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Vanguard Sciences Vanguard Sciences Vanguard Sciences
keelynet keelynet keelynet



The Story behind Vanguard Sciences
and the Generation of the KeelyNet System

written by Jerry W. Decker / Sysop / Webmaster of KeelyNet

Vanguard Sciences (sponsor of KeelyNet) was organized in December of 1986 in Dallas, Texas as an alternative means of communication with regard to the more science-based relationships of metaphysics and the paranormal. Kay West suggested the name (Vanguard) after much deliberation among a group of friends meeting at Ron and Kays house. The spelling was at one time Vangard, originally intended to prevent any collision with other VangUards (with a U). (Since 1995, we have changed to Vanguard.) Our original intent was to present public presentations in the form of lectures and workshops, perform basic research and practical development in various scientific and pseudo-scientific disciplines and provide regular meetings for anyone seeking to be actively involved in the study of the more unusual aspects of science.

For our first year, 1987, we sponsored a monthly lecture on a variety of topics. These lectures involved local and outside speakers who covered such topics as pyramids, dowsing, acupuncture, electromagnetic healing, Keely, alchemy, sonics in relation to planetary and astrological influences and other diverse subjects. Also during that first year, in conversations over the years with my friend and collaborator Dale Pond, editor and publisher of the Journal of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (the Keely newsletter), we had discussed sponsoring a Symposium on the work of John Keely. I had been studying the claims of Keely since the late 1960's and Dale had been actively involved since 1985. We both felt that a gathering of people interested in Keely was overdue by about one hundred years. At the time we originally discussed this, Dale was living in Virginia. By 1988, he was in process of moving back to his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I also made the decision to take on most of the financial and organizational responsibilities of the First Annual International Keely Symposium to be held in the Dallas area. Dale arranged for the speakers and some advertising while I organized local and other advertising, the location of the symposium, the speakers hotel, mementos and the lunch.

The 1st Keely Symposium was held on August 1st, 1987 at the Richardson Civic Center. The event was covered by Dennis Stacy, a contributor and now writer for OMNI magazine. The story on the Keely Symposium did not appear until the 1988 April issue.

It was at that conference that I announced my plan for an Alternative Science BBS to be called Keelynet and which would contain many Keely files as well as other material.

Our second year led us to an opportunity to lease an educational program from the Denver Planetarium on Tesla which we felt might allow us to generate sufficient capital to establish a trust fund. The interest from the trust would be used to finance our activities. We called the program, ZAP DALLAS. It made use of a 6 foot , 2.3 million volt Tesla coil capable of generating electrical discharges up to 12 feet in length.

2.3 million volt coil - zap2a.gif

'electric fingers' demonstration - Zap3a.gif

With the help of Dale Pond, we brought the Tesla equipment from Denver to Dallas after leasing a movie theater in Garland as our public display location. We removed several rows of seats in order to build a custom stage for the Tesla demonstrations. These one hour demonstrations involved a running monologue of Teslas' life and accomplishments paralleled by experiments to demonstrate various Tesla coil effects. The effects ranged from simple 12-15 foot discharges to the use of a Faraday cage with a person inside, protected by the cage. Our grand finale involved our demonstrator (MR. ZAP - Decker) standing on a special glass table which was connected to the Tesla coil output. We then sent a reduced output on the order of 900,000 VAC over his body to stream off the hands, tongue or any other pointed member. Needless to say, people were fascinated by the effects, especially the passing of electricity over a live body.

We ran the program for the month of March with the little advertising we could afford. Our attendance totalled about 500 people during that period. We lost out miserably although many people kept coming back with other friends, including a following of engineers from Texas Instruments and the fire marshals and city officials of Garland who always insisted on a free show to check out the 'safety' aspects. Many of our most ardent patrons were engineer/science types who appreciated the work which such a project entailed After packing up the ZAP DALLAS theater location, we found that OMNI magazine had published an article in the April 88' issue on Tesla, but which could have benefitted greatly by mentioning our ZAP program. Our final opportunity came from an invitation by TEXAS ELECTRIC (the local power company) to serve as their exhibit for the 28th Annual Texas Energy Science Symposium for High Schools at the University of Texas at Austin. We asked only $300 to cover expenses because we were ecstatic over the opportunity to demonstrate such a program for members of formal educational institutions, opening their minds to a wide range of alternative science information which is not taught in our schools or universities..

