/12/00 - Underground radio experiment

07/12/00 - Russian torsion field swindle?
claims of falsification of tests and results regarding torsion field claims

07/04/00 - a way to Stop Hurricances

07/02/00- MIT Perpetual Motion winner

06/30/00 - Sound from Liquid Crystals

06/26/00 - Experimental Streptococcus destruction circuit
claims to kill Strep using a modulated neon bulb - based on Rife blaster technology

06/26/00 - Osborn Reynolds Aether Dilatancy files (3)
four excellent updated files from Bruce Rosenberg on the extraordinary theories of Osborn Reynolds

06/25/00 - New Ohsako Motor update
Hiroshi sent in these diagrams showing the magnetic motor design which the inventor claims puts out 10 times more energy out than what it takes to run it

06/16/00 - Amnesia after Sex
Researchers have found that, under certain circumstances, sexual intercourse can cause temporary amnesia in men and women. Writing in the scientific journal The Lancet, two hematologists from Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore describe case studies of men who lost their memory after sexual intercourse with their wives. Researchers think the activation of the brain's sympathetic nervous system during sex creates intense pressure in blood vessels - which can result in temporary lack of blood flow to the central part of the brain.

06/07/00 - Light Emitting Vegetable Diode
bizarre glowing of vegetables under current now exhibits a RECTIFYING effect

06/05/00 - Accelerations from aether
thoughts about how it is the acceleration or deceleration of mass or energy which most closely couples to aether/zpe and allows tapping...when mass is stopped or in CONSTANT motion, the ineraction is LEAST

06/04/00 - Mapping the brain for Criminal Reform
using magnetics and hypnosis to suppress asocial or criminal behavior

06/04/00 - Combusting air to drive an engine
letter from Norway about setting fire to AIR to produce an explosion to drive an engine

06/03/00 - Arrays to increase power
amplifying tiny effects using arrays

06/02/00 - Combustion byproducts, global warming and degrading health
jet exhaust, auto engine exhaust and associated health problems

05/31/00 - Seeding the ocean to promote life
amazing report of using iron to enrich and promote an abundance of new life in the ocean

05/31/00 - Zinc-Air batteries that charge in 10 minutes?
haven't found any more on this as far as technical details, but they require many batteries and have to be rebuilt often from other zinc air reports

05/31/00 - Insomnia cure?
interesting experiment with CB Radio and mouth spoon to alleviate insomnia

05/31/00 - Honeycomb windmill for high power
12 kilowatts from this windmill - more info needed if you find it, please send to Jerry Decker

05/31/00 - More Bedini machine replications!
report on additional experiments by others on Bedini machines which work as John Bedini claims

05/30/00 - PAN - modulating magnetic field for high speed data xmission
this new discovery of modulating the surrounding magnetic field in any wire to transmit VAST quantities of information might have other applications!

05/30/00 - More on Faster than Light experiments
when it rains it pours, all kinds of new applications will come of these FTL experiments!

05/30/00 - Pushing microwaves faster than light
as we have said all along, you CAN go faster than the speed of light

05/29/00 - Sutter antigravity propulsion claim
interesting plans similar to Hamel

05/29/00 - Homopolar Generator resource CD for $100
*** entry modified on 07/12/00 at the insistence of the seller of this CD ***

NOTE: homopolar generators in alternative science generally refer to O/U which this site DOES NOT CLAIM openly as pointed out by the site owner and posted at; Complaint post #1...however, legitimacy by association IMPLIES of suppression and benefitting mankind by virtue of owning this $100 CD without providing any internal or outside links or OTHER information about these generators I find disconcerting, however as reflected in this post #2, since he does not CLAIM O/U, ONLY A CONCEPTUAL DESIGN, I have modified this entry and removed the O/U since anyone on the net can get plenty of CONCEPTUAL plans and ideas FOR FREE as posted in the links in post #2.

05/28/00 - John Bedini website and email changes
might want to update your address book for John

05/27/00 - Interactive Science Applets
good website to learn some science basics

05/27/00 - Spark testing
determining metal composition from sparks from a grinder

05/26/00 - New aura viewing Biolumanetics
technique for viewig aura for medical diagnosis

05/25/00 - Patrons vs Investors
some thoughts about the over eagerness to invest in fields that don't yet exist in reality

05/25/00 - Suggestion for an E-Prize
very good letter to the editor of Infinite Energy about greed and an E prize

05/24/00 - Passing of Chuck Shramek
discoverer of a new method of viewing the aura and of the 'companion' behind a recent comet has died

05/21/00 - Extracting gold with cabbages
some bizarre attraction for gold by growing cabbages

05/21/00 - No attractive forces
long promoted on the net, this is a fascinating theory by Ross Tessien

05/18/00 - Rectifying ambient energy
some thoughts on tapping into bursts of ambient energy with an experiment proposed by Feynman

05/12/00 - KeelyNet downtime in May
reasons for the downtime

04/18/00 - Update on Lee Crock Aura Stimulator
fascinating claims that a simple switched 3 volt direct current device (details and contact info provided) can be used to electrically flush toxins from the body

04/18/00 - Hungarian Foldes Effect claim
Attila Foldes claims a new electrostatic phenomenon similar to the Pawlicki capacitor plate experiment, please share if you are able to duplicate it, thanks!

