3D Pyramid Orgone Grid

In Shape Power it says that a pyramid drawn on paper will make pyramid energy. Apparently even imaging a pyramid will focus orgone energy there. Anyway I whipped up a 3d wire frame pyramid, and sure enough it works. In fact it is better than the Pyramid Grid. The Pyramid grid makes energy, similar to pyramid energy, but not the same. I did some weird experiments were I taped a square of the pyramid grid to my forehead. A headache would form fairly quickly. A small picture of a pyramid did not have this effect. My head felt fine. Also water treated with this tastes like that treated with a pyramid. The pyramid grid's water is different in taste that the pyramid. So here I present the 3D Pyramid Grid, which I created for you to use. I have instructions for the basic water test. This grid should in theory affect materials like a pyramid. This means that things should dehydrate on the picture faster and what-not. All of this needs to be tested yet, but could be useful (ie, picture that sharpens your razors).

Instructions for the basic water test
  • First you need to print the grid, to print the grid go to the printing page.
  • Get two identical clean cups and fill them with with water, no more than 3/8" deep (less is better), as the volume rule applies to the grid. Too much water = poor results. Clear disposable plastic cups work great.
  • Now put one cup on the grid, and the other beside it.
  • Allow the cups to stand for at least 15 minutes.
  • Taste the two samples of water, don't just drink them all at once as you may want to try each a few times. I don't recommend trying this right after eating as it is harder to tell.
  • You will be able to notice the change in taste. This is from the orgone polarizing the water molecules, as water is a polar molecule, and in having charge it can be chemically changed with no chemical interactions. This experiment is like the magnetizing water experiment, only rather than magnetism we are using orgone, made by a special picture.

    Other things to try

  • Other types of liquids. Coffee, wine, juice, pop etc. I have found that the grid tends to make things taste more smooth. The grid's energy tends to take the "edge" off a drink.
  • The other things a pyramid does should be tried, like dehydration, razor sharping etc. The energy produced from this grid is much more like pyramid energy compared to the Pyramid Grid. So it will likely produce more pyramid like results than the original grid.

    I also made a stack of 120 little "3D Pyramids". The energy from this grid is quite strong.

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