We packed up the equipment and drove to Austin on Tuesday, June 7, 1988. On arrival Dr. Austin and Dr. Klein assisted us in the setup of our equipment in a medical auditorium which had a capacity of 450 people. On testing the equipment, the humidity must have been near perfect as we got more than the full discharge length of 12 feet. Dr. Austin and Dr.Klein were thinking the unit would be small with discharges on the order of 4 to 8 feet. On seeing this test, Dr. Austin was quite excited and wanted to purchase one for the UTA Physics Department. The show began at 7:30 and was scheduled to end at 8:30, our standard one hour program. The room was packed and people were standing against the walls and doors. Later estimates by our UT sponsors said the room probably contained 500 people, more than they had ever seen in any of their programs in this room. During the show, we garnered extended applause and questions.

The enthusiasm of the people induced us to perform extra experiments for their participation which led to a prolonged question/answer session. The show was finally over at 10:00 PM. Two and one half hours on Tesla and the more unusual aspects of science. On packing up the next day, many people who we did not know, insisted on patting us on the back or shaking our hands to congratulate us on the show. Later, a June 29th letter from Dr. Dale Klein states;

"The responses we have received regarding your presentation have been very favorable. I am certain that your comments inspired these future scientists and engineers. Thank you for a fine presentation."

Our staff at our greatest moment were Jerry Decker, Ron Barker, Chuck Henderson and Wayne Fowler. Wayne is a professional actor who is interested in the Vanguard Sciences and who served as our narrator. Jerry is founder, owner and Director, Ron is the volunteer Business Manager and Chuck is the volunteer Secretary.

We had been discussing the Keelynet BBS as a form of mass communication with the ability to spread the word on Keely and our interests. I had been working on collecting files, acquiring and setting up the hardware and software with the result being the Keelynet BBS went online as planned on July 15th, 1988.

We returned the Tesla equipment to Denver in the month of December 1988 and decided to redefine our goals and means of achievement. We obviously needed a space in order to build up a workshop. Lectures were fine for exchanging ideas but resulted in little or no practical implementation. For that purpose, I decided to buy a house.

On attending lectures and Conferences both locally in other states, we have made many interesting contacts and information exchanges. From these exchanges, we see many overlapping fields of study which need to be made freely available to all interested parties. Our present intentions involve the support and continuing expansion of the KeelyNet system and contact network, the buildup of a workshop for experimentation including documentation of our work in the form of videotapes or textual descriptions capable of being listed on KeelyNet or otherwise distributed. We have come to realize over the past few years that there is a problem which should influence all experimentation. That is the problem of ecology and global warming. We also meet many people working on health related activities. If the planet dies or is crippled, health will not matter. In the very near future (projections range from 10 to 20 years MAX), you can not step outside without a head to toe covering, special sunglasses to reduce UV to the eyes and probably breathing apparatus. Drought will cause massive famine, reduction in public services including energy and petroleum products. Air conditioning failures from no power, no gas or electricity for cooking when you can find edible food.

A critical juncture is approaching and we must all take steps to slow it, prevent it or have the option of escaping from it. How can we do this? Focus our research on FREE ENERGY and LEVITATION. Keely is one of the ways. We have collected much documentation on many possible modalities and techniques. It is time to spread the word and ACTIVELY WORK for practical implementations. For that reason, Vanguard Sciences will actively work on FREE ENERGY devices as well as LEVITATION. THE KeelyNet system and BBS will serve as a means of distributing our collection of information to the widest possible audience at the least possible cost. We also mail out documentation to people whom we know to be distributors and/or networkers for this type of information. Our permanent address is: Vanguard Sciences/KeelyNet, PO BOX 870716, Mesquite, TX, 75187 My home phone is (214)-324-8741.

We welcome any comments, suggestions, information, equipment for experimentation or financial support. Thank you for your interest.

