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Updated 01/15/17

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01/15/17 - Why Fuel Cells Are the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Oil Industry
KeelyNet Honda Motor Co. recently showed off a sexy new prototype automobile that runs on the most plentiful element in the universe — hydrogen. But it doesn’t burn hydrogen in an internal-combustion engine the way a prototype Mazda did 15 years ago. That technology is old.

This Honda makes electricity by passing hydrogen through a fuel cell. Honda’s surprise wasn’t the technology itself — auto companies like Mercedes and independent firms such as Ballard Power Systems (BLDP) have been experimenting with fuel cells for decades — it was the announcement that Honda will introduce a fuel cell auto you can buy in two years.

Tetsuo Iwamura, CEO of American Honda, said his concept car “hints at” a new direction for the company. Just when you thought the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt and Tesla cars were the future, a Honda with a small tank of hydrogen shows up that can go 300 miles before it needs refueling, which takes three minutes.

The disruptive technology you think you see — the conversion of automobiles from internal-combustion engines to electrics — is not the big picture. That is yesterday’s big picture. Technology has already moved past the electric vehicle.

The truly disruptive trend is where the electricity to power these vehicles will come from. Who wants to rely on batteries? Who wants to wait for a charge cycle? Who wants to worry about building enough new power plants or installing 50-amp, 220-volt circuits in our garages? Wouldn’t you rather make your own electricity on the fly? You can with fuel cells. And while we’re at it, just how far-fetched is the final scene in the movie Back to the Future Part II, in which Doc Brown picks up an aluminum soda can from the garbage and pops it into his car’s fusion reactor? - Why Fuel Cells Are the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Oil Industry

01/15/17 - Decker Podcast Interview Monday 16th 1-3PM


On Monday the 16th, from 1-3PM, I will be interviewed on Rob Werks (Rob Boyd) podcast at Real Liberty Media, along with Larry Woods who will talk about his free energy invention. It will be voice only and you can sign in to ask questions or offer your opinion using IRC, remember that? Rob says IRC is very active these days especially for podcasts like his and I note Coast to Coast AM is one of their channels.

Rob Boyd - Skype: Robwerks1

RLM main page:

RLM Chat Page:

I don't know which of those 36 channels listed is his show!!! They usually archive the podcasts so if you miss it live you can listen to it from the archives. Might be an epic screwup because I get too excited talking about alternative science and my baud rate goes off the will have to measure my thoughts and velocity. - JWD - Decker Podcast Interview Monday 16th 1-3PM

01/15/17 - Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open
President-elect Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) receives a surprise visit from Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) and Rex Tillerson (John Goodman). - Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open

01/15/17 - For $8,000 this California startup will fill your Veins with the blood of young people
KeelyNet Jesse Karmazin is the entrepreneur who made the practice possible, by launching a clinical trial on the potential of “young blood” through his startup Ambrosia. He says that within a month, most participants “see improvements” from the one-time infusion of a two-liter bagful of plasma, which is blood with the blood cells removed.

Several scientists and clinicians say Karmazin’s trial is so poorly designed it cannot hope to provide evidence about the effects of the transfusions. And some say the pay-to-participate study, with the potential to collect up to $4.8 million from as many as 600 participants, amounts to a scam.

What’s certain is that it’s based on some intriguing if inconclusive science. Karmazin, a 32-year-old Princeton graduate and competitive rower, says he was inspired by studies on mice that researchers had sewn together, with their veins conjoined, in a procedure called parabiosis.

In 2014, Stanford University neuroscientist Tony Wyss-Coray demonstrated that old mice had increased neuron growth and improved memory after about 10 infusions of blood from young mice. That prompted Wyss-Coray to launch a small company, Alkahest, based in Menlo Park, California, to test transfusions of plasma from young people in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alkahest’s clinical study is more conventional than Ambrosia’s: it does not charge participants, it expects to enroll only 18 volunteers, and it is initially looking at how well the elderly can tolerate small doses of plasma. Wyss-Coray says the company’s initial funding was provided by a billionaire in Hong Kong who felt that a plasma transfusion had helped his grandfather combat Alzheimer’s. In March 2015, the plasma company Grifols invested $37.5 million in the startup.

Like several other researchers and bioethicists, Wyss-Coray worries about the fact that Ambrosia’s trial is funded by participants rather than investors. “People want to believe that young blood restores youth, even though we don’t have evidence that it works in humans and we don’t understand the mechanism of how mice look younger,” Wyss-Coray says. “I think people are just attracted to it because of vampire stories.” He mentions a Hungarian tale of a wealthy woman who bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youth. - For $8,000 this California startup will fill your Veins with the blood of young people

01/15/17 - The Eco-Friendly, Solar-Powered Bubble Is The Home Of The Future
Waternest 100 is an eco-friendly floating home designed by Giancarlo Zema. - The Eco-Friendly, Solar-Powered Bubble Is The Home Of The Future

01/15/17 - U.S. Air Force's most sophisticated stealth jet is beaten in dogfight by plane from 1970s
KeelyNet The F-35 stealth jet has already cost the military more than $350billion. But in a mock battle it was outperformed by an F-16 designed in the 1970s. F-35 test pilot said new plane was too cumbersome to dodge enemy fire. He deemed it totally inappropriate for fighting aircraft within visual range.

