This is extracted from the Tuesday, March 3, 1998 New York Times. I will provide a URL to the full article when I get it.

Shocked Cosmologists Find Universe Expanding Faster

...The mutual gravitational attraction of all matter in stars, planets, and everything else known or hypothesized should be putting a gradual brake on the outward rush of space since the explosive moment of cosmic creation in the theorized Big Bang.

...the cosmic expansion rate is about 15 percent greater now than when the universe was half its current age, about 7 billion years ago.

...they have detected the first strong evidence that the universe is permeated by a repulsive force, the opposite of gravity.

...this force is a property of the vacuum of space itself, an energy that acts on a large scale to stretch space and thus counteract gravity's restraining power.

...Dr. Michael S. Turner, an astrophysicist at the University of Chicago and Fermi National Laboratory, said: "If it's true, this is a remarkable discovery. It means that most of the universe is influenced by an abundance of some weird form of energy whose force is repulsive."

...To compensate for what he considered a flaw in his theory, Einstein introduced the idea of the cosmological constant, symbolized in equations by the Greek letter lambda. The repulsive energy force would presumably counteract gravity and make the universe in his theory stand still. Soon after Edwin P. Hubble discovered the expanding universe in 1929, Einstein renounced the cosmological constant as the greatest blunder of his career.

...Too little mass -- if omega equals less than one -- and the universe would expand forever, growing ever more tenuous. If omega equals more than one, then the universe would collapse of its own weight, contracting in what is called the Big Crunch.

...Not only was the universe's expansion not slowing down, it was speeding up.

...Dr. Brian Schmidt, of the Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatory, in Australia, said in an interview reported in the current issue of the journal Science that his team concluded with a statistical confidence of between 98.7 and 99.9 percent that cosmic expansion is receiving an antigravity boost, presumably from energy of the cosmological constant.

...Still, many astrophysicists and cosmologists are beginning to think that Einstein was on to something, though for the wrong reason. The cosmological constant as a repulsive energy force may exist, after all.

...Indeed, theories of quantum mechanics suggest that the energy of the cosmological constant could come from "virtual particles," which may be winking in and out of existence in empty space.

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