The following is an Update on April 10, 1990

Recent developments require that we further focus our goals on the following specific areas. The purpose for the establishment of KeelyNet is to allow the rapid and free exchange of information relating to :

  • 1) free energy technologies

  • 2) anti-gravity technologies and techniques

  • 3) unusual methods of ecology

  • 4) alternative health systems including anti-aging & rejuvenation

  • 5) UFOs, what are they, can we duplicate them

  • 6) free release of the work of John Keely covering Vibratory Physics

  • 7) contacts and notices for symposia & conferences

  • 8) future conferences on biology, ecology, free energy, anti-grav and others of interest

We of VANGUARD SCIENCES realize that our planet is rapidly coming to a point of no return and that ONLY THROUGH THE FREE EXCHANGE of information relating to the above topics, especially free energy, anti-grav, ecology and health will we survive as the race of Man. Our primary focus is therefore on these topics with a particular emphasis on the work of John Worrell Keely in the area of Vibrational Physics.

We believe that the computer is the ideal means to efficiently distribute information on the above topics. We also believe that the three most destructive modes of thought can be reduced to :


For these reasons, we openly share all information that we have with all interested parties unless otherwise restricted by the donors of sensitive information. Responsibilty for the use or abuse of such information inevitably falls on the user. We are currently gathering information which will point to a hybridized system for sustaining a HOME! This system will include the following :

  • 1) A free energy or over-unity device capable of providing a minimum of 10 KW of electrical energy per unit with the least high-tech requirements possible

  • 2) A device for purifying water and air for use in homes

  • 3) A device for condensing water directly from the air with cool air as a byproduct

  • 4) Advanced hydroponic and agricultural techniques for growing the greatest quantity and quality of food crops in the least space and with the least attention

  • 5) Techniques for increasing the size and quality of meat sources such as fowl, beef, pork and fish and of all edible plants in the form of vegetables and fruits

  • 6) More efficient, yet palatable and health sustaining food sources which do not require the destruction of lower life forms including plants and animals

  • 7) Weather modification techniques (centralized) to minimize drought, freezing and wind induced damage

  • 8) Techniques for generating light, heat and motor power which are not necessarily electrically driven

  • 9) Health technologies which will restore an organism to its optimal energy and functions and which can be located in the home for use as required

  • 10) Transportation techniques which take advantage of flight by using levitation brought about by magnetic, sonic, electric or air moving technologies

The above principles must be non-polluting, safe for humans in proximity with such technologies and as low-tech as possible.

The following is an Update on April 25, 1992

Despite our intentions to maintain a low profile, we have now been the subject of at least two magazine articles (to our knowledge.) One was the December 91' SPY magazine, the latest was a short article in the April 92' Boardwatch magazine ( devoted to computer bulletin boards ), both national publications. One of the articles begins with "Forget the Time/Life Book Series, give KeelyNet a call and you can generate several books of your own."

From our friends down in Australia, many of our files have been distributed throughout that country and in fact some were picked up by the Australian company - BEYOND 2000, which airs on the Discovery channel. They sent a letter complimenting us on what they had seen to date and said just from that limited information they could generate 2 years of shows for BEYOND 2000! In fact, one of our files led to the recent airing of an interview and demonstration with Sandy Kidd, inventor of a Gyroscopic Levitation System. We currently have that video for study. In addition, they sent a check for the purchase of our complete disk set of text files which we offered on a very limited request only basis beginning in 1991. This was to reduce phone costs to our associates from having to dial up and download all our files. We conservatively estimate such an operation would cost at least $200 in phone costs alone and our files continue to grow on a monthly basis.

And for 1992, we have established relations with Mr. Per Lindgren, sysop of the GAS STATION in Gaevle, Sweden. He asked to become the official Eastern European KeelyNet Affiliate and we have agreed to exchange files on a regular basis. It currently costs $1 per minute to link with Sweden. This opens up entire new vistas since the dissolution of the Soviet Union has allowed many scientists and researchers to speak on their projects. Per has graciously volunteered to translate our files into Scandinavian and Russian, as well as translating their files into English which will be mailed to us. This arrangement offers tremendous new avenues of exploration for all of us. We currently have an image capture board, video duplication and editing/enhancement abilities, image enhancement abilities, a new FAX board for the computer and will soon have a 9600 BAUD modem courtesy of Mr. Guy Resh. In addition, we have received some fascinating videos as well as text documents which will continue to be added to KeelyNet for public distribution to those wishing to keep up on what is going on in the various fields as encompassed by KeelyNet.

