Master Pyramid Matrix Orgone Experiment

After learning about the MPM I wondered if it produced orgone energy. So I tried it. Much to my amazment it worked! The energy is different than that of pyramid. More north pole like. Anyway I don't know what other effects the MPM has on other things as I haven't done any further tests yet. The signifance of this experiment is that the matrix which is used to derive the geometry for the Hamel UFO is a orgone generator! My UFO engine and shape power research has collided! All the new ideas about aether, and the machines that use aether are all inter-related. It's pretty neat I think :-)


  • First you need to print the matrix, to print the grid go to the printing page.
  • Get two identical clean cups and fill them with with water, no more than 1/2" (less than 3/8" is better) deep, as the volume rule applies to the grid. Too much water = poor results. Clear disposable plastic cups work great.
  • Now put one cup on the matrix, and the other beside it.
  • Allow the cups to stand for at least 15 minutes.
  • Taste the two samples of water, don't just drink them all at once as you may want to try each a few times. I don't recommend trying this right after eating as it is harder to tell.
  • You will be able to notice the change in taste. This is from the orgone polarizing the water molecules, as water is a polar molecule, and in having charge it can be chemically changed with no chemical interactions. This experiment is like the magnetizing water experiment, only rather than magnetism we are using orgone, made by a special picture.

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