Push Gravity
Walter Wright's Challenge

Wright makes his case;

On September 8th, 1968, Wright predicted; "The universe will accelerate and expand forever because gravity is a PUSH between bodies in space."

Science News, March 1998, page 185; "Not only will the universe expand forever, it will do so at an ever increasing rate." (NOTE: 30 years later)

Esquire, October 1998, page 105; "Somehow the expansion of the universe seems to be speeding up. As one stunned cosmologist says, 'It's like learning the earth is round.'"

Overview, Microsoft Internet Explorer, page 1 of 2; "No physical observations are found which favor PULL-gravity over PUSH-gravity."

National Geographic, July 1981, page 11; "Gravity causes each satellite to repel the particles in its vicinity."

Overview, Microsoft Internet Explorer, page 1 of 2; "Push-Gravity satellites will cause most scientists to rewrite their textbooks." (Wright began rewriting their textbooks on September 8th, 1968, 31 years ago as described in his 1976 self-published book, "Gravity is a PUSH".)

Former World News Service (UPI); "If Wright is correct, of course, it would put him in a class with Einstein."

A college science/physics class after seeing a demonstration of Wright's Push-Gravity models wrote; "The most telling argument Wright has is that while he has models of his Push-Theory, there are NO such models for the traditional Pull-theory."

Larry Pye, nuclear engineer said; "I found your Push Gravity Space Museum more fascinating than Lawrence Hall of Sciences, the Exploratorium, the Smithsonian and San Francisco's Academy of Science."

Mark Aumann, newscaster said; "I found your Push Gravity Space Museum more interesting than any tour at NASA's Cape Canaveral."

Dr. F.T. Doubler said; "I can't remember hearing a more interesting presentation than yours in Denver, at the 6th Annual Global Science's Congress."

Hal Hoberecht, teacher said; "I learned more about our universe in one hour than all the science books and college couses I had."

Los Angeles Times; "Over the past decade, repulsive force has regained some support among scientists who see it as a key to solving major cosmic mysteries." (Wright says the repulsive force is the 'KEY' to his Push Gravity theory.)

US Senator Charles H. Percy wrote the following in his letter dated August 13th, 1980; "Mr. Wright, I thinky our idea is great and I do think someone should listen to you."

Mr. Sylvan Wall, retired science teacher, after a tour through Wright's Push Gravity Space Museum wrote; "I wish I had these models available when I taught school."

David Finlinson, honor student, wrote; "Prove Mr. Wright wrong, I dare you to try."

United Press International (UPI), wrote; "If Wright is correct, of course, his ideas would put him in a class with Copernicus, Einstein and Darwin."

Solano College Science class wrote; "The most telling argument Wright has is that while he has models of his Push theory, there are no such models for the traditional Pull theory. We will no longer blindly accept theories without questioning."

Sheila Martinez wrote; "Please consider coming back to my 2nd grade period Physics class again." (All students in the 2nd class period signed the letter.)

Ottawa University Extension program wrote; "We want to thank you for reminding us that we, as teachers, must explore and question theories before we accept them."

A four-man physicist's panel from the Academy of Sciences at San Francisco's Golden State Park studied my Push Gravity models and theory for three hours and said they were surprised and impressed. They also stated that they could not disprove my Push Gravity theory."

In 1970, 1971 and 1973, Wright's Push Gravity models and theory won "The Most Outstanding Achievement Award" at Cal Expo, Sacramento, California.

C. H. Sandburg, physicist, wrote; "I'm ready to say many of our accepted theories don't hold water."

B. M. Donahoe, NASA's Educational Officer, in a letter to Dr. Frank Holland, former NASA Astronaut, wrote; "Wright's papers indeed made interesting reading."

Channel 13 KOVR-TV, a major VHF TV station in Sacramento Valley), wrote; "We want you to know how pleased we were with your performance on MORNING SCENE."

Mr. Wilson Riles, while he was California's Superintendent of Public Education, in a letter dated July 23rd, 1979, stated; "Mr. Wright, I found your theory of gravity 'Pushing' and not 'Pulling' most interesting, in our pursuit of knowledge mankind has reversed many early theories."

For 30 plus years physicists said Wright's Push Gravity theory was "Totally false", "Worthless", "Nonsense", etc.. Do you think they owe "this novice' a public apology?

Wright's Challenge to Science and Education

On numerous occasions, Wright has publicly challenged educators and scientists in a debate of Push Gravity as opposed to Pull Gravity. NOT ONCE has anyone taken Wright up on the challenge.

In a letter dated July 12th, 1999, to the National Geographic Society, 17th & M Streets, NW, in Washington, DC 20036 Wright wrote the following;

"Dear Editor, I am asking you to get behind these two enclosed valid Gravity Challenge demonstrations requested by numerous CONFUSED physics/science students. A photo of my Push Gravity Tide model #34-A is enclosed, plus my Push Gravity model #106 of Saturn's co-orbital satellites."

W.C. Wright, 732 Ohio Street, Fairfield, CA 94533 (707) 429-0598

In this July 12th, 1999 letter to the California Department of Education, Wright again offered a public challenge;

On June 19th, 1987, California's Department of Education sent a representative to evaluate my Push Gravity theory that I used to support my many Push Gravity models. The representative's report dated June 29th, 1987, which was very NEGATIVE, was sent to the news media.