Our contacts have spread considerably over the past two years and we have learned much from those who have so graciously shared their own particular stash of information as well as some of their research findings. On July 15, 1992, KeelyNet will celebrate its 3rd Anniversary since it went online in 1988. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had the opportunity to converse and exchange information with so many excellent minds.

The following is an Update on November 18, 1992

In August, we purchased a full page scanner that is intended to allow us to scan in black and white images such as patents and circuit diagrams. It can scan 64 grey scale and has a 50 page sheet feeder. One of our users sent us OCR software to allow us to directly scan in and translate documents into ASCII useable text files. We also have another system we are working on which will have about 106 MB of free disk space. It will run the newer WILDCAT 3 software and will have 22 file sections and 13 conference areas.

As of November 16th, we have the 9600 modem online and functioning at 9600 BAUD. However, we are "fine-tuning" the initialization codes to allow the maximum connection of 14,400 bps. When the new system is ready, the 9600 modem will be connected to it also. It is quite amazing to watch the transfer of large amounts of data at such high rates of speed. I watched as about 300KB of files were sent in less than 6 minutes...incredible. At this rate, all of our files could be completely downloaded in about two and a half hours. Ron has come up with some great programs which allow image enhancement as well as made a contact who let us scan in the KEELY lab and equipment pictures as high resolution images. These will be listed on the new system also.

All KeelyNet text files have always been free to everyone, however since we have been acquiring new equipment to further expand our system and abilities. Recently (began October 1992), we began having local monthly Roundtable meetings for interested individuals to discuss various subjects and exchange information. We have intentionally kept these meetings small so that they would not turn into a mob. So far, we have had two meetings ranging in size from 24 to 28. We plan to continue these monthly meetings on a regular basis for the express purpose of exchanging information and ideas.

Update from 1992 to 1999

I have been remiss updating this for the past 7 years, just forgot about it. Toward the end of 1995, we had a hard drive crash on the BBS. By that time, Bill Beaty had coerced me to at least TRY the InterNet. Initially I signed on as a user with Netcom. It was interesting but I was often disappointed with the diatribes and useless information and negative opinions posted in the various newsgroups.

We have every intent to remain stable, active and involved in the fields of alternative science and not just go quietly into the night as so many have in the past and present. Most of this is because of discord in the membership, on the part of the organizers, or because they revolve primarily around making money .

By 1996, I decided it was time to start a KeelyNet website, though very appreciative of the courtesy of Bill Beaty, Rene Mueller and David Jonsson as the KeelyNet mirrors. By this time, a presence was established for KeelyNet since all the files had headers. The domain name was purchased and a site was setup with Flash.Net as the virtual host provider. Since that time the website has been our primary method of communication and dialogue. As of April 1999, we have moved from Flash.Net to which is on Dan Yorks server because of a better price and more space.

Update as of June 1, 2005

This page was last updated way back in 2001, when I packed up everything and moved down to central Mexico where I have lived now for almost 4 years, with occasional trips to the states to see friends, family and take care of business.

For some 23 years, I worked in three different photo-finishing labs running the Technical Support department. During that time I was exposed to chemicals which I blame for damaging my spleen and causing it to become enlarged. The spleen kills off old red blood cells among other functions, so when it is enlarged, it kills off many more red cells than it should, leaving the subject tired and needing sleep. That was my problem.

After 5 doctors, I was sent to a hemotologist who found an enlarged spleen to be the problem. My options were to have it removed and become susceptible to opportunistic infections where my only recourse was to take antibiotics, or take massive doses of cortisone. Either option would eventually damage other organs. Or I could just live with it. I chose to live with being tired and needing more sleep than normal but was always looking for something that might help my non life-threatening condition.

My red cell count when I was first tested was 7.9 and the doctor said I should not have enough energy to even be walking around. The normal red cell count for a healthy male is 12 to 16 according to the medical staff I consulted. They put me on massive doses of iron and folic acid which in the next test about a month later, only increased my count to 8.1.

