Walter Wright's Push Gravity

First posted on the KeelyNet BBS on February 15, 1992 as WRIGHT.TXT

Walter Wright is a very good friend of ours here at KeelyNet and we have finally gotten around to getting some of his papers typed up. Walter has been actively researching the PUSH gravity concept and has developed some astounding physical models to prove his point.

When we first heard of him and his claims, we had some trouble believing. But after seeing his videos, particularly Video #13, we changed our minds. Walter was kind enough to allow me to visit his home and workshop where I was further stimulated to help get his work out to the public to the best of the ability of KeelyNet. Surprisingly enough, the more advanced researchers tend to support the PUSH gravity concept, particularly the Tachyon field theories of Nieper and much of the ZPE/Aether contingents.

One of the first arguments against Push Gravity is that if true, we would all be pushed off the planet, however, Walter only claims the PUSH concept to be valid and obvious with regard to CELESTIAL BODIES.

We also ask you to keep in mind that Walter NEVER claimed that gravity is magnetic in nature. He finds that magnetic fields exhibit the push/pull characteristics which most closely emulate the effects of the pushing energy known as gravity.

At the outset, we give you Walters address, since he is most interested in hearing from people interested in the PUSH GRAVITY theory. Walter also has published a book 'Gravity is a Push' which you can buy through the mail for $12 postpaid. If you do write to Walter, please tell him you found out about his work through KeelyNet, we would appreciate it. THANKS!

W. C. Wright
732 Ohio Street
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 429-0598

Walter has about 27 videotapes clearly illustrating Push Gravity using magnetic fields. He has a wonderful museum and would be happy to give personal or group tours. He is NOT on the Internet so write him a letter or give him a call. He is open to interviews, questions or speaking engagements, so please recommend him as a hot commodity to anyone you can.

A few thoughts by the author in passing...

I believe when you read my theory with an 'OPEN MIND' that you will see through it readily. When you try to present this subject to the right people it is almost an impossibility. They are more interested in 'WHO YOU ARE'; rather than what do you have to offer. To me this is 'SICK'.

That man that is a mechanic is never supposed to have any good ideas about baking and a baker isn't supposed to be able to offer any good advice to a mechanic. I believe all of us here on earth have at least one good idea to offer SOCIETY and I believe that this idea should be checked out by the experts to the fullest.

I would appreciate a letter from you to me to let me know just what your opinion on this theory is. I am well aware of the fact, that when you have something new to offer in an old subject, that you are asking for your head to be chopped off. I am not afraid of the ax.

I made world news in March, 1979, when UPI wrote the following under a large caption of 'MAN'S THEORY OF GRAVITY IS 'PUSHING' AND NOT 'PULLING''.

FAIRFIELD (UPI) -- A retired railroad signalman and self-taught physicist says Sir Isaac Newton drew the wrong conclusion when the apple of destiny plopped on his head almost 300 years ago.

Walter Wright, 60, says he isn't arguing that gravity doesn't exist, only that it works in reverse from the way Newton thought - by 'pushing' objects apart rather than 'pulling them together.

'Gravity isn't a pulling force,' Wright says. 'If bodies in space were attracted to one another, they'd always be colliding. But that doesn't happen.' (Walter calls this the bunch-of-grapes theory since if Gravity truly attracted, then all masses would clump together into one giant cluster of grapes.)

Wright's basic idea -- which he says is borne out by his experiments and calculations -- is that gravity doesn't emanate from the earth's core, it comes from the sun.

He argues that the sun, because it is a huge mass in a constant state of combustion, emits forces which push or 'squeeze' objects toward the earth -- like Newton's apple.

If the 40-year veteran of Southern Pacific railroad yards is correct, of course, his ideas would put him in a class with Copernicus, Darwin and Einstein. And after all, Einstein was only a postal clerk when he wrote his General Theory of Relativity.

Wright's gray-shingled home in this small Northern California town overflows with black boxes housing small magnets that spin, twist and roll and, he says, demonstrate the illogic of Newton's ideas.

He uses galaxies passing through each other in deep space as an illustration of his ideas. The stars usually don't collide because they REPEL or PUSH EACH OTHER APART, he said.

Wright's views are understandably unpopular with some physicists, although he says one mathematician who attended a demonstration of his theories told him his ideas were just as valid as most accepted theories of physics.

'Other scientists tell me they don't believe me, but they can't disprove my theories,' Wright said.

Physics Professor Eugene D. Commins at the University of California, who knew Einstein personally, called the notion of push-gravity 'totally false. I say that without qualification.' He said where Newtonian physics doesn't explain gravitational forces, Einstein's General Relativity theory does.

Wright is unfazed, particularly since his novel ideas have made him a sort of guru to what he calls his 'following' of teenage science students, sci-fi fans and even some physical scientists he calls 'unbrainwashed' by Newtonian physics.

He said the New York-based Carlton Press plans to publish his book, 'Gravity is a Push,'in the next two months. In the book, Wright claims, he succeeds where Einstein failed - in developing a unified field theory.

On September 10, 1979, I presented my physical models on Channel 13, KOVR, for a full hour on a program called 'Morning Scene' and here is a letter I received from Chet Casselman who hosted the program :

Dear Walter,

I just want you to know how pleased we were with your performance on 'Morning Scene' the other day. It was an excellent presentation of a number of simple demonstrations of some pretty complicated theories. I have to say your theories were not only 'interesting', but made VERY GOOD SENSE, TOO. We got some very intriguing questions on the air after your exhibits, I thought, and you handled the questions quite well. As a matter of fact, we're still getting phone inquiries from viewers who want to know how to get in touch with you or where they can find a copy of your book 'Gravity Is a Push'. Maybe we can get you back for another visit one day. Thanks again for a very stimulating program. - Chet Casselman

From the World Book Encyclopedia copyrighted in 1938: 'The sun pulls the earth with 175 times the force that the moon does.'

In order for physicists to account for the Newton Theory that says the moon pulls the earth with twice the force that the sun does, there is their explanation in the Americana Encyclopedia, page 613 in Volume 27 under 'TIDES' that was copyrighted in 1965.

'A slight modification to Newton's law occurs in the mathematics of this problem."

If you change the pull of the sun from 175 times greater than the pull of the moon mathematically, to end up saying the pull of the sun is only HALF as much as the moon and call that a 'slight modification,' then I believe you can sell gas to the Arabs for 5 bucks a gallon.

At Calumet, Michigan, in 1901 they took two piano wires 4,250 feet long plumb bobs attached and dropped them down two mine shafts 4,250 feet apart. They expected the pull of gravity, which is supposed to be in the center of the earth, to pull these two plumb bobs closer together. Much to their surprise they found out the wires at the bottom WERE FURTHER APART than they were at the top. This led them to believe that: 'Maybe there is no such thing as MASS ATTRACTION.'

The above science subjects provides me with more evidence to be even a bigger 'NON-BELIEVER'in the Newtonian Gravity theory.

April 27, 1979...Washington (UPI) -- 'UNIVERSE WILL EXPAND FOREVER.' New evidence supports the idea the universe will continue to EXPAND FOREVER and escape contraction to a BIG CRUNCH billions of years from now,' said Dr. Giaconni of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

That kind of puts a damper on Newton's PULL THEORY.

From a book called 'PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS' by Maltz, M.D., F.I.C.S.; 'Any breakthrough in science is likely to come from OUTSIDE the system. Experts are the most familiar with the developed knowledge INSIDE THE PRESCRIBED BOUNDARIES of a given science.

Any new knowledge must usually come from the OUTSIDE...not by experts but by what someone has defined as an INPERT.'

Pasteur was NOT an M.D. The Wright Brothers were NOT aeronautical engineers, but BICYCLE MECHANICS. Einstein, properly speaking, was NOT a physicist but a mathematician. Yet his findings in mathematics completely turned upside down all the pet theories in physics. So perhaps I am in the process of 'TURNING THE GRAVITY FIELD UPSIDE DOWN'. I'm also an INPERT. Time will tell.

We are now venturing into OUTER SPACE, so let us look at the results between Wright and the so called 'EXPERTS'.

#1 - National Geographic - June, 1975, page 868:

Mercury possesses something else quite unexpected..a magnetic field, though only one percent of earth's.

The 'formula' I wrote prior to this space probe said Mercury had a magnetic field that was one percent of earth's. This is covered in Chapter 10 of my book. I wasn't surprised.

#2 - From a book called 'JUPITER THE LARGEST PLANET' by Asimov on page 198:

'The moon lacks a magnetic field'. Here is a small portion of a letter sent to me by a professor from the University of Alaska dated January 12th, 1977: 'Until the lunar landings, he moon was thought NOT to have a magnetic field.'

Prior to the lunar landing I said the moon HAD a magnetic field. This is covered in Chapter 1 of my book. The professor ended up his letter saying the electronic expert (that is me) has no business in basic science and my theory was 'FULL OF HOLES'. Did you know that the Nobel Prize in PHYSICS for 1978 was given to two Americans who proved their outer space point by use of the ELECTRON THEORY?

#3 - Channel 9 (KQED), San Francisco - March 5, 1979:

Scientists were surprised to find out from Voyager 1 that the magnetic field around Jupiter is SO ENORMOUS and this magnetic field EXTENDS WAY OUT FROM JUPITER.

My magnetic forumla (same as #1) told me Jupiter's magnetic field WAS MUCH, MUCH STRONGER than Earth's. Once again the SO-CALLED EXPERTS were SURPRISED but I WASN'T.

#4 - The experts were surprised to find Venus and Mars are made from different 'stuff'; than earth. I wasn't and I cover this subject in Chapter 5 in my book.

#5 - The following is from 'THIS WORLD' - March 11, 1979, page 29:

'Einstein devoted considerable energy to showing that probability was not the answer to HOW matter was constructed. Time has shown him in the main to have BEEN WRONG. He also made a great attempt in later life to construct his unified field theory that would unite ELECTRO-MAGNETISM, GRAVITY, SPACE and TIME under one set of equations. He wasn't successful.'

I have copyrighted two of these equations I feel Einstein was looking for but failed to write. One is a formula for the SPEED of our planets in their orbits AROUND our sun. The other formula is for the DISTANCE that our planets are FROM THE SUN.

There are many other subjects about which the experts were surprised, bewildered, amazed, etc... BUT I WASN'T... In the UPI article Professor Commins said PUSH-GRAVITY is totally false. On July 17, 1979, I wrote to Professor Commins and challenged him to bring his 'PULL models' and PROVE ME WRONG at a showing I would be putting on at the Fairfield Moose Lodge on August 6, 1979. At this showing I gave evidence with my models to support my theory that our tides are caused by a 'magnetic push factor' between our earth and our sun. Professor Commins FAILED TO ACCEPT my challenge. The Fairfield Moose Lodge sent me a very complimentary letter dated August 17, 1979 expressing BELIEF IN MY THEORY.

My plans for the future are to contact many of the nationally televised programs such as the Phil Donahue Show, Tom Snyder program, etc...and hopefully will get a guest shot. Once again, time will tell.

(This was written over 10 years ago and STILL Walter has not been invited for national exposure nor have his theories made the national spotlight IN ANY FORM.)

Hopefully someone reading this and other papers relating to Wright's research and theories will arrange to get him the national coverage and recognition which his theories merit.

Walter is now 79 years of age and in excellent health, it would be a crowning achievement to his life work that his theories get public and scientific recognition during his lifetime.

He has spent thousands of dollars of his own money researching and promoting his PUSH gravity work. Every public challenge he has issued has been ignored by established scientists educated in the retarded concept of Newtonian Physics. For those of us who recognize a pioneer in the field, Walter is one who is far ahead of the pack of formally educated scientists.

The ramifications of his work to free energy, anti-gravity and space travel are astounding and his theories cannot be emphasized enough.


Additional clarification on 03/03/98 from Jerry W. Decker of KeelyNet

Push Gravity as I understand it is not a pushing force FROM MATTER.

Instead it is based on Aether/ZPE being omnipresent in the universe yet having varying densities in space and near matter.

In my view, matter is essentially a hole in the energy density of space. Aether/ZPE functions as a highly pressurized fluid that flows INTO these holes.

When aether/zpe flows in this fashion, we call it 'gravity'. The volume of aether/zpe which flows into mass, produces what we call 'weight'.

In its flow, aether/zpe precipitates into and PUSHES mass together, not only to sustain the physical form, but also to hold us onto the surface of the earth, much like insects being pressed against a screen (the earth surface) by a high wind.

In my opinion, we can alter these aether flows into mass by deflecting it around a mass, preventing it from entering mass, or cancelling its flow in a given region.

This can be done by phase conjugation (meaning there is a frequency involved) or by high energy discharges in the form of spikes that interfere with the flow. These energy discharges can be electrical, magnetic or even sonic.

Time will tell the truth of it by discovery and implementation of aether/zpe tapping to develop new technologies for practical use in our daily lives.

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