I thought that was odd because nobody, including Newton, has ever built a Pull Gravity model that operates under its own MUTUAL ATTRACTING ENERGIES that DEMONSTRATES a 'recorded space finding.'

That is why on February 20th, 1990, I finally challenged California's Department of Education to the following demonstration. My Push Gravity Tide model #34-A that operates under its own MUTUAL REPELLING ENERGIES and depicts earth's 14 tides versus California's Department of Education's PULL Gravity Tide Model that operates under its own MUTUAL ATTRACTING ENERGIES and depicts these same tides. I am well aware WHY they FAILED to accept this VALID CHALLENGE REQUESTED BY SOME OF THEIR OWN CONFUSED AND CONCERNED PHYSICS/SCIENCE STUDENTS because for 300 years the so-called EXPERTS admit that they can't EXPLAIN that OTHER HIGH TIDE on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF EARTH AWAY FROM THE MOON.

I am CHALLENGING you again to a TIDE-MODEL DEMONSTRATION plus Saturn's co-orbital satellites.

W.C. Wright - Author, 'Gravity is a Push'
732 Ohio Street
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 429-0598

July 12th, 1999

National Aeronatics and Space Administration
Washington, DC 20546

To Whom it May Concern,

Numerous physics/science students have REQUESTED that I CHALLENGE NASA to a DEMONSTRATION regarding the two co-orbital satellites orbiting Saturn that NEVER HIT, NEVER PASS, but ONLY CHANGE ORBITS EVERY FOUR YEARS.

National Geographic, July 1981, page 3 shows a caption saying; 'Voyager 1 at Saturn : Riddle of the Rings'.

Using Wright's 20th century 'Push Gravity Theory' and 'Push Gravity Models', he was able to solve the 'Riddles of the Rings' that orbit Saturn.

In Wrights opinon, if NASA continues to apply Newtons' 17th century Pull Gravity law they will never be able to solve the 'Riddle of the Rings' that orbit Saturn.

The 'Shepherd Moons'

On September 8th, 1968, Wright predicted, 'Gravity is a PUSH between bodies in space and the universe will EXPAND and ACCELERATE FOREVER.' Wright copyrighted this in 1976, 23 years ago. Recently there have been many SPACE FINDINGS supporting his controversial prediction, here are a few;

1) Page 185 of the March 1999 SCIENCE NEWS states; 'Not only will the universe EXPAND FOREVER, it will do so at an EVER ACCELERATING RATE.'

2) Page 11 of the July 1981 National Geographic reports; 'Two satellites orbiting close together can confine small particles BETWEEN THEM INTO A THIN RING. Gravity CAUSES EACH satellite TO REPEL the particles in its vicinity.' In 1981, Wright built his Push Gravity model #101, which demonstrates this 'finding'.

Page 4 of the same issue shows TWO SHEPERD MOONS (Satellites) orbiting Saturn with a thin particle ring orbiting between them. The 'explanation' by space scientists is 'The particles are REPELLED into a higher orbit' is how they explain the INSIDE shepherd moon on page 11. And 'the MOON PUSHES them IN' is the explanation for the OUTSIDE shepherd moon on page 12.

3. Overview Microsoft Explorer, 1998, page 1 of 2 states; 'There are no SPACE FINDINGS that favor PULL Gravity over PUSH Gravity. PUSH Gravity satellites will cause most scientists to REWRITE their textbooks.'

At the request of numerous physics/science students, I have REPEATEDLY CHALLENGED the 'scientific community' to a public demonstration of their PULL Gravity models vs. my PUSH Gravity models. ALL CHALLENGES HAVE GONE UNANSWERED. That is one of the reasons Dr. Frank Holland, a forme NASA astronaut, told the press; 'The scientific community is AFRAID OF WRIGHT.'

These 2 drawings explain how Wright's PUSH Gravity model #101 operates to demonstrate the Shepherd Moon hypothesis. Small magnets (marked red) are placed on a turntable to simulate repulsion. Two larger FIXED magnets (marked orange) represent the inner and outer shepherd moons.

To the left it shows the model with 10 red REPELLING particles placed AT RANDOM and the turntable off.

To the right it shows the turntable beginning to spin counter-clockwise so that the 10 randomly placed repelling particles must pass between the Shepherd Moons.

It is very fascinating to watch as the mutually repelling fields line the smaller magnets up into a ring that 'orbits' between the larger magnets that keeps them in place.

This is exactly what the Shepherd Moons are doing to create the thin particle ring but over a much larger area.

Einstein had a 'hunch' that gravity could be a PUSH. Now it seems he was right.

Sacramento Bee, March 1st, 1998, K.C. Cole of the Los Angeles Times, stated; 'In what maybe a major insight into the nature of space, astronomers have discovered evidence that the universe is expanding rapidly under the pressure of an anti-gravity-like force first theorized by Einstein....over the past decade the idea of a REPULSIVE FORCE has regained some support among scientists who see it as a KEY to solving major cosmic mysteries.'

Wright says in his opinion, the 'KEY' to solving the major cosmic mysteries would ONLY be when the EXPERTS discard Newton's PULL Gravity law and accept the PUSH Gravity theory. Einstein might have been 'THE FIRST' to theorize that Gravity is a Push but Wright was 'THE FIRST' to copyright it.

Two other members of the 'Wright Family' made history in space. Wright's PUSH gravity theory, like Orville and Wilbur's theory 'Flys' too. Perhaps Walter Wright might be the third.

Wrights Push Gravity Theory (synopsis)