That was their best and they expressed regret that they could not do more. That was in October of 2000. In the summer of 2001, we had the KeelyNet Conference and Lee loaned me one of his machines. I used it for approximately 3 months, with a 3 X 4 foot aluminum wirescreen under my mattress pad and the machine running unnoticed under my bed, all but forgotten.

In the 3rd month I began having trouble sleeping and would wake up with a lot of energy. I would have to get up to clean the house or do something to dissipate this extra energy so that I could sleep to make it in to work the next day. Finally I realized the only change I had made recently was the Crock machine under my bed, so I disconnected it and over the next 2 days, my sleep pattern was restored.

Around that time, I quit my job for my planned move to Mexico since the hemotologist warned me I was now subject to sudden heart attack. It scared me pretty badly so I decided to make a serious life change. Before I left Dallas for my exploratory trip to Mexico, I went back to the hemotologist to have another red cell count and this time it showed 8.9!!

I had taken NO iron and NO folic acid. The doctor and the nurses came to read this result and were amazed, asking me what I had been doing to cause such an increase when their best was 8.1. I tried to tell them about the Crock machine but all of them put their hands over their ears and said they didn't want to hear about any alternative health machine. So much for that. But I made them give me photocopies of the test from the 8.1 (my last best reading under their guidance) and this new 8.9 using ONLY the Crock machine.

Needless to say, it certainly gave me faith in the machine, I definitely had more energy and this test showed why, I simply had more blood. Now I don't know if the machine is helping to increase my red cell production or if it is healing my spleen. To tell you the truth, I don't CARE because I feel so much better.

Since moving to central Mexico in November of 2001, I have built my own version of the machine which I call the 'MexiStim' and have been using it under my bed with a wirescreen under my mattress pad. The machine is on all the time and sometimes I have to disconnect it due to too much energy preventing me from sleeping.

I have completely changed my diet and lost 4 pants sizes, further benefiting my health. Adding to my success, I also credit not having the temptations of fast food and the stresses of the computer call center job I was working that was adding to my health problems.

My goal here in central Mexico is to build an alternative science research center where the climate is 70-90 degrees year round, land is very reasonable, local labor is $15-$20US a DAY! I soon learned many of the horror stories about Mexico I had read on the Internet simply are not true.

We have many dozens of projects which have commercial potential and need one or more investors or partners to finance these various projects. The returns could be phenomenal and we could do much to quantify so many of the bogus claims in the alternative science arena. That includes many projects relating to free energy, gravity control, claims of health machines and rejuvenation systems. KeelyNet interests and technical information are both wide ranging and prolific in many areas. If you are interested in investing in or discussing this alternative research center, please Email me.

Over this time, I have been constructing and selling the MexiStim which is a version of the 2nd machine Lee Crock used so successfully with over 10,000 people. I have a 3 X 4 foot aluminum screen between a large foam pad and my mattress, so that I am exposed to the energy from the machine anytime I lie down. As reported in my MexiStim article, I believe it has helped me to lose over 70 pounds and reduce from a size 46 to a size 38. Check out the before and after photos on the MexiStim page.

In addition, my cough has gone away, I feel great, have plenty of energy and people say I look 20 years younger, even with my buzzcut which I've preferred for the past year. You know there comes a time when you get tire of thinning hair that you have to mess with all the time, so just CUT IT ALL OFF. You won't regret it and its so much easier to take care of.

Living in Mexico has been fascinating and in some ways disappointed because of thievery and almost no one you can trust. But the gringo community here is about 8,000-12,000 so there is no loss of english speakers, though there are some very strange ones in the mix.

I haven't updated KeelyNet near as much as I used to in the states and am trying to resolve that by making changes which include trying to make it support itself. So many years, I funnelled my own money and time into it, only to see others capitalize on it without ever sharing a thing with KeelyNet. This will change.

My goal is to setup a laboratory/experimental workshop here and I'm working to that end. But it is slow going. All these years and still nothing has come to market in the way of a working free energy or gravity control technology or device. The world has always needed these technologies but with the climate being skewed (screwed) more everyday, it becomes ever more urgent to make them a reality.

