Ancient Technology revisited - 05/04/97
compiled by Jerry W. Decker for KeelyNet
Ship of Heaven URL courtesy of
Dan LaRochelle

Dan recently visited with David Hamel in Canada. Hamel claims he was shown alien technology which had been given to many prior earth 'advanced civilizations' in times of global peril and that our museums and archeological sites are replete with indications of this alien technology, yet we cannot recognize it because it does not fit in our perceptions of how the universe works. Hamel provided him with a paper that he claims very closely describes the alien technology, it is located at the end of this document.

The error in looking at much of the ancient pictographs is in thinking everything is a planetary or celestial description, many times, it appears to be a LITERAL description of an object. I recommend you read this file first, get a handle on the ATEN BAND, then click on the The Ship of Heaven file at the end of the document. It was the inspiration for why I put this file together and is based on many 'seemingly disparate correlations' over the years, it does not matter WHO rediscovers the principles, what does matter is that they are freely shared so we can USE THEM to better our lives....>>> Jerry

The enclosed sun as depicted in many ancient pictographs.

Various rayed versions of the enclosed sun from Denmark, Spain, Venezuela and the Arue Islands show comet-like streams radiating from the band of the enclosed sun, referred to as the "hair of the sky which fashioned the earth..." Possibly the Aten Band was conceived as a circle of (cometary) hair, the watercourse (pathway or trail) of the ship is identified as the 'Lake of Hair'. The projecting banks of oars on either side of the boat are likened to spreads of hair.

'Making the hair to stand on end' is the name of the oars, a sure indication of high voltage, probably DC as in Townsend Brown and Major De Seversky's experiments using 30,000 volts DC and higher. This also sounds like an MHD driven craft using a rotating glowing plasma.

The mysterious ATEN BAND (also known as the Shen Rope). My understanding of the evolution of the band from an equatorial side view to the crescent depiction where the sphere has been rotated toward the viewer.

One of the earliest forms of the Egyptian crescent now depicted as holding the solar orb. The Aten band has migrated from the center downward probably due to a lack of understanding of the principle. John Keely claimed he could use a silver, gold and platinum wire, wrapped around a mass at its equator and excited by specific vibrations which could be used to increase or decrease the weight of a mass, or dissociate it to a plasma condition, thereby liberating tremendous amounts of energy.

Tesla, copying Keely's original experiments (yet not crediting him as discoverer) used electrical currents instead of finely tuned mechanical vibrators and claimed he could place a wire around the center of the earth and cause it to move anywhere he wanted in our solar system.

Otis Carr claimed you could spin two cones, with the bases attached, to achieve levitation. Carr said you must make the outside circumference of your model rotate at a velocity faster than that of the earth at the equator.

Using a mechanical form, Victor Schauberger found that a rapidly revolving rim would produce a vortex to achieve a plasma condition that generated both levitation and thrust.

John Searl performed similar experiments using spinning magnetic disks, as has our most recent wonder-worker, David Hamel who also used wobbling/spinning magnets to concentrate power and produce gravity phenomena. And lets not forget Leedskalnin and his Coral Castle creation in Homestead, Florida.
The CRITICAL POINT here, you don't have to have all of our high technology to produce the phenomena, you can use basic items as found in nature or requiring only slight modification. The phenomena is achieved by understanding HOW AETHER WORKS and can be manipulated by compression, rarefaction or deflection.

Gradual evolution of the crescent to the stylized versions as the basis of the technology was forgotten or lost. Priests and secretive groups kept the information to themselves for control or out of fear of what would be done with the technology by the more barbaric factions of society, a fear that I have no doubt exists today in similar groups.

Diminished solar orb due to further bastardization of the original Aten band which should be around the center of the orb.

The devolution to the elementary ship form.

I found this pictograph most exciting, Ra inside the bubble on the crescent ship. In Keely's airship demonstration to the US War Department, reports were that although he flew his machine in the open air at speeds up to 500 mph, when he returned, not a hair was mussed, nor was he in the least disheveled which would normally be the case if openly exposed to high velocity winds.

This indicates the establishment of a bubble of force that protected anyone within its confines. Rather, it produced a center of gravity that absorbed aether at its own rate, rather than being chained to the planet, thus inertia and gravity were SOLELY governed by itself. Keely said you could produce this effect to such a degree that the object would float away like a bubble, independent of the mass (referring to the earth).

Further contamination of the idea, where the god is indicated as Ra by the solar orb being over his head, yet the Aten band sphere is placed to the front of the ship.

Sailing god with solar orb overhead.

Solar orb resting on a pillar as another stylized version, possibly the tips of the crescent in one version could be used to excite a resonant sphere by periodic discharges at the sphere frequency. If the entire craft was enclosed in the effect, it could lose weight to the point that it floated in air and could be propelled by the swimming of oars or propellers in more advanced versions.

All of this is highly speculative as there could be many explanations, though my preferred one is based on excitation by the Aten band at the equator of a mass.

Described as the Sun God in his Falcon attribute. Thoth, who was keeper of the 'words of power - Maat Heru', when properly spoken, would produce specific phenomena, ranging from healing to levitation to restoring the dead. In our time, this infant science is referred to as Cymatics and the use of sound energy, using complex patterns to influence subtle energy and aether flows. To me, this pictograph indicates protection from the damaging UV rays which are most resonant to tissue and which are normally absorbed by water.

Living tissue is most susceptible to a wavelength of 260 NM. It just so happens that is one of the frequencies of UltraViolet light which is most strongly absorbed by our atmosphere. Now ALL of it is not absorbed, just a good portion, and a great part of this is absorbed by WATER MOLECULES! We are still subject to this UV frequency when we step outside and it is the Ozone layer that is one of the principal shielding mechanisms for this frequency as well as other harmful UV radiations. Interesting how the serpent and water waves seem to be intermixed, probably means something but it escapes me thus far.

Another version of the flying ship from Babylonia.

The Shen Rope was interchangeable with the Aten band, representing the band as a magical circle of rope that wrapped itself around the god to FORM AN ENCLOSURE! The technology was later stylized into the cartouche form because the secret was lost.

High voltage tube pictographs found at Dendera, notice the animal-headed figure in the single tube picture and how it seems to be aligning the tube output.

Helicopter, Winged Disc & other ship forms from Abydos.

Top and side view of Ancient Jet model casting/carving.

The Ankh (symbol of eternal life) with either an insulator core for high voltage, or a primary with multiple coils, to induce current in a bar, like a solenoid, the idea being to make it as purely magnetic as possible. The second image is a dual ankh arrangement which I believe was used to intensify a weakened aura for the purpose of healing and regeneration.

Being in the presence of such a high density magnetic current, would inductively couple to the aura of the body, precisely what David Hudson is claiming happens with the ingestion of monoatomic elements to intensify superconductivity which increases the Meissner field to strengthen the aura.

The transcription of the pattern into physical tissue is thus purified and without error, resulting in healing and regeneration. Note, the field is also susceptible to changes from the will of the person.

The Dotto Ring used 30,000 amps at almost no voltage to produce the same kind of effects (another way to create the Meissner effect). Though the Dotto Ring was designed to 'cure cancer', it was found to not only do that, but also to halt aging. The rings also levitated off the ground when in operation. Despite the success, the project was disbanded by sponsor Sloan-Kettering. .

A disc with wings, if that's not a literal statement
I don't know what is.....
It is obvious there is much that we are missing (and that has been lost) because we cannot see the forest for the trees, thanks to the closing of our minds to other approaches to understanding nature and her forces.

The Ship of Heaven

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