Pyramid Energy to Transmute Gold

I am currently attempting to replicate Joshua Gulick's claim that a pyramid can make gold turn into a white powder (ORMUS gold, AKA "The Philosopher's Stone"). Josh's account can be found here.
Details of initial experiment:

I constructed a pyramid from 1/2" diameter copper tubing. The base is 18" square. The side pieces are ~17.1" long. A 1.125" steel ball bearing at the apex, this was done as a convenient way to hold the pyramid together. I feel any type of pyramid will work the same.

Initially I had a quartz crystal and vaseline glass marble in the apex, I later removed these. It did not appear to effect the process.

The gold is a 24 karat 1/10 oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (1982). It is pure gold. The coin was placed in a new shot glass. Then I covered a small glass container in aluminum foil tape, and it goes over the shot glass. This shields the gold from light, and keeps it protected from the outside environment. This sits on a roll of toilet paper, which positions the gold in at 1/3 of the height of the pyramid. This is the focal point of the pyramid (the king's chamber). The pyramid is aligned to magnetic north (this is very important!).

Here a picture of setup, sorry it is so blurry. The vaseline glass marble and quartz crystal under the apex of the pyramid have been removed since this picture was taken.

24 hours later I checked the coin. There is no visible change. I rub the coin with my fingers, it feels slightly slippery. I licked my fingers, and after a few minutes my stomach felt a little strange, like when I drank my first trap water. I found this encouraging, and tried hard to leave it alone for a week.

One week after touching the coin, I check again. There is still no visible change, however there is a oily film on the coin that I can feel. I taste it, and it is sweet like honey! I was really hungry when I did this, and then it my hunger seemed to fade, I didn't bother eating for another 2 hours. My stomach felt a little weird the rest of the day. The sweet taste would return periodically, even after I had eaten. I became quite energetic, and I worked on a paper I had to get done for school. I worked on my computer for 2 hours without getting up, and when I did I was surprised. I felt very strange when I got up. My balance was off a bit, and everything seemed different, but I am not sure how. I felt like my awareness was expanded, like I was bigger than my body. I went to bed and felt so weird, I was sure I was going to go out of body. I slept very well, and the next day things still seemed a bit different, this faded as time went on. I had a weird feeling in my head. When I first woke up I thought it was a headache, but then I realized it was more like a light dull pressure. And it was just in a small circular area (~1.25" round) between and above my eyebrows, where the pineal gland (third eye?) is. I also noticed a faint sweet taste in my mouth once or twice. It was like when I first tasted it, but not as strong. It is a sweetness unlike any form or honey or sugar, it is a fantastic taste!

I am certain that the pyramid is converting my gold coin into ORMUS gold. The oil of gold forms first, and then becomes the white powder (I haven't got that far yet). This form of gold certainly fits the description of manna, judging by the taste. The process is pretty slow, but it is happening effortlessly. I haven't generated enough to see, but the effects of it are sure powerful. I think if I could make enough to have some ever day the effects would be mind blowing.

Future Plans:

I think a larger pyramid will convert more gold at a time. I am going to dig out my 6 ft pyramid this spring and try it. I may build a pyramid even bigger than that. I also would like to try some inert gas energy beams and other forms of orgone like energies to see if they will do it too.

I may also try this experiments on other metals, like copper, to see if I can convert other metals to their ORMUS states.


This experiment really opened my eyes to how pyramid energy works. I have experimented with pyramids a lot, and this really ties things together for me. There is plenty of documentation of leaving coins in pyramids to loosen tarnish off them. It takes a few days and then it just wipes off. One author I remember who did this used a silver coin (if memory serves me). Now if the pyramid converts the metal to its ORMUS state or m-state, the metal below the tarnish will first become a oil of the metal. Now the tarnish is floating on this, can it can be wiped away with little effort. It makes sense to me. I haven't tried this with other metals, so I cannot say with 100% certainty that this true. I only know that it works with gold.

This could also explain how pyramid energy (and maybe other forms of orgone energies??) effect living things. The Pyramid Energy section of my site documents my growing plants under pyramids (see sci fair section). Plants grow a lot better under a pyramid. I also know first hand that pyramid energy effects people, as I slept under pyramids for a year. Pyramid energy seems to be very beneficial for living things (except parasites).

But how does it help living systems?? Well now I have some ideas as to how pyramid energy interacts with living organisms. We have metals in our bodies, in the form of minerals. Some of these metals can exist in ORMUS form. So perhaps exposure to pyramid energy causes a very slow conversion of these materials into m-state form. The effects would seem to be consistent with ingesting very very small amounts of m-state materials.

As I understand it, ORMUS/m-state materials make life possible. If your losing more of these materials than you take it, you age. This is why people consuming m-state supplements experience reverse ageing (not signs of ageing, actual physical age).

More to come.......

I can be reached on the ormus_swg Science Workgroup. Please post questions on the list, and not to my personal address. This way everyone benefits from the discussion.

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