This page is about the history of KeelyNet and Vanguard Sciences...ah yes, sorry for the beginnings of another rant...(LOL)...and I know you don't give a flip about me but just so you will know, things are fine, I am healthy, happy, active and I love living in Mexico. The temperature here averages between 70-90 year round except for a couple of cold months. So it is 'garra' time (shorts, teeshirts and tennis shoes) almost all year long!

Hmmm...plans for KeelyNet...well, as you can see, we have had to start selling things that brings in only a trickle of change, but I plan to be offering eBooks and some CDs to try to increase sales. In addition, we really do need to setup a lab and get some of these projects underway, such as the Clem engine but there are many more. To that end, I am talking so far with a potential investor but nothing has come of it yet.

Its really quite simple to fund all this...if a majority of the people who visit KeelyNet, would donate $5-$10 a month, SKIP A MEAL just once a month, that could be something if just 500 people did it. Ranging from $2500 to $5000 a month for projects! Alas, I'm not a good marketing guy so don't have that type of 'charisma' that can convince people to come together for a common purpose.

Churches and politics sure seem to build up money very rapidly, but I don't know the right buttons to push to get people to COMPREHEND why this lab thing is so important. Maybe its just me, though I don't think I'm deluded nor old enough to be senile.

As of June, 2005 I updated the loader part of the KeelyNet site and am working on other pages including some 'new' information that might be of interest.

Despite what some of the flakes and conmen say, KeelyNet is FAR from being inactive OR of fading away, as much as it would delight them to not have us always asking where is THEIR PROOF for the incessant claims they make trying to get your money, but it ain't happening, we plan to become much more active and viable in the near future if its humanly possible without ourselves turning into money grubbers, liars or conmen...that won't happen, I'll shut it all down before it comes to that.

I know a lot of people bust their butt most of their lives trying to keep up, but for me, its not worth it. I don't need new cars, a big, fancy house or the latest designer clothes.

Amazing how your life untangles when you get out of the ratrace loop and just enjoy life. It is not about money or possessions, but about security and experiences. So jump on those synchronicities when they mysteriously appear in your life. You are being tested, take advantage of them and GROW!

Stay Tuned...I know its frustrating after all these years that no one has actively applied any free energy or gravity control to marketed devices we can all use, but it is inevitable in my opinion that one day before we are too old to still marvel at the technology, we WILL have these things in use worldwide.

For Pete's Sake, I'm not promoting that everyone turns into a 'believer', who questions nothing and takes everything spoken or written as FACT...question everything, demand proof, but DO be open to new theories and ideas, especially if there is experimental evidence of an anomaly. If anomalies such as these can be duplicated, it should be possible to scale up the effect to something useful.

So this is my last word for this month......and you will most certainly be updated via KeelyNet and our discussion list WHEN something major breaks that is FOR REAL.

Update as of November 24, 2015

Wow, 10 years have passed and still no working antigrav or free energy or rejuvenation. Lots of clues but so far nothing we can use or buy and yet, hope springs eternal. Now, to get to an update of what all has happened if I can remember it all!

Had bought a Honda 125 motorcycle and had lots of fun with it for over 4 years, then one day, riding from Ixt into Chapala but through Santa Cruz, on a very curvy road, I was going too fast and couldn't stop. So risk hitting trees that might stab my guts or slide it in. I slid about 20 feet and it scraped my left arm and leg. Had my helmet but the bike was twisted and I was dazed. Blood everywhere, so I had a sheet which I wrapped around my arm which was bleeding the worst. I called a friend to get a taxi to come take me home where I cleaned and bandaged up. Drove my truck back to my bike where my friend was waiting and we loaded it up and back home. Wound up selling it for about $500 to a neighbor mechanic who would fix it up for his teen son.

I don't know if there is a correlation but a few months later I began retaining liquids, my legs swollen and my scrotum the size of two grapefruits. Didn't hurt but the swelling reduced my lung capacity so I could hardly breathe. My friend Ricky helped me sign up for Seguro Popular and I was admitted into the new Hospital Civile in Guadalajara for the entire month of August 2012. It took them 3 weeks and about $1500 worth of custom tests that I paid for to determine my problem. They said it was genetic but I think it was chemical pollution from working around photochemicals for 25 years. So they cut out my enlarged spleen. It cost about 20,000 pesos which Seguro Popular paid for! My family urged me to move back to Texas, this in October, so I got rid of all my furniture and most of my possessions. Things I could not bear to lose I put in a storage warehouse for $60 a month.