It’s the most expensive weapon in history but America's F-35 stealth jet has been outperformed by a 40-year-old F-16 jet in a dogfight. A mock air battle was held over the Pacific Ocean between the cutting-edge F-35 - meant to be the most sophisticated jet ever - and an F-16, which was designed in the 1970s.

But according to the test pilot, the F-35 is still too slow to hit an enemy plane or dodge gunfire. So far it has cost the US military more than $350billion.

The dogfight, which was staged in January near Edwards Air Force Base, California, was designed to test the F-35’s ability in close-range combat at 10,000 to 30,000 feet. Both the F-35 pilot and the F-16 pilot were attempting to ‘shoot down’ the other. But, according to the F-35 pilot’s report, which has only recently been made public, the jet performed so appallingly that he deemed it completely inappropriate for fighting other aircraft within visual range. - U.S. Air Force's most sophisticated stealth jet is beaten in dogfight by plane from 1970s

01/15/17 - Grocery encounter leads to unlikely friendship between 4-year-old and "old person"
In this installment of our series, "A More Perfect Union," we take a look at an unexpected but powerful friendship. See how an 82-year-old widower was touched by an innocent question of a 4-year-old in the canned food aisle of a grocery store, just when he needed it most. Steve Hartman reports. - Grocery encounter leads to unlikely friendship between 4-year-old and "old person"

01/15/17 - How Bing Crosby and the Nazis Helped to Create Silicon Valley
If today’s youth make up the first digital generation, Crosby’s was the first recorded-music generation. Born in 1903, Crosby grew up in Spokane, Washington, where he spent his latter adolescence haunting record stores and learning the drums, and his twenties on the road as a drummer and singer. He landed in Paul Whiteman’s legendary dance band, touring the country. Vaudeville was fading, as was the belting projection of singers like Al Jolson; jazz, talkies, and the radio were ascendant, with Crosby in the wave.

As Crosby left Spokane, writes Gary Giddins in “Bing Crosby: A Pocketful of Dreams,” acoustical reproduction (yelling into a megaphone so that the sound might be recorded directly onto wax) was giving way to electrical reproduction of music. “That innovation, which dominated the industry for more than two decades (until the introduction of tape), would help bring Bing’s strengths into the spotlight, leading directly to the advancement of his true instrument, the microphone.”

Microphones changed everything. Rather than spraying the balcony with emotion (or using a simple megaphone for amplification) the act of performance became more intimate, the singer more vulnerable. In time, the tinnier carbon microphones (as in the telephone) gave way to condenser microphones. Far more vocal subtlety could be transmitted. The dynamics of entertainment allowed for quiet. A different sort of voice found its place on stage and in recordings: the crooner.

Fast-forward into the mid-nineteen-forties. The Second World War had just ended. Americans were picking over the technological remains of German industry. One of the things they discovered was magnetic tape; the Nazis had been using tape recording to broadcast propaganda across time zones. It was a remarkable invention. Previous sound-recording technologies had used wax cylinders or discs, or delicate wires. But magnetic tape was remarkably fungible: it could be recorded over, cut and spliced together. Plus it sounded better.

In 1946 Crosby used his industry power—by then he was on top, one of the world’s richest, most famous and intensely beloved celebrities—to step away from live broadcast by choosing a sponsor and network that would let him use large, wax discs. “Philco Radio Hour” débuted in 1946 on ABC, at thirty-thousand dollars a week. Bob Hope was his first guest.

Meanwhile, engineers interested in tape, having learned what they could from what the Nazis left behind, made their way to Crosby and showed him what the new magnetic technology could do. His interest was more than piqued; he handed fifty thousand dollars to the men from the Ampex corporation, which at that time was just a half-dozen people. The machines they delivered went into use in 1947, and a new Crosby show, edited by tape splicing, was broadcast—the first radio show to use the new technology. Suddenly audio—recorded media—was flexible. It could be cut and pasted, rearranged, and edited. - How Bing Crosby and the Nazis Helped to Create Silicon Valley

01/15/17 - MIT creates 3D printed graphene that’s lighter than air, 10X stronger than steel


The discovery using the strongest material there is has the potential to enable lightweight products for airplanes, cars, buildings and even filtration devices because of the printed objects' porous designs. In its typical two-dimensional, flat state graphene is only one atom thick, so like a sheet of paper it is flimsy and easily torn. But, graphene also conducts electricity efficiently and is nearly transparent.

Until now, researchers struggled to use graphene's two-dimensional strength in three-dimensional materials. The researchers created the new graphene structures using a proprietary, multi-material 3D printer; the structures have a "sponge-like" configuration with a density of just 5%.

Combining heat and pressure, the MIT researchers were able to compress small flakes of graphene to produce a strong, stable structure "whose form resembles that of some corals and microscopic creatures called diatoms." The new shapes contained an enormous surface area in proportion to their volume, and proved to be remarkably strong.