04/18/00 - Self-accerating magnet swing?
Stefan Harmann posted this, claims a guy called him, described it and said it works, if you try it and it works, let us know! Thanks!

04/11/00 - Bearden On Bedinis' Motors
goes into detail about negative resistance, time reversal negenetropy and with lots of links and correlations to chaos, zero point interference and the recent spate of experiments that are leading to new understandings.

04/07/00 - Negistor and negative resistance
negistor article, properties of negative resistance and how to measure with notes from the KeelyNet Interact discussion list

04/06/00 - Maclay/NASA tapping ZPE program
Maclay is hoping that by carefully balancing the vacuum pressure of the cavity and the elasticity of the spring, and by giving the lid just the right initial impulse, he can create a tiny oscillator driven by Casimir forces.

04/06/00 - Nitrogen & Global Warming
a group is trying to seed the ocean with nitrogen to increase micro-organism life to increase CO2 absorption

04/06/00 - Claim of 15% time lag
guest lecturer on Art Bell claimed his group has done experiments showing a 9 minute lag from time outside the field..the website given shows no proof that I could see

04/05/00 - Build a Dynamo OR a Solar Cell
question about book detailing how to build your own DC generator and Noon's how to build your own solar cells

04/04/00 - Spurious EM for weird effects
personal experiences with electromagnetic interference

04/04/00 - Konzen Pulsed motor
similar to claims of EV Gray motor

04/01/00 - Constructor dynamic JAVA creature
experimenting with spring robotics, check this out!

04/01/00 - Magnets & Schizophenics
Schizophrenics who hear voices could get a measure of peace from a new technique that uses magnets to reprogram the electric circuitry of distressed nerve cells.

03/31/00 - Thread on Time and time dilation
If you could slow time down in a given area, you would create the equivalent of a variable 'stasis field' to observers from outside this area, possibly even disappearing from their perception because light and energy entering this zone would also be affected.

03/30/00 - Tapping ZPE for electrical current
Frank Mead patent stating - The system includes a pair of dielectric structures which are positioned proximal to each other and which receive incident zero point electromagnetic radiation. The volumetric sizes of the structures are selected so that they resonate at a frequency of the incident radiation.

03/30/00 - Copyright of Public Domain material
attempts by some to lockup Tesla patents from being shared freely

03/29/00 - 1 year to patent your idea
disturbing thread on releasing information, anyone can patent it and steal your idea, only after 1 year does it become public domain

03/28/00 - Manor Air Powered car
...a tinkerer in Indiana has developed a compressed air car that runs at 35 mph for 20 miles on a tank filled to 40psi, and that he has recently received a patent for technology that feeds compressed air back into the storage tank, so 90 percent of the energy is preserved.

03/27/00 - Gunnerman A55 Water & Gas Mix
notice of URL for Gunnerman A55 chemical

03/26/00 - Morton Effect
proposed electrical space drive with URLs

03/22/00 - Left hand composite material
...scientists demonstrated the ability to reverse these properties by beaming microwave radiation through a composite material produced from a series of thin copper rings and ordinary copper wire strung parallel to the rings. Their results verified the composite had negative electric permittivity and negative magnetic permeability. In most known materials in nature, these qualities are positive.

03/21/00 - Bedini motor update
more from John Bedini on the motor built by the 10 year old girl to win 3 science fair prizes and versions of it

03/20/00 - MSM Anecdote
something called MSM (Methyl Sulfone Methane)- nothing beats personal experience, here is the excerpt from this 80+ year old person. For a time, intolerable pain on movement was so severe I couldn't turn over in bed or get in and out of the auto without help. Now, I feel like 20 with no trace of either malady, plus going from 5 am to midnight with only a half hour snooze after lunch -- plus almost elimination of glasses.

03/20/00 - New discovery with Structured Water
Lo was performing experiments on how to improve car engine efficiency when he made the discovery. Lo, who now is the director of research and development at American Technologies Group found that water molecules, which are random in their normal state, begin to form a cluster when a substance is added to water and the water is vigorously shaken - the exact process homeopaths use to create their medicine.

03/20/00 - Hickman TOMI2
claim of superior higher thrust version of Harris' TOMI

03/18/00 - Superhot Oxygen - Hydrogen Flame
a new document about an amazingly hot flame based on the erroneous 'Browns Gas'

03/09/00 - Egyptian Plasma Generator
Fascinating correlation between ancient Egyptian figure and a modern plasma generator design.

03/09/00 - Lee Crock Simple Healing System
Amazingly simple electrical flushing technique use to heal, more will be added as we get it. Referred to as Aura Therapeutics and if you know anyone with cancer, arthritis, whatever, give him a call.

03/09/00 - Science Fair Overunity?
Science fair prize winnng motor based on John Bedini's design, ran for 5 days using only a 9VDC transistor battery

03/08/00 - Chaos Converters
a theory of rectifying the random chaos of zero point energy to produce thrust or electric current

02/25/00 - EVGray Update
The Ed Gray EMA motors have been found and here is the story up to this point, feel free to mirror, copy, reprint or use any of these files, the more people who know about it and can experiment with the EMA effect, the better.