So no house, no furniture, no stuff, time to go. Lots of hugs and adioses but things change (las cosas cambien). Love the drive up through West Texas and the hill country. My sis let me live in her 2nd house and took excellent care of me which I will never forget. But it was December and cold as heck. I don't like wearing double sets of clothes even in the house...and my truck radiator blew up so I helped my brother-in-law install it, again something I will never forget as he was in pain from his leg injury. Decided with 4 pints of mexican blood in me from the surgery, I was now too mexican to live in cold weather, so decided to move back to Mexico.

Long, tedious drive but finally made it. Went to a lady friend who owned rental properties and she showed me a 2 bedroom casita which was perfect. Had linens, towels, pots, pans, dishes, washer and cable, ready to move in. She gave me the key and said pay when you can. No papers, no leases, just trust and kindness...I lived there for about 6 months and moved into a larger space where I could bring all the stuff in storage to save $60 a month. I am there to this day and love the place. Has a small fenced yard with a huge back patio for parking out back. Also has a washer and dryer.

On my second dog who is now a year old and saving for another motorcycle. Love this house and easy to walk to most places.

Had a 2nd health issue early 2015 when a doctor gave me a vaccine of some new antibiotic and it paralyzed my right side...Ricky and Sylvia came over and Ricky carried me to bed because I could not walk or even drag myself anywhere. Though the Red Cross was near, I've seen many cases where people freak out and wind up worse or with something permanent, so decided to wait til next day where Ricky brought the doc to my house. He said it was a stroke but not in the gave me pills and I took the circulation cleanser lysine and vitamin C ascorbate to dissolve any clots...took 10 days and a lot of will to slowly being able to move my right side and everything came back. That was a close call.

So here it is almost the end of 2015. Keelynet is in its 27th year now and still going. I update news every 3-4 days and store everything as archives using the format indexjan15.html, just insert the month and year back to 2012 when I started using permalinks. Before that its just a giant monthly page accessible at; Have been testing Ezoic for the past 2 months so some pages don't display properly.

After seeing so many people die alone, I designed Robochek first as a service then as an android app on google. Robochek calls you every hour until you click yes I'm OK and it won't bother you again til next day. If you fail to click by 6PM or whatever time you choose, Robochek will send a text message with your last plans, to up to 3 of your personal contacts and include the GPS location. I didn't have the money to advertise it but have two copyrights on it if anyone wants to make me an offer to buy the rights. It has great potential to save many lives.

Lots of other things have happened but those are the highlights.

Bueno Suerte, Good Health and enjoy life!


The Complete KeelyNet BBS Files on CD
w/bonus PDF of 'Keely and his Discoveries'

Vanguard Sciences Finally, I've gotten around to compiling all the files (almost 1,000 - about 20MB and lots of work doing it) from the original KeelyNet BBS into a form you can easily navigate and read using your browser, ideally Firefox but it does work with IE. Most of these files are extremely targeted, interesting and informative, I had forgotten just how much but now you can have the complete organized, categorized set, not just sprinklings from around the web. They will keep you reading for weeks if not longer and give you clues and insights into many subjects and new ideas for investigation and research.

IN ADDITION, I am including as a bonus gift, the book (in PDF form) that started it all for me, 'Keely and his Discoveries - Aerial Navigation' which includes the analysis of Keely's discoveries by Dr. Daniel G. Brinton.

This 407 page eBook alone is worth the price of the KeelyNet BBS CD but it will give you some degree of understanding about what all Keely accomplished which is just now being rediscovered, but of course, without recognizing Keely as the original discoverer. Chapters include; Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows, Vibratory Physics, Latent Force in Interstitial Spaces and much more. These two excellent bodies of information will be sent to you on CD. If alternative science intrigues and fascinates you, this CD is what you've been looking for...
$29.95 CD + Shipping and Handling
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