To test the 3D printed graphene's strength, the researchers created a variety of three dimensional models and then subjected them to various tests. "In computational simulations, which mimic the loading conditions in the tensile and compression tests performed in a tensile loading machine, one of our samples has 5% the density of steel, but 10 times the strength," Qin said. Just as rolling a piece of paper increases its strength, creating 3D printed geometries with graphene increased its ability to support substantial weight.

The new configurations were made in the lab using a high-resolution, multi-material 3-D printer. They were mechanically tested for their tensile and compressive properties and simulated using the team's theoretical models. The results from the printed models and the simulations matched. Because graphene materials used by previous researchers can be lighter than air, some considered whether when used in a vacuum, the graphene structures could serve as a substitute for helium in unpowered flight.

Because of the MIT researchers' more accurate computational modeling, the use of graphene as a replacement for helium in balloons was ruled out because the material would not have sufficient strength and would collapse from the surrounding air pressure. The MIT researchers, however, found that there were many other applications for the graphene 3D structures where a combination of extreme strength and light weight could be a benefit.

"You could either use the real graphene material or use the geometry we discovered with other materials, like polymers or metals," Buehler stated. "You can replace the material itself with anything. The geometry is the dominant factor. It's something that has the potential to transfer to many things." - MIT creates 3D printed graphene that’s lighter than air, 10X stronger than steel

01/15/17 - David Wilcock: The Ascension Mysteries - Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil
The Illuminati believe they are the descendants of a half-million-year-old race that had originally colonized much of our solar system. See the original NASA photos of the ruins they left behind in this video! When they first arrived here, they were giants -- 12 to 14 feet tall -- and had elongated skulls. They quickly took over the planet and interbred with native humans, creating a red and blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white-skinned race.

This civilization originally found ruins from an "Ancient Builder Race" that was much older. Our latest intel is that the Builder ruins may be over two billion years old, and are usually made out of a transparent aluminum alloy. This video contains a great deal of data and images of giant skeletons that did not make it into the book due to size constraints. There is also significantly more intel in the book than we had time to cram into this one video -- so the two work very well together as companion pieces. - David Wilcock: The Ascension Mysteries - Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil

01/15/17 - Will Hemp Be Powering Your Car Battery Next?

01/15/17 - Russian scientists obtain unique material to make combat vehicles invisible

01/15/17 - Superinsulating Aerogels - you could heat your home with a candle

01/15/17 - New technology will cut plug-in hybrid fuel consumption by one third

01/15/17 - European Union wants to register and track all citizens who own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

01/15/17 - Japanese company replaces office workers with artificial intelligence

01/15/17 - The over unity of water batteries

01/15/17 - Water powered perpetual pendulum

01/15/17 - Top 10 Fascinating Attempts at Creating PERPETUAL MOTION Machine

01/15/17 - Thousands of Muslims reportedly turning to Christ in Middle East

01/15/17 - Motor single passenger ebike tops out at 28 mph and infinite style points

01/15/17 - Millions spent to keep Charles Manson in prison?

01/15/17 - All Dutch Trains Now Run on 100% Wind Power

01/15/17 - Corporate/Banker Sponsored Pseudo-Science and the Hijacking of Humanity

01/15/17 - Top 25 Amazing Animals Got Talent Auditions

01/15/17 - Style Image modifier

01/15/17 - A-10 Warthogs Could Serve Until 2040

01/15/17 - The Best Kept Secret Of The Electric Car Boom

01/15/17 - Stomach Acid Suppressing Meds Causing Infections and Serious Health Problems

01/15/17 - Mexico Is Begging President-elect Donald Trump: Please, Let’s Talk About The Wall

01/15/17 - NASA Should’ve Looked Twice Before Posting These Images Of The Apollo Moon Missions

01/15/17 - How to Prevent and Treat Kidney Problems With Food

01/15/17 - President Trump’s car: new ‘Cadillac One’ to be rolled out for the Donald’s inauguration

01/15/17 - Kingdom of the Little People


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04/27/16 - The Mexistim Polarity Cycler
KeelyNet For over 12 years now, I have slept over a 3 X 4 foot wirescreen which is connected to my Mexistim on my nightstand. I leave it on all the time using the included AC/DC adapter. It uses very little electricity.

It helps me get a deep, healing sleep and I think of it as 'health maintenance' because of all the effects listed below which I have noticed from using this device.

There are now three Mexistim versions, the K.I.S.S. (green) model which is a direct clone of the machine used on over 10,000 people, the Basic I (red) model which uses 3vdc to the screen switching at about 15 minute cycles and the Universal II (blue) model which offers 8 options allowing you to choose between 3vdc or 4.5vdc, 3 or 15 minute switching times (approximate) and other settings so you can try what works best for you.

KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
..2) Increased red cell count
...3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
....4) Increased overall energy
.....5) No headaches
......6) No stomach pains or aches
.......7) No muscle pains
........8) Weight loss
.........9) Increase urination
.........10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

Now with free shipping to USA and Canada!

I wouldn't endorse or sell it if it didn't work for me and others who have reported their experiences. You can read more about the Mexistim units and buy one if you'd like at the following link. Thank you very much for your purchase! - JWD - Mexistim Website



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