Faked Photo from David Hamel story - 07/07/01
shared by 'anonymous' looking for truth and honesty

The person who sends this does not necessarily believe Hamel himself is fraudulent based on this one piece of evidence.

I long ago purchased a copy of 'The Granite Man and the Butterfly", which as you probably know, is the story behind David Hamel and his encounters, leading him to pursue his life of building his energy/gravity machines.

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One of the most fascinating parts of the book, of which I always thought was genuine, was an alleged photo from a supposed piece of microfilm which David dug out from under the palm of his hand after his 1975 encounter. It appears on page sixty-six of the book, and I've included a copy along with this email (plasmawindow.gif). This can also be seen at:


Again, I always thought that the photo was the closest thing I've ever seen to genuine. However, there was always one thing that bothered me about it. All the features on the craft in the photo were not symmetrical. Examining the photo closely, you see that some things are just out of proportion to themselves (one side of the ship is not a mirror image of the other side, etc.) the exhaust holes (or whatever they are) are definitely out of proportion to each other, etc. I now know why.

I'm afraid that this photo is nothing more than a clip from an airbrush sci-fi painting, most probably from the early 1970s. I've included a copy of the photo (airbrush.gif). This can also be seen on the internet at:


(I blotted out the red info, flipped it to match the top drawing
and merged into this one photo so you can see the matches..Jerry)

Here we have a hoax photo appearing all over the internet, in the Sinclair/Manning book, and most likely LaRochelle's book (I never read it), on the Art Bell website, etc. A hoax photo that some have even 'scientifically' commented on. I've yet to email Pierre Sinclair about this, but I doubt he'll be enthused. I realize that this doesn't speak toward David Hamel himself, nor anything about his devices, as he supposedly gave the piece of microfilm to someone else, and the photo is what he got in return.

I guess this only shows that we can never be too careful about verifying our research, whether it be working on the Hamel Devices, the Gray Motor, the Sweet VTA, UFO research in general, etc. Thanks for your time, Jerry.

EXCELLENT ADVICE - as for the Hamel case, many of us did test the Hamel Spinner which led to Bedinis Fluxgate and all were preceded by the TOMI and Howard Johnsons permanent magnet motor both published widely in the early 1980s as posted at;

Magnetic Anomalies page

which means Hamel could have read about this effect and tinkered with it sufficiently to build a story. I don't know, the bottomline for me at least is this is clearly fraudulent so we have to make lemonade from lemons, the spinner works as claimed in the book, time to move on...thanks Anonymous for sharing your findings.

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