Project Magnet Update - August 1997

The following is an update from Pierre Sinclaire on his efforts to duplicate the David Hamel flying disk.

From: Pierre Sinclair
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 21:16:14 -0700 (PDT)
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: GMD Where we are now?


Box 839, Fort Langley, BC, Canada V1M 2S2

Pierre Sinclaire
Project Magnet

Dear subscribers:

Re: Project Development

I am writing in order to share with you some of the progress Project Magnet has made over the past few months. At the same time I would like to address some of the many questions people have asked me regarding the progress of the GMD and it's eventual completion. First of all lets start with where we are today.

We have recently designed a new web site! This was done in order to provide easier and faster access to information concerning Project Magnet, David Hamel, and the development of the GMD.

You can now reach us at

Other good news includes the release of a new video tape. This tape was made during my talk at the Denver Colorado I.A.N.S. Conference. It provides the most detailed account yet of how this machine works, it's methods of construction and type of materials used.

After intense negotiations with a serious investor, I backed away from a deal that would have restricted access to technical information about the GMD and it's potential for generating non-polluting energy. It has always been David Hamel's dream, and mine, since embracing this project, to make this technology available to everyone. Therefore, I am releasing this tape to aid those interested in understanding the technical aspects surrounding the GMD.

The I.A.N.S. Conference tape reveals over 75 slides depicting detailed construction techniques. Both interior and exterior views are shown, as well as close ups of the autocad drawings. You will also hear one of the most analytical descriptions I have ever given on exactly how each part of the GMD functions. My talk concludes with an overview on how all these processes combine to create the machine's unusual anti-gravitational field. Ever since this project gained public attention people have been writing me concerning a completion date. I feel this is an important issue and would like to take a moment to answer it properly. As much as I am excited about completing the GMD it is not the sole purpose of my life.

I feel this is not a negative, but a positive, since objectivity is one of the most useful tools of any scientific researcher. However, it does mean that time must be allowed for the demands of family and work.

So, even with my enthusiasm some unexpected delays have occurred, not the least of which was the five month negotiation period with the potential investor.

Also in trying to understand the work done by Mr. Hamel, it was necessary for me to spend some time with him developing an earlier prototype. This prototype allowed me to finally grasp the technical information David was trying to communicate.

However, it was of an experimental nature, designed as a tool to communicate ideas, rather than as a functioning model.

Now though, with summer in progress, I expect quicker results to take place. After the completion of a few important modifications, and weather permitting (since I do most of my work outside) the GMD should be ready for scientific testing by fall end.

So that's where we are! It's been a seven year adventure for me.

I can honestly tell you I am as excited as anyone else to finally be able to watch the GMD generate an anti-gravitational field. It's been David Hamel's goal, for over twenty years, to see this technology made public. Although he's less excited than most because he knows it works. He's already seen it!

For those interested in that story I suggest a copy of "The Granite Man and The Butterfly", the only authorized account of David Hamel's encounter and life time struggle with this technology.

I hope this has helped to provide you with more information. If you are interested in any of our material please see my new web site and click on the order form page. Also, feel free to post me a letter, or contact me through the my E-mail at

I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have as soon as I can.

PS: if you have any comment that you would like people to see, please write me a note on my new web site guest book page.

Pierre Sinclaire